Monday, October 31, 2011

Scarred For Life

  There is,  as I see it, a moral problem in several of our public schools. It seems not only do he public schools want to educate our children about sex as early as possible, now,  parents face,  the ever increasing possibility,  that their children could  be exposed to sexual advances from their teachers.
  I was watching the news,  a few days a go, I happened,  to hear about another teacher who was found guilty of  having sex with five of her students. In case you didn't hear that story, I will give you the highlights. A high school teacher named, Stacy Schuler taught at Mason High School  in Lebanon, Ohio. The teacher was thirty three and the five boys were seventeen. The teacher, Stacy Schuler, was found guilty of sixteen counts,  of sexual battery in addition, she was also found guilty of three counts,  of giving alcohol to minors. The teacher, was sentenced, to four and a half years in prison,  with the chance she might be released  in six months if the judge is satisfied with her progress  after receiving her psychological evaluation. As you might expect, she will now have to register as a sex offender upon, her release from prison.
  The problem that I have,  with this issue  is some,  focus on the wrong issue. Here is what I mean. Fox News's Geraldo Rivera, hardly seemed concerned that the five boys had sex with their teacher. He argued, that in the state of Ohio the legal age of sexual consent was sixteen therefore he said if miss Schuler had been anyone else besides their teacher no one would have thought much about as far as legal cases go. Geraldo went on to say, that he felt,  some boys,  at the age of seventeen would be flattered, to have made such a sexual conquest like their thirty three year old teacher. Geraldo said, he thought,  it was sad that miss Schuler,  would now,  be branded,  as a sex offender this he said will leave her scarred,  for life. Here however, is the point I wish to make, To me, it doesn't matter if the age for sexual consent is sixteen in the state of Ohio. Miss Schuler, was the boys teacher. This places miss Schuler in a direct position of authority over the boys. As a teacher,  she was expected, to conduct herself, in a mature and professional manner. The parents,  of the five boys,  had every right to think,  that they could send their children to that school, and not have to be concerned, that they would be approached in a sexual manner by their teacher. Geraldo, seemed  more concerned, with the scar that having to register as a sex offender was going to leave on the life of the teacher. I would ask him, what about the life time psychological scar  this encounter,  left on those young boys?
  At the sentencing, the parents had plenty to say, and they directed their remarks to miss Schuler. One parent said, their boy was now in a constant state of depression. Another parent said, that their boy could never trust an authority figure again. One of the boys,  told his mother,  he may never,  be able to relate to or think of girls in the same way ever again. It sure seems to me,  that these boys,  at least to some degree will be psychologically, scared,  for life.  As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The President Who Would Be King

  As a person who enjoys studying history,  I find my self troubled,  by a new trend in our government. President Obama,  seems to be acting more like a king, who would rule,  over his subjects, rather than a President,  who was elected to serve and carry out the expressed will of the people of this country.When President Obama says,  we can't wait on Congress, to pass his so called jobs bill, and thus, seeks to  go around congressional authority, it is at that point,  he acts as a king would.
  This is not really new, in fact,  this practice of extreme abuse of power was the main reason a document called the Magna Carta was first adopted in 1215. Basically,the Magna Carta laid the foundation for the belief, that even a king,  was not above, the rule of law. As you may have guessed, the Magna Carta of 1215 would later serve as the foundation of the Constitution of the United States. There is a function of the Magna Carta that I find most interesting, especially, when it talks about,  the freedom of the individual,  and it stands against,  the arbitrary,  authority,  of the despot, in other words,  a king.
  As I recall,  from history,  the English colonies revolted against King George The Third of England because he would arbitrarily, abuse his authority, and pass and enact laws without any representatives present in the English Parliament to express the views and the will of the English colonies. This continual abuse of authority led to the Declaration of Independence which was passed,  and adopted,  July fourth 1776 thus,  the American Revolution was born,  and in 1781 with the hard fought American Revolution won we,  as Americans declared we would no longer be under the rule of any king. Instead,  we would have a President subject,  to the will of the American people,  and the will of the people,  would be represented,  by the forming of a Congress. which in the beginning,  represented the thirteen original colonies that now became the thirteen United states of America. At the Constitutional Convention of 1887,  the Constitution of the United states in it's final form was drawn up and formally adopted.You might say, the Magna Carta of 1215,  and Articles of Confederation of 1777,  and the Bill of Rights of 1791,  were the foundation from which was formed,  the Constitution of the United States that we supposedly,  still use today. I have to tell you though, sometimes,  I wonder if we,  as Americans,  truly,  appreciate the freedoms,  and limitations  of government that document provides.
  President Obama would do well to remember history, I don't think we're going to have an all out revolt, tomorrow, but one thing is sure, Americans have already revolted Against  one king. Americans, by in large, don't generally, tolerate tyranny very well. Perhaps,  if  President Obma  is not careful, in November of 2012 he may,  experience another American Revolution. As always, my friend, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

You Are Known By The Company You Keep.

  My father died afew years ago . I miss him, he was a hard working man,  who said what he meant, and meant what he said. He always told me, ' Son, remember, you are known by the company you keep.' I didn't always understand what he meant by that but, I think I do now. Basically, it means, the type of people you would call your friends, says, a great deal,  about the kind of person you are.
  I was watching the news last night, I heard that the Occpuy Wall Street protesters have a new suporter. It seems, former KKK Grand  Wizzard,  David Duke has come out  in favor of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Mr. Duke however, has anothe name for the movement. He refers to the movement as the Occupy Zionist Wall Street movement. He goes on to say, and, I'm quotting here, ' The Zionist media  has their paid whores, condemning the demonstrations across America against, these criminal banks.' Mr. Duke went on to site Bill O"Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh as examples of the so called paid media whores. I'm sure each of these men,  really appreciated being called a paid media whore by the so called Republician David Duke!
  All I have to say is, if  David Duke is a Rebublican, then I'm going to start calling myself  something besides a Republican! I guess I;ll call myself a conservative who generally, votes Republician. I don't wish to be thought of as a person who would have anything,  in common with the likes of David Duke! Think about it, here is a person,  who freely admits he hates both Jews, and African, Americans. You know,  it really,  wasn't too long a go,  the conpany he is known for keeping wore white sheets and were intent on exsterinating,  all Jews and African, Americans. All I can say is, if  David Duke,  represents,  the kind of backing,  and suport,  the Occupy Wall Street protesters want representing them well, lets just say, that's what I call a real ringing endorsement!
  A recent, Fox poll  sited twenty six percent of  Americans,  want their children to grow up and become protesters against Wall Street. Wow, now that's what I call,  having high aspirations for your children! When I consider poll results like these, I have to ask myself,  is it really any wonder,  that America as a nation,  is in a state of decline? The Wall Street protesters would do well to remember my father's advice. When all the smoke has cleared, and the protest is over, some of these same people will walk in a bank seeking a loan for one thing or  another or perhaps,  be in need, of  a job, and when either their credit is checked,  or their background,  is looked into many of these same  people,  who are protesting against Wall Street,  and the banks now, will most certainly,  be known,  by the company they chose to keep. As always, my friends, these thiughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Breck Girl, Will Stand Trial.

  By now no doubt many of  you have heard in the news that the former Democratic candidate John Edwards will stand trial on charges that he used campaign money  from at least two big contributors for hush money to keep a lid on the fact,  he was having an affair  and was  the father,  of the child his mistress,  was carrying. I remember, when John Edwards was running, Rush Limbaugh called John Edwards the  Breck girl because he was so proud of  his perfectly combed hair. Well, let's just say, I think the odds that John Edwards won't be found  guilty and thus,  do some jail time is hanging by a hair!
  I heard Bill O'Reilly say,  last night he was nearly one hundred percent sure, that Edwards will do some jail time. On the other hand,  I heard  out spoken liberal,  Bob Beckel say,  that since Edwards, was a rich white guy,  he probably wouldn't do any jail time.
  Speaking for myself, I hope he does some time. Look, I know Edwards, is not the first politician to have affair, certainly, John F. Kennedy had affairs even if the were largely keep out of the press at that time. Former President Clinton had various affairs both  before he was in the White House and during his time as President. Therefore,  to be sure, this is nothing new. I find this particular affair however, disgusting on a whole new level.
  When I think about the fact,  that John Edwards tried to make someone on his campaign staff say,  he was the father,  of  the baby John Edwards mistress was carrying,  and all the while,  his wife is dying of cancer. Well, let's just say,  I don't feel sorry for him. John Edwards, used to say when he was campaigning, that there were two America's one,  for the rich which he was, and one for the poor.  He always said,  he was fighting for the poor. even though he was a very wealthy lawyer. As I think of John Edwards, the only thing he was poor in, was character.  As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hey, Mr. President, Can You Float Me A Loan?

  Like many of you, from time to time I have had to apply for a loan, or use a credit card cash advance to make a payment on one thing or another. I remember very well, the one hundred forty one dollar payment I had to make each month for ten years  to pay off the ten thousand dollars I borrowed in the form of a guaranteed student loan from the government I had to work very hard to pay that money back but I did it! I am proud to say, I  paid my debt to the government. You see, there was no such thing as loan forgiveness in those days. I know many of you, can relate to what I'm saying. Goodness, I don't know how I made it, and all on my own Sometimes I just don;t know what todays  generation would do about their debts if they didn't have President Obama to help them pay all their bills.I wrote this poem from a liberal point of view. I know some will not agree with me, but I think there are many, today that are too dependant  on our government. I wrote this poem, to give those liberals,  who would have us ask the government for everthing, something to think about. I hope at least some of you who read this blog,  will like it. The poem is called, Hey, Mr. President, Can You Float Me A Loan?
  Well, I just heard our President, talking on my TV, it seems he had some really good news for me.He said, if I am having trouble, getting by, on my own. all I had to do was ask and he would float me a loan. Well, when I heard this news, buddy you better bet, I wanted to borrow all money that I could get. The President,  had made it clear to me, I had nothing to dred, so I called the President,  and here's what I said. Hey Mr. President can you float me a loan? Hard as I try, I just can't get by on my own. I heard your latest speech on my T V and I like what your about, I am loyal,  lazy,  liberal  and I need a hand out! And by the way, Mr. President, while I have your attention, I have a few more debts that I forgot, to mention. It seems, when it comes to money, I have a bit of a shortage.I need a loan Mr. Pesident to help pay my mortgage. Oh, and, hey Mr. President, I don't want to forget,  You know, I have some credit card debt.I can't make the payments Mr. President, you know times are really hard, Mr. President, can I get a loan to pay off my Master Card? Well, Mr. President thanks, for the loans. I am so glad, I don't have to get by on my own. One more thing I need to ask, Mr. President, you know it's hard these days, to make a  livin, so if  I can't pay these loans back,  can they just be forgiven? So my friends,  if you got some bills, that you just can't pay just run and call our President, and this is what to say.  Hey, Mr. President can you float me a loan? Seems, I just can't get by on my own. I heard your latest speech, on my T V,  and I like what your about, I am just, a loyal, lazy liberal, and I need a hand out! as always my friends,  these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Knowledge At The Cost Of Innocence

  My daughter just turned nine in August. She is a straight A student. Would you believe me if I told you that until three months ago she still believed in Santa Clause? Well it's true, My daughter attends a private Christian  school. I am so glad that she is able to attend  there. Last night, I heard something  on the Fox program Hannity that really gave me a reason to be greatly concerned,  about the moral decay in many of the public schools today. I'm going to discuss this topic, as discretely as I can. I will try not to be too descriptive or graphic.What I learned last night on Fox's Hannity was very eye opening. It new seems, that the New York City School District wants to teach children as young as ten  or eleven  every aspect of sex that you could possibly imagine. I Know that sex education has been taught in the public school system for some time now. I realize this information can be discussed,  in your basic biology class, and if that can be done  carefully,  and with respect and a certain amount of restraint,  I could accept that.I understand that we don't live in the days of  those old fifties shows Ike Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best but sometimes,  I wish we did.
  What the new York City schools want your to know about sex,  goes way beyond just basic biology in fact it almost borders on pornography. Here are just some,  of the the topics they want to teach to your ten and eleven year old children. The topics include,  how to preform oral sex, they also want to teach our children,  what sexual advice can be gained by well known porn stars.The New York City School District also thinks your children should be taught  about bestiality. I will tell you, just writing about this kind of stuff make me sick and yet many,  of the public schools will be teaching this type of material.
  Look I know this type of education is considered to be very necessary in our society I suppose. the public school system feels,  that if you educate children, then maybe, you won;t have as many teens having unprotected sex or having to deal too many teenage pregnancies. perhaps, many teachers feel that kids are going to have sex anyway,  so they might as well know everything there is to know about sex. Well it is true kids know more about sex  much sooner,  than in previous generations. I don't think kids as young as ten or eleven  though  need to know anything about sex beyond the basic and general biology of the subject. When you think about it,  parents,  should really be the ones who discuss sex with there children and only when they feel that their children are mature enough to deal with such knowledge. I must tell you though, I'm not surprised at all that this kind of teaching is being permitted in the public school system. Since we now live in a largely,  progressive and  secular  society.  Society's attack on the family has been,  and continues to be relentless,  so what more can we expect? Yes, it is true kids know a lot more about sex today,  then the previous generations before them. This knowledge however,  exacts,  a heavy price. It will cost you only your children's childhood and innocence,  and that price,  is just to high for me. as always,  my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.              

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Right May Be Right But The Left Is Often Louder.

  I have to be honest with you. As much as I may hate to admit it, America is a nation in decline. This is not easy  for me to say. I love this county,  and there still remains a great deal to love about America. As I consider America's future I have to tell you, I'm not at all sure, America's future is bright. I heard on the news that America's credit rating is in danger of being down graded again. I am certain that if this happens it will only serve to further weaken America's already sluggish economy.
  When I consider America's values as a nation, I still believe, we are a center right country. I still believe,  that most Americans still at least lean,  towards traditional family values. We are still a country filled with churches and poll after poll shows that most people still believe in God and prefer more traditional values. Thus I ask my self this question. If there are  more conservatives than liberals why do they seem to be having such a great influence in this country? I posed this question to a friend of mine. The answer I got made quite an impression on me. My friend said this, 'The right may be right, but often, the left is louder.' I believe there may be, some truth to that statement. When you consider the fact that most of the media is liberal our public school system is certainly liberal, many of our courts across this county don't even bother to  rule by the constitution, and our culture, is filled with liberal outlets. The television  has robed many Americans of there ability to think. Many times you don't have to think because much of what's on television and  in the movies we see or the music we hear seems to have but one purpose and that purpose is the moral breakdown of the traditional family in favor of a culturally liberal agenda.
  Consider this, in 1953 a group of veterans called, the Knights of Columbus placed a World War Two memorial on Montana's Big Mountain.This memorial, included a statue of Jesus. This statue, has been in this location for nearly sixty years and no one has ever complained and no one is complaining now accept the ultra liberal A C L U. and because of the pressure they are placing on the U S Forest Service, the U S Forest Service has given the Knights of Columbus until the end of December to remove the stature. This has to be done according to the A C L U to preserve the separation of church and state. What liberals really mean is, separation of God from country. Liberals,  have only one goal to transform America and fashion this country into a liberal progressive state like the countries of  Europe. I am very afraid the liberals are so very close, to succeeding.
  You may be asking your self how did  this liberal slide  happen,   in the first place? The answer seems simple to me. First,  America was cautious and had a clear understanding that God should play a major roll in every aspect of America's culture including the government the governments role was to be limited, so that each person could follow the laws of God freely, with no fear of suppression from the government As is often the case,  of many great cultures America slowly went from cautious to comfortable, America,  I believe,  was truly blessed by God and grew to be the most prosperous nation since the days of the Roman Empire It is at this point however, America went from comfortable to careless. America became rich and had need of nothing and  often,  that included  any moral guidance from the godly principals America had once been founded on. Many Americans today,  seem more than content to trust in the government rather than God. I think America now is moving from careless to corupt.  It is no secret, that the godly morales which were once very predomidant in America have taken a serious nose dive! This first,  become appearant in the mid to late sixties and  this trend, continues today. Finally if Americans continue to refuse to return to their tradional Chrisian  roots then America, will go from a country that has become politically, and morally corupt to a country that colapsed,  and no longer exist. I have one more word that starts with the letter C for you to remember,  if America wishes to be great again,  she must return,  to the God of her fathers only then, can America be cured. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Monday, October 24, 2011

When The Friendly Skies Arn't So Friendly

  I love to fly. I always have. You get where your going so much faster than you would if you have to drive. I turned on the news to catch up on what's going on in the world. Suddenly, I heard  a story  about a young woman and her mother who had just boarded a flight that was headed for her home in Dallas The young lady had just taken her seat when a member of Southwest Airlines told her in so many words that she and her mother were  too fat to fly and that if she wanted to fly to her destination she would have to purchase another seat. Keep in mind,  this whole conversation was going on in front of all the other passengers. I can only try to imagine the deep pain,  and humiliation that she experienced. As if that  wasn't bad enough, after she purchased another seat, just before the plane took off She was told that now, she had to give up the extra seat she had been forced to purchase, because another passenger  had  arrived late,  and now needed  her extra seat. The passenger's name was Kenlie Tiggeman. Speaking,  as a person, who is handicapped and  has experienced discrimination at different times in my life, if I could  offer some words of comfort and encouragement to Miss Tiggeman there are some things I would encourage her to remember. First, I would tell her to walk with her head held high. I would tell her that she never has to apologize for her appearance, nor does she have to ask anyone for permission to exist! I would tell Miss Tiggeman that her experience though humiliating, serves as a remider to me,  that no one can take a way your dignity unless you let them. I would tell Miss Tiggeman that I envied her ability to handle a terrible situation with a class and grace I could only hope to have.
  Finally, I would remind Miss Tiggeman, that man looks on the outward appearence but God looks on the heart. I would let MissTiggeman Know that God loves and made her the way he wants her to be,  and that her story once again inspires me to accept people for who they are, and not for what I might wish  they could be. I have a feeling,  that Miss Tiggeman's story serves as a great inspiration to anyone who suffers from low self esteem because they are self conscience about their appearance. I would also tell this young lady that she has worth and she matters and I would tell her that her true friends love and care about her as a person  no matter what her size may be and  her  true friends will always be there for her,  even if she can't were a size six dress. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Cain Mutiny

Like many of you, I'm looking over,  each of the Republican candidates. As I consider,   Herman Cain,  I take into account,  that Mr. Cain is not a seasoned  politician. I'm not sure if  I totally understand his nine nine, nine plan. I do know this however, Mr. Cain,  can not afford to go into the Iowa caucus with at best, a luke warm position,  on abortion. I know this because,  I have family that live in Iowa. I can assure you of this, Iowa is filled with many small close knit comunities and many of the the folks who live there will tell you right away they consider abortion  in most cases,  to be murder. I think they realize however, that they have to make certain exceptions in cases where the life of the mother may be at risk. I think,  in cases of rape or incest they would encourge adoption rather than abortion if it is at all possible. I do think,   they would make alowences in cases of rape or incest because I think,  most folks realize your not going to get a bill past that would not allow these particular exceptions. One thing is sure, the folks in Iowa have a firm position on the issue of abortion. Herman Cain better find a way to make his position on the practice of abortion very clear in the minds of Iowa voters and he better do it fast!
  You can bet, that this issue,  will be front and center in the next debate,  and if  Mr. cain is perceived, as being weak when comes to taking a firm stand on the issue of  abortion,  you can rest assured,  the other candidates will use it,  to their own political advantage in fact, they already are. Look, I know Mr. Cain does not have a lot of pollitical experience but if he intends to win in Iowa, he better be,  a quick study! Saying that you are personally, against abortion is not good enough,  you must convince the folks in Iowa,  that you will seek to do what ever you can to hopefully,  over turn Row v Wade one day. Taking a position that is anthing less than that,  will most certainly guarntee a defeat for Herman Cain in Iowa, and he will then experiene the cain mutiny. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are You Smarter Than A Fourth Grader?

  My daughter is in fourth grade. I can't get over how smart she is. To say,  that I am proud of her , goes without saying. I was watching the news recently, and believe it or not, I saw  Vice President Joe  Biden, talking to a class room of fourth graders. I was glad,  that at last,  the Vice President was able to talk to a group,  where he was almost,  their intellectual equal! The Vice President was taking time out from his busy fast paced life,  to explain to the fourth graders,  the merits of the President's jobs bill. I realize,  the fourth graders can't vote yet. Perhaps,  the Vice President,  was practicing his persuasive abilities on the fourth graders. Perhaps the Vice President thought,  if he could convince a classroom full of fourth graders that the President's jobs bill was good for the country then he'd be ready to join the President on one of his bus tours and take his turn,  trying to convince Americans that the President's jobs bill will stimulate the nations struggling economy. Yes, that must be what the Vice President was doing.
  You know, I don't think he was able to communicate his message to the fourt graders very well. maybe,  the Vice President was trying to encourage the fourth graders to go home,  and have their parents call their state congressman or senator  and urge them to vote in favor of the President's jobs bill. Yes, I'm sure that's why,  the Vice President,  was asked to speak with the fourth graders. I hope,  the Vice President,  was successful,  in his mission. There's just one problem however, I am not at all sure,  if the Vice President is smarter than a fourth grader. As always, my friends, these thought remain just, some words to think on.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Stuck In The Middle With You

  Once again, President Obama failed to get his spending bill through the Senate. Now Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid says,  he will bring another piece of the bill to the Senate on a weekly basis, to see if the Republicans,  will continue to vote no on each piece of  President Obama's spending bill. As I see it, the President hopes to place the Republicans both in the House and the Senate, in an impossible catch twenty two situation. Here is what I mean, if the Republicans in ether the House Or senate go along with the Democrats on any part of the President's jobs bill that includes any sort of a new tax, then,  President Obama can say, the Republicans especially,those in the House broke their promise of no new taxes. That promise, was the key reason,  Republicans gained control of the house in 2010. This puts a lot, of pressure on Speaker Of The House John Boehner. If speaker Boehner keeps his promise then the Republicans will continue to be seen as,  the party of no, and President Obama, can still harp on the do nothing Congress.
  This whole situation reminds me, of that old song by Stealers Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You. I would however,  say it this way, the Senate led by, Harry Reid to the left of me, the House Republicans  led by John Boehner on the right,  here we are,  the American people, Mr. President,  stuck in the middle with you!
  The President is hoping,  Americans will grow impatient with House Republicans and in the name of getting something done, the President hopes,  many Americans,  will choose to reelect him so that he can keep fighting the good  fight against the do nothing Congress. The sad truth is,  the the President's plan may just work. The only way it won't is if Americans remember,  the purpose of  the Tea Party and the reason they voted for the republicans to gain control of the House in the first place. As Always, my friends, these words remain, just some words, to think on.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anything You Say Can And Will Be Used Against You.

  There's an old saying that says, better to remain silent,  and thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt! There is a reason one of our rights is to remain silent. If you get accused of something the police will tell you your rights. They will tell you that you have the right to remain silent and that if you give up the right to remain silent anything you say, can, and will be used against you in a court of law. Well, the same could be said in politics especially,  the phase that says anything you say can and will be used against you.
  Here is what I mean,  in the recent Republican debate,  Governor mitt Romney said, that as soon as he knew he had illegal immigrants working on his lawn staff he told his  staff to fire them because he was running for office for Pete's sake that's not, an exact quote but that's the gist of it. You can bet, Governor Romney wishes he could take those words back because, as soon as he said them,   David Axelrod was on the news using Mitt Romney's words against him. David Axelrod said, he noticed the governor did not say,  his lawn keepers  should be fired because working here as an illegal was wrong, only, that his lawn workers should be fired because the Governor was running for office at the time. This is what happens when your forced to respond too  quickly in a presidential debate. I'm sure if Governor Romney would have had a bit more time,  he would have chosen better words regarding illegal immigration. Senator Rick Santorum also wasted no time using Governor Romney's words against him.
  Contrast this with,  Vice President Joe Biden's recent ill spoken words regarding the importance of getting the President's jobs bill passed. Vice President Biden suggested,  that if the President;s job bill was not passed,  then more police would be laid off and thus,  there  would be a significant rise in the number of rapes committed from year to year. Thus, the Vice President was able to imply, that if  the Senate Republicans voted against the President's jobs bill they must not care about women getting rapped! I noticed however, that when the Vice President was asked by a Fox News reporter if  he thought using the crime of rape as a wedge against the Senate Republicans was proper,  the Vie President was not given a chance to answer the reporter's question because,  aids quickly said,  they had to move on I'll bet!
  Senator Harry Reid said yesterday,  that only public or government jobs had been affected by the nations sluggish economy the private sector's Jobs  Senator Reid said, was doing just fine. I didn't see  any Democrats defending Senator Reid's remarks,  but the Senate Republicans sure are having fun,  with Senator Reid's ill spoken and thoughtless words. What lesson are we to learn then? Very simply,  in the area of politics, choose your words very carefully, because anything you say can, and will, be used against you. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to  think on.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Great Debate That Wasn't So Great

Like many Americans, I watched the Republican debate last night. I have to tell you I was somewhat disappointed with the debate in general.I thought for a moment there, that Governor  Mitt Romney  and Governor Rick Perry were going to have a knock down drag out fight right there on the stage! I know nobody wants to be considered a wimp in a debate but by the same token, if you loose your composure in the debate trust me, that's when your loosing the debate. I wanted the candidates to stick to the issues and lay out their plans for dealing with the nations economy, our national debt, and illegal immigration. I would submit to you, that the debate sounded more like a bunch of children all fighting over the same  thing. I felt more like I was watching the Jerry Springer show! I kept asking my self is this how your going to talk to leaders of other countries?Is this the calm composure your going to use when your facing a national security crisis? I certainly hope not.
  Look, I understand that in a vigorous debate,  you have to stand and deliver and thus,  defend your position. Well,  they  all stood alright,  I'm  just not at all sure,  they delivered. When I watched the debate last night,  I think I finally, understood,  why some republicans,  are looking for another choice for President. I hope the next debate will stick a lot closer to the issues, and that more solutions to the nations problems will be discussed. I don't watch debates just to see who had the best gotcha line! As always, my friend, these words remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Those Dumb Republicans

  I have a handicap I was born with cerebral Palsy. Believe me,  when I tell you,  there have been many times throughout,  my life when I felt I had to prove that just because my legs were crooked,  and I didn't walk very well,  that didn't mean there was anything wrong with my brain,  or my ability to think! I say all of this , to make this point, yesterday,  on the news,  I heard President Obama,   basically,  call the Republicans dumb! Apparently, President Obama feels,  that his so called, jobs bill was defeated in the Senate because the Republicans,  were too  dumb,  to fully understand it. I wonder, does that mean,  that the Democrats who also voted against the President's jobs bill,  were just too dumb to go along with their own party?
  I have also heard, on the news, that many,  of these same so called dumb Democrats,  have basically decided,  not to have President Obama visit their state,  when they campaign,  next year for reelection, I wonder why? Could it be,  that the Democrats running for reelection in 2012.  are afraid,  that because President Obama's economic policies,  have failed to stimulate the nations economy and thus, in the minds of many,  his presidency is seen as a failure, that the Democrats running for reelection will also be perceived as failures if they are identified and perceived as supporting the President and his failed economic policies? I believe,  the  answer is yes. Maybe, the real truth is,  the President is just too dumb,  to realize this. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Gripes About Flying The Stars And Stripes

  I'm going  to tell you right now, I love my country, and I am very patriotic and I fly  the American flag every chance I get! I heard,  in the news today, A man named Sean May was fired from a hotel chain called Casa Monica simply because he would not take off  his American flag pin. The hotel says,  it is their  policy for their employees not to wear  any sort of pins or badges or anything that could be seen as controversial or political.The hotel management says, they have this policy to avoid offending anyone. Well let me tell you, now, I'm offended! I think this policy at this hotel goes far beyond stupid!
  Right now, as I write this blog,  we have brave American men and women fighting and dying defending this nations honor which our flag represents. I can assure you,  if that policy remains in affect,  at the Casa Monica hotel chain I would never stay there and that goes for any other hotels there may be,  with similar policies.
I have family,  that have fought for this country and I know many who may read this blog have lost loved ones because they answered,  when their country called them. I think if you fought to defend this country you have a right to fly the American flag on your own property as much as you want to!
  I saw the Wall Street protesters on the news last night. They had a rock band of sorts, and the singer and I use that word loosely, was yelling and screaming and cussing America in fact,  the language was so profane all they could put on the air  was just the word, America because every word the singer said after that was so profane they had to bleep it out!
  So,  let me get this straight, one guy gets fired for wearing an American flag pin, and another can scream and yell and basically, cuss out America all in  the name of freedom of speech. Let me ask you? Is it just me,  or is something seriously messed up here. The employee who was fired is going to fight this policy I suppose, this will be settled in court. Personally,  I hope the employee who was fired wins the case. Speaking just for myself,  I love my country. I am proud to be an American. I love the American flag, long may it wave!  As always, my friends, these words remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just put It On My Credit Card.

  Like many Americans, I have a credit card. Let's face it sometimes they do come in handy. I began to think about just how easy it can be to get into debt. The fact is,  it's almost too easy. Let me ask you something suppose just for the sake of argument, I had a Visa or Master Card and let's say, I had a balance of  five hundred dollars on both the Visa and the Master Card.Now, let's suppose I deiced, to call up both credit card companies and tell them to give me unlimited credit, Let's say, I told both companies, they didn't have to worry about the amount of charges that I had already racked up or any charges I may make in the future because I had made a deal with my daughter and she said she would pay off all of my charges,  however much they were,  when she turned eighteen. Now, let me ask you,  how far do you think this conversation would go before both companies laughed and hung up the phone?
  Okay, in many respects,  this illustration is totally silly but, is it? I would submit to you,  that this is exactly, what our government is doing with our national debt. The national debt right now is pretty close to fifteen trillion dollars. I can't even imagine counting out that much money. The government now is operating at or near one hundred percent of our G D P that for those who may not know, stands for gross national product.Right now, our government is spending far more than it is able to take in, in fact, the government now borrows forty cents of every dollar our government spends. Don't worry too much though, our government has worked out a deal with all the countries we owe money to. What is that deal you ask? It's very simple, our children and grand children and maybe even, our great great grand children have all been put up as a type of collateral against the debt. See, no worries just live for today take care of your future who cares if it makes you literally destroy  any economic future your children and those who come after them might have had. Here is more good news, the national debt if  left uncheck1ed,  is projected to grow another six trillion dollars in the next four years. but after all,  it's just a few more trillion who's counting?
  I know by now,  you see the problem, but how do we as Americans get our government to see the problem? Maybe,  a protest should start up demanding a balanced budget amendment. One thing is sure if my daughter expects to grow up in the same America I did, then our government must stop saying just put it on our children's credit card! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have Americans Forgotten How To Be Self Reliant?

  I'm sure by now,  you have looked at the news. I am so tired of the protesters,  all camped out there in the park,  just waiting for all the wealthy people on wall street to solve all their economic problems. Perhaps,  that is the essence of a much deeper problem. I believe,  it is just possible,  that many Americans have forgotten the one skill,  our great grandparents and grandparents knew. What is that skill you ask? The art and skill of being self reliant. I don't fault many of the young people today. For some time now,  they have grown up in a society that seems to suggest, they are entitled to everything. The government has been all to willing to supply most,  if not all,  of our society's basic needs. Parents,  in an effort to give their children all the things they did not have may have made life a bit to easy, as a result,  children today have grown up to expect someone to to give them everything.
  Look I realize, it's hard for college graduates to find top paying jobs upon, graduation. Let me ask you something. What's wrong with taking one maybe even two lower paying jobs while your waiting for the job you want? My dad, worked three jobs for several years and they weren't any type of an executive job. I can assure you of that! My dad was just willing to take any job he could get. We never went hungry, and we never took anything from anyone. My dad knew the importance of  being self reliant  and he passed that particular family value to me. There are jobs out there,  if you are willing to work two part time jobs maybe,  I heard one of the protesters say he wouldn't work for just seven dollars an hour. Therein, lies the problem. Many Americans today,  do not have the will or the strength of character to start at the bottom and work their way to the top. Many Americans prefer to start at the top and if they can;t do that,  they expect the government to give them them the high paying jobs they want. Many Americans are content to live on unemployment or food stamps at least  until the government guarantees them the type of job they want  You know, as I think about it, maybe another Great Depression wouldn't necessarily be such a bad thing. That may be,  what it will take for many Americans to once again learn how to be self reliant. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Will Not Weep For A Terrorist!

  Do you remember that terrorist that was recently  killed by a Drone attack? I believe his name was, Anwar al-Awlaki. Well get this, I heard on the news, that President Obama called this guys parents to apologize for having their terrorist son  killed, Look,  I know this person was an American citizen. As far as I am concerned,  when he joined up with Osama bin Laden and other terrorist like him, he tured his back on America. he committed an act of treason! Therefore, he no longer had the rights of an American.
  Now, I realize as I say this, the A C L U is throwing a fit but,  to be honest, I don't particularly care what they think. I know a lot of liberals will think  I am not being fair to this upstanding,  American citizen but,  I don't care what most liberals think. I'm not at all sure,  most liberals know how to think  however, if liberals want to weep for a terrorist who certainly would have killed them,  if he had gotten the chance,  they have that right. As for me however, I will weep no tears for a terrorist and I've got a feeling, many true Americans agree with me. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here We Go Again!

  Do you remember that now famous quote from former President Ronald Reagan when he said, 'There you go again?' Well I hate to say it but, here we go again. Just when the Solendra scandal was starting to fade from public  attention, Now,  another solar company Sun Power,  receives an ever bigger government guaranteed loan then Solyndra did. Sun Power , received a one point two billion dollar guaranteed loan from the goverment dispite the fact,  that the company was in debt to the tune of some 820 million dollars!
  How does this happen? Well, it seems,  that George Miller,  a Democratic Representative for California's seventh Congessional District,  and the Senior Democrat on theHouse Education and Workforce Committee,  and, co chairman of the Democratic Steering and Policy Comittee, just happens,  to have a son, George Miller IV,  who just happens,  to be a lobbyist for, the Sun Power company. How convenient,  I guess it pays to have friends or parents in high places. It appears,  this is yet another example of President Obama's transparrent Presidency. I know I can certainly see right through him!
  At this point, I have to ask myself,  I wonder how many more government funded companies are out there? I suspect,  there are many more taxpayer funded government ventures,  that fail,   and we never hear about it! It seems to me, if the American taxpayer is being asked, to fund these type of companies, I for one want to know about it  before the fact, rather than find out about a companies  failure after the fact. I think the Congress and Senate should have to vote on tax payer guaranteed government loans. That's just the way I see it. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keeping The Faith

  Like many of you, I'm hearing a lot of concern,  about the fact,  that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. I know even as I write this blog, some of you who read it may not agree with me. I promised myself when I started this blog that I would not let that possibility,  keep me from truthfully,  expressing my feelings,  on any subject. Therefore, I shall dive right in! I took a very close look at America's Constitution. I found nothing in the Constitution that said you couldn't be elected President if you were a Mormon. I found that the Constitution allows everyone to worship and exercise their personal faith as they see fit as long as they don't use the power of government to force their beliefs on others. Thus,  I have come to this conclusion, as long as,  Mitt Romney does not use the office of the Presidency,  as a means to convert everyone to Mormonism then,  I believe Mitt Romney could still be an  effective President. I am not a Roman Catholic but many people feel,  that John F Kenedy was a good President. He certainly keep us safe during the Cuban missille crisis in 1962. and even those who did not vote for him still were able to weep for him and his family when he was assassinated on November 22, 1963. President Richard M Nixon was a Quaker and I don't recall him forcing anybody in America to become a Quaker.Even today, many still consider President Nixon as a good President particularly in the area of  forign policy dispite,  the fact he was impeached as a result of the Watergate scandle.
  I will borrow a phase from President Nixon. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I do not in any way,  agree with the doctrinal positions of the Mormon faith. I don't agree with many of the doctrines of the Catholic Church, Having said that, I still believe an individual can still be an effective President. I know there are those who will say,'I won't vote for a Mormon and that is your right. All I know for sure is If I am put in a position where I either vote for Mitt Romney or choose to not vote at all and thus,  help guarentee President Obama's reelection I will most certainly vote for Mitt Romney because the way I see it anyone of the present Republican canidates would still be a better choice for the future of America than President Obama. Always remember,each one of us,  as Americans,  may have to make this same choice. I hope and pray  if that is the case, that Americans will choose wisely. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words,  to think on.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wall Street Woodstock

  I am a person who studies history,  and although,  I was only nine in 1969 I do have at least a faint memory of  Woodstock. As I have continued,  to view old  film clips it seems to me,  Woodstock was a three day  free for all. Wood stock was supposed to be about protesting the war in Vietnam and every one was supposed to be spreading peace and love everywhere. However, I think Woodstock,  was really,  just a chance for a lot of spoiled young people to all get together and attend a free drug filled,  rock concert. I guess you could say, they all had a chance to tune in turn on and drop out. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if  Dr. Timothy Leary was in attendace at Woodstock. To my knowledge,  no prsons were seriously hurt at Woodstock
  Fast forward to today, right now Wall Street has several thousand people protesting something, Just what that something is is at best, undefined. To some,  it'ts a chance to get free food, while complainning about being economically opressed by the very wealthy. To others it's a chance,  to score some free drugs and apparrenty,  not get caught.Still others say,  they are protesting because there are not enough well paying jobs to be had by everyone. Then again,  that same guy took the day off, and even though it meat he would be fired, he just had to be there,  to protest the fact that now he needs a job! Now,  it seems we've  got the unions involed in this great protest against capitalistic opression!
  You know I wonder just how committed some of these protesters are? I wonder how many of the protesters would stay and protest if they could be offered enough money to leave? I know many of them say they're committed and I believe many of them should be committed, and placed in the finest mental institutions in New York! Look,  most of these folks are only there because it's the in thing to do. AS soon as the free food,  and media coverage go away,  so will most of the protesters.
  I cauation the Deocrats. Protest often,  over time,  tend to turn,  toward violence.I would submit to you, that if  blood begins to spill,  no Democrat will be anywhere near Wall Street. Some of you,  remember the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 the violence that sprang up there, cost the the Democrats the election. I'm sure, many of you,  can remember the great tragedy on May 4, 1970 at Kent State University when the Ohio National Guard was called in to handle an anti war protest that ended up with four students dead,  and nine students wounded some,  have said,  that event ended,  all the anti war demonstrations because people finally relized innocent people could get hurt. Thankfully,  no one has been hurt,  as a result of the protest on Wall Street,  at least, not yet. The sad truth is however,  if  the protesters arn't real careful it wouldn't take much, to have another tradegy on our hands.As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Is There Another Cancer Growing On The Presidency?

  I have always enjoyed, keeping up with things that I feel  will  have historical meaning. Even as a thirteen year old boy. I remember watching the Watergate hearings with keen interest.I remember, when I heard former, White House Counsel to President Nixon John Dean testify,  at the Watergate hearings that he had warned President Nixon months earlier,  that a cancer was growing on the Presidency. President Nixon later resigned in August of 1974. John was charged,  with obstruction of justice and served four months in prison along with a great number of other members of  President Nixon's administration.
  Well,  it occurs to me, that there is another cancer growing on the Presidency. Each day the drumbeat calling for Attorney General to resign seems to be getting louder. I may be wrong but I can assure you of one thing, President Obama may stand by his Attorney General for now, but if a direct link can be established between the ATF and the Attorney Generals office regarding operation Fast and Furious I think President Obama will be almost, forced to fire Attorney General Holder if only,  because, he doesn't want any connection to be made directly to the Oval Office and the President.
  Remember,  Watergate was basically,  about covering up a break in,  to a Democratic headquarters in an ill fated attempt,  to gain some kind of political advantage and thus,  benefit President Nixon's  reelection campaign in1972. To the best of my knowledge, nobody was killed. and those who say that operation Fast and Furious is not as big of a deal as Watergate was, I would simply ask you to tell that,  to the friends and family of  Brian Terry a good man,  who was guilty of nothing, and who died because he dared,  to do  his duty and guard the boarder. I really don't know at this point,  where this investigation will end up but, if President Obama is not careful, well, let's just say, there could be another cancer growing on the Presidency. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

There's No Need To Fear Underdog Is Here!

  When I was about six or seven,  I would get up every Saturday morning and watch one of my favorite cartoons called Underdog. I bet you still remember that cartoon. If your like me,  you remember one of Underdog's famous sayings,  he would break through a ceiling  or wall and say,'There's no need to fear Underdog is here!' I heard on the news recently,  that President Obama considers himself,  the underdog as he begins his reelection campaign for 2012.
  I have to tell you,  this is one underdog,  I fear very much. In the first place,  President Obama is not really an underdog at all. The truth is, he has a great deal of built in advantages. First, he has,  the advantage of incumbency. Secondly, President Obama has,  the advantage of the liberal media. It is certainly no secret, that President Obama has ninety percent of the media  in his  back pocket. Perhaps, the President's greatest advantage is,  massive financial fundraising ability. President Obama,  has already said, that he intends to raise one billion dollars for his reelection campaign. When I consider,  the economic damage President Obama's policies have already done to our country, and the massive damage another four years of his economic policies could do, I must confess to you, this is one underdog I fear very much! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I,m Looking Through You

  Remember back in  2008 when President Obama was candidate Obama? Remember how he said his Presidency would be different? In fact he said he would have full transparency. Would you believe me if  I told you that this  is one promise the President may have kept? Here  is what I mean, Obana's Presidency reminds me of an old Beatles song called,' I'm Looking Through You.' I can really see right through President Obama liberal policies and they have all failed.
  You want more honesty from the president? Well, I can honestly tell you you won't get it! You want proof? I have three words for you Solyndra, and Fast And Furious In both cases, a massive cover up is going on. The Obama Presidency will be remembered for many things,  but transparency won't be one of them! That is all too apparent to me, and I bet that fact is very transparent,  to you! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Government will see you now.

  Have you ever wondered what the government already knows about you? The answer may surprise you. I still remember when I bought my first house, I went in prepared to answer a mountain of questions about my credit record  only to be told they already knew everything they needed to know. When I asked how they knew so much about me,  they said,  all they had to do was punch in my social security number,  and my whole credit  life came right up. I was amazed. They knew who I owed,  and  what  I owed,  they knew the day,  and date,  when I made my very first credit purchase,   that was way back when I was eighteen! I promise you,  that was quite a few years ago.
  I heard , in the news a few days ago,  the government,  wants to have complete access,  to Americans medical records. Speaking just for my self,  I  find this a bit intrusive. I know where this tactic is going, and I don't like it! Here's why, let's  say you need a heart transplant, your seventy,  and on a fixed income. You have basic medicare.  Another twenty five year old  also needs the heart transplant procedure,  and the twenty five year old has a pretty good job making  let's say, sixty five thousand dollars a year Let me ask you something? Who do you think is more likely to receive the heart transplant? I'll give you a hint, it's not, the seventy year old on medicare with the fixed income!
  Yes, I believe the government,  wants to have total access,  to our medical records to make these type of decisions. Think about it, Once the government abolishes the doctor patient privilege,  what's next?  If  the government,  decides,  they need access to conversations you might have had with your lawyer, I guess the lawyer client privilege goes out the window! We already have a government who wants to tell us, what kind of light bulbs,  we should use. I heard the other day now,  the govenment is telling  the manufacturers of shower heads,  they  must produce showerheads that use only two point five gallons of water per minute.I have to wonder,  what's next? I think the  next thing,   the government will need to know is,   how many times in a day,  do you flush your toilet! Sometimes, I think the government won't stop this madness, until they can place a webcam in every Americans house. Then, the government will be able to watch over Americans twenty four hours a day. Oh my goodness, I better not give the government any more ideas! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Art Of Saying Nothing.

  I have found, that politicians often talk a lot but, they don't say much.Usually, what they do say,  is nothing you haven't heard before.I would submit to you, President Obama has this,  down to an art. I just finished listening to a  press conference at the White House. I guess,  President Obama is trying to gain some support for his jobs bill package. I have to tell you, I have never heard one man talk so much and say nothing, or at best, nothing new.
  Have you noticed, that when President Obama answers a question,   he gives a fifteen speech,  but basically,  the question could have been answered, in ten words or less?  As usual,  President Obama's answers, are loaded with code words but,  his  message can be easily, decoded. However, in case,  you don't no how to break the code,  let me help you. Each time you hear the word,  investment in an Obama speech the word investment means,  tax increase. when the President tells you,  what  America must invest in well,  that's where he wants to spend more tax payer money. Still confused? it's really easy, the President  wants more tax money to fund companies like Solyndra.. We all  know,  what a winner that company was! The President says, we must continue to invest,  in education. What the President really means is,  the Teacher's Union,  needs a raise,  and and I the American tax payer must give it to them. I am still amazed how President Obama says,  the rich must pay their fare share. It seems to me,  they already are, where do you think the President is getting most of the one billion dollars he needs to raise for his reelection campaign?
  Thus, the President is a master,  at political double talk. Have you ever noticed the size of the Presidents ears? They are  almost,  as big,  as his fragile ego. Yet, as big as his ears may be, I don't think he has heard the  American  people even once! Yes,  it would seem, the President certainly, talks a lot, he just doesn't say much of anything new. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How To Speak Politician

  It is a good thing I think if you can learn to speak another language. I admit, I have never really tried to learn a new language because I have enough trouble just speaking English. There is however,  a new language it's called politician. I t is very easy to learn. In just a few simple lessons you too,  can speak politician. okay, let's begin, if you get caught in a lie,  never admit it you just learn to say,  you misspoke. Never accuse a fellow politician of lying instead say they were mislead. If you get caught flip flopping on a particular issue, all you have to say is I voted for it, before I voted against it! See how easy it is to speak politician? When you get called to testify if you are asked a convicting question simply take the fifth, or say, I don't recall Remember, you can always use the Steve Martin defense and say, I forgot! If you get caught not keeping a campaign promise, simply say, I was committed to that promise at that time but, times have changed. Here is one of my favorites. If you have to pass a difficult bill and someone wants to know what's in it, simply say, we have to pass the bill to know what's in it.Listen now,  this is really important, if an email or memo says you knew something about an investigation sooner than you already testified to, simply say,  I had the dates mixed up with another investigation. Here's another good one, if you said you served in Vietnam  but records indicate that you didn't simply say,  I heard so many stories about I felt like I was there and got carried away and misspoke.
  I am constantly amazed at the many ways politicians find to lie and get away with it I think it would be a refreshing change if a politician could just tell the truth about anything! I am not surprised when the polls all say congress has bout a thirteen percent approval rating. Frankly, I don't know,  if any politician can be trusted completely, I have one piece of advice if you go to Washington looking for truth, be sure to learn the language. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Whatever Happened To Honor?

  Someone has said, you can find out if a person has honor or not,  by one basic test. Ask yourself this question. If, you had the opportunity,  to to something wrong, and you would benefit from doing something wrong, and you could get completely a way with it, and no body would ever know would you do it? If you would, I would have to conclude, you have a serious lack of honer. I would submit to you, that a person with honor, does the right thing just because it is right not, just because,  there is always a chance you could be caught.
  I heard of a survey recently, where  five thousand high school and college students,  were asked if they had ever cheated on a test in an attempt to get a better grade. Seventy percent admitted,  they had cheated at least once. Does this really surprise you? Sadly, it doesn't surprise me. Just a few weeks ago, four star General William Shelton, was pressured to lie to the United States  Congress in order to protect a large Democratic donor. Even now, Republicans, are asking,  for a federal invesigation of the United States Attorney General Eric Holder,  because the Republicans believe,  he is possibly, guilty of purgury because he knew about the fast and furious guns program much sooner,  then he said he did.
  It would seem, parents today,  are facing, an up hill battle as they try to teach their childen to have honor, and tell the truth. It would seem, that we have reached a point in America where we now expect, our political leaders in government  to lie to us,  and in many cases, we seem almost willing,  to accept this. Sometimes I think, that they only honor our children may know about, is when they either watch a court proceeding,  or appear in court,  themselves and have to say,  yes your honor, no your honor, to a judge! I guess, each one of us, will have to decide, how much,  our personal honor is worth. It is my hope,  that the importance,  of having personal honor,  will one day, make a come back,  in America. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some honest words, to think on.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Does America Need A Superman?

  I am constantly amazed,  when I watch the news. The media hype over the odds of a possible Chris Christie  presidential run is almost beyond belief. I am sure,  that Governor Christie is a good man. I am sure,  he loves America as much as any proud American would. I do not know,  if Governor Christie will run or not. It is important however, to consider these facts,  Chris Christie may be a good man, but he is only a man. America seems to be looking for a superman, I'm afraid,   America may be disappointed.
  Look , I realize,  America has many economic problems right now. With unemployment at nine point two percent,  and fifteen million Americans all looking for jobs, and a national debt,  of fourteen trillion dollars, it is clear, the next President will have quiet a handful to deal with. Perhaps,  Americans don't need a superman,as much as they need,  some super discipline. Here is what I mean, Americans are going to have  a super iron clad will and face the fact that serious budget cuts are going to have to made and sooner,  rather than later. The truth is,  there is no later. Americans must be willing to make some super sacrifices if America is to economically survive. As an American, ask your self this  crucial question,  What sacrifices am I willing to make for the economic good of my country? Americans must remember, it will take an effort from each one of us. No one person,  and certainly,  no particular President,  who ever the next President happens to be,  will be super enough,  to solve America's economic problems alone. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some word, to think on.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

An Acidental Truth;

  My daughter is nine years old now.  As any  good parent does, I love her beyond words but,  I try not to spoil too much. I am very proud of her because she is learning how to do the one thing that assures me she has the potential to be truly great one day. What is she learning to do? My daughter is learning how to take responsibility for her own actions. She is willing to admit,  when she does something wrong, and when she makes a mistake not only does she admit it but, she attempts to learn from it.
  At first glance, this may not seem like such a big deal. If you think about it however, It is quite an accomplishment considering,  we have a fifty year old President in The White House who is either unable or unwilling,  to learn how to take responsibility for his mistakes.To this day,  when President Obama is asked about the nation's sluggish economy almost instantly,  he will blame everything and everyone but himself.
  Recently, Vice President Joe Biden may have spoken what I call,  an accidental truth. When the Vice President was asked about the economy he seemed willing to say that he didn't blame the American people for being up set with the present administration regarding their handling of the nations economy. The Vice President seemed to be taking responsibility for this when he said "We're in charge." Thus, the Vice President may have, accidentally told the truth, though I am sure,  President Obama probably,  wishes the Vice President, had never said it!
  I think of some words,  my father once said to me,  about being a man, and how you would know when you have become one. I made this poem from his words of wisdom.
  When will I know I'm a man I asked. When  will I have what it takes? My father replied, when you can be strong, and admit when your wrong  and learn from your mistakes. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Are Americans Going Soft?

  It seems, that President Obama thinks that Americans are going soft. Perhaps, the President feels that maybe Americans are somewhat spoiled,  and just expect too much from him. The President, may think,  that Americans haven't been patient enough,  when it comes to waiting for the economy to turn around. I mean,  think about it, it's only been almost three years since President Obama took office. Unemployment is only nine point one percent. The President has only spent a mere,  three trillion dollars trying to stimulate the sluggish economy. Maybe, Americans should go a little softer,  on the weary President.Perhaps, the President should take another vacation, or play a few more rounds of gulf after all,  Americans have waited this long,  what's a little longer?
  To be fair, to the President, I think,  he may,  be right at least, to some extent. Think about it, if Americans are unemployed, why should they rush to look for a job,  when many Americans have been on unemployment benefits  for almost two years now. It is true that many Americans are over weight and out of shape.One reason for this may be,  if your out of work,  you don't have to worry,you won't starve. You can always,  get food stamps and in many cases,  you'll eat better than many people,  who have to work to pay for them! It is true,  kids today,  may play too many video games in stead of doing something a bit more active but when those same kids buy those high priced video games doesn't that help the nations economy?
  The real truth may be, that if Americans are going soft, to some extent,   the government is some what responsible. The government,  is constantly,  throwing money into various social programs,  all in the name of fighting poverty. In the end however, all that may have been accomplished,  is a generation of Americans who have become totally dependant,  on the government! Now,  President Obama wants to try another job stimulus package after all, it worked so well the first time! Sometimes I think President Obama's thinking on the nation's economy well, let's just say, his thinking, is going,  a little soft. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.