Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Hope And Change?

  I heard on the news recently that President Obama says,  his reelection is still about hope and change. Well, as I see it there are a lot of things in Obama's first term that have not changed First,  unemployment remains stuck at 8.1 percent despite the passage of Obama's 87 billion dollar stimulus package passed,  in February of 2009. The housing market,  is still a mess after four years with Obama. Obama's health care law in just days,  may be completely over turned by the Supreme Court so that may not change the cost of health care for anyone. Obama,  hasn't really dealt with the problem of Illegal immigration he did change the name of illegal immigrants to undocumented immigrants  a change I am sure will help deal with the problem. I suppose now if illegal immigrants cross our border at least society won't make them feel so bad after all we wouldn't want to stigmatize anyone would we? America's credit rating that has changed it has been lowered on Obama's watch. Let's see, how about America's  national security around the world?  Iran,  is ever closer to obtaining nuclear weapons despite all of Obama's charm and meaningless sanctions. Obama,  seems unwilling to do anything to stop the slaughter of the innocent in Syria. He says he is a friend of Israel but their crisis with Iran, hasn't changed. The national debt , now that something Obama,  has made a definite change in he has increased the nation debt by nearly six trillion  dollars in just for years and Obama,  now holds the record of being the most expensive President, in all of America's nearly, 236 years as a nation. Today,  I heard on the news that the nations GDP that's gross domestic product grew only 1.9 percent last quarter that is sure a change from the  three percent that had been expected. Today,  there was a change in the number of Americans filing for first time unemployment benefits it went up to a whopping 183000 that is 23000 more than economist had expected. my goodness, Obama's hope and change has certainly done great things for this nation's economy.
  Here are some changes,  I could really appreciate seeing. First,  how about an increase in the number of new businesses?  How about an increase of at least four or more percent in the nations GDP? How about a massive rise in new job creation? How about a rise in new home construction coupled with a massive decrease in the home foreclosure rate? How about a serious budget cut proposal  followed by a mandatory balanced budget amendment? How about a totally new tax code or better still,  a nation wide flat tax? This kind of change I think most Americans, could really appreciate. While we're at it,  how about a change in Presidents ? I think we need a new one if only because,  almost anyone would be better than what we have now. However,  I realize,  there are those who like what Obama,  has done in his first four years. I suppose if most Americans, should choose to reelect Obama,  there is at least  one change I can promise you, that  will occur things,  will go from bad, to worse! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There Is A Time To Be Angry.

  Much is being made in the news about Illinois,  State Representative,  Mike Bost,  recent out burst as he was faced with the task of voting for some type of pension reform for the state of Illinois and this latest bill had just been put on his desk by  the the Illinois , Speaker of the House,  about twenty minutes before a vote wold be taken and he would not even get a real chance to read it let alone see that the bill was properly vetted. I suppose it's not always wise to loose your composure when one finds him or her self in the political arena. I do feel however there is a time to be angry. Bost, like many in various states today must find a way to cut his state's pension program  in an attempt to try and balance Illinois,  budget and no mater what choice he makes,  some of his constituents won't be happy. He is faced then, with Lincoln's acknowledgement that no one person,  can please all of the people, all of the time.
  Many other states,  face budget short falls for fiscal year 2012 here is a list of some of the most critical states and what the dollar short fall will be by the end of fiscal year 2012. Florida and Oregon both will have a budget short fall of 2,500.00 dollars.California, will have a 21,300.00 dollar short fall.Ohio and North Carolina,  both face a3,000.00 dollar short fall and for all it's many jobs, Texas,  too faces a 10,000.00 dollar short fall. New York,  has a short fall of  8,200.00 dollars.New Jersey, has a budget short fall of some17,000.00 dollars Connecticut, must deal with a short fall of3,800.00 dollars Minnesota's short fall is 3,800.00 dollars  and finally,  there is Illinois,  there budget short fall is just a mere 17,000.00 dollars. I think I can understand why Illinois, Representative Bost is a bit up set. Keep in mind state law require each state to balance there budget and the states can't just print more money like the federal government does. The result is each of these states will ask the federal government to help them balance there budget and that will just add more to the nation's nearly sixteen trillion dollar debt. I think somebody,  in this nations government better wake up and get angry enough to demand a balanced budget amendment and they better do it soon otherwise there will be nothing left for anyone to get angry about. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time To Be Diligent.

  My daughter just brought her school year book home today. My wife and I were very proud to read her teachers glowing comment concerning our daughter. The  teacher praised my daughter and said she was very proud of her because she was a very diligent student. My wife and I know this to be true because we have instilled this quality in our daughter. I took a few moments to look up the meaning of being a diligent person. the definition or meaning of being a person who is diligent carries with it the idea of showing care and conscientiousness in ones work or duties. Well, I would have to agree with my daughter's teacher because my daughter takes a lot of time to study and do well in her school work. I wound conclude then, that this is one of the reasons my daughter is a straight A honor student. There are indeed rewards for being diligent.
  As I ponder the meaning of he word diligent, I am struck by the thought that America has reached a point in her history that it is indeed time for America to again be diligent. Over the past thirty years or so America, has been diligent but in the wrong way America, has been very diligent at spending taxpayer money now if only America,  could be diligent at saving money and using the money we have more responsibly. Did you know that after the Revolutionary War America, completely paid off the the nation's national debt? Now it appears America, has a record debt second only to Greece. America too has fallen behind in the area of academics. China and Japan's students  consistently score higher in the areas  of math and science. America has fallen behind in the production of basic goods. America's cars were at one time the best in the world now, both Germany and Japan consistently produce more cars than the US and many times their cars are made with much better quality.
  It's strange some how, but these days it seems they only thing many in America, are diligent in doing is complaining for more government social programs. I heard one person say it this way on the news recently. He was told a company was hiring at a factory paying 14 dollars to start but he told the reporter he did not want a job he wanted a career and if he couldn't walk right into a job that would give him a career he would just continue to stand in line for some more of that Obama free money. He was very diligent however in complaining because the line wasn't moving fast enough while he was waiting to get his government unemployment check that working Americans everywhere helped to pay for. If I could suggest the one trait that America needs to rediscover it would be the need to indeed be more diligent. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's About The Children.

  I have to tell you something,  I get so tired of every serious and sacred holiday always being turned into a chance for some retailer somewhere  to make money. I guess we have come to expect this  to a certain extent Christmas,   has become  so commercial,  that it's true meaning is nearly lost all together and Easter,  is pretty much the same way.
  Take for example,  today's holiday Memorial Day,  or Decoration Day,  as it was originally called. This is a day that is supposed to be set aside to remember all those who gave their life fighting the Civil War and over the years we included honoring any brave soldier who gave their life in any war or cause or conflict defending freedom for this country. My question is do the children who enjoying their day off from school land  the opening of the city pool  and the unofficial  start of summer or the cook out and pool party in back yards everywhere across this country today no what the meaning of Memorial Day really is? I wonder if parents,  will take their children to a cemetery where brave men and women have fallen on the field of battle in the service of their county. I hope Americans,   don't just look at this day as a reason to get a new pool or a new piece of furniture or  a new mattress,  because some company is having some great sale somewhere.  I pray parents will share with their children that the reason we as Americans, have the freedom to enjoy time with family and friends is because many families across this nation lost their loved ones because  they made the ultimate  sacrifice and paid the ultimate price and gave their life fighting on a  battle field some where so that future generations,  could enjoy the freedom that we as Americans,  celebrate today,  and by the way,  if  you know a veteran and you should happen to see him today or any day don't forget to say thanks. As an American,  who is thankful for my my freedom  I say to all brave men and women everywhere both living and dead who  fought for this country so that I and many others,  could continue to live free thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God,  bless you all and may God,  bless America! as always my friends, these thoughts remain,  just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Day To Remember.

  The year is 1863 the time is late fall on  November 19,and  the place is Gettysburg,  Pennsylvania. The United States is any thing but united in fact the state of the union is in dire trouble. the country is engulfed in the Civil War and more men have just died at the battle of Gettysburg,  then anyone had seen up to that time. Gazing helplessly at the cost and carnage and the grief that comes with war President Abraham Lincoln, writes a hurried speech and he tells a fellow aid,  "This dog, wont hunt." Lincoln,  was concerned because he did not feel that he could say anything that would inspire anyone to fight on for the union or offer any real comfort to those who had lost loved ones on this tragic day. Little did Lincoln realize that he was about to give not only the greatest speech of his life but perhaps, one of the greatest speeches ever written .
  As I consider the awesome significance of the Gettysburg Address, I am struck by these particular words. "that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain." Memorial Day or Decoration Day as it was originally called was established and made a federal holiday to honor and remember all who had died in the Civil War. I am thankful for the freedoms we enjoy in America,  today but I sometimes wonder if those who fought and bled and died to give freedom to those who live in this nation today if those brave warriors could come back would they think they did indeed die in vain when they observe the way freedom in this society is abused. The Bible,  can't be taught in our schools and no public prayer can be said in school you don't even have to pledge allegiance to our flag anymore yet protesters can march in our streets upset because this country can't just give them everything not pausing even for a moment to remember that brave men and women everywhere over the years have given everything including their very life just so they could sit in a park or intimidate businessmen men on Wall Street or try to blow up buildings.
  This Memorial Day, please try to remember the brave men and women who lived and fought and died for the freedom we in this nation today all to often take for granted there is a price for freedom and freedom is anything but free. as always,  my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Are The Good Old Days Gone?

  My mother is 87, I have often heard her talk about the good old days. I sure everybody remembers how this lecture goes it starts out something like this, a parent will talk about how things are so different from today a good example is the tried and true story about how hard it was to walk to school. You know how this story goes don't you? First,  your parents had to walk to school no school bus for them. They had to walk five miles in the winter time sometimes without shoes and the snow was two feet deep! Okay,  so maybe parents,  do stretch things a bit when they remember their hard times in the so called good old days but the truth is they may have a point these days in America, America's culture is not as good as it once was.
  I heard a recent Gallup  poll talking about morality in America,  some of the results were quite eye opening. According to the poll 89 percent of this nation thought birth control was morally okay  8 percent thought birth control was morally wrong. 67  percent in this country thought divorce was morally all right 25 percent thought it was morally wrong. On the subject of sex before marriage 59 percent of those who were polled thought sex before marriage was morally okay while 38 percent thought sex before marriage was morally wrong.When it comes to having a baby out of wedlock,  the poll showed 54 percent of those who were polled thought that having a baby out of wedlock, was morally okay while forty two percent still thought that having a baby out of wedlock was still morally wrong. I have to tell you I wasn't really surprised with many of these findings. When you consider that we have high schools in this country that now want to pass out condoms at senior proms so if the students want to have sex at least it will be so called safe sex and at least the girls won't get pregnant the question may not be is their still a sense of morally in America? The question maybe better phased Is their any morality left in America at all? One thing I'm sue of if there  is some morality left in America, it is sure different from the standards that I grew up with. I am  afraid that those who hold to the traditional values and Christian,  standards this country was built on are loosing the cultural war in America. churches are not faultless either for too long they for the most part have remained silent on the subject of basic morality choosing rather to be seen by society as tolerant  and politically correct. America, as a nation needs to wake up and soon because these days in America,  morally speaking, there  is less and less that is truly good and if the present moral decay in America,  is allowed to continue the good old days will remain a distant memory in past history. as always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Time For Neely, To Get A Life!

  I have to tell you sometimes,  when I see the constant corruption and excessive spending that is allowed to go on often unchecked for a long period of time I wonder i it will ever end some how I doubt it. I did hear on the news however that GSA supervisor Jeffrey E Neely,  has left the GSA I for one am thrilled that he has been shown the door! I,m sure he isn't the only person in our government who waste American taxpayers money but even if I could list every persons name who is doing this right now or has ever done this in the past not to mention the ones who will do  this in the future that may be a list that could go on indefinitely.
 I don't know if Jeff Neely, will face any kind of criminal prosecution or not his actions are under investigation by the Justice Department right now. I think he should spend some time in a different type of  hotel suite this one is grey cold and lonely with a bed a toilet and you can make phone calls once a week but at least you don't need to worry about making any reservations. Seriously,  though when I think of how many families are having a hard time making ends meet, I think Jeff Neely,  should do some hard time in prison. The only thing I know for sure is this American taxpayers,  made it possible for Jeff Neely,  to live the high life but if you ask me in reality, Jeff Neely, now is nothing but a low life. I suppose if he doesn't spend a large part of his life in jail or federal prison at least now Neely, will have to get a life! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stay Well, You Can't Afford To Get Sick.

  Sooner or later if you live long enough, something will come into your life that will make it necessary for you to go to the doctor. I always look forward to going to the doctor it's a real bright spot in my life and I rate it right up there with going to the dentist or a tax audit, or  funeral. Seriously,  though have you gone to see your doctor lately? I can tell you it's not cheap and even if your lucky enough to have some type of insurance by the time you fill two or three prescriptions have some blood work done or have some test run to see if your all right and then pay your required co pay and then come back for a follow up visit believe me that general wellness so called simple office visit is anything but simple and my credit card finds it often times very expensive.
  I am especially concerned with our senior citizens on medicare. Under Obama's health care law 560 billion  dollars would be cut from the Medicare program and doctors who receive payments for their medical services and various procedures would see a sharp reduction in their payments from the medicare program. Right now, many doctors are retiring early or choosing to no longer treat medicare patients because of the proposed cuts in medicare. Many employers are not hiring because they don't know what Obama's health care laws will do to their companies bottom line.
  If the Supreme Court allows Obama's health care law to stand the Congressional Budget Office says,  combined with the end of the Bush tax cuts and the e automatic cuts in our nation's defense budget if Obama's health care law is allowed to go into full effect by 2014 this nation will plunge into an immediate and deep recession. Many fear that health care rationing will occur and many seniors will not be able to receive the treatment they need because it will be deemed to be too expensive to provide. all I can say is if Obama,  care is allowed to stand America;s seniors had better stay healthy because they certainly won't be able to afford to get sick and one thing for sure Obama care will make the nation's economy any thing but healthy. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's All About The Party!

  I like to think, that I am out going and like having fun and in general I try to be a good person that people like being around after all,  most anyone will tell you, you won;t have many friends in your life if your a  constant stick in the mud, I like laughing and having a good time with friends and family as much as thing I will say however, when I party, I do it without alcohol I like to remember my good times and I wouldn't ever want to do something while under the influence of alcohol that I could live to regret.
  It seems, a lot of government agencies also like to party The GSA enjoyed a huge party at the American taxpayers expense. The Secret Service partied  in Columbia, with prostitutes funny, I always thought they were kept busy enough supposedly protecting the President. I understand that now we have federal judges throwing a million dollar party in Hawaii. all on the American taxpayers dime of course. Sometimes, I think America's political leaders should adopt  a new government motto that echos that song in the eighties you gotta fight for you right to party.
  I guess you can't blame our political leaders for wanting to party after all, America, basically is set up on a two party system. I guess when the Democratic Party and the Republican Party,  aren't fighting for their Party they seem content to continue to fight for their right to party! Speaking, just for myself,  this is a party of one who is tired of the government waste! I say it clear if either political party   continues to adopt the practice of wasting taxpayers money as the standard party line I for one will be no part to that.
  If the political leaders in both parties would work half as hard trying to balance this nations budget as they do when they party a lot of progress might be made in bringing down this nation's nearly sixteen trillion dollar debt. I pause to wonder just how much money is wasted on parties  and other wasteful programs and projects in our government, I bet if you could track and add up all the money our government wastes each year that figure would be staggering. Recently, I heard on the news that the political conventions for both political parties will cost some 35 million dollars. Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, suggested given this nations struggling  economy, not to mention the nations massive trillion dollar debt, that perhaps both parties  could give the back. I won't hold my breath waiting for either party to do that. I suspect both parties will hold their conventions and party on.  I do realize one thing however,  if  the leaders in both parties don't stop partying long enough to put their party differences a side, then  America,  as a nation faces certain economic  collapse and soon and when this nation economically speaking crumbles, you can then turn out the lights, because the party, will be over. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Spirit Of Independence.

  I remember when my daughter was born her mother and I wanted everything to be so perfect for her. Like many new parents we watched her grow and we held her hand, we saw her take her first steps and say  her first words. My daughter is almost ten years old now and although there are still certain things as parents my wife and I must still do for her I have noticed as the years have passed each day she seems to need us just a little less. I think she is one on her way to growing up and one day being her own independent person, and I wouldn't want it to be any other way.
  On July 4, 1776  the 13 original colonies of England, declared  their Independence from England,  and became what we call a free and independent nation. This new spirit of Independence meant that no longer would be subject to a British king. all the residents of thee former colonies were now 13 free and individual states and together these thirteen states became what was then the United States of America. Americans now believed they were free to do  all sorts of things. One of the first freedoms they enjoyed was the right to worship as they pleased there would be no state church as there had been in England,  there would be no king to run America's government instead a President, would be elected by the people and he would carry out the will of the people America, would be a Republic,  there would be a the Congress, composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate and there would be a Judicial branch,  of  this new government called the Supreme Court,  to decide matters of law and make sure that any new laws were in keeping with the nations new Constitution which was formerly drawn up and adopted at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. This new Constitution wold guarantee that all men could live free and there would be certain rights and basic freedoms every American,  would have some of the rights included, the right to bear arms. the right to own property. some of the freedoms included freedom of speech, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of assembly. Yes, with all of these new freedoms Americans began using there new found freedoms and the tiny little thirteen states exploded with growth and expansion so much so that the thirteen states be came the fifty states we call the United States of America and grew to become the greatest nation on the face of the earth and one of the main reasons this all happened was because America fostered a free and independent spirit owing allegiance only to God,  their conscience and their country.  Fast forward now to the present day. America, is still called, the United States, but the county is in a state of constant division in fact, in many ways America, has never been more divided. Many in America's government have still  don't even worry about a spirit of Independence because our government it seems wants to do everything for us in fact if I didn't know better I would think that the government had become the America,  peoples parents, and while it is true that many in America, have grown too dependant on government and often be have like spoiled children I would like to think that there are still those among us who will say to our government thanks for your offer to help but I am a free independent responsible adult and I choose to work for what I want I choose to own my own property I choose to shape my own destiny I choose to be independent and stand on my own and choose to succeed or fail by the will of my own determination this is the true spirit of Independence. God,  gave all men the desire to live free and the strength and purpose of will to accomplish almost anything! Many in America,  have forgotten this and slowly over time many Americans,  have lost the spirit of true Independence.the only thing any American,  should totally depend on is God,  for his word and the principals found in the Bible,  built this country. I would ash each American, to remember this on thought, when as a nation we as Americans become so dependant on government, that Americans have  become almost like small children constantly asking the government to hold our hand, then in one sense hasn't government become a king and didn't we as Americans declare our Independence from a British king in the first place. I pray that Americans,  will wake up and a new spirit of Independence,  will once again be rekindled in this nation as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words,  to think on.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Adult In The Room.

  I hate to admit it, but whether I like it or not I'm getting older and my memory I suppose,  is not quite as sharp  as it used to be. I just received a late fee from the gas company it seems my payment was one day late and I was accessed a late fee. I realized  what happened I nearly forgot to pay my gas bill and by the time I remembered it arrived one day late. I called the gas company and told them I had never paid a bill late in my life but I told them I guess, there is a first time for everything they were very understanding but I still had to pay the late fee. I am all caught up now and I paid a little extra to stay ahead on the gas bill. The lady at the gas company said she wished every customer she talked to was as diligent with their account as I had been with mine. I hung up the phone and then I thought it shouldn't be that unusual to be diligent in paying your bills. My father,  always said,  when you can pay your own bills that was a sign you were indeed a responsible adult.
  When I consider the economic mess this country is in, I can't help but wonder who among our political leaders is willing to step up and be the adult in the room so to speak and make the cuts necessary in our nations budget to try to get a handle on this nation's staggering 16 trillion dollar debt. All to often it seems. the liberals in our government whine about the need for everyone to pay there fair share as they continue to demand a raise in taxes.The conservatives in our government say they want to make cuts in our nations government spending until the cutting actually goes into affect then often even some conservatives acknowledge the need to make as long as you don't cut their department or special project. Trying to get our government to make responsible budget cuts is a lot like going to Heaven,  everybody certainly wants to go but nobody  wants to die to get there!
  Someone,  better decide to be the adult in the room as far as our nations debt is concerned. When you consider that America, as a nation is nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt and that this nation borrows forty cents of every dollar we have and that the payments we make to China, only cover the interest due on the nations debt some one better have the courage to step up and do what must be done to save this nations economy and they better step up soon! You know,  I wonder Just how understanding China, would be if America,  for got to make a interest payment on the money we borrow from them? Maybe, they would understand but I wouldn't hold my breath. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The God Of The Second Chance.

  Every now and then I get a little discouraged. There are so many things in my life particularly in the area of my life as a Christian,  I just wish I could do over. I know all to well however that most of the time you only get one chance to do the right thing and there are some mistakes you make in your Christian,  life that once you have made them all you can do is ask God,  to forgive you accept the consequences of your actions and try to learn from your mistakes and use the lessons you learn from your bad mistakes to become a better person and a stronger Christian. If you are a  person who sometimes has  trials and temptations and at times find your self in a weak moment giving in to a weakness or some sort of temptation I have good news for you if you are a Christian,  left up your head and take heart because our God,  is a God,  of forgiveness and our God is the God of the second chance. There is a reason I John chapter one verse nine is in the Bible. God,  knows as Christians, we are still trapped in a  weak body of flesh and although  Christians,  do have the Holy Spirit  and can choose not to sin there are still those times when Christians will fail and when that happens I am so grateful for first John chapter one verse nine it simply says," If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." God,  knows that Christians,  are not perfect just forgiven and although no Christian,  should seek to live in a pattern of continual deliberate sin God,  knew that there would be those times when even the best Christians,  would fail and that is why as a Christian,God,  is indeed,  the God,  of the second chance.
  Can a Christian, who in a moment of weakness gave in to a temptation of some kind and failed in their Christian life then had to ask forgiveness from God,  can a person like that ever really rise again and be used of God,  in a mighty way? The answer is, yes. Peter, was one of the twelve disciples. Here is a man who walked on the water with Jesus,  and the Holy Spirit had reveled to Peter,  who Jesus,  truly was the Son of  God., and yet, when Jesus,  was arrested in the garden the night before his crucifixion Peter denied  knowing Jesus,  three times  he did this so strongly the Bible,  says,  he was cursing by the third time he denied Jesus and then Peter,  heard the crow of the rooster and remembered how Jesus,  said he would deny him  three times before the the rooster crowed and the scripture says, Peter,  went out and wept bitterly. The story however doesn't end there. When Jesus, had risen from the dead he met with Peter and  Jesus for gave Peters moment of human weakness and just forty days or so later after Jesus,  had ascended  up to Heaven, Peter was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit,  of God,  and preached the word s of Jesus with such boldness and zeal that the Bible,  says,  that three thousand souls were added to the Church,   in one day! You see,  my fellow at times discouraged Christians, God truly is the God,  of the second chance and he is always willing to forgive us and give us a second chance to do great things through the power of his might and all we have do is ask God,  to forgive us and give us another chance and the good news is,  he always will. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Time Is It?

  This morning,  my  daughter ask me what the word mediocre meant I looked up the meaning and it said the following, of poor quality, not very good sub standard. After reading that definition, I began evaluating Barack Obama's presidency mediocre seems to define his presidency quite well. America's debt has increased nearly six trillion dollars during Obama's presidency America's credit rating has been down graded and there are those who say it may be lowered again. The nations unemployment rate remains above eight percent despite the passing of the  Presidents 887 billion dollar stimulus page in 2009. The housing market remains a mess, inflation is ever on the rise, small businesses are at a hiring stand still feeling the weight of too much government regulation thanks to the implementation of Dodd Frank, gas prices are still higher than they should be, both North Korea, and Iran,   mock the President as they defy America's weak attempt at meaningless sanctions Greece,  and much of Europe are on the verge of economic collapse China,  holds America hostage economically speaking because our government borrows forty cents of every dollar we have to keep our nations economy a float, and America, once thought of around the world as the greatest nation on earth has now become in the eyes of many nations a laughing stock and only a shadow of her former self. Yes, I would say, Barack Obama's presidency, at best,  has been mediocre and at worst has been a complete disaster.
  I am reminded  of an old Timex commercial that ask the question, what time is it when an elephant sits on your Timex? the answer is,  time to get a new Timex.  I wonder what time it is when you have a President, that has all but destroyed this nation economically and ruined America's good name and over credibility around the world? I think the the answer is time to elect a new President and I pray most Americans will feel this same way and take care  of this situation on on election day in November. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Romney's Road Not Taken.

  Politics, is a dirty business. Let's face it, how often have you ask yourself  is there really such a thing as an honest politician? I wonder if there has ever been a politician who was totally and completely honest and if so, I wonder if there are any left.If you watch the news no doubt you have heard about a campaign strategy offered to Mitt Romney, by one of his supporters who funds a  Super Pac .The plan was to run a ten million dollar campaign exposing  just how deep and how close Obama, was to his former pastor  Jeremiah Wright. however Joe Ricketts, a wealthy supporter of Mitt Romney's rejected the plan and Romney,  has ask the Super pac to abandon this particular campaign strategy.
  There is little question,  that this is a wise political decision for Romney,  to make. Obama, loves to be perceived as the underdog and he loves to play the political victim therefore, if Romney,  would have launched this type of attack he would be playing right into Obama's hands. Romney, says, he wants to take the high road but I am still left wondering though is Romney choosing not to attack Obama, on this front because he wants to take the high road or is he choosing not to attack Obama, merely because it could hurt him politically? I recall Romney,  saying that he could not help the kind of adds Super Pacs who supported him chose to run against both of his former primary opponents Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. He said he could not tell them what kind of adds the Super Pacs could or could not run.and yet he did ask this particular Super Pac to not run the adds revealing the close knit relation ship between Jeremiah Wright and Obama.
  In his book The Amateur Edward Kline, reveals a great deal about the character of both Barack Obama, and Jeremiah Wright,  from what little I have heard and seen on the news concerning this book it certainly appears to imply that political bribes were at least offered to Jeremiah Wright in an attempt to encourage him to cease his preaching at least until after the 2008 election the book seems to indicate that Wright, did not take the money. I guess, it was just another day of dirty back room Chicago style politics.I don't know if I will buy the book but I have to admit it might make for some interesting reading.
  Whether Mitt Romney,  chose not to attack Barack Obama on his relationship with Jeremiah Wright because he wanted to take the high road or whether Romney,  avoided this strategy because he was just being politically smart we will never really know but I'm willing to try to see the good in Mitt Romney and give him the benefit of the doubt and I think many conservative Americans will too. I'm just glad that Mitt Romney,  decided that this particular political strategy would remain the road not taken. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The American Scream!

  Most anyone,  if you ask them will tell you that when they were going up they had their  own set of goals an aspirations and each person's individual set of goals and aspirations was  their version of what we like to call the American Dream. My nine year old daughter at this moment in her life aspires to be a doctor. She says, she wants to be a doctor to take care of her mother and I when we get older.She realizes that I have been handicapped from birth with cerebral  palsy and she  knows her mother works way too hard  She has decided that it is her job to grow up and become a doctor so she can afford to take care of her mother and I at least that's wait she says right now, check back with me tomorrow her aspirations may be different by then. The point is, anyone with any imagination has a goal or a dream something they want to be or something they want to accomplish in their life.
  Recently, on an Obama, campaign stop in Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden, talked about his family and he assured everyone in the crowd that his family had their goals and aspirations and he said that his family always dreamed and believed that he or the other siblings in his family could grow up and be president or they could grow up and become a millionaire.I would remind Vice President Biden, that the key phase here is grow up. His speech was supposed to admonish everyone to have their own slice of the American Dream. The Vice President,  sounded more like a bitter middle aged man throwing a temper tantrum his speech sounded more like the American Scream!
  What Vice President Biden, fails to understand is that the American Dream cannot be given to anyone. The truth is, if your not willing to work your heart out for your version of the American Dream your goals and aspirations, will remain in your dreams! A person becomes rich generally because their character  has been enriched  with something called a work ethic. I think Vice President Biden, dreams of being President one day. I guess he's just bid"en his time so to speak! I had a dream last night. I dreamed America was thirty trillion dollars in debt and Joe Biden,  was President goodness,  now I think I'm going to scream because that dream is a nightmare. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bogus Bonuses!

  Boy! it sure is great to know that even with America's national debt now  approaching 16 trillion dollars, the government decided that the American,  tax payers wouldn't mind if they handed out a total of 439 billion dollars in the form of government bonuses to workers in various federal agencies.I guess the government just assumed none of the American,  taxpayers would mind not that I ever remember the government bothering to ask American,  taxpayers in the first place. I guess the Government just figures that when the nation is already nearly sixteen trillion dollars in debt what's a mere 439 billion more right? Hey remember when a billion dollars sounded like a lot of money? now the government considers a billion dollars like mere pocket change, it's weird though I don't seem to have that kind of change in my pocket and I'm sure many Americans can say the same.
  The nation's debt is about to come into focus again as the House and Senate gear up for another show down at the end of the year but I've seen this movie before so I just tell you how it ends. First,  the Senate Democrats, demand an  increase in government taxes. The House Republicans,  say no and demand budget cuts after a long stand off the Democrats,  remind the House that they will be blamed if the government is forced to shut down and the House not wanting to be perceived as insensitive to seniors who live on social security checks will in the end back down Senate Democrats,  may offer some type of distant in the future watered down meaningless budget reduction just so they can save face and say the give house Republicans,  something, but at the end of the day the debt ceiling will again be raised after all where do you think the government bonuses are going to come from for next year? as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

True Freedom Is Not The Absence Of Responsibily.

  Recently, my wife and I were awakened at one thirty in the morning by a knock on the door. When my wife answered the door a man frantically ask her to please call the fire department. My wife quickly looked out the door and across our street to see a neighbors house going up in flames. I called the fire department but by the time they arrived the house was gone it took only  minutes for the flames to completely destroy the house. thankfully no one was inside and no one was hurt. This was the first time I had ever seen a house fire up close and as I saw the flames consume the house I thought of the many days it takes to build a house but a fire had destroyed this one in only  minutes. The same fire that warms a house if not used responsibly can burn that same house to the ground.
  Freedom,  is a wonderful thing and all Americans,  can now bask in the warmth and glow of freedoms light. America,  as a nation however can be just like a house and the irresponsible use of freedom can be just like a fire which if left to itself with out the balance of responsibility can literally in a very short time  literally consume this nation and lead to this nations destruction. You may be asking what do I mean? Let me see if I can explain it this way. The liberals,  in the name of freedom and equality seem to think that everyone every where in this country should have everything equally. Liberals seem to believe that freedom and equally should just be given to you by the government liberals, do not seem to realize true freedom comes with a certain amount of responsibly. You,  have the right to work to buy a house you don't have the right to not work and ask the government to build you one and pay for it and then insist that it be as fancy as the rich guy's across the street forgetting that the rich guy earned the money to build his own house. You have the right to apply for any job you want to but you have the responsibility to make sure you are qualified for the job. You,  don't have the right to ask the government to force a company CEO to hire you in the name of freedom and equality whether you are qualified or not. What is guaranteed in this country is equal opportunity what is not guaranteed in this county is equal out come and guaranteed success. Liberals believe that government is the answer to every one of societies problems. Yet ,it seems to me that often government is the biggest problem in American society. In the name of freedom and equality the liberals in our government want to give everything to everybody. No one  it seems,  is responsible to do anything for themselves so I guess liberals,  think Americans,  should all be free to be lazy. and that kind of freedom once it catches on  in a society can be just like a house on fire only this time the fire is freedom  without responsibility and the house is our nation even now in many ways our country is on fire economically , socially and spiritually speaking I hope Americans,  wake up soon or  America,  will go up in the flames of non existence. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Has America, Gone Hollywood?

  I often ponder this question. Why is it that the liberals seem to have some natural political advantages in American culture today? Consider What many Americans,  watch on TV, almost every popular TV show involves a particular celebrity element. Let's see there is Celebrity Apprentice, Jersey Shore, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, The X Factor, and let's not for get that intellectual feast of a reality show that features  Kim, and the rest of the Kardashian, family.I suppose then, it comes as no real surprise that President Obama, would be the political darling of most of the celebrities in Hollywood after all he hangs out with many of them. Many Americans are clued to there seats week after to get their celebrity fix by watching these their favorite celebrity program. I pause then and ask my self, is it any wonder that most college kids from eighteen to twenty four often have more knowledge about what is written in a super market tabloid than they do about what is written in the United Stakes Constitution? America, has become a tabloid society. President Obama realizes this and that is on reason why he appears on Letterman and Leno and all the other late night talk shows.I heard on the news last week that President Obama's campaign raised fifteen million dollars at actor George Clooney's house. Wow! it must be so cool to hang out with the stars!
  I heard in the news today, that the state of California,  is sixteen billion dollars in debt. California, is a picture of our nation's debt that now  stands at nearly sixteen trillion dollars. I realize  nothing holy  comes out of Hollywood, but since the liberal celebrities who live there made  much of their money there and they just gave the President fifteen  million dollars last week at Geore Clooney's house, I wonder if the celebrities who live in Hollywood would all be willing to pitch in and pay off California,s fifteen billion dollar debt.I doubt it.
  The next time you can't make your house payment and your facing foreclosure or when you still can't find a job and your unemployment runs out the next time  you can't meet any of your regular monthly bills, do you suppose George Cloony or Kim Kardashian, or any other famous celebrity you can think of will step up and give you some of their money to help you out? Maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breathe, waiting for that to happen! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Steadfast Love Of A Christian Mother.

  I am adopted I lived in a hospital for crippled children from the age of two  until I was nearly nine my mother could not provided the medical care I needed so she gave me up for adoption. My mother who adopted me loved me as though I were her very own I don't think she could have loved me any more than she did if she had given birth to me. My father,  showed me how to be  man and I formed my first concept of God,  from my father. I learned about the heart of God and his love for me for my mother. My mother never ever turns away anyone if she thinks they are in need and she can help them. She taught me to be the same way. She says, God,  and his love, is the same way. Remember,  she said, Jesus said for whosoever cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out. The Bible talks about Andrew the brother of Simon Peter. Andrew, was always bringing someone to Jesus. My mother has been bringing others to Jesus, for sixty five years now. I first heard about Jesus, in the crippled children's hospital where I spent my early childhood even before my mother adopted me he loved me and lead me to Jesus, and I accepted him as my saviour at the age of four sitting on her lap.
  My mother,  is eighty seven now. Abraham Lincoln, said" All that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my angel mother." I can say the same about my mother.  She loved me and taught me everything I know about God,  and his love for me All that I am as far as being a Christian,  is concerned, I owe to me mother. My greatest wish in life is that I might live in such a way that my life would be pleasing to God,  and bring honor to my mother. My mother,  is the finest Christian, I have ever known. I could only hope that I could be just half of the Christian,  my mother is. I would pray that everyone could be blessed to have the a wonderful Christian,  mother like the one  God, gave to me. Her endless love for me and steadfast faith has made me the man I am today. She has given me a priceless Christian heritage for she taught me about God's love by letting him live in her. I love her dearly and I owe her more than I could ever hope to repay. Finally, if your mother is living make sure you tell her you love her the world has many treasures but none can match the steadfast love of a Christian,  mother. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Study On Studying.

  My daughter is a straight A honor student. My wife and I are very proud of her. I must confess to you however,  sometimes, it is really hard to get her to settle down and study. Sometimes, it would be fair to say that she hates studying but she sure likes making all A's on her report card and each time she does that it usually cost me a Barbie doll.
  I remember, back when I went to school and no it wasn't  a one room school house and I didn't walk five miles through two feet of snow barefoot to get there. I do remember my feeling about studying Solomon said in Ecclesiastes,  chapter one verse eighteen that much wisdom brings much grief. I have found at certain times in my life this is indeed true in fact, I find that the more I learn, the more I learn, how much more I have to learn!
  The government,  seems to be fond of learning, or at least fond of studying in 2010 Secretary of defense Robert Gates,  noticed  the pentagon, was constantly doing a lot of studying about a lot of different things but they weren't accomplishing very much and no one seemed to know how much all this studying cost so Secretary Gates commissioned his own study but it never got released it seems the Secretary,  was unable to determine the cost of all this commissioned government studying. Congress, stepped in to study the problem and they turned Secretary Gates study commission results over to the Government Accountability Office for further study but the OGA concluded that the Pentagons study on the cost of government study commissions was incomplete, keep in mind this whole thing started in 2010 when Defense  Secretary Gates wanted to study the over all cost of the Pentagons study projects to this day,  neither Congress, nor Secretary Gates nor the Government Accountability Office has ever determined  what it cost when the Pentagon conducts a study on the cost of various projects but don't worry,they are studying the problem even now and they are going to do another study on how to do a better study on the cost effectiveness of the Pentagons studying. Goodness, Solomon was right much wisdom or at least much government  studying brings much grief! as always, my friends these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Where Are The Warriors?

  I will be honest with you. There are times, I ask my self, has America,  as a nation completely forgotten the faith of our founding fathers? Has America's culture become so corrupt that America no longer has any moral compass   whatsoever? Recently the New York Court of Appeals, ruled that it is okay for someone to freely view child pornography as much as some one might want to for as long as some one might want to just as long as they don't store it on their computer or down load it or reproduce any image of child pornography. The judges in this particular case said they were just following the present New York,  laws as they are now presently written. They seem to be implying if you wanted a better conclusion to this particular case then write a tougher  child porn law in New York. I was pleased to see that steps are going to be taken to write a better law that would crack down on the practice of  continually deliberately viewing child pornography.
  I must tell you though I am shocked that Americans,  should even have to think about making such a law, but then again, I never thought I would live to see the day in America, when the practice of same sex marriage would be viewed by many to be not only quite normal, but strongly encouraged. I never thought in 1973 this nation's Supreme Court would decide that the rights of the yet unborn were non existent. I never thought I would see the day in this country,  when you can't even say Merry Christmas because you might offend some one at the ACLU. I never thought I would see the day come in America, when a high school senior would be forced to remove any mention of God,  from a graduation speech. I  in my youth never thought for a moment that Americans, would ever let any of these things happen and yet, they did. When I asked my self how all these things happened I could only come to this conclusion. All of these things have come to pass in American society over the years because to some existent Christians have either remained silent in our churches or in some cases many who claim to be Christians, have made so many compromises in the name of getting a long and being politically correct that even when Christians do speak out they are marginalized in the media and the press and they"re  perceived as sincere but misguided or not taken seriously at all. I must now ask, Christians everywhere across this nation where are the warriors? I hope Christians,  will see the importance of speaking out concerning the need for America,  to return to her Christian roots. I believe this next election is America's last chance to return to economic, moral and spiritual sanity and if Christians,  don't speak with one voice then the day when soon come in America, when they will not be able to speak at all. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain , just, some words to think on.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Six Commandments.

  I have heard on the news lately about a school in Virgina that is being sued by the ACLU for wanting to display the ten commandments. I found  Judge Michael Ubanski's proposed compromise rather interesting to say the least. He says their would be no problem displaying the ten commandments if you leave out the first four in other words, if you leave out any commandments that make any reference to God. This comes as no real surprise to me, for years now we have removed God from the classroom. There is still a movement among Atheist in America, to take the phase under God out of  this nation's Pledge of Allegiance and the phase In God We Trust. off of this country's currency.
  I guess, if Christians,  chose to follow Judge Ubanski's proposed compromise Christians,  would  sing God Bless Sixty Percent of America.Perhaps Christians should tear out any part of the Bible that makes any reference to God. I wonder how much of the Bible,  would be left? Perhaps Moses, should have told God he and the Hebrews, would only obey God sixty percent of the time.I wonder though  if they ever really came even that close. The truth may be that many Christians in this nation don't serve God even sixty percent of the time Maybe, that's at least one reason why America, finds her self in such a spiritual mess! I guess we could put the phase We Trust God,  Sixty Percent of the Time on America's currency. I guess, in a way it would almost make since because America's money only covers about sixty percent of America's needs and the other forty percent is borrowed from China or Japan. I wonder if America, continues to exclude God in her knowledge, do you suppose God will only judge sixty percent of this nation? Since God's rain falls on both the just and the unjust well, let's just say, I just kinda doubt it! As always, my friends these words remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rewriting America's History.

  I have always enjoyed all kinds of history. I like to know and understand the origin of just about anything that I might have an interest in. I enjoy learning about the history of words, the history of last names, I even enjoy learning about the history behind a given song that I might hear on the radio. I would have to confess to you however, that I have a particular fondness for American history.
  When my wife who is from the Philippines, wanted to become an American citizen I remember going over very basic facts about America's history as well as the basic information concerning America's government and America's system of democracy in general. The questions were not very hard any eight grader should know the answers. Here are just some examples. Who was America's first President? What is significant about July fourth 1776? What were the names of the first thirteen colonies? What country did America, declare it's Independence from? What are the three parts to the US Constitution? What are the three branches of America's government? how many Senators make up America's Senate? How many Senators are in each of the fifty states? What do the stars and stripes on the American,  flag represent?
  As you can see these US  history questions are not that difficult to learn the answers to. I would call questions like these just basic US  History 101. Would you believe me if I told you, that my wife who is originally from the Philippines, knows more about American history than many students in our high schools and colleges today? I ask my self how this could be so and then I discover the answer is very simple many of our high schools and colleges in America, are no longer teaching these basic American,  history,  facts. Why? The answer to that question is also simple. Many teachers and professors in our high  schools, colleges, and universities are in affect attempting to rewrite America's history. Why? Again, the answer is simple, because many of our nations high schools teachers and profeesors are secularist and the seek to rewrite America's history by  denouncing America's Christian Heritage.The reason for this is to turn America,  into a secular nation that way it will be much easier for America to be in a sense desolved and become more like the secular nations of Europe, of course this will all be done under the gise of globle economic necessity. Keep in mind that many of today's college students will be running this county ten to fifteen years from now not to worry though, I recently head a college student on spring break say he didn;t know who the sixteenth President,  was and he didn't know what the first amendment of  the Constitution did for Americans, and he didn't even know what the three branches of America's government in fact, he didn't even know America, had three branches of government! He did however he did know the names of every person on the reality TV program Jersey Shore, it's nice to know, America's future, is so secure! As always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Patriotism, Will Always Get My Vote!

  I live in Indiana, and today I went to the polls to go cast my vote for the various state and and federal positions in Indiana,s state primary. I know that primary local state elections are often considered not  to to be as exciting as the election for the nation's next President,  in November. I suppose,  there are those who feel that because of this,  that a primary election is not really that important. I would respectfully, disagree. I am a pro life conservative, I want my state to run on conservative values. I want my state to run on the principal of a balanced budget. I want my state representatives to represent the conservative values I believe in. I want   the Senator in my state to be a pro life conservative. I want a conservative city Mayor,  Treasurer, and  county assessor. I want conservative judges on the state level I want a conservative city council and school board. I want a Sheriff who will enforce the laws of my state fairly and with sound judgement. I know however,  if I don't go vote for conservative candidates for all these positions then I cant' complain if more liberal candidates get voted in if I don't do all I can and go vote.
  I have to tell you when I went to vote,  I did not see many people out at the polls. I wish all Americans, would remember that primary elections determine the conservative balance in our nations Congress and Senate. I often think how much easier life might be for conservatives right now if we had more conservatives in both the House and the Senate voter turn out at primary elections help  determine that balance. I would also submit to you,  that each American,  should go vote because each time as an American, that you go and vote you thank all of those who fought and died on many a battle field to give you that right.. Yes, I voted today, because I am a pro life conservative, and an  unapologetic flag waving patriot who loves this great country. I guess you could say,  that today,  in the state of Indiana, I made voting one of my primary objectives and I hope that all who live in my state who can vote will choose to do the same. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Somebody Please, Put On The Brakes!

  Like many Americans, once and a while something comes up financially speaking that wasn't in our general operating budget, when that happens, I use a credit card with the understanding that we won't do this every five minutes or  for just any reason and as a family we will make it a priority to keep our credit card balance low and pay it off as quickly as possible and that's what we do.
  I have to ask myself, if I know this makes good sense and I am certainly no financial genius because if I were,  I would never need to use a credit card in the first place, if I know how to be responsible with debt why doesn't  our government? I can't drive, I am handicapped, and can not  but let me ask you something, if your car was out of control hopelessly heading for a cliff with a drop so deep that you knew you would die if your car went over that cliff while you were in it, wouldn't you at least try to put on the brakes to slow down or turn around and change direction, and if all else failed as a last resort wouldn't you try to roll out of the car before it went headlong over the cliff?
  Well,  the nations economy,  is the car,  budget cuts along with responsible spending,  are the brakes, continually adding to the nation's nearly sixteen trillion dollar debt,  is the accelerator, and total economic collapse,  is the cliff. and it sure seems to me that  President Obama, and countries like Greece along with France;s new  Socialist President Francois Hollande, are all in a race, with the accelerator of debt pushed clear to the floor trying to see who will go over the cliff of economic collapse first.! I hope on election day this November,  a majority of the American,  people will vote for a more conservative responsible government that will be like a shout that will say in affect, WOULD SOMEBODY  PLEASE, PUT ON THE BRAKES! I hope that is the cry that goes up and is heard  in November, because if it isn't   I don't think America,  will even be able to try to roll out of our nations economic car before it goes over the cliff of economic collapse and America,  as a nation  plunges  to her death of non existence. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Friend You Can Count On.

  I recently, went to the movies, and after I took out a loan to pay for the tickets pop and pop corn my family and I enjoyed a day at the movies. I like action movies where the good guys whip up on the bad guys and good triumphs over evil and the hero saves the world and gets the girl and generally just saves the day.
  I have noticed something over the years however even in the movies sometimes it's hard to know who the good guys are times have changed and they don't always wear the white hats. I could say as much about the good guys in the real world too. Politicians promise everything seldom deliver anything it seems to cost the American people everything and usually accomplishes nothing. More than one politician has claimed to be one of the good guys only to turn out to be corrupt hiding behind a fake facade. Sometimes it's hard to know in this crazy world we live in if there is any one you can always count on.
  As a Christian, I'm happy to assure you that there  is. There is an old hymn Christians,  sing in church and it brings a sine of peace to me when this world with all it's uncertainly,  causes me to feel uneasy or afraid, at that moment the words to this song come back to me and fill me with a sense of peace the words are these,  "When darkness hides his lovely face,  I rest on his unchanging grace,  when all around my soul gives way he then is all my hope and stay.' "On Christ, the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand,  all other ground is sinking sand." You see, as a Christian, I don't have to worry about what's going on in the world and I don't ever have to wonder who the good guys are because I know who is the rock of my  salvation and I place my trust in Jesus Christ,  I can assure  you once you place your faith and trust in him, he is a friend that will stick even closer than a brother to you. Jesus,  is my rock and as a Christian, I know he is the one friend I can always count on. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Left Holding The Bag.

  I was very glad to see in the news that because of the tremendous media coverage especially by the FOX News Channel,  the Tampa Florida Marine veteran dying of cancer finally,  received a refund for his 197 dollar ticket and CEO Ben Baldanza, donated 5000.00 dollars to the veteran's favorite charity the Wounded Warriors Project. I am pleased things turned out this way, it's a shame however that it takes pressure from the media to get an airline  to do the right thing.
  Spirit  Airlines, however, will  compensate themselves for this act of kindness. Beginning this fall,  if you show up at the gate with a carry on bag it will cost you 100.00 dollars to store it in the over head bins  unless, you prepaid a bag fee when you purchased your tickets. When you board the plane with your carry on bag if you have no cash they take credit cards I guess,  if you don't want to pay to store the bag in the over head bin  you could choose to put it on your lap if it will fit but I doubt Spirit Airlines, will let passengers do that  because well, you might say, that's just not their bag and they just can't leave you holding the bag! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, May 4, 2012

It's All In The Numbers Right?

  I will admit I have never been very gifted in the area of math. I have a friend however,  who is a genius in the mathematics field. He is so gifted that  NASA,  wanted him to work for them. My friend says, you can make numbers say,  almost anything you want them to it just depends on how the numbers are presented and which way the numbers are skewed. I was surprised to learn that in one area of math,  under certain circumstances,  two plus two doesn't equal four. The point is,  my buddy said,  you can make statistics say,  anything you want them to. I will admit, I never fully, trust our government when they give us the numbers on anything.
  I heard on the news today that the unemployment rate was now eight point one percent and that 115,000 jobs were added  across the nation for the month of April. That sounds real  good but wait a minute, over 500,00 people  have left the work force, last month. and if you add the folks who are underemployed or work on a part time basis some have suggested,  the true unemployment rate would  be closer to sixteen point seven percent. The point is, the government,  will always slant the numbers to their own particular political advantage. I have no doubt, all things being equal, that the unemployment rate will be under eight percent by election day in November. I believe this because the government,  can make the unemployment numbers say anything they want them to and all Obama has to do is have unemployment at seven point nine percent  by the middle of October, so he can say,  he finally has unemployment below eight percent.
  No matter what the real unemployment number is,  there is really,  only one number that is going to matter on election day, if more Americans,  like Obama's socialist approach to government if most Americans, have become  accustomed to the idea of a nanny state that gives you every thing for free  than Obama, will win reelection. I hope most Americans, will choose to work for what we want and  reestablish the idea of working for the American dream, this I feel falls under the pursuit of happiness phase  in the constitution. One thing is for sure,  if Obama, gets reelected and all things remain unchanged as far as his policies and philosophy of government are concerned then, in a very short time their will be no money for any one for any thing and the number of poor or elderly or disabled people we will be able to help will be very easy to keep track of because that number will be zero just like the letter O in Obama, As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In The Spirit Of Good Customer Service.

  You know,  I don't know anyone who goes to any place of business and says, "Boy! I really hope I get bad customer service today!" Let's face it folks,  we all want to be treated with respect and as a paying customer I think you have a reasonable expectation that if you pay money for a piece of merchandise or to receive some type of service and then through no fault of your own you can not use the service or merchandise you paid for well, most of us would expect or in some cases even demand a refund.
  There has been a popular story in the news lately talking about Spirit  Airlines. They  have a no  refund  policy with no exceptions. Apparently,  a Tampa,  customer was told by his doctor his cancer was terminal and he was told not to fly anywhere. The Tampa man a Marine veteran had already bought  a 197 dollar ticket to Jersey to be with his daughter who was to have surgery two weeks before he find out about his terminal condition. When the man asked if he might obtain a refund because of these unusual circumstances Spirit Airlines, showed more spite, than any kind of a charitable spirit and flatly refused to give this dying man a refund. You know, some folks, like to fly first class Spirit Airlines, has no class! Spirit Airlines, clings to their no refund policy by using  this slogan "Spirit Airlines,will not make those who follow the rules, pay for those who don't." I have a slogan for Spirit Airlines, in the form of a catchy poem. Some travel by car, Others by train some  would  seek to travel by Spirit Airlines, but they are such a pain some will like this poem and there will be those who don't, some, may travel using Spirit Airlines, but I for one just won't As always, my friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time For The Sizzle To Fizzle.

  Like most folks, my life can at times be a little boring. I find that it is easy to get stuck in a rut or ruled by routine. Many Americans, look for excitement. I suppose to some especially those who tend to lean liberal, it is only natural for them to want to  reelect President Obama,  after all,  he is the cool President. He has many rock star and other celebrity friends  like Oprah Winfrey,  or Sir Paul McCartney, Yes,  it's true the President , certainly hangs out with the cool crowd and the liberals just love him and he is very popular among the liberal elite. I must admit, it's easy to be popular when you promise those who vote for you that everything you will ever need will be provided by the government, no wonder the liberal press and the media and liberals,  in general, love Obama, so much he has promised to give everybody everywhere everything they could ever need for free at least free to those who pay no taxes anyway, that would be the forty nine percent of this country,  for those of you who are busy occupying Wall Street.
  I heard on the news recently, that Ohio Republican, Senator Rob Portman, doesn't think that he will be selected as Mitt Romney's choice for Vice President,  because well, he's kind of responsible and down to earth, and well, that;s kind of boring and if he was selected to be Mitt Romney's Vice President, well, his selection would bring no sizzle to the ticket. Well America, has had three years of Obama's cool  sizzling presidency, and so far all most of  the American,  people have got for voting for the sizzle President,  is five trillion dollars added to they debt they didn't need millions lost in failed so called green solar companies, added business regulations that are strangling small businesses, countless government scandals that reveal even more massive spending of taxpayers money, gas prices that are so high and so far out of this world that their practically in orbit, a housing market full of  houses no one can sell, a European,  economy on the verge of collapse a tender box in the middle east about to explode two entitlements that are bankrupt an immigration policy that is non existent and a heath care law that most  Americans,  don't  want! Yeah, I gotta say, that's some real sizzle right there! I think if America, keeps sizzling like that our whole economy and way of life will end up getting fried.
  The truth is if Americans,  choose to vote for Mitt Romney,  he will seem some what boring. Lets face it, it's boring to be responsible and cut  spending and balance the federal budget trim popular entitlements like food stamps Medicare and Social Security. I can be very popular at my house and life can be real exciting, if I run up my credit cards and buy  everything I think my family needs. Yeah, I'd be real popular for a while at least until the bills come in . I guess I could always declare bankruptcy and just let other hard working Americans, pay for my foolishness. As a Christian,  however, I was not raised to be that thoughtless and irresponsible so I guess some one else in our government can just keep being financially irresponsible. You might be asking, what America,  might get if most Americans, choose to vote for Mitt Romney,  on election day, the answer is America may have a chance at least for a future existence. I have had enough of the Obama, sizzle. I think it;s time for the Obama, sizzle to fizzle right on out! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Forward, To What?

  I heard on the news today,  what the new slogan is going to be for President Obama's reelection campaign. Gone are the past slogans of  Hope  And Change and  Yes  We Can. Obama's reelection campaign staff has settled on a simpler slogan of  Forward. My first reaction when I heard this new slogan was forward to what?
  When President Obama, took office in January of 2009 the nation's unemployment rate was just over seven percent now, three and a half years later the nation's unemployment rate stands at  eight point two percent in fact, unemployment has remained above eight percent for thirty eight months in a row now that is the longest period of time unemployment has remained so high since the days of the Great Depression. The nation's housing market now stands at at a fifteen year low as far as home sales are concerned. My house is now worth about fifteen percent less than what I bought it for just six years ago as far as resale value is concerned. When the President took office in January of 2009 approximately 21 million people were receiving food stamps now three years later that number has nearly doubled to 41 million. The nation's credit rating has been down graded  during Obama's watch. Gas,  was 2.70 a gallon in January of 2009 now in some places across this country you could pay anywhere from 4.50 to 6.00 depending on where you happen to be or be traveling to. Many small businesses if they are still open are struggling to survive under the massive regulations put into place as a result  of the passage of  Dodd,  Frank. this legislation is supposed to protect  consumers from being over charged by banks as far as interest rates on credit cards are concerned and it's supposed to guard against big business fraud, The only thing Dodd Frank seems to be doing is making it nearly impossible for a small business to make a profit. You know it;s funny, I don't see much forward progress here in fact the only direction America, seems to be going as far as the nation's over all economy is concerned is backwards. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.