Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'll Be Home For Christmas.

    One of my favorite songs during the holiday season has always been I'll Be Home For Christmas. This year I find that it has an even deeper meaning to me.Somewhere, in a dark no doubt dirty cell in Mexico,sits a lonely former Marine Jon Hammar.He is guilty of nothing except being an American bringing a gun that was given to him by his grandfather, into Mexico,  a gun he personally registered when he entered Mexico.Due to supposedly a clerical mistake the gun was measured incorrectly and therefore the Mexican government threw former US Marine Jon Hammar,  in jail he has been there since August.Despite the valiant efforts of his parents at this moment Jon Hammar,  remains in jail in Mexico and although efforts are finally  being made to gain his release, I find my self asking, why has it taken this long?
    Here is a man who served  bravely in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been awarded a purple heart for his outstanding courage in the line of duty and he sits in a Mexican jail on trumped up charges and his parents literally have to beg the American Consulate,  to help them. Obama, should have sought Hammar's immediate release. I find it impossible to believe that the American Consulate,  did not inform him of Hammer's plight before now. There is something else I find very strange the Obama administration, at times exhibits what one might call a selective ignorance as well as a  selective impotence when it suits their political purpose.Obama, was so filled with charisma and personal charm when he was running for President in 2008 indeed, when he spoke crowds were spell bound and he even boasted that he could slow the rise of the oceans that is of course,  after he finished walking on the water first! Obama,  was to be the new Messiah,  yet for years later,  he seemingly knows nothing about what went on  in operation Fast and Furious, in the latest report on the tragedy of Benghazi, the report acknowledges mistakes were made but no one seems to know just who made them now John Hammar's parents,  seek help from the leaders in government and once again Obama and Hilary Clinton,  are selectively ignorant of the situation and the entire Obama administration clams to be powerless when it comes to dealing with the Mexican government this demonstrates politically speaking, a selective impotence on the part of the Obama, administration.I say this because thus far the American Consulate,  is telling John Hammar's parents there is nothing more  they can do.
    I suspect that now that public pressure is being applied that Obama, will now get involved and behind the scenes as it were will seek to have Hammar,  released but it's a shame that it has taken four months to get to this point and if Hammar,  does get released and thus, makes it home for Christmas,it may only be because Obama,  doesn't  want to look bad in the eyes of his adoring liberal public. I hope and pray that I am right about this because if I'm not, the only way former US Marine Jon Hammar,  will home for Christmas, will be only in his dreams. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Law Is One Thing, Morality, Is Quite Another.

    I recently received an important email  from the Christian school that my daughter attends.The email stated that due to the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, new school security measures would go into immediate affect. The new measures were as follows; all doors to the school will remain locked until the end of the school day anyone  coming to the school before the normal pick up time must ring a special door bell system and then wait to be greeted and each person must show a photo ID and state their  reason for being at the school before they will be allowed to enter.The school is also installing surveillance cameras.When I first read the email I thought to my self what other security changes will all schools have to make as a result of the horrible tragedy at Newtown Connecticut? Will parents have to pass through metal detectors as the public does when one goes to an airport? Should schools hire armed security guards? At this very moment Present Obama,  is appointing a special panel to try to determine what steps can be taken to  insure that needless massacres like Newtown never happen again.I have no doubt that some new legislation will be proposed that will make the acquisition of of any kind of gun a lot more difficult and to be sure some guns will be outlawed altogether. As important as security measures such as these may be they may help but they will not entirely solve the problem of the out break of violence in American society.
    I have often heard it said, one can not legislate morality. I would submit that many of a nations laws do nothing to change morality the only serve to keep those who would choose to be immoral in check. To change a society's  morality, one must change a society's moral values. I noticed in the mist of the horrific tragedy of Newtown there were stories of teachers praying while hiding in closets. How ironic that prayer in school has been all but outlawed  for the past forty years.I am not suggesting that having prayer in school would in anyway have prevented the tragedy at Newtown, but I am suggesting it may teach a society that that there are far better ways to deal with a person's personal   frustration issues besides grabbing a gun and creating a needless blood bath.The Ten Commandments are forbidden to be placed on the walls of the nations schools.To me one thing is clear separation of church and state does not and should not mean separation of God, from American society. Charles Carroll, is perhaps one of the lesser known signers of the Declaration of Independence but he expressed his thoughts on morality in government as follows;"Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who decry the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure and which insures the good eternal happiness, are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments." Secular liberal progressives in this nation boast that reason not religious traditions or principals are what truly advances a modern society but if tragedies like the one at Newtoun Connecticut,  are an example of such progress in American society I  choose to back to the old fashioned Christian principals this nation was founded on all I know is this sixty years ago one did not even have to lock there doors in most cities or neighborhoods now children are afraid to go to school. I do not know if America has the moral will to put God and the Bible and the true principals of the constitution, back in the class room but I for one will continue to pray that America as a nation may find it. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Lesson From Newtown.

    As I watched the the news  four days ago and I along with millions of others, saw the horrific tragedy that occurred in Newtown Connecticut unfold, I must tell you,  even though I am a Christian,  who loves and tries his best to obey God and live my life in accordance to his will, I found myself virtually unable to understand what good could come from such a terrible act of pure evil. I confess, I am still seeking the answer to that question and I do not know, if I will ever find it. Lately, I find my self hugging my daughter Cassandra, for know particular reason and telling her over and over again how much I love her. At night some times, I sit by her bed just to watch her sleep. Suddenly, the words I love you daddy, are the sweetest words I've ever heard.Suddenly, I find I don't care if my daughter wants pizza at every meal because I'm just glad she is there at the table with me to eat it.It suddenly seems like a wonderful idea, to stop what ever I may be doing and be part of whatever my daughter may be doing even if that means getting my nails painted pink that seems a small price to pay to see my daughter smile.I find that I want nothing for Christmas,  accept the blessing of hearing her joyful contagious laughter forever.
    The truth is,  maybe now for the first time I realize, just how much I love my daughter and just how often I allow my self to get busy doing nothing that really matters and in a sense push her aside and take her unconditional love for granted that I assure you is one mistake I will never make again.I now realize that the blessing of my daughters love that I in my pathetic ignorance so often take for granted could in an instant be only a memory.I know that no matter how much time may pass, the people living in Newtown Connecticut, will never be the same and 20 parents will never hear the laughter of there children again until they see them in Heaven. Perhaps if I have learned that My daughter and her constant love for me is the greatest blessing God,  could ever give to me and nothing I could ever own will be worth  just one hug from her and nothing I may have to do will ever be more important than hearing what my daughter did each day then perhaps, some good can come from the lesson  I've learned from Newtown.. God,  help me to always remember how precious all life is and strive to be the best father I can be to my precious daughter.As always, my friends, these thoughts  remain, just some words, to think on.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting Ready To Do Without.

    Last night,  my wife and I were sitting around our kitchen table. Like many others in this country right now we found ourselves wondering what 2013 will be like economically speaking,  if no deal is achieved between the House and the Senate and as a result the nation is plunged into economic free fall.I suggested to my wife that perhaps we had better get ready to do without and learn to live on less since I was pretty sure her take home pay would be less than we were accustomed to if all the tax increases go into immediate affect the morning of January 1, 2013.She asked me how we could do this since that was what we were supposedly doing now. I told her I didn't know but we should probably start by cutting our budget right now so we could be used to what our life could be like at the first of the year.My wife and I decided that we would cut back to just two meals a day and the money we would have spent on that meal to go into our new emergency savings fund. My daughter Cassandra, will continue to eat all three meals because the Christian school she is blessed to attend provides a lunch for her.
    One wonders,  if Obama,  will ever consider the possibility that perhaps,  it is time to make some real spending cuts in the nation's budget especially in the area of entitlements.This would be the responsible course of action to take but thus far it seems, Obama, is rather allergic to being  responsible and sometimes considering the nation's debt is so so much more then even  Obama,  has the ability to count, perhaps that's why he accepts no accountability for it! Ben Bernanke, has already said he is now prepared to print money at the rate of 85 billion dollars a month while keeping interest rates at near record lows until such time as unemployment drops to 7.7 percent  or better.I can not say if  measures like these will cause a drop in the nation's unemployment rate to the desired 7.7 percent or not but one can be assured measures like these will indeed cause the worth of the American dollar to drop the the very point of collapse.
    As I compose these words and consider the economic future of all who may read them,I confess there are times when as a writer I wonder if the words of any one man can make any real difference as far as the the future of this nation is concerned. There are those days in fact when I am tempted to give up and willingly,  surrender the future of this country into  the hands of the ever ready lunatic liberals but right when I consider doing just that I look into the eyes of my beautiful daughter and my heart beats with new purpose and I remember these words from Everette Hale,  he said the following;"I am only one but I am one.I can not do everything but I can do something.What I can do, I should do and with the help of God, I will do." Based on these words then, I shall continue to write so others stronger and wiser  than I can find the courage to  continue to fight for the future of this nation and if there are those fellow patriots who ask for a greater inspiration than my words alone I would suggest, that they need only look into the eyes of there hope filled children, and this should provide all the the inspiration any true patriot,  could ever need to continue to fight. As always, my friends, these thoughts, remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

America Bashing, I'm Tired Of It!

    I grew up during the seventies. Disco,  was all the rage then and I can still remember the dark brown  seventies leisure suit I had and those silk shirts that no guy I knew could ever seem to manage to keep buttoned up. I suppose that was so one could show off some kind of gold chain or some other piece of outlandish jewelry. Yes,  I remember Disco but it was the music of the fifties and early sixties that I enjoyed my sister was eight years older than I was and they were her records. I still enjoy Elvis and the Beatles Chuck Berry,  I have to admit  to you though I am not a fan of much of today's music. I have noticed a growing trend in popular music today. It seems to be the latest craze for some rising star in the music industry to gain fame and notoriety in America,  and then once someone has this fame and notoriety then they use it to bash America. As I see it,  if an artist is willing to take America's  cash then they should shut up and sing and they shouldn't bash the country that feeds them.
    I have seen the media coverage of this so called music artist Psy.This pathetic excuse for a human being in one since owes his possible existence to America.He was able to grow up in South Korea, if it wasn't for many brave Americans,  at the close of 1953 there wouldn't even be a South Korea, your welcome Psy! Yet this same idiot has the nerve to stand in in South Korea in 2004 and because he thinks it's popular and hip to be against the war in Iraq that America was waging then, he writes a song bashing America, and regarding American soldiers, the lyrics to Psy's song went something like this, "Kill the Yankees kill them all slowly and painfully, kill their daughter's and their mothers and their mothers in law kill them all slowly and painfully kill them all.  Now that Psy,  has become famous and rich from taking America's money he wanted the prestige that comes from sing in front of the President so Psy ponied up an apology. He said he has learned the power that words can have and he is sorry if his words of protest in 2004 against the war in Iraq were misinterpreted. Can some one please tell me how some one misinterprets lyrics like kill their daughters and their mothers and mothers in law kill them all slowly and painfully kill them all? I t seems to me one would have to be pretty dense to misinterpret lyrics such as these.
    You know sometimes, I think the Libertarians may be right maybe America, should just pull out all of her troops all over the world and maybe America, should just tend to her affairs at home and just let the rest of the world fend for themselves Maybe the next time there is a natural disaster in Haiti or Japan, maybe Americans,  should just just stay home after all I didn't see other countries helping America when Katrina hit New Orleans or Sandy,  Hit New York And New Jersey and much if not most,  of the east coast.Americans,  won't do this however, because that's not who we are as a nation. I an not always proud of my country's president but I am Always proud to be an American. To all the Hollywood liberals and particular those in the movie and music industry I would say this if  you built your career here and you took  our American money shut your mouth or give the money back because I find your bashing of America,  anything,  but funny.As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

American Affluence A Portrait Of Vanity.

    Christmas, is always a busy time of year. I admit I look forward to almost  every aspect of Christmas,  with the possible exception of  shopping. I must admit to you shopping to me is a form of personal torture. I don't like shopping most of the time because I already know before I even go shopping that I can't afford most of the things I might like to buy so to me there is no sense at looking at a bunch of things I can't have. My wife on the other hand can window shop for hours and when I am forced, I mean , have the privilege of going shopping with my wife it's a joy in fact when I go shopping with my wife what can I say,she seems to make time stand still either that or my watched stopped or maybe it's supposed to take three hours to go to five stores look at ten dresses and then go back to the first store and buy the first dress that she saw at the first store.
    I have noticed something strange during the holiday season. In spite of all the talk of the nation's national debt and the devastating peril of the pending fiscal cliff of certain tax increases the country could face on the first of January of 2013 people seem to be spending money like crazy. Some of the nation's bigger department stores,  are cranking up the holiday music because sales studies show louder Christmas music induces warm feelings and as a result customers buy more.Some stores are giving out free samples of scotch because sales studies show that it lowers customers spending restraints because it makes them feel relaxed and thus they will spend more than they usually would.There is another trend I have noticed customers don't want just one of anything here is what I mean. Customers,  seem to be saying why buy just one big screen TV when I really need one for every room. One girl cried because she didn't have the latest version of an i pad and it seems she really needed to get it after all shew had had her current i pad two whole months! One person's whole word was coming to and end because someone before her had just purchased the last pink carrying case for her ipod my goodness, what a terrible tragedy.
  Some times, I think Americans,  need to step back from there petty affluence. Think about it do we really need all the things we we think we do? I can still remember when I didn't have a cell phone or a computer or a TV never mind not having the newest versions of all three and I have lived to tell about it. Funny,  how our grandparents never had these things and they did just fine.
    Solomon, said in Ecclesiastes,1:2 that such a desire for constant acquiring of new things an exercise in futility he expressed his thoughts on the matter with these words, "Vanity of vanities saith the preacher, vanity of vanities all is vanity. All I know for certain is it is one thing to get to give to others but it;s quite another to get just for the sake of gain for that type of compulsion is the essence of vanity As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Doing Unto Others.

    Most  people no doubt have heard of the golden rule. The concept of the golden rule is found in the Bible,  in the book of Matthew chapter seven verse twelve. The passage reads as follows' "Therefore all things, whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." As I consider the meaning of this verse and the biblical principal it teaches, I wondered why Jesus,  said that  this basic principal sums up all the law and the prophets and I now believe I just may know why. Even in the modern world of today the concept of the golden rule still can be seen in many aspects of American society. Here are some examples. In the area of business the first rule of good customer service is for any business to treat their customers as they would like to be treated. America's  judicial system is set up on the premise that everyone has certain rights and there fore every Americans,  can be assured they will be treated fairly and equally under the law. the concept of fairness is a direct link to doing unto others as others would have done unto them. In the area of medicine Doctors, take what is called the Hippocratic oath which basically says first and above all do no harm. Why because all life is precious and doctors are taught to treat anyone who may need medical treatment and each person is to receive the quality of care, Thus,  the idea that all doctors should treat anyone who may need medical treatment with equal caution and equal care is indeed a link to one doing unto others as one  would have others do unto them.In the area of education America has the belief that anyone who wishes to be educated should have the chance  to go to school and receive an education. Thus the concept that no one should be forced to remain ignorant is a gain a direct link to doing unto others as others would have done unto them.
    I have found that the truth affect of doing unto others as others would have done unto them is demonstrated again and again in everyday living in American society. Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace and good will towards men. A time to remember that all life is precious and all life has worth and the idea that all mankind should be treated with good will, you guessed is once again another way of doing unto others as others would have done unto them. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Gift Of No!

    I am constantly amazed every year at Christmas time,  just how expensive the toys are that kids are asking their parents to buy for them.I have noticed, that the gifts children ask for most,  are the ones one will find in the electronics department at any nationally known retail department store. I have also noticed that anything that one buys in the electronics department is anything but affordable.This year my daughter Cassandra,  wants an iPod. My wife and I,  have known of this request from my daughter for about four months now. I have saved up enough money to be able to buy this electronic must have for her.In addition to the iPod Cassandra,  wanted several other games for her various electronic devices. I told her I would get her one game for her Nintendo 3DS. When she asked why she couldn't have more I explained,  I could only get her one game for the 3DS if their were going to be any apps for her iPod.. She finally understood and said to me, "Well dad, I guess you can't have everything." I told her she was right and because I loved her sometimes,  I had to say no to some of the things she might want. I told her,  that was a good lesson for her to learn now while she was young because she would soon learn that very often in life,  one does not always get every thing they might want not even for Christmas.
    Sometimes, the greatest gift a parent can give their children is the gift of NO!! Any good parent,  knows that there are times when a child must hear the word no and I would submit to any parent,  who may read this blog that if their children have never received the gift of no from them from time to time one could argue that they don't truly love their children. No child,  should get everything they want all the time especially if one wants to be able to be around them when they become adults.
    America, seems to have her share of spoiled children who have never really grown into adulthood. For many in this nation today, government,  has become the all to permissive parent. Who seems to all too willing to provide nearly anything many spoiled Americans,  might want and many times, these children don't even have to work for any of the things they receive from big daddy government and they don't even have to ask nicely. One may have heard the phase, I think therefore, I am well, these spoiled children say I breathe therefore I need and government shall provide and please and thank you may be nice but it should not be required since I live in America and am automatically entitled to whatever,  I need and big daddy government, should just give it to me. You know, sometimes,  think if big daddy  government, wanted to really show this nation's  spoiled children,  how much he truly cared about them government would give  the spoiled children in this county the resounding gift of the word NO!! and say  instead, my  spoiled children, don't be a slob first, get a life and then get a JOB!!!  As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Is America, Still One Nation Under God?

    My father,  fought in World War Two sadly, he passed away four years ago after losing a long battle with cancer. I can still remember some of the stories he told me concerning his experiences in WWII. One day I was curious so I ask my dad if he remembered just where he was when he first heard that Japan,  had attacked Peal Harbor. As one might imagine my dad,  remembered exactly where he was. He was sitting in his one room school house and everyone was intently listening to the radio.As the teacher and students listened, President Roosevelt said   those now immortal words about Pearl Harbor, being a day that would live in infamy. At the request of his mother he waited until he graduated from high school before he enlisted in the Navy. My dad was always proud to say he had fought for his country because he believed in everything he thought America stood for.
    In 1954 President Eisenhower, had the words under God,  added to the pledge of allegiance. He did this to offer thanks to God,  for helping America,  win WWII. I must confess however, sometimes, I wonder if Eisenhower,  or my dad would even recognize America today. I wonder if America, is still one nation under God. Here is what I mean. Let's consider the words one nation technically America,  is still one nation I suppose but morally and culturally speaking she has never been more divided.while there are still some, who adhere to traditional values in this country  an ever increasing number of progressive liberals seek to abolish traditional values in America,  in favor of a  more secular culture similar to Europe. One can hardly mention God, in any kind of a public setting. The very act of praying is all but forbidden in any type of public forum. If one should doubt this,I would challenge them to attempt to pray before a class in a public school. I would challenge any graduate to mention God,  in their valedictorian speech. Indeed prayer and the Bible,  were basically removed from the public school system in 1962. Abortion,  has been legal since 73 and that law has led to the murder of over 70 million unborn babies. Gay marriage,  is legal in several states now. and the whole definition of what a family is now is totally,  unclear.and smoking marijuana,  is legal in Colorado and Washington State and and it can be smoked for medical reasons in California and any reason given can be considered a medical reason. Obama care,  threatens the elderly, if a board of strangers  decides,  it's just two expensive to them alive. Finally,  you can't even call a Christmas tree,  a Christmas tree The liberal progressives want to keep Christ out  of of Christmas and the seek to kick God,  out of this nation. The said truth may be that God,  has already left. America, still a nation under God? I don't know my dad would not recognize the nation today. Sometimes, I think if America,  is a nation under God, it is in name only. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Can Real Values, Be Bought?

    I have noticed,  an all too  familiar and reoccurring phenomenon at my house. No matter what I do it seems that often,  everything in my house breaks down at the same time. I'll just bet,  that I'm not the only one who has this problem. Even now as I write this blog, I can think of five things that need to be fixed or replaced in my home but right at the moment, there just isn't any extra money to fix everything. My wife has a light out on her car dash board and to replace the light the entire ash board will need to be replaced at a cost of a mere 300.00 dollars. My computer table the part that you put your computer key board on  is literally being held together by fishing wire and that's because I don't have 200.00 dollars right now for a new computer table. My family and I has a light up fire place that we use at Christmas time  for a Christmas,  decoration two days ago, the light bulb burned out and the part can't be replaced. A new fire place decoration will cost at least 150.00 and that's if it's on sale. The speakers in my surround sound system are broke and need replaced but I don't have the 600.00 dollars need to replace them. Finally my recliner doesn't want to recline and is being held together by some strategically hammered nails. I could use a new one but I don't think I have an extra  450 to 600 dollars for a new one so these things will have to wait until  my next tax refund. I wonder if I asked the government to just bail me out and send a check for 3000.00 dollars to replace all of my broken things does any one that may read these words,really think that Obama,  would tell the US Treasury, to send me a check? Yeah me either.
    I realize,  that politics and corruption go together like peanut butter and jelly pork and beans  or a just washed car and a rainy day.Be that as it may When I heard Detroit Councilwoman Jo Ann Watson,  bluntly admit without the least bit of political innuendo that she fully expected Obama to bail out the nearly bankrupt city of Detroit, because in her words, her people,  helped Obama get reelected. I was amazed that she felt comfortable enough to be that frank and honest on camera. I suppose what I'm really wondering is is every politicians values bought and paid for? Are there any politicians left that do what they do for the good of the country and not because it happens to be politically convenient for themselves? I hate to say this but as I see it there is little wonder why some  people often think of  lawyers preachers politicians and prostitutes all in the same way because at seems at times that those who practice these professions will do anything for money. What this country needs to paraphrase a popular movie is a few good men and women. The only problem is I'm just not at all sure there are any left. As always, my friends these thoughts   remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freedom Is A Personal Responsibility.

    The media has given a great deal of coverage to the Jovan Belcher, tragedy. There is no doubt this was indeed a needless tragedy.I feel an enormous since of pity and grief for Jovan Belcher's little girl who now will face life without parents and all she  will ever know about them is what others can tell her or what she can learn on her own. I can't help but wonder if this orphaned child,  will ever by old enough to deal with the way her parents died
    As one might imagine, proponents of gun control sports caster Bob Costas, among them,  have used this latest tragic event to push for tighter gun restrictions. While I'll admit guns are used to commit many needless acts of murder and mayhem  if one believes creating a law forbidding the personal possession  of guns would solve all the problems.related to violence, I would submit this is a false premise. Let me see,  if I can further illustrate my point. Alcohol,  has the potential to kill someone if a person gets behind the wheel of a car therefore should one reinstate prohibition? It didn't work in the twenty's and it wouldn't work now. The reason it won't work is because if people want to drink they will find a way to do it  and therefore prohibition,  won't stop the abuse of alcohol. Laws,  restrain behavior but they don't necessarily change human behavior. Knives,  can be used to kill some one . Should there be a law banning the use of all knives? A baseball  bat, used effectively and with enough force can most definitely,  kill someone. Should there be a law banning the possession of baseball bats? Perhaps,  one should just ban baseball. The bottom line is this if someone wants to kill some one they will find a way to do it.Even if one could ban everything that could be used to kill someone people would think of something new that could be used to kill someone.
   As tragic as the circumstances surrounding the death of Jovan Belcher,  and his girl friend may be banning guns,  won't stop deliberate acts of murder. All banning guns will do is just give the government one more excuse to take a way a persons basic right to bear arms and thus protect themselves.Guns,  are not directly responsible for the death of anyone. The irresponsible use of guns by those who have guns potentially could lead to the death of everyone. I refuse to let the government decide which law abiding citizens,  may and may not own a gun. It is the job of every American,  to act responsibly when it comes to the use  of guns.Thomas Paine,  said it this way;" Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must like men undergo the fatigue of supporting it." I realize the careless use of guns often have terrible results but so too is the terrible loss of one's personal freedom to to protect oneself and I for one refuse to let the government decide what freedoms Americans, may or may not have because when government can do that go ahead and change the name of this country because one thing is sure one won't be able to call this country America, any more. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Boehner's Last Stand.

    At fifty two, I have lived long enough to know that there are specific times that arrive in every one's life that are what I call make or break moments.Moments like these,  are so monumental because definitely define a person's character and thus, determine to a great existent how they will be perceived by others often for the rest of their life. I believe that just such a moment now presents itself to House Speaker John Boehner. Though I can not say,  what Boehner, will do when he sits down to negotiate a compromise with the democratically controlled Senate, he will be attempting  to avoid what is certain to be a disastrous  cliff that will with out a doubt,  plunge the nation's economy into  a devastating recession unless a deal can be achieved before January one of 2013. I can tell you, what I would do and hope,  he does. The truth is Boehner, has no easy option here, but, if I were Boehner,  I would choose to stand my ground and offer no concessions to the Senate Democrats,  are far as tax rate increases are concerned.  If that means taking Americans,  over the economic cliff then so be it. I take this position for one reason, if Boehner, caves to the Senate Democrats now, his influence as Speaker of the House,  will be gone forever.Since Boehner,  is going to pay a political price no mater what decision he makes with the Senate. I would hope that he would chose to stand on the principal of no tax rate increases. If conservatives,  truly believe there  should be no increase in taxes on anyone right now,  they should be willing to stand with him even if that means going over the cliff If I were Boehner, I would rather think that I stood on principal  as opposed to folding like a cheap suit and as a result  basically gave the future of this nation away to Obama,  and the Democrats. Sometimes, one has no choice but to stand for something because if one chooses not to,  I'm afraid their existence has made no real difference and thus  some,  would argue their life has meant basically nothing!Boehner must fight to retain congressional power he must not surrender congresses;s ability to hold Obama accountable where his part of the nation's debt is concerned. Obama,  is no king he is at times however,  a royal pain in the neck!
    Ben Franklin,  knew that maintaining liberty and freedom always came with a price when it came to liberty and freedom he said the following;" They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty."Therefore,  I believe,  any  temporary safety weakness on the part of Boehner, may buy would short lived and would most certainly,  destroy  the future  of this nation in the long run. This one thing is certain,  this  budget deal with Obama, and the Senate,  is a defining moment in the political life of Speaker Boehner. and if he doesn't handle this decision correctly, it will most certainly be his last stand.  His credibility as a leader,  will be gone and what is really frightening is this could very well be America's last stand as well. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where Is The Moral Will?

It has been said, that it is often, easier to curse the darkness, rather than, to light a candle. I am afraid that I would have to confess, that many times, I have found this to be true, for all to often, I have approached the ills of American society, with this cynical philosophy and attitude in general. I would also submit to you that even now,  I am aware of some,  who could indeed,  spend hours telling anyone who has time to listen, what's wrong with just about anything no matter what the topic or subject may be. Those who may be listening,  need not worry if a particular topic is overlooked or hasn't yet been addressed to date because all that means, is the would be complainer,  just hasn't thought of that topic yet! Ben Franklin, also encountered those with this same cynical attitude and he expressed how he felt about them with these words, "Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." While it is important to be made a ware of certain societal problems in America,  today, once one is aware of  the problem what ever, it may be, then, one must decide what one is willing to do about it.
    The story is told, of a young pastor who was standing in the parking lot of his church discussing with a seasoned more experienced pastor,  various aspects of his Sunday morning sermon,  that he had just delivered to his congregation. The young pastor said,"I just don't understand it, I preached my heart out! There is so much wrong in America,  today but where is the out rage? Why aren't Christians, protesting and marching in streets demanding this nation turn back to God?" Upon hearing this earnest  question from the young pastor, the older pastor asked, How many people will your church hold the young pastor bragged and said he had been blessed,  because his church could seat well over a thousand people.The older pastor then asked, "How many were just in your Sunday morning service  today?" The young pastor replied, " Sadly, only about three hundred." " There is the problem the older pastor said," One will never see Christians,  marching in the streets, if one does not first,  see them in the church seats." I believe there is a great deal of truth said by that older pastor.
    The Bible, talks about the days of Noah,  just before the flood. In Genesis, 6:3 God,  looks at the world and the moral condition of man and says his spirit shall not always strive with man and indeed, God's patience with man came to an end 120 years later and I think that was only because it took that long for Noah to build the ark  once this was done , the bible says, God, closed the door of the ark and the flood came and destroyed all who lived on the land. I am afraid that God's patience as far as waiting for America to turn back to him, is swiftly,  running out and about to come to an end. If Christians, wish for America,  to experience a true revival, they must realize it will never happen in the streets, until it happens first, in the hearts of Christians,  everywhere all across this nation. One can only pray that such a revival could begin today while there may yet be time to save this nation but time is indeed short, and fate, is indeed sure, if revival in America, comes to late. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Patience, Is Still A Virtue.

    Someone,  has said, that patience,  is a virtue but time,  is a commodity.Sometimes,  I think Americans, have been spoiled to some extent.I believe this premise has been demonstrated, if one considers,  the results of the recent presidential election. Americans,  have clearly grown impatient. No longer are many in America,  willing to wait and work for their success or happiness as it were. Instead,  many in this country right now,  all but demand and expect the government to provide their success and happiness for them and  those who feel this way usually, are not into waiting for it in fact,  anytime, in the next thirty seconds would be fine with most of  them. I would remind those in this country, who fell this way, of these words from Ben Franklin, he said the following;" The Constitution, only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You  have to catch it yourself." Let's face it pursuing one's happiness often takes a bit of time and patience and hard work to obtain but many in this country have no interest in waiting or working for their happiness especially when the government promises to give them their happiness right now!
    Whenever,  I think of the need for patience, I am reminded of this prayer prayed by a sincere but impatient Christian, their prayer was as follows" Lord give me patience, and give it to me right now!"Such,  is the patience of many,  in this country today. Their prayer, no doubt sincere,   is sincerely misguided. As a Christian, I find that I too must pray to God, and ask him to teach me to be one who knows the virtue of having patience. I am reminded of these words in Bible, from the book of Isaiah, 40:31 the passage reads as follow; " But they that wait upon the lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint."
    As a Christian,I can not know what will happen in the next four years. I like many in this country, can only imagine what the next four years will be like. I suppose all  all can do is pray for America, and be patient for these next four years.I am confident of one thing however, patience, is still a virtue and virtue,  is certainly one thing this nation, could use a great deal more of. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.