Thursday, December 22, 2011

When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best.

  Well I gotta tell ya, I was truly touched when I heard that former President Jimmy Carter, called Kim Jong-Il's family and expressed his deepest condolences. I 'll tell you right now the fact that President Carter, called Kim Jong-Il's family,  makes me ill! Here is a former President, sending his condolences, to a family,  for the death of a man who has been responsible for the death of thousands of  his own people. I wonder if President Carter,  bothered to send his personal condolences to the thousands of  families missing one or more members because Kim Jong -Il ordered their demise. If  President Carter,  considers Kim Jong -Il,  to be his friend,  I believe I could find better friends. President Carter,  prides himself as a man who fights for human rights, He has done a lot of good  working with Habitat for Humanity. Can anybody tell me the last time anyone under a communist regime ever had any human rights? Just what is so humane about a a cruel Communist dictator like Kim Jong-Il,  killing  thousands of his own people? President Carter,  can't possibly be unaware of  this. Communism, is the reason we have a North  and South Korea, in the first place no one really won that coflict Korea,  just got divided in half  at the end of the Korean War which never really ended a cease fire was declared July 27,  1953,  the dividing line was the 38th parallel. South Korea, is free and protected from China and North Korea,  by US troops.Those of you who enjoyed MASH it was a great show but it did not deal very much with the actual history of this forgotten war. North Korea,  remains under the Communist rule.
  God will have to judge Kim Jong -Il  for as much as I might like to that right is his alone. They say you can learn a lot about a man when you find out who his friends are. All I can say is I think If  I were President Carter, I would choose better friends. A man is known by the company he keeps. I think President Carter,  the one time peanut farmer, should realize, that calling a man like Kim Jong-Il or his family, your friend,  is just plain nuts! as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Enough With The Endless Game Of Chicken!

  I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty sick and tired over the House, and the Senate, choosing to settle policy disagreements by playing endless games of chicken. Those of you who may not know how a game of chicken is played,  it usually involves two cars and  a cliff. the winner is the car that goes the longest without hitting the brakes and turnning or swerving at the last possible minute to avoid the cliff. Some who have played this game, never lived to brag about it!
  Right now,  the House,  and Senate,  are playing a game of political chicken with the federal payroll tax holiday. The Senate,  has left for the Christmas holiday content to offer only a two month fix to the payroll situation. The House, wants a full year so they don't have to deal with this issue again in two months. The House,  has threatened to not sign  the payroll tax exstension bill, in it's present form, and if they  don't and the Senate does not come back before the end of the year then every tax payer's paycheck will loose money and that prospect makes both political parties look bad, so each party is playing political chicken to see which party,  will give in and swerve, to avoid the political cliff. What both sides fail to realize is the American people and the nations economy are riding in the back of both cars,no matter who wins this particular game of political chicken, I still have to ask this question. What happens,  when both sides are playing chicken with the nation's economy and our national debt, and both sides politcal cars brakes fail and America's economy plunges off  the cliff of everlasting obscureity?
  When I consider the basic sense of wisdom that is sorely lacking it seems,  in Washington these days, I am remined of this quote from Galileo Galilei, who lived from 1564 to 1642. The quote, is as follows;"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who endowed us with sense and reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use." I call for a return,  to reason,  an intellect,  in our government. Oh wait a minute, we are talking about those leaders in W ashington right? as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Incompetence Is Color Blind.

  When you are born with a birth defect and as a result grow up to be someone that must cope with a handicap,  it doesn't take very long at all,  before you soon realize,  you are different from many others. I found as I was growing up , not only did I have to deal with the way I walked and all the things I could not do, I also had to deal with others perception of me,  and how I was treated because of  my handicap. My father,  gave me some great advice that I still live by. He said this "Son, it's no secret your different than some, and because of  your handicap you will be rejected or pitied by many.'You must live your life in such a way and turn that around. When I asked him how I could do this , he said this, Work harder than most at anything you do,  ask for no favors from any one while your doing it. Then, he said this,  "Should you find you need help don't be too proud to ask for it, but,  if  you don't need help prove it! I set out that day, to do just that. My first real job was a bag boy at a local grocery store. the hours were long and I had  to wear special shoes, but,  I never complained even when some of  my coworkers said 'Isn't it  nice,  they let people like him work here.' They weren't saying that at the end of the summer when the stores customers from all seven stores voted for me as the grocery  stores,  best bag boy  Because of   top rate  customer service. I received a big raise and a partial scholarship for college. Though I knew, there would always be those, who felt I won the prize because of my handicap I knew better and so did the stores top management.
  Today, I hear on the news that Attorney General Eric Holder, blames racism for the call by many in the House ninety six I believe, that suggest, Attorney  Holder should resign,  because of  the irresponsible way the gun  operation Fast and Furious was handled or not handled  as the case may be. Let me say this right now, as a person who has experienced discrimination at various times in my life, I despise racial discrimination on any level and there is no  excuse for it! I will also say this however,  no one should be allowed to remain in a job just because of their ethnic origin,  social class, or financial status,  Attorney Holder,  should be judged on the merits of his job performance alone his race or gender or personal faith and beliefs, should not be a factor in the decision  regarding if  he should resign or not. Should evidence find Attorney Holder,  to be incompetent in the the performance of  his job regarding the gun operation Fast and Furious than I would say this to Attorney Holder incompetence is color blind and one's race has nothing to do with that. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Government Needs Permanant Solutions.

  I talked with my doctor today. I am disabled and on medicare he assured me that he as my doctor would never turn me a way. I told him I had heard that many doctors were retiring or refusing to take medicare patients because of the talks about the Government under President Obama's plan,  wants to cut 500 billion dollars from Medicare if the senate Democrats get there way. My doctor told me not to worry he felt confident the government would do something at least temporally.  I knew then that was the problem our government,  is always putting a band aid on our financial budget problems or at best, just kicking the can, further down the road in stead of really taking care of the problem. The Senate hasn't passed a full budget for two years so the debt ceiling keeps having to be raised and we all  know how much fun that is. The pay roll tax brake  has only been extended  till  February of 2012 then the Democrats in the Senate,  and the Republicans,  in the House,  will have to work out another deal for the pay roll tax brake to continue as well as a continuation of unemployment benefits. I find my self asking,  why couldn't both sides just get this done right the first time. While both sides play politics and fight for political advantage, millions of Americans are made to wait. Doesn't the government work for us? Why then do I often feel, that often,  the government is working against us and looking out not for us, but only for themselves.
  I came across this quote from George Washington, he is warning Americans even then,  not to let the government,  do too much for them lest the government,  become too powerful the quote is as follows: "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is a force,  like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master." His meaning seems clear the same government that serves the people  today, left unchecked, enslaves the people .tomorrow and then the people serve the government. I sometimes wonder just who is doing the serving today. Is government the servant of the people,  or have the American people become so dependant on the government, that now, in affect the people serve the government. I think Americana, is still having that debate. as always, my  friends, these words remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What If Tim Tebow Helps Make God More Popular?

  Some of you who will read this are old enough to remember the tremendous uproar that was caused in the southern Bible belt When an article came out in an  American teen magazine called Datebook in August of 1966 where John Lennon, was quoted saying the Beatles,  had grown more popular than Jesus. Southern Christian conservatives, had a field  day with that remark and teens in the south burned the  Beatles  records by the thousands,  and only after John Lennon, apologised did the controversy,  die down.
  Today,  I heard on the news, that an article written in a paper called the Jewish Weekly, says,  that  Tim Tebow,  has made football more popular than God and that if  Denver,  wins the Super Bowl,  Christians,  will burn mosques and banish Muslim immigrants who wish to come to this country. There is no evidence of this  and that statement is very outrageous,  to say the least. Christians,  have defended the Holy land since the middle ages and King Richard The Lion Heart died defending the Jewish Holy Land in 1199. the United States,  has been a friend to Israel,  often,  when no other nation would, and in in World War II the Jews,  were almost completely wiped out and would have been if a lot of good Christian Americans,  had not won the war and defeated the mad man that was,  Adolph Hitler. Jewish Rabbi Josua Hammerman, should know these facts better than most , yet, he chooses to persecute a decent honest God fearing and God honoring athlete like Tim Tebow. Now, I ask you. Where is the outrage? John Lennon was almost forced to apologise to America, in 1966. I guess I'll have to wait for Rabbi Hammerman's apology for hammering Tim Tebow! I wonder if  Rabbi Hammerman, has ever considered that perhaps, Tim Tebow,  has  made Christianity, and God,  more popular, not that God has ever really needed  his own personal publicity agent. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good Old School Days? Forget It!

  I will admit to you,   it's been a few years since my high school days. I will also tell you that I spent my high school years in a private Christian school. I am blessed to be able now, to send my daughter to a private Christian school as well. I have noticed,  that  state school  vouchers, are becoming more and more popular in state after state. I believe I may know the reason why.
  Recently, on the news I saw a report,  where a high school fight was captured on You Tube. I was somewhat  surprised,  when I saw one of the teachers,  just standing there,  with his hands in his pockets,  just watching the fight. I think the teacher could have and should have done something. He certainly could have done more than just stand there and watch. Perhaps,  he was afraid, that if  he had stepped in to try to break up the fight he could be sued by the parents for putting his hands on the students, a valid concern I suppose but,  if  a student should get beat to death,  while he stands there just watching,  he could and most certainly should be sued anyway!  Look,  at the recent news stories on high schools  that are  killing  students,  because of the practice of  hazing.
  There is something very wrong in this country,  when on one hand, students in a public high school,  can be suspended,  if  they stop and kneel to pray in a hallway,  to pay tribute to a great American,  like Tim Tebow, yet,  these same students,  could have had a fight in that  same hallway,  and for all the parents of those students know, the teachers may just stand there and watch,  while it gets captured forever on You Tube. You may be asking your self,  what happened to those good old school days? Well, in 1962 this country decided,  we didn't need God,  in any form or fashion in the public school system. Teachers,  certainly can't put there hands on a student in anyway so that old adage of  if you get a whipping at school your going to get one when you get home isn't in practice as much anymore. I will tell you it sure was in my parents home and I knew it and I  made it a point to stay out of trouble. Liberal organizations like the Parent Teachers Association and the teachers union in general, will tell you everyday about the great strides they are making in public education. When parents can't send their children to a public school and be absolutely sure,  they will come home in one piece well, let's just say, that's a far cry from the days when my parents went to school and frankly, I really don't think the public school system has progressed very far at all. The days of public schools being like school days, school days, dear old golden rule days are long gone, now,  it seems there may be no rules at all. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Race Is On!

  Well,  just like many of you,  I watched the last debate. I thought Newt Gingrich,  did very well considering he was hit from all sides. He handled the pressure well. Mitt Romney,  also did a good job, and he looked confident and relaxed, and very presidential. Ron Paul,  strikes me as a  president,  who would  want Americans,  to get by on their own because he doesn't want to do anything for anybody  he hardly wants to run the country at all and he certainly doesn't want America to be involved with any other countries I guess their on their own too. I sure hope America,  doesn't have another  terrorist attack if he's our next president. Michelle Bachmann, was out to tear Newt Gingrich,  a part she was certainly on the offensive and I must say, I found her very offensive, Tough is on the thing,  rude is another. Rick Perry,  gets an A for determination, and perseverance those are two qualities he has in common with football great Tim Tebow. Rick Perry better pray that some of  Tebow's magic rubs off on him, because I think that is what it will take for him to get the presidential nomination. John Huntsman, is too much like Preident Obama, for me. Rick Santorum, is perhaps the nicest of all the candidates but I'm afraid he is a nice guy who will finish last. Anyway, the talking is done now, so  let the voting begin. I personally think Newt Gingrich,  would be the best choice if  winning against President Obama,  is the goal, but I think Mitt Romney, will probably receive the Republican nomination in the end. That's okay, with me anything to avoid four more years of  President Obama's failed policies.
  The truth is, as a conservative Republican, I guess I 'll have to vote for whoever wins the Republican,  nomination. and any choice will have to be the right choice, even if  one choice is more right than another. Any Republican choice,  is still a  better choice,   than four more years of  President Obama, because that choice,  leaves America with no choice at all. As always, my friends, these words remain, just some words,  to think on.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ghost Of Christmas Past

  I will tell your right now I'm like a lot of you, I love the Christmas season. I have to admit however, lately these days I find my self longing for the the Christmas's of my past. I turn on my TV looking for those Christmas specials I grew up with, specials like It's a Wonderful life,  starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed from 1946 by the way,  that was Jimmy Stewart's first film after returning from his military service  in the United States Army during World War II. I like the musical version of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol starring Albert Finney. I love other specials from my child hood like The Little Drummer Boy from 1968 and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer,  from 1964  and of course, How The Grinch Stole Christmas from1967. I have to tell you though, I don't find these specials as easy or as often as I once did.
  Now I see in the news,  that a Long Island Professor Dr Paul Friday,  has decided that the Christmas special Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is not good for our children because it shows poor Rudolph being bullied by the other reindeer. Apparently, the good doctor,  doesn't remember that this story has a great ending. You would think Dr Friday, could find something a bit more important to do other than ruin a cherished Christmas tradition for many American children. I think there may be something else going here. These Christmas specials teach a moral lesson at the end of the story, as almost any one will tell you America over the last thirty years,  has become more liberal in thought, and more secular in nature. Liberals don't appreciate moral judgements of any kind unless they set them. As the years pass I have a feeling you will see less and less of the traditional Christmas specials,  you and I grew up with. I suppose that's just another part of the war on Christmas, I fear one day Christmas specials such as these will be like the ghost from Christmas past. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Political Poker

  The way politics is conducted reminds me of a Texas Hold'em poker game.  The American people pay the entrance fee to get into the game, the cost is the amount of money the American people contributed to get either a Republican, or a Democrat into office thus,  earning a seat at the table. The blinds,  or the cost to play each hand goes up with each hand. the pot, or  the money in the center of the table is various  percentages of political party control and power. The game  begins, the Republicans in the House open, with government budget cuts,  and a requirement,  that continued unemployment benefits,  be paid for. The Democrats,  see the continuation of unemployment benefits and finding a way to pay for them,  and raise the Republicans,  with a tax increase on the wealthy. The Republicans,   see the tax increase on the wealthy,  and raise the Democrats,  a raise in revenue by closing tax loopholes. The Democrats, see the Republicans revenue by the closing of tax loopholes, and raise the Republicans, a continuation of the pay role tax holiday. The Republicans, see the continuation of the payroll tax holiday, and raise the Democrats, with a Canadian pipeline to Texas as a condition for the continuation of the payroll holiday and a fix for the cut in doctors pay in medicare. Suddenly both players in our game go all in and both players threaten to let the government shut down.
  I don't know which poker player is the better or smarter player.  I don't know which of our players is bluffing, or has the better hand. I can't say how the game will turn out. I sure hope at least one of the players at our table knows when to hold'em and knows when to fold him because the pot  may be political  advantage  or power, but  the stakes, have never been higher,  because at stake is,  the economic future existence  of our county. the winner or looser will be the American people, and  they have placed all their bets on our political poker players. The players in our poker game the Republican, and the Democrats have all gone all in. I hope some one at our table,  plays  their  cards right other wise,  the American people are the losers and America as a nation, will fold. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is 2012 The End Of The World?

  About two years ago now, a movie came out starring  John Cusack, called , 2012. The film  tries to depict  what the end of the world could be like. I will say, I found it interesting,  the the film has an almost Noah's ark like  feeling to it since you had to be lucky enough to get a seat on this big enclosed barge like boat in order to make it to the new world to come. The film draws it's plot from the ancient Mayan prophecy that predicts that the world will come to an end on December 21, 2012 with the coming of  the worlds last winter solstice.
  Just between us, I think the world is  going  to go on past 2012. I think there are some other world  problems to consider however,  Right now, the United States is 15 trillion dollars in debt yet, in spite of this, we are being asked to bail out Greece, Italy, Spain, and who knows who else,  before it's all said and done. Why? because we always have, and we are the only country that can or would. That's right, this evil country called America, with it's evil economic system of  capitalism, that has made  this country  the greatest  economic power house the  world has ever known,  is being ask to save the world again. The Protesters on Wall Street, would do well to ask themselves just how long  the world would economically last, if  America, ever experiences a total economic melt down? I pray that day never comes, because if  it does,  it will be the end of the world as we know it. as always, my friends, these thoughts thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Iowa Is Not A Sure Bet For Any One.

  Like many of you I have seen sound bites from the last Republican Presidential debate. There were no real new revelations, I must say I was impressed with Speaker Newt Gingrich. As one might expect, all the other candidates declared war on Speaker Gingrich simply because he is the current front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination. Although Newt Gingrich,  is far from a perfect man, I have to admit, I was impressed at the Speakers ability to deflect or defuse much of the attacks lunched against him. The Speaker was able to do this because he is not running from his past mistakes instead he has admitted his mistakes and  has  ask the American people to forgive him and give him another chance to try to really help  our country. I hope he keeps his promise to stay positive, and not go negative, so far, I think it's working for him. I wish to make one thing very clear however, the prize of  Iowa is not a sure thing for any of the candidates including speaker Gingrich. All of the candidates would do well to remember that many of the folks will live in Iowa,  are conservative evangelicals,  with very strong family values. Many of the people in Iowa,  are hard working folks who are doing all they can just to get by.
  Governor Mitt Romney,  has a better organization in Iowa,  than speaker Gingrich, and he has much more money. The worst thing Mitt Romney, could have  done,   was to bet Governor Rick Perry,  10, 000 on anything for any reason. We have enough problems with class warfare in this country. The last thing Governor Romney needed to do was demonstrate to the hard working  people of  Iowa,  just how rich he was by the size of the bet he was able to make with governor Perry.  Congresswoman  Michelle  Bachmann, is from Iowa,  and remember she won Iowa's straw poll. Congressman Ron Paul,  has a very strong organization and he may still surprise the other candidates. Let's just say,  If  I were Speaker Gingrich, or Governor Romney, or any of  the other candidates,  for that matter I,d be very careful when it comes to betting on the final  Republican  Presidential out come in Iowa. The out come in Iowa, is by no means, a sure bet for any of the candidates who are running .This Presidential race, may still have many surprises be fore it's over in fact, I'd bet on it! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

America's Last Christmas

  One of my favorite places to  eat if we're talking about fast food has to be McDonald's. Do you remember when the sign would tell you just how many Big Mac's had been sold? The sign would say for example over 20 billion sold, and a few years later it would  read over a hundred billion  sold   Finally, McDonald's just had to have their sign read billions and billions sold because frankly, they just couldn't keep count anymore
  Well that's kind of the way I think America's national debt has become. Here is what I mean.  Remember how impressed Americans used to be when something cost a million dollars? I realize that is still a lot of money, in fact, it's more money then the average person will ever see. The fact is though, we have billionaire's in this county and  more and more of them are popping up in this country everyday. Now in America, when we hear that something cost a million dollars, most Americans, barely  pause to think about it. Remember the first time you heard that our government had spent several billions of dollars on one thing or another? When we first heard it, we were shocked or maybe even impressed, that our government could spend that kind of money. These days, America, spends  450 billion dollars a  day just to pay the daily interest on our national  debt. and a billion dollars seems like almost nothing. America's debt reached One trillion dollars around 1981 or so and America was in shock at first but now thirty years later America is fifteen trillion dollars in debt.  I have heard if you could stack 1000 dollar bills, on top of each other when your stack was 67 miles high you would have one trillion dollars let's do some more math if one trillion is 1000 dollar bills stack 67 miles high that means that 15 trillion dollars  is 67 miles times 15  or a tack of  1000 dollar bills 1005 miles high. Guess what? Now,  the government,  has introduced a new money denomination  and that new money denomination is  quadrillion but not to worry, by time America has to use this money denomination to describe the national debt , America as a country will no longer exist.
  Why did I title this blog America's last Christmas? I did it to take this point , The government for too long now has played the roll of this nation's economic Santa Clause, and if we as Americans don't tell the leaders in our government that they need to stop playing Santa Clause, and make the economic sacrificial government spending cuts that must be made for America's economic survival, then one day we as a nation will be so deep in debt the dollar will crash. America will have no more money for anything, no defense, no welfare , no social security, no food stamps, no unemployment benefits, nothing! America at that point will celebrate her last Christmas, and then just maybe Americans will remember that this country, just like the real meaning of Christmas, has never really been about what we can get out of our country but rather what each one of us is willing to stand and work together and sacrifice to give back to our country. after all, it is still, more blessed to give than to receive. as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Conservatives Don't Remain Neutral.

  I hear some comments lately,  from conservative Republicans, that really troubles me. Though I understand conservatives want to pick the best conservative candidate that they can I'm afraid some conservatives, may stay home on election day  because no matter what candidate they had  to choose from,  the candidate wasn't conservative enough for them. Some conservatives,  don't like Newt Gingrich,  because he has taken some less than totally conservative positions in the past, still other conservatives, won't vote for Newt Gingrich,  because of  his personal  past,  and the various circumstances surrounding his three marriages. Mitt Romney, doesn't please evangelical conservatives  because they think his Mormon faith is a cult and thus goes against what they believe. Some Conservatives,  would not vote for Michelle Bachmann,  simply because she is a woman. I don't know what that has to do with being conservative,  and frankly,  I think if you as a conservative,  would not vote for Michelle Bachmann,  just because she happens to be a woman, that's called sexism, and conservative or not,  your a jerk! Some conservatives say, Newt Gingrich,  has too many personal problems too much  baggage from too many marriages, these same conservatives were more than willing to vote for Herman Cain,   who at the very least, is guilty of having poor judgement he certainly should not have a lot of close women friends especially the kind of  women friends his wife was not aware of until the scandal broke.
  Look,  here is the basic point I am trying to make if  as a conservative,  you stay home on election day because you can't find for whatever reason, a candidate who is the perfect conservative for you, then if enough conservatives,  do the same thing, then President Obama, gets reelected, and  this country,  is economically and socially doomed, but,   you will have the comfort of  knowing you stayed true to your totally pure conservatism, and therefore,  stayed home on election day and helped assure a Presidential reelection, for President Obama,  Don't worry, President Obama, won't care how, or why he got  reelected just that he got reelected,  and he'll have the conservatives, who stayed  home because they could not find a perfect conservative candidate to thank for it.
  Let my use this example,  to drive my point home. My daughter,  is studying electricity in school. how is this for an example, if  as a conservative,  you stay home, and don't vote on election day, because you couldn't find a candidate that who was  the perfect conservative for you,  then you,  are neutral and all though you may be  positive,  your doing the right thing, if  too many conservatives don't vote that will have a very negative effect on this country, and the only people who will then  get a real charge out of this decision are the Democrats, for the only current event,  that will take place,  is the guaranteed,  reelection of President Obama, and if that happens again, I think the economic shock to this county will be permanent and devastating. as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Government Is Ran With Steve Martin Efficiency

Do your remember watching comedian Steve Martin around 1978 on Saturday Night Live? He had this great routine,  someone would ask him a question and if he didn't have an answer, he would simply say, I forgot! Well, that was really funny back then, but lets try and apply this routine  to various leaders in our government today. Let's begin,  Governor Corzine, what happened  to the  one point two million dollars of  transferred funds at MF Global? 'Well, sir to tell you the truth, I simply don't know what happened because I FORGOT!  Let's try another one. Attorney General Holder,  when did you first hear about the Guns operation? Fast and Furious? 'I can't be expected to know about every investigation going on in my office and and regarding when I first heard a bout operation Fast and Furious I FORGOT! Wow! This is fun, lets ask some else a question. Steven Chu, can you tell the American people where 235 million dollars in a  guaranteed  government went and why the Solar company went bankrupt, and when did you become aware of Sollynda's serious financial condition?' I don't really know when I was made aware of  Solyndra's financial problems because I FORGOT!
  Hey maybe, I should try this, maybe next month I won't make my house payment, or my credit  card payments or utility bills and then when  they call me about a month later and ask why I didn't make my payments, I can say, I simply don't know what came over me but I FORGOT! I'm sure,  they will understand right? As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Fair Share

We hear a lot of  talk these days from President Obama,  and heaven knows he loves to talk. His latest lecture to the American people is that the rich must pay their fair share. The President fails to mention that the American taxpayers, are already paying there fair share. Let's see, the American taxpayer coughed up 535 million dollars for the solar company Solyndra, and then it went bankrupt. The President has had this country on some type of unemployment for going on three years now. He is now begging Congress, to extend unemployment benefits for another year.The President took 887 billion dollar in taxpayer stimulus money in 2009 and promised the American   people that the nations unemployment rate would  not go above eight percent.  The unemployment rate stayed at nine percent or better for a 122 weeks in a row that's why last week when the unemployment rate finally went down to eight point sis percent, I suppose the President, thought he could now afford to go on a two and a half week vacation in Hawaii. which is also paid by  American tax payer.The country of Greece and most of  Europe, is begging the United States to bail them out and some have suggested, that the United States may pony up as much as two trillion dollars, which if done, will  no doubt be borrowed from China if this type  of deal goes through  and our President wants the rich to pay their fair share? I wonder where the President thinks money  for small  business investment comes from?
  I think that the American people may feel that they are already paying their fair share, I know I do just this morning,  I found out my county assessor, had increased the value of  the lot of  land my house sits on to three times what it was from last year that should do wonders for my wallet when I have to pay my new property taxes. I also took my daughter to the dentist and he told my wife in about two to three years our daughter will need braces that will cost around five thousand dollars. the next time someone from our local Democratic head quarters calls and ask if I'd like to make a contribution to help reelect President Obama,  I think I'll just say no first because I'm a Republican Reagan conservative,  so you shouldn't have called me in the first place, and secondly, no because,  I'm already paying my fair share and I don't want to pay anymore. I just bet a great deal of the American people feel the same way. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Your Poinsettia Is?

  Just when you thought the secular battle over Christmas could  not be anymore insane, now I see and hear on the news that now,  some school district in California,  is now telling teachers not to have Santa Clause or the traditional Christmas flower  the Poinsettia,  displayed in any fashion in their classroom. The school feels that they can't in anyway show any affiliation to any one religion. Santa Clause,  is religious I guess because  of  the Roman Catholic connection to Saint Nicolas.  Born on March 15, 270 AD and died December 6, 343 AD. The Catholic Church made  Nicolas of Tolentino a Saint in 1466 AD and he is of course the basis for Santa Clause of  today. I guess if you really want to stretch things I can see some religious connection there. I think the School is as usual,  going overboard on this issue
  When I researched the Poinsettia,  I find it had a secular origin. dating all the way back to the  Aztecs who first used the red flower to make a red die that was used,  as one of the worlds first antipyretics  or fever reducers. The Poinsettia flower,  was first brought to the United States in 1825 by Joel Robers Poinsett. He was then, Minister to Mexico. The flower,  was  named after him. The Catholic Church,  is responsible for the flowers religious meaning. The flower is red representing the blood sacrifice of Christ and it is shaped like a star so it reminds the Catholic church of the star of Bethlehem. so the school district says it can't be a decoration in their school. Wow! who knew a red flower could have such power!
  Look this who politically correct madness really makes my blood boil!  For goodness sake,  it's only a flower. Let me pedal,  these  following thoughts to you. I think you may find them  rather stemulating, and  yes, I meant to spell it that way! The teachers, in that California school,  must not have very many important things to worry about so I guess this idea, took root, and sprang up!  I guess I better nip these flower jokes in the bud. I just want to say in closing whoever had a problem with Poinsettias being used as a Christmas decoration in that California school district as far as I am concerned is a blooming idiot! As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

America Is Still The Land Of The Second Chance

  Like most of us, I've made some mistakes in my life.I am able to say,  I've never done anything that would be considered illegal but I certainly have done things in my life that I wish I hadn't and have lived long enough to regret many of my mistakes and learn from them. One of the things I love most about America is that most of the American people are very forgiving. America is the land of second chances.
  I heard on the news yesterday that former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, now says,  she has some dirt on former House speaker Newt Gingrich. information she acquired when Speak Gingrich was under investigation for House ethics violations. These  same violations  forced the Speaker to resign on November 5, 1998  just three days after being elected for an eleventh term.Speaker Gingrich payed a 300, 000 dollar fine and that along with his resignation saved the Speaker from further proceedings.
  Now Newt Gingrich is back as a  Republican Presidential nominee all he's asking for is for the American people to give him a second chance. One thing I do know is I don't need any lectures from Nancy Pelosi on House ethics. Remember how she was going to drain the political swamp of all corruption? Well while she was busy draining the corrupt political swamp,  former House Charmin of the Ways and Means Committee Charlie Rangel, was found swimming in it.  Charlie Rangel,  was convicted on eleven out thirteen counts brought against him. for various corrupt tax practices and yet he was not pressured to resign as former Speaker Gingrich had been.
  Former President, Bill Clinton,  was impeached by the House,  for his all to public affair in the Oval Office with White House intern,  Monica Lewinsky. The Senate thought however,  that the President's conduct in his personal life did not mean he wasn't a good President  looks like President Clinton,  got his second chance.
  Look,  even if you don't like Newt Gingrich,  the man has paid his dues and Americans always like people who learn from their mistakes and make a comeback and I think Newt Gingrich has learned from his mistakes and deserves a second chance and I just have a feeling that the American people, just might be willing, to give it to him. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Is There Still Quality And Pride In America?

  I love living in America,  and I'm proud to be an American. I'll tell you right now I will never apologize for loving my country,  and taking a certain pride in being an American. There are some things that trouble me  now here in America. I sometimes, have to ask my self  what has happened to making things with pride and quality in America? Here is what I mean, there was a time not too long ago when, if  you bought a car in America,  it was a top quality vehicle and it was made here. out of top grade materials and you didn't have to spend an arm and a leg to buy it either. Today it seems,  that even if you buy an  American made car often times it still doesn't measure up in terms of over all quality and value.  Henry Ford produced the first  model A Ford in June of 1903 at a total cost of 360 dollars. Ford,  is best known  for the model T Ford which he first produced on August 12, 1908 at a total cost of 575 dollars. He used to say, that his cars may break down but they will never break because he personally supervised the production of  his cars. He is the father of the mass production assembly line which  lowered the cost of a car so everyone could own one. I guess Ford really did have a better idea. Today if you buy a car it cost a lot more than 560 dollars and it isn't long before parts begin to wear out then you have to buy replacement parts which is not always easy if the car is made in Germany or Japan. People today often prefer foreign cars  because they last longer. As I see it car factories can't produce real cars of quality because in America you have to pay union contacts and the cost of  most union labor is at least twice as much as the cost to produce the same car in Germany or Japan. How ironic that the United states soundly defeated both Germany and Japan and we still have US troops in both countries and yet today both countries produce better basic cars often at a lower price than we can here in the US. All I know is,  my dad drove a 1961 Chevrolet Impala,  from 1961 to 1985 and in all that time he changed the brakes once a year and changed the tires every three years and got a tune up twice a year and changed the oil every four months and  it ran great. Those were the days! My grandmother used to have hand made furniture from the 1800's that you could still use today. Why? because there was a time in this country,  when made in America,  meant made to last. Sometimes, I think If  I see made in China, one more time on anything, I may become physically ill. People used to make things by hand,  and they knew the quality of their work would  also determine their reputation and thus determine how long  they stayed in business. Remember when Zenith used to say, the quality goes in,   before the the name goes on? Now too often it seems,  the name goes on, because nobody knows what's going on, and quality has got nothing to do with it.
  Another thing  that troubles me,  is this politically correct idea to call yourself by your ethnic heritage be fore you say American. I am of English decent but I don't call myself an English American. Don't get me wrong I think it's great to know ones own  heritage and I love studying history. I know we have African Americans and Irish Americans Jewish Americans and every other ethnicity you could name speaking just for myself  however,  what  ever else I am, I am an American,  first. I think being an American, is still,  one of the greatest privileges on earth. Is there still pride and quality in America? Yes, because all we have to do as Americans,  is put a little pride,  and quality,  in ourselves. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words,  to think on.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A New Way To Spell Respect

  Aretha Franklin, is considered by many, to be the Queen of Soul her signature song Respect still makes people stand and cheer when they hear it.. Without question,  it is song she will be remembered  for.I would like to suggest to you however, a new way to spell respect. A dear friend of mine who is older  and much wiser then I will ever be shared with me some of  her thoughts on respect, and now , I would like to present a new way to spell respect.. The first letter R will stand for responsibility. One of the ways we know a person is an adult is when one has , the ability to accept responsibility for one's own actions. I find this ability to be strangely lacking in our government today. President Obama loves to take credit for his successes like  getting Osama bin Laden, but blames the Republicans or former President Bush for his failure to deal with  nations present economic problems.Attorney General Eric Holder,  takes no responsibly for the failed guns operation Fast and Furious which led the the death of  boarder patrolman,  Brian Terry.  My dad always said it takes a real man to admit, when you are wrong. Now, let's let the second letter in respect, E  stand for equality when your dealing with both people and situations. Why is it, a liberal, can say say certain things in the media but   if a conservative says the same things,  they often  get  politically destroyed for it? Muhammad Ali, used to give all his praise as a Muslim,  to the prophet  Elijah Muhammad, each time he would win a fight, yet Tim Tebow, is often dismissed as an over zealous idiot just because as a Christian,  he chooses to praise Jesus Christ,  when he makes a touch down or wins a football game. Where is the equality or religious tolerance in this type of thinking? Doesn't our nations pledge to the flag say, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all? These words would seemed to suggest that all people of  faith should be treated with equal respect. I suppose  to most liberals, some,  are more equal,  than others Let's let the third letter in respect  S stand for Serving without selfishness. Our government,  is supposed to be,  elected by  and , work to serve and carry out  the will of  we,  the American people, all to often however, the only thing our leaders in  government seem interested in doing, is working to push their own political agenda's and the only thing they may do is appear to be interested in helping a a cause or a particular group of people if  in doing so,  it will give a person or  a political party,  some type of political advantage when it comes time to have the next election. How I hope one day,  to know someone in politics, who would put the needs of our nation before their own personal  political ambitions. That type of person in today's politics is an endangered species! Let's let the letter P in respect stand for being polite to all, in  both our public and personal lives. here is what I mean. Why can't our political leaders politely agree to disagree with some one in a debate and seek to win their political points on their  merit alone?  What good is it  if  our leaders  in politics  say  they are men and women of  faith and family values, yet when they run for office you see them slander and smear and often falsely attack  another political opponent. Speaking just for myself,  I don't want to vote for anyone just be cause,  they were better at mud slinging then their political opponent was. I don't want to vote for a conservative just because,  they say they are  a conservative. I want to vote for a person who can respect the the views and opinions of everyone even if they may not agree with them. Let my also say this, common courtesy seems to be a lost art in this country and profanity is not funny I don't care what the various comedians may say dirty,  is not funny it's just dirty and if  a person can only understand and get a laugh using four letter words perhaps they  should develop a better  vocabulary. trust me we have a lot more words in our English language that have a great deal of meaning I will tell you however,  they often have more than four letters  but those words will be worth learning and can potentially make someone a better person. The second E in respect stands for equity and fairness for all in every financial standing. I don't think most working Americans mind helping someone,  who's down on their luck and out of work with food stamps or unemployment benefits as long as those benefits don't become a permanent choice for someone who could work if they they were willing to do  anything. Remember before their was government welfare their were churches that looked after the needs of others and even the Bible says,  if you are healthy and able to work,  then, you should work and if you don't work you don't  eat. The protesters who were  occupying Wall Street could learn a lesson from this type of work ethic. The C in the word respect can stand for civic duty it carries  a long with it the idea of giving something back to your country and thus meet each others needs for example if you know a family where a boy has no father maybe you could be a big brother. maybe you know someone who could use a little home repair if your gifted using tools maybe you could help them out. and not every thing we may do for others,  should necessarily involve whether we get paid or not sometimes,  a thankful and grateful  heart,  should be all that's required. Finally,  their is the last letter in the word respect T and this stands for truth spoken with tact will help to foster trust. here is what I mean  I can assure you,  someone will be more inclined to trust you if you use tact as you speak the truth. Truth,  should serve to help some one not totally destroy some one. here is a quick example if you know  some one who has a weight problem don't tell them how fat they are tell them you care about  them enough to help them  find a healthy diet  so they can live a better life. Believe me,  they are ready know how fat they are because others often have already told them,  and they have mirrors,  and they fight to squeeze into to their clothes every day. Saying someone is fat may be true but if  it is also true that all people have worth then seek to  find a way  to speak the truth about a persons weight,  with tact,  and sensitivity,  and kindness and then when you speak the truth to that person about others issues they will value your opinion  because you have earned their trust.
  Well I hope you like how my friend and I now spell respect, if you decide to spell it the same way I promise you it will change your life and the lives of countless others. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Plan B

  By now you have no doubt seen the news and you know that Herman Cain is now a former Republican candidate for President. As I  watched the news I thought to my self, how sad it is that a man who had once shown so much political promise must now step aside and basically,  cheer from the sidelines for whoever does finally,  receive the Republican nomination for President. I ask my self one question. Where did Herman Cain  go wrong?  Herman Cain may,  be guilty of nothing more than poor judgement.. I confess to you however I am surprised that a man so full of self determination, a man who has ran  several businesses, a man who has  had  the love and support of  a good wife who was there by his side and helped him survive  stage four colon cancer could be so weak in personal judgement. Here is what I mean, I was surprised when I heard on the news, that Mrs. Cain knew nothing about Ginger White even though Herman Cain says he was just a friend to her and helped her financially from time to time over the years. Even if you believe Herman Cain did nothing of a sexual nature with Miss White, I still have to wonder why does a married man have a woman who is a friend of  his who he has given  financial help to many times over a thirteen year period if we are to believe anything Miss White,  has said, and in all that time never mention it to his wife? What's up with that?
  Look, I've been married for  twelve years now. I do not claim to know everything about what makes for a good marriage. I do know this however, when your married to someone if there is anything you have not told your spouse for what ever reason, then I have to say,  "Houston, we have a problem. I can only speak for myself  but, I can tell you, my wife knows all of my friends both male and female and you better believe, if  I was inclined to give any amount of money to any of of my friends, for any reason, I know my wife well enough to know, she would want to know about it especially if it was a woman. Now, your going to tell me that a man like Herman Cain,  can be married to  the same  woman for forty three years and yet, not know her well enough  to know,  that it would be more than a good idea,  for her to be consulted , before he decides to hand out money to some woman Mrs. Cain did not even  know about?  I have to wonder what was Herman Cain thinking? Maybe that is the answer to my question for he obviously wasn't thinking, so I am left to conclude,  even a very smart man in business can still make  serious errors  in personal  judgement. I then am  left  to wonder if  he would have exercised such poor judgment if  he  would have become President
  Finally,  let me say this to all who are either in or are  about to enter  into  a married relationship, When you get married your spouse is to be your closest and dearest friend on this earth and beyond that, they only other friend you need is the one we have in Jesus. Herman Cain should have remembered that. When I think of the great things Herman Cain might have been able to do for the country, these words from Shakespeare come to mind, " Of all the words, of  tongue or pen, the saddest are these,  it might have been."  As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Friday, December 2, 2011

In One Ear And Out The Other.

  My Daughter is at an age, where she ask an abundance of questions, about all kinds of things. A few days ago, she asked me  to explain an expression she had heard at school. The expression, was in one ear, and out the other. When my daughter ask me what that expression meant, I was so tempted to say, that it meant the same thing as the expression, like water off a duck's back. I didn't  however,  because I knew she had not heard that expression yet and therefore, using a similar expression wouldn't really answer her question fully, and completely, like she wanted it to be and besides, if  I had used the expression, like water off a duck's back to answer her question well, let's just say, I didn't want to teach  her a fowl expression ! Seriously though, I told her,  that in one ear, and out the other, meant hearing some one speak words, with out paying any real attention, to what is actually being said. My daughter then asked me for an example, so I told her well, it's kind of  like when your mommy, and I call you to the  dinner table,  or ask you to get started on your home work but your too busy,  watching one of your favorite TV shows  no matter how many  times  we tell you,  some how,  you just don't seem to hear what your mommy and I are saying at those particular times. When I gave her those examples she then knew exactly, what the expression, in one ear and out the other meant.
  I could have given my daughter an even better examples  to explain the expression in one ear and out the other, I could have just told her Well it's a lot like back in 2009  when seventy percent of the American people didn't want President Obama,  to push through a 787 billion dollar stimulus package to bail out the banks who were about to go under because they were stuck with too many mortgage loans that people couldn't pay because the housing market had  collapsed. The American people spoke, but  President Obama,  ignored the wishes of  most of  the American  people,  and pushed the stimulus package through Congress anyway.  How about when, Seventy percent of the American people didn't want Obama care it was  2074 pages long and no one even read the bill or knew much about it. Most of the American people wanted the President, to slow down and really compose a better well thought out health care re form bill, but again the wishes of most of  the American people may have been spoken, but President Obama, did not take heed to the vice of the American people. Most, of the American people, really wanted President Obama, to show some true leadership, and work with the super committee, to bring down the nation's debt but once  again, President Obama,  did not hearken to the will of most,  of the American people,  and the super committee failed.
  I guess, that is why, I now,  find it very difficult,  to trust the President. I know the President,  loves to hear himself talk,  and he often talks a lot but lately,  he just doesn't seem to say much. I guess, that's why when I hear the President,  speaking,  on just about anything these days, Dare I say it? His words go in one ear, and out the other. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Where Are The Peace Makers?

  My daughter is a constant amazement to me. One minute, she's nine playing with her Barbie dolls the next minute,  she's twenty solving social problems like a world diplomat. Last night,  she was talking on the phone to one of  her friends and she was explaining to her that she was  her friend and then my daughter said she was also a friend of  another one of their classmates classmates friend that they both had in school. My daughter keep telling her friend on the phone that she would not choose between them she said she liked them both equally and she wanted to stay in the middle. Realizing, that's not the word she wanted to use,  she asked me what was a better word to use I suggested,  the word neutral. She then told her friend, 'In an effort to keep peace between all three of us I choose to remain neutral.' I then remembered something  my daughter's second grade teacher once told her mother and I, her teacher said our daughter had a real gift when came to working with others she said our daughter was a natural peace maker and would make a wonderful diplomat. I remember thinking to myself,  what a wonderful gift to possess, then I wondered why no one in any branch of our government seems to have that gift.
  The truth is often, the only peace our government seems to be interested in is which branch of of the government is going to get the biggest piece of  political  pie in what ever deal they might be trying to work out to gain the best political advantage.The recent failure of the super committee certainly demonstrates this point all to well and while I understand their are certain compromises, as a conservative,  I can't be prepared to make, that should not mean that the art of meaningful compromise is lost altogether. When you think about it, There may be liberals and conservatives Republicans, and Democrats but at the end of the day, we're all Americans, just like we were all Americans right after the tragedy that was nine eleven. Just once I'd like to see our  Congress get together,  and agree to really work together,  for the good of the American people, and not just for the good of the next election. Where are the peace makers in our government?  Truly, blessed are the peace makers,  for they shall inherit the earth. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.