Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Price Of Taking A Stand

  There's an old saying that was made into a popular country song a few years ago. The saying, goes something like this, you've  got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. I believe there  is some basic truth in those words, but I would also submit to you,  that before you decide to take a stand,  make sure the stand  you take is worth the price you will have to pay for taking it, because,  there will be one. Here is what I mean,  no one outside of Alaska,  had  basically heard of  former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, until she was chosen to be Arizona Senator John Mccain's running mate in 2008.Governor Palin, then made the greatest political mistake you can make in the world of politics, she dared to open her mouth and say how she truly felt about the dire economic condition of this country because of reckless spending by the Government. Then she did the one thing that liberals hate most, she dared to be a conservative women with family values. Most of all, she dared to say, she had certain moral values and a solid Christian up bringing. Liberals,  have stopped at nothing to politically destroy her. Like most of us, Governor Palin is not  a   perfect  person, but she dares to take  a stand often times not only,  at her own personal expense, but also, at  the expense,  of  her family. She dares to make a difference,  and I admire that aspect of  her character. Wisconsin Republican Governor, Scott Walker has dared to make a difference and balance Wisconsin's state budget by asking unions to pay for a percentage of their  health insurance benefits and stop the often overspending union practice of collective bargaining this in turn has incensed union leaders and now an all out effort is being waged by the ticked off union leaders to collect enough signatures and force Governor Scott walker out of office through a state recall. Governor Walker dared to make a difference but it may cost him his job.
  There are other examples I could give and this principal doesn't just apply to politics and politicians, When I say I am a person who follows the principals of  basic Christianity, fair or not, certain assumptions are made and certain conduct is expected. Let me ask you something. What good does it do to believe in anything if what you say you believe has no obvious effect on the way you live? A person can often study the Bible, but living your life by biblical principals well, that's another matter. The hardest thing I've had to realize in my life is this, sometimes taking a stand may often mean, you stand alone. You know what? that's alright with me. Finally, should decide, to take a stand, I have only one thing to say, be sure the stand your taking,   is worth,  the price  you'll have to pay. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Cain Train Runs Out Of Steam.

  Well here we go again. That was Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain's latest reaction to the new allegation against him. Just when it looked like Herman Cain might be able to forge a come back in his Presidential campaign, another woman named Ginger White has now come forward, and says, that she and Herman Cain had an on again off again affair, for thirteen years. Herman Cain says, he had a friendship with her but at no time was their relationship any kind of a sexual relationship. I have to admit however, in this case,  Miss White,  does have text and phone messages at some what unusual hours and while that alone doesn't make Herman Cain necessarily guilty of anything, I have to admit, it doesn't look good and this new allegation will most likely end Herman Cains bid for the White House.
  The truth is, at this point,  it almost, doesn't matter,  if  this latest allegation is true or not when you add all the other instances of  improper conduct as alleged, by four other women, enough doubt has been created that I think Herman Cain will ever be considered as a serious Presidential candidate. As a result, he won't receive the Republican nomination for President.Republicans, are always held to a higher  standard, because they are perceived as the party of  moral family values. therefore it was very important for Herman Cain as a conservative Republican, to avoid even the appearance of sexual misconduct or infidelity something apparently, Herman Cain, has failed to do.
  The Liberal Democrats, unlike the Republicans,  do not cling to any type of traditional family values or standards, they can more easily afford to be more Politically indiscreet. The Press now admits, they were well aware, of  John F Kennedy's affair with Hollywood screen goddess, Marilyn Monroe. The President was  very popular however, so the press just looked the other way. Former President, Bill Clinton, had  no less than three,  sexual accusations made against him both before and during his  Presidency. First, while he was running for President, in 1992, the Gennifer Flowers,  story broke. Remember, how Presidential candidate and Mrs. Clinton, went on Sixty Minutes and Hilary Clinton said,  she wasn't standing by her man, like Tammy Wynette? That's just exactly, what she was doing, and no doubt it went a long way in saving Bill Clntons Presidential campaign. During President Clinton's second term, two more women, come forward with charges of sexual misconduct, against President Clinton. Kathleen Willey said,  she was groped by President Clinton, and Paula Jones, also stated that President Clinton,had mde improper sexual advances towards her. Finally, while serving as President in the White House, Bill Clinton, carried on several  sexual encounters, with a twentytwo year old White House intern named, Monica Lewinski. and although this conduct did force President Clinton to be impeached by the House in 1998 there were not enough votes in the Deocratically controled Senate,  to carry out the full impeachment process Thus, President Clinton, was able to finish out his Presidency. Today, President Clinton's less than discreet past seems all but forgotten, Herman Cain, may be completly innocent, although I believe he may,  be guilty at the very least, of showing poor  judgement. The problem is , the seeds of  doubt  have now  been firmly planted in the minds of  the voting public at large. I'm afraid the Cain train has come to the end of the line. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, November 28, 2011

So Much For The Magic Of Christmas

  What has happened to the joy of the Christmas Season? I mean, think about it. To begin with,  you can't hardly say Merry Christmas anymore. Now it seems,  you risk your very life,  if you dare,  go shopping on the day of or after,  Thanksgiving,  which most retailers now  refer to as,  black Friday. That seems to be the perfect name for it. Consider these examples, at a Wal Mart store in Alabama, a man had to be tasered by police because he was causing other shoppers to feel threatened,  in North Carolina, a man was charged and arrested  for starting a fight that turned into an all out brawl, and gun shots were fired,  in Arizona, a grand father was knocked unconscious because he was trying to protect his grand son who got caught in the middle of a  fight between some freaked out shoppers. At a Walmart in Los Angeles, , a woman was pepper sprayed,  because she tried to assault the police who were trying to subdue her and calm her down.
  So much for peace on earth and good will towards men.This is what  happens,  when getting the gift becomes more important,  than the the real reason for the season. We give gifts at Christmas time to honor the birth of Christ,  who was God's son  and was himself,  freely given to the world to save mankind from the sin which separated man kind from God and his love. Alas, Christmas has gone from getting gifts to give, to  just getting something,  before someone else does. Do you remember that terrible  tragedy at a Wal Mart in Long Island New York on November 28, 2008? What a travesty, that a Wal Mart employee, had to be trampled to death,  because too many people were all trying to get through the door at the same time so they could be the first to get a great deal on a big screen TV. I hope the person who got that big screen TV really enjoys it it only cost a human life.
  At this normally,  joyous time of year I would hope,  and pray,  that all who give gifts will remember why gifts are given in the first place. This is America though, and if you want to go out and shop and act like a total jerk,  and end up being charged with assault, then you may be pepper sprayed. After all, tis,  the season,  or seasoning,  as the case may be.  As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Words Said Too Often, Often, Lose Their Meaning.

  Have you ever noticed how society in general,  often repeats certain phases so much that they almost lose their meaning? Here is what I mean. How often do you see someone in passing, and when they say, "Hey how's it going? You almost like a reflex respond fine even if your really not. I know I have often done this. I do it because the  person who asked,  doesn't usually  have the time to hear how I really am, and I don't really have the time to tell them. The truth is many times, if your like me, you often feel that people are just asking you how you are just to be polite to have something to say as a way of greeting when they see you in passing but not many,  you meet, really care how you may truly be  feeling so it's easier, to just answer  and say  fine, and go one your way. Thus,  the question of  how you are doing and your answer,  are basically,  just polite words that may be said but have no real meaning.
  President Obama has been called a very inspiring speaker and I must admit during his campaign in 2008, he certainly appeared to be a great orator. I have noticed that like many Presidents before him, President Obama, often concludes his speeches with the phase God bless America. I admit to you however, I often ask myself if  he truly means it. Talking about God is easy but really knowing the God your talking about  well, that's something else.
  A  story is told a bout a small farm town who was challenged by a surrounding big city district to a speaking contest. The winner would receive a prize based on what the other had to offer if  the farm town won,  the city promised to expand no further and they promised to reduce certain  taxes the the farmers always had to pay when they went into the city. On the other hand,  if  the farm town lost the speaking contest then they would agree to give up a predetermined amount of  their land and the the surrounding city district  would be allowed to expand and certain taxes would be raised to pay for the expansion. The city leaders felt sure they would win. The  city district leaders  selected the twenty third Psalm this would be the   passage that would be delivered the city thought that was very gracious because they thought most farmers would not be familiar with more famous speeches given in history. The judges were equally selected there were seven three from the city district, and  three from the farming community and one judge from another city was there to cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie.The people of the farming community could not afford to hire a professional orator so they had their church's preacher who was also a farmer  deliver their version of the twenty third Psalm. On the day day of the contest the city leaders elected to go first,  and the orator they hired did a masterful job delivering his rendition of the twenty third Psalm and indeed when he finished,  what followed,  was thunderous applause. Next, it was the farming community's turn the old farmer and country preacher started slowly and quoted the twenty third  Psalm from memory,  but he did it in such a way that it seemed like he was just talking to the listeners and they in turn felt like they were hearing a private conversation between the old country preacher and the Lord.When the preacher and fellow farmer fished his rendition of the twenty third Psalm there was no thunderous applause because  everyone who had heard the preacher speak were too busy,  wiping tears from their eyes. Suddenly,  all seven judges stood to their feet and each proclaimed the preacher was the winner of the contest. The city leaders screamed that's unfair! We had a professional,  who clearly did a better job,  so why does the preacher win? The seventh judge answered simply,  the orator,  knows the twenty third  Psalm,  but the country preacher, he knows the Shepard  and his words,  while he quoted the twenty third Psalm had  real meaning.
  Words must continue to have meaning or they be come empty because those who hear them know  they mean nothing. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

That's My Kind Of Job!

  Well Christmas is well on the way, the stores are all buzzing with crazy people trying to get those special deals you can only get if you camp out in some department store parking lot at least two days before anyone else gets there. Once your inside, if  you can get your special priced electronic toy without getting trampled to death or if  you don't trample someone yourself,  I guess you can survive and make it through Christmas. I must say however, Christmas must be a terrible time to be out of work unless you got laid off from the recently bankrupt solar company called Solyndra. Did you hear the great news? Well let me tell you! it seems that our government has once again,  asked American taxpayers to step up and in the spirit of giving, I guess, pony up something called a Trade Adjustment Assistance package for the 1100 workers at Solyndra. What it amounts to is 14.3 million dollars. That means that every person who got laid of at Solyndra will receive 13000 dollars a piece, all courtesy, of  the  American taxpayer.I guess the former employees at Solyndra are going to have themselves, a Merry little Christmas. The government seems to feel, that the laid off workers need this money for their personal expenses and new job training.
  Let me, get this straight.first, the government ask the American taxpayers, to guarantee a loan from the government for 535 million dollars. The Solyndra solar  company  then fails  in their attempt to compete with China because China is able to produce solar panels faster and cheaper than Solynda can. The company then goes bankrupt. The American taxpayer then,  is asked to give each one  of the former Solyndra employees 13000 dollars a piece for their personal expenses, and new job training. Wow! that's my kind of job!  I have to ask all of the American tax payers however, aren't you glad not every laid off person in America, has a job like that? I suppose it's a good thing they don't  at least, not yet! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I Want It Now.

  I heard a joke one time that seems to sum up much of America's philosophy today. A person was praying to God, asking for patience the prayer went something like this God I want patience, and I want it right now! I think a lack of patience has been a problem for many Americans for some time now. Here is what I mean. President Obama decided,  all Americans,  should have health care. Did he patiently,  wait until a thoughtful and affordable bill could be put together? No,  the President wanted to pass His health care bill as quickly as possible while he had his sixty votes in the Senate and could avoid a filibuster. The President got his wish but the American people may now,  pay the price for it. for now many are now waiting for businesses to hire employees but most of them won't because they want to wait to see what the cost of the new health care law will do  to their business. President Obama, wanted America to invest in new sources of energy, and he wanted to do it now. The Government,  invested  535 million dollars in  a solar company named Solyndra. Solyndra,  was unable to match solar panel production with China so Solyndra,  went bankrupt. I guess America's  taxpayer's will now, forever wait, to be paid back by the government. President Obama sought instant economic relief for Americans so in 2009 he rushed through an 887 billion dollar economic stimulus package once again in a bill few if any in government took time to read. Now, almost three years later unemployment is still nine point one percent and 15 to 18 million Americans are out of work hoping to keep their  homes as they wait for things to get better. The government decided that everyone deserved and should have a home now  so, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, told banks  to give home loans,  to just about anyone and not even wait to see if  the people who were asking for the home loans could safely afford to pay them back. Now, many Americans have lost both their jobs and their homes and again,  they are forced to wait for the times to get better.
  Now, President Obama says, we can't wait Congress,  must pass his jobs bill now. The bill,  is in reality, just another economic stimulus package. The bill most likely, hasn't been  and won't be read and if passed will most certainly, add to America's now, 15 trillion dollar debt. This seems rather curious to me. President Obama seems to think,  that the nation's national debt is the one thing that can wait. This is most certainly,  demonstrated by the recent  failure of the super committee. I believe however,  that the nations debt is the one thing that must be dealt with and the time to do that is now, as always, my friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Choice

  On this Thanksgiving Day, I realize, I have so much to be grateful for. a few days a ago my daughter, ask me a question which I will admit to you, I found very difficult to answer. What was her question? She simply asked me , "Daddy, why do people place their parents in nursing homes"? I told her many people are unable to take care of their parents, in the way that they need to be cared for and often,  there is no one to watch their parents because everyone is busy working so the nursing home is a place where older folks who need extra can get. and then the families of these people, can come for a visit and  look in on them to check and see if they are being cared for properly and make sure they're okay.  Thinking that my answer would satisfy my daughter,I turned  to continue working on my computer. My daughter  came back later and said ,"Daddy, I heard many of the nursing homes don't really do a good job taking care of peoples parents, is that because they don't know them? Yes, I said, then she said doesn't anyone love them anymore yes I said but there children are busy and it's hard to find time to see them all the time, then she said,  "Is that why they fell so lonely and forgotten"? I told my daughter, "Yes, honey I'm sure that's why. My daughter then said to me, "Don't worry daddy, I love you and mommy so much you can live with me forever." I had to leave the room then, because I didn't want my daughter to see me weep.
  The truth is,  this type of heart wrenching choice, has to be made far too often in our American society today. I am also concerned with certain aspects of  President Obama's health care law. The idea that a group of strangers on some board can decide, if  you should live or die based on whether you or your medical insurance can afford to pay for the medicines or procedures to treat you, and if they decide that the treatments are too expensive,  then they just give you medicine too make you comfortable  and then I guess wherever you are at that point, you then decide,  how and where you want to be when you pass a way.
  Speaking for my self, I hope the Supreme Court finds President Obama's health care law unconstitutional. Personally, I don't think the government should force anyone, to purchase health care and I definitely, don't want the government telling me by my health and financial circumstances how when or where I should pass away. that is a choice that should be left in the hands of my loving family and I and the God we worship and believe in.As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's All About The Bucks!

  I was talking on the phone last night to a friend of mine. He is an old friend  from my college days in Lynchburg Virginia. We we talking about, different presidents  in U S history. My friend reminded  me that President Harry S. Truman said" The buck stops here." and then I said, 'President Truman was certainly a lot different than President Obama, he just passes the buck" I believe this really sums up much of  President Obama's Presidency at least to this point anyway.
  I think I can make this point by simply,  reviewing certain key points in  Obama's first three years as President. Do you remembered how he handled the  drawing up the health care bill? The president left the details of the health care bill to Then,  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader,  Harry Reid. We all know,  what a fine job they did! Nancy Pelosi,  understood the health care bill so well that she told  Americans,' We have to pass the bill to know what's it it.' How could anyone know what was in the bill when it was  more than clear,  no one had taken the time to read the bill. well the health care bill became law and the American people still,  to this day,  don't really know whats in the health care law. What about the debate on the debt ceiling? President Obama, only got involved at the last moment, and then blamed the House Republicans, when the Democrats in the Senate were upset with President because he was forced to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years instead of  letting  them expire at the end of 2010 the President, agreed with this,  in order to get an increase on the debt ceiling. Then there is the smashing success of the so called,  super committee that was nothing more than a super failure. The President was once again, missing in action I guess,  presidential leadership,  is not the Presidents strongest suit.
  President Obama,  unlike President Truman, apparently, doesn't care where the buck stops, as long as he can pass it but if President Obama can't pass the buck heaven know, he sure likes to spend it! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's Left To Be Thankful For?

  Well let's see, America is fifteen trillion dollars in debt, unemployment still stands at nine point one percent, the super committee was a super failure, the Republicans and the Democrats seemed determined to remain hopelessly dead locked at least till the next election, our nations credit rating is on the verge of  being down graded again Greece is on the verge of total collapse the stock market is a roller coaster at best, and if all that weren't enough,  Iran, is just months away from being a major nuclear threat and after the holidays, President Obama says,  those Americans who are working will have less money in their  paychecks because Congress won't pass his American jobs Act bill..  At this point some may ask, what's left to be thankful for at this time of thanksgiving?
  I realize times are hard for many right now, but let's see, if there are still things to be grateful for in America..Well, if your unemployed right now, be grateful for food stamps and unemployment benefits some in America,  have had unemployment benefits for three years now due to many extensions. I promise you, there are people in many third world countries not only don't have a job, but they've never heard of unemployment benefits or food stamps many, in the poorest countries are just hoping to find enough to eat. There are still many churches in this country who have food pantries to help the needy. Despite all the talk of hard times the department stores,  are still full of early bird Christmas shoppers who in just a few days on black Friday,  which is commonly referred to as the day after Thanksgiving, people will nearly kill each other in order to get the best deal or the latest big screen television, or some other electronic wonder. I still see many restaurant parking lots that are over crowded with cars and often many people still have to wait to be seated. Most Americans, will sit down on Thanksgiving Day and eat more food in one meal than many in Africa or Haiti will eat in a month or more all while watching football in safe comfortable houses and even if your house is going through foreclosure you can still apply for low income housing.
  The truth is for all  the problems many are experiencing in America, America is still the greatest place on earth to live and speaking just for my self, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Enjoy your turkey on Thanksgiving Day. I'm sure if your like me,  you'll gobble it down. always by grateful and thankful for the many blessings we as Americans are able to enjoy everyday, remember we as Americans, have experienced blessing that many in other countries can only dream about. As always my friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Can One Person Really Make A Difference?

  I was talking to my uncle recently, I was telling him how I felt about  certain things going on in our government today and suddenly,  he said, "I don't worry about anything because,  I've heard it all before, and both the Democrats and the Republicans will promise change just to get elected and then once they get into office, both parties,  will basically ignore,  the will of the American people,  and do basically, do what they want to do anyway.' The sad truth is,  I think to a great existent  my uncle is right. Many people seem to feel this way, and I can understand why many in America today, are  rather indifferent at the idea of any real change. At this very moment, the so called super committee, is in a hopeless dead lock because the Republicans, want to cut taxes, and  the Democrats,  want to raise raise them, and it seems it's been that way,  since the birth of this nation or at least as long as there have been Republicans and Democrats.
  I am not surprised then when people ask, why should I care what happens in this country after all,  what difference does it really make? Well some  may not agree with me, but I would like to offer an answer to that question. First,  we must define difference. When President Obama, was elected he made a huge difference. He expanded the national debt by some three and a half trillion dollars a trillion, is a number with twelve zeros behind it. I wanted to give you some perspective on just how much money one trillion dollars really is. Now, all you have to do is realize,  that  President Obama,  has spent more money in the first three years of  his Presidency then America's first forty one Presidents did combined. This means in history, you could go from President  George Washington, to President George Bush the elder, and add up all the money America spent for 216 years and you still would not have spent as much money has President Obama has in just three years. I have to admit that quite a difference to make in America but I don't think it is a positive beneficial difference.
  Secondly, how does one make a positive difference? I will tell you now, it won't be easy because the kind of change I'm referring to will be painful to make it will involve a certain amount of sacrifice and sacrifice has become something of a lost art in America. except in the case of  the poorest of us in America but even those who are seemingly below the poverty line often have computers cell phones and two cars in their garage. Let me ask you would you be willing to sell your second car and put that money into a savings account? Would you be willing for a while to eat two meals a day instead of three and take the money you save,  and put it into your savings? and these a just small sacrifices  but Americans must be willing to make some. Finally, I would say  this,  it is always easier to curse the darkness rather than light a candle and even if one person's individual efforts don't make an apparent difference in the short run, that doesn't mean it won't in the long run. to those of you who think that  you have sought political change for too long now with no results think of the future generations who will live after you. what kind of America would you have grown up in if your great grandparents would have felt the way you do now? Speaking just for myself, I would rather speak  out when I can stay informed about things which will effect the country I live in. I would rather live my whole life trying to make a difference and fail,  than reach a point in my life where I thought I has now earned the right to no longer even try.. Sometimes,  the best way to a difference is just to  decide to make one.  I hope this blog,  I write will offer hope,  and inspiration  to all who may read it  to continue to strive to make a positive difference in my county if only for the sake of  those who will come after me. I will never retire from patriotism,  and political awareness and involvement.  To me, striving to make a difference is the essence of what makes America so great. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

No One Is Above The Law. Oh Really?

  I've been seeing and hearing a lot about, Peter Schweizer's new book,  Throw Them All Out on the news lately. As I understand it, Peter Scheizer's book,  shows documented proof,  that many of our well known  politicians including, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the former,  Speaker of the House,  Nancy Pelosi, as well as Democratic Senator,  John Kerry,  were able to have access to certain inside  information on certain stocks,  that you  and I,  as regular citizens,  with no political connections, would not be able to have. The book seems to suggest, that these and other well known politicians, were able to buy or sell off stocks  at specific times based, on information obtained,  through various committee meetings on the financial  condition of  certain companies on the stock market.
  Mr. Schweizer,  seems to stop short at suggesting, anyone did anything illegal. His point seems to be,  that although what these politicians did,  may not have been illegal because of certain political loopholes,  that seems to make politicians exempt from the normal rules on stocks and trading in general, these political loopholes give those in government, an  unfair advantage,  that a regular citizen would not have  and in fact,  if a regular citizen,  were to secure some of this same information, and were caught by the federal Securities and  Exchange Commission,  they could possibly,  go to prison,  for insider trading. Mr. Schweizer, seems to think,  this seems unfair, and  if his facts,  are accurate and are to be believed, I would tend to agree.
  Consider this, I am not, a particular fan of  Martha Stewart, but I know, there are a good number of women who are. Martha Stewart,  went to prision in 2004 she was convited  of  lying about, the details, of certain stocks she sold, and served  five months in prison  and five more months under  house arrest,  where she was monitored with an electronic ankle braclet  and even after that part, of  her sentence  was over, she was still, on some type of probation, for a year. The truth may be, that  Martha Stewart was guilty of nothing more then doing what many of our politicians do quite often.
  I submit  to you, when  I consider the present level of  political coruption in our nation's government, the title of  Peter Schweizer;s book seems more than appropriate. I do believe,   that no one,  should  be above the law. Thomas Jefferson, expressed it this way,  in the following quote, "Tyranny, is defined as, that which is legal for the government, but illegal, for the citizenry All Americans, are supposed, to be guaranteed  equal justice under the law. I  guess some,  are more equal, than others. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Waiting For A Perfect Person In Politics? Enjoy Your Wait.

  Like many of you, I am listening, to all the political debates I can, and trying to catch every soundbite to see if I can learn anything new about each candidate who is running for the Republican nomination for President. I have noticed something lately,  in the area of politics that deeply concerns me. There seems to be,  this notion in politics that suggest, that if  one  can't find a perfect candidate, then perhaps one should not,  vote for anyone. To those of you,  who may feel that way, I would submit to you, if your waiting to find a perfect candidate to vote for in the world of politics today, I would have to say to you,  enjoy your wait! I don't think you'll be voting for anyone,  anywhere, anytime soon.
  To me, it is a wonder that anyone,  would even want to enter,  the political arena. Why would I say that you ask?  Here's why, the moment,  that someone announces, that they are running for something, those, who would run against that person, will stop at nothing to dig up dirt on that  person, and use it  against them. So, if  you enter politics,  know this, everything you ever said , did,  or in some cases, even thought, practically,  from the moment you drew your first breath will be gone over with a fine tooth comb and if  there is any area of your life where you may have missed the mark so to speak, that weakness or that mistake, will be exposed and used against you.
  Look, being a person of good character, with a good name, and an honest reputation, is to be both desired and commended in politics or in any, area for that matter. I would suggest to you however, that being a person of good character, doesn't necessarily mean you've never done a bad or at least, an   unwise thing,  in your life. As you  consider some ones character don't ask has this person led a perfect life? The question should be, has this person learned from  their  mistakes,  and made the changes necessary to earn your trust. I would  submit to you if you feel the answer to that question is yes than give the candidate running the benefit of being a good person who has learned from their mistakes and go a head and vote for them. After all, let him without sin,  cast the first stone. As always my friends these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, November 18, 2011

So, Americans are too lazy, Really?

  You might have seen in the news recently, it seems President Obama, thinks America, or rather, Americans, have grow a bit lazy. you might also remember about a month ago, President Obama said he thought America as a nation, had grown a little soft meaning,  we as Americans, just don't work as hard as we once did, and therefore we can't compete,  with China or Japan, or Germany, or one of the  other more civilized nations in Europe. As a matter of fact, Republican Presidential candidate, Governor,  Rick Perry,  has an campaign add asking Americans,basically, if we like the fact that President Obama, considers America,  a nation,  that is full of  lazy people. Governor Perry, doesn't seem to agree with President Obama's,  assessment of America's work ethic.and for the record, neither do I.
  I feel the time has come, as an American, who lives in,  and loves this country,  to point a few things out, to President Obama, right now, the Congress, has a nine percent approval rating, the Senate hasn't passed a budget in over 930 days, And just today I hear the House,  failed to pass a bill that would have put an amendment in the Constitution to balance the federal budget. And President Obama wants to call Americans lazy excuse me? President Obama, has already taken more trips,  and vacations,  and played more Gulf, and basketball in his first three years at the White House then President George Bush did in his entire Presidency. Remember that all expense paid trip to Spain That First Lady Michelle Obama took back in August of 2010 ? The  entire trip complete with full secret Service security was all paid for by  American taxpayers, and Americans are lazy,  and want to live too  well,  or too  easy excuse me? Attorney General Eric Holder, botches up a serious government gun running operation like Fast and Furious, and gets rewarded with an  an all expense paid trip to the Caribbean, for five days,  on the American taxpayers dime all in the name of  Law enforcement, and Americans are lazy excuse me? President Obama's  Secretary of Energy,  Steven Chu,  guarantees a 535 million dollar loan,  all backed by the American taxpayer, to the  Solyndra solar company then,  the company goes bankrupt and the American taxpayer is left holding the bag, and you want to call Americans , lazy Mr. President, excuse me?
  I don't think Americans,  need any more  lectures, from the President, about how lazy they are right now,  President Obama's personal pals,are protesting on Wall Street Yes many of them are lazy but remember,  President Obama,  understands, their frustrations, and their hardships so I guess it's okay, if the want to be lazy, and instead of using their energy,  to look for a job, instead they use drugs sexually assault women, and do other lewd acts in public yet, these are the people President Obama wants to support, but he calls most of the rest of Americans lazy? Give me a break! Mr. President, if their are certain Americans who have grown lazy it's because your liberal government hand out policies have helped to make them that way. As far as Americans getting soft is concerned, I think the only thing getting  soft is,  President Obama's head! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Solyndra, Obama Bites Off More Than He Can Chu.

  Today President Obama's Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, had his turn in the political hot seat. I have to give Secretary Chu, some credit at least, he was willing to take full responsibility for all the decisions made at the solar company known as Solyndra including,  personally, guaranteeing, the 535 million dollar loan made to Solyndra. Secretary  Chu said he made all the decisions at Solynda with the taxpayer in mind, and he went on to say, at no time, did he make any decisions,  based,  on political considerations. I suppose, the   memo,  where the White House asked the Solyndra company,  to hold off  laying employees off, until after the 2010 election, and the fact that the  layoffs did indeed,  occur,  on November 3, 2010 just one day,  after the election couldn't possibly, be considered,  a political consideration. Secretart Chu, made all of these statements, under oath, to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, not that, that fact alone, should necessarily, assure anyone,  that he told the complete truth.
  Whatever, one may think of Secretary Chu, at least, he was willing to take responsibility, for his own actions.  President Obama, seems to have a serious problem taking responsibility for anything,  and that has been a persistent problem,  for him,  for the last three years. Like, President Obama, in  2009, and former, Vice President Gore, in 2007, current Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, was awarded the Nobel Peace  Prize in 1997,  for his work,  in physics,  in in the area of  the  cooling of atoms,  with laser light.There is I think, one key difference, between President Obama and Vice President Gore. Secretary Chu, actually earned, his Nobel Peace Prize I do realize, however, that President Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to push the philosophy, that peace should  be achieved, through peaceful negotiation with world leaders. Heaven knows,  President Obama, has always,  been good at talking, his doing, however, well, that's another matter. Vice Preident Gore,  received his Nobel Peace  Prize, for his work,  in the area of global warming, Personally, I haven't warmed up to that idea yet but I will admit,  I have always,  considered Vice President Gore, to be full, of hot air.
  Whatever the real truth may be, the likelyhood, that the  American taxpayers,  will ever be paid back seems remote at best. I suppose,  it is a good thing,  Secretary Chu,  has a lot of experience keeping things cool, because that particular prospect, of never paying American taxpayers back,   made the members of the House  Energy,  and Commerce Committee very, HOT! indeed. I guess you could say will it comes to the now, bankrupt, solar  company called,  Solendra, the only things  that got heated  were,  the tempers,  of the members of the House Energy,  and Commerce Committee, and the political hot seat, Secretary Chu, found himself  in today. I suppose, that's what happens, when the Government,  bites off,  more than it can Chu! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CEO's Mac, I Mae, Be Ready, To Throw You Out, Out On Your Fannie!

  Well, I heard on the news today, some very interesting numbers regarding,  Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. It seems,  that Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae, have done a bit of math,  and after the government provides,  thirteen point five billion dollars for general operating cost, and twelve point seven million dollars, to pay bonus money to Fannie, and Freddie"s top CEO's that for a mere, additional, two hundred forty billion dollars more, both Fannie, and  Freddie,  will be able to stay a float, till at least. 2014. You know of course, that more than likely, both Fannie, and Freddie, will ask the government for more money sometime, in 2014, if not, before then.
  Here's some more good news for you, then nation's national debt, well it just hit a new all time high of a mere,  fifteen trillion dollars, don't worry, I,m sure, the super committee, will come up with a deal to reduce the nations federal deficient by one point five trillion dollars over the next ten years after all, they still have about a week right? I have to say, sometimes, I don't know when the government is going to wake up, and smell the coffee, America, is just one loan from China short, of  bankruptcy.
  I really wonder at times, just how much longer America, can economically, survive, as a nation, When you think that you could give the entire population of America, some, 311 million people a million dollars each and still haven't paid even one trillion dollars of our national debt never mind 15 trillion. I have no desire to be like certain other countries of the world, that I've  heard so much about in the news lately. My apologies, to that hit movie from 1978, staring John Travolta, and Olivia Newton John, but I don't want America to become financially insolvent, in other words, you might say, Greece is not the the word. America, needs to wake up and Soon, I have a feeling it's much later than we think. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

39 Say Resign Fast, And He's Furious

  As I continue to track the political fall out from the botched government operation called Fast and Furious, I heard on the news that no less than thirty nine members of the House of  Representatives are now calling for Attorney General,  Eric Holder. to resign. Although I highly doubt, that it will actually, happen, if only because, Attorney General  Holder,  is a personal friend,  and a personal appointee, of  President Obama. The President,  realizes, that if he buckles,  under the political  pressure, and ask for Attorney General Holder's resignation, he will be admitting in essence, both the lack of  transparency in his administration something he promised, and the profound,  failure,  of  his judgement as President in general.
  More problems politically speaking,  may be on the horizon for the Obama administration in addition to his political difficulties with Fast  and Furious, which apparently none in President Obama's administration, thought very hard and long about,, now, there is at least some doubt as to how smooth,the confirmation hearing for United States Court of Appeals nominee, Kevin Ohlson may be, the Senate seems to be reconsidering Ohlson's nomination.
  Regardless,  how all of this works out, if  the Republicans, are watching and listening I see some great negative campaign adds,  that could be run, in the 2012 Presidential election. President Obama's economic policies have been an outstanding failure. How's that for an oxy moron? Well,  we are discussing, President Obama's  apparent over all  lack,  of economic wisdom and sound,  judgement. I'm sure in the minds of some, he has often seemed,  a bit moronic, so, I guess the shoe fits! As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Republicans, Don't Count Your Chickens Just Yet.

  I saw on the news today, the Supreme Court has decided, they will hear the case and decide, if the health care mandate, is constitutional. I want to think, that with twenty six states, wanting to have the health care over turned, that there's a pretty good chance, that the Supreme Court will indeed, over turn, the health care bill. I would issue, this word of warning however, the Supreme Court, is often, unpredictable, and you have to realize, that President Obama's legal team, will  pull out,  all the stops !  President Obama, is not, going to give up, the so called, crowning achievement,  of his Presidency,  without a long,  hard,  legal, fight. I know the President, is trying to go around the  Congress,  by issuing, a series, of executive orders, he is also refusing,  to comply,  with subpoenas regarding certain Solynda documents siting, executive privilege. I realize President Obama, is no king, but lately, he has been, a real, royal pain in the neck.and I don't see him changing these political tactics, anytime soon.
  I want to also, caution, the Republican Party, not to get over confident, that President Obama, will lose in his attempt, to win reelection. Remember, he has a political war chest that is almost, unlimited. and the President,  intends, to raise one billion dollars for his reelection campaign, and with all of the Hollywood liberals, and certain rich fat cats on Wall street squarely, in President Obama's pocket, I think it's more than a good bet he will raise one billion dollars. I certainly, would not put it past, the President, and certain key Democrats, to promise their  supporters,  almost anything, just, to get reelected, and we all know, politicians would never, try to buy a vote right? Yeah,  right, and I believe, in the tooth fairy, too!
  Look, it's not going to be easy, the American people are going to really have to how up at the polls in November. I believe, they will if,  the Republicans, can show the American people, what,  four more years, of the President, who would be king, could be like. Remember, if  President Obama manages, to get reelected, he then, will have nothing politically, to loose, and in his next term, since he can't run again, the President, will no doubt, be far more liberal, then he was in his first term as President. The American people, will have to ask themselves, do they really want for more years, of  President Obama's liberal policies. Don't get me wrong, I believe, President Obama, can be beaten, but only, if the Republicans, don't take the next election for granted. The Republicans, no doubt, are going to have, quite, a political fight on their hands. There is one thing I am sure of, The Republicans, are about to engage, in the most important political fight of their lives, and they would do well, to both, remember, and respect the political strength of  President Obama,  and the Democratic Party.Time, will ultimately, tell, on election day, who's political will, is strongest among  the American people.  As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

  Well, it's that time of year again I saw my first  Christmas lights,  going up in our neighborhood last night. My wife tells me,  the stores,  have all their  Christmas decorations  up,  and some stores,  are having special Christmas deals, even before Thanksgiving,  I guess,  the stores,  are trying to stimulate,  the economy a little earlier,  this year,  to make up for the lack of consumer spending from January to September.
  There is a growing problem in this country however,  that I find most, disturbing. There  seems to be more than a reluctance,  to say the words , Merry  Christmas. Someone, may say,  Happy holidays, or Seasons Greetings, but not, Merry Christmas, I wonder why? After all, Christmas, is a legal, holiday. President, Ulysses, S Grant, signed the bill, that made Christmas, a federal holiday, June 28, 1870. I think I may know why, you can't seem to wish your friends, a Merry Christmas. First, there is this huge problem, with all things that need to be politically correct. You, can't exclude any other religions, when you greet them. therefore, if you see a person of  Jewish faith, you say,  Happy Hanukkah, if you run into an African American, then you must greet them, with,  Happy Quanza, and if your not sure of  a person's  faith or heritage, I guess, you have to greet them with as many greetings,  as  you are aware of  however,  if  you use this method, to greet someone, it could take,   twenty minutes, or more, just to say, hello our goodbye during the holiday season. I suppose, that's why, it's easier, to say, Happy Holidays. Secondly, and perhaps, more importantly, there is an overwhelming desire in this country, to remove any sense of God, or religion, from our culture, here in America.
  Well, I'll tell you, right now, I am not going to do anything to help that to happen, Saying Merry Christmas, is part of my freedom of speech, which is protected by the first amendment as outlined,  in the Constitution of the United States. I know, we have those,  who are of different faiths and cultures, and I can respect that and if  I see you this  holiday season, I will try,  to greet you the way you would wish for me to however, should I forget, and offend you, because I didn't greet you correctly remember  this, you live in America,  and here a lot of us enjoy,  saying,  have a Merry Christmas, should you find this greeting offensive, perhaps you should live where they will greet you,  according,  to that which is your custom. Speaking just for myself, I intend, to always make a conscience effort,  to keep Christ, in Christmas, and in the words of tiny Tim of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, I say,  God, bless us, everyone! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State a scandal Beyond Tragic

  The scandal that surrounds Penn State,is such a disgusting tragedy, I can barely find the words to describe it. I will admit, that I am not a huge football fan in general, but I did enjoy, attending  football games in my college days.Now, I don't know if I will ever think of college football,  the same way again. I am sad, for coach Joe Paterno it is a terrible way to end a legendary coaching career.I can only imagine how devasted,  he must feel. I know many of the students are very upset because coach Patero,  was fired. I have to say however,  he did it to himself, and the students have to realize what happened here.
  This scandal has been going on for more than ten years, Joe Paterno, may have reported it to members of his staff, but he should have followed up on it. He had a moral responsibility, to see to it,  that this situation was delt with if coach Patero,  would have made it a point to investigate this tragic situation,  when it was first brought to his attention, the lives of at least eight boys, might not have been  all but emotionally, destroyed. The fact,  that Mike Mcqueary,  witnessed a sexual assult on one of the boys by Jerry Sandusky, but only reported  it to other members of the staff assuming, they would report it to the proper authorities I have to ask,  has anybody ever heard of personal responsibility here?
 What the students need to realize is the everlasting  damage,  that has been done to at least,  eight boys, and one has to wonder how many do we not even know about yet?  What about the parents? do you really think their lives will ever be the same again? Let's face it,  the reputation of  Penn State, as a University is now tainted,  and it may take years to recover. Think about it,  as a parent,  would you ever send your young boy,  to Pen State's summer football camp? I have to say, I wouldn't The students need to realize foot ball is still,  for all it's hype,  just a game, . and no amout of fame,  or glory,  or money will ever repair the permanant psychological damage that has been done to at least eight innocent boys,  even though some of those boys,  may be men now, I can assure you,  their lives will never be the same again and the memory of this tragedy,  will stay with them now, and forever. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Do Your Words Match Your Deeds?

  Well, if you watch the news, no doubt you have seen the clip that high lites Governor Perry's recent memory lapse, at the last debate. I have to hand it , to the news media, they have made it their personal mission in life, to play that clip so many times, that the viewing  public, couldn't possibly, forget it.I know I counted, the number of times I saw that clip played on the news, or on  the various news programs, and I lost count after about,  fifteen times. I believe it is now more than apparent, that Governor Perry's skills in a debate, are at best, a bit lacking, and at worst,  perhaps non existent.I think it is more than safe to say, Governor perry, will not be the Republican nominee for President. The Republicans, feel, that they will need someone who is  more adept, at the art of debate. Speaking just for myself, I think, former, Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, would  be the most qualified candidate, to go  up,  against President Obama in a debate. I suppose, we'll just have to wait and see who the Republican Party, decides, to select.
  I think Governor Perry however, makes a valid point, when he says, if you want a President, who is great, when it comes to a debate, don't vote for him. In fact, if you want a President who is skilled, in the area of debate, well, America,  has a current, President, who expresses himself very well,  in a debate. I have heard President Obama give some awe inspiring speeches especially, when he was running for President in 2008 but, let me ask you something, no matter how eloquent the words, may be spoken, if a president's deeds, betray his words his promises are still just as broken. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words,to think on.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

To Proud To Say I'm Sorry.

  My father, once told me, any man can be wrong about something,  and as a result, make a mistake, but you will soon find out the measure of a man, if  he is willing to admit he was wrong,  and then apologize, for his mistake,  and promise to learn from it. I think, that was good advice, and I do my best, to remember it, and, live by it.
  On Tuesday, I was watching the news, Attorney General Eric Holder,  was appearing before, the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was being questioned, about, both,  his knowledge of,  and or, his direct, involvement in,  the government  operation known as Fast and Furious. I continued listening to the hearing, and, I was amazed as I heard Senator John Cornyn from Texas, ask Attorney General, Eric Holder, if he had apologized, to the Terry family for the mistakes made in the  government  operation Fast and Furious which ultimately, led to the boarder patrolman Brian Terry's death. The Attorney General's answer to that question certainly, indicated to me, what kind of man he was, or wasn't. Not only, had  Attorney General Eric Holder, not apologized, to the Terry family, he accepted, no responsibility,  for any part of the  government  operation that had, gone, so  terribly, wrong. When Senator, Cornyn, gave Attorney General, Holder, the oppertunity, to formally, and publically, accept at least a portion, of the responsibility,  for the botched,  Fast and Furious government operation that had caused boarder patrolman, Terry's death, he refused, to do so. The Attorney general, went on to say, that though he regretted boarder patrolman Terry's death, he did not feel he, or his department, should be blamed in any way for Terry's death.
  I'm sure, Brian Terry's family, really, appreciated, Attorney General Holder's sincere, and heart felt, apology. I'm sure, his words of contrition and remorse, will  help  fill  the never ending emptiness, that Brian Terry's family will forever feel. I can only imagine, how empty Christmas will feel, for the Terry family, not only this year,  but  for  many years to come. Sadly, the only way Brian Terry came home, was in a pine box.
  I am not,  Attorney General Holden's ultimate judge, but I can give you, my accessment, of his character or perhaps his lack of character. I find it rather difficult to think of Attorney  General has a true man, in any sense, of the word. Where I come from,  a real man, accepts   responsibilty for his actions, and openly acknowledges, his mistakes, and tries very hard to learn from them. There is one thing I am sure of  Attorney General Eric Holden, is not, the man, my  father was. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Is There Not A Cause?

  The right, to conduct a peaceful protest to demonstrate or show how you feel about a tax, or a war or some other government policy you don't agree with it  is a fundamental part of the foundation that built this great nation we call America. You might even say, there would be no America, if there had been no protest. The Tea Party, we have heard so much about, especially since 2010, derives it's name from the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773. For those who don't know this part of our American history I will try to give you  just the  basic details.
  Beginning,  on March 22, 1765 King George the Third of England, passed the Stamp Act basically,  the king, imposed,  a tax on any printed material  produced by the British colonies. This meant  every legal document, or magazine,  any news paper,  had to be stamped with a British revenue stamp. The colonies had no representation in the British Parliament to speak for them. The Stamp Act,  was soon followed by the Tea Act,  first imposed, by King George the Third, of England on May 10, 1773.
  Basically, the Tea Act was a tax on all tea produced by the colonies. It seems the colonies had begun to smuggle in tea from other sources besides the East Indian Company which was the company owned by England. Each time the colonies found cheaper ways to import and export tea the king's East India Company lost money so, the king,  simply placed a tax on all tea  produced  and exported by the colonies. Basically. the king was saying to the colonies, you will buy your tea from my East Indian company or you will pay a tax,  to receive your tea from any where else. A public out cry, sprang up from the colonies, They expressed their feeling by yelling in protest,  no taxation, without representation!  The colonies, wanted to have a voice in the British Parliament, someone, who could speak on the colonies behalf and thus,  voice their displeasure,  over what the colonies considered to be  unfair,  and unjust,  taxes. The king,  was not interested, in what the colonies thought about anything! To King George,  the colonies were the property of England,  and they existed  only, to make money for the king. The colonies,  as you might imagine,  didn't see it quite this way, and finally, the colonies ran out of patience after years of being ignored, on December 16, 1773 the colonies revolted.  Many of the men,  dressed as Indians, stopped,  British ships from unloading their tea on the docks instead, the men from the colonies, began dumping,  huge crates of British tea in the water, of the Boston Harbor, the event became known as the Boston Tea Party, it is this protest which eventually, led to the American Revolution, and the birth of a new nation, the United States of America.
  Now, that's what I call, a successful protest! Many of you, already knew that story, and, I realize  that. Although, it might surprise you, how many high school seniors, could not tell you that story, in fact, it's a safe bet many students in many of our public inner city schools,  have never even been taught that part of our American heritage. That discussion, however, is for another day.
  Contrast, now, the present, protest called Occupy Wall Street,  with the protest of 1773, that was the Boston Tea Party. First, to be fair I get it, many of the protesters at least in the beginning were speaking out against the banks on Wall Street who had been bailed out with huge amounts of the American taxpayer's money. Well, they have made that point very clear for several weeks now. So, why are they still there? Well, I think many of those who started the protest have now left, and went back to their daily lives. They made their statement, and then realized they had a life that they needed to go on living, if only because, they had certain other responsibilities to take care of. The people that remain there now,  are basically, people who were looking for a good reason to drop out of society in the first place, and this movement largely financed by unions, with political agendas, became the perfect way for them to do just that.
  I didn't  like many, of the Berkley, sit In's of the late 1960's I  will admit to you however, I only read about those particular protest but, even if I didn't agree, with some of the methods used,  to express those protest, at least, I understood why they  were protesting I suppose,  it depends, on how you view the Vietnam  war  as to whether, you think those who marched against it, accomplished, anything.  I do know,  that war, almost ripped this  country a part, but at least the protesters,  felt they had a cause to fight for. If you ask any one of the protester's on Wall Street what they are trying to accomplish I'm sure you'll get many different answers, frankly, most of the protesters on Wall street now, simply remind me of spoiled, over grown children, who are just throwing a big temper tantrum, because their daddy, the government won't give them everything they want for free,  for  many,  who are now protesting on Wall Street, it's not, that they don't have,  or can't find a job. Many, of the protesters, want the government to give them   free money so they won't even have to bother looking for a job in the first place! I know this one thing for sure, if  I ever decide to protest something. I'm going to make sure I know why, I'm protesting, and I will ask my self, this one all important question, is, there not, a cause? In today's English, what, am I protesting, or fighting for. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Mark Of Cain

  For those of you, who go to church, and Sunday school. I'm sure you remember from the Bible the story about the mark that God placed on Cain after Cain killed his brother Abel. For those who may not know this story, you can find it in the book of Genesis, chapter four verse ten. God put a mark on Cain and whatever that mark was, it told all who would seek to kill Cain for the murder of Abel, not to seek vengeance  because God decided it was better for Cain to live so he would always remember just how final it is when you take a life.
  I told this story to make another point, I sure by now you have heard or seen the news and frankly, the news is not good for Herman Cain. First, we have three women, who can't or won't identify themselves accuse, Mr. Cain of sexual harassment. Now, another woman has come forward and we can see her,  and we know her name Sharon Bialek,  if you saw the news you heard,  and  know,  the lured, details at least according,  to Miss, Bialek. She says, he said,  he did remember  her. Mr. Cain says, He never met her. Who is telling the truth? I don't know. I watch  the news, and it now appears Mr. Cain has obtained legal counsel. I know that is what I would do,  if I were being accused of something I did not do. I hope Mr. Cain will  ask the Resturant Association,  to relase the documents that supposedly,  clear him,  of any wrong doing,  as far as the three unidentied women are concerned . No doubt, this couse of action would go a long way to put this matter to rest. Mr. Cain should be able to requst the documents that clear him, without revealing the names of the women who wish to remain, unidentified. When it comes to Miss Bialek, I think if I were Mr.Cain, I'd make Gloria Allred,  prove  Miss Bialek's  aliegations,   in court.Mr. Cain has nothing to fear if he is an innocent man, if it can be proven,  that he is guilty however,  then,  the American people,  need to know that. I at this point, still tend,  to give Mr. Cain the benefit of the doubt, I find it hard to belive he could fool so many who know him for so many years.
  Whatever, the case may be, this matter needs to be settled as quickly as possible. as long as Mr. Cain's character remains in doubt, I think over time politically speaking, he becomes a marked man.The truth is,  the only thing,  that can deliver,  Mr. Cain from this mark of doubt,  regarding his character. Speaking just for myself, If I were Mr. Cain,  I would want to clear my name,  even more,  than running a successful campaign or possibly, winning  the Presidential nomination. Politics,  come and go, a man's good name, is worth more than that. A mark,  on a man's chacter however, with questions left unanswered,  could potenually, scar a man for life, almost like wearing, the mark of Cain. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, , to think on.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Power Of Words.

  Yesterday, my daughter ask me a question, I could not give an answer to. She simply ask,' Daddy, will America always be free?' I was not sure how to answer that question. I replied 'I sure hope so.' After some further thought, I now know,  the answer to that question. America will remain free only if the American people are willing to pay, the price and do what is often hard but necessary to keep America free. As I consider America's future, I am concerned, I fear many of America's youth,  for too long now, have  been influenced by a free, but far too permissive, society. Many, of the youth in America seem to feel,  that America, as a country, owes them everything simply because they were  fortunate enough,  to be born here. I do not blame America's youth however, for this kind of thinking,  falls right in line with what can only be described, as a liberal  point of view. It would seem,  that America has forgotten the words from one of President John F Kennedy's greatest speeches when he said, 'Ask not, what your country can do for you, but, what you can do, for your country.'
  I wondered, why much of America's youth seemed so willing,  to accept this liberal point of view. I came across these words from Thomas Paine's  pamphlet, Common Sense  published,  in 1776 he expressed, this problem, using these words, 'A long habit of thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.' I then understood, many, of America's youth have heard this type of  Liberal thinking in their schools and in America's now too permissive culture for so  long now,  they believe it,  to be true. To too  much of the youth of America, it makes perfect sense,  that America's government should provide them with everything,  at no cost to them.
  You know,  freedom, has a cost too, in fact, freedom often, comes at a heavy price. I continued reading in another of  Thomas  Paine's books called, The Crisis,  also published in 1776. Although, Thomas Paine was trying to inspire, war weary, soldiers in the early days of the American Revolution, I believe, one of his most famous quotes could be used today,  to inspire, all Americans,  who love freedom,  to have enough discipline,  to be willing,  to pay the price,  that is necessary,  to insure,  both America's  political, and economic freedom. Thomas Paine expressed the cost of freedom, with these words from his book The Crisis. He wrote,'These are the times that try men's souls.The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of men and women.'
  As I consider Thomas Paine's powerful words, words that inspired men  to continue to fight and eventually, win the American Revolution,  and secure, the freedom,  that so many, enjoy today, I pause, and ask this question. If  Americans,  are asked to accept necessary budget cuts, or if  many Americans are asked to make  personal sacrifices perhaps,  do without, some personal comforts and luxuries, will Americans be willing,  to do not, what is easy, but what is necessary to insure, both the nations political,  and economic survival. One thing is clear,  America is  surely, in the mist,  of just such a crisis. I hope,  all who would read these words,  might take heart, and remember,  the cost of freedom,  and why,  we love America,  so dearly. I am only, a simple man,  but if my words,  can inspire even one  person to fight for  America's continued,  political,  and economic freedom,  not only,  for who live today, but for the future generations to come, then,  I will know,  my words,  have made a difference,  and I have not lived in vain. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Is The Art Of Tolerance?

  Like many of you, I love America, I can honestly say, there is no other place in the world, I'd rather live. America is a free country where we as a people, are free to express our views openly,  without fear of government oppression. I would submit to you however, that this basic freedom is under attack.I have began, to notice particularly,  in this country. I ask  myself, why is it,  a person with a traditional conservative political view,  is often, thought to be old fashioned, or out of step with the more liberal progressive way of thinking. You may be surprised to learn at least, in my case,  their are some points of liberal thought I can agree with. Famous, french historian and philosopher Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire. is said to be a person whose ideas helped to shape the Age of Enlightenment. In Voltaire's Essay on Tolerance, the essence of true tolerance is often expressed with these words.  History is not clear, whether Voltaire,  actually said these exact, words but they are often attributed to him and the are the essence of his famous Essay on Tolerance they are quoted as follows, 'I disapprove of what you say  but, I will defend to the death your right to say it.' As you study history, you will find that many of Voltaire's idea's live on to today. Voltaire, was a believer in civil liberties, so am I. Voltaire,  believed in the separation of church and state. where have I heard that before? Well, to be totally accurate, the idea, of separation of church and state is certainly expressed, in the Constitution of the United States, that phase however, is actually, found, not in the Constitution of the United States but rather,  in article, 124 of the Constitution of the Union of Soviet, Socialist Republics. That's right, you will find these words in the Russian Constitution first adopted in 1918 later revised in 1936  and this phase, in article 124 was retained and to my knowledge, is still found there today.Apparently, Russia was also influenced by Voltaire's Essay on Tolerance. Russia's idea of the state is different then, what the founding fathers referred to,  in the United States Constitution. What the founding fathers meant, was simply this,  Congress was not  to seek,  to establish a state church like the Church of England had been. Americans decided, . they would be tolerant and allow each person to practice their own faith and establish their own church as they saw fit this then,  is the essence, of true tolerance.
  yes, I believe in tolerance, as long as those with a liberal political point of view,  allow political conservatives,  the  same basic freedoms,  I may not agree,  with much,  of the liberal world view,  but I freely,  acknowledge,  their right both to have,  and freely express,  that view. All I would ask, as a conservative,  is for those who are liberal,  to tolerate of my point of view. From a moral perspective, I share this traditional view regarding,  what formed,   the foundation of America's greatness. French Historian, and Political Scientist, Alexis de  Tocqueville,  visited America in the 1830's and he summed up America's greatness, with this now, famous quote 'America is great, because America, is good. If America, ceases to be good , she will cease to be great.'
  This is still true about America today, Yes, I know we must exercise, tolerance, and allow the free expression  of different ideas,  even if  we don't always agree with them. I understand, that most liberals,  in general,  form their world view,  based on human reason, accepted science,  and basically, a Humanistic philosophy.They have the right to do that, and they have the right,  to express their ideas freely. It seems,  however, that often times they  act as though,  this freedom,  applies only to the liberal point of view. All I would ask for as a Christian, with conservative political values, who still believes there is a God in the universe, and belief in that God  did and still does,  shape,  the future of America, the right,  to believe this and express this belief, for this is the essence, of true tolerance. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words,  to think on.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Presidency? Yes, Membership Has It's Privileges.

  Well, if your like me, you watch the news a great deal.. I heard that the White House, is refusing to hand over certain documents,  about the now bankrupt solar company, Solyndra.  I can't really say, I was surprised the White House made this particular decision. You know, there's nothing like a totally,  honest,  and transparent President, and thus far, President Obama has been nothing like, a totally, honest and transparent President! However, even though, President Obama's Presidency has been less than totally transparent, many of his motives,  are very transparent to me, and I can see right  through President Obama! I suspect, the White House is refusing to hand over certain,  sensitive, Solyndra documents to hide the fact they knew Solyndra was in trouble long before the company filled for Bankruptcy. I feel sure, that this was directly communicated to President Obama. Remember,  Vice President Biden, did a photo opp there. Sometimes, I think, if you want to guarantee a company will fail,  just make sure to have President Obama, or Vice President Joe Biden come for a visit,  and endorse your company, and brag about your company. Seems to me, once President Obama says your company has a bright future that's just about the time you'll be filling for bankruptcy.
  The President, will no doubt claim, executive privilege,  as a reason,  not to hand over certain documents concerning Solyndra. He will more than likely say,  that certain,  Solyndra documents must,  remain sealed for the sake of  national security  how convenient, I guess, Presidential membership has it's Privileges. This tactic I think is often, abused, however, this particular course of action is not without risk to the President remember,  he's the one,  who promised,  that his, would be a totally,  honest, and transparent Presidency. I find it easier to believe,  that pigs can fly! One thing is sure,  if  I ever go searching for truth, I won't expect President Obama, to tell it to me! The risk,  the President is taking is this, now, he or his staff,  will have to go through each and every document and show how,  they will be a risk to the nations National Security. I      feel sure,  that House Over Sight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, will find this process,  most enlightening.I just wonder, if the White House or the President,  is truly ready to answer Chairman, Issa's all too  specific, questions regarding,  Solyndra. I suppose,  if your Darrell Issa, well, let's just say,  being the Chairman, of the House Over Sight and Government Reform Committee has it;s privileges too. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Define Waste? Look Under United States Government

  I have to tell you, I'm so sick,  of  the never ending stream,  of companies,  that are supposedly, too big to fail and thus,  once again, they are asking,  American,  taxpayer's, to bail them out!  Back in 2008,   American taxpayer's,   bailed out Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, to the tune of 169 billion dollars. Now, I hear,  in the news, that they are again,  asking,  American taxpayer's,   to pony up another,  six billion dollars because it seems,  they run a bit short this passed,  business quarter. However,  rest assured,  they will make sure,  to hand out bonus checks, in the amount of 12.9 million to all those hard working corporate executives isn't that nice?.  I guess, they figure, that we, as American, taxpayer's,  should be greatful, that they are only,  six billion dollars in the hole, after all, after you have  already borrowed,  169 billion from,  American taxpayer's,  well, what's another,  six billion more?
  Let's see now, in the last month,   American taxpayer's,  have  been left on the hook,  for no less,  than two failed solar companies namely, Solyndra, and Beacon Light.  As I recall, the Sollyndra Solar company picked, the American, taxpayer's pockets,   for some, 527 million dollars. The Beacon Power Solar company received,  a mere,  43 million dollars in guaranteed government loans. Don't worry though, Sollyndra, was still,  able to pay out bonuses, ranging, from 37 to 60 thousand dollars to each,  of their top excutives, before declaring bankruptcy. I don't know about you, but, I think,  the next time,  the government tells,  American taxpayer's, that a company or a bank, or a corporation,  is just too big to fail, I think,  we as American taxpayer's, should tell the government, our  pockets,  are just,  too small, and frankly, too empty, to care! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trying To Make Cain Unable

  Well, if your like me,  you watch the news a lot. No doubt,  by now,  you have seen the latest troubles for Herman Cain. I havn't come to any conclusions yet, but there are some issues regarding Mr. Cain's reactions to the sexual herassment aligations that are being lodged against him that bother me. My father always said, an innocent man has nothing to fear. I want to believe, Herman Cain is a good,  and honest man. He seems,  to have the support of a lot of good people. last night, I heard Sean Hannity, say, that he has known Herman Cain, for ten years, that is a long time I suppose, but I'm wondering why, Mr. Cain, doesn't hire a lawyer, and sue the women or at least threaten to sue them for defamation.I do realize, that it is more than possible, that Mr. Cain, is a victum of dirty politics.I'll tell you right now, if it is ever proven, that the Romny or Perry campaigns had anything to do with these charges against Mr. Cain's character, well,  let's just say, that would probably, be the political end of both of them. I think however, that they know that, so I can't imagine either candidate, would have anything to do with this situation.
  I would tell Mr.Cain, let these women identify themselves if they are as devostated as they claim, then they should be willing to state their case. Mr. Cain says,  the aligations are baseless, therefore,  he has nothing to fear. I suppose, it is entirely possible, we may never know the full truth. The women should be given the chance,  to tell,  their side of the story. Mr. Cain,  should then have a chance,  to respond, to whatever the women have to say. I reason, that the women, should welcome, the chance to state their case, if their is a case to be made. Speaking, in defense of Mr. Cain, I am inclined, at least for now, to believe him. I find it difficut to believe anonymous, sorces.
  For now, one thing is certain someone, is lying, and someone,  is trying to make Herman Cain unable, to campaign, or raise money. Thus, far, the public is with Mr. Cain, and I do believe at least for now, he should be given,  the benefit, of the doubt. I only hope, the trust that the public has placed in Mr.Cain, is worth the investment. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In God We Trust Really?

  I heard on the news, recently, it seems the House voted, 396 to 9 to keep In God,  we trust as the motto for this nation. I was very glad to hear this, maybe now, we won't have to worry as much  about efforts to stop  saying other things like the Pledge Of Allegiance. Now perhaps, proud Americans can say the words under God,  without the A C L U having a heart attack. As happy as I am about this vote, I still have to ponder this question. In God we trust may be on our money, and many Americans attend their churches and give at least lip service to the idea of trusting God but,  I wonder,  if we, as Americans truly trust in God in our hearts? Oh sure,  we all come together when our nation faces a crisis like that terrible day on nine eleven. Perhaps we as Americans all come together when we hear of something like a major disaster like hurricane Katrina. I'm afraid  however, that as we live our lives from day to day that more often than not, we as Americans,  seldom, if ever, acknowledge God at all.
  At this point you may be asking your self, why would I say such a thing? After all, America is a country full of churches. Yes, this is true, America is full of churches but,  often,  those churches aren't full and even if they are,  that doesn't always mean that God is necessarily, there. Here is what I mean, sure, we as Americans,  may thank God on Sunday, but never think of him in our daily lives  the rest of the week! I often wonder,  if  we as Americans, trust more in the government,  than we do in God. I heard, President Obama,  was unimpressed,  with the House's vote, it seems the  President feels, that the  House should devote their time,  to more worthy causes, like getting  his  jobs bill passed. Sometimes,  I think President Obama, thinks he is God. I can assure you,  he isn't! As a matter of  fact, the last,  person who thought that way was cast out of  Heaven. I can also assure you, when he is ready God,  will have the final word on that subject!
  Look, the only point I'm trying to make, is this, what good does it do to say  you believe in God if  having  that belief,  in no way,  affects,  the way you live? Do you think we as Americans,  would have more trust in our politicians,  and government in general,  if we really thought,  that each one of our elected officials realized they  will one day answer to God for the decisions they make as their policies often shape the future and in many cases, the destiny, of  this nation? We, as Americans, often say, and sing, God bless America, but I wonder, do we as Americans live our lives in such a way, that God would want to bless America? I only hope,  that the phase, In God we trust, is more than just a slogan on our money. I pray, that all Americans would live in such a way, that it will be very evident, to the rest of the nations of the world,  that we trust in God not in words only, but in deeds as well. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some  words,  to think on.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We All Have Our Crosses To Bear

  I keep running across this story in the news,  and frankly, it's beginning to get on my nerves. The story first appeared on Fox's Fox and Friends, program. Apparently, their is a professor named John Banzhaf,  who teaches at George Washington University. The school is a cross town rival of sorts, to Washington D C 's Catholic University Of America. The way I understand this story, Professor Banzhaf,  decided, to file a law suit against the Catholic University of America on behalf of the Muslims who attend there. Apparently, professor Banzhof, feels,  that the Muslims civil rights are being violated because, the Muslims who attend the Catholic school there, have no separate room of their own to pray in. Professor Banzhaf, feels that the Muslims are prohibited to pray because their are just too many crosses all around the Catholic school,  imagine that!
  The first thing I have to conclude is , apparently, professor Banzhaf, must, have nothing better to do. I have to ask myself, why would a professor who teaches at a totally different school, take it upon himself to file a law suit against a rival school in the first place? This law suit it turns out,  is the second,  of two law suits filled against the Catholic University of America. One year earlier, professor Banzhaf, filed a suit against this school because they  would not allow coed dorms. I don't know, and I could not say this,  for a fact, but I suspect,  the good professor lost that first lawsuit. Since, the Catholic University of America is a private school, as I understand it, I could be wrong but, I think,  they are free to set their own rules. Now, it seems, that Professor Banzhaf, is back,  with this second lawsuit. Professor Banzhaf, feels, that the Catholic school should lose their government funding if they  refuses to give the Muslims who attend there,  their  own separate  and private place to pray with no crosses anywhere,  in sight.
  Okay, first, give me a break! HELLO! it's a CATHOLIC SCHOOL, I think the Muslims would have a reasonable, expectation, to find crosses, at a Catholic University. Secondly the officials at  the Catholic University of America say,  they  have never had even one complaint, from a single Muslim student who attends there, Furthermore, the number of Muslim students who attend there,  has doubled in the last four years. This whole situation seems, pretty simple to me, If, your a Muslim, and you choose of your own free will,  to attend a Catholic, school then, I suppose, the Muslims,  will have to pray away from the crosses,  or put up with them, after all, there is no law saying they have to attend that particular school. A Muslim, just like any other student, has to realize, if your going to attend a Catholic school then you must take up your cross, and bare it. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, jut, some words, to think on.