Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's In A Name?

  Without question,  Alexander the Great was one of the greatest military leaders who ever lived. In fact, by the time Alexander the Great was thirty three he had conquered all of the known world  of  his day,  A story is told,  concerning one of Alexander the Greats many military campaigns, It seems,  that during one of his fiercest battles,  a  young soldier was seen running from the fight. When you served in the army of Alexander the Great if cowardice lead to desertion that was a crime punishable by death. Alexander the Greats personal guard brought the frightened young man to stand before Alexander the Great,  and face the charges. Alexander, looked at the frightened young man who stood before him, and while he pondered  what to do with the young man , it is said he considered the young mans youth and inexperience. the young man was sixteen and this was his first real battle.Alexander the Great took pity on the young boy and decided to give him another chance. Suddenly, Alexander the Great ask the young man, "soldier what is your name the timid young man  softy  answered, Alexander". up on hearing this Alexander the Great looked straight into the young mans eyes and said, "soldier, either change your ways or change your name! "You stand before Alexander the Great and I can not have my name attached to a coward  therefore,  take this one chance to live worthy of your name." It is said from that day  forward the young man proudly,  and fearlessly,  served on the front lines.
  The truths, this story brings out are many, Perhaps the most important truth is simply,  be who you say you are. If you claim to be an honest person, that is part of your good name therefore be honest. If you say,  you care for the needs of others then,  that is part of  your good name therefore, let your life demonstrate  your claim, with acts of compassion when seeing to the needs of others. Above all else,  if  you claim to be a Christian,   that is, one who seeks to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ then. for his name"s  sake seek to live,  as imperfect as we all are, as one who follows his teachings.  I believe and honest and sincere attempt can and should be made, for if  we would do anything less, then in the words of Alexander the Great we must change our ways or change our name. As always, my friends,  these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's Wrong With The World?

  In the early 1860's during the time of the Civil War in America, a story is told about President Abraham Lincoln who was out on a walk one day, with two of  his  two sons. The two boys began a very loud argument, and Lincoln, was stuck in the middle between his two sons. The argument continued the grow louder and louder. Finally, a fellow traveler, who was walking just in front of the President  stopped the President and asked, "Mr. President what's wrong with your two boys? The President replied, "what's wrong with my two boys is what's wrong with the world," and what is that, ? the fellow traveler asked, Lincoln said I have two walnuts in my pocket, both of my boys wants two of them.
  This story brings out a fundamental problem that still exist in America today. The problem is as old as time. America has developed a real problem with selfishness and greed.. This very day, in the halls of congress, there  is what seems to be an endless debate concerning Americas staggering debt.. The Republicans  and the Democrats have both resigned themselves to the fact, that the debt ceiling will be raised. The only question now seems to be which party will get the biggest piece of the political advantage pie. The Democrats remind me of the late Will Rogers, Will Rogers often said he never met a man he didn't like. The Democrats never met a spending program they didn't like or a tax they couldn't hike to pay for it! The Republicans seem to want responsible budget cuts yet, even they can't seem to resist the urge to raise America's debt ceiling. While Americans continue to argue over who gets the biggest piece of the economic pie , America just may wake up one day to discover their is no pie left for anyone. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

What's Wrong With The World?

  In the early 1860's during the time of the Civil War in America, There's a story told about President Abraham Lincoln who was on a walk one day with two of his sons. The two boys got into a verloud and

What's Wrong With The World?

  In the early 1860's  America was in the midst of the Civil War. A story is told about President Abraham Lincoln, who was out walking one day with two of  his  sons. It seems Lincoln's sons were having a very loud argument. One son was on one side of  Lincoln and one son was on the other side of  Lincoln this of course, left Lincoln stuck in the middle between his two sons. As their walk continued, the argument between the two boys grew louder and louder. Finally, another person who was walking on this same road,  greeted the President and then asked, " Mr. President whats wrong with your two boys? The President replied, " What's wrong with my boys is whats wrong with the world." What is that?", asked the passing stranger,  the President said, " I have two walnuts in my pocket and both of my boys want two of them."
  This story brings to light a fundamental problem that still exist in America tod

Friday, July 29, 2011

Is Experience Always The Best Teacher/

  I am sure if  your like me,you have head the expression, experience is the best teacher. I believe in most cases that is true. I would submit to you  however,  experience doesn't always have to be the best teacher. Here is what I mean. When I have the chance to talk to some of today's youth, I strongly,  encourage them not to abuse drugs and alcohol. Almost with out fail,  I get this response, how would you know what it's like to get drunk or high on drugs you've never experienced it. I suppose on some level that is true. In fact, I find there are a great deal of things I have't experienced. I haven;t enjoyed the thrill, of sticking my hand in a meat grinder, but somehow, I just don't think I want to do that. I haven't had the pleasure of skydiving out of a plane without a parachute, but somehow I don't think I ought to do that. I haven't had the great rush you can get from bungee jumping without the bungee cord and yet somehow, I really don't think that's a great idea. I've never experienced suicide, I am told however,  that it is a one time experience.
  I realize,  these examples, are far fetched to most mature adults. In the minds of some of today's youth however, many of them seemed determined, to prove they can get wasted on drugs and alcohol repeatedly,  and continue to live to tell I am sure by now they have heard the news of singer Amy Winehouse and how she was found dead at her London flat. Given her life style of drugs and alcohol it's a pretty safe bet that they more than contributed to her death. Yet every young person says this, That's not going to happen to me I don't over do it,  I can control the amount of drugs or drinking I do. What they don't realize is, almost anyone who ever started drinking or doing drugs all thought the same thing. Teens, speak of wanting to be an individual yet they have to go along with their peers. Remember when we said to our parents everybody else is doing it? Remember their response?" I suppose if all your friends were jumping off a bridge you'd want to do it too! Hopefully, teens and young adults will eventually, live long enough to mature, and realize the foolishness of and the inexperience of their  youth I fear however, that unless a teacher, pastor, a parent or some other person of influence steps in to correct the flawed thinking of  much of today's youth tragedies like the ones  we read in the paper, and hundreds we may not know about will continue to happen Yes, there are many things I have not experienced in my life. I haven't experienced the tragic loss of a child to something needless, like drug or alcohol abuse. Frankly, that's something I pray I or anyone ever has to experience. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is The Grass Always Greener?

  I suppose, it's not a new desire,  to wish certain things in your life could be better. We all want to have the financial means  to provide the best lives possible  for the   families we love. I am no different. Yet, I find ,  as many parents do,  there are time when I must tell my daughter no. Believe it or not,  there are times when I have to tell my daughter," I'm sorry , but daddy can't afford to buy you this toy right now." I hate it when I have to break my daughters heart,  and tell  her no,   you can't have that toy because,  we just can't afford it. period! I am discovering however, as,  I'm sure many other parents have,  sometimes,  you have to say no to the  things  you might like to have, so  you can make sure,  you have the financial means for the things you must have  for your families well being and economic survival. The most important thing I'm learning as a parent is sometimes,  it shows a deeper love for your children,  when you as a parent,   find the strength to say no to your children. As all wise parents know, it is not good to give your children everything they could wish or ask for. When as parents,  you restrain your self,  and say no to some of the things your children ask for  you teach your children to value and appreciate the things they do have. Therefore, as parents learning to say no to our children sometimes demonstrates a tougher, but greater love for them
  You may find this hard to believe, but there are times when I see people who are supposed to be adults behave like children. America is facing some tough economic times right now. Therefore, if  you have a full time job,  and your bills are being met, and your families basic needs are being provided  for  quit complaining because it's not the job you wish you had. If, you have a sufficient house to live in, and you can make your mortgage  payments, don't gripe,  because your house is not as fancy your neighbors down the street. In life,  I am learning,  nothing is so  good,  that  it couldn't be better, but nothing is so bad,   that  it could't be worse!
  I came across  some great advice recently,  and as I do sometimes, I composed a poem.I  ask your indulgence, as I now share this poem with you.
  I was so depressed, I had the blues. It seems I was too poor to buy new shoes.  I was so sad, I felt incomplete, I then,  met a man,  who had no feet. The lesson this poem teaches is not new. The  words however, bring forth a real truth. Finally, consider this, if  the  grass is greener  on the other side of your neighbors fence,  don't worry, your neighbor's water bill is higher than yours! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

  Like most parents, I love giving good gifts to my children. This summer has been so very hot. When my daughter told me her small pool had a whole in it, and there was no way I could repair it, of course she asked could I by her another one.  I wasn't sure if we could afford a new and bigger pool, or if we would even find one this late in the summer season. I made many phone calls,  but no store I checked had any family sized pools. All seemed lost,  and indeed,  I was just about to give up on my quest for a family sized pool. I had one more store to check. I had a hunch that this particular store just might have the type of pool  my family and I were looking for. I carefully dialed the phone to make my last call , and of course my daughter was right by the phone listening eagerly. I was so relieved,  and happy when the voice on the other end of the phone informed me, that yes they had a pool and it was on sale for half price. The store manager agreed to hold the pool for us if we would come right away and get it  we ran to car. My family and I raced into the store. I grabbed a credit card and the pool was ours!
  The story does not end there  Now a new problem developed. We, have a very small car and that was a very large box.. We tried and tried to make the box fit alas, it would not . Finally,  my wife left my daughter and I at the store,  drove home , unloaded the pool, then drove back to the store, picked up my daughter and I and drove back home. We had just gotten home and it began to rain thus, no swimming would be done that day, The following day,  my wife worked for hours getting the pool together. We waited for what seemed like an eternity, for the pool to fill with water. Finally, the pool was ready! I am disabled, my handicap is such,  that there are very few things I can do with my daughter, so I was truly looking forward to swimming in a bigger pool with my daughter, enter another problem I could not climb the pool ladder. The ladders rungs were too narrow for me. The ladder was not grounded in any way so it was unsteady. I knew that  even if I could get to the top of the ladder you couldn't sit down at the top of the ladder, it seems you had to step over a large gap,  and then proceed down the other side of the ladder to climb down into the water.The climb was five feet into the air and with my weak and wobbly legs , I was naturally afraid of heights. I knew that even if I could get in the pool no one would be able to help me get out of the pool  It was clear I would not be swimming with my daughter. I was angry and frustrated,  I retreated to the house. My wife came inside a little while later and said, " your daughter does not want to swim now." She told me,"  if daddy can't swim then I won't swim either."  It seems, my daughter did not want to make me sad   She loved me so much,  she would give up swimming so I would not be frustrated because I could not swim with her. I suddenly thought,  dear God forgive me. I rushed back out side and said, " okay honey show daddy how well you can swim!  A bright smile  returned  to my daughters face,  and she proudly, showed me the dog paddle strokes my wife had been teaching her, it turned out to be a very fun afternoon.
  The lesson I learned that day,  was complex on one level  yet, simple on another. I realized my daughter doesn't mind If I can"t swim with her. She just wants to know  that daddy, just wants to be there to watch her swim. I now realize my daughter is not so concerned with the weakness of my legs, but rather the strength of my love for her in my heart. Thus, when I got to the heart of the matter, I found out my heart was all that mattered. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

America It's Time To Consider What's Really Important.

  In the early days of the American Revolution, there's a story told of a young officer who had just been promoted to the rank of General.  One day while he and his men were delivering  a wagon loaded  with supplies and ammunition to another field commander positioned further down the supply line. Suddenly one of the wagons wheels broke. Thus, causing the wagon to veer off the road and into a pretty deep ditch. The young  General quickly ordered his men to place their backs behind the wagon and lift and push. The task was not going very well and the young  General only yelled louder. Suddenly,  the  General heard a voice ask,  what happened here? the  General still on his horse,  explained the situation. The stranger who was returning from a bath he had just taken in a nearby river was dressed rather plainly. The  General then asked the stranger to help his men. The stranger then asked, "  why aren't you helping them?"  The  General said sharply, " sir I am a  General  I do not waste time doing common work! The stranger quietly said " I" see".  The stranger then removed his cloak and shirt. He walked down into the ditch with the men. The stranger then placed his back and shoulder be neath the axle of the fallen wagon the men placed their shoulders and backs beneath the other axles of the wagon. The stranger said, "  on three boys all together left the wagon and push." The men did as the stranger instructed them, working together they guided the wagon out of the ditch, and placed it safely back on the road. the stranger then helped the men replace the broken wheel. The stranger than gathered his shirt and cloak The young  General was very impressed,  and thanked the stranger repeatedly. The stranger then,  mounted his horse to  leave, just before he rode off the young  General ask," good sir,  I didn't get your name, and I wish to know the name of the good man,  to  whom I owe my thanks." The stranger said quietly,  "General George Washington Commander  in-Chief of the Revolutionary Army."
  The young General learned a valuable lesson in humility that day. Perhaps  the political  leaders in our government could learn a lesson in the art of true humility. Perhaps our political leaders could in humility, place their political reelection  ambitions aside for a moment, and all work together for the good of their country, which they were elected to serve.
  We hear a great deal about the debt ceiling these days. I wonder if  it is  possible for  our President and our Congress to humbly lay aside their own political reelection ambitions as important as they may be, and do something of even greater importance namely, to do what is best  for our country and not just what is politically expedient for them. As this important story points out, it's nice to be important, but it's more important just to be nice. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Monday, July 25, 2011

America What Path W[ll You Leave for the Next Generation To Follow?

  A few Winters ago, I was walking with my little Girl in the snow. I was concerned that she might slip and fall,  the truth was,  I was afraid that, I might slip and fall but,  I didn't want her to know that, so I told her,  stay right behind me. I whispered to her,   daddy doesn't want you to slip, then my daughter said this, I won't slip daddy,  I'm walking in the path your foot prints have already made.
  I wonder what path will Americans leave for our children and grand children to follow?   I am sure of this, future generations will follow in the foot prints of the most predominant path. American culture seems so caught up in living just for the here and now. I have to say to you,  sometimes I really wonder how much longer America will exist. There are those who give America less than twenty years if,  she remains on the path of economic greed and self  absorption.There is another path.  Americans could choose to be self sacrificing, and  choose to endure some tough times now,  for the sake of a better America in the future, or America can  remain on it's present path of self indulgence and destruction.. America remember, all that is necessary for evil to conquer is for good men to do nothing. I haven't seen many men willing to do what is necessary to insure America's future existence lately, I have noticed however, plenty,  who are more than willing to do nothing. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised after all, doing nothing is the easiest path to take. Should America choose to do what is necessary,  that path will be harder,  but, it will insure America's future existence for future generations.
  I wonder, if America has the courage,  and the strength of will, to take the harder path. The choice is yours to make America , what path will your footprints make for future generations to follow? As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting More Out Of Life In America

  The story is told of a young preacher, who was invited to speak at a small local church. The local pastor there wanted to thank his guest speaker, so he took up a special offering at the end of the service. The small church only had around 40 members total. The guest speaker was seated up front in the first row therefore, the offering plate was passed to him first. The young preacher reached into his pocket and realized he had only three dollars. The preacher  wanted to save two dollars to buy his young boy lunch after the service. The preacher knew the offering would be small so he placed one dollar into the offering plate,  confident that he had made the right decision he passed the offering plate to the next person,  the next person seeing the young preacher only give a dollar and not,  wanting the preacher to feel up staged in any way also gave a dollar.The other members of the church all followed suit and only gave a dollar. When the offering was collected it totaled 40 dollars. the young preacher told his son later,  I  might have gotten three times as much if I would have given the the three dollars I had in my pocket in the first place. The young son thought about what his father had said,  he than said to his father, ' in other words dad if you had put more into the offering plate you would have gotten more out of it.'
  The same can be said of a lot of things in life.If  you want your children to have a better chance for success in America, then make a personal investment in the lives of your children. The more time and sincere interest invested, the better future you make for your children, much like the preachers offering the more time you put into your children's future the better future they get out of it. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some thoughts to think on.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Doing Without A Lesson America May Have to Relearn.

  I have often heard my mother talk about, what her life was like,  during the Great Depression of the 1930's. My mother was the eldest of 12 children. My mothers family consisted of five girls and seven boys. My mother's aunt also lived with the family.Therefore, if you count,  my mother's mother and father, that means 15 people sat down to eat at every meal. My mother says she doesn't ever remember going hungry, but that doesn't mean every meal was always a royal feast..My mother says they ate a lot of oatmeal for breakfast. Lunch consisted of peanut butter sandwiches and cocoa usually made with canned skim milk. Supper was a meal filled with great wonder, that's because they often wondered if there was going to be any  supper. She told me that since oatmeal made such a great breakfast it was often served at supper. Yet, she says they were very glad to have it. She told me she saw people standing sometimes all day in soup kitchen lines and many times the soup would run out. The outbreak of World War Two in 1941  brought with it the practice of food and gas and even rubber rationing. She said these items could only be purchased on certain days of the week. She mentioned to me one time that her family got really excited  because her mother was able to buy a pound of hamburger, and her family was able to have mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy, what a treat! My mother told me,  that even though they did without many things she never really felt like she had missed out on anything.She said in fact, although she didn't have everything she ever wanted , what she did have was the love of a close knit family and the joy that came from living in the security of a stable home.My mother says to this day,  that was all she really needed.
  I realize that America is going through some tough economic times right now. I also noticed however, that the Walmart parking lots are still rather full. I've noticed the fast food  places are still doing quite well. I know a number of people who have more than one car.Most everyone I know has a cell phone and a personal computer.There are somethings however, I haven't noticed. I haven't seen any soup lines lately. Gas and food are expensive,  but you are still free to buy all you can economically afford. I haven't met anyone recently, with patches on their shirts and pants unless the clothes were designed to appear that way.  I don't know too many people,  who have to place card board in their shoes, because they can't afford to have them resoled' In fact, I haven't had anyone knock at my door and offer to work for food,  at least not yet.
  I am not sure, that  we will ever  face  truly,  hard times here in America. I wonder however, if  America should experience another Great Depression,  are we ready for it ? Can America relearn the lesson of doing without? That's a question America may soon have to answer. As always, my friends,  these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Friday, July 22, 2011

America, Have You Counted The Cost?

  Years a go when I was a junior in college, and believe me that's further back then I care to admit, I took a course called Economics 101. The first rule I learned in this basic economics class was, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Therefore, if you do manage to acquire anything here in America, at no personal cost to you, remember this, somewhere,  somebody paid for it!
  I remember back, when I graduated from high school, a friend of mine,  was given a new car as a gift from his parents to celebrate his graduation. Six weeks later, my friend who was going way too fast, hit a tree, and  although, my friend was not seriously hurt, he did manage to completely total the new car. I asked my friend later if he felt bad for wrecking the car his parents had given him. His response left me speechless, no he said, dad will just buy me another one, however, to my friends great surprise dear old dad did not pony up another new car for him. It seems my friends dad decided to drop him from his insurance. Therefore,  my friend was forced to find a job, save his money for a year, buy a new car, and pay for his own insurance. I noticed something strange, it seems my friend had a new attitude. I noticed he didn't let just anyone,  drive his new car. I was told,  that he washed the car and  polished it by hand  often. As you might expect, his insurance premiums eventually began to go down because his driving record improved dramatically. I ask my friend sometime later what he had learned from this whole experience, he said simply this, a new car means a great deal more to you if your the one who had to pay for it. I guess you could say that's the first lesson  you learn in The  Art Of  Appreciation 101. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Could America Return to the Good Old Days?

  Like most of us, I am thankful to live here in America. I  appreciate the fact that America has many modern conveniences. I am very happy to have indoor plumbing. I could still take you places that use outhouses. You know,  that's got to be a lot of fun in the wintertime! I enjoy being able to ride in a car, so I don't have to walk everywhere I wish to go. When I'm in a hurry, and  want to eat a snack,  I'm  so glad I can heat it up, then eat it up thanks to the invention of the microwave. It has become clear to me that, if your going to live in our American culture today, You almost have to have a cell phone and a computer. I have to admit there are times  when I feel lost without these devices.yet, in the mist of so many technological advances, I still have to ask myself sometimes, has America lost something along the way. I believe this is quite possible.
  Let me ask you something, when, was the last time you were able to sit down at the same supper table, with your whole family, at the same time. While at the supper table, did the conversation go beyond  please pass the gravy. Did your conversation last more then ten minutes? I asked this question simply because. I have not heard of a family of late, that either has time nor makes the time, to get together around the kitchen table anymore. Americans lead such busy lives now days. On any given week day, a family schedule  often, goes something like this, after school,  mom's  got to get Tommy to soccer practice. Tommy's sister Tina she's got cheer leading practice so she"s still at school dad will have to pick her up at school when cheer leading practice is over. If that's not enough,  youngest brother,  Timmy is staying the night over at Billy's house. You see Billy just got the latest gaming system, and Timmy just got to try it out. It seems, there's just no time for family time anymore.
  I sometimes wonder what it might be like if suddenly, America could be transported ,back in time a hundred and twenty years. Let's go shall we?   Suddenly,  there are no cellphones, in fact, there are no phones at all. There are no cars, so, you'll have to ride a horse,  or walk.There are no planes, you may however book passage on a ship. I must warn you however, travel in these ships will be very different  from the modern ships your familiar with. If you live out in the country, most likely, you will live in a modest wooden home.If you eat, you will   have to grow your own food, remember, there are no grocery stores When your ready to eat,  you'll cook your food over a fire place in a large cooking kettle, or on a wood stove, you will need to gather and cut the wood first. Please make sure you have enough wood for the fire place, its still a bit cold after sundown. After supper, mom, may sew by the fire. dad will read the latest copy of a newspaper he picked up at the local trading post earlier that day.The children tell mom and dad how hard school is, they are glad however it's only a mile to walk.When the children finish there school work and their daily chores, there maybe time to play with some homemade toys that dad, mom, or they made by hand, soon, it's time for bed.  don't forget to visit the out house before you bed down on the floor.
  Now let's fast forward a hundred and twenty years,  Whew! it's good to be back! Did you enjoy the trip? One thing I did notice parents did talk with children more if only because they did so many things together. I noticed something else strange, parents talked with their children, and not just at them. I would now pose a challenge to the American family. When you finally, all get home tonight, sit down to a good supper.Do yourself a real favor, turn off the cell phone computer, and the video games, and rediscover the art of true family communication, I'll bet parents,  and children you will be surprised what you can still learn from each other. American family, your challenge awaits,  good luck! As always,  my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Respect And Manners In America Is That A Lost Art?

  Sometime ago, I was in a local Walmart parking lot. As my wife and I were getting in our car I overheard a mother ask a son to help her left some heavy items into their car. When she asked her son for help his response made my blood boil! He rudely said to his mother, get it your self you  then   he said the b word that rhymes with witch. I have to tell you, when I was growing up, if I ever used such a demeaning term to refer to my mother, my father would have launched me so far into orbit I'd still be lost in the twilight zone!
  When I  reflect on this incident, I have to ask my self, what has happened to common decency, respect and manners in America? Have Americans progressed so far in their thinking they no longer use common  courtesy? Have words like please,  thank you,  excuse me,  your welcome,  sir,  and ma'am become outdated? It is no wonder that the children of today have ceased to use these words. In fact,  given the present moral condition of our culture, there's a good chance they've never heard them!
  I want to say a word to all the feminist in America. I applaud much of the progress you have made. I believe in equal pay for men and women. I believe you have the right to pursue a career and have a family, if you choose to do so. I will confess, I don't agree with the practice of abortion except to save the life of the mother. I realize however,  it is considered a protected right for women, and the current law of our land. Therefore,  in a free society, a woman is free to follow the dictates of her own conscience.My question for the feminist is simply this, when you hear comedians like Bill Maher, who I've always considered to be a sad joke that just isn't funny, or rappers like Fifty Cent  and that's about fifty cents more than he's worth call women in general every gutter street term that can be imagined I have to ask myself, feminist where is your out rage now? I can't hear you. You may say, Fifty Cent is just a music artist, or Bill Maher is just a comedian. Consider this ladies, to Bill Maher your nothing but a dirty joke! Rappers like Fifty Cent consider women as just a dirty lyric in a song. Personally, I don't think that joke is very funny and I don't think that music is very sweet. Speaking just for myself, I have a lot more respect for all women then that! Think about ladies, haven't you come a long way from here? As always my friends, these thoughts  remain,  just some words to think on.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

America, What's In A Name?

  There's an old joke that ask how can you tell if a politician is lying? The punch line is, his mouth is moving. We may all get a chuckle out of that old political joke. The sad truth is however, That's not a joke, that's a fact! We seem to live in a country now, where we almost expect our political leaders to lie to us. Lately, Americans seem to be asking of our court system, whose rights are we protecting? It seems at times,  that the criminals have more protected rights then their victims. Much of our American history seems to be in the midst of a massive rewrite. Maybe, honest Abe, was not always so honest. Maybe George Washington didn't chop down the cherry tree. If he did, perhaps he lied and said some else did it. It seems that the historians of today would rather have Americans believe that.. Look, I don't know if George really cut down the cherry tree, or if Abe was always honest. I do however believe this, Americans need to rediscover the value of having a good name and a good reputation
  When I was around seventeen,  I wondered about a possible job at our local Sears department store.   My dad, worked at the same Sears in the automotive division. I wondered about  a position, in the  men's wear department My dad went to inquire if there were any positions open in that particular department. He asked the department manager there, if I could have a job working in the men's department. The manager said this, tell your son,  if he is half the worker you are, then we want him working here. Now,  it turned out, that summer I took a job working at a camp for the handicapped. I felt more qualified to work there,  because I too am handicapped. I never forgot however, the value of my fathers good name. I would have been hired for that job at Sears not because of anything that I had done, but  on the strength of what my father had done. What did my father do? The answer is very simple. He had established a good name and an honest hard working reputation. I can promise you, I have benefited from that foundation more than once in my life. Years later,  after my dad had retired, he was approached by a total stranger. The man asked if he wanted a job working in his garage as an auto mechanic, My dad asked, why would you offer a job to me? the man said simply, Mr. Reeves word gets around,  you do good work.
  Perhaps,  if Americans can start over, and teach their children the value of telling the truth, keeping your word, and doing the very best at any job for the sake of a good working reputation, then maybe,  just maybe, children will grow up to once again to  become  honest men and women. Who knows, a  whole new society may become filled with sound judges, honest lawyers, historians who will not remove the moral lessons history can sometimes teach. Americans may even be able to once again believe what their politicians tell them.
  Finally,  if Americans would wish for a a more honest society,  I must ask Americans , what are they willing to do about it? What changes will Americans be willing to make? What Lessons parents,  will you be willing to teach your children? Today's children, are the society of tomorrow. Basically, if you want a more honest culture, start by  being more honest. In the words of Lilly Tomlin, " And  that's the truth! As always my friends, these thoughts remain,  just some words to think on. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Success In America, What Is It Really?

  We all want to be successful in life. In fact I can't honestly tell you that I've ever met anyone who desired to be a failure. I have to ask myself though, what is success? It seems that this word success can have many different meanings depending on who you ask. The folks out in Hollywood, wish to be successful actors and do well at the box office. Those in the music field of course wish to make successful music videos and sell many compact disk in the music stores. Athletes aspire to be great in what ever sport they wish to excel in. Fame fortune I suppose, are natural byproducts of success. There  is nothing inherently wrong with having a certain amount of fame or money.
  I confess to you,  I often wonder what it might be like to go into any store and buy whatever you wanted, never having to consider if you could afford it or not. In the words of Eliza Doolittle " Aw, wouldn't it be lovely! yet I find myself at a loss,  as I continue to ponder the true meaning of success. You see, if fame and wealth are all success is then Elvis Presley should still be here today. He was found however,  on August 16, 1977 dead on the floor of his million dollar mansion bathroom. They say he had so many prescription drugs in his body that they couldn't even identify all of them. It has been said that he often felt totally alone in the middle of an over crowed room filled with adoring fans. He could afford anything he wanted. yet he often said he could not find a true friend when he really needed one how sad. Laddies and gentlemen I promise you no one loved Elvis more than I did and still do. I have a great deal of his music and even a few of his movies. When I hear Elvis singing Are You Lonesome Tonight? I still weep.John Lennon once wrote in a song  " Give ya everything I got for a little peace of mind."  Could it be that famous people like Elvis Presley or John Lennon some how over looked the true meaning of success? I think this is quite possible.
  So what is the true meaning of success? Perhaps,  true success is not necessarily demonstrated from without but rather deeply felt from with in. I suppose I will never know the ease of  having all the money I could ever want.I have however,  the the unwavering love of my family. I have the love and respect of a few close friends who would be at my side in an instant to help me any way they could if I needed them. I have the contentment of knowing from time to time   that my existence however ordinary still, has made a difference in the lives of others. Maybe knowing this is all the success I will ever know. I have a feeling however, that is all the success I will ever need. As always my friends these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

America, What Would Jesus Do?

  What would Jesus do? That is a question that has suddenly become very popular in the minds of Americas political leaders. I do believe however, that what Jesus would do has become somewhat marginalized of late particularly, in the area of politics. I'm not sure somehow,I don't think Jesus would prefer to placed in the middle of anything political. In fact, I would submit to you that Jesus might prefer to be kept out of politics, especially if your only seeking his advice to gain a particular partisan  political advantage.
  A day or two ago, I was watching the news. I saw Charlie Rangel step up to the microphone and ask what Jesus would do concerning the governments financial debt ceiling. Charlie seemed to think that Jesus would be in favor of raising the debt ceiling. Well, I can't tell you for sure what Jesus would do and I would not presume to speak for him. I would like to share with Charlie some thing I am sure Jesus would do. Jesus would remember to pay his taxes! Let me think,  Jesus said something in the Bible about rendering unto Caesar the things that are Caesars and unto God the things that are Gods sorry Charlie! Perhaps Charlie could pass this advice along to others in our government who seem to have a problem remembering to pay their  taxes. Former United States Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and current United States Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner come to mind, just to name a few.
  Let me be clear about this. I admire anyone who would seek wisdom from Jesus. Seeking his wisdom will surely help you make various decisions in everyday life. We usually call folks who do this Christians. I think it's important to ask yourself not only what Jesus would do,  but why Jesus would do it. Jesus did everything he did on Earth for one reason, to carry out the will of his father who sent him. Say, If your a christian like me isn't that our daily purpose too? I think so. Jesus said "As the father hath sent me so send I you".  I did not mean to preach,  but it is Sunday,  after all. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can There Be Everyday Heroes In America?

  I remember when I was around nine or ten I used to love to read comic books. My favorites were the super hero comic books. I tried to imagine what it might be like to have super powers. I often thought, wouldn't be nice to solve all the worlds  problems with super strength or super speed ?  Always arriving just in the nick of time to save the day and then being able to bask in the joy of knowing that I had been a hero what a feeling!
  Then, of course I would snap out of my daydream. As we all do eventually I grew up and realized that Superman or Batman lived only in the mind of cleaver comic book creators or Hollywood film producers. Lately however, I found myself asking a new question. As mortals we can not hope to gain super powers or do super feats.yet, I believe we may still be able to learn something from those comic book heroes. The question is, what  makes a great hero?
  I believe there are many factors that can make a great hero. There are however, some basic requirements. Number one, a true hero always tell the truth both in principal and in practice. Dad, don't tell your children to always tell the truth and then cheat on your taxes! Mom, don't tell your children to look for the good in other people then, spend all your time gossiping about everybody in the neighborhood. Let your children see in you the qualities you want to see in them. Secondly, a great hero will never be afraid to admit that they are not without weaknesses and can sometimes make an honest mistake. Being able to say I was wrong and I'm sorry are also necessary requirements to be a great hero. Number three, A great hero never makes a promise that they can"t keep but they keep every promise they make.  This of course will make one careful when making promises. Number four, a great hero will always consider the greater good of others. This often means sacrificing something they may have wished for themselves. Number five, what makes a great hero is knowing that you can always count on them to do what is right. A hero will do what is right just because it is right, not because it is popular or easy or could lead to some personal advantage. Number six, A true hero will never seek their own glory, and will always encourage, and acknowledge the value in the contributions of others.
  Do these qualities seem unrealistic or unattainable? I don't thin k so. Each time you hear a story about a selfless fireman who rushes into a burning building to save a frantic mothers child that"s a hero. When you hear or see on the news that a policeman has stopped a robbery or safely returned a mothers missing child that"s a hero. Need I even mention, our brave military who everyday, risk life and limb in the defense of our country? You get the idea. These heroes  however, great as they are, are  rather easy to point out. Thus, I still wonder are there plain everyday heroes  in America  that you may not at first notice? I think so. Each time a dedicated school teacher inspires a wayward  student heading for trouble to change their ways and thus, sets them on a path  that will give them a future, that teacher is a hero. When a family needs food or clothes because they have lost their home in some sort of disaster and they have no friends or family to help, the stranger you see step up to help  just became a hero.  Anyone,  who selflessly gives of themselves asking nothing in return to make a meaningful difference in the life of another person instantly, becomes a hero.
  Finally, it is important to point out the contributions made by a very special group of heroes. They are called good parents,  Although they do not have super powers or flashy hero attire,  they do have one truly special ability. They can serve as an inspiration to their children to grow up with good moral values. This in turn will create good citizens, which in turn will create a better country, and  finally, a better World.  Wow! maybe good parents really do have a super power after all. What do you think? Keep fighting parents for truth justice and yes, the American way! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain. Just some words to think on.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Do We Still Live In The Land Of The Free?

  One of the things I have always appreciated about this great country of ours is that we as Americans are free to exercise a certain amount of personal freedom. I love that part of our constitution that says we have the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You remember those words don't you? In everyday practical living here is what those freedoms mean to me.
  In this country, if I want to go to McDonald"s and order a Big Mac two large fries and a Coke, I should be able to do this without having to answer to anyone including the government. I don"t need Michelle Obama to tell me what I or my family can have! I personally don"t smoke or drink and I don"t think much of people who drink only to get drunk. Be that as it may, I would never tell anyone they could not drink in their own home. Yes I understand that we must punish drunk drivers. In America we have laws to do that if you and I can't exercise your freedom to drink responsibly
  Too many years of smoking or drinking can cause damage to your lungs and liver. I am not your mother however, and it's still your lungs and your liver and your choice and it should always be! The government is already telling us what kind of light bulbs we can use in our own homes. I wonder what"s next? Soon the government will tell you what car you should drive. The government will stipulate that you can only drive cars that are deemed by the government to be friendly to the environment.  Then the government will tell you you can only live in a house that has a solar roof. The government will do all of this in the name of knowing what is good for you.
  Ben Franklin once said,"Those who would surrender liberty in exchange for security will soon find they have neither." I agree with Ben. What good is living in the land of the free if the government is slowly taking your personal freedoms from you? In conclusion, I would leave these thoughts with our government.
  McDonald"s is still my kind of place. Things still go better with Coke. I still deserve a break today. Even if it"s not good for me Kentucky Fried Chicken is still finger licking good! Now all I ask big brother government is to let me have it my way. As always friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Drama Of Obama!

  Remember back when you were a kid? In the summertime everybody got together to play the neighborhood baseball game. The game would be going just fine until there was a dispute over a particular call. Then the problems began! You see in my neighborhood one team owned the bat but, the other team owned the ball. I very seldom got to finish the game. One or the other team would say, " If you don't call this play my way then I'm gonna take my bat or ball and go home! " Thus, nobody ever won the baseball game!
  This memory reminds me a lot of the current dispute between the Democratically  controlled Senate and the Republican controlled House. President Obama who should be the grownup in the room acts more like a spoiled brat! The idea of President Obama telling  House  Majority leader  Eric Cantor, " Don't call my bluff Eric I'll go to the American people." Suddenly then getting up and stomping out of the room sounds an awful like those two baseball teams in my old neighborhood. The sad truth is if an acceptable compromise can not be reached and a good call made it is the American people who loose. In this instance if America looses economically then so does every other major country in the world.
  I'm so tired of the Obama drama. It is high time President Obama decides to act like an adult! He needs to take responsibility for his own actions. That's what real adults do. Then just maybe he can make an adult decision. Then, just maybe President Obama will experience something  that he has never experienced before,  It is the feeling of accomplishment you feel  when you become an adult and learn to lead.
  I hope President Obama learns his leadership lesson soon. He's had almost three years and the American people are still waiting. Americans in general are a forgiving and understanding and patient people, but they will not wait forever. Mr. President I hope you will not take your bat or ball and go home! It is time for you to grow up and be an adult. America now waits for you to lead  Please Mr. President don't keep us waiting until it's too late for anyone to win the game. As always my friends these thoughts remain. Just some words to think on.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

President Obama's Hope and change How's That Working Out For You?

  Remember back in 2008 when then Senator Obama was running for President? Remember how he seemed to have the young people under his spell of hope and change? Fast forward now to 2011. Now I have to ask the question America how's that hope and change working out for you?
  Well let's see, President Obama said if he could get his eighty seven billion dollar stimulus package passed then, unemployment would not go above eight percent remember that? Well the latest unemployment numbers are not that encouraging unemployment is now at nine point two percent. I don't know but it seems to me that if that stimulus package was intended to be the shock that was supposed to start the heart of Americas economy I think the American economic patient is a  still showing a flat line! Then of course President Obama said the american tax payer would simply have to agree to finance a series of bail outs. Did you get yours? I sure didn't get bailed out  on any obligations that I owe!
  The american tax payer bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as the auto industry several corporations on Wall Street hundreds of banks here and abroad. Yet, even after all this the heart of the american economic patient is still basically showing a flat line! I don't know about anyone else but this was not the hope or change that I was looking for.!
  However can Americans vote for a new President in November of 2012? Yes we can! I believe yes we will! Well America how is President Obama's hope and change working out for you? Let me put it this way. In 2008 Obama ran on hope and change and his fame took off like a rocket. Now I only hope I have some change left after the government gets finished picking my pocket! As always America these thoughts remain. Just some thoughts to think on.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Your"re Free To Go.

  My friends and neighbors my I have your attention. I"ll try my best not to rant or preach. Now if you would be so kind, to give me a few moments of your time, I'm going to practice my freedom of speech. I'm just an american who loves my country. I'm so proud to wave the red white and blue If your a liberal and you have something against my freedom loving country remember, many good men and women have fought and died just to give that right to you.
  However, if your a left leaning liberal who despises the way we live and what we do. This may sound kind of dumb but a new day has come and I've got good news just for you! We have free will in America. I think there's something liberals need to know. I wish to make it clear. You don't have to live here. Anytime you want to leave your free to go! I want to say again just for the record, because I don't want there to be a single doubt.If your a liberal and you don't want to live in this country I'm sure you can catch a boat or plane to get out! Each day hundreds of planes leave this country. They tell me flights depart from dusk to dawn. So if liberals no longer want to live in this country please take a boat or plane and I promise I won't miss you when your gone!
  Well, my friends thanks for listening. Just before I sign off I want all the liberals to know, once again I wish to make it clear you don't have to live here. Anytime you wish to leave your free to go! I guess I've had my say now. I don't want you to loose interest and have you start to yawn. So, I'll say one last refrain. As always these thoughts remain. Just some words to think on.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Debt Ceiling To Raise Or Not To Raise That Is The Question.

  Although the dead line for raising the debt ceiling is August the second a deal must be reached by July twenty second so that the House and Senate both have time to introduce whatever compromise can be worked out make whatever revisions need to be made then vote on passage. This must be accomplished in time to be in place by August the second.
  At this point I am still quite confident that a compromise will be reached and the debt ceiling will be raised but, should we raise the debt ceiling ?  There are those who say if we don't America will default on various obligations both within the government and around the world.this would be the first time in Americas history that we find ourselves in this financial situation and frankly, I think this would ruin Americas credit perhaps beyond repair.
  On the other hand there are those who oppose raising the debt ceiling they contend that America must learn to live within a set budget. While I certainly agree with that financial principal I think that at least for now the debt ceiling is going to be raised. Which then begs the question who will get the better deal? The Democrats control the Senate. They have made it quite clear they will only decrease federal spending if they can raise taxes on the rich to off set the cuts. The Republicans however control the House. They have made it quite clear they only want federal spending cuts with no taxes raised on anyone. The Republicans feel this way because of the current down turn in our nations economy particularly, in the area of job growth. They feel that now would be a terrible time to raise taxes of any kind on anyone. I must confess I tend to agree with the Republicans.They gained control of the House last November because they promised the Tea Party as well as all other true conservatives that they would stand and fight for real meaningful government spending reform. I pray that in the heat of this battle they will not wavier on this promise. It is clear to me this is the Republicans  last chance with conservative Americans. I must say, if the House should back down now I believe they will loose all credibility with conservative Americans. Thus this would set in motion the beginning of the end of the Republican Party. There is one thing for sure however, conservative Americans will soon know what the Republican controlled House is made of. As always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are Americas Greatest Days Behind Her?

  Now that the space program is coming to a close some are beginning to wonder if Americas greatness is a thing of the past. I have to say I really don't know the answer to that question. It seems to me you have to try to figure out what made America so great in the first place. Certainly one of the things that has made America so great was a true realization that all men should be free. Now, what do I mean by free? I mean simply this free to dream.
  It has been said that if a man or woman has a dream, America still is the greatest place to accomplish that dream. I still believe this to be true. Fifty years ago space travel  was just a dream.The idea of going to the moon certainly seemed impossible but, President Kennedy told  NASA that he wanted America there ahead of the Russians by the end of the sixties. Then in July of 1969 Neil Armstrong did the first moon walk long before Michael Jackson ever thought about it!.
  Are Americas best days behind her? I believe that as long as America still has the freedom to dream and dares to try and has the freedom to fail and try again, then there is still no limit to what America may yet accomplish. I pray this will always be able to be said about America. as always these are words to think on.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Has America Forgotten How To Be Thankful?

  Every fourth Thursday in the month of November America celebrates a holiday that is called Thanksgiving. You remember that holiday don't you? That's the one where every member of your family all get together, eat enough food to feed a small army, and then falls  asleep while trying to watch a favorite football game. Do you remember it now? Why is it then that a day or two later while Americans are still eating massive leftovers that the complaining begins anew.
  The kids have got to have those hundred dollar jeans they saw on sale. Don't forget the latest sixty dollar video game while your at it Since your getting the latest electronic wonders pick up  the latest cell phones as well.Never mind that you just got them all these things just last week . As the the teens all say  today, Really mom and dad that is so last week! Well let me ask you something what's wrong with last week?
  When I was growing up sure you got something new maybe, every once and awhile but certainly not every day nor every week! Maybe you could get a new bike if you saved your money that you earned cutting grass or perhaps babysitting. When you were older if your grades were pretty good you might be able to get an after school part time job save up enough money and buy a good used car. as long as you paid for your own car insurance and gas and tires and what ever else is generally needed. I never would have expected  my mom or dad just to buy me a new car and have them carry me on their car insurance. This idea about earning your own money my goodness that's so thirty five years ago! I am thankful however that my mom and dad taught this concept to me.  More Americans today need to be introduced to the idea of earning and saving for the things you want, perhaps then they will remember how to be thankful for the things they have and not complain about the things they wish they had. Now that's a great idea! As always friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Can Real Character Still Be Found In America?

  My father once said something to me that I have never forgotten. I asked my dad many years ago what would he consider to be the greatest gift skill or ability a person might ask God to give him. As I thought more about this I then asked my dad these questions Should I ask God  to give me wealth? My dad quickly said no! Then I asked should I ask God to make me smart? Again my dad said no! Finally, I asked should I ask God to make me strong and powerful or perhaps a great leader? Once again, my dad made it very clear to me his answer was no! At last I asked my dad then what should a young person starting out in life ask God for? My dad said one word character.
  Then of course, I asked my dad what makes character so important? He then said this, you need not ask God to make you smart we have books schools and teachers for that and you need to be even smarter there will always be those who are smarter than you and you can always borrow from their knowledge if you must. Then, my dad said this you need not ask God to make you rich. We have banks and various lending institutions who will be glad to let you borrow  any money you might need . You might even have friends who are better off financially then you and you might be able to borrow money from them. Then dad said this if you wish to be a great leader you can learn how to lead by learning from other great leaders and in a sense then borrow  from their vast knowledge and leadership experience. then almost in desperation I asked my dad what made character  so vital to obtain. He then simply said this,because character is the one trait that only God can develop with in a person. Therefore if a man or woman has no real character  with in them, it is the one trait they will never be able to borrow  from anyone.
  My dad went on to say, that if a you have no character developed with in you, then you will never accomplish anything. No matter how much money you have you will never be truly rich. No matter how many powerful people you may be around, you will never truly know them and thus never truly learn  anything that really matters from them. Thus you will be alone for true love or friendship is something that can not be bought.therefore if you become a person with no real character, then you will live and die unto yourself. You will then have lived but made no lasting difference in anyone's life including your own!
  I will always treasure these words of wisdom from my dad.His words helped to mold me into the person I am today..
  Now as I consider the future of  America, I ask myself this same question, can real character still be found in America? America must realize that real character can never be borrowed not even from China! Who will inspire character in America for future generations? This question must be answered and soon or else America may become the country I used to know. As always, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

God or Government Which will it be?

It seems America is at a turning point.There are those who would ask our government to provide everything for them beginning from birth to death or as some say from the womb to the tomb! after all the liberals tell us that America should get with the program and realize that America is a modern progressive country and frankly, some of our traditions and documents and beliefs are simply behind the times and very outdated. Well who knows? The progressives maybe right but, consider this.
  The first two documents or books we'll simply have to get rid of is the constitution  and of course the Bible. The constitution was based and thus written following the principals found in the Bible. While we're at it the Ten commandments the basic foundation of our laws and legal system the same commandments that appear in the halls of our congress and justice department well, these outdated and out of step concepts have simply got to go! but, at what price?
  Let's see, in this new America since the government will now provide everything for you there will be no reason to pray to this God fellow and after all, this God is kind of an odd fellow. Since the government will provide your housing and regulate the land they permit you to live on thus there will no longer be a need for you to own property after all in the new America after all, the government is now taking care of you are they not? In fact,the government will provide your schooling your health care your food your job your home and even your car.In this new America the government sees these provisions as your basic rights but remember this, since the government gave you these rights then the government can revoke them whenever they wish in the new America you have only the rights the government chooses to recognize and if the government decides not to recognize the rights the government gave to you anymore who are you to say they can't!
  In the Bible you remember that old outdated book? in the book of Job the man Job says "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away therefore since the government giveth then the government can taketh away. blessed be the name or the power of the government! In this new America we no longer believe in this silly idea of God. Therefore there is no more need for preachers or individual churches preaches can either retire or acquire normal real jobs and thus contribute to the over all good of the government, and by the way  in the new America all christian schools will be abolished since they are just church schools the government will now take care of what you need to believe.
  Dare you think this can not happen? think again the seeds of this new America are already sown now Americans will have to decide if we will pull this crop of progressiveness up by the roots or let these ideas continue to grow so that the new America can spring up and strangle all the God given goodness that has made America is great up to now. The choice however, is yours to make America so which will it be? God spelled God or God  spelled Gov, America only you can decide. as for me and my house we will serve the lord.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where is the justice for Caylee Anthony?

I want to believe that we still have a since of right and wrong in America. as I consider the Casey Anthony verdict I ask myself where is the justice for Caylee Anthony? I guess if you can afford the best lawyers money can buy and money or possible fame can certainly buy a clever lawyer then you too can possibly get away with murder!
Our nations pledge says liberty and justice for all. Where is Caylees justice? If you believe that miss Anthony wanted to free her self from the burden of parenthood so she could party and live on the wild side, then why didn't she get an abortion? I am quite sure Planned Parenthood would have been happy to kill her baby for her  either way baby Caylee is just as dead and thrown away just like they do it everyday at any Planned Parenthood location and just think it's all paid for by tax payer dollars!
I guess God will have to give justice to Caylee These days however, America doesn't believe in him either! Thus making bad verdicts like this one all the more possible. Just some words to think about!