Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Day The Wolf Will Come Or The Sky Will Fall.

  My Daughter, has always loved to read. She along with no doubt countless others, as a young child has read the story of Chicken Little and the Aesop's fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf. For anyone who has heard of or read either of these two the lessons the are intended to teach are familiar and easy to understand. The Boy who Cried Wolf, is intended to teach one to be serious about a pending danger and not to call for help just to trouble others just to pull a joke or a thoughtless prank because those who call for help when they don't need it soon find if this is done too often help will not come when it truly needed and indeed in the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf the wolf did eventually come but no one came when the boy called because he had made too many pleas for help in jest that when he truly needed help no one believed him and in the original version of that fable or story the wolf devours the boy. The lesson the story of Chicken little teaches is don't rely on false information or don't believe everything you hear indeed in truth the sky cannot fall.
  When I consider these two stories and the lessons they teach, I find myself drawing an interesting comparison between these two stories the federal government. Right now The House is threatening not to fund Home Land Security because Obama they believe as I do,that  president Obama, has exceeded his authority regarding his executive order concerning illegal immigration. Many,  including myself remember the last government shutdown. Once again, the democrats, are saying that if the government should shut down the sky will be falling the over security of the country will be at risk. Most Americans, however , should no by now that this isn't the case. When the government has a so called shut down not a great deal actually shuts down in fact only about ten percent of the government actually stops functioning federal parks or monuments will close for a period of time but the rest of the government seems to go on as normal or at least as normal as the government has ever been! Indeed then, it is clear the sky is not falling. The problem is I fear that when one considers the real threats that ISIS or the nation's national debt truly pose.I fear that much of the American public will not take these threats seriously because our government as it were has cried wolf all too often when there was no real crisis.
  I believe if  our leaders in government along with many of the American people, don't wake up soon from the ignorance of their blissful sleep the wolf that is ISIS or the wolf of total economic collapse will be at America's door and such a day, is probably much closer then many in government would dare admit or that many in America could dare to realize. Some who may read these words may think That I am behaving as Henny Penny in the story of Chicken Little that is not my intention I seek only to warn all Americans to know the danger a real crisis that the looming threat of  ISIS or economic collapse would indeed pose. I feel Americans should encourage our leaders in government to act responsibly where the threat of ISIS is concerned and the nation's nation should be be a major concern to all all Americans if only because it is hard working tax paying Americans who are expected to pay it. I would like too believe that America will wake up but I do not see such an awakening at present. Americans must wake up and demand responsible leadership in government because if they don't one day the wolf will come or the sky will fall. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Obama Has Nothing To Be Proud Of.

  Recently, my daughter was working on a composition for school. She was very diligent and stated on the assignment early. She was happy to have the composition all done and quickly went to save it in the documents area of our computer. Suddenly, in her haste she made some type of an computer mistake and as a result the computer was unable to save her composition in fact the screen went totally blank her composition was gone and that meant no matter how hard she had worked or how tired she was all she could do was start all over. She cried a few tears of frustration and then slowly began again. Believe it or not, the second time she wrote the composition she did an even better job then she had done with the first attempt and she latter decided that having to start over actually was a blessing in disguise because it helped write a composition that was something she could be proud of. I can assure you that she made sure she saved her composition correctly the second time.
  President Obama,it would seem, is far too arrogant to start over on anything! Obama care, is a prime example. Obama, along with the democratically controlled House and Senate in 2009  literally, crammed Obama care down the throats of the American people. Many if not most of the members of Congress, had not even taken the time to read the bill to know what the consequences would be for the American people once Obama care, became law.This law to date has had one problem after another even now thousands of Americans, are either having to refile their taxes or delay filing their taxes because they have to see if the insurance they signed up for is they right policy  they need to avoid paying tax penalties many Americans, have already been stuck having to pay excessive and unnecessary tax penalties because the Obama administration, failed to provide many of the American people the proper information needed for them too make the right choice in the first place.
  Obama's foreign policy to date, is a complete disaster. His lack of military experience combined with his stubborn refusal to listen to those that have military experience and wisdom have all but rendered him powerless and virtually meaningless in the eyes of other world leaders as a result our enemies don't fear or respect him and our allies don't trust him.Obama, could even now possibly change his many presidential failures if he could be humble enough to learn from his failures and simply start over. Obama however will never start over on any thing concerning his various policies because to do that he would have to admit he failed to do things right the first time and he hasn't the humility to do that.
  As a result of Obama's Obama's rampant inexperience, ignorance, arrogance and childish carelessness history, will record his legacy as follows: Obama, a president who tried to do everything but listened to no one and as a result did nothing right therefore, accomplished nothing that matters. The American people suffer even now all because Obama, lacks the humility to seek wise counsel and as sad and pathetic as that fact is it is also a fact that Obama is too steeped in his own ignorance and arrogance to ever change It's sad in away Obama, could have been a great president but he lacked the ability to humble himself admit his mistakes and start over. As a result of being too proud to change I believe history will record that basically president Obama, will have nothing to be proud of. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Everyone Loves Freedom But Few Want To Pay The Price.

  Without question Americans, enjoy a level of freedom that many other countries have never known and can only dream about.America, may not be a perfect country but I can't think of another country I'd rather live in.One may argue that achieving the American dream, may be more difficult right now then it has been in days past but I would submit to anyone who may be feeling that way that America, for all her faults and imperfections, is still the land of unlimited opportunity and endless potential.
  As wonderful as living in America, is as I observe various trends in our day to day culture I confess, that I grew more and more concerned with much of the thinking in this country as far as our basic freedoms are concerned. For decades, Americans for one reason or another have developed what I fear is a very lax attitude when it comes to the freedoms that we all enjoy.There are I believe several reasons that have lead to this attitude. consider this Americans, have so much and as a result many fail to even take the time to be grateful.Think about the many things Americans, can have at their fingertips in an instant Americans, now have smart phones that can practically do almost anything for them with the simple touch of an app.I receive mail almost on a daily basis that assures me I could be approved for a loan over the phone in as little as twenty four hours. The point I wish to make is simply this not only have many Americans forgotten how to be grateful for all that they have but they have also forgotten about the virtue of patience.Americans, in many cases, it seems don't want to wait for anything and why should they? With all of America's technological advances their are very few things any one really has to wait for and as a result we want everything now with as little work and effort as possible. The government promises to provide those in need with everything instantly seemingly for free but there is no such thing as a free lunch someone always pays for it in the form of higher taxes and more and more government restrictions.It seems, that many in America, today have forgotten that there is a price to be paid in order to maintain the freedoms they so often take for granted
  Consider the growing threat of ISIS, though they are fighting primarily, in the Middle East at present I believe unless Americans, demand that our leaders in government get serious about destroying ISIS that given time they could threaten the United States. It as only been a mere fourteen years since nine eleven yet many in America, have all but forgotten the terrible shock and horror of that day. I believe if ISIS is to be destroyed at some point it will require boots on the ground. Make no mistake ISIS , is a growing cancer that if left unchecked will spread and eventually, threaten the security of the United States. Think about this when someone has been told they have cancer as I was just last year, no patient with any sense says to the doctor, "Can you wait until the cancer gets a little bigger before you operate to remove it?"When I found out I had cancer I wanted it gone as soon as possible. This is the same attitude Americans should take as they evaluate the ISIS threat.I believe Americans, are going to have to be sent in eventually to deal with ISIS yes, that means some brave Americans, may die but the price of freedom has never come cheap and in fact real freedom has never come to any nation or civilization without a price. I would rather brave Americans, be sent in to fight ISIS and destroy them rather than continue to see the beheading of innocent people many of whom have been innocent Americans. I'm afraid however it will take a direct terrorist attack with the magnitude and impact of another nine eleven or worse before Americans finally wake up to the danger that is ISIS. You see the problem is everybody loves freedom but few want to pay the price. As always, my friends these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reading, Writing, Math And Islam?

  My daughter, is really amazing! Her mind is just like a sponge.She can memorize almost anything in a very short period of time. I  hate to admit it but she is much smarter than I was at her age. She absolutely loves any aspect of math and she's a computer whiz. I on the other hand, find that I'm still trying to understand basic Algebra and my computer knowledge basically, consist of turning my computer on and off! My daughter does exceptionally well in school and I thank God for that.
  As I watch the news however, I see a disturbing trend developing in many of our our elementary, junior high and high schools. It seems, that along with reading, writing, and math many students are now required to learn the fundamental beliefs of the religion of Islam. That's right in many public schools learning about the Muslim faith, is not an optional choice students are free to make. Learning about the Islamic faith is now part of the learning curriculum in many elementary, junior high,and high schools all across our nation. While learning about the Muslim faith students are asked to memorize and recite Muslim prayers taken right from the Koran. I can't speak for everyone but I for one am totally against this new form of brain washing in many of our public schools. Where is the ACLU and other numerous liberal groups now? Why aren't they screaming about the separation of church and state as it relates to the teaching of religion in schools where the Muslim faith is concerned?
  Consider this right now in the public school system students can be and have been rep remanded just for saying God, bless America. Students are not permitted to pray in public  while on school grounds.Many schools now refuse to require any student to stand and say the pledge allegiance yet these same schools now require students to learn and recite Muslim prayers. Liberal educators will be quick to point out that they are merely encouraging religious and cultural diversify. I would argue however, that what they call religious and cultural diversity is more like religious and cultural perversity! Make no mistake what's going on here is liberal propaganda indoctrination.Even now you can see this type of thinking in the media when you hear Obama and other outspoken liberals say that much of the terrorism going on in the word right now can be directly blamed on the United States. Obama, has all but turned his back on our most influential and staunchest alley Israel but he seems more than willing to cozy up to Iran as he seeks to gain some kind of a political deal with Iran, to limit their development of nuclear weapons.
  Think about this recently, a seventh grader was ask to answer the following question on a test the question read, What group thinks helping the poor is a waste of money? The correct answer was conservatives. The liberal agenda is quite clear liberals despise the philosophy of American exceptionalism and Obama has even stated publicly that he believes America, is longer necessarily a Christian nation.It is no accident that there has been an ever increasing rise in the number of parents choosing to home school their children rather than let them be exposed to the liberal philosophies now taught in many if not most of our public schools.
  If God fearing Bible believing Christians want to have even a chance of taking this country back Christians, in our homes and churches have got to stand up speak out and demand a change from our leaders in government but before Christians can seek a change in government each of us myself included must ask God to make a change in all of us. As Christians we can not be afraid to live what we say we believe in fact, if one's Christian beliefs does not affect the way they behave in all aspects of basic daily life I would be left to wonder if they truly were a Christian and we already have enough who are Christians in name only! Christians everywhere I'm asking us all to wake up stand up, and up before it's too late. Remember what students learn in school today affects the society we all live in tomorrow. As always, my friends these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Is Obama, Committed? Yes, But To What Is The Question.

  As a Christian, I profess to be committed to following the teachings of  Jesus. I read my Bible and strive to live my life in such away to honor God and lead others to Christ. I confess, that I am far from perfect in this endeavor and often fail but one's Christian walk is a learning process and I am still learning. As a Husband, I am committed to being the best husband I can be for my wife. As a father, I am committed to being the best father I can be for my daughter.I am sure that any Christian, who may read these words would say they too strive to meet these type of commitments to the best of their human ability.
  President Obama, in recent days, has reiterated that he is committed to the degrading and destroying of ISIS. I confess, to this point, I have my doubts about his commitment to this objective. Oh yes, I believe that Obama seeks to contain or slow down ISIS but to this point I do not see a commitment from the president to do whatever may be necessarily to destroy ISIS as quickly as possible. The president, to my way of thinking seemingly, refuses to even acknowledge we are even at war with ISIS even though ISIS has made it clear that they are at war with any nation or any individual who does not believe as they do and as such would attempt to stand in there way toward total world domination. How things will turn out with ISIS at this point I don't believe anyone can say however, I do believe there are certain objectives where America is concerned to which Obama is totally committed.
  Almost from the very moment president Obama took office in 2009 I believe he has been totally committed to weakening both the military and political influence of the United States, around the world. Sadly, I believe in many ways he has succeeded. Obama, it seems, despises American exceptionalism even though he has personally benefited by it The very fact that Obama is the nation's first black president is evidence of the fact that America, is an exceptional country. Obama , has had no problem taking the profit from the sale of his numerous books. I also noticed he had no problem taking large donations from many businesses and large corporations while he was campaigning in 2008 and again in 2012 only to turn around and demonize those same businesses and corporations  with strangling regulations once his campaigning was over.I notice also that Obama has no problem attending fund raisers for the democrats when they need money from these so called evil corporations.
  Obama, made his objective quite clear in 2008 when he stated that his goal was fundamentally change  the United States and he has certainly accomplished that objective..America's influence and leadership has diminished to the point that our enemies don't fear us or respect us and our allies no longer trust us because they know they can't count on us to stand with them. The nations debt has increased to the point that the nation's gross national product is 103% in other words the country now spends more than it takes in in fact Obama, has spent more money than all the other presidents before him with the possible exception of George W Bush. Obama, shows no sign of stopping his spending madness and he has two years remaining in his administration. I have every confidence that the national debt will reach well over twenty three or twenty four trillion if not more before Obama, leaves office.Make no mistake, Obama;s objective has been and always will be to fundamentally weaken the United States and although he says his goal is to degrade and destroy ISIS He has slowly been degrading and destroying America. I pray America, can survive Obama's administration. One thing is clear if America, is to survive she must find true leadership among her leaders and she must find it soon! As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nothing But The Truth? Really?

  It has been said, that George Washington, never told a lie. I am somewhat of a student of early American history and after studying some of Washington's tactics particularly, the many spy missions he ordered or conducted I can assure you in order to mislead the British Washington was often misleading and less than truthful.
  Recently in the news NBC head news anchor Brian Williams, was exposed for being less than honest about his war experience in Iraq in 2003. I'm not sure how Mr. Williams, can mis remember his helicopter being hit by a missile or some sort of enemy fire but it became clear after embellishing his story for twelve years that nothing he reported about that particular news story in Iraq where Mr. Williams was concerned actually happened a fact he was finally forced to admit putting his credibility as a news journalist and NBC"S reputation as a valid news organization in serious jeopardy.  As a Christian I try to teach my daughter to always tell the truth indeed, the Bible says we are not to bare false witness. As Christian, however, I still have to consider the question Does anyone tell nothing but the whole truth in every situation? I am a Christian and as such I am also quite human and I will be honest and say that in my opinion it is impossible to tell the whole truth in every situation. If anyone should doubt my assertion on this issue I challenge any married man to answer this question if his wife ever ask it the question? Honey, does this dress make me look fat? How about this one, Honey do you ever think of your old girl friends at all? I will tell you right now if I was asked to answer questions like these honestly I might be in the dog house for a while as far as my wife is concerned! How about this remember that awful Christmas sweater a your mother in law got you as a present? When you received the present men did you find yourself saying thank you so much it's just what I wanted knowing it would be buried in the back of an obscure closet until it could be re gifted on some unsuspecting victim next year? Okay, Let's get serious no one wants to be or seem unkind so, we often find gracious ways to spare some one's feelings be not being as truthful as we could be such deceptions however, are usually harmless and yet I still contend even as a Christian there can be times when I would not choose to tell the whole truth. I promise anyone who would ever ask me if I thought that a lie would in some way save my wife or my daughter's life I would tell such a lie all day long till the cows came home! and so would anyone who loved their family in my opinion just as Rehab, the harlot did when she lied and hid the Israelites spies in the book of Joshua.
  So as a Christian then, I have to ask myself  where does one draw the line? I believe the answer may lie in the question of willful intent to mislead someone. There's a huge difference between sparing some one's feelings by choosing to be kind by not being totally truthful to the point of being blunt with someone and deliberately telling a lie to willingly intending to mislead someone and thus bare false witness to someone or even against someone making it very possible that such a deception could  could have the potential to ruin some one's reputation for life. Yes, this is lying, This is harmful.Even when as a Christian, I'm trying to be kind to spare some one's feelings the best course of actions may be to follow my mother's advice she always says to me, " If you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything at all!" Therefore, I find that there may be times when instead of saying nothing but the truth one may be better off  just saying nothing! In such cases for Christians, I think common sense and the seeking of the wisdom of God, will help a Christian,  discern when it is wise and right to tell the whole truth. As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sometimes, A Hard Choice May Lead To No Choice!

  I love ice cream and my family does too. I love going to the Dairy Queen, for a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard or maybe Baskin Robbins, for a taste of one of their famous thirty one flavors of ice cream.The problem is when one goes to a Baskin Robbins, when one has thirty one flavors of ice cream to choose from that presents an ice cream lover like me with some real hard choices to make. Deciding what flavors of ice cream one may wish to go in or on an ice cream cone is a wonderful problem to have and a delightful decision to make and it's great fun for my family.
  In the world of politics however especially, if one looks ahead to the 2016 presidential election. One's choices are many in the beginning but at the end of the primary season one is left with only two serious presidential candidates. One from the Republican Party and one from the Democratic Party. I confess, as I consider the 2016 presidential election if the choice comes down to Jeb Bush or Hilary Clinton, for the first time in my life as a voter I may choose not to vote! I know Jeb Bush, was a reasonable Governor in Florida and I know he has a desire to further the nation's need for greater education. Jeb Bush, however, is for Common Core Education and from what I've seen to this point there's nothing common about it and as an education method I find it to be rotten to the core! Where I come from two plus two is four and it's never anything else no matter how one may explain another answer. I find math to be hard enough as it is and thus far I see nothing in the application of Common Core that changes my opinion.
  I have the distinct impression that in many ways Jeb Bush, is a closet progressive that is about to bolt out of that  particular closet and  into the 2016 presidential race. Jeb Bush appears to favor at least some form of amnesty for illegal aliens and yes, I still call them that they were refereed as such for years until some vote needing progressive decided such a term was no longer politically correct. I know this much if America's borders remain as they are at present Americans, will continue to loose millions of jobs with the ever increasing potential to loose millions more. The Democrats, have made their political objective quite clear they want to flood the nation with illegal immigrants to turn a red state like Texas in to a blue state and that would be a sad state of confusion!
  As a Christian, I can't vote for Hilary Clinton she is pro abortion and that among a host of other things is reason enough for me to never vote for a liberal democrat. Jeb Bush, may claim to be a conservative but unless his political views on Common Core Education and amnesty for illegal immigrants changes abruptly, as a Christian, I can't vote for him in good conscience. One thing is sure if the 2016 presidential election comes down to a choice between Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush, I'm either going to have to make a third choice if possible or not vote and I think many Americans, will face this same problem. Sometimes, when it comes to politics when one faces a hard choice that may lead to no choice. I for one hope that is not a choice that millions of Americans, and I will have to make. As always, my friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.