Friday, September 30, 2011

Who You Gonna Call?

  Well, I'm sure, by now you have heard or seen the news. I t now  appears,  that the America got another terriorist. I've heard that, Anwar al-Awlaki was second only to Osama -bin Laden as far as mayjor,  terrorist ringleaders go. Personally, I couldn't be happier! A dead terrorist is my favorite kind of terrorist! I hope one day, we get them all! I'm sure the terrorist, feel the same way about Americans.
  I'd like to take a minute,  and say, some good things about America. I realize, no country is perfect but, I get so tired of the liberal media bad mouthing my country! As for me, I am proud,   to be an American, and I don't apologize for that! Let me ask you something. Do you remember that very funny movie from the eighties called Ghost Busters? Well,  that theme song says, 'Who you gonna call'? I always think of America. Here is what I mean.When Japan, or Hati have an earthquake who do you think they call first? They place a call to America Why? because they know,  we will go and help them. When other countries, like Greece or Japan or Spain get in financial trouble who do they call?  Well, I'll give you a hint,  they don't call China! Or England, France Or Germany who do they call? America,  that's who! Why,  does America have so much trouble with illegal immigration? The answer is clear,  everyboby, runs to America because for all it's faults,  and short commings, America, is still, the greatest place to live on earth! Funny, how you don't hear about, or ever see anyone running, to live in Iran! I don't know anyone,  who is dying to live in Russia or Iraq , Or China. I suppose in China's case, enough people live there already! I think you get the idea!
  The fact is, America is the greatest nation on earth!  Yes,  America has her problems, but I wouldn't  want to live,  any where else! Just Remember,  when any other country  needs any kind of  help, who they gonna call? Us! that's who! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

If You Wanna Get Elected You Gota Pick A Pocket Or Two.

  Could someone please explain something to me? President Obama says, that his jobs bill will require the rich to pay their fair share. The President says, the rich are greedy and that many big corporate executives have way too many tax loopholes. Yes sir, those rich fat cats are just too selfish with their money! They shouldn't mind spreading the wealth around a little bit.It seems to me however, President Obama has no use for the rich until it's time to have a fund raiser to help him get reelected. His campaign staff is trying to raise one billion dollars. One of President Obama's fund raising dinners  cost 35000 dollars a plate! Hey, let me ask you something at 35000 dollars a plate do you suppose they were eating hamburgers and french fries? I doubt it! When I think of the way the President courts the rich to fill his campaign coffers, I  can't help thinking of a song from the 1969 musical Oliver called,  ' You Gotta Pick A Pocket Or Two.' I have noticed, the President has no problem picking the pocket of any wealthy potential campaign donor,  he can find. I also noticed, the President doesn;t seem to mind hanging around with the rich in fact, the President and Warren Buffett seem like old  friends!
  Thus, on one hand, the President is the defender of the poor but,  on the other hand,he has many rich friends. I guess if your going to pick a rich person's pocket, you have to at least appear,   to be their friend. I would remind the rich however, to remember,  these words of wisdom. The President may shake your hand  and treat you   just like a brother but remember, ,  he may shake your hand with his right hand but,   he's picking you pocket with the other!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are The States Still United?

  Have you ever really taken notice at the full name of our country? Our country is called the United States Of America. I have to confess to you however,  I can't recall when I have seen America more divided. As a person who majored in history, and enjoys studying history, I haven't seen our country this divided since I studied The Civil War in college. America is so divided on so many levels.. America is divided culturally, the music our youth listens to promotes only violence disrespect for authority and basically degrades humanity in general. So called, rapers, are given a god like status, young girls look up to Lady Ga Ga and I confess her music makes me gag gag! America is divided economically, we have the rich and the poor the middle class is so over taxed I fear one day there will be no middle class at all. America is divided in the area of philosophy. There are those in our country, who call themselves secular progressives. They want America to be more like the countries in Europe. Progressives follow humanistic philosophy they basically believe, that man and human reason is the measure of all things. Truth,  must be proved by science and human logic. Religion,  plays no part,  in their belief systems. Our public schools and colleges and universities all seem to embrace secular humanism, as a result, many schools and institutions of higher learning, have taken it upon themselves to literally re write many of our American history books deliberately leaving out,  any mention of God,  or religion of any kind. I guess they feel that human logic and men of secular reason founded our country.
  On the other side of this great divide, are the traditionalist,  they believe in traditional family values. I confess to you,  I stand on this side Traditionalist readily acknowledge that God instilled in all men, the need and the right, to exercise their free will and free speech. Traditionalist believe that God has influence over every area of human thought. This is easily understood, if you understand that to  a traditionalist, God is the beginning of all truth and wisdom. In the early days of Americas history the first schools were churches, and the first textbooks were Bibles and many of our now famous colleges and universities were once Christian institutions. Harvard, Yale and Princeton were  all founded,  on Christian principals. today however, the affects of secular humanism have all but erased any memory of the Christian values these institutions were once founded on. I feel certain,  the professors would tell you that , theses institutions have simply progressed in thought,  and thus,  have moved beyond the repressive affects and human restraints of religion. this kind of thinking explains, the general disdain for the members of The Tea Party.
  The time has come and Americans must decide,  what kind of nation we will be. so much of America's future hangs  in the balance. Will America be a traditional nation and continue to follow the Christian values the country was founded on? I pray that this is the choice America  will make. Rest assured however the secular progressives will continue to strive,  to make America more like the nations of Europe. In the end, Americans will use their free will, to decide America's final destiny.  As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally, Some Advice From Obama Many, Will Take;

I am constantly amazed at all the media fury that surrounds the up coming election. I do believe the next election will be critical,  for it will determine the economic future of America. I have to confess to you. Sometimes I wonder if America will still exist as a nation ten years from now. I wonder what kind of America will my daughter have,  to grow up in. I wonder, how much longer America will truly be free. I have often,  laid awake at night wondering,  if the America that I grew up in,  will soon be,  just a memory of a once great country.
  President Obama seems to show little concern,  for the economic future of America. It seems to me,  the only future he is worried about is his own. President Obama told the Congressional Black Caucus recently,  that they should stop whining and complaining , take off their house slippers, and get their  marching shoes on, because they have work to do. I agree, in fact, on election day in November, of 2012 I will take President Obama's advice, and put my marching shoes on,  and march to the voting booth,  and do my part,  to add the President,  to the list, of the unemployed. I believe,  many conservative,  and independent thinking Americans,  will do the same! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Last Straw

  Well, if your watching the news lately, You can see what a big deal is being made about the out come of the straw poll in Florida. I will admit, Herman Cain did pull off somewhat, of a political upset. I am concerned however,  about the political process in general. I am saddened when I watch a political debate here's why, all the  Republican candidates seem to take turns stabbing each other in the back all in the name of trying to win the Republican nomination. I am troubled by this for two reasons. First, these same candidates, will all tell you how much their personal beliefs and deep moral faith means to each one of them. Can anyone  tell me what is good, or moral,  or Christian about trying to bad mouth a fellow candidate ? Are their no limits, on what you can say or do just to win a nomination? I guess not. This whole process seems strange to me.
  These same Republicans, will  all come together after the primaries and stand united behind whoever gets, the Republican, nomination and all the back stabbing,  and political distortions,  will all be forgiven.  I can certainly understand why someone would be reluctant to get into politics! There is one thing I am sure of  in November of 2012  the American people will vote,  and many people think,  that President Obama's endless spending spree is the straw that broke the camel's back economically speaking When election day comes, in November of 2012 let's put it, this way, I hope thats one straw poll Obama looses, because if he doesn't,  I fear that economically speaking, that could be,  the last straw for America's future. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Ounce Of Prevention?

  Last night My Daughter started getting a cold .I took action right away. I grabbed the cold medicine and sent her to bed. She seems better today,  and I am glad. I have to ask you however,  have you ever heard some of those medicine  commercials on television lately? I don't know sometimes I think the side affects, may be worse,  than the condition the medicine claims to cure. I saw one CLPD  medicine will help your breathing but, it may cause a man's prostrate to enlarge even more than it already is ouch! no thanks! I watched another medicine commercial, this one said the medicine would help your arthritis if,  you didn't mind the possibility of constipation,  or kidney failure wow, some choice! Another medicine promises to help you move with less pain but it will seriously lower, your immune system thanks,  but no thanks!
  I realize all medicines have side affects and I'm sure the side affects happen, only in a few isolated cases, I guess sometimes,  you really have to decide,  if the cause,  is worse than the cure. I do wonder however,  how is it,  that my grandmother lived to be 100 and all she had most of the time,  was  her own homemade remedies. Sometimes I think,  my grandmother,  knew more than a lot of doctors. Don't get me wrong,  medicine has it's place. I just find my self a lot more careful these days. I know,  that if I am not careful with the medicines I choose to take,  there is always the possibility that's the last choice I ever make! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Number Easy To Remember;

  Last night,  I was trying to help my daughter, with her math homework. My goodness,  some of this new math is just too much,  for me. I ended up having to talk to my daughter's teacher and she told me how to work out the problems in my daughter's homework. I am not a math wizard by any means, but at least  I know when to ask for help.
  President Obama says, his jobs plan,  is not class warfare it's math. Well, I have to say, it seems to me, that President Obama's math thus far seems to add up to zero. In 2009 Obama spent 287 billion dollars trying to stimulate the the nation's struggling,   economy. Well,  last August, the number of new jobs created was zero. The stock market  often,  finishes,   in negative territory and you might even say, that's below zero! The President visited Solyndia last year and told the American people that companies like Solyndra, were the wave of the future. The government loaned Solyndra,  535 million  taxpayer, dollars. Well,   Solyndra's wave, crashed. The company had to declare bankruptcy. I wonder, how much money will the American taxpayer get back from Solyndra or the government? The answer is, zero!
  I don't know what, or who,  the President listens to but,  I can  tell you, it's not the majority, of the American people. If I had to rate how often,  President Obama has listened to the American people, I would have to say zero percent of the time. I have to tell you, I don't know if our government will shut down, but there are many times I wish the government would shut up, long enough to listen to the will, of the American people. What are the odds this will ever happen? I am afraid the answer is zero. The nation's economy  shows no signs of any real improvement. If the economy, remains in it's present condition on election day in November of 2012 the odds that President Obama will be reelected are zero. Should you find this number hard to remember, just think of  the first letter in Obama O for zero then that number will be very, easy to remember. As always,my friends,   these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Left My Brain In San Francisco.

  I am so tired of certain Americans who seem to believe that somehow the American people caused what happened on nine eleven. Recently, on the Howard Stern Show singer Tony Bennett best known for the 1962 hit song I Left My Heart In San Francisco said, 'They flew the plane in but we caused it because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.'A few days later, on The View,  Mr. Bennett tried to explain his remarks but frankly, his words did little to clarify his remarks he had made on the Howard Stern  Show.
  Look,  I know, Mr. Bennett, is 85 now. I know he served in World War Two. I don't mind if he wants to be a pacifist,  because he hates the results of war. I have to tell you though, I think Mr. Bennett left more than his heart in San Francisco,  I think he left his brain as well. The United States may not be a perfect country but, the United States does not have a history of attacking Innocent men women and children for no reason. Yes,  iInnocent people often die in war,  but that is usually,  a tragic accident. What happened on nine eleven was no accident. This terrorist attack was planned, it was  cold, and deliberate.I am glad Mr. Bennett loves this country. I wish we could all live in peace. I would never ask, Mr. Bennett to stop using his freedom of speech. I would ask him to remember, that it is our brave men and women serving this country who fight the terrorist daily, so he can continue to use his freedom of speech. I would hope Mr. Bennett, would think about the  many families who lost loved ones on nine eleven. Maybe if Mr. Bennett, learns to weigh his words,  before he speaks, , he can leave his foot in San Francisco after he takes it out of his mouth! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mutually Assured Poverty;

  I don't know about you but,  if I hear President Obama say,  the rich have to pay their fair share one more time I think I may be sick! The president's so called jobs stimulus plan is really nothing more than  mutually assured poverty. I say this because President Obama seems to want to enforce a type,  of socialistic communism.This  seems to suggest, that there should be only one social class and everyone in this social class should all have the same level of prosperity. The President believes, everyone should be economically equal. The communist believe this too. If by some chance,  someone should work a little harder,  and produce a little more,  and thus make a little more then the  person who dared to make a profit,  will be strongly encouraged,  to donates his extra earnings  to the state. Therefore,  no one under strict communist rule,  produces any more than they are allowed to,  thus, everyone remains,  equally poor.
  In America,  we operate under a system called capitalism everyone may not earn the same but,  everyone has an equal opportunity to earn the same as everyone else. In America,  that's called free enterprise. If you work hard maybe, even harder than someone else you may,  earn more than someone else. If you keep working harder than some, you may,  grow richer than some. Welcome to America,  land of equal economic opportunity. Remember,  you have the gift,  of equal opportunity which is not,  a guarantee from the government of equal wealth! The President is using what  I call Robin Hood economics he wants to take from the rich,  and give to the poor. At first glance,  that sounds great but,  take a closer look. When you take from the rich money they earned doesn't that make the rich a little less rich? If you keep doing this eventually,  there will not  be anyone,  who is rich. The good news is,  I guess we will all be equally poor. I have to wonder however, what happens, when there are no more rich people?  Where will extra money come from then? As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Till Death Do Us Part;

  It seems,  nearly every  day some aspect of the institution of marriage comes under attack from those with a liberal point of view. I am not surprised when this occurs,  as a matter of fact, I've come to expect it. I must admit however, I did not expect to have to defend the institution of maraige because of some careless coments from Pat Robertson. According to Pat Robertson, Alzheimer's is a kind of death,  so if your spouse is found to have Alzheimer's according to  Pastor Robertson,  sine your spouse will eventuall die from the desase you should go ahead and divorce them,  and get on with your life.
  I went back and looked at my marriage vows after I heard these comments from Pastor Robertson. I searched,  and searched but, I saw no such provision. I remember the vows went something like this,  for better, for worse for richer and poorer,  in sickness and in health,  from this day forward,  till death do us part.It seems to me, if your spouse has Alzheimer's you are still bound by your vows to stay with them and take care of them as best you can for as long as you can. My mom and dad were married for sixty four years. When dad got cancer,  mom took care of him round the clock day and night,  and the night dad passed a way,  mom sang songs  of comfort to him till he quietly slipped into Heaven. I have another dear friend,  who took care of her husband after he was found to have Alzheimer's. She took care of her husband all by her self  for ten years even after,  he no longer knew who she was. I guess she didn't get the memo from Pastor Robertson saying,  it was okay to get a divorce under these particular set of circumstances.Remember how the wedding vows end? I sure do, what God hath joined together,   let no man or  Alzheimer's put asunder. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Does Anyone Tell The Truth Anymore?

  Remember what we used to learn in school? Remember the story about how George Washington said, 'I can not tell a lie,  I chopped down the cherry tree.' I remember stories I heard about good old honest Abe Lincoln. I read a story that said,  he once walked a mile to return a penny he owed to a customer because he had accidentally over charged her. I can not say,  for a fact,  that these stories are totally true, but I can say,  I wish I knew more honest people in our Government today.
  In the last few days we have learned about a solar company named Solyndra who it appears,  tried to lie about their financial stability. Now a government investigation has been launched to see who knew about the unstable condition of the company and when did they know it. Now, I hear,  that a four star general General William Shelton says, he was pressured,  to lie to Congress possibly,  to protect a huge Democratic donor I have to wonder,  does anyone in our government know how to tell the truth anymore? Is everyone in our government willing to lie,  cheat, steal and then cover it up, just for possible,  financial or political gain? I'm afraid the answer to that question may be a very sad, yes! Can we find honesty in our government? Frankly,  to be honest with you, I just don't know. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Please President Obama Don't Try Again

  There's and old saying we have all heard that says, if at first, you don't succeed, try try again. In most cases, I believe that however, there are things that should never have been tried in the first place, and certainly, should not be tried again! It seems to me, our President has tried many things to try and stimulate the American economy.When you consider, that the President asked the Congress to pass his 887 billion dollar stimulus and they did, yet, unemployment still remains at nine point one percent. The stimulus clearly, hasn't worked. Now, as American taxpayers, we find out, we loaned Solyndra some, 535 million dollars and that company,  just filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy. If that weren't bad enough now the President, is trying to shove another Government stimulus through the Congress he just happens, to call it, a jobs bill. The President literally, crammed his health care bill down the American people's throat! The Supreme Court will have to decide the fate, of President Obama's health care law.
  My Dad used to say, ' A wise man, changes his mind, but a fool, never does.' The President seems, unwilling, or unable, to change his mind even, when the evidence clearly shows, his policies, aren't working Sometimes, the President's ideology seems more like his, idiotology to me! Did you know that the words idiot, and ideology come from the same root word meaning mind? When I consider the President's refusal to learn from his many policy mistakes, well, let's just say, I found the meaning of these two words to be rather interesting.I have often said, there is no shame when you try different things in life, and fail. It is a shame, however, if throughout your life, you fail to try.In President Obama's case however, if he is unable or unwilling or just plan, refuses to learn from his economic policy failures then, I think it would be a shame if he were to try again. To me I'd have to say, I find all of President Obama's trying as far as America's economy is concerned, to be very trying, on America's economic future. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Methinks, Something Stinks!

  I have looked at the news recently. It appears that a solar panel company named Solyndra the same company,  President Obama said,  had such a bright economic future in the field of solar energy, well, let's just say Solyndra's economic solar sun has burned out. I think if I owned any company the first thing I would do,  is make sure President Obama never came for a visit. I certainly,  would never let him tell me or the nation that my company had a bright future for it seems, if a company receives President Obama's personal endorsement that is equal to the kiss of economic death to that company.
  Have you ever noticed how the company name Solyndra, sounds a lot like the phase,  so lend us? I'm not sure that's just a coincidence. Not too long ago, it seems that Solyndra was in need of some financial assistance, So, the American tax payer was asked to lend Solyndra somewhere between 528 to 535 billion dollars. It appears,  this loan was made in spite of the fact, the White House had been informed, Solyndra was on shaky financial ground. I saw on the news there were email communications that seem to suggest that Vice President Biden was concerned about Solyndra's financial problems. It seems,  there was a photo opp that was supposed to take place. Wow for 528 billion dollars I think I would have asked for more than a picture. The government is now conducting a federal investigation. I,m sure the real truth will be uncovered or kept covered,  depending on what it takes  to cover President Obama's political backside. One question still troubles me however, The American taxpayer loaned Solyndra over 500 billion dollars and they went bankrupt, now, President Obama says,  if the government spends another 547 billion dollars and passes his jobs plan that will create jobs for 15 million unemployed Americans? Wow! with logic like that well, let's just say,  that, President Obama's chances for reelection are a lot like Solyndra's economic solar future and that's not very bright! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What Will You Give Back?

  Someone has said that when we're born our talents are our gifts  from God. What we do with our talents throughout the course of our lives well,  that's our gifts given back to God. I believe there is some truth in that line of thinking.What I'm learning however, is that you don't have to have a huge talent of any kind to make a difference in the lives of the people you care about. You just have to be willing, to use the talent you have and make a difference.
  There will always be those times in life where you think, if I'm not a doctor or l lawyer or a politician or a celebrity of some kind  what real difference can I make in the lives of others? I am here to tell you,  you can make a great difference. Sometimes just offering a word of encouragement when someone really needs it can make a huge difference. Today I heard on the news a group of total strangers all saw an accident and stopped what they were doing long enough to lift a burning car off of a man who had been trapped there. That act of bravery took no particular talent just some people who decided  to make a difference in that helpless man's life. Remember, there is no shame when you try and fail, but it is a shame when you fail to try. Sometimes, the difference you make, makes all the difference. As always, my friends these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's Truth Got To Do With It?

  It never ceases to amaze me what passes for serious journalism in this country. Paul Krugman so called journalist,  for The New York Times has really, exposed his journalistic ignorance, not that it was ever,  that well hidden! Apparently, Mr Krugan believes,  that yesterdays nine eleven celebration should be considered,  a time of shame.he says, former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik and former,  Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the former President George  Bush have all used what happened,  on nine eleven as an opportunity to cash in on  the events,  because they each,  wrote their own book on the events of nine eleven.I conclude,  that Mr. Krugman, feels,  that these men should have not written any books on the subject of nine eleven because,  there is a chance,  the books  will sell,  and these men may,  make some money because of the books and thus,  profit on what happened on nine eleven. Didn't The New York Times run the story of nine eleven when it first happened? Weren't they hoping to boost Newspaper sales? Thus, Krugman,  and The New York Times,  cashed in on nine eleven.
  I read recently,  that former, Secretary Of  Defense Donald Rumsfeld cancelled,  his New York Times subscription. I can't say, that I blame him. The New York Times can still serve a useful purposes  however, if  your bathroom needs some extra toilet paper,  or you need to start a fire in your fireplace, or,  you could always,  line your bird cage with it. Mr. Krugman, refers to these good and honorable men,  as fake heroes. I would submit to you, that Paul Krugman, is a fake journalist and The New York Times is a fake newspaper. What The New York Times dares to publish,  has nothing to do with the truth,  and boarders on gutter journalism! Paul Krugman, should be ashamed,  that he dared publish such an piece of trash! The New York Times should ashamed,  that journalist like Paul Krugman even exist, much less, works  there! As  always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day To Remember;

  When my dad was still living,  I remember he told me exactly, where he was,  when he heard about the announcement,  about the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.He was in high school,   and after he graduated he enlisted in the Navy. I am sure, you can remember where you were when you heard about the Kennedy assassination November 22, 1963.  September 11, 2001 has been called the modern day Pearl Habor. The day started out, ordinary enough but,  by the end of that day,  the World Trade Center would be turned to dust, and nearly, 3000 people would be  dead, and America had another, day to remember.
  I realize Americans will never forget,  what happened,  on nine eleven. Is it possible however, to forget some of the lessons nine eleven  should have taught us all, as Americans? I would submit to you,  the answer may be, yes. I often, wonder,  are America's churches as full as they were,  the first six months after the attack on nine eleven? Somehow, I doubt it .I find in many churches,  the truth of the Bible,  has been so watered down,  not only does it not offend anyone, it doesn't save anyone either! We may sing, God Bless America, but there are many places in America,  where God is not wanted, or welcome including, today,  at the nine eleven memorial. Mayor, Michal Bloomberg would not let any clergy attend so no aspect of faith,  could be represented. I'm afraid, the truth is for most Americans life will go on as normal tomorrow, so normal infact, we just won't have time to remember the spiritual lessons God is till trying to teach America, the spiritual lessons nine elevn should have taught us all. If Americans will  repent,   and choose to acknowledge God in their daily lives, then God will once again, bless this nation, and that too,  will be a day to remember. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just Another Rerun:

  As a general rule, I don't watch a lot of reruns. there are very few movies that I have bothered  to see twice. The way I see it, it is kind of a waste of time to watch something, when you have already seen it and you know how the story will end That is why, I was so disappointed with President Obama;s recent speech on job creation. I think he calls it, The Jobs Act it's an act all right, and not a very good one.. The speech sounded, more like a campaign rally, as opposed to a speech worthy  of a joint session of Congress. I didn't hear anything  in the speech I hadn't heard before, and I hate reruns! Oh sure, the President,  threw the Republicans a bone here and there, promising to close tax loopholes for the wealthy and maybe future budget cuts and of couse,  the President promised,   The Jobs Act would all be paid for hower,  the President did not say how,  he would pay for it.
  The President acuses Republicans of trying to save their jobs, instead of working with him to help create jobs for out of  work Americns. I would submit to you, the Republicans, are not the only ones,  trying to save their jobs! The president is up for a job evaluation in November of 2012 nd with his record on handling the nation's economy well, I would be worried. The President's jobs plan, if you want to call it that, is really, just more of the same,  just a different name already been tried and our economy got fried, just, the same old stuff and Americans have had enough, already been done just another, rerun. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on..   

Thursday, September 8, 2011

No America, There Is No Santa Clause

  A few months a go, I had to tell my daughter, the truth that all children have to know sooner or later there is no Santa Clause. I'm happy to report see took the news well,  and I think she's going to be just fine. I couldn't help but think however, this is the same truth,  Americans must learn. Government is not Santa Clause! As Americans,  we can't constantly,  submit our wish list to the government, and then expect the government to come up with a spending program to grant our every wish like we expected Santa Clause to do when we were children. The time has come,  for spoiled Americans,  to grow up,  and face some grim realities! The government,  doesn't have orchards of money trees,  spending programs in order to be funded, must be paid for! As my Dad used to say, 'If you go to the dance, sooner or later,  you gotta pay the fiddler.' Well,  our fiddlers in China,  are waiting to be paid. Americans seem reluctant, to talk about entitlement cuts. To me,  the choice is clear, Americans must prepare themselves, for entitlement cuts now,or have entitlements be cut off later. I fear,  that day may  even be sooner,  than the government's  estimate of 2036.
  I have seen clips from  the recent, Republican Presidential Debate. I am not so concerned,  with which candidate had the best one liners or who got the most zingers, or jabs in on their fellow candidates. I am more concerned with which candidate is willing to stand,  and take the heat, and make the federal budget cuts that are necessary,  for America's economic survival.  Will seniors,  and the disabled,  feel better when the government says,  there is no more money? If Americans don't learn to cut back, government entitlements will soon be cut off. Americans must face the economic reality, government, is not Santa Clause. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on..

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Television Is Often, A Vast Wast Land.

  I usually, don't watch much television. I watch the news,  or maybe,  a History channel documentary and that's about it. Recently, I was channel surfing, just to see what my television had to offer. Well, on one channel, a sitcom was on the plot was very basic the dad was a moron, the kids were smart mouthed, mom was in charge but she let dad think he was. Dad was too stupid of course,  to know what mom was doing. The message was clear,  all men are stupid, I guess I didn't get that memo. On another channel,  I saw a program dedicated to finding out,  who fathered  different women's babies. First,  they had to find out,  who cheated on who, and how many cheaters there had been. Once they figured all that out,  they reveled who fathered whose baby. I thought, Isn't this wonderful,  then, I changed the channel. I found eight programs all dealing with going to some Judge's make believe court. Goodness,  I never knew so many people needed to sue somebody. I tried to find a decent movie to watch but they were either all  reruns,  or to stupid,  to watch in the first place. In the end, I just turned the television off.
  I guess, I really haven't watched much  television since the A-Team went off the air! I just haven't found anything beyond the news, or sports, that is worth watching. The so called, reality shows don't reflect any reality I've ever lived, and my life has somehow, managed to go on without knowing who won American Idol. Benjamin Franklin once said, 'Dost thou love life?' 'Then, do not waste time, for that is the stuff, that life, is made of.' I haven't gone to see a movie, or watched much television since the early eighties. In my opinion sadly, I haven't  missed all that much. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fake Parents

  I heard a story on the news  recently, that really troubles me. It seems, a mother entered her four year old daughter,  in a beauty pageant. To be honest with you, I'm not a big fan of these types  of events  especially,  for young children. apparently,  for whatever reason, the little girl needed to dress like Dolly Parton. I have nothing personally, against Miss Parton however, I don't think any,  four year old needs to have her out fit enhanced,  with fake breast and a fake backside,  in order to look like Dolly Parton..  another outfit,  worn at the pageant was so outrageous,  that it made the contestant,  look like a prostitute. Having these types  of  Images pushed on our children,  at such an early, and impressionable age,  I  have to tell you,  I find this, unacceptable as a parent. I believe that parents who permit this,  are irresponsible,  to say the least, and as parents are about as fake, as the breast,  and backside,  the parent,  stuffed,  the the little girls outfit  with. I feel this way because, those  parents who enter their children in these beauty pageants do this only for their own financial advancement with no thought,  of the possible,  psychological and emotional damage that could seriously affect the development of their children's personality.

  Our society places too much pressures on little girls to grow up too fast as it is. Between television, movies, shopping malls, Barbie dolls, and fashion models and pier pressure from other girlfriends, your little girl's childhood innocence doesn't stand a chance. I have a nine year old daughter who often talks as if she is nineteen. I have to remind her however that she is only nine. Can you imagine, the fun I'm going to have when she turns about fourteen? Wow! it scares me just to think about it!! As parents, if we are not careful, our children will grow up too fast  with a fake perception of reality. That is why we as a society don't need adolescent  adults to become fake parents. We need solid parents to teach our young girls what is important,  is the values they  develop,  on the inside,  and not, rushing, physical development on the outside. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.  

Monday, September 5, 2011

Your Labor Is Not In vain

  I remember my first job,  I was a junior counselor at a camp for the handicapped. I fit right in,  and felt right at home. I have cerebral palsy,  so I was able to relate to the needs of many of the campers. I remember how happy I was,  to receive my first real paycheck. The check was for forty dollars. I remember I was upset because I thought I had been cheated. the check said,  I earned forty dollars but, I only cashed a check for twenty seven dollars and fifty cents. It was then, I had my first introduction to the government, and state,  and federal income tax.  .I remember how hard the work was,  both mentally, and physically. I remember how tired I was,  at the end of that first week and yet, it felt good to be tired. I had earned my own money. I discovered a new feeling as well, something I had not felt until receiving that first paycheck, It was a feeling of pride and self worth,  what I was feeling,  for the first time,  was self respect. I had a new confidence, I asked a girl out, the next week and I was able to pay for her meal. I finally knew what it felt like to be a man. That was one feeling  I truly enjoyed and never forgot.
  I remember how worthless my Dad felt when he grew to old to move freely soon,  he was unable to drive, finally,  as cancer took over his body, all dad could do was sit,  and remember all the things he once was able to do not surprisingly, he died a few months later a tired and broken man. What I learned was, it is good for a man or woman to work. When a parent gives there children everything the could ever want and ask nothing of their children in return,  they teach their children,  to expect everything to be given to them on a silver platter. Have you ever noticed that pampered,  spoiled,  very rich kids are seldom satisfied?  I believe that's because everything has been handed to them thus, they never know the joy that comes from work,  and sweat,  and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with knowing,  you have earned,  what you have made. I think those,  who have never had to work for anything are deprived,  because they never experience the joy,  that comes from knowing, no matter how hard the work may be, their labor is not, in vain. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Warning ! Ground Zero God Not Welcome Here.

  I recently went on U Tube and made myself,  watch recorded video clips of the events of September 11, 2001. I have to tell you,  seeing the terrible events of that day a fresh and anew, still,  filled me with shock and  intense anger. I know as Americans, after ten years there is a tendency to want to forget such tragic events. I have to admit to you,  the sight of watching helpless victims jump from the towers of the World trade Center while it was still standing well, let's put this way,  I have trouble sleeping sometimes once I see something,  I can never forget it.That's why I was so disappointed,  when New York Mayor,  Michael Bloomberg decided in his infinite wisdom,  that no Clergymen of any kind would be represented at the nine eleven Memorial next Sunday. As I consider this decision however,I have to say I'm not that surprised. As I see it, God hasn't been wanted or welcome in many aspects of American society for many years now.
  Sadly,  many Americans don't want God in any aspect of government, America kicked God out of the public school system along time ago now. I have to tell you, what scares me the most,  is that God,  many times,  is not even welcome in many of America's churches. Many preachers have watered down the consequences of sin, the reality of Hell, and you never hear real sermons on the holiness of God,  and the true need for righteous daily, living.In short, Americans may, have a form of godliness but, many times Americans deny God's existence either through their actions,  or over all indifference. I hope Mayor Bloomberg will reconsider his decision on allowing Clergy to be present at the nine eleven Memorial next Sunday, otherwise, the nine eleven Memorial will be just, one more place where God is not wanted or welcome. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

From Hero To Zero

  Do you remember back in 2008 when then, candidate  Obama was running for President? Remember those breath taking speeches? Remember how the young people thought he was almost,  a political messiah? I have to admit, Obama could give a great speech! Okay, fast forward to now! What a difference nearly, three years makes. Now, each time President Obama opens his mouth, well,  let's just say his credibility is a lot like a movie title I saw once, Gone In Sixty Seconds! Seriously, now, when President Obama gives a speech,  it just sounds like recycled,  political rhetoric that the American people have heard over and over for months now. The blame game,  that President Obama seems more than content,  to continue to play,  to be honest, is wearing very thin now. President Obama's political tactics of late, reminds me a lot, of Baskin Robbins flavor of the month except President Obama, has what I call, his, blamer,  of the month! It seems to me for months now,  President Obama blames the failure of his economic policies on everything and everyone except himself. President does not seem to have the ability to accept the responsibility for his own actions, President Obama will never truly,   be a leader until he learns that ability.I have to tell you, I don't look for anything new in the Presidents up coming speech on job creation. I think it will be more, of what I've heard before. President Obama's talk is cheap,  but   the terrible affect it has had on our nation's economy,  is not! Did you hear the latest jobs creation report for the month of August? The number of Jobs created for the month of August was an astounding, zero!
  Barring some kind of economic miracle,  between now,  and election day in 2012 I think President Obama is going to have quite a tough mountain to climb as far as getting reelected  is concerned..The young people that once,  thought of  President Obama as some kind of new messianic economic hero, don't have time to follow him anymore. I think they're too busy looking for jobs, even some in the Black Caucus are becoming some what, disillusioned with the President. I t appears, that President Obama's political and economic credibility of late, is a lot like the latest monthly report on jobs, in short, President Obama has gone from an  economic hero,  to an economic zero. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Easiest Club To Join.

  Hey! have you heard? There's a new club to join. Membership is free,  and apparently,  you don't have to meet any qualifications,  except one. What is that qualification? All you have to do is.  disagree with any,  aspect of President Obama's liberal socialist spending agenda,  and you become an automatic member of  The Racist Club. You don't need any experience to join this club. You don't  even have to have any kind of resume to prove you've had a history of  being a  racist. There are many ways to gain membership in this club. One way to be granted a life time membership in this club is,  to make it known.  that you support,  the Tea Party in any fashion, once this is known among liberals,   you'll gain automatic lifetime membership in The Racist Club. I'm sure, Indiana's Democratic Congressman  Andre Carson,  will be more than happy,  to give you his personal recommendation,  for lifetime membership. I am confident, that Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters,  will second the motion for your membership,  should you need a second vote. Recently, Congressman Carson stated in a meeting of  the  Black Caucus,  that he believed,  many in Congress,  and the members of the Tea Party in general, wanted African Americans to be considered,  second class citizens The Congressman, further stated,  there was a desire among many in the Congress, and the Tea Party to return n to the days of Jim Crow policies and the Congressman also stated,  many in the Congress , and the Tea in particular,  would like to see his fellow African Americans,  and his  fellow Caucus  members,  hanging from trees. Wow! What a broad,  assumption, from a Congressman with such a narrow,  mind! Here is another sure fire way to be granted lifetime membership in The Racist Club, all you have to do is,  let it be known in liberal circles, that, you don't believe in global warming, just sharing this opinion among the liberal elite, will assure your lifetime membership in The Racist Club. Recently, Vice President Al Gore stated,  that the liberals must win the conversation on global warming.The Vice president went on to say, that those who don't believe in global warming, are basically,  fostering,  a better, brand of racism. I have to admit to you, I can understand why,  Vice President Gore believes in global warming, all you have to do is hear him speak,  and you'll soon realize that Vice President Gore is not much more than,  a big bag of  hot air! Perhaps , I am too hard on the Vice President  After all, he did,  invent the internet you know, although,  no one's been able to prove that either!
  Look, I realize there will always be pockets of racism even in this great country of ours.I don't believe however, that anyone should be branded a racist,  just because,  they dare,  disagree with someone's liberal political opinion after all, freedom of speech,  and the right, of political dissent, are two  of  the  many  factors,  that make  America,  so great in the first place. I will never apologize for the right to express my own opinion, even if, it differs from those with a liberal point of view, and I will not tolerate,  being branded a racist simply because,  I don't agree with a liberal  viewpoint, and neither my friend,  should you. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hand Up, Or Hand Out?

  America has a long history of giving to those in need.I am proud of the way,  America  quickly respones   to the needs of other countries. I remember how Americans were so willing,  to give the country of  Haiti a helping hand. Americans donated millions of dollars for disaster relief .I think of  Japan, I feel confident in saying,  we are still helping them recover from their recent disasters. Here at home,  America takes care of her own. If your unemployed,  we have seemingly,  endless, unemployment benefits. You need a place to live? Your in luck,  we have HUD or section eight housing all based on your income. If you already have a mortgage payment you can't make, no problem, the government is making it nearly, impossible,  for your home to go into, foreclosure I am told that process,  once begun,  still takes at least, a year. You need food ? We have food stamps You need transportation?  We have buses, and various other organizations that will see you get where you need to go. All of these government services are great! I am thankful we have them.
  Recently however, I heard Denis Miller say the following, 'America used to be a hand up nation but now, America has become more of a hand out nation.' I hate to say it, but, I believe Mr. Miller, speaks the truth! We have in this country,  right now, people who live together and choose not to marry, because they would have to do without their food stamps. We have people in this country,  right now,  who have no intention of seriously looking,  for work as long as their unemployment benefits hold out. I believe Donald Trump is correct when he says, America has become a debtor nation and economically, speaking, that makes America a deader, nation! Look, I'm all for helping someone out,  when they are truly,  in need. Americans have always answered the call when we have folks who are truly without, I believe America always will continue,  to answer the call of those in need, I  don't think however, that anyone who is healthy and could work, should expect to sign up for a lifetime of government hand outs! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.