Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So What's The Difference?

    I am told that even identical twins still have basic individual differences which still makes them unique in their own right.Lately, I have noticed something of a troubling trend between the two main political parties in this country.The Republicans and the Democrats, are beginning to think and act so much alike at times it's hard to tell the difference between America's two  political parties. I am well aware that the Republican Party lost the last election and I am aware that one the reasons the Republican  Party,  may have lost the last election is because of the open arms attitude the Democrats,  seem to display especially regarding the 11 million illegal aliens in this nation and the Democrats,  would like nothing better than to use any means necessary to assure that the majority of these illegal aliens vote for them in an attempt at least,  to permanently tip the majority of America's voting population in their favor.
    While I realize that the Republicans, must find a way to appeal to the Latinos in this country and a more reasonable or realistic policy on immigration might be a good first step to do this, One wonder's just how far the Republican Party,  may have to go as far as making realistic compromises on immigration is concerned. I realize that America, is a nation of immigrates and I know what the phase E pluribus unum, on the Lincoln penny as well as the Seal of the United States mean, out of many one, and I know the Statue Of Liberty, Says give me your tired you poor, your huddled masses  longing to breathe free. I don't mind if poor immigrates from other countries huddle here as long as they do it legally.I don't mind giving the illegal aliens a path to citizenship but their path should not be shorter than all the immigrates who who are in line waiting right now who came to this country through the legal process! I should mention, that I know that the term illegal aliens, is frowned on these days and is not considered to be  politically correct to those of the liberal point of view.  I've  never considered my self to be politically correct and I'm not about to start trying to be now. As far as liberal thinking, is concerned using the words liberal and thinking together in the same sentence is intellectually generous to say the least.
    My wife Priscilla, is from the Philippines, and it took eight years and a lot of money in form filling  fees to complete our present legal immigration process. Therefore,  I am left to wonder why the path to American citizenship should be shorter for those who came here legally this whole concept, is  alien  in nature especially,  when it comes to dealing with illegal ones,  but that's just me.My real point is simply this,if Republicans,  become so much like the Democrats politically speaking, that one can no longer tell them apart then perhaps eventually the only thing left for  one to do  will be to register as  an independent As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's A Dangerous World After All.

    As a general rule I only watch FOX News.I don't bother watching the other lame stream media outlets  and as a result I missed the interview with President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton on CBS"S Sixty Minutes. I was able to watch this particular Sixty Minutes,  segment on one of the various news web sites on the net and after watching the Sixty Minutes,  segment in question I concluded I had just wasted thirty minutes of my life.Steve Kroft, even admitted that the reason the President likes to go on Sixty Minutes,  is because he knows he's not going to get any gotcha questions.I thought the interview was an embarrassment for Kroft as well as for Sixty minutes in general this Micky Mouse, interview was a joke a first year journalism student could have done a better job than Kroft did. Mike Wallace, must have been rolling over in his grave!
    I've  heard of softball  questions,  but this interview conducted by Steve Kroft,  bordered on ridiculous. Talk about using kid gloves, I've had more serious and meaningful  conversations with my ten year old daughter! This interview,  was so soft at one point I thought Present Obama, Secretary Clinton and Steve Kroft, were all going to start taking turns playing patty cake. This interview was a clear signal to the democratic base to nominate Sectary Clinton,  for the presidency in 2016. President Obama,scoffed at his Republican critics when Kroft suggested,  that many of the Republicans,  felt that Obama, was trying to down play American involvement in various conflicts around the world. Obama,  pointed to the successful  transition of power in Egypt as one of his major foreign policy accomplishments over the last for years.This transition, is so peaceful in fact, that the United States,  is prepared to give Egypt 200 military tanks at no charge to Egypt, to keep that transition of power going smoothly.
    Both the President, and Secretary Clinton,  acknowledged,  that they both lived in a much more dangerous and complicated world and they  should know,  because much of their foreign policy has helped to make the world that way.When Secretary Clinton, was finally asked about the failure in Benghazi,  that resulted in the death of  four brave Americans,  including an Ambassador Secretary Clinton, personally appointed and called a personal friend, Secretary Clinton said, the whole experience was something she deeply regretted and she should, considering her failure to read the cables her friend Ambassador Chris Stevens, sent for months asking for her help went unanswered and I  believe as a result,  led to his death along with three other brave Americans.I found her statement saying she regretted the failure in Benghazi, strange considering that  just last week,  she asked Senator Ron Johnson, At this point, what difference does it make what  kind of attack it was on the embassy at Benghazi. All in all, I found this interview to by quite typical for both the President and Secretary Clinton. Sixty Minutes,  has become a journalistic joke and with junk like this on the air it is little wonder why Fox News,  remains number one in cable news  coverage. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Does God, Play Favorites?

    My wife Priscilla, and I both love our daughter Cassandra, beyond words.My wife and I often play a game with Cassandra. The game is called,  whose girl are you? This question, is usually asked when either Cassandra's mother or I are spoiling her by giving her some thing we know she likes, we then as parents want to know which one of us Cassandra, loves more so we ask her,"Whose girl are you?"Cassandra,  is very smart and she knows what we as parents are trying to do with that loaded question and therefore, when either my wife or I ask her," Whose girl are you?" Cassandra,  always says right away BOTH! "I love you both the same!"
    Sometimes,  I think parents can and often do play favorites in a family,  it's natural to prefer a child that is easy to get along with and doesn't disobey very often as opposed to having a child with a contrary nature one must watch every minute yet parents really should love each child in their family the same but parents are human, and humans aren't  perfect therefore,perfect and equal love for all children is not always a reality.
    I think often Christians,  wonder if God,  plays favorites with his children. I mean, think about it, why do some Christians,  have all the money they could ever need seemingly perfect children and the nicest house on the block, while other Christians, my self included, seem to struggle for everything we need just to get by. Does this seem fair? Does God, play favorites with his children? One might be tempted at times to think so but the answer truly is no.
    There is only one time in the Bible,  when God, in his foreknowledge stated that he loved one person and hated another and this was recorded in Romans, 9:13 the passage reads "Jacob,  have I loved but Esau, have I hated."Why would God, hate Esau but love Jacob even before they were born? The answer? God's foreknowledge God,  knew Esau would see his birthright to his brother Jacob for simple food but what he really did was sell his place in the Davidic line from whence Christ, the Jewish Messiah,  would come this was a personal insult to God even though God,  knew it would turn out this way all along because of his foreknowledge.    Consider now, the story of Job, in the first chapter Job by all accounts is counted by God as a just man Satan says let me at him and God, let Satan, take everything he had including his children and his health the only thing Satan was forbidden by God to take was Job's life.One finds  however, that Job, was faithful  to God,  and as he result the Bible,  says,in Job 42:12-15 that God,  blessed job and restored him and gave him back double everything that had been taken including his children ten were in Heaven and ten new children were born to Job. Thus, one can see God,  doesn't play favorites and is no one's debtor.
    Finally consider the story found in Luke 15:11-32. This is the well known story of the prodigal son after a father divides an older and a younger son's inheritance, the younger son over some time goes out and lives it up and waste all his money and is near to the point of starvation as he heads home to his father. The father over joyed his son was back home safe and sound throws a big welcome home party. The Bible says however in Luke 15:31-32 that the older son who had been faithful and looked after his father's affairs for quite some time felt cheated by the father because he had never received a big party and he was the good son therefore he should have been the favorite right? One might think so but didn't the father divide the inheritance  between the two sons? The father played no favorites here and the order son, should not have obeyed his father just in the hope of achieving favored status over the younger, so too, Christians, should not obey God, merely as a means to obtain his favor Christians should serve God because they love him and mature Christians should realize, that God doesn't play favorites with any of his children. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

When Joni, Comes Marching Home.

    Now that the ban has been lifted not only will women be able to serve in the military they will be sent to the front lines and they will now take participate in major combat.I realize such action was inevitable and I know we have women doing other jobs that were once predominantly reserved for males.I know we now have women who are firefighters police officers and  women body builders. I've even seen women work on various construction sights and I know one woman who does construction work and she's a jack hammer operator.Now,  that women will be serving in combat zones, it appears,  they have broken one of the last barriers that society placed on them I suppose from the perspective of many women this is a great victory for them. I suppose one should say congratulations call me old fashioned perhaps,  but some how at least in some ways, I think women may  have lost as much as they gained.
    I know for many years women have sought equality with men on all levels and I applaud them for their efforts. I am at a loss however, to understand why women want to be put in occupations that many times will only prove they can die just like a man can.The question for me has never really been whether a woman could be a fire fighter or a police officer or serve in the military in a combat zones I am sure many women are strong enough to do any of these jobs and I suppose if they really want to they should have the right to do so but many times I feel like that they then give up certain rights that made them special and worth protecting. Here is what I mean.  Remember what a captain used to say when his ship was sinking? "Everyone to the life boats women and children first." chivalry, was the reason the captain gave these orders our society used to believe that women lives should be preserved at  all cost so in times of peril they were often saved first. Now I suppose the captain would  have to say after the children it's everyone for themselves.I think that at least some men in the military will have a hard time treating women in combat just like one of the guys some will have a desire to protect women and this will cause them to hesitate in the middle of certain combat situations and that one moment of hesitation potentially could  get some good men killed.I realize we have an all voluntary military and no one gets drafted anymore  so men and women sign up of there own free will and they both know the risk. I also understand that women want to advance there military careers just as the men do and serving in combat will mean greater pay and a better chance for  for advancement.I suppose many women will be glad now because they will be able to prove that they are qualified to serve in combat zones. What a wonderful thing to celebrate now both men and women can both go into combat and  die as equals then again,  death makes us all equal doesn't it? As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hilary In The Hot Seat.

    I hate to sound like a political skeptic but if the recent Congressional hearings that supposedly had Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, in the political hot seat were supposed to answer any and all remaining questions as far as what really happened as far as Benghazi, was concerned,  they didn't. I have to admit however, I was neither surprised or disappointed by the hearings. One might say,  I got pretty much what I expected. I expected nothing and  no real questions,  were answered, that's what I expected and that's what I got! I'm glad I not not anticipate the hearings with any kind of great expectations.  I would have been disappointed because the hearings were a lot of things but great wasn't one of the them and neither was answer filled.The American people,  may never really know what happened the night of September 11. 2012 in Benghazi. I won't hold my breath waiting for real complete answers.
    I thought Secretary Clinton,  would really have to answer tough questions on Benghazi, but much of the hearings were devoted to fawning all over Secretary Clinton.The way the Democrats,  in the Senate kept thanking her for her outstanding service as Secretary of State one would have thought she was being considered for sainthood by the Catholic Church. I  was was impressed by Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and I think the Senator Paul,  was correct to hold Secretary Clinton,  responsible for not responding to Ambassador Stevens cables from Benghazi,  and I believe a case could be made that if she had read those cables and acted swiftly and responsibly and sent extra security forces when Ambassador Stevens, first asked for them he and three other brave Americans,  would still be alive. I am left to conclude that she either did not read them or she read them but chose to ignore them in ether case,  four Brave Americans, are dead and I too have to say if I were President, I just as Senator Paul said,  would have relived her of her post
    When Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson,  asked why the question as to whether  the attack on Benghazi, was a protest that got  out of hand or an all out terrorist attack was not determined and kept from the press and public  until weeks after the fact when the evidence clearly suggested the White House,  knew the truth almost immediately that this act was indeed an act of terror Secretary Clinton,  basically said,   at this point what difference does it make what kind of attack it was? I suppose in a strange sense she is correct , no matter what kind of attack was conducted on Benghazi,  the fact remains,   one American Ambassador and three other brave Americans,  are dead but here is the difference that it makes If  Secretary Clinton along with the White House and the President,  would have went public and called this event the terror attack that it was ans sent appropriate military forces to deal with it right away one Brave Ambassador and three other Americans might not be dead! I wonder if the parents of these four dead Americans,  are satisfied with Secretary Clinton's attitude and answers on Benghazi? I know I for one am not and I bet they aren't  either. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God Is Calling America. Is This His Last Call?

    As a person who tries to look at life with and optimistic attitude, I wish I could say with total confidence that America,  as a nation still has her best years a head of her.I am a realist however and America, is clearly,  now a nation in decline and if all things remain as they are now, I would have to conclude that America's best years as a great nation are behind her.
    Over the last seventy years or so God,  has been trying to get America's attention. God,  has been fervently calling America,  asking her to return to him. God called in the early sixties but America, did not listen and the Supreme Court,  took God,  out of the classroom. God,  called in the seventies but America did not listen.Women,  burned their  bras and the NOW organization,  marched for the  equal rights amendment abortion became legal  and gays and lesbians everywhere came out of the closet and marched in gay pride parades in the streets of San Francisco and even with the onset of Aids in the late seventies and early eighties America,  remained defiant against God. God,  kept calling but again America, didn't listen.God,  called throughout the eighties and nineties but this was the me generation. Nancy Reagan,  told children just say no to drugs but cocaine was America's drug of choice in the eighties and nineties  and America, said no to God. God,  finally got America's attention on September 11, 2001 that that attention  only lasted about a year and then America returned to business as usual. America, is now poised for a total economic collapse with a 16 trillion dollar national debt coupled with an  86 trillion dollar debt in entitlement spending for Social Security and Medicare. America's debt to GDP ratio  now stands at 103 and still climbing and though some responsible economist try to warn our  leaders in government of our  pending economic doom America,  still refuses to listen or turn back to the God,  of our fathers.
    The Bible, tells  of Jesus, as he looked over his beloved city of Jerusalem and wept and as he wept he said the following;" O Jerusalem,  Jerusalem,  which killest the prophets and stoneth them that are sent unto thee how often would I have gathered thy children together as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings and ye would not." I realize this verse is talking about Jerusalem, but God,  could just as easily be weeping for America,  right pleading for America,  to change her ways and turn back to him. God, is surely calling but alas,  America,  still isn't listening.
     Jesus, condemns the cities of Chorazin and Bethsaida, for their refusal to repent and accept him as the messiah but he could also condemn America, for her unwillingness to repent and turn back to God. The passage reads as follows;""Woe unto thee Chorazin! Woe unto thee Bethsaida, for if the mighty works that were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes." America,  may not be stoning prophets today but her heart as far as God is concerned has  certainly turned to stone and I don't see anyone in sackcloth but I think God's judgement is about to fall on America and when that happens all that may be left of America, are her ashes. Right now God,  is calling America, to turn back to him but America, still refuses to listen and I'm so afraid for America because I believe god is calling America, and this may be God's last call. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is This The America, We Now Live In?

    America,  may not be totally dead yet but I think a strong case could be made that she is certainly on life support and could die sometime in the not to distant future.Whether we know or not very slowly over the years,  the government has been on a subtle campaign to take away our basic rights.The constitution says, all Americans, have a basic right to freedom of speech. I find however,  that lately,  that seems to depend a lot on what is said,  and who is saying it!
    Professional golfer Phil Mickelson, dared to suggest recently,  that he might quit playing professional gulf or at least leave the state of California,  because  the taxes in California, are  particularly high on those that are considered wealthy. It seems, that Governor Jerry Brown,  just like President Obama,  wants to make sure that the wealthy in California, pay there fair share. I guess Phil,  didn't think it was all that fair but it appears,  that someone in the media or the press or perhaps someone in his professional inner circle persuaded Phil Micklson, to apologize for his personal statement on taxes in California, for he  issued an apology as follows;"Finances and taxes are a personal matter, and I should have never made my opinions on them public. I apologize to those I have upset or insulted and assure you that I intend to not let it happen again." Translation? Keep your mouth shut Phil,  your a rich professional gofer and a popular celebrity who is supposed to follow the liberal progressive political agenda so shut up and fall in line! Really? This is the free America,  we now live in?
    I have noticed however that liberals,who are in lock step with President Obama's liberal progressive agenda for this country are free to say in word or in print pretty much,  whatever they want to. CBS News Political Director John Dickson, wrote in his column for Slate  if Obama,  wants to trans form politics Obama, must declare war and the Republican Party,  and he went on to say, that Obama,  must pulverize and destroy his Republican opponents, if he leave any kind of legacy. WOW! so much for fair and balanced journalism at CBS and then they wonder why most reasonable conservatives prefer to watch FOX News!
    Lets face it,  America's freedoms, are under a serious liberal progressive attack. If the Republicans, are waiting for a good time to take a stand for a return to fiscally conservative principals I would suggest now would be a good time to take that stand while they still can otherwise it might be the Republicans,  last stand.think about it, are Americans,  really ready to be told what they can and can not say? Is this the America, we now live in? As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Song To Remember.

    As I consider four more years under President Obama, on this the day of his ceremonial presidential inauguration I hope for some changes as far as the political climate in Washington is concerned. I hope for these changes but I don't really  expect any. The truth is, things will remain pretty much the same and the Republicans and the Democrats, will continue to fight each other and there for the political gridlock that has polarized the nation will remain in tact. As bad as this problem is for the nation America has an ever bigger crisis and it seems that over half the people in this country aren't even aware that America even has a problem.America it seems is now a nation that has no need for God and as result the nation's culture is all all but totally corrupt and our county now poised for total collapse and when this happens, the sad truth is God, will have every right to say, " America,  you asked for it and I told you so."
    America,  has often been called a spiritual Israel. God,  founded and blessed this nation just as he did the nation of Israel and just like Israel America became a land flowing with milk and honey. God, however in his for knowledge, knew that the people of Israel,  would turn their hearts away from God and thus forsake God, and choose to worship the idols of other nations and follow other false gods. Moses life was about to come to an end so the Bible says, in Deuteronomy 31:17-19 God,  gave Moses, some final instructions concerning the children of Israel the instructions were  to teach the children of Israel a song that God,  personally dictated to Moses and he carefully recorded it for the nations posterity. The verses read as follows; ""On that day I will forsake them;I will hide my face from them and they will be destroyed, many disasters and difficulties will come upon them and on that day they will ask, " Have not these disasters come upon us because God, is not with us?""And I will surely hide my face that day because of all the evil they have done by turning to other gods."Now write down for yourselves this song and teach it to the Israelites  and have them sing it so that it may be a witness for me against them."
    As I said,  America, is often called by Christians,  in this country, a spiritual Israel, if this is true when America collapses from spiritual and moral decay and as a result faces the disaster of an  economic meltdown, I wonder what song America's would sing to remember the days of God's blessing? Perhaps we will all sing God Bless America, but on the day this nation falls because of  God's judgement we may sing it till our voices are exhausted   but God, will not hear us and thus the song will serve as a witness for God against the American people,  for our culture has indeed forsaken God,  in favor of the idols of technology, government, and various celebrities in the entertainment fields of sports movies or rock or pop music not to mention various stupid TV shows that sing the praises of Honey Boo Boo.
    To me it is not a question of will America fall? It is only a question of when God will allow it to happen. and then we will remember songs like God bless America but God,  will then consider such a song as a song of ironic mockery against him. I do not look forward to this day when God's forsakes America, because America,  has forsaken him but this day shall surely come to pass unless America,  as a nation returns to the God that founded her. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We Cope With Evil By Acting As Salt And Light.

    I love my daughter Cassandra, more than my very life. I'm not sure why she has this impression but for some reason she thinks I being her father, can provider her with the answer to everything and that's why it was quite an eye opening experience for her when the day finally came and I had to tell her that her daddy had something called human limitations.
    Cassandra, asked me this question,"Daddy If God, has  all  power and all knowledge and can be everywhere at once, why didn't God help the little children at Newtown? Daddy,  why did he allow the little children to die? After a long pause I finally said to her that I didn't have an answer that would completely satisfy her but she ask me to try to answer her question so I said,  there are some things only God,  knows the answer to, then I told her evil came into the world as a result of sin in the garden of Eden.She remembered the story and then asked why does God allow evil?  I said,  because if there was no evil in the world Christians would have no reason to remain here in the world for God, uses Christians,  to expose evil and restrain evil as we seek to bring others to Christ and Christians accomplish this mission be being like salt and light.When she ask how Christians,  could restrain evil by being like salt and light I asked her to remember what I did the day I cut my finger. I had no medicine to treat a deep cut on my finger so I wrapped it in salt and she remembered this and how it hurt for a while and then I asked if she remembered what happened about thirty minutes later and said "Yes daddy,  you cut closed up and began to heal." Now I get it  she said, Christians,  help heal the affects of evil by doing good and being like Jesus." I then waited until it was night and turned all the lights in our house off and  told her to come to me and look at my watch and tell me what time it was she said,  that she could not because she could not see my watch because the room was too  dark. I then pressed a button on my watch that  she had never noticed before until just then. A small light,  made the face on my watch  glow and she said,  "Now,  we both  can see  what time it is.".  I then told her,  that evil is like darkness and that many are lost and seeking the truth of the gospel . She then said,  "Now I get it,  Christians,  are like light because when they are like Jesus, they spread the light of  his goodness and the truth of his love then those who are lost in the evil darkness that is in the world,  can find Jesus,  when Christians,  let the light of Jesus and his love,  shine through them like that song This Little Light Of Mine we learned in Sunday School. Yes,  I said,  it's exactly like that.  Suddenly, she said,  "Then, I"ll  try to be like Jesus and bring light to those lost in the darkness of evil and salt to others who have been hurt by evil.. Finally,  she said, " I guess that what Jesus,  meant when he said,  Christians,  are to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world that is our mission to help others cope with the affects of evil in the world." I thought of these following verses in the Bible,  in Philippians 2:15 it say, "That ye may be blameless and harmless, the son's of God, without rebuke, in the mist of a crooked and perverse nation among whom ye shine as lights in the world."and in Matthew 5:13 it says, "Ye are the salt of the earth but if the salt have lost it savor wherewith shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for nothing but to be cast out to be trodden under the foot of men." Indeed, Christians are to be both salt and light.At first, I wondered if I had been clear and I wondered if my daughter understood how Christians were to be like and light but when she said she would do this by being like Jesus, well what can I say? By George I that she got it!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Failure, Is Part Of Independence.

    Recently my daughter went for a sleep over. This was only the second time my wife and I let our daughter stay overnight at a friends house. My daughter was very excited. but my wife was concerned that our daughter Cassandra,  might become homesick. She kept asking her if she thought she would be alright. My daughter assured her mother over and over again that she was a big girl now and she promised to call if there was any problems.Cassandra,  had a wonderful time so wonderful she did not even remember to call her mommy to tell her good night.Finally,  I called her friends mother and she had my daughter come to the phone and tell her goodnight but what I found strange was as the call ended it was my daughter Cassandra who  said, " Don't worry mommy it's only for one night you'll be alright. My wife cried and missed our daughter the whole night and the night day she was so happy to have her back home safe and sound. She said to me later," I thought Cassandra,  would not be ready to be away from me overnight but what I discovered was that I was the one who was not ready to let her go and be away from me over night.She then said, "I guess I'm just not ready for her not to need me so much." I thought to myself spoken like a caring mother.
    Parents,  may hate to admit it, but the truth is a child is born very dependent on it's parents but before too long they begin to long to be independent.As much as parents may wish they could always protect their children from experiencing the their first disappointing failure but if a child never fails a child will never learn for failure is part of learning.A desire to be independent is instilled in mankind by God in fact this is the key reason God,  gave man a free will and the ability to make choices.Sometimes, one makes wrong choices.but one need not remain discouraged because of an experienced failure. It has been said, that one's greatest  glory is not in never failing but rising up every time one falls.
    As a Christian,  who has failed more often then I like to admit, I appreciate the fact that God, never gives up on those who seek to learn from his wisdom and follow his will in order to have a life full of purpose. The Bible says Christians,  must forgive and be understanding of others failures.The Bible,  says, in Proverbs 24:16 "A just man falleth seven times but riseth up again but the wicked shall fall into mischief." The measure of a man is not measured by failure but rather what a mam learns from it. and the same can be said of a nation America, did not become a great and independent nation because she made no mistakes or experienced no failures through out her history America, became a great nation because she learned from past failures and realized that God,  is the author of liberty and the creator of free will. I am afraid however that America, is loosing her spirit of independence. America,  it seems is learning to fail because she is failing to learn.from the  lessons of history Americans,  now it seems seek to be dependent on government and independent from God and history has shown over and over again that it must be the other way around. If America fails to learn this basic truth she will lose her Independence and the blessing of God that made her great. Failure can only be part of a nation's independence if that nations continues to learn from it's failures. If America is to remain a free an independent nation she must be dependent  on God,  alone. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Forgiveness, Yes But Not Always, Without Cost.

    Someone has said that confession, is good for the soul.and as a general rule that is true. Lately, it seems after years of denial cyclist Lance Armstrong, feels the need to come clean as if were and has chosen to confess his athletic transgressions to Oprah.Some,  will question his motives for this sudden confession and indeed, he may have certain ulterior motives for such a public confession. As a Christian However, I know that I am not called to pass judgement on anyone. As a Christian, I know God,  can and will forgive Mr. Armstrong and because I am a Christian and need God's forgiveness on a daily and often moment by moment basis I am willing to forgive anyone who seeks to be forgiven. Remember the Lords prayer says,  forgive us our transgressions as we forgive those who trespass against us..It is clear then that God,  can forgive Lance Armstrong, and perhaps if he is sincere he may be able to forgive himself. The question is can his once loyal public not to mention many of his personal trainers and staff forgive him considering his lies and in some cases personal intimidation nearly destroyed many that he once called friends. Can they forgive him? One can only say for now that this,  remains to be seen.God,  is able to forgive because that is part of his nature. but one must realizes God's forgiveness does not set aside natural cost or consequences for wrong doing.The Bible,  gives many examples of this basic truth Samson, broke a vow God,  for gave him but he still lost his eyes and had to die with the Philistines.David was forgiven for the deliberate murder of Uriah the Hittite in battle and for the sin of adultery, with Uriah's wife Bathsheba but the child that came as a result of Davids sin of adultery died even though God forgave King David and later called him a man after his own heart God's sword of judgement never again left Davids kingdom.God did bless David and Bathsheba, with the birth of another son his name was Solomon and God,  gave him great wisdom and he became the wisest man to ever live up to that time.
    Peter,  denied Christ,  after following him for three years yet he confessed his sin and his preaching added 3000 souls in one day  to the early church on the day of Pentecost  in the book of Acts.The apostle Paul is considered by many to be one of the greatest  Christian missionaries to have ever lived and yet before  his conversion on the road to Damascus,  he was in charge  of executing Christians,  in the early church indeed,  he stood  beside the coats of those who stoned Stephen, a deacon in the early church in the book of Acts.As great as the apostle  Paul,  was and I will never be the courageous Christian he was yet I strive to achieve not his greatness as much as his great humility for he said this  of himself in Timothy 1:15 "This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation  that Christ Jesus, came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief." I too must confess that very often,  I am chief among sinners. I am not qualified to judge Lance Armstrong, I can only pray for him and trust that his desire for forgiveness, is sincere.God, can forgive Lance Armstrong, but he will still have to face the consequences for the things his lies have  done both to himself and in the lives of others but if he is willing to face those consequences and make amends as well as restitution where he can then as a Christian, I must forgive Lance Armstrong,  even as Christ, has forgiven me. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Does Anyone Shake Hands Anymore?

    I have a neighbor who runs a flea market and he keeps a lot of his merchandise in his garage. Many times instead of going to one of the more popular stores in our area if all we need is snacks or soap or tooth paste a lot of times, it's just easier to get what I and my family may need from our neighbor. This works out well because he charges  less than even many of the local convenient Mimi Marts would.My neighbor appreciates our business and he let's us run a tab until my wife gets paid on her next pay. Our neighbor always says to me," I don't let just anyone carry a tab until payday but  your word and handshake have always been good and you always pay me when you say you will. I know your credit is good.
    You know, I never told my neighbor that I was a Christian but he told me he knew that I was not to long after he met my family and I. When I ask how he knew my family and I were Christians he said, " Oh that was easy to see you and your family were Christians because real Christians, are honest and keep their word and you and your family always have as long as I have known you." My neighbor then said ,"Jon your word and your handshake is good enough for me.
    The truth is, there was a time in this country where if two men gave their word and shook hands that was all that was needed because a handshake used to be as good as a written contract. Today however,  if one buys a house one signs a contract and several times I might add. When one buys a car unless one pays cash on signs a contract to finance a car through a bank. When a couple marry,  in addition to a marriage license many couples sign a prenuptial agreement to me if one feels the need to do that it's as if they are already anticipating a penitential break up. Lawyers often write contracts with loopholes just in cause the person who signs it needs a way out. Heaven knows politicians,  may give their word but one day not count on them to keep it.All I know is my dad's word was his bond and he bought a house and two cars and financed them  through  a bank with just the signing of his name. Here is the point I am trying to make a person's word is everything they are and it should be as good as cash money.However as anyone can tell you if one measures the worth of a person by the worth of one's word one will soon see a lot of people aren't much and some are worth nothing.Those who may read these words, I would ask this question, if your word or handshake,  was to be given and then measured in money by others,  how rich or poor would you be? As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Today Your Gun Tomorrow Your Bible.

    As I watched the news and heard President Obama,  explain the highlights of his twenty three executive actions I had to admit his political tactics were impressive and effective. I confess,  as a parent who as a bright and beautiful ten year old daughter that I adore and love more than my own life, it was  very hard to see some of the parents who had lost their children at the massacre at Newtown in the audience.It was also quite effective to have children there who had written their letters to the president asking him to make them safe by doing what he could to enact tougher gun control laws. Let's face it,  no decent parent, who is worth anything,  wants to see Innocent children die.Obama, may be right when he says that most of the nations public is on his side and wants tighter gun control laws but before Americans,  decide to do away with the second amendment to the Constitution Let's take a real look at it. I wonder how many Americans,  have really read the second amendment? The second amendment reads as follows;"A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.'It is clear that all Americans,  have the right to own guns furthermore such a right is not to be taken away by the government.
    Fox's Judge Andrew Napolitano, has taken some heat for saying that the second Amendment,  was created to control the government because the early Americans, did not want their leaders in government, to become tyrants. but he is correct remember, Americans,  had just fight a revolution against King George the Third of England,  because he had become an unjust tyrant and if one decides,  that government can take away guns today, one wonders what the government may take tomorrow? One may recall when Obama,  said,  much of America,  is composed of people who cling to their religion and guns when they are frustrated with some aspect or policy of the  government. One wonders what would happen if the government decided that those who read books such as the Bible,  are just a bunch of ignorant religious zealots clinging  to a dangerous religion? The Bible,  then would be outlawed and collected and any one found reading it would be put in prison or worse killed in the name of  national  security.What if the government gains the right to control the Internet and makes owning a computer a crime to anyone who writes a blog like this one that questions the authority of the Government?
    Ben Franklin,  said, "Men will ultimately, be ruled by God or tyrants." Thomas Paine Said, " It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from it's government.' As a person who has studied history, I have noticed once any government begins to take a citizens rights it isn't long before  that same government takes a away all citizens rights.If  Americans, many of whom have been silent for too long, don't begin to speak up one will not have to worry about being perceived as ignorant and content to cling to one's guns or religion because government one day,  will make sure that citizens are left with neither to cling to. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Everyone, Has At Least, One Gift.

    Recently, my wife Priscilla, listened as our daughter Cassandra,  asked my a series  of various types of questions.My daughter,  asked me five or six questions on several different subjects and after about twenty minutes or so, I was able to answer all of my daughters questions to her satisfaction and she thanked me with a big hug! My wife however,  was puzzled. She asked Cassandra,  why she always asked me when she wanted to know something. My daughter said, "That's easy mommy, daddy can explain a lot of different things very quickly that is one of his gifts and sometimes I want to know things real fast and you take a bit longer to explain things but don't worry mommy, daddy explains things quickly but you can do the things he explains,  quicker than he can that's your gift. My daughter then said,"Don't worry mommy and daddy,  you both may have different  gifts and abilities but I love you both the same.' As anyone can see, one of my daughter's gifts is her ability to make peace. Her first grade teacher told my wife and I that Cassandra, was a natural born peace maker and indeed Cassandra,  seems to get along with just about anyone.I must confess some of the wisest words I have ever heard have been spoken from my daughters lips sometimes,  it's hard to remember that she is only ten.
    My daughter Cassandra,  is right you know, each person has at least on gift that makes them special and unique. As a Christian I know that each person's special and unique gift comes from God and what each person does with there gift or how they choose to use their  gift to bless the lives of others one might say,  that this is a  gift that one gives back  to God. It is important to realize that not every person is blessed with the same gift. I can tell  Cassandra, what the word immaculate means but my wife can show her how she keeps our house that way. My wife has the gift of  organizing,  she can clean our entire house from top to bottom in thirty minutes or less and she is truly gifted when it comes to decorating any room in our house.
    I have cerebral palsy, and I am not able to run and play with my daughter Cassandra,  the way I would like to but she always tells me that I may have a weak body but I have a keen mind. Cassandra,  tells me not to worry about my handicap or the fact that I am weak in body and can not move very well because she says, it's my heart she loves because that what really matters. I have been told by some that from time to time I have a way with words therefore I write this blog to hopefully,  encourage and bless the lives of all who may read it.My daughter, believes that I have a good heart I do not know if that is really true or not but on thing is for sure one need only know my daughter for a short time and they would know that having a good heart runs in the family.I should know since I love her and her mother with all of mine.
    Every  person has been born and placed in this world with their own special gifts from God and he then desires,  that each person once they discover what  their gifts may be  would then use them to bless the lives of others and it would be my prayer  that all those who may read this blog would ask God,  to help them do just that. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happiness, Is Often, A Trivial Pursuit.

    The United States Constitution guarantees  all Americans,  the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.While I understand that the founding fathers wanted all Americans to be free to follow their dreams as it were so that every American as an individual could pursue their own happiness as they saw fit, in recent years I have observed that for many American searching  for happiness is often a trivial pursuit.
    I am often, perceived by some, as being somewhat out of touch basically because I don't follow many of the cultural trends in American society..I could not tell you for example who won the World series last year. or who one American Idol.I couldn't  tell you who won the Super Bowl last year and I don't have the slightest idea who is still in the hunt for this years Super Bowl. As a general rule,  I don't watch the fact, I couldn't even tell the film I paid to go and see in the first place I can't afford it and in the second place no film that Hollywood has  produced has impressed me in recent years. I guess that means not much worth seeing,  comes out of Hollywood or perhaps, I'm just not easily impressed take your pick. No reality show that I have ever seen reflects any part of the reality in my life. I don't know who Honey Boo Boo is and I'm pretty sure my life will most certainly go on if I never do.I do realize that everyone needs time for rest and relaxation, I suppose going to see a film or going to some sports event or watching  a reality show is often an tempt to escape some of the more pressing realities in everyday life
    The problem that I have with much of  American culture today is simply this,America, as nation is in a  cultural crisis.A recent class of forty  high school seniors were asked to name America;s first five presidents in order for anyone who may have forgotten  they are as follows, George Washington, John Addams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe. One may may find it hard to believe but when when forty high school senors were asked if they could name America's first five presidents in order out of forty seniors fifteen, did not even know that George Washington was America's first president.Ten of the remaining twenty five high school seniors were able to name America's first three presidents and out of the fifteen remaining high school seniors eleven were able to name America's first four presidents but only four out of forty high school seniors were able to name America's first five presidents in order. The same class of seniors were asked how many amendments were in the constitution and out of forty high school seniors only three knew there were twenty seven. The same senior class was asked if they knew the number of states that were once American colonies and out of these forty high school seniors only four knew that there were thirteen original American colonies and only one knew they were represented by the number of stripes on the Us flag and none of the group of forty seniors could name all of the thirteen original colonies.
    Here is the point I am diligently trying to make America's next generation will have to solve the inherited  problem of a staggering national debt a turbulent middle east on the brink of all out war. and a sluggish economy as well as a weakened US dollar on the verge of collapse and it appears very possibly that a large number of high school seniors all across this country don't know the answers to even the simplest questions in basic American history questions my daughter knew the answer to by the second grade  yet they can tell you who won last years supper bowl or who won American Idol last year and most of them will all know who Honey boo is but twenty years from now will  knowing this trivial knowledge help in anyway to solve the  pending problems facing America's next generation? Perhaps Americans should think about things that really matter I am indeed in favor of every American having the basic right of the pursuit of happiness but I do think that perhaps, Americans pursuit of happiness should be more substantive especially when America's future depends on what Americans feel is import and thus chooses to concentrate on. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Price Of Telling The Truth.

    I will admit that I wasn't surprised when I heard on the news that Lawrence O"Donnell  a commentator on MS NBC declared that the Bible should be in his words, gotten rid of and suggested that should not be used in Obama's up coming presidential inauguration. He said that he felt this way because no one in America today believes that the entire Bible is the word of God. I noticed that Mr. O'Donnell, did not ask me and as a Christian, I will tell you that I do believe that the entire Bible is the Holy Spirit inspired word of God. I am far from perfect but as a Christian I do try to follow the teachings of Christ and the Christian principals of the Bible.
    It seems that Mr O'Donnell, understands why pastor Louie Giglio, was banned from the presidential inauguration and approves of this but he is upset because since he believes that the Bible is a long out dated book because in his view it is not tolerant regarding homosexuality. Mr O'Donnell, may not like it but the Bible does say in Leviticus 18:22 that under Jewish law in the Old testament, the practice of homosexuality or Sodomy a word we derive the the Old Testament city of Sodom and Gomorrah is an abomination a word that means abhorrent in the sight of God.. The reason, that homosexuals are not burned at the state or stoned today is because when Christ died  on the Cross he paid the penalty for the sins of all man kind his life on earth fulfilled the law and now his mankind is under an age of grace. I suspect that's a good thing for I find as a Christian, I need a lot of God's grace to cope with those who oppose the Bible.
    Pastor Giglio, spoke preached the truth according to the Bible as a pastor he if he claims to believe the Bible, as I  and many others in this nation do,  he can not rewrite it to suit those of a more liberal view though I will admit there are those who have certainly tried to rewrite the Bible. Pastor Giglio, spoke the truth and it cost him the opportunity to speak at the presidential inauguration but that is a relatively, small price to pay considering that many others have paid with there lives to speak the truth of the Bible. regarding homosexuality,  to quote Ruth Graham, the daughter of evangelist  Billy Graham," If God, does not judge America, he will have apologize  to Sodom and Gomorrah.' Lawrence  O'Donnell, may not choose to believe  that the Bible, is the word of God, but as a Christian, I know that  what he believes does not make the truth of the Bible any less true. It is ironic, that his show is called The Last Word. I have some news for Mr O'Donnell, the Bible is the word of God and when God finally decides to judge man kind on his day of judgement it is God will will the last word regarding Mr O'Donnell,and you can count on it! As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Eat It If You Know What's Good For You.

    Last night I found my self telling my daughter Cassandra to eat her vegetables. When she ask my why she had to eat her green beans, carrots  I told her what my parents told me I told her that green beans were good for her. I even told her that the carrots were good for her eyes and then I said, if your smart you'll eat your vegetables if you know what's good for you. She did eat the vegetables and I for a moment felt like a good and responsible parent. I'm just glad we weren't eating Brussels sprouts   or cabbage or cauliflower because no power on earth can make me get me to eat those vegetables!
    The government often seeks to serve as a parent and to force certain things on the American people all in the name of knowing what is good for us. I recall Nancy Pelosi, saying that the American people would want Congress, to pass Obama care,  if they knew what was good for them. Vice President Biden, feels that certain restrictions as far as being able to purchase certain guns would be good for the American people in fact he said any restriction would be good if it could save even one life. I suppose there is some truth to that after all Americans are required by law to wear seat belts, obey traffic signals and observe a posted speed limit and one can thus conclude that these laws have been put in place by the government for the good general welfare of the American people to save lives.There are those who resent having to wear seat belts or obey speed limits and I don't recall the American people getting a chance to vote on these measures the government just put these laws in place they may have been passed in Congress, but I don't believe these measures were necessarily voted on by the people first and I doubt if a poll was even taken.
   I feel, that if the government is going  restrict guns and redefine the second amendment before they just go ahead and ram it down our throats perhaps they could let the people in each state vote on this matter. I don't buy into everything that libertarians believe but I think sometimes  that they  have a point. What is liberty if the government and not the American people,  get to decide how much liberty one may have? It's as if the government is saying that it is up to them to regulate American society because we the people aren't mature enough to know what is good for us.I recall Obama said,  the Congress and the American people,  would have too accept higher taxes on the rich. I believe the American people, would have to eat their peas. Perhaps, many in America prefer to have the government to take care of them and make all there decisions for them but if that's what most Americans would want I fear that is the beginning of the death of liberty. I personally feel that if that happens it wouldn't be good for anyone. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Friday, January 11, 2013

One May Have The Right But That Doesn't Always Make One Right.

    As a person who has always loved American History and enjoys studying the Constitution I understand quite well that the first amendment  guarantee's every American the right of freedom of speech and various means of personal expression. I will confess however sometimes I wish our Constitution was not so fair and generous.
    Recently in a town called Chaplin South Carolina, Scott Compton,  a teacher who taught at Chaplin High School, told students in at least three classes that the American flag was only a symbol made of colors and cloth but in his opinion the American flag really didn't mean anything.He then proceeded to take the American flag and stomp all over it over and over again.According to the Supreme Court. Mr. Compton, has the right to do this in fact he can even burn the US flag if he so chooses because the way  the Supreme Court has interpreted the Constitution burning and I suppose even stomping on the American Flag is part of Mr. Compton's protected free speech and freedom of expression.Mr Compton, believes that the American Flag is a symbol that means nothing. I wonder if Francis Scott Key felt that way as he was writing The Star Spangled Banner during one of the hardest fought battles of the American Revolution? I wonder if my Dad felt that way as he was serving in the Navy during World War Two? I wonder if the veterans who served in Vietnam, or Iraq or Afghanistan, and came back missing an arm or a leg or an eye or maybe had   their whole face nearly blown off and those who  never came back at all. I wonder if these brave men and women would say that the American flag really doesn't mean anything? Some how, I just don't think so.
    Mr Compton, said that the cross for Christians was only a symbol and there are those who would suggest that it rally doesn't mean that much either and to be sure the Christian, cross has seen it's share of abuse and disrespect.One may recall in 1989 The National Endowment of the Arts, an agency of the federal government allowed an artist named  Andres  Serrano, to display his so called work of art which bore the title of Piss Christ, again this was what he entitled his so called artistic masterpiece that involved  series of photographs one of which depicted the silhouette of a crucified Christ soaked  in human urine. Critics argued again that this was an example of protected free speech and artistic expression.What Mr Compton, and those who feel as he does about both the flag and the Christian cross fail to realize is when one defames the flag or the cross they defame themselves for both symbols represent the fact that God created life and all life is precious therefore, many  brave men and women have died so Mr. Compton, and Mr Serrano could abuse the flag and the Christian cross as they saw fit after all such activities  are considered protected free speech and they are thus just exercising the individual freedom of expression. Still, there are times, I confess, I wish it were not so and yet, perhaps one should not be so hard on Mr.Compton, or Mr. Serrano. There are those and Obama, is a prime example who stomp all over the US Constitution. Obama took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States but Obama, often chooses to do neither. What Obama chooses to do is at best abuse and at worst totally ignore  the Constitution. When Obama, or anyone, chooses to do that in a sense isn't that just like stomping or spitting or God forbid, urinating all over the Constitution? I believe it is and to me that's taking one's freedom of expression a bit too far therefore that is why I conclude by saying that one may have the right to to something but that does not always mean one is right to do it. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Are There Any Good Politicians In Government Left?

    The Marines,   have as their slogan that they are always looking for a few good men. Many,  will no doubt remember the popular film  a few years ago starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, A Few Good Men.As I consider the title of this film I find my self looking for a few good politicians in government in fact I'm not just looking for a few actually I'm wondering if there are any good politicians left in American government.I find myself afraid that just like Jack Nicholson, says in the movie I may not be able to handle the truth to this question.
    As much as I hate to say this it seems,  that no matter if one examines the Republican or the Democratic Party, both parties it seems to me are stuffed full of politicians who are concerned only with the next election but America could truly benefit  from politicians who could and would thing beyond the next election and consider instead America's next generation.I'm afraid at least at the moment, I can't find any politician who is willing to think this way.I am reminded  of some valuable words of wisdom a fellow patriot and new friend of mine recently said to me on Twitter. Her name is Suzanne and her thought provoking words were as follows;"Until people wake up and do what is right instead, of what is easy America, is doomed!"The same could surely be said of politicians in American government today.As I consider America's need for good politicians, I look at our government and wonder where are the politicians who think like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan today? These men to be sure were far from perfect but each of them in their own way used the office of the presidency to do what they thought was best for America as a country and not what was politically popular or convenient for themselves.Washington,  gained the respect of France as well as many other countries in Europe simply because though he was asked to serve a third term after two successful terms he steeped down and country peacefully elected John Addams. One must remember much of Europe was ruled under a Monarchy France  Spain Or England,  were not accustomed to seeing government leaders who could relinquish power so willingly.
    Lincoln said,  "If you want to test a mans character give him power." and indeed many men are corrupted by an insatiable lust for power.Such,  was the lust that eventually destroyed Greece and Rome and will in time destroy this nation if left unchecked by the American people. Even now Obama,  seeks once again to behave as a king and impose his will and ban and thus,  take away certain guns from the American people despite the fact that the second amendment to the Constitution grants all law abiding Americans, the right to bear arms and forbids any limitations on the right to bear such arms.  Obama, . by executive order chooses  to ignore the need to go through the Congress.As bad as America's politicians may be the American people have elected them and much of our culture as my friend Suzanne said, prefers that which is easy as opposed to that which is right and until this cultural mind set changes not only will Americans not be able to find a few good politicians to serve in American government I suspect that the American people will be unable to find any truly good politicians to sever in our government because as American culture goes so goes our nation I pray one day the American people as a whole,  will return to  the God of our fathers for then and only then will Americans,  be able to find a few good men and women politicians to serve instead of rule in American government.As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Are We In America's Last Days?

    I personally don't know anyone who could truly estimate how long America will stand and remain a free and independent nation but I do fear that America,  as a nation may very well be in her last days.As bad as America's economic problems may be her cultural problems are much worse. A recent USA Gallup poll showed that fifty percent of Americans now believe America's best years are behind her.The frank and sad truth is they may be right.American society and American culture,  in general especially in the last twenty years shows signs of serious moral decay.I am not perfect by any means but it seems to me that in the area of basic morality America,  has gone clear off the rails. America,  it seems as a society has become one continual tabloid reality show. At this moment their is a reality show that is being considered by the Oxygen network think the show is called My Ten Mamas and it is indeed about a man who has eleven children and ten of the children each have a different mother.the show goes out of it's way to glorify this type of family situation. I personally don't think this situation is anything that anyone should be proud of. The show is facing a stiff resistance and I hope it never makes it to TV.
    America's value on human life is totally confused, on one hand Americans weep when twenty children perish at the hands of a mad man in Newtown Connecticut,  this is understandable and Americans should weep for this senseless and needless tragedy. On the other hand Planned Parenthood received 542 million dollars from the federal government last year and at the end of their current fiscal year was happy to report they had performed 333,964 abortions and in the last three years Planned Parenthood has performed a total of 995,687 abortions. It is estimated that over 80 million abortions have been performed in this country since abortion became legal in January 1973.I am left to wonder who in America, weeps for the 80 million dead babies whose mangled bodies have  filled  the trash can bags of hundreds of abortion clinics over the last forty years?
    I love animals as much as anyone and organizations like PETA weep when animals are mistreated. I see adds on TV all the time asking people to join the American Humane Society to help save abused animals and I guess that's a good thing but since when should we value the lives of animals more than we do human embryos?The country weeps for those lost in war but again I ask are these lives worth more then the 80 million that have been murdered through government sanctioned abortion over the last forty years? The family in American culture in many ways as become a joke a family it seems can now be defined as two women and a baby two men and a baby and one lady wanted to marry her pet dolphin so if she is allowed to do that and chooses to adopt a baby then I guess a family will be defined as a woman a dolphin and a baby! I guess you can also have more than one spouse at least that is what will be pushed on American society next in fact their are some places where this practice is going on right now and is seen as acceptable under the equal protection clause in the fourteenth amendment of the US Constitution. I must say, at times the more decadence of this nation makes me physically sick and I can only imagine how sick God,  must be as he sees how far America as a county as strayed from it's Christian roots all I can say to every American and especially every  Christian is buckle your seat belts it's gonna be a wild ride in the not to distant future for I believe if all things in American society remain as they are now we will witness the destruction of this great nation for I very firmly believe American may very well be in her last days. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A New Year A Fresh Start.

    Just like most anyone I suppose, there have been various times in my life when  I really wanted to start over in some area of my life. I suppose that it is human nature to some existent to desire another chance for a new beginning. Perhaps,  that is why with at the start of each new year making so called New Year's resolutions,  is so popular. Many of these resolutions involve quitting a bad habit like smoking or drinking or improving some aspect of one's character such  as promising to control one's temper or making an attempt to be more honest. All of these resolutions, to be sure,  are worthy goals and indeed,  the purpose of most resolutions is to make oneself a better person. I must confess however,  that as a rule I usually resolve not to make New Year's resolutions because I usually don't want the struggle that is involved with trying not to break them even now I find myself  wondering just how many New Year's resolutions have all ready been broken.
    This year however, I believe for the first time in a long time, there are three resolutions I have made and as a Christian,  I promise with God's help I will keep them. Resolution number one, I resolve as a Christian,  to trust and  rely on God,  instead of money or circumstances. As a Christian, I find it is easy to trust God and claim to have great faith when my bank account seems healthy and the circumstances in my life are such that my life seems easy and the future looks bright.I know of course,  that nothing measures the strength of one's faith like adversity indeed in times of adversity one is forced to trust God and many times I believe that is it's purpose. God often uses adverse circumstances to help Christians realize  that God is the source of their strength and they should in turn trust him to supply there needs. Notice that I said,  needs and not wants. As A Christian, I know God,  knows what I need and often times what I might want would not be good for me there fore I must trust in Gods wisdom and timing as he supplies what I need
    Resolution number two, I resolve to make the most of each new day and or opportunity I am given. Psalm 90:12 indicates to me that each Christian,  should do this. The passage reads as follows;" So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." At fifty two with a body that is already in a weakened  condition due to cerebral palsy as well as other injuries I am keenly aware of my mortality. I have a ten year old daughter to raise and I know as a Christian I need God's strength wisdom patience and guidance to raise my daughter and trust God to help me provide the best possible future for her.Since as a Christian, I trust God, with my future I know I can trust him with my daughter's future as well.
    Finally,  I resolve to make more time for my family.I find that life moves so fast and at times I do the important often at the expense of vitally necessary. As a Christian,  I realize that that tomorrow, is promised to  no one and nothing that I feel that I have to do should be deemed as more important than spending quality time with my family especially when life is often uncertain and particularly unfair. One moment one could have one's family only to lose them in the next moment as any parent in that was a part of the Newtown Connecticut tragedy testify to. Each new year can indeed in a sense,  be a new beginning, the key is for one to make the most of each new day and opportunity that one is given. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.