Sunday, September 30, 2012

God Built America.

  Much has been made of the Obama,  campaign blunder when Obama, told small business owners that if they owned a business they didn't build it implying of course that no business can  make it on it's own not with out help from the government. As I recall this line of thinking didn't go over too well with  many small business owners. I remember a small business owner saying to me, "Where was Obama, when I was stocking my own shelves at four o'clock in the morning?"  When I think of how great it is too live in America,  as much as many Americans,  may pride themselves for their self reliance and spirit on independence the truth is God,  built America. even Ben Franklin said, " If a sparrow cannot fail without Gods notice can a nation rise without his aid?" All the odds from a human stand point were against America, indeed on July fourth 1776 when America,  declared her independence from British rule at the beginning of what became the American Revolution British navy was the largest navy of it's kind in the world and was advanced beyond all others of it's day. Britain,  had the finest generals and the best military in existence for that day America,  was no match for England,  and yet God,  blessed America,  and this nation grew to become the greatest nation the world has ever known.
  In recent years however. I fear Americans, have forgotten that it was God,  who built this nation and God, who blessed this nation. Far too many Americans,  have forgotten God and instead look to government to supply whatever they may need.Americans had better wake up and soon because I pity this nation the moment God,  decides the people in this nation can go  their own way.When a nation goes it's own way the end there of is the way of death. Americans, need to remember God,  built America,  and God,  can bring this nation to her knees and who knows that may just be what God,  is going to have to do. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Daddy, What Kind Of America, Will I Grow Up In?

  I can not brag of too many great accomplishments in my life. Sadly,  if I were honest perhaps I would have to admit I'm not that smart and I'm not that talented and some people through out my life in the name of being totally honest with me have taken it upon themselves to remind me just how average and ordinary I am. I don't mind really, I'd be the first person to tell you there is nothing necessarily extraordinary about me. I have two things going for me though and I can really be thankful to God for. God,  has given me a very thoughtful wife and a very smart daughter. I know my daughter will accomplish much more in her life than I ever could.
  My daughter,  knows I like politics and she knows I love this country. She has heard me worry about this country especially when I explain to her that America, is 16 trillion dollars in debt. I try to explain that our government must do something about America's debt and soon because if our government leaders continue to do nothing very soon there may not be an America,  anymore at least not like the country I was blessed to grow up in. Recently as I was again explaining all of this to my daughter she stopped me and ask me, Daddy, what kind of America,  will I grow up in? I ask her why she asked such a question and then she said, I just thought if parents love their children won't they do anything they can to keep America,  a great place to grow up in?
  Now,  I ask you, what, could I say to that? I simply said yes if parents love their children they should do every thing they can to keep this country free and strong and a great place to grow up in just like it was when I was growing up. I am amazed that my daughter at the age of ten seems to have more wisdom and knows a great deal more than a lot of the do nothing liberals who freely take all the blessings this country has too offer but feel no obligation or responsibility whatsoever to give anything back for the next generation. Americans have a decision of destiny to make on election day in November. Americans, must decide if they want to reelect Obama, and  continue to take all the blessings from America,  with no feeling of responsibility to take any steps to put anything back in this nation or Americans, can  choose to elect Romney,  and choose to live a bit more fiscally and economically responsibly. As Americans,  consider which presidential candidate to vote for perhaps, they should consider what kind of America, will they leave for their children to grow up in. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain,  just,  some words, to think on.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Can Obama, Lie Once Too Often?

  Ask your self, this question, how many times does a person have to lie to your before you will not trust them? Now,  I ask the American people,  as they consider who they are going to vote for in the next election, how many times must Obama,  lie to them before Americans, choose not to trust him? Obama, said he would cut the nations debt in half by the end of his first term that was a lie he has added an additional six trillion dollars to the nations debt. Obama, said,  his 887 billion dollar stimulus package would keep unemployment at eight percent or below that was another lie,  unemployment has been at eight percent or above for almost 43 consecutive months now and shows no signs of getting any better any time soon.
  Now Obama, says,  if he can just tax the wealthy he can improve the nations economy sorry, but that's another lie even if Obama, could tax every wealthy person at 100% of their total income it would only generate enough money to run the government for eight days. The truth is Obama, wants to start with taxing the wealthy, but he'll get around to the middle class eventually. Some have said that if Obama, has his way the tax rate will be much closer to the proposed tax rate in France. France is a socialist nation right now and the new proposed tax rate there is at 75%. Americans, need to wake up Obama, would already have this nations tax rate at a similar level if he thought he could get a way with it! Obama, lied  to the  American people,  for seventeen days before being almost forced to admit that the attack on the American Embassy in Cairo Egypt and in Benghazi Libya, was indeed,  a planned  terrorist attack and now even many of his fellow democrats,  are demanding a full accounting of what really happened and just when did the president know about it.
  All I know is,  a person only has to lie to me one time and I'll never trust them again. I feel, that if a majority of the American people,  can still choose to vote for Obama, in spite of the proven fact that Obama,  has repeatedly lied to them then I guess the American people deserve to be lied to and this nation will then deserve what ever happens. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Obama's Personal Road, Really Hasn't Been That Bumpy.

  You Know, every one's road in life can get a little rough now and then. I'm quite sure it's tough right now for honest hard working people to be unemployed especially now with the holidays right around the corner. I know it's a lot harder to fill your gas tank where I live gas is approaching four dollars a gallon. The prices at the grocery store just seem to keep going up and up a five pound can of coffee particularly a brand name will cost you almost nine dollars to buy it.There is no doubt that economically speaking,  things are tough all over and the road to total economic recovery still for the most part seems long and hard.
  I recently heard President Obama describe the attacks of our American Embassy in Cairo Egypt and Benghazi Libya, as a bump in the road as far as achieving peace in the middle east is concerned I had to ask  myself, Just how many bumpy roads as Obama,  ever really traveled? When I consider that in Cairo Egypt, Christopher Stevens,  who was faithfully serving as an American Ambassador there was shot and killed along with three other brave Americans.  I pray for their families because they are the ones who have to deal with the rough road life has now given them and I am sure the holidays will be very hard for them not only this year  but for years to come.
  Obama, has no room to talk about rough roads bumpy or other wise. He goes on The View,  in stead of meeting with leaders of the middle east. The media,  seems to be on a personal campaign to elect Obama.  all by themselves. The media , has gone so easy on Obama, that they practically wipe his butt and blow his nose  and tie his shoes for him!  Obama, doesn't even attend his daily briefings until recently  he hadn't even attended half of them. Perhaps,  he is just too busy fund raising with Hollywood celebrities or appearing on Letterman,  to be bothered by boring thing like the nations national security concerns.
 Perhaps if Americans,  are wise enough to elect Mitt Romney, then America,  can get on the road of personal responsibility and economic recovery then every ones road may be a little less bumpy. The only bump in the road I truly want Obama, to experience is the bump that bumps him right on out of the White House! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sometimes, It Just Gets Complicated.

  Have you ever noticed that there are just those times in life when something that should be relatively easy suddenly gets unbelievably complicated. Here is an example, this morning,  while shaving I managed to cut my thumb because I thought I needed  to remove a safety cover off of my razor before  I could shave with it. I diligently used my thumb to try to remove what I thought was the safety cover  from my razor and my hands were wet and I was pushing as hard as I could the cover didn't come off but it did slide up and when it did it took a nice gash out of my thumb. Now this cut was far from serious but it took me two hours to stop the bleeding. The cut wasn't really all that much but I bled like I had cut a main artery or something I think I wouldn't have bled so much if I had just cut my arm off! Here is another example of  something that should be very easy but some how it just gets complicated I just received a new TV remote it's really fancy and it works very well so I decided to program the remote to work my TV VCR CD player. I called the company who sent me the remote and they said programming the remote was very simple.I began pushing the buttons but nothing happened and by the time I i pushed every thing I was told to push I couldn't even control the TV it took three hours but I finally got the remote to control my TV and I decided not to bother with any other function. The whole programming process is supposed to be so simple but I felt like I had to have a Masters,  in electronics or something just to program my remote! Isn't it strange how some things in life that are supposed to be so simple can suddenly become quite complicated.
  Politics has it's share of simple things that just get complicated. Obama's health care is a prime example no one can really say what it will do and what it won;t do. The concept of health care  should be simple Obama's health care however, is so complicated that it is over 2000 pages of hard to understand legal double talk. Nancy Pelosi, said congress would have to pass it in order to know what's in it and Americans still don't know and businesses still won't hire new employees until they do. Romney, wants to simplify the tax code right now that too is thousands of pages of legal double talk that charges most taxpayers triple what it probably should and even a CPA has trouble understanding the present tax code. I hope Romney,  gets elected in November maybe then economically speaking life will be a lot simpler.As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Dream On Hold

  My wife loves to go window shop. I don't really enjoy this particular activity but it does give me some time to spend  with my wife without my daughter tagging along and asking for every Barbie toy in sight. I know if I go window shopping with my wife at least I'll get some extra walking in and I could lose a pound or two. I enjoy seeing all the great things there are to buy and there are a lot of great deals on quite a few things. There is however just one problem my pockets are empty as usual because once again we had too much  month and not enough money and our credit is stretched a lot further than I would like it to be so,  I guess,  I have to be content to window shop for now and the dream of a new recliner or a new big screen TV will have to be put on hold. I don't mind I can wait.
  The government,  doesn't seem to have the ability to put any thing on hold and liberals in government seemed determined to give nearly anything to anyone who ask provided your not already wealthy.The government is willing to meet all of a persons basic needs.I must admit it sounds like a good deal if your hungry you can get food stamps if you need a place to live you can apply for section eight housing if your out of work the government,  seems prepared to give your an unlimited amount of unemployment benefits. I have even heard of a government program where if your on Medicare and food stamps,  the government will give you a free cell phone. Wow! Isn't it great to live in this country! I hope all the folks who take advantage of these government programs really need them because the fifty one percent of the working American taxpayers,  are paying for them and what they can't cover is borrowed from China, Obama doesn't too worried about the nations sixteen trillion dollar debt but that is a major reason why a lot of hard working folks will continue to put another dream on hold. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mixed Messages.

  The news media,  seems to make a real big deal on what a given poll may mean . One poll may show one candidate a head nationally  while another shows a particular candidate a head in a given state I will admit it's hard to know which poll is right and what to believe.I must confess that some of the information the polls provide is some what con fusing here is what I mean Obama, has about a fifty percent job approval rating but forty eight  percent of the country is thinks the country is on the wrong track and I wonder does that mean that there are 2 percent of the American people, who are not sure which track this country is on? I don;t think that question is one that anyone would be unsure about. Forty seven million people are on food stamps and the government is encouraging more people to enroll in the program despite the fact the US is bankrupt That certainly doesn't sound like America,  is on the right track or heading in the right direction to me.
  Considering all this information I ask my self, why is this election race, so close? The answer is simple since their are more people who aren't working compared to the number who are more than half the country is depending on the government some, are retired of course and living on their earned Social Security benefits but there are others who more than likely could work if they really wanted to and would take any job they could get. The real truth may just be that more people living in America today,  prefer to let the government provide for them. Someone told me recently they didn't care what was gong on with the country right now just as long as they kept  getting their check each month.What really troubles me is the thought that there may be a lot of people living in America to day who really don't care that the country is broke and they won't start to care until their check stops coming in the mail or being directly deposited in their bank and by that time it will be too late to care. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

To Eat Or Not To Eat? Why Ask The Question?

  Just when you think it's safe to set down and eat something some group of scientist some where sit down and conducts  a food  study find something in the food sample that disturbs them and suddenly simple food people have been eating for thousands of years is some how suddenly bad for you and your told you shouldn't eat it. Well it seems, that rice in any form is bad for you. Apparently, it contains arsenic in it. As it turns out rice has always had a certain level of arsenic in it but someone some where has suddenly,  concluded that the levels of arsenic are too high . Therefore if you eat too much rice in a given day you could be poisoning your self
  Well all I know is this my wife is from the Philippines,  and she has been eating rice almost from the day she was born. I think  she would die if she was told she couldn't eat rice. I guess my family and I, could stop eating rice but knowing my wife  some how,  I just don't see that happening so I guess my wife will just keep eating rice. I enjoy red meat I love steak and hamburgers I don't think I would even want to eat if I couldn't eat the things I enjoy eating. All I know is this if the doctor told me that by giving up red meat I might live to be ninety or more but if I didn't I might only live to be eighty I probably would choose to eat red meat and live to be eighty.
  My point is simple what good is it to live to be a hundred if you can't eat the things you like to eat? I may die sooner than some because I eat too much red meat. My wife may die sooner than some because she eats too much rice. What ever the case may be both my wife and I have decided if we die sooner than some so be it I 'm eating my steaks and hamburgers and she's going to eat her rice and if that choice condemns  us both to an earlier death than some well, I guess we as condemned people will enjoy our last meals and die happy! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Another Of Many Reasons Why Romney, Must Win.

  There's and old saying that says, when it rains it pours. Another saying is into each life some rain must fall. My standard response to both of these sayings  is usually that's fine but why is it when some rain decides to fall in my life I usually get caught without an umbrella? I recently received a free remote for my TV it was an appreciation gift from my phone,  TV, and Internet provider this remote was supposed to be very nice it had a charger and would never need batteries again and it had a button you could push that would help you locate your remote if you misplaced it. I was really looking forward to using this wonderful remote and after waiting two weeks for delivery by UPS I got it set it up, did everything right but it didn't work I called the company and they are going to send my another remote but I'll have to  wait another two weeks for a new remote I asked the company if this type of thing happened often and they said no but as I hung up the phone I saw these words written on the remote made in China.
  I have to wonder is it just me or does everything made in China,break down break even before you get a chance to use it? My daughter,  got a doll house last Christmas,  and it was also made in China and it still doesn't work the way it is supposed to. The United States,  gets a lot of different things from China . China is able to mass produce many things because there labor cost are so much lower than America's but I have noticed their prices may be cheaper but so is the quality of many of  the products they produce. I realize they are in large part keeping the economy of the United States,  going and the US owes China,  more money than I'll ever be able to count but if  the US  has to owe China,   literally tons of money couldn't they make something  that will actually work after you buy it?
  I hope Romney, wins I 'm tired all the jobs being sent to China,  and I'm tired of buying things that are made in China,  only to find out after you buy them they won't work! I hope Romney, does well in the up coming debates and then gets elected in  November  maybe then the US  can get the debt under control and Americans,  can start producing better products right here at home Heaven knows,  we don't  need any more American jobs,  to be out sourced to China. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Wonder What The Truth Will Be Tomorrow?

  It never ceases to amaze me how political spin which both parties use as a poor excuse for the truth changes from day to day and sometimes from moment to moment. The White House,  has decided that after ten days of spin denial and distraction that the attack on the American,  embassy in Cairo Egypt, was indeed a terrorist attack.When I first heard that   it took the White House ten days to decide what kind of attack this was on the American,  embassy in Egypt, My first thought was,  Wow I knew this when I saw the protesters beating down the walls of the embassy and burning the American flag, and then when I heard our American Ambassador and three other Americans,  were killed on nine eleven no less I knew the terrorist had this planed  at least several days in advance . Now I have to wonder if I can figure this out in a mater of a few hours from watching TV Why did the White House, wait ten days before admitting what the American  people,  already knew?
  I believe the White House, hoped the American people,  would never find out what really happened the so called Internet film that next to nobody has even seen was just a smoke screen. The last thing Obama, wanted to do was have to admit that another successful terrorist attack had occurred on his watch. Obama, didn't count on this terrorist movement spreading over the entire middle east when it did the  White House was left with no choice but to admit the truth to the American people.I realize in politics one can never expect to be told the total truth but the way Obama, and the White House spin and distort the facts I am left to ask I wonder what the truth will be tomorrow? As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Round Two Romney.

  Wow! Just when you think politics, can't get more interesting another shoe drops as it were and the political plot thickens. Mitt Romney, by all accounts, has had a bit of bad luck because of some off the cuff remarks that were made  at a Florida,  fundraiser this past May. As I see it Romney,  was only trying  to say that those who for one reason or another receive assistance from the government and particularly if that assistance is their  only real source of income they would much less likely to vote for him after it is the democrats,  who talk about how they look after seniors and they always point out that theirs was the party that gave seniors Medicare and Social Security,  in the first place.
  Not to be out done the Romney,  campaign, has latched on to a sound bite from 1998 where a much younger and inexperienced Barack Obama,  admits he favors the idea of wealth redistribution at least on some level. Thus the battle of the sound bites begins and while I don't think that either of these two sound bites will do any lasting political damage to either candidate it does make for some interesting  reflections add to all of this the uncertainty of the stability of the middle east,  the many unanswered questions regarding operation Fast and Furious,   and Media Matters  emails,  showing proof political collusion with the Department of Justice,  and I'd have to say politics hasn't been this muddy since the days of the Watergate break in in 1972.
  Americans,  are with out excuse now,  they can not say they don't know the basic political philosophy of each candidate Obama,  wants wealth redistribution while Romney,  favors free enterprise and the idea that each American,  should be free to take responsibility to shape their own destiny.Obama,  believes in big government and class warfare and he seems determined to start a class war until he feels the economic playing field  is in his opinion  fair. A concept that is in it's self arbitrary and should never be left up to the definition of any single person. The political lines are now clearly drawn and now Americans,  must decide in November's election what they believe in Independence and personal responsibility and basic self reliance or government dependency no personal  responsibility  and a surrender of personal freedom. Americans, know all they need to know and now,  the choice is theirs to make. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Price Of Speaking The Truth!

  Once again the liberal news media has latched on to a juicy little inner net tidbit about Mitt Romney. Apparently, many in the media, find themselves offended because Romney,  who was speaking at a private fund raiser just stated that those who receive government assistance are more likely to vote for Obama,  if only because Obama,  believes in big government. Romney, realizes this so he's not going to put a lot of effort in trying to get the votes  of all the folks who pay no taxes. I personally think Romney,  spoke the truth! I don't expect the liberal media or anyone in the Obama, campaign to speak  the truth they haven't up to now and I don't think there about to start any time soon.
  Just as Jesus, said, in the Bible,  that the poor will always be with you it is also true even among the poor that their will always be those who want something for nothing. Christians,  will recall how Christ,  fed the 5000 with five loaves and two fishes and their is biblical evidence this miracle was done more than once. Jesus,  even says in retrospect that some were only following him for the free fish and bread.While I know there are those who truly need help from the government I can't help but wonder how many on government assistance really don't need it they just found a good lawyer and a technical loop hole to get it.  The sad truth is we may never know.
  Americans, have a very clear choice to make in November,  and if there are more people in this nation who believe they are entitled to everything by reason of their fortunate birth in this great county as opposed to those who believe one should work to shape one's financial destiny then Romney,  will lose Obama,  will win and America's days as a nation are numbered and will probably come to an end when China,  refuses to continue financing this nations debt. I have to wonder what liberals, no doubt with their hands still out will do then. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, September 17, 2012

We Can't Go Back To Happy Days.

  Sometimes, when I have had an especially hard day which usually means I have to figure out a new way to make ends meet I love to get on You Tube,  and listen to some oldies music from the fifties. I love listening to those old songs even though I wasn't even born yet when many of them were on the radio on spinning on young teens record players. I love listening to those songs from the fifties because it helps me reflect on a time that truly was a happy time in America. Yes, I know the Korean War was going on then but unless you knew someone over there then or some one in your family was over there much of America was too busy driving their cars going to the hop and going to their favorite fast food hangouts McDonald's,  started in 1955. There is no doubt there were problems in the fifties and early sixties. I remember reading about how people built bomb shelters because they feared Russia,  might bomb the US since they developed the bomb in 1949. I guess the TV show Happy Days,  was so popular because from time to time we all like to remember what seemed at least to be happier times.
  In 1960,  when I was born , now you know America, was number one in every aspect of industry nobody built better cars than we did nobody had a better TV than we did. in fact no other nation on earth at that time had anything better than we did! Eisenhower,  said in 1954 that America, was a nation under God and we were! The good guys always wore the white hats and you knew who the good guys were and most of the world at this time respected America because we were the good guys.The problem is no one can really go back to any particular time . Time has a terrible habit of going forward and moving on.
  Today, America, is a nation clearly in decline. The only thing she may still be number one in is her military and that's only because many brave Americans, both men and women,  have had their hands full in recent years trying to keep this country safe.America, however is no longer respected as a nation and for all the good she has done half the world now hates America,  and mocks everything America,  stands for. America, has a joke for a president and the American,  people are the punch line. You can't trust a politician to tell you anything but a lie. God, once  held in high esteem  has become a pathetic after thought in a politicians election speech.God's influence can no longer be clearly seen in the public arena of American society and it's almost impossible to tell who the good guys are anymore because it's had to find some one in politics who hasn't been politically corrupted. I realize America,  can never go back to the happy days of the fifties or any other era however, perhaps if Americans, would choose to remember the traditional values that built this nation and made it so great maybe just maybe God, would step in and bless this nation again and at least happier days, might return. Americans, are about to make what I believe will be the greatest  t choice since July fourth 1776. Americans,  are going to decide what kind of America, they want to live in America, in my opinion hasn't had many happy days under Obama, America's debt and weak economy have all but ruined America's standing among the other nations of the word. We have become a nation seeking easy hand outs and forgotten the discipline it takes to be self reliant trusting in God,  given  wisdom and ingenuity to keep this nation great. I believe if Romney,  is elected America, just  may have a chance to rebuild our traditional God fearing values and maybe then the happy days or at least happier days would return to America. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Country Does Obama, Live In?

  Let me see if I have this right. America, is struggling under the massive economic weight of a sixteen trillion dollar debt. The Federal Reserve is going to print 85 billion dollars a month and keep interest rates near zero until 2015 or until the economy gets better.Gas is approaching four dollars a gallon. 23 million people are out of work and unemployment is stuck at 8.1 percent with no signs that things are getting any better.Obama's about to cut the defense budget by 500 billion dollars over the next ten years while many of our embassies are unguarded and under attack and most of the middle east is burning out of control.There is a massive tax increase set to go into effect January, of 2013 which will finish this country economically and all Obama, can say to all of these situations is things good be worth and thank God,  we're not in a recession? I have to pause at this point then to ask my self, what country does Obama, live in?
  The United States, has gone from the most respected military power in history to the laughing stock of the world and many countries in the middle east think the US is nothing more than a paper tiger.The United States once the richest nation on the plant has now become a beggar nation constantly bowing to China, to keep the US economy going. The nations credit the best in the world for over two hundred years has now been down grade twice and the US,  is now listed as the seventh best credit rating behind Sweden a country not even half the size of the US. The United States,  is clearly in decline and Obama's ability not to mention personal integrity to do anything about is worth about as much as the money the Federal Reserve is printing even now.
  I have been blessed to live in what was once the greatest nation on earth and there is no doubt America, still has some of the best people on earth but I have to say lately, the longer I live I don't recognize this country anymore. A Democratic Party,  with no regard for God. I do not wonder why America, has a total fool for a president. Half the nation particularly the liberals wanting everything handed to them by the government it's no wonder why the nation is facing economic collapse I don't know, but it seems to me America, has one last chance to turn things around. Americans, must change course and elect Romney his keen business since and his Knack for being fiscally responsible may just save this country from economic ruin. My fellow patriots, you have seen the kind of country Obama wants to live in now, you must decide what kind of country you want to live in. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on..

Friday, September 14, 2012

America, A Future In Crisis.

  I watch the news nearly everyday.I'm almost afraid to listen to the news each day. Lately, it seems everywhere you look America,  is facing a crisis of one kind or another. I wonder what new American embassy in the middle east will come under attack today? Let's see. I don't think we've heard from Iran or Iraq,  yet. Syria, hasn't chimed in yet either  but then again the day isn't over yet!I hate to say this but this kind of foreign policy disaster is what happens when you elect a Mickey Mouse,  president,  my apologies to Micky Mouse! Barack Obama,  is an utter failure as president he is weak and indecisive and the Muslims, in the middle east know this they know the US is leaving Afghanistan,  in 2014 and they are just waiting until the US leaves and then who knows what will happen.
  On the economic front the government  has just decided to flood the nation with money to the tune of  85 billion dollars a month until 2015 or until the economy picks up.This plan makes no since to me but then again you have to realize we are dealing with liberals here and with them intelligence is optional! Gas,  is approaching four dollars a gallon right now some have suggested that five dollars a gallon will soon be here. The polls show Obama, a head in many of the battle ground  states Ohio,  Florida,  and Virgina among them. Romney, seems to hold a slight edge in the national polls.
  Americans, are going to have to decide if they want four more years of a  Mickey Mouse,  president, which will almost certainly assure the financial ruin of this nation or take a chance that maybe,  just maybe Mitt Romney,  an accomplishes businessman with a knack for making money and a history of  helping other companies make money might know how to get this country out of the financial mess America, finds her self in right now. The way I see it, Romney, will most certainly be a better president than Obama,  if only because we have already seen what the worst president in American history can do! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain,  just some words,  to think on.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

America, Really Needs a True Leader As President.

  I am an American,  and I love my country and I'm very thankful to have been born in America. I am 52 now and I have to tell you I never thought I would long enough to ever say this but for the first time in my life I am proud of my country but I am ashamed of my countries president! I find the attack on the embassy in Cairo Egypt, that resulted in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and three others together with the attack in Libya,, to be an act of war and I expected Obama, to respond in a much more assured and decisive manner. I wanted Obama,
 to put these countries on notice that these uncalled for acts of terrorism would not stand! Perhaps, I expected this type of response from Obama,  because I feel that is the kind of response I would have gotten from former presidents Bush or Reagan  but then again Barrack Obama,  is not Bush or Reagan. I have discovered  that anyone may wear the title of President or Commander and Chief but that alone does not necessarily make anyone a leader!
  When I heard the first official response to these attacks  was an apology from the American Embassy in Egypt,  for hurting the feelings of the Muslim population because some one ran a movie piece on YouTube that they felt offended Muhammad I was appalled! The United States,  has done more for other countries then any other country in modern times. I don't believe the United States owes an apology to anyone certainly not to the middle east. Obama, did resend the apology after some serious political pressure I am far from confident however,  that anyone in the middle east takes anything Obama,  may say seriously. The bottom line is I don't feel safe! I haven't felt safe since Obama, became President! I am ashamed of Obama because he lacks the ability to make a decision and then do what must be done to see it through.The American people,  have one last chance to get this right. I feel Mitt Romney,  understands the seriousness of the world situation and he will look to America's national security needs in a much more serious manner than Obama, has done over the last four years. I agree with radio talk show host Laura Ingraham, if the Republican Party, can't beat Obama,  with his record then it's time to do a way with the Republican Party, at least in it's present form. Right now the Tea Party.  is standing with the Republican Party but if the party loses the election to Obama,then maybe,  it's time to organize a new and better party. I feel like this is America's last chance and Romney is her best chance. I hope Romney can win the election in November, if he does may be then America, will have a president I won't have to be ashamed of. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Must Not Forget!

  You know there are just some days in America's history that have left a permanent impression on the social consciousness of the American people. Almost anyone alive at the time can tell you where they were and what they were doing December 7, 1941 when the Japanese attacked Peal Harbour and thrust America into World War Two. November 22, 1963 is another day that time as it were came to a complete stand still. I find however, that anyone who is old enough to remember that day can tell you exactly where they were and just what they were doing when the first heard the news that President John F Kennedy, had been assassinated September 11,2001 is another day that everything in America,  suddenly changed and any person you may ask can tell you just where they were and what they were doing when they first heard the news that the twin towers of the World Trade Center had been brought down by two planes crashing into the buildings and nearly everyone remembers seeing people run for their lives as the towers fell. Americans found themselves in shock that day as everyone watched thousands of people place missing flyer's up of lost loved  ones.The terrible loss of life on this day totaled nearly 3000 people 2983 to be exact.
  Well eleven years have past and although life does have a tendency to go on as it were I think it is very important that American s never forget the lessons learned on nine eleven. Remember how for a while after nine eleven there were no democrats or republicans we were all Americans, united with a promise that we would get the terrorist who had done such a terrible act of violence on totally innocent people.I have to wonder, why does it take something awful like the tragedy of nine eleven to remind us that we are all Americans,  first and regardless politics or  political affiliation there are times when everyone must work together  for the good of the country.
  Right now,  America, faces  the most critical election she has ever had  in the 236 years this country has existed as a nation.Here is what I mean if Obama,  should manage to get reelected on January 1 2013 the nations defense budget will be cut by 500 billion dollars over ten years leaving our military at it's lowest level since Word War Two. America, is already 16 trillion dollars in debt and 1.6 trillion dollars is the average amount that has been added to the debt over the last four years since Obama, took office in January of 2009 if he is reelected and spends the same amount over the next four years the national debt would be  22 trillion dollars or more. How secure  can Americans,  feel if the the nations military is reduced to levels so low that it can not meet America's defense needs? America, certainly won't remain the greatest nation on the face of the earth if the nations economy totally collapses. I believe if Americans,  are not careful they could very easily be setting themselves up for another possible terrorist attack for no one in this country will be totally secure  from attacks from other countries if our military is too weak to defend us and the nations economy collapses from the weight of financial debt. I urge  everyone to vote for Romney,  on November 6, 2012 in a very real sense it could be a matter of national security and may very well determine the future of this nation The lesson of nine eleven must never be forgotten America, must remain militarily strong and economically sound and I believe electing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is the best way to accomplish this objective. As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Only Poll That Matters.

  I have noticed the news media,  particularly those of a more liberal slant,  have gone out of there way to point out what appears to be about a five point bump or bounce in the presidential polls in favor of Barack Obama.This is not really all  that unusual for an incumbent president to receive a boost in the polls the Democratic Party having just concluded their convention last week is basking in a temporary jump in the presidential poll numbers. I am left to wonder however is this seeming hick in the polls really to be believed? Democrats,  have a way of stacking the polls they take because the often ask more fellow democrats than republicans or undecided or in dependant voters. Still one is left to wonder how long will Obama's bounce last? I don't think it has a long life.
  Obama, has problems among his own supporters New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, covered the recent democratic convention and was left totally unimpressed by Barack Obama's acceptance speech. Miss Dowd, is a renowned liberal  and she was quite captivated by Obama, in 2005. She said that in Obama's speech she felt like Obama blamed the American people for the slow economic process and the change in the hope and change he was talking about was the hope that the American people would change.There fore if change wasn't happening fast enough it was the American people's fault. To say the least, Miss Dowd, was far from impressed with Obama and she has definitely lost that loving feeling she had for Obama,  in 2008
  Although no one can say  for sure how long Obama's bounce will last there is one thing that is very sure there will always be those who would prefer something for nothing I only hope that there are still more people in this country who would rather choose to work and think for themselves rather than let the government give them hand outs and do there thinking for them. I'm afraid however that there may not be and if that is true then Obama's reelection is all but assured and America,  once a free and independent nation guided by god through the free will of man alone will be gone forever. I suppose the next election will reveal the economic path Americans,  choose to take a lot is riding on this election and one thing is sure Obama can enjoy is bounce in the polls right now but the poll taken on election day in November, is the only one that counts! As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Lie, Is A Lie, No Matter Who Tells It!

  As I think back on the speeches I heard on TV during  the Democratic National Convention, I recall, former president Bill Clinton's speech and how he defended Obama's job performance as president. Clinton made the case that no president could have fixed the economy in just three years time. He praised Obama for his success in passing Obama care something Hilary could not do in the nineties will Bill Clinton was president. I will admit the former president is an eloquent speaker and he has a natural flair for explaining things in such a slick way no doubt many liberal Americans,  were quite taken with him. I was not The fact that Clinton,  can candy coat Obama's policy failures better than Obama,  can simply indicates that Clinton,  can tell a lie better than Obama,  can but a lie is still a lie no matter who is telling it! Remember every good lie usually has at least a small grain of truth in it.Obama care,  allows parents to keep the children on their policy until they reach twenty six.Obama care,  doesn't allow health  insurance companies the right to deny coverage because of preexisting conditions these are too provisions that most anyone would appreciate but then the lies begin. Obama,  says,  if you like your present health care provider you can keep it  however this is not exactly true here is why if a person's health care provider can not stay in business because of all the new government health care regulations that insurance company will have to go out of business and if this happens to most or all of the present health insurance companies then only the very wealthy will be able to afford health care coverage even many large corporations are considering dropping health insurance from there benefits packages. The reason is simple Obama has always wanted a single payer health care system  if his policy regulations drive all the other insurance companies out of business because they can not compete with massive over regulations from the government then the government will offer their own single payer plan of insurance and businesses will gladly drop what ever they were offering in favor of  the governments single payer system. Obama,  was unable to force this idea on the American people through the front door of Obama care but through eventual over government business and health insurance company regulation he will be able to get his desire of a single payer health care system through the back door so to speak.
  Obama, and especially Clinton,  remind me a lot of the devil,  who took the form of a serpent in Genesis chapter three. Remember the serpent told Eve,  if she ate of the forbidden fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil she would be like God,  because she would  know good from evil. That much was true and when Eve told the devil that God said, that both she and Adam would surely die the devil  said,   that they would not surely die and that was true to an existent. God  said,  they would surely die he did not say right away! God meant eventual physical death both Adam and Eve had been created by God and they were designed to live forever but be cause they sinned and both ate the forbidden fruit their bodies began to decay and 931 years later Adam did die 931 years is a long time by today's standards but 931 years is nothing to God,  he is eternal and not bound by time or the laws of nature. the lesson here is simple listening to the lies of the devil may sound good and even have an element of truth in them but listening to the devil and his lies were bad for mankind's  health. Listening to Obama or a slick lying lawyer like president Clinton,  is bad for this nations health Obama's economic policies are slowing destroying the foundation of this country no matter how eloquently Clinton,  may spin it! Remember,  a lie is a lie no mater who tells it! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

There Will Be A Payday Someday!

  Sometimes, I wish I could just buy anything I wanted or needed put it all on one or more credit cards and after maxing out the credit cards just declare bankruptcy! I would submit to you, this type of financial thinking is very foolish.I suppose if ones credit rating means nothing to them or if a person has no personal integrity and feels no obligation to be financially responsible I suppose there are those who have tried this financial approach who knows, maybe, they even got away with it.As a Christian,  I could not be so dishonest with my creditors.
  Right now there is a water leak in my basement I can't afford to fix. I need medical test done to check for prostate cancer that I'm not at all sure I can pay for, my dog is due  for a visit to the vet heaven knows what that will cost. My daughter, is going  to need braces soon and that's 5000.00 dollars I don't have and I already have more money on my credit card than I should have.
  I sometimes ask myself, Why should I care how much debt I have? The government doesn't seem to be too worried about the nations 16 trillion dollar debt.My dad,  used to say that credit cards are great as a personal convenience  but when you use them excessively credit card companies can own you. The United States, is so very close to this critical tipping point. I believe if Romney,  doesn't win the election in November, four more years of Obama's spending will guarantee at the very least, that China, will own the United States, if not out right or literally, at least financially.I hope enough Americans,  will wake up and vote for Romney,America, must return to responsible spending and soon. My dad was right there will always be a payday someday  and at any moment China, could demand full payment of the billions maybe even trillions of dollars the United States has borrowed and if that happens that will be the end of America,  as a nation. America, must return to a policy of responsible spending if this does not happen soon Well, I can assure you there is always, a payday someday!  As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, September 7, 2012

So Obama, Where's The Beef?

  One of my favorite commercials from the eighties is a Wendy's advertisement  where a very humorous old  lady looks at a rather lack luster hamburger and  ask"Where's the beef?"I found my self asking that very same question as I listened to President Obama's democratic nomination acceptance speech. Obama, has always been able to give a good speech and heaven knows the president loves to talk. I have to say though that this speech was a far cry from the speeches I remember four years ago.As I recall,  in 2008 there were many caught up in the idea of Obama's hope and change and his slogan of yes we can.I remember seeing the young people many were so taken with Obama in 2008. now it seem, that many college graduates, feel as though they have been taken by Obama, Hope and change has become I hope there will be a change in the economy and soon.
  I did not hear any of Obama's usual eloquence in last nights speech. He chose instead to speak in very general terms and of course he had some good lines taking what I thought were very cheap shots at Mitt Romney, I am accustomed to politicians taking cheap shots at their opponents but it seems that the only time the president is not cheap is when he is spending the American people's tax dollars! The president tried to make his case to the American people by saying,that it took several decades of republican tax brakes and corporate greed left unguarded to get America,  in it's present economic condition and therefore,  he stated that it would take more than a few years to clean up the economic mess he had inherited from the Bush I watched Obama, almost pleading with the American people,  for their continued patience and understanding I thought for  a moment he was going to break out in song and sing that old song from the seventies by the Chairmen of the Board called,  Give Me Just A Little More Time!
  I was very disappointed with Obama's speech he promised a million new jobs but then he gave no specific plan to tell the American people by what means he would accomplish this goal.He said things weren't exactly as he would like them as far as employment and the economy were concerned but he believed that if the American,  people would just grant him another term as president America, had no problems that couldn't be fixed but it would take at least another for years. I have heard the president often speak of investing in America's future I think the American taxpayers,  have done that several times now with several bail outs. The president took millions of American tax dollars,  and went in search of green jobs he invested it  in green projects like  Soylendra and Abound solar company. Well no green jobs were created but they companies sure took a lot of American taxpayers,  green and then Solyndra, and Abound solar company declared bankruptcy, I have to give Obama,  credit though he is concerned with the environment and he is very good at recycling his same old tired economic ideas  over and over and over again and that is exactly what Obama, did in his speech last night. A speech that just left me asking for concrete and specific solutions  to America's many economic problems but all Obama's  speech did for me was leave confused and disappointed and as far as specifics were  concerned I was left asking, "Where's the beef!" As always, my friends these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

God, Can Relax, Now Clinton, and Obama, Are Here!

  I did not watch a great deal of the Democratic National Convention  last evening.I have seen news clips from the convention however and from what I saw I must say the liberal democrats, and their reluctance to acknowledge God,  and Israel,  in the democratic platform,  was quite revealing. Only after key democrats saw the potential political damage that could be done to their cause by such an omission did Obama,  insist that the words God and Jerusalem be put back in the democratic party's  plat form. I saw the floor vote on this measure at the convention and I have to say, I'm not sure that their weren't more no votes than yes votes the fact that the vote had to be taken three times I thought was certainly pathetic! Some,  have suggested the vote was taken just for show and that Obama, basically ordered the convention officials to but the words God, and Jerusalem, back into the party's platform.
  The truth is it doesn't matter if God,  is mentioned in the democratic platform or not God,  doesn't need the democrats,  to acknowledge his existence. God,  has always existed and he will exist long after all the democratic delegates at the convention are dead and gone The problem is many in America,  don't acknowledge God,  in their day to day thinking anymore.Patrick Henry, saw this particular omission as troubling and he expressed his concerns with the following quote; "It is when people forget God, that tyrants, forge their chains." Patrick Henry,  knew that the way  Americans,  thought about God, would affect American society as a whole. .He makes this point quite clear with the following words ; "Bad men, cannot make good citizens.""A vitiated state of morals, a corrupted public conscience is incompatible with freedom." The Bible,  is full of examples of what can happen to a nation that doesn't acknowledge him or seek his guidance.
  President Clinton. for all his political elegance, could not explain the reasons for Obama's many failures he could say only that he nor any other president before him could have solved the nations serious economic problems. I suppose that gives Obama, a pass on his failure as president and continued permission to keep acting in a way that is far from mature and economically responsible. The fact of the matter is there will always be those in America, who like getting something for nothing. The question then becomes do these type of people make up a majority of the American people? The answer to this question will ultimately, decide America's next president and if the answer is yes Obama's reelection is assured if the answer is no and a majority of the American,  people,  want responsible government and a return to fiscal economic sanity and personal responsibility, then Romney will be the nation's next president. I suppose only the results of the next election will decide the answer to this all important  question. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Government Will Never Own Me!

  The liberal democrats have made their political position quite clear. The deliberate absence of God,  and the abandonment of Israel,  are two key components of the democratic platform in this weeks Democratic National Convention. I can't say I'm really that surprised with this sudden revelation. Obama, told Israel, just a few days ago that if they choose to attack Iran,  for the purpose of keeping then from continuing to develop nuclear weapons and if  they conducted  the attack particularly,  before  the presidential election that  Israel could not  count on any  support from the United States.The fact that God,  isn't welcome at the DNC comes as no surprise because frankly, God,  has been kicked out of the public arena for some time now.
  Beginning in 1962 prayer was banned in public schools.and indeed no mention of God,  whatsoever can be made while on school grounds during  normal school hours. Athletes, can't  kneel and pray before any kind of game. Graduates,  can't mention God, in any part of their graduation  speeches.The Ten Commandments,  can hang on the walls of the Supreme Court,  but not on the classroom walls of any public high school. This week Georgetown University, at the request of the White House,  was told to cover up the name  of Jesus, apparently the name of Jesus,  appears in a very prominent place there and the White House. thought it was more important to be  politically correct and not offend  those of other religious faiths that   would be present there.
  The liberal democrats, said last night that government,  is something everybody belongs to I will tell you, as an independent free thinking American, I was personally offended by that kind of government philosophy. Americans, should all take a stand and make it very clear to those who serve in government do so because those in government,  work for the American,  people,  and no government,  can own anyone! The moment a  government,   tries to own it's citizens it's time for another American revolution.
  God,  doesn't even attempt to own someone. He gave all mankind,  a free and independent will and I will die fighting before I give up my free will to the government! As a  Christian,  my first responsibility is to obey God. When the laws of man or in this case government,  go against the laws of God, I choose to obey God , before government. Obama, wishes to be a god and he spells God, GOV I spell God, GOD.As a Christian I choose to belong to God. Now, every American,  must decide who they wish to belong to and November's coming election will decide who America, as a nation belongs to Obama, and the government,  or God,  who chooses  only to guild our nation through the use of our free will.  All I can say for sure is while I live and can fight and speak out through this blog government,  will never own me! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Lies Begin But The Truth, Still Stands.

  I haven't decided if I'm going to watch the Democratic National Convention or not. I'll admit I'm curious to see how the Democrats, will spin everything  they say spin, is the art of lying in politics for those reading this article who may not know. Some, have suggested that both the republicans and the democrats will both lie and that it;s just a matter of who does a better job doing the lying.Some, will say you have to choose the party that shares your political view and I guess that's how most folks who vote choose what their individual truth may be.
  Americans, however, are about to make a very important decision which will decide not only who the next president will be but what kind of government America,  will have and how long America, can expect to exist as a nation.No matter how many lies politicians may choose to tell the American,  people and no matter who America's next president may be there are certain facts and facts, are stubborn things that cannot be ignored and must be dealt with. Fact: The nations debt now stands at 16 trillion dollars and China is already indicating that they are reluctant to lend this country any more money.Fact: The nations GDP is a very anemic 1.5% with no signs that that's about to change  in the near future. Fact: America, is facing a trillion dollars in defense cuts beginning in January, of 2013 if these defense cuts occur that means America's defenses will be reduced to World War II levels and our nations national security is at risk. Fact:The Bush tax cuts, are also  set to expire in January, of 2013 and if this happens every middle class family will face a 2000 dollar a year tax increase.Fact: Obama,  care will be one year closer to going into full affect and already hospitals and clinics are running short on doctors Fact: Hundreds of new government regulations are scheduled to go into affect in January of 2013 making it almost impossible for small business to even function much less, hire new employees.
  Romney, says he has a plan to begin to fix our nations many financial problems. Obama, doesn't think that anything in this nation even needs fixing well, like I said Obama, doesn't think! The Bible, says, in Proverbs, 13: 20 " He that walketh with the wise shall be wise but a companion of fools, shall be destroyed. The same can be said for our nation if Americans,  choose to reelect Obama,  that becomes a choice to in affect walk with him his reelection then, becomes an endorsement of  his economic foolish policies which I believe if allowed to continua will assure the economic destruction of this country and America's existence as a nation.
  Americans,  if the choose to elect Romney,I believe will indicate a desire to return to responsible government and at least begin to put America,  back on a fiscal path to economic sanity.Americans, will altimately, choose which pesidential candicate's path they want to follow. I can only vote and prays that most Americans,  make the right choice. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Your Labor Is Not In Vain.

  Well, here we are once again celebrating the last unofficial holiday of the summer Labor Day. As a Christian,  I know that anytime I do something for others that is a labor of love for the Lord and the Bible,  says, when we help others we do the work of the Lord and I Corinthians 15:58 says a Christian's labor is not in vain when it is done in the name of serving others as unto the lord.
  Today,  many Americans, will gather together to fellowship with family and friends and enjoy an extra day of rest from their labor. I would however ask Christians,  every where who may read these words to one small act of kindness. Today as you give thanks to God,  for this day of rest from your labor, take a moment and thank God,  you have a job and pray for the 23 million of our fellow Americans,  who are unemployed and only wish they had a place to perform some labor! My fellow Americans,  now go and enjoy your Labor Day holiday! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Long May It Wave At Least, Every Five Years!

  I found myself watching Fox and Friends,  early this morning and I have to tell you sometimes,  I just don't know what goes on in  the heads of some of the citizens who live in this country. Apparently,  if I have the story right, it seems,  some folks,  on the city council in Amherst Massachusetts, have decided to only fly the American flag,  commemorating the terrorist attack on this country on nine eleven only once every five years! Apparently, there are certain council members in Amherst Massachusetts, who feel that our flag incites and therefore,  causes terrorism! so the majority of the citizens of Amherst, only think the fallen fireman and policeman and the nearly 3000 fellow citizens are only worth  remembering by flying the US flag only once every five years.
  Wow! This kind of neanderthal thinking just makes me sick! and the city fireman there in Amherst and the policeman aren't too happy about the city council's decision and who can blame them? Sometimes,  I think the police and fire departments of Amherst Massachusetts, should only respond when they are called upon by the good citizens of Amherst,  only once every five years! The fire and police departments could  justify these actions by saying it's just too expensive for the city to have to have the fire department to put out fires or for the police to stop crimes and catch criminals so often  so therefore,  both of these departments concluded that the structures and good citizens of Amherst Massachusetts, were only worth saving once every five years!
  I realize,  this is kind of thinking, is ridiculous but the feeling isn't We already have people in this county who don't want citizens to sing The Star Spangled Banner,  at ballgames any more and these same people don't want citizens praying before the games either. I can only say I love this nations flag and if I want to wave it on my own property I"M GONNA WAVE IT! that's what American freedom is all about if our citizens can ask our  policeman and fire departments and national guard and our military to protect us and in many cases die in the process of protecting  us and our freedom to fly Old Glory,  then anyone should be able to fly our flag proudly on there own property or in the city square that the police and fire departments in particular, protect. Yes I am a patriot and I love  Old  Glory. She is a grand old flag a high flying flag unless at half  staff to honor those who have fallen but when she is flying high I say, long  and for ever in peace may it wave! As always,  my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words,  to think on.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Democrats Prepare To Respond To The RNC.

  The Republican National Convention, is over now and the Democrats,  are now preparing to respond to the challenges posed by the Republicans.To be honest I don't expect to hear anything from the democratic leadership I haven't heard before.President Obama shows no particular talent when it comes to coming up with new ideas. I have heard that some of the speakers at the Democratic National Convention will include Senator Harry Reid,  Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria,  Senator John Kerry and Former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and of course Firs Lady Michelle Obama all of these speakers will try to unite the Democratic Party and in affect rally the troops as of President Obama, will accept his nomination for another term as president.
  I don't expect to hear anything that even resembles the truth from the democrats. Senator Reid,  has all ready spread unsubstantiated tax rumors about Mitt Romney,  so I can't expect any real truth from him. Nancy Pelosi has a hard time even forming an intelligent thought not to mention a complete sentence. Frankly, I think she will be lucky if her botox injections just keep her eyelids open and keep her face from breaking!Senator John Kerry, is thought to be the next Secretary of State, when Hilary Clinton resigns at the end of Obama's first term in office.Here is a man that returned from Vietnam,a  hero to some I suppose but why is it all I remember is his television  appearance before  congress in 1972 specifically the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs where he testified and implied that during the Vietnam War the United States was guilty of war crimes against Vietnam? This is the same person Obama is going to make the next Secretary of State,  if he should be given a second term.I won't look for any kind of truth from the likes of Senator Kerry. Senator Kerry certainly will fit in nicely however with the one percent or the wealthiest among us since his wife is the heir to the Heinz fortune. I wonder if the Wall Street  protesters will be there to march against Senator and Mrs Kerry? I don't think so. Eva Longoria, of Desperate Housewives fame is really only going to be there to represent the Hispanic community and she will reinforce the idea that much of Hollywood,  still supports Obama,  because he is so willing to help minorities. No doubt Miss Longoria, will provide some attractive eye candy for the male viewers of the convention so no one will pay much attention to anything she may actually say so she won't even have to worry about telling the truth. President Bill  Clinton,  will try to wow the audience with his southern charm but I don't look for any truth from him. I guess that just depends on what my definition of truth is! Joe Biden, who certainly knows how to put the vice in Vice President will be watched I suppose with much interest but only because everyone there will be praying that something stupid doesn't come out of his mouth. Anybody, can stick their foot in their mouth from time to time but Biden,  has made a habit of doing this for so long when he puts his foot in his mouth he makes a complete meal out of it! Biden, may provide some comedy relief but much of what comes out of his mouth can't be repeated in polite company. I think he should form a support group with Bob Beckel or Bill Maher! Perhaps,  they could call it foul mouths anonymous! Michelle Obama, will be there no doubt to show the world she is standing by her man or at least trying to put America on a healthy diet. President Obama,  will try to recapture his former glory that swept the country back in 2008. He will attempt to wax eloquent and speak once again on hope and change all the while all I'm hoping is that the current president of residence in the White House  will most certainly, change in November Obama, has lied to the American,  people up to now and I don't think that will change anytime soon. I guess since I already know what the National Democratic Convention will be like there is no real need to watch it! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words,  to think on.