Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Illegal By Any Other Name.

   I am constantly,  amazed at just how far the liberal media and the press is willing  to go just to be considered politically correct.It now seems that the Associated Press, has decided in there infinite wisdom, that the term illegal alien will no longer be used when describing America's uninvited guest. Apparently, those persons who are in this country without the benefit of proper documentation are now to be referred to as just that  persons,  without documentation. the Associated  Press, seems to think that calling someone an illegal alien is something of a personal insult because this particular term some how dehumanizes an individual. Tell that to the many Italian immigrants who arrived in this country in the early part of the twentieth century and were unable to secure proper documentation such persons were often called a WOP  the term WOP meant a person who was in this country WOP, with out papers that is to say they were residing in this county illegally because they were without the legal documentation which would allow them to be here. Therefore just as a point of reference I am not at all sure that the term undocumented resident is any less dehumanizing or insulting.
    I have considered this semantic dilemma and have concluded that there must be further changes made when describing persons who find themselves in illegal circumstances.Think about it if a person fails to make their mortgage payments particularly after three months the bank who is providing the mortgage loan has the right if they choose to do so, to begin foreclosure proceedings because a person who is attempts to reside in a house without bothering to make consistent monthly mortgage payments is a person who is living in a house illegally perhaps they should be called people living in a house without proper money denominations yeah, that sounds much less dehumanizing. The next time some one's drivers license is found to have expired the police should not charge  them with illegally operating a motor  vehicle in stead these persons should be refereed to as people with proper vehicle operating documentation yeah, that sounds a lot less dehumanizing.
   The point is simply this if you are from another country you can be called an alien and if you managed to sneak into this country without bothering to secure the proper documentation then you are what has been comely called up to now an illegal alien. I don't call that term dehumanizing I just call it an accurate description of someone who enjoys living in this country but is not willing to even attempt to go through the legal process to do so. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and she stated that she refuses to play vocabulary games and she  has no problem with the term illegal alien. I don't often agree with miss Napolitano, but I agree with her in this particular instance in other words, the act of being in this country with proper documentation is illegal by any other name. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Won't Join them!

    There is a popular phase that says,"If you can't beat them join them." I am afraid this phase in a sense express a new kind of political thinking in the Republican party lately.As a Reagan, conservative I am find it more and more difficult to find any real differences between the Republicans or the Democrats.The Republicans seem to think that since they have lost the last two elections they must become more like the Democrats but if they really do that why have a Republican Party in the first place?Conservative Republicans, in case one may have forgotten are supposed to stand for limited government, low taxes, a balanced budget approach to government spending, and above all, traditional societal values.I find however, that more and more, Republicans are acting more like liberal Democrats, Republicans,  now seem willing to accept the idea of gay marriage this concept,   hardly reflects  traditional family values.the very definition of a family is being called in to question in American society today. A family,  it seems can be defined as any two individuals who choose to live under the same roof. I suppose then,  a family,  can be a mother and father and child, a mother and child, a father and child,or a child with two mothers or two fathers. One then has to wonder if the Supreme Court,  chooses to recognize gay marriage,  can polygamy,  be far behind? After all,  in a man wants to have more than one wife shouldn't he be granted equal protection under the law?
    Republicans now seem willing to politically relax their position in the area of illegal immigration in deed many Republicans now favor what I would call at least a watered down version of amnesty for America's illegal guest.I realize Republicans, seek to gain political support especially among America's Latino population. I have to wonder though if nearly every illegal alien is going to be allowed to stay in this country and suffer no consequences for entering this country illegally,  why even have immigration laws in the first place? When Amnesty, is so freely given why should anyone wanting to come to this country bother to go through all endless forms and legal paperwork to  gain legal American citizenship? I am sure many,  who have gone through the legal process to achieve their American citizenship feel some what cheated when the consider there may may be  as many as eleven million illegal aliens living in this country at this moment who may never even have to go through the process of legal American citizenship and to my way of thinking this makes American citizenship seem rather cheap!
    All I know is if the only way the Republicans, can win the next election is to become a Democrat I may be forced to either not vote or become an independent. Let's face it, if your going to have a two party system there has to be differences between the two parties lately however I haven't seen that many differences. All I can say is,  when it comes to the liberal progressive democrats if the republicans can't beat them I won't be joining them! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.