Saturday, March 31, 2012

640 Million Now That's Lotsa' Money!

  I heard on the news today someone  in the great states of Maryland, Illinois, and Kansas had matching lottery numbers and will now split a huge 640 million dollar pot which even after the government takes their fair share will still be more money then I'll ever see in my life time. Speaking just for my self,  As a Christian,  I choose not to play the lottery it is a form of gambling and I was raised not to gamble at least not for money.
  I will confess,  I have often wondered what would happen if a Christian, did decide to play the lottery and  just happened to win a huge  jack pot of several millions of dollars? When the Christian,  lottery winner went back to their local church would the pastor  or minister go to them and ask for a contribution to build a new wing on their church? I don't know, but I can not say for sure that it would not happen!
  I would offer one piece of advice to all you hard working middle class lottery players out there,if by some chance,  you win the lottery and become rich beyond your wildest dreams, just remember,  once you become rich,  you will become the enemy of President Obama, and all the left leaning liberals. I'm sure the government will see to it that you pay your fair share. Hey but don't worry,  even if your only left with a couple of million to spend or invest that is still more money than most of us will ever see. I'm sure however,  if you do win the lottery and have some lottery winnings to spend I'm sure President Obama, can always suggest some green energy solar companies,  you could invest in if it doesn't go bankrupt two minutes after you invest  in it! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, March 30, 2012

My Car Won't Go So Far Anymore.

  Well now I have seen it all. Today gas where I live finally reached 4.14 a gallon.My family,  and I will be going no where we don't have to and any plans  I might have had about going some where for vacation are here by cancelled! I told my wife she might have to take the bus or get a bicycle.I guess we could just use our feet like the Flintstones!
  The truth is gas prices would fall almost over night if we were willing to build more refineries drill for more oil and quit sending the oil we do produce to other countries.Sometimes I wonder if Americans would be better off if we just learned to walk more. Here is what I mean, we did just fine without cell phones until we had them now it's hard to imagine life without them.There was a time in this country when there were no cars no high gas prices to worry about. Sometimes I think my Amish neighbors have the right idea. I wonder if my wife could borrow one of their horses to get a ride to work? as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Friendly Skies, Aren't So Friendly Anymore.

  I'll be honest, I haven't flown lately,  and I'm not sure I want to. I seen and heard on the news over the last three weeks some very disturbing things are going on in the so called friendly skies. First,  I hear about a flight attendant who snapped do to some sort of personal stress. I heard on the news just yesterday,  a pilot had  a mental breakdown of sorts. You know,  people have enough fear about flying to start with but the way things are going it seems you take your life in your own hands just because your boarded a plane.
  There has been so talk of giving the pilot of a plane some type of fire arm every since the tragedy of nine eleven but,  what do you do when the  flight attendant or the pilot,  become the terrorist? I don't know if they should be armed or not. I have to admit  I'm not to thrilled with the idea of being charged extra if I want to use a cell phone on a plane and  because of rising fuel prices tickets are already out of this world, come to think of it these days,  if you fly anywhere  you could be out of this world a lot sooner than you might think. One thing is certain, the friendly skies, aren't so friendly anymore! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Personal Liberty, Weighed In The Balance.

  Right now America's Supreme Court is placing personal liberty in the scales of justice. The President's health care law and  it's constitutionality,   is a question  which could have massive implications on personal liberty. I am not a Libertarian, I do feel however,  that our government,  is far to willing to make too many personal decisions for the American people. The truth,  may be for far too long the American,  people have been willing to let the government do it! I hope when the Supreme Court,  weighs the merits of the health care law that they find it seriously intrusive and definitely lacking in personal liberty and freedom of choice.
  As important as the Supreme Courts decision will be as far as personal liberty is concerned  for Americans,  I find myself,  very concerned with another decision a far greater judge may have already made as far as this nation is concerned..Daniel 5 verse 27 talks a bout a kingdom that God,  weighed in the balance and found to be  wanting and indeed Babylon, fell to the Persians, in one  night even today you have no doubt heard the expression I saw the hand writing on the wall. Daniel chapter 5 verse 27 is where that expression comes from God,  wrote on the King of Babylon's wall that his mighty hand of final judgement was a bout to bring the Babylonian kingdom to an end. There is no greater tragedy or doom more certain for a nation when God finally decides a nation has served it' purpose. Personal liberty is a gift from God,  but that does not mean a nation whose foundation was built on Christian principals can continually , turn away from God,   and in a sense almost deny his very existence. I pray that God,  has not already weighed America in the scales of his righteous judgement for I am afraid that if he has America, will be found wanting. God,  may then decide that America, has served his purpose, and America's days of greatness perhaps even America's  existence as a nation will come to an end. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Day Freedom No Longer Rings.

  This morning I spent some time playing some games on my computer. My daughter,  who is home on spring break from school was enjoying playing on my computer. We have a lot of fun and I can't find the words to express the joy she brings to my life. Then I saw an interview on the CBN network that made me almost shake with fear. Senator Rick Santorum, was saying he would do whatever he could to help our nation. What he said next to me was very thought provoking. He said twenty years from now he didn't want to have a conversation with his daughter telling her about an America, that used to be free.
  I will confess to you that I don't ever want to have that conversation with my daughter either. I am always perplexed when I hear good men and women every where say, what difference can anyone really make? I can only respond this way if  America, should fall and our government should be come some form of a mandated dictatorship and every person decision I might make is made for me by the government, when my daughter or maybe granddaughter ask what was it like when America,  was free and what did I do to try to help America,  not to fall, will I feel better if I say I did nothing because I was convinced I could make no difference and besides I did not want to be thought of as a politically incorrect patriotic fanatic? You know some how I don' think so. There fore I speak out when I feel America, and the freedom Americans, have enjoyed for almost 236 years now are under siege. should the day ever come that America,  falls and is no longer a free nation. I want to at least be able to say, I did all that I could rather than, I was content to do nothing because I convinced it would make no difference. Should the day come when America,  falls and we as a nation are faced to live  in the hopelessness and despair that a government dictatorship surely brings, what will we tell our children the day freedom no longer rings? As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Some, May Not Be For'em But You Can't Count Out Santorum.

  With his recent win in the southern primary in Louisiana, Senator Rick Santorum, seems to be saying that he is not going to go quietly into that good night and the way I see it, why should he? I mean it takes 1144 delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination and none of the candidates have reached the magic number yet. Governor Romney, may have the lead but he's still only half way there.
  I have noticed that Senator Santorum,  has really torn into Governor Romney of late I suppose he feels he must because there is no doubt that Senator Santorm,  is fighting for his political life  and compared to the many financial advantages that Governor Romney,  has had up to now the contest between these particular candidates has often been likened to David verses Goliath.I would caution Senator Santorm, however, passion is one thing loosing your cool well, that's something else. The Senator needs to borrow some wisdom from the Bible he must learn to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. I think it's great that Senator Santorum, is a family man with traditional family values. I am glad he is not ashamed to admit that he follows the teachings of his faith. Senator Santorum,  however,  if he is to have any chance at convincing uncommitted  delegates to switch from Governor Romney, and vote for him if the GOP presidential contest goes all the way to Tampa, at a brokered convention, must prove he is more than just an at times over zealous committed Catholic. He must also demonstrate he can keep his cool and calmly explain his plan for dealing with the nations struggling economy. He has to also demonstrate an ability to work with those so called fat cats on Wall Street,  because those fat cats are sorely needed to invest in small businesses as well as continued investment in existing small business. Senator Santorum,  must find a way to express his plan for economic growth, relief at the gas pump and a clear and concise plan to revamp the current tax system if he can do that I think he may still have a shot for the GOP nomination. Senator Santorum,  must use every means and every opportunity to make his plans for America's future known it is not enough just to suggest that Governor Romney,  is a luke warm conservative. Regardless,  of what some may think about the GOP presidential nomination process up to now one thing is certain some,  may be for'em but I wouldn't count out  Santorum. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Christians At Their Best

  I heard a story in the news last week. An Atheist,  by the name of Patrick Brown,  was suing a church in Athens Texas,  for having displayed a nativity scene this past Christmas. This sort of thing is often done by a lot of Atheist who seem to have no other real purpose in life except to make life more difficult for Christians. Mr. Greene it seems developed a problem with his eyes and was facing the possibility of going blind without treatment and he was retired and like many who are retired he was on a limited in come. The church members in Athens Texas,  decided to give  Mr. Green,  four hundred dollars to help him meet his needs while he was recovering from his treatments for his eyes. Mr. Greene was so thankful he dropped his law suit against the church.
  There is a story in the Bible,  in Luke 11 verses 11 through 19 that reminds me a little of how Christians,  are supposed to be. Jesus, finds ten lepers who asked to be healed Jesus,  does heal all ten even though he knows before he does so, that only one will bother to come back to say thank you to him. Truly, the story in Athens Texas, and the story of Jesus,  healing the ten lepers are prime examples of how true Christians should strive to be. I know Christians, my self included aren't perfect but we are forgiven. Luke 6 verse 44 says for Christians,  to bless those who would curse them and pray for those who would despitefully  use them. My greatest goal in life is to try to be this kind of Christian,  and although  I often fall short I pray I am made a better person for striving to following the teachings of my teacher Jesus Christ. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sometimes, The Ability To Be Willing To Learn Is Enough.

  Like most of us,  there are just some things try as I might, I just don't have the ability. I know very little about computers, I just turn them on and start surfing the web or sending an email or typing this blog. I have learned something from my earliest days in college however,  you don't have to have  every ability in this world you just have to know or be able to pay the person who does. The greatest ability anyone can have is dependability.
  While I more than realize no one person can know everything,  I have learned to count, pay my bills and keep my check book and household budget in balance. President Obama, has a great ability to speak and he can give speeches that at times leave people literally spellbound.when it comes to this nations budget. well, he seems to have lost the ability to count and keep the nations debt under control in threes years time he has added five trillion dollars to the nations debt. I can't even count to one trillion never mind 16 trillion! The President,   spent 987 billion dollars in an  economic  stimulus package that did not work. He continues to spend billions on solar energy companies that go bankrupt.When he is asked if he feels responsible for any of the nations problems the President,  always looks for some else to blame. I think I understand the President's problem when it comes to the nations debt, the President,  has lost the his ability to count that's why when he is asked about the nations debt , the President,  feels he has no accountability! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Chew Doesn't Make The Grade But He Is A Grade A Failure!

  As a parent, my wife and I try our best to help our daughter in school. We have been very blessed with an exceptional child. I don't wish to be perceived as conceited but my daughter is in the fourth grade and thus far she has maintained a straight  A average all year long for four years in a row. She works very hard for her grades and  my wife and I are very proud  of our daughter,  because we know she has earned every A she has received in school.
  I know Secretary of Energy Stephen Chew,  received the Nobel Prize for his work in physics, in 1997.  I suppose I should be impressed by this achievement then again,  President Obama, received the Nobel Prize in 2009,  and he returned it because even he didn't know what he had done to deserve it. Secretary  Chew, was recently chewed out by  Congressman Paul Brown, Republican,  from the state of Georgia. When Secretary Chew, was asked by Congressman Brown,  what grade he would give himself regarding his accomplishments thus far as the Secretary of Energy, Secretary Chew,  thought about the question for all of two seconds and said,  he would give his job performance an A minus. I'm sure Secretary  Chew,  really wanted to give his job performance an A plus but I'm sure Secretary Chew,  wanted to at least appear to be humble.
  Hey remind me never to take any investment advice from Secretary Chew.  He doesn't have a very good track record when it comes to making wise investments. Thus far,  the Secretary's investments in solar energy so called  green energy, hasn't made any green but  his investments certainly have cost American taxpayers a lot of green! more billions than I could count and hate to think about! I would give Secretary chew an A for being mentally absent for the last three years. I would call Secretary Chew,  a Grade A failure! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Republicans, Finally Rally Around Romney.

  I've noticed a bit of a change in Governor Romney's campaign message of late. I think the  Governor,  is finally,  beginning to understand that Republican,  conservative voters, what to hear more than just the presentation of the Governor's,  resume each time he gives a speech. What the Republican votes really want to know is, not just how much experience the Governor,  has but how will he use it to get Americans,  out of this terrible economic mess!
  When the Governor,  won the Illinois primary,  I finally had some idea, what Governor,  was about. He talked about Government deregulation and how getting rid of most of most of the regulations on small businesses, would finally allow them to grow and actually make a prophet. He talked about restructuring the tax code. The need to be free to drill for more oil and gas. I think the Governor,  most certainly, realizes he must repeal Obama care. This is one health care bill most Americans, don't care for and if it goes into affect, America's economy and the nations debt will continue to be very unhealthy! I sensed in the Governor, a new determination to repeal Obama care  if the Supreme Court doesn't do it for him after the case for the health care laws' constitutionality  is presented  some time in May or June. What really gave me new hope for the Governor was his realization that each American must be free to pursue the American dream for themselves, no one can give the American dream to anyone but each American should have an equal opportunity to earn it for themselves.
  Even the Republican,  base is beginning to warm up to Governor Romney. I have to admit his delegate lead is impressive. As far as politics goes,  no one ever really knows what a person will or won't try to do wants they get into office. I can not say for sure but it appears Governor Romney, wants every American,  to have an equal opportunity to pursue their own American,  dream and that is one dream each person must earn. I think Governor Romney, is only asking the American,  people to give him a chance and you know I think many Americans,  may just believed he's earned it. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Freedom Of Religion For Everyone Except, Christians.

  Don't look now Christians but you religious freedom is under attack again! First,  Catholic Universities,  and Catholic hospitals and other Catholic charities and other religious organizations  must pay or make sure their employees insurance pays for contraception for their female employees. Next,ABC puts a show on the airwaves that was at first called Good Christian and it rhymes with witches and starts with a B. Finally, New York's Stony Brook University,  will no longer recognize Christian religious holidays and they were once called  Holy days, because they fear they might offend Buddhist or someones religion, may be left out my how very thoughtful of the administration at Stony Brook University! Christians make no mistake that is just the liberal spin the school is hiding behind in just another back door underhanded attempt to do away with Christianity,  in America. Liberals hate to admit it but America, was founded on Christian,  principals and traditional values. Liberals have a difficult time defining their cor values primarily because they keep changing them all in the name of Progressivism.
  Some, will no doubt say, I'm just an alarmist acting like the fabled Henny Penny, because the sky of Christian,  religious freedom  is falling. President Obama, said, not too long ago, that America, really wasn't a Christian,  nation anymore. I do know one thing if the liberals have their way America, won't be! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Politicians Promises, Do They Mean Anything?

  Sometimes,  it's really hard to know who to listen to these days. President Obama's promises of hope and change have left this many in this country in a hopeless economic situation and the only real change for many is a financial situation that has gone from bad to worse!I listen to the promises each of the GOP presidential nominees make and I wonder if their promises are just words that may sound wonderful but in reality,  may  mean nothing.
  Governor Romney,  promises,  to revive  the nations weakened economy and show everybody how to get rich quick. Why is it  though,  that I have my doubts that he can really do that? Speaker Gingrich, promises big ideas like two dollar and fifty cents for a gallon of gas, the only problem it seems is that his campaign is about to run out of gas! Senator Santorum,  promises,  conservative values and yet,  he has a history of voting for expensive government ear marks and expensive government programs like No Child Left Behind? I think if he is not real careful his campaign may just  get  left behind! Congressman Paul, promises that if he is elected President,  he will see to it that America, will get out of everywhere and just mind America's own business. Some how I think he's just giving me the business!I think it would be very hard to get a lot of America's business done with out some major help from some other key countries after all, America, is part of a global economy.
  I don't know if any politician's promises can every really be believed. When comes to politics and the promises made by politicians I often remember these lines from Shakespeare's Macbeth "It is often a tale told by an idiot full of sound fury signifying nothing!" as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Can Romney, Make All Americans, Rich?

  Sometimes, I just don't understand Mitt Romney, I realize it's not a sin to be rich politically speaking however,  it may be a sin if you promise voters you will make  make them successful like you are. While I have no doubt the Governor,  means no harm. He seems to be suggesting,  if he gets elected,  everyone will get rich like he is. I guess,  if the Governor,  manages to get elected in about six months if every body's not getting rich and there  are still those in America, who are below the poverty line, what will that mean?
  The truth is Romney,  may have a great deal of success when it comes to making money. There is no doubt in my mind he will have a  positive affect an the nations sluggish economy. Actually,  as bad as the economy has been over the last three years almost anything would be an improvement. My fear for Governor Romney,  is this he often seems to suggest that people are poor because they are either too lazy or to dumb to learn how to get rich. He may not mean to imply this however, in politics, perception be comes the truth. I hope Governor Romney, can remember it's one thing to say you will try to stimulate the economy and help as many Americans, as you can to become  successful. Governor Romney, though,  needs to remember that he can not guarantee his election as President,  will not necessarily, make any one rich. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

  I heard in the news recently all about this new show or at least a pilot coming out on ABC. The title of the show is called Good Christian and the third  word rhymes with witches and starts with a B. As an American, and yes, as a Christian, I confess,  I am highly offended! The shows title alone,  is morally degrading to Christianity. I find the shows title degrading,  to women as well. I think the moment this show hits the airwaves  on ABC  I hope Christians,  everywhere will contact the sponsors of this show and make it very clear that their products will not be bought. ABC may have no moral standards but they certainly understand money and ratings.
  I wonder why ABC doesn't do a show about those who are of the Muslim faith? Oh Yeah I can see the title right now Good Muslim B you can fill in the blank. I guess people might think ABC has really lost their head. One things for sure if ABC ever did a show with a title that degraded those who are of the Muslim faith I think there would be a good chance some one at ABC really would  lose their head! as always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just How Equal Do Men And Women Really Want To Be?

  I heard on the news this morning that in another ten years,women more specifically,  mothers will be the primary bread winners. According to the Shriver  Report right now four out of ten mothers are the primary bread winners. I don't suppose there is anything  necessarily wrong with that and I have no real problem with that. There is no doubt that beginning in the days of World War II  women began  to work out side of the home and I imagine they enjoyed working and having their own money. I think the Women's Liberation movement of the late sixties and all through the seventies did establish that if a woman can do a job as well as a man then there indeed should be a policy of equal pay for equal work. I am also very willing to admit that my wife is more creative than I am. She is certainly a better organizer than I am not to mention a much better cook! She looks just lovely in almost any type of out fit she decides to wear and I promise you she will always wear a dress better than I ever could or would ever want to! Seriously though, I don't mind that my wife makes more money than I do. I don't measure my self worth by how much money I make. I believe both men and women both have  equal worth and should both be equally respected. I have to admit  however,  that in today's society, this is all to often not the case. Have you seen any recent sitcoms lately? The father is made out to be quite useless and often quite stupid! The mom runs the family not because she has to or was even asked to but because the Dad is  to stupid to even try to do anything! Do you think I am wrong? Go back and watch  the Roseanne,  show that was popular in the nineties I saw a show recently on the Disney channel called,  Good Luck Charlie, and while I am sure the show means no real harm it is amazing how silly the men are made out to be. I have to say,  I am not surprised,  when I see men who act like something less than men but it is often not their fault I mean really,  where are the men role models for boys to learn from?
 I know and understand in today's busy society,  mom and dad both have to work to make ends meet. I have no problem doing dishes or even the laundry. I think any good husband, should want to help his wife out around the house especially if she has to work out side the home just like a husband does.
 I   think a woman,  should be able to work in any field or choose any job that a man may have . I would point out however,  their may be natural consequences to any career choice a woman may make. I know we have women in our military, and they want to fight on the front lines and they should be able to if they  choose to and want to I'm just not sure,  it's always fair to require them to.
  Let's face it men and women should be treated equally when possible and they always should be respected equally, but their some very real differences between men and women. A woman, who wants to be a fireman or a fire person as the case may be, if she weighs 120 pounds and is five foot three she is is going to have a real hard time carrying an unconscious 200 pound man over her shoulder, down a fire escape.  There may be one or two 120 pound women who could do this but I bet their aren't many,  if there are women who  can do this I think that's great. Why is there such a push in our society for the sexes to some what unisex in nature? Personally,  I think that just because men and women have some obvious differences, I think both men and women have and should be treated with equal worth. I have to tell you though, their are  some differences in men and women that I am very thankful for. I have no desire to experience child birth that is an experience I will will gladly leave that to the women for they have been doing a fine job with that up to now and I have to desire to even try to equal with them in that area!  I would ask women,  who enjoy various aspects of dating, do they really want to date some one who just treats them like one of the guys? I think a woman,  should be able to do any thing she wants to  and if she is qualified and can do a job as well as any man more power to her! Being  equal is okay in many circumstances. I am confident, that our nation will one day  indeed,  have a woman as President. I have to say however,  their are some definite times in my life when I am very glad that  men and women are very different and I thank God for those differences  I have to be honest,  I didn't marry my wife because,  she looked or reminded me of one of the guys! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words to think on.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Four More Years Of Obama? Oh Brother!

  Well it's official now,  President Obama,  is in full campaign mode funny, I can't remember when he wasn't in campaign mode. The President, has a great campaign spokesmen. Yes indeed, Vice President,  Joe Biden, is right out front touting the Presidents,  accomplishments over his first term that won't take too long! I can't wait to hear the laughs at the gaffes that will surly come from Vice President Joe Biden's over active mouth!
  Here is what Americans,  have to look forward to should President Obama, achieve reelection. First, how about a twenty trillion dollar national debt?  The President,  has already added five trillion to the nations debt since taking office in 2009. I have every confidence in his  outstanding ability to spend government money. The President,  added five trillion to our nations debt in his first four years. He will have no trouble at all adding at least,  four trillion more in another four years. Secondly, all businesses, can look forward to even more government regulation and that equals economic strangulation. Third, Americans,  can look forward to less than stellar employment opportunities. Yes, unemployment at least the White House's  acknowledged figure stands at eight point three percent  most Americans,  however, know that the real number of unemployed Americans,  is much higher. The  President, has taken his entire first term just to get unemployment where it is now. Perhaps in another four years unemployment,  may be down to eight percent the way the President,  deals with it but I think most Americans,  want unemployment to go down a whole lot more than that!
  The President's heath care law,  will cost a trillion dollars more over the next ten years than was first projected when the law was first purposed and passed. What a surprise, a government program actually costing American taxpayer's more money than they were first  told it would. Americans,  can only hope that the President's so called crowning presidential achievement is ruled unconstitutional. I know it's certainly been a royal pain to anyone trying to run a small business. What about America's respect or position in the world? Well,  North Korea, just announced the are going to continue with their missile launching program even after they  promised  the US,  that they would end that program. Wow!  President Obama, really knows how to lay the law down! Iran,  is continuing in their attempt to acquire nuclear weapons despite the meaningless sanctions that are constantly placed on the government in Iran. Yes sir,  President Obama, certainly has Iran,  shaking in their boots! America, definitely needs four more years of this kind of daring and bold leadership, four more years of Obama? Oh brother! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together.

  As the drum beat of political pressure grows louder for Attorney General,  Eric Holder,  to resign. You can bet the odds are,  it won't happen. President Obama,  doesn't need a political embarrassment right now. Unless the American,  people,  begin to  totally  demand it in the political polls regardless,  of what the House or Senate Republicans may want the odds,  are still pretty good for the Attorney General.
  Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wassermann Schultz,  and Senate majority Leader, Harry Reid,  have circled the wagons and have already pledged their support for Attorney General,  Eric Holder. My mother always says," Birds of a feather Flock together.' When you consider these particular birds Eric Holder, Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Harry Reid, and of course  President Obama, that's what I call a real fowl expression! There is no right or wrong in Washington today. Sometimes,  I think anyone can get away with anything if you happen to be in the political party who happens to be in power at the moment.Speaking just for myself, I don't think any of the liberal Democrats especially, President Obama, have any concept of right our wrong and President Obama,  seems to run the government the same way. I guess that's what the American,  people get when the elect a President,  who likes to fly by the seat of his pants and when it comes to running the government I guess you could say, the President likes to wing it! As always my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So Romney Can't Win It, That's Why Newt's Staying In It.

  Any conservatives in the Republican party who thought  that the race for the Republican presidential nomination was going to end any time soon had better think again! Governor Romney's,  loss in both the Alabama and Mississippi state primaries did nothing but guarantee that the GOP presidential nomination process will continue in fact, it looks as though there  may not be a republican nominee until the end of August at the end of the Republican national  convention in Tampa. Senator Rick Santorum, won both the Alabama and Mississippi primary respectively. Speaker Newt Gingrich,  finished second in both primaries. Some are asking Speaker Newt Gingrich,  to get out of the race.Senator Santorum, has certainly been hinting that Speaker Gingrich,  should get out of the race. A two man race would no doubt be better for both Governor  Romney, and Senator Santorum. Speaker Gingrich, however, has made it very clear that he intends to stay in the race to deny Governor Romney,  the 1144 delegates he needs to achieve the Republican nomination.
  I realize to many Newt Gingrich,  now seems to be perceived as a bit of a cry baby. Many,  feel that Speaker Gingrich, has a personal vendetta against Governor Mitt Romney, because of the massive amount of money Governor Romney,  spent running negative campaign adds against Newt Gingrich, just before the Florida, primary. There are those,  of course  who fell that  Senator Santorum,deserves a chance to run head to head against Governor Romney,  after all, Senator Santorum,  has more delegates than Speaker Gingrich.
 Speaking just for myself, I think it is true that Senator Santorum, will have a better chance to win if the GOP nominating process goes all the way to a brokered convention in Tampa. I also understand Speaker Gingrich's,  position he is 68 lets face it this is probably his last chance to run for president. Speaker Gingrich,  really believes he is the best choice to help solve America's many problems. Speaker Gingrich,  now realizes however, that a brokered convention is his only chance. Congressman Ron Paul, never really had a chance to win the GOP nomination. The only way Congressman Ron Paul,  becomes important now is if his few delegates would be enough to put one of the other three candidates over the top.
  Speaker Gingrich, has every right to stay in the race and so does Senator Santorum, many warn however,  that a nomination process that goes on until the end of August and isn't decided till all  the delegates are counted in Tampa will leave whoever the eventual Nominee is  so politically weakened that the then sixty days or so till the November election will not be enough time for the nominee to mount an effective campaign against President Obama.I would only hope the Republican Party,  doesn't spend so much time fighting the battle that is the primary season, that they lose the war that will be the November election against President Obama. I do not know how the GOP race will turn out but it appears,  at least for now that there is still a rough and long race ahead. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty!

  Today the GOP  presidential candidates venture into the deep south in search of delegates. The southern  states of Alabama, and Mississippi will vote in their respective primaries today. Governor Romney,  has nothing to lose he only hopes to add to his delegate lead. Congressman Ron Paul, is just staying in the race to please his supporters and continue carrying  out his own personal crusade for freedom from government tyranny and constitutional liberty for all Americans. Senator Rick Santorum,  hopes too pick up a substantial amount of delegates in order to prove he is the true conservative alternative to Governor Romney. I would have to say for Speaker Newt Gingrich, this is his last stand he must win at least one state and do pretty well in the other in order to make the case to his supporters that he still has a shot for the Republican Presidential nomination. Right now,  in both Mississippi and Alabama the polls say it's just too close to call.
  I don't know who the real winner will be today. I will say this, I wish Governor Romney,  would not call these southern primaries an away game. The Governor would do well to remember that he is now a way down south in Dixie  and to  many in the deep south Governor Romney, is still just a northern Yankee. The truth is, I don't care which one of these candidates has ate the most varieties of grits I will be happy if America ends up with a candidate that has real true grit. I hope one of the candidates will rise above the Grit and grime of politics and concentrate on the real substantive issues that are facing all Americans,  right now. Americas certainly have much to be concerned about everything from an uncertain economic future to national security concerns in the middle east that threaten the very existence of the world as we know it. Gas prices show no signs of coming down and in more than one American home that I know of often even if your lucky enough to have a job your take home pay won't take you home! Let's just say I think we need to get  down to the nitty gritty and worry about the things that are  vital for the economic social, spiritual and cultural survival of this nation.
  I don't know who will win in the southern primaries today. There seems to be a real possibility that the GOP presidential candidate race could go all the way to the convention in Tampa. There is one thing I am sure of however, any one  of the  Republican candidates would make a better president than President Obama, has been thus far. Goodness knows, I don't think anyone could do much worse therefore, even if my particular Republican presidential candidate does not receive the nomination for president I will grit my teeth and go ahead and vote for whoever does  because  any one  of these choices are far better than what Americans have now. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Needless Tragedy, A Painful Part Of War.

  I saw the news last night. What can I say I am so very sorry for the needless tragedy in Afghanistan. No reasonable person likes to see innocent people get hurt. The truth is though, sometimes, innocent people get hurt by accident but it's really hard to take when a tragedy happens and there is no rhyme or reason for it. I can't help thinking that the soldier who committed this tragic act had seen too much war and finally his mind just snapped. I suppose, that is something like post dramatic stress disorder.
 I suspect, there will be a huge out cry from many for the US to get out of Afghanistan. I can understand that feeling I guess but,  what I don't understand is this how many times has the United States, tried to help free a county and how many countless lives of Americans have been lost and not one time that I can recall any county even bothering to say thanks. The United States has the best Military in the World and ninety nine percent of the time they do their job flawlessly yet, one tragedy, like this one in Afghanistan and for many, that is all they will remember. Many will now forget the schools, hospitals food medicine and all kinds of aid the US provides to the countries we try to protect.
  I will confess to you there are times when I wonder if it is all worth it. As an American though,  I realize America,  has vital military interest which must be protected for the sake of national Security.When America decides not to protect countries that need protection what other country do you suppose will step up and do  it? I don't know if the US will move up the time table for an exit out of Afghanistan. I do know any hope Afghanistan,  had to be a free an independent country will be gone when the US leaves. You know just once, I wish just one country could say thank you to America for all the good we have done around the world. Sometimes,  I wonder what the world would have been like if there had never been an America? I may often ask myself that question, I pray however I never have to find out. President John F Kennedy, once said,"Success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan." I'm sure many in our military at this moment fell like an orphan.Speaking just for myself, I respect our military and I will always keep them in my thoughts and prayers. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sometimes, Inorance Really Is Bliss

  I found my self just trying to back up some files today on my computer and you would have thought it was rocket science or something. I tried and tried but I just couldn't do it. I finally called my best friend and he talked me through it. I will confess to you,  there is still much about computers in general that I am just ignorant about and sometimes my little girl seems to know more than I do!
  Computers,  are great when they work. There is just a ton of information you can find out all at your finger tips however,  therer  is some information I don't want my daughter to know at least, not just yet. I heard on the news this week that some children were curious about where babies come from. Instead of bothering to ask their parents they simply Googled that question on their parents computer. I 'm sure they received a wealth of information complete with pictures!
  My daughter,  is nine and just a year ago she still believed in Santa Clause, I know children mature and ask questions at different ages. When my daughter,  begins to ask about the birds and the bees that is a conversation my wife and I will have with her. There is such a big hurry to grow children up these days and I'm not in that big of a hurry! I don't know about others but as for me I have made up my mind that no computer is going to do for me what I feel is a parent's job to do. We live in an age where society demands children grow up too fast I always stay very aware of  what ever my child is doing when she is on the computer. I don't let her go anywhere I don't want her to I want to hang on to her innocence as long as I can. I don't think that makes me a bad person or a bad parent. You know parents,  really are a childs' first teacher. That's a job I want to keep a bit longer. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Things Are Uncalled For.

  In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell,  invented the telephone. Over the years many improvements have been made on the telephone. We now have cell phones so small they can fit in almost any pocket and a call can be made from almost anywhere.Remember the old slogans for the phone company? Reach out and touch someone. Remember when you would hear the phone ring and then some one would say Avon calling! There is no doubt the telephone was a wonderful invention and a great help to people all over the world.
  President Obama, certainly knows how to use the telephone. I'm sure he has a hot line that can put him  in in touch with every world leader at a moments notice. I am told he called Kim Jong -Un and congratulated him when he became the new leader of North Korea. The President, recently called Vladimir Putin, and congratulated him for winning the election to become Russia's President again. I am even told President Obama,  recently took time out of his busy day to call Sandra Fluke, To apologize For Rush Limbaugh's,  less than thoughtful remarks. I guess the President,  has the time to call just about anybody he wants to I an sure he called his buddy, Bill Maher,  to thank him for his Million dollar contribution to his reelection campaign. The President,  even called leading democrats in the Senate to ask them not to vote in favor of the Key stone pipeline. The President,  is very proficient when it comes to using the telephone. I guess he has time to call just about anyone except maybe Sarah Palin, to apologize for Bill Maher's totally,  uncalled for remarks.
  Remember in 2008 when then presidential candidate Hilary Clinton,  said she was qualified to take the three AM  phone call if the United States should ever come under attach? Well I heard in the news a while back that President Obama, sometimes gets tired of Israel's Prime Mister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him so much in fact he said he had to deal with him almost everyday. I was just wondering, what the President will do the day he receives his three AM. phone call from Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad informing him that they have just launched a nuclear weapon aimed at Israel? This is one call I hope our President never has to take. I think the President,  needs to do whatever it takes to make sure that Iran never becomes a nuclear threat. This is a decision and a call only the President,  can make personally, I think letting Iran develop nuclear weapons is totally, uncalled for! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Put Your Dirty Money Where Your Dirty Mouth Is.

  I don't know about you but when I was growing up if I ever would have used some of the degrading filthy and vile language that is often used today  when some so called men refer to women my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap and my father would have knocked me into next week!
  I am a Christian,  first and a conservative second. I will confess to you some times I can lose my temper and say something I shouldn't but I'm never proud of myself when I let that happen. I will tell you, I was some what disappointed in Rush Limbaugh, when he used a terrible term referring to Ms. Fluke.I don't agree with Ms. Fluke's position on having the government have the Catholic owned Georgetown  law school pay for her birth control but no woman should be referred to in degrading terms. President Obama called Ms. Fluke to apologize for Rush Limbaugh's remakes. Rush is human, and he made a mistake, but at least he apologized for it.
  Now, how is it that the so called comedian Bill Maher, whose mere existence has been nothing but a joke and not a very funny one at that, can call Sarah Palin, such vile names I can't even bring myself to put them in print but he receives a pass on this disgusting speech because he is a so called comedian?Where was her phone call from President Obama, for Bill Maher's gutter remarks? Where was Bill Maher's apology to Sarah Palin? Where was President Obama's call to Bill Maher,  demanding that he apologize to Sarah Palin? I can think of at least a million reasons why President Obama, didn't demand that Bill Maher apologize to Sarah Palin. Apparently,  President Obama's moral standards can be set aside if the price is right!
  Bill Burton,  said in a recent interview, that Bill Maher, is a comedian, and should not be held to the same standard as Rush Limbaugh. I agree Rush had enough moral standards to admit he made a terrible mistake and he had the decency to apologize to Sandra Fluke. Bill Maher,  doesn't even know what a moral standard is much less have any! Having a filthy mouth is not liberal or conservative,  it's not left or right, it's not republican or democrat it's just sad repulsive, and wrong. I think if President Obama,has any real moral decency he would have his super pack return the million dollar campaign contribution,  to his potty mouthed friend Bill Maher, but since that would be the honorable thing to do, I won't hold my breath waiting for the President to do that.All women,  deserve respect  and  treating them with anything less is anything but funny! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Brother Government Will Be Watching You.

  The constitution guarantees  every American certain personal freedoms their are rules a bout illegal search and seizure.There is however a constant battle between personal liberty and over all security for the public at large. I think sometimes,  trying to maintain the delicate balance between personal freedom and a general expectation of privacy is so strenuous, that the very fabric of  our constitution is stretched to the breaking point.
  Congressman,  Ron Paul,  is a Libertarian,  and he believes in a strict interpretation of our constitution and although I have some real problems with some of his views on American foreign policy, I do think Americans must always guard against too much government intrusion. There is a law being considered by some coaches and other employers to require potential employees to give their Face book password to an employers so their on line activities can be checked before potential employees would be hired. As you might expect the ACLU and many Libertarians, and other advocates for basic privacy are really up in arms over this latest proposed law. I will admit to you sometimes where the government is concerned I often feel just like that song by Sting in the group called the Police. The song is called I'll Be Watching You. Many will remember these words from that song,every move you make every breathe you take I'll be watching you.  At the same time I realize employers must be allowed to do basic back ground checks depending on what kind of job one may be applying for. A bank manager, would not want to hire some one who had a criminal history of robbing banks. A store manager at a pharmacy, would not want to hire some one who had been in trouble with the law stemming from repeated substance abuse problems.At the same time I don't think that the government should have to know the complete details of everything you have ever done since the first time you drew your first breath!
  Today,  the House, passed a bill that says random drug test can be asked for before a person can receive unemployment benefits. While I understand as an American, I don't want unemployment benefits to be used to boaster further substance abuse I still have to ask my self where will it end? or what are the future implications will this law open the door to? Will some be drug tested be fore obtaining a bank loan? Could a person be tested for drugs before obtaining a drivers license? I will admit it is quite amazing how easily certain information can be obtained. Recently I Googled a friends name just to see if I could find his phone number, not only did I find his phone number but I was also told if I was willing to use a credit card for a certain fee a file could be accessed that would tell me just about anything about my friend that I could ever want to know and my friend would never have any knowledge of this. Well, I did not not attempt to gain any addition information besides his phone number but I will admit I was surprise how easily certain information on the inner net can be accessed if one is willing to pay for it. While I realize a certain about of general security will always be necessary, at the same time I now realize even in America, we may have a great deal less privacy, and a great deal less personal freedom then we as Americans,may think we do. as always,my friend, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Six Out Of Ten Mighty Mitt's Money Wins Again!

  Well, what can I say? Governor Mitt Romney, took six out of the six state GOP primaries or caucuses  last night.While I realize the voters in the primaries or caucuses cast their own votes and made their own choices I still come a way with a feeling that Governor Romney,  at least in a sense bought his votes more than he necessarily earned them. I'm not really suggesting the Governor Romney,  actually bought any votes but let's be honest when as a candidate you have the financial ability to out spend an opponent in some cases as much as six to one you have to say that all but guarantees Governor Romney,  an obvious advantage.
  Advantage or not however, Governor Romney,  had a great night, I just can't help but wonder what would have happened if each candidate could have had the ability to spend the same amount of money in the campaign. That is a question one will never know the answer to. Senator Rick Santorum, did almost as well as Governor Romney, and he didn't spend nearly  half as much money as Governor Romney,  did. Speaker Newt Gingrich, won his home state of Georgia, but many are beginning to suggest that he should withdraw from the race. Under other circumstances he might have  but I think he wants to see if he can win enough delegates in  future states and perhaps make a last ditch effort at the Republican convention at Tampa in August. I will admit, that is an incredible long shot but if any one could do it perhaps Speaker Gingrich,  could. The bad blood between Speaker Gingrich, and Governor Romney, has been boiling for sometime now. Senator Santorum, has  made it quite clear he is no fan of Governor Romney. Why Congressman Ron Paul chooses to say in the race is a question that only he and God know the answer to. Thus far, God doesn't seem to want to grant Congressman Paul, any miracles but it would take a miracle for Congressman Paul to win now.
  So, where do we go from here?  I don't know. The Republican establishment, has  all but given the nomination to Governor Romney, and I must admit he has all the advantages. The nations economy seems to be what matters most to many of the American people and I guess,  they seem to think a wealthy man who has great skill in running corporations and making money will know how to revive America's struggling economy. However,  Mighty Mitt,  going to have a great deal to fix in addition to the nations economy. Governor Romney,  must balance the nations budget, ease European fears of a global economic collapse, Strengthen the nations weaken military defences, deal with the nuclear threat in Iran and at the same time convince Israel to wait a bit longer, he will have to try to  repeal Obama care if the Supreme Court,  doesn't declare it unconstitutional when they hear the case in May or June, and in his spare time he will have to bring down soaring gas prices and keep a lid on inflation. Should Governor Romney,  become our President he will have his hands full and after four years of President Obama's failed government policies, I don't think most Americans,  will be in the mood to be patient for too long. Americans, will more than likely, expect results within six months after Mitt Romney takes office.
  Before all of this however, Governor Romney,  has to beat President Obama, a task which will be anything but easy. President Obama,  has the power of the media, and a limitless supply of money, and an army of committed liberals who would almost die for him just to get him reelected. I wonder sometimes though, is financial  prosperity all that most Americans really care about? I hope not. There is nothing wrong with wanting America,  to be prosperous but Americans,  might want to seek the wisdom and blessing of God,  first, since God,  has always been the true source of America's blessings up to now. Should Americans decide they no longer need to do this, then I must tell you there is a thought that feels my soul with terror, what if God,  should decide he is finished with America? Many in America particularly  in the  areas of America's  culture and government,  have been finished with God,  for a long time now. What if God,  should decide that America, as a nation deserves, another four years of  President Obama? I must confess to you that thought, has often led to many sleepless nights. as always my friends,these thoughts remain, just , some words to think on.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Truth Is Not Found In Words, Truth Is Found In Deeds.

  I watched the news last night and I must tell you, I was on the edge of my seat and my eyes were fixed as I listened to Benjamin Netanyahu speak. I was so impressed with his frank discussion on what he thought his top priority was as the Prime Minster of Israel. He made it very clear to me,  that his first responsibility and indeed, his  top priority was the protection and preservation of the nation of Israel. I got the feeling he would do what ever he thought was necessary to insure Israel's survival should Iran's efforts to develop nuclear weapons prove to be successful. I didn't get the impression he was asking the United States permission before he would take any action to protect Israel. I was left with the impression he was merely informing this nation that he would protect Israel with or without any help from the United States.He reminded my of John Wayne for he appeared to me to be a man with true grit.
  The Prime Minister,  acknowledged  his appreciation for President Obama's pledge of support of the nation of Israel. I too have heard the President in recent days say that all options dealing with Iran remain on the table.The President, stated in so many words that he was not bluffing when he said he would take whatever steps were necessary to insure that Iran would not succeed in their effort to develop nuclear weapons. Yes, I heard the Presidents words, words however are only words unless they are followed by deeds which give them solid validity. Show me a man who talks tough, and I'll tell you what kind of man he appears to be. Let me see what a man does after he has spoken, and I'll tell not only what kind of man he is but, who he really is. I guess for now, I along with the rest of the nation will wait to see how Iran responds I have heard they now wish to resume talks with the United States, but why do I get the feeling that this new desire on Iran's part to start talking is based not so much on President Obama's words but rather Prime Minister Netanyahu's stern resolve to protect the nation of Israel no matter what. I just have the impression, that Iran knows that Prime Minister Netanyahu, says exactly what he means, and means exactly what he says and Iran seems to know what kind of man Prime Minister Netanyahu really is. As for President Obama, I have heard his words but, I will wait to see what he does for what he does regarding Iran and Israel, will tell me more than his words ever could. as always my friends these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mind Over Matter

  There is a prevailing wisdom concerning the 2012 presidential election that is really starting to annoy me. I'm really getting tired of the media or various political pundits trying to do my thinking for me when it comes to who I should vote for for the Republican nomination for president here is what I mean. I think sometimes in this country Americans,  are losing the ability to think for themselves and make up there own mind. Sometimes,  I think we as  Americans, just turn off  our  ability to think and we have a tendency to  just accept what the media tells us to think.Right now,  much of the media has all but given the Republican nomination for president to Governor Mitt Romney,  and the votes for super Tuesday have not even been cast yet. My point,  is simply  this American voter,  if you truly feel that Governor Mitt Romney,  is your best choice for the Republican nomination then vote for him. As an American voter,  if you think Newt Gingrich,  represents your values, then vote for him.As a voter,  if you find Senator Rick Santorum, is more in line with what you believe then by all means vote for him. There are those,  who value personal liberty and if that is what matters to you as a voter,  then vote for Ron Paul.
  Speaking just for my self,  I refuse to vote for any one just because the media tells me to. I refuse to vote for some one just because, they are wealthy, or they have men of wealth and influence endorsing them. I would really like to know something , since when did the American people relinquish their right to think and make Donald Trump God? Look, I'm not knocking personal success, and I know  America's economy needs help but sometime I think it really doesn't matter what any candidate may believe if they have enough money, and all the right political connections, and the political backing of the Republican establishment their election is all but automatic.I simply feel,  that this should not be the case. Look, if all you need is money to run for president then what the American people are saying is it's okay to buy my vote as long as you promise me your money will give me everything I as a voter want. I would ask my fellow Americans, can your vote be bought so easily?
  Remember Abraham Lincoln? He was a lot of things but rich wasn't one of them. He was called honest Abe. Let me ask you, when was the last time in recent history that you heard of  any politician referred to as honest? Look all I am saying is this I would hope America's Republican nominees for president are chosen by the American people because they are men of personal integrity and moral decency. I hope I as an American voter,  don't find my self voting for Governor Romney,  just because that is the only choice I as a voter am left with and I am forced to conclude that I must vote for him if only because he can't do any worse than President Obama. I hope my conscience will permit me to vote for the next Republican nominee because they they are  good men of moral principal and not just because They were   the richest and I was left vote for some one not necessarily because I liked everything about them but, because I disliked President Obama more. There is one thing I do know,  I will never vote for any one just because the media or the rich and powerful tell me I have to because there is no other choice. When the day comes, that I as an American voter begin to feel that way, that may be the time I stay home and refuse to vote because I value the right to think for my self and I think most Americans do too. As Americans,  we should never give up our right to think and make our own choices to any one. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are You Thankful Enough For America To Give Something Back?

  Not long ago I over heard two ladies talking in a grocery store parking lot. One lady asked the other who she planned on voting for in the 2012 presidential election her response left me quite stunned she said these words, " I don't care who gets in just as long as I get my food stamps and unemployment check, I vote for the person who is going to give me the most after all times are hard." Yes Times are hard but I'm afraid that ladies attitude is a huge part of what is wrong in this country today. People seem to love America,  as long as they can get something from the government but I'm afraid there  may not be many who would be willing to make a personal sacrifice in order give something back to America. I even find this give me attitude among those who call themselves Christians. I would submit  to you this ought not to be.
  There is a story in II Samuel 23:16 that seems to say much about  the ability to make a personal sacrifice especially when a person or a nation seeks God's blessing. In this passage we hear David,  ask with deep longing for a refreshing drink from the well at Bethlehem. David,  was thirsty yes,  the battle with the Philistines,  had been long and no doubt very hot but David,  was also homesick and the fresh water from the well at Bethlehem was his way of expressing how much he missed his home land. When David's men heard David,  make a request for a drink of water from the well at Bethlehem three of his mightiest men broke through the Philistine enemy lines and  brought David fresh water from the well at Bethlehem. David's response,  says a great deal about the kind of man he was and the kind of king he would one day be. David's thanked his brave men for this daring act of sacrifice but he pored the water out as a sacrifice to God because as thirsty as he may have been he thirsted even more for God's blessing in his battle with the Philistines and the deliverance of the nation of Israel.
  I wonder what sacrifice the American people  would be willing to make both for the good of the country and to secure God's blessing on this nation? President Obama, talks a great deal about people paying their fair share he is of course referring to the very wealthy in this country. I would suggest to you maybe the forty nine percent  of Americans who live in this great country and enjoy the blessings and benefits of living in this country yet, pay  no taxes at all should perhaps be willing to pay something even if it is only one percent. of a persons income. Maybe a flat tax would be a better way for all Americans to give something back to this great country As David said in II Samuel 24 : 24 " I will not sacrifice to the Lord my God, burnt offerings that cost me nothing." The time may soon come in America,  when all Americans,  may have to make some kind of sacrifice to secure God's blessing and assure America's survival as a nation. When that time comes , what will each of us be willing to sacrifice? as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wasteful Government Spending Abounds.

  Just when you thought our government was done wasting the hard working American people's tax payer money the government is at it again.. This time the government guaranteed a 400 billion dollar loan to the Abound solar company.This makes the third or fourth such loan the government has made in the interest in investing in green energy to tell you the truth,  I have lost count but I think this is the fourth solar company to receive a  government guaranteed loan.This same company just announced that they would be laying off 181 of their workers because things aren't  going so well. I think it is only a matter of time before the Abound Solar company joins Solyndra in declaring bankruptcy.
  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,  are also in trouble again and they are asking the American tax payer to fork over another 600 billion dollars so that they can stay in operation. The government has now given the troubled mortgage company nearly 100 billion dollars in the last eighteen months and it seems that wasteful government spending is never ending. I just heard on the news that by the middle of April gas will be 4.25 a gallon at least where I live. Gas may also go up because of the great damage that has been done because of the many tornadoes that have pounded states  like Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia, and Tennessee. You know it will cost these states millions of tax payer dollars to  clean up all of the massive property damages left from these storms and to  make matters worse now gas prices will go up even more.
  Americans,  better wake up there  is a severe economic tornado in the form of our nation"s   now 16 trillion dollar national debt and if our nation"s  debt remains out of control with now end to wasteful government spending in sight when this economic cloud finally touches down our nation may be totally wiped out! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Experience Reouired

  Let me ask you something if your family doctor told you you had cancer and only had a short time to live unless you got treated  right away would you just go to the first doctor you found in the phone book or better yet would you settle for the opinion of a doctor just out of medical school? You know some how, I don't think you would. I bet,  you would first get a second opinion  and then depending on what you found out I bet you would try to find a doctor who specialized in your particular type of cancer and you would strive to obtain the best treatment you could find. How do I know that what you would do? I know because that's what I would do in fact, that's what any one would do because that's what makes good sense!
  How is it then that in 2009 the American people elected President Barack Obama, a man who had only been a senator from Illinois a short time and before that had only been a community organizer. He was highly educated both at Columbia University  and Harvard Law School but, he had no real experience running anything! Well,  the American people did elect President Obama, I guess they thought he could learn to be President,  through on the job training. Let's see how the President, has done so far .Thus far President Obama has added nearly five trillion dollars to the nations national debt. His 887 billion dollar stimulus package was supposed to keep the nation's unemployment rate at eight percent and this was three and a half years ago and the unemployment rate is still eight point three percent.The president has spent billions of tax payer dollars on no less than five solar companies that have all gone bankrupt.. The global economy has been on the verge of total collapse on at least two separate occasions and both Iran and Israel are just about to have a war because Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons.The economy is facing another slow down be cause of soaring gas prices and to top it all off my take home pay won't take me home! Oh yeah, I can definitely see why the American people will want to give President Obama another four years I mean face it he's done such a wonderful job with his first four years! I can hardly wait to see how much more he can do for  this country in his next four years!
  I might be able to over look the American people for the President's first term after all,  he was something new and he was so full of hope and change and now because the president refuses to learn anything he will not change and if he manages to get reelected America will remain in a hopeless economic  mess with a future that is uncertain and promises to be anything but bright. I think the American people,  need to run an ad and it should read like this, wanted an excellent president to rebuild America references need from the American people experience required! as always,  my friends these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.