Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long May It Wave

  I will tell right now, that I am a very patriotic American, and I love and respect the  American flag. When I heard on the news that certain occupy protesters in Oakland California,  were destroying public property and attaching policeman, and burning the American flag, well, let's just say, this situation made my patriotic blood boil.Many of our brave men and women though out  our American history have fought and died for the very American flag some occupy idiot is now free to burn in Oakland California. I realize burning the American flag, is legal and is viewed as an expression of free speech which is protected under the first amendment of the constitution, I will confess to you however, I think that is taking personal  liberty,  much further the the founding fathers intended. There was a time in this country especially during World War II a person could be put in jail, for burning the American flag . I must confess, sometimes, I wish that was still the case! As far as I am concerned, when you burn the American flag,  you in essence, spit on the graves of all of our brave men and women who have ever fought in any war defending the American flag and the principals and freedoms our American flag represents. I feel as an American who loves this country, if you care so little for this country, and as a result,  have no problem burning the American flag. I think such an act should be considered an act of treason, and your citizenship should then be permanently revoked and you should be forced to leave the country.
  Look we already have someone purposing a fine be imposed if some one sings The Star Spangled Banner in a disrespectful way. I don't know if this proposed legislation, will ever pass in congress but I like the idea. Look, if these occupy protesters hate American enough to burn our flag, they need to be expelled from our country after all,  no one ever said you had to live in America. Like that old country song by Merle Haggard, says, when your running down my country your walking on the fighting side of me. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Search For Truth.

  You know, I have to tell you, there are certain aspects of  politics that I find very frustrating. Sometimes, I find my self searching for truth.This search usually ends up as a choice between which politician is the most truthful or which politician does the least amount of  lying.  Here is what I mean, on one hand conservatives say, we  need to have a person of  high standards with good morals and family values.This all sounds wonderful then the campaigning begins and these very same conservatives who are supposedly great men of personal faith honesty and virtue all take turns distorting other candidates records and in many cases what they say about other candidates they may be running against are out and out lies.
  As I see it, how can conservatives like Speaker Gingrich,  talk about running a honest and positive campaign, while at the same time run negative political adds that seem to imply that Governor Romney, acquired his wealth by questionable means? Speaker Gingrich, has converted to Catholicism, and I am glad he has found a personal faith he can believe in but I am sure the Catholic Church,  would frown on lying about another Candidates political record. Governor Romney,  I'm sure takes his Mormon faith very seriously, yet,  he can knowing mislead votes concerning Speaker Gingrich's record. I have to tell you I think Senator Santorum, has a point when he says a person's character can give you some idea what kind of president they will be. All I know for sure is, if  a politician  will lie to win a political primary race then they will most likely lie to the American people.
  Don't get me wrong I realize conservatives must defeat President Obama, on election day to save this country from economic madness but if the conservative candidates have to lie or distort another candidates record in order to win the republican presidential nomination,  I have to wonder sometimes are they that much different from the democrats or President Obama. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Is True Freedom?

  Well it's just about that time again. What time is is that? Why tax time of course, for some Americans,  that is a great time of  year because they can look forward to a long a waited tax refund. There are many Americans however, for which  tax time just means paying the government the money, the government says it is entitled to. Don't get me wrong, every American should pay their taxes, even the Bible in Mark chapter 12 verse 17 says, to render unto Caesar, the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's. Romans chapter 13 verse 8 says, to owe no man, anything.
  There is another old adage from Shakespeare's Hamlet,  written in 1602 that says, "Neither a borrower nor lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend. And borrowing dulls the edge of  husbandry." Shakespeare's meaning is clear, if  you borrow money or anything of  value from a friend and then don't return the borrowed item, or pay borrowed money back you run the risk of  losing a friendship, and in one sense, you lose the freedom to manage your own  financial affairs. This is true in families as well. Many family  relationships have been strained, or in some cases completely broken up because,  one member of  a family,  borrows money from another member of  the same family,  and doesn't pay the money back. A family can also come under a great deal of  personal strain if  they rely too much on credit cards.  This  financial strategy, often leads to personal bankruptcy. There are some debts, that are acceptable, I know very few people who could afford to buy a house out right however, you can save for a sizable down payment and the same, could be said, for a car. Face it,  when a person finds themselves over whelmed by personal debt, their personal freedom is gone. They then become enslaved, by their own financial plight. Let me also hasten to say, never co sign a loan for anyone if  you can't afford to be stuck paying the money back because the person you co signed the loan for defaults,  on the loan.
  I wish our government would realize the wisdom in all of this advice on finances.  Just, moments ago,  I looked on  the Internet at that moment,  our nations,  nation debt was 15,247,794,326,720.60.  President Obama,  is responsible for five trillion dollars of our nations present debt and has added this amount to our present debt in only the past three years. Right now the estimated population of  the United States, is 312,128,937 this means each citizen in the United States,  owes 48,850.95 to pay off  our nation's present national debt. Just imagine, what the national debt might be if  President Obama,  is reelected for another four years. Ouch!  As long as America is this deep in debt, in a real since we are not truly free  because, we are more less enslaved by countries like China and Japan, in a very real sense until our nation  begins  to make some real  progress and begins  paying this debt back, the countries of  China and Japan, own America. I pray our nation will begin to do  what is necessary, to be  financially responsible, and soon. One thing our government is surely taxing is the patience, of  most  of  the  American people. I  hope the American people, will remember,  America's debt crisis, and vote President Obama,  out of  office on election day in November of  2012. Remember, until America's government deals with our nations national debt, America, as a free nation, is living on borrowed time. as always, my friends, these thoughts, remain just some words, to think on.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sticks And Stones

  No doubt you remember back when you were in elementary school. Remember the bully on the play ground that always called you names you didn't like? I remember saying this familiar rhyme, sticks and stones  may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Well, we all know,  that isn't always true. Words often said carelessly,  without thought,  can indeed hurt and try as we might  words said in anger,  really can't be taken back.The key then,  is to be able to discern if some one's words or opinions,   really matters.  As we mature hopefully,  we learn how to decide who to listen to and take seriously, and who to take with a grain of salt. Here is what I mean. I don't care who you are, if  you live long enough, sooner or later your going to meet some one who for what ever reason, will decide they do not like you for one reason or another.
  When I was growing up, I soon learned, that I was different then all of my fellow classmates. I had a handicap cerebral palsy, made my legs weak this made me walk much differently then others and yes there were always those who thought it was real funny. I remember one person ask me,  if  I was  mentally slow. When I asked him why he asked me that question he said."I guess I figured, if  you walk slow, you must be slow in the head." I basically, dismissed his statement because I figured he was empty in the head! I found it quite interesting however, in my senior year of  high school, I won some awards  for creative writing. Who do you think, was asked to help his fellow classmates with their research papers? That's right, me, the guy who walked funny,and a little slower than most, I guess my class mates soon figured out I wasn't slow in the head. As most of us do I eventually figured out whose opinion  mattered, and whose opinion  didn't
  This week I heard on the news, that President Obama, was very upset with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Apparently, in her new book Scorpions for Breakfast, Governor Brewer, said something negative about President Obama,  or perhaps she portrayed President Obama, in a way he did not like. I know she calls what he wants to do about illegal immigration, amnesty. President Obama,  calls what he wants to do about illegal immigration, comprehensive immigration reform. Governor Brewer's book may be called,  Scorpions for Breakfast, but when I saw the picture on the news where she went to meet President Obama, shortly after he arrived on Air Force One, the way she was pointing her finger, it seemed to me Governor Brewer, was having President Obama,  for breakfast literally!
  One would surely think,   that with our nation nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt, Iran on the verge of developing nuclear weapons, Europe,  on the verge of economic collapse, the president might have a few more things on his mind to worry about besides,  what Governor Brewer,  may, or may not, have said about him in her book! I mean,  think about it, as President of the United States,  our Commander and Chief, as the leader of the free world,  is his ego that fragile? Give me a break Mr. President! Sticks and stones may may break your bones, but mere words in Governor Brewer's book Scorpions for Breakfast should, never hurt you however,  this controversy, will help sell Governor Brewers book. Perhaps, Governor Brewer,  should thank President Obama,  for his negative reaction to her book because now Governor Brewer's book Scorpions for Breakfast,  has become an over night number one best seller, and Governor Brewer, is laughing, all the way to the bank! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Romney Came To Fight.

  Well, I watched the GOP presidential debate last night. What can I say Governor Mitt Romney,  had a good night. He took some good advice and hired a new debate coach. You could tell in the Governor's debate performance that his presentation was much improved. The conventional wisdom is,  that Governor Romney,  will probably win the Florida Primary. There is no doubt that Governor Romney, has an obvious political advantage because of  his great wealth. He has been campaigning now for at least four  years now and he has campaign  head quarters in every state. Governor Romney,  has been able to do this because he doesn't have to depend solely on campaign contributions. I would stop short of saying that Governor Romney,  can buy the GOP nomination because, Florida's voters,  will make the final decision  but, let's be honest, if  you have basically, unlimited wealth you can place more negative adds, you will have much more name recognition. No doubt,  you have better political connections then most of the other candidates, so it seems clear to me that Florida voters,  will more than likely, vote for  Governor  Romney.
  Some, will see this as somewhat unfair because all of the other candidates do not have Governor Romney's financial advantages. I must admit, I often wonder,  what a political primary campaign would be like if, every candidate had the same amount of financial backing, negative adds were not permitted to be used and each candidate,  was equally well known. I suppose then,  all that would matter are the issues and who could best deal with them. Perhaps,  then, a person's personal  character would truly,  matter
  Okay, now back to political reality, all political candidates will never be equal. You might as well wish for a perfect world right? I would offer those who wish to vote for Governor Romney, one word of caution. Governor Romney, had a good debate performance last night,  and he will most likely win the Florida Primary,  and perhaps even the GOP nomination considering,  the next four or five primaries will be in states that Governor Romney,  won in 2008. To put it bluntly, Governor Romney,  better have a great night every time he has a debate with President Obama, because, if  he doesn't, if  he he should stumble even once, President Obama,  will take full political advantage of  any verbal blunder Governor Romney, might make in a debate. President Obama , like Governor Romney, has access, to unlimited wealth,  and various political connections. Should Governor Romney,  become the GOP nominee,  and many say, that now,  seems likely, he better bring his A game when he has a debate with President Obama, because if  he doesn't,  that may just be,  all that President Obama,  needs to win his bid,  for another term as president,  and that, would be a disastrous! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Could We Please Just Grow Up!

  Politics is a dirty business. I have heard this comment made a number of times through out my life. I hate to admit it, but it's the truth.  Politics is a dirty business and it seems it always has been, and that's not going to change any time soon. I have to tell you however, sometimes,  politics is just plain stupid. These last few days on the news,  I heard,  for the second time, that former  House Speaker,  Nancy Pelosi, seem to infer, that she had secret private information on former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich. As my grandmother used to say, the proof is in the pudding, and the best proof is in the eating. Now, it seems,  that House Minority Leader Pelosi, is having to eat her words a bit, When she was questioned a bit more directly on this so called,  private information, the former Speaker says,  she was referring to information that is presently a matter of public record.
  For his Part, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich,  Says,  he doesn't  know what is going on in side Pelosi's head. I tend to believe the Speaker, because frankly, most of the time, I don't think she does either. I do wish former Speaker Nancy Pelosi,  would just grow up! Face it! Nancy Pelosi,  is still ticked off about losing her position as Speaker which was a direct result of the 2010 election. I'm glad,  Speaker Gingrich,  told her in essence, to  put up or shut up! Personally, I don;t care if  Nancy Pelosi,  puts up anything or not frankly,  I just wish she would SHUT UP! As  always, my friends, these words remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

America Is Back?

  I heard President Obama,  give the State of the Union,  address last night. I will confess, I didn't expect to hear anything new  from President Obama. I can report to you I expected nothing new and I heard nothing new. I guess,  President Obama, if  nothing else,  is at least,  consistent. Don't worry, if  you missed the speech,  you didn't miss much and  if  you heard  the speech,  you didn't learn much. Oh,  President Obama's delivery was masterful indeed, in  fact, if  there was a contest to see who could give the best speech I have no doubt, President Obama,  would win hands down after all,  no one loves to hear President Obama speak more than he does!
  President Obama,  says,  America,  is back in fact,  he says,  if  any one tells you anything different, they don't know what they're talking about. I have to wonder at this point, what he's talking about. Perhaps, the president,  thinks America,  is back from the economic dead. I don't think so. Last time I checked America, was nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt.and 5 trillion dollars of  that debt  can be credited to the Obama presidency, not that that's anything to be proud of. Perhaps,  the president,  thinks America,  has solved it's unemployment problem, no,  wait ... that can't be it  America's unemployment rate is still 8.6 percent and that's just the number they are reporting, there are thousands of  people who have left the work force all together and have given up on looking for work. This doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment to me. I know,  maybe,  the president, is happy to have our spending under control. No, wait a minute... that can't be it one third of the nations unemployed have been receiving unemployment benefits for two years or more. Social Security,  now sends out more money than it takes in and both Medicare and Social Security,  are on the brink of  total collapse. Perhaps,  the president, forgot to mention that last night. I know he certainly didn't lay out,  any plan to fix Medicare or Social Security. Oh wait.. that's right,  he is going to increase the tax rate on the rich, to at least thirty percent, Some how,  this doesn't seem fair to me considering 47 percent of the American people don't even pay takes, the top two percent pay 38 percent of  the nation's taxes, This means the other 51 percent of  the American people,  pay 62 percent of the nation's taxes. Something seems very unfair about this but.. that's just me. Hey! I know,  America,  is back and no longer dependant on foreign oil. Yeah! that's it! That's why,  President Obama,  cancelled  plans to build the Key Stone pipe line after all, Iran,  isn't really threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz,  are they?  Maybe, President Obama,  thinks America,  has improved as far as the nation's  national security is concerned, no doubt,  this is why he brought all the troops home from Iraq and continues  the troop draw down  in Afghanistan. I mean... it's not like Iran or Korea, are  on the verge of  developing nuclear weapons or anything  right? President Obama, says,  more countries respect the United  States now,  then ever before, I guess,  they have to considering most of  the countries of  Europe,  are now dependant on the United States,  for their economic survival just ask Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, England, and Ireland how much they respect the United States, of course,  dependence,  is far different from  real respect. I'm sure China,  really respects the United States not to mention Japan. I'm sure they can't wait to lend  the United States,  more money so the  government,  can raise the debt ceiling.
  When I consider politics, I realize there is the truth, and then their is the political truth, that politicians try to sell  to the American people.  The one, usually,   has very little to do with the other. President Obama,  is just another liberal politician trying  to get reelected. President Obama,  says, America is back, I think however, America, has her economic back up  against the wall. President Obama, tries to tell the American people differently,   but,  frankly, I don't think,   President Obama, knows what he's talking about. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mitt Couldn't Lay A Mitt On Newt.

As I watched the Republican debate last night, one thing I noticed was Governor Mitt Romney, tried to be more aggressive and assertive. Though Governor Romney threw some punches at House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the truth is, Mitt just couldn't get his mitts on Newt! Governor Romney,  did okay, but that's what he always does,  just okay. The conservatives, are going to need a lion to go up against President Obama, Should Governor Romney, secure the Republican nomination, I feel we will be sending a lamb to the slaughter! Don't get me wrong, Governor Romney,  I'm  sure is a good man but, he seems to lack the ability to connect with the American people. Both Senator Rick Santorum, and Congressmen Ron Paul did all right last night but it was very clear that all eyes were on Speaker Gingrich,  and Governor Romney.
  Speaker Gingrich,  was a bit more calm and subdued last evening, and he appeared quite,  presidential.  I was left with the impression, that Speaker Gingrich,  knew that he was the front runner. Governor Romney,  appeared to be trying to fight himself off the ropes some how, I just don't think he even landed even one solid political punch against Speaker Gingrich. I don't know for sure, if  Speaker Gingrich, will take Florida or not after all,  Governor Romney,  has a lot of money and a top notch organization. One thing I do  know for sure is Governor Romney, for all his money,  may just find that he can't buy Florida's votes and thus buy the Republican nomination. I think he's going to have to earn the votes in Florida. I know this much however, Governor Romney,  better learn how to put  some fight in his punches and soon otherwise,  Governor Romney may just find, that he has been knocked out, and is down for the count,  waiting to be counted out at the next debate. as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Monday, January 23, 2012

America, A Second Rate Nation?

  Today,  my wife told me that once again her hours where she works were going to be cut. I knew right a way that meant there would be less money then for every aspect of our lives. I won't kid you having to make tough economic choices is always hard and often as a result, much stress is created as I try to figure out how my family and I are going to live on less and still meet our monthly bills. I realize, millions  of  families across this nation are having to make those same tough choices.  Many families,  have at least one person out of work with no indication that things are going to get any better any time soon.
  Why have hard times come to America? I have thought a lot about this question. I mean, think about, America,  is considered by most, to be the greatest nation on earth! America, can put a man on the moon, and there is no doubt we have the greatest military  in the world yet, in spite of  this, America,  has to go begging to China,  to finance our nation's budget because the greatest county on earth,  can't meet it's financial obligations without borrowing from other countries. How does this  happen?  The reason is simple, but the solution,  is hard. America,  got herself into to this mess because many Americans,   bought into the the idea that every one who lives here should all have the same prosperity,  even if  they  didn't work for it. Here is what I mean. Today, I heard President Obama, say once again,  that America,  is faced with a choice he says, America,  can choose to either ignore the middle class,  and just let our economy  work for the richest among us, or America,  can continue on the path that leads to an economy,  that works for everybody,  and each economic class can all have the same level of wealth,  and prosperity. That sounds an awful lot like Socialism to me. Oh wait... that is Socialism,  and Socialism,   is Communism's,  little brother. This economic philosophy,  will not work and here is why. What happens, when in the name of  the richest among us paying their fare share, there are no more rich among us to pay there fair share,  what then? President Obama,  doesn't seem to realize,  that the wealthy,  among us invest,  and help to start new small businesses however, if  the rich,  begin to feel like they are going to be taxed,  to the point,  where they can no longer invest in new businesses,  well, soon everybody will be equal all right, equally broke! That's right,  then all economic classes will be the same,  and each of us,  will be equally poor, at that point, each person will have only what the government,  says you can have. That day,  is fast approaching in America, the next election,  is the most important election in our nations history. We will either choose to continue to be an economically free  and independent nation,  like we have been since July 4, 1776 or,  we will choose to become a dependant nation,  and look the the government, to  meet our every need. I will tell you now, if that is the choice we as Americans make, then we will become,  a socialist nation,  and Communism,  won't be far behind, and freedom,  will be a thing of the past. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wow! How Did He Do That?

  I imagine Governor Mitt Romy, is scratching his head in amazement wondering how Newt Gingrich, beat him so soundly in South Carolina. I believe there are three basic reasons why Newt Gingrich was able to win. First, Newt Gingrich, did not run or try to cover up his past therefore,  when it was brought to the forefront to use against him it did not have the desired affect. Since Speaker Gingrich,  had already admitted his past mistakes and ask American voters in South Carolina, to forgive him and give him a second chance the voters in South Carolina, decided to give him one.
  Secondly,Speaker Gingrich, released his income taxes just before the South Carolina, primary. this decision gave Speaker Gingrich a key advantage in the last debate. When Speaker Gingrich was asked when was he going to release his taxes to the public he was able to say he had released  them just an hour before the debate. Governor Romney, was not able to say that and further more he acted as though he was a man with something to hide and this perception placed Governor Romney, in an awkward position to say the least.
  Finally, I think Speaker Gingrich,  won the debate frankly,  because he expresses the emotions and frustrations of the American people. When Speaker Gingrich, was put on the sport by Juan Williams, concerning Speaker Gingrich remarks about President Obama being the food stamp president, Speaker Gingrich,  didn't run and hide instead,  he stood and delivered! To say that Speaker Gingrich, made Juan Williams,  look foolish is an understatement. The Speaker,  rose to the occasion  again when CNN's John King, had the nerve to ask about an ABC interview regarding Speaker Gingrich's former wife. Once again Speaker Gingrich, stood his ground and systematically, verbally ran CNN's John King into the ground. Governor Romney, speaks but his words don't make you want to listen because there no fire behind them. His words,  don't seem to the ability to inspire folks to get be hind him. Therefore,  he often seems rather ordinary at best. The voters in South Carolina, knew that if you were going to out smart a sly fox like President Obama, you have to send Some one like Speaker Gingrich,  up against him, because it takes a fox to out smart a fox! Speaker Gingrich, is just the man for the job. I don't know about you,  but I'm sure looking forward to the next debate. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words to think on.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Choice

  The other day I heard a friend of mine say something that chilled me to the bone. What he said basically was this, "I don't know who to vote for all politicians are corrupt so I may just stay home as a conservative and just not vote!" When he said that then I told him congratulations, because if every conservative republican, feels the way you do and chooses to stay home and not vote then President Obama,  will be the happiest man in the world because he most certainly will then get reelected. I went on to say, that if that happens that will bring further economic doom to this county and the damage may be beyond repair.
  Look, I don;t know who is going to be the republican nominee for president when the primary process is completed. The primary vote in South Carolina, may give us a better idea, who the republican nominee is going to be. I must say to you even if the final republican nominee is not your favorite, for heaven's sake as a conservative who loves this country please show up in November and vote! Make no mistake the very future of our country is at stake. Do we as a county want to continue on the economic path that will make us more like the countries of Europe? I hope not I pray most Americans will vote to return to economic sanity. I hope America chooses to return to a math of economic responsibility be choosing to make the tough choices that must be made. The debt must be dealt with across the board and that includes entitlement programs like medicare and social security. I know it won't be easy sacrifices never are but we as Americans, must be prepared to face hard economic facts and the sooner the better! Any republican running right now is still much better than what we have now. I would say to any one among conservative  voters, please remember if  you choose to stay home and not vote because you don't like any of the republican choices, you will then be indirectly helping President Obama, get reelected. I would ask you , can you live with that? Remember this, some one has said, all that is need for evil to conquer is for good men to do nothing.I would submit to you as a conservative, if  you don;t vote then you choose to do nothing now conservative republican,  and independent voters  the choice is yours. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, January 20, 2012

God Will Forgive You But, The Media, Never Will!

  As I watched last night's republican presidential debate I was almost ready to throw one of my shoes at my TV set. I realize that CNN tends to lean to the political left, and  I know many in America, like to hear the latest gossip on any one.  I guess that has just become part of our culture. I have to say though,  when I heard John King, open last night's republican debate with what only can be described as personal gossip fit only  for the tabloids, I lost any respect I might have had for him both as a  news journalist and frankly as a human being!
  Look, I realize in politics character matters but to  open up a presidential debate by asking Speaker Newt Gingrich about certain remarks his former  wife said regarding their marriage which ended quite a few years ago now well,  not only was that below the belt and beyond the pale. but it was in extremely bad taste and totally unprofessional.When now Secretary of State,  Hilary Clinton, was running for president in 2008 she was asked about how she coped with former President Bill Clinton's admission of marital infidelity and she answered the question but you could tell she didn't  like the fact that the questin had been asked. To be fair,  I didn't like it when the media asked that question of  Hillary Clinton then, and I don't think ABC or John King of  CNN on ABC's behalf,  had any right to ask such a painful and personal question to Speaker Gingrich now.
  There is no rule or law anywhere, that I can find that says, in order to qualify to be president you have to have led a comepletly spottless and perfect life, and there is a good reason for that, because if theere were such  a rule no one could run! Speaker Gingrich,  has more than acknowledged the painful fact that he has made some mistakes in his life. He says he has come to grips with that, and has asked God to forgive him, that's enough for me.There is not one person my self included, who  can say, they haven't done things in their life at one time or another that they have now lived to regret. I would tell the liberal main stream media to remember that in essence, let him with out sin cast the first stone. I would say to Speaker Gingrich, yes,  Newt, God will, and has forgiven you but,  the liberal mainstream  media,  it seems, never will! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Would Liberals Say It Today?

  I love reading famous quotes by famous Americans, I like this quote from Ben Franklin, he said,"A penny saved is a penny earned." Today however, most liberals would say it this way,"A penny saved is a government oversight. The government keeps finding new and creative ways to tax hard working Americans. The Liberal Democrats, may say,  they only want to tax the richest among us but, I can assure you, they'll  take a tax increase any way way they can get it from whoever they can get it from. Will Rogers, once said,"I never met a man I didn't like. The liberal  democrats,  have that same view on government spending except they would say it this way, "We,  never met  a Government spending program they didn't like or a tax they wouldn't hike to pay for it! Ben Franklin said," A stitch in time saves nine." Liberal Democrats in Washington  would say, " A new tax is fine and out of  ten stitches we'll take nine barely leaving you the hard working American taxpayer, with a stitch of anything! Ben Franklin,  said "Fish and Guest are good for about three days. after that, both be begin to spoil.
  President Obama, certainly,  been in office more then three days, in fact, President Obama, has been in office nearly three years now and his economic polices as far as this country is concerned have already spoiled and are really starting to stink. I think if enough hard working Americans show up at the voting polls in November, we can demonstrate just how tired we are of  President Obama's spoiled economic policies and see that he is voted out of office. Remember, President Harry S Truman, said, "The buck stops here." President Obama, and many liberal democrats, would sat it this way, "We spend any buck we see, so it never has time to stop anywhere! as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It Could be Worse?

  There's an old joke that talks about a patient who ran to the doctor complaining of a terrible headache. The patient told the doctor he had tried everything to rid himself of  the terrible headache and he told the doctor he would try anything to make the the pain of  his terrible headache go away. The doctor said to the patient, "You  should be glad all you have is a headache things could be a lot worse," " I don't care, said the patient just give me something to take my mind off this terrible pain in my head I'll try anything! Anything? asked the doctor, "Anything!  said,  the patient. The doctor than told the patient to take off his shoes the patient did as he was instructed.  The doctor then took a hammer and whacked the patients big toe on both feet. The patient screamed at the doctor."Doctor!" why did you do that for?" The Doctor asked,"How's your headache?" The patient thought a moment than said, "It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as my two big toes  do   but, now both my head and big toes hurt!" "You see, said the doctor I told you,  it could be worse."
  That old joke reminds me of  President Obama's standard response when he is asked about his failed economic policies and why things really,  haven't gotten much better economically,  in this county over the past three years. I mean, think about, it,  President Obama's economic policies, once the debt ceiling is increased, will have added four trillion dollars to the nations national debt. that four trillion dollars, is more debt than the first forty presidents accumulated combined. The country will be 16 trillion dollars in debt when the debt ceiling is raised. Things could be worse I guess. We could be fifty trillion dollars in debt, and if  things keep going as they are  just give us time and I'm sure the country's economic debt will get there. The nation's unemployment rate may  seem better on the service until you remove all those who were employed just for the holidays and than factor in all those who can only find part time work and count all those who left the workforce all together and have stopped looking for work. Once those folks start looking again,  the unemployment rate will most likely be near nine percent again. I guess things could be worse , the country could have twenty percent unemployment if  things keep going as they are however I feel quite confident, President Obama's,  failed economic policies will help this country get there. I heard just today he is going to say no to a Canadian firms application to build the Keystone XL pipe line that decision will cost the nation countless jobs. I'm sure,  the Unions,  will be very pleased. Iran, is close to  having nuclear weapons, it could be worse, they could be using them!  Give the President, a bit more time and I'm sure they will be.
  President Obama, is right in a way, things could be a lot worse in this county. He could be reelected in November, and should that happen that will be the worse thing that that could ever happen in this county. Yes indeed, my friends, if  President Obama,  some how manages to get reelected, things will be a lot worse and the resulting economic damage that will  do to this country I'm afraid, will be permanant. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just,  some words, to think on.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Political Arena, Is No Place For Children.

  As I watched last night's  Republican debate,  I was pleased that it was far more spirited then some of the previous debates had been. I still wish that many of the candidates fighting for the Republican nomination for president would stop with the back and forth banter at times they remind me of spoiled children all fighting over some prized possession, but then again I guess the Republican nomination for president isn't exactly something five candidates can share. I was somewhat disappointed in Senator Rick Santorum, he seemed like a desperate man just looking for a fight with Governor Mitt Romney, yet, when he got his fight with Governor Romney, he seemed like an  unarmed boy. Congressmen Ron Paul, just seem to have one message. He seems to want America, to take care of America, and every other nation is on their own. I'm sure Iran , will be happy to hear that as they continue developing nuclear weapons to use against Israel  or the United States. Governor Mitt Romney,  did okay, but I expect the front runner to do much better than that! Governor Romney,  after all, has had five years to practice. His verbal exchanges with Senator Rick Santorum seemed rather petty, and childish. Governor Rick Perry, did pretty well given how far his debate skills have developed since his earlier debates but, I just think it's just too little too late for Governor Perry. I can only wonder what might have been for his presidential  run, if  he could have practiced his debate skills a  little better and a little sooner.There was one man at last nights debate that reminded me of a Roman gladiator. Speaker Newt Gingrich, came ready for battle and proved why he would destroy President Obama, in a debate. His wit, and command of the facts on any given subject was a marvel to watch. He literally ate  Juan William's lunch and I'll bet Juan Williams will think twice, before he accuses Newt Gingrich,  of being racially insensitive to the poor again.
  I don't know if  Speaker Gingrich, did enough last night to catch Governor Mitt Romney,  or not only the results on Saturday in North Carolina, will tell us that. Governor Romney,  would  do well to hire Speaker Gingrich, as a debate coach should he become the Republican Party's Nominee. I am confident of this and one thing remains very clear President Obama, will be ready for a debate and he will be like a lion ready to pounce on any timid or intellectually, weak  kneed candidate. Governor Romney,  will face the  political fight of his life should he win the Republican nomination.  I hope he doesn't make the mistake of underestimating President Obama, for that could be a politically fatal mistake, One thing Speaker Gingrich,  proved last night is, the Political arena,  is no place for intellectual children. as always,  my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, January 16, 2012

He Marched For Us All.

  Today America honors Dr Martin Luther King Jr.,  He led the fight for racial equality for everyone. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I can tell you first hand, I know the pain of prejudice and discrimination. Dr King sought to finish what President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation had started in 1863. Dr King marched from Selma Alabama, to Montgomery Alabama,  in March of 1965. He marched for African Americans yes, but his march for racial equality was for the good of everyone. Dr King's dream was the total eradication of all types of social prejudice. I would like to briefly comment on one prejudice that still trouble me today. This nation says,  we have freedom of religion we are free to believe and worship has we wish without fear that seems to true for everyone except Christians. Here is what I mean,  when Muhammad Ali,  won a fight he gave praise to Allah,  and that was his right. Tim Tebow,  scores a touchdown or wins a foot ball game and gives credit and praise to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,  and he is often made fun of by the media for  doing this.
  Dr King's march to Selma,  for racial equality was for all of us he longed for the day when all men and women would be free from all types of prejudice. All men  or women, are not all born the same I was born with a handicap but all men and women should be treated equally regardless of  race gender or religious beliefs. The dream to eradicate all forms of prejudice is Dr King's  legacy and all though it mat never be fully realized, his dream is still worth fighting for. as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Does America Need To Be Leaner?

  Well, here we are two weeks into the new year and I just wonder,  how many people who made New Year's   Resolutions to go on a diet and loose weight are still on their diet? I just bet a lot of folks have already gone off thrir diets at least while others claim to be on a diet but they cheat on their diets quite often. I hate to go on diets so I don't even if there is such a thing as diet ice cream, or even diet pizza I'm sure I don't want it! I do admit, it's a good idea to loose excess weight you  will  be healthier and leaner and meaner as they say.
  The US economy needs to get into better shape the Nations federal budget certainly, needs to be trimmed down. This nation is carrying the excess weight of a 15 trillion dollar debt and Uncle Sam,  is certainly staggering under the load. President Obama, says he wants to make our miltary leaner by some 450 billion dollars over the next ten years but that kind of leaner is just another word for weaker to me. President Obama talks about cutting Government waste by combinning several goverment departments into one Goverment agency to improve Government efficiency. Sounds like a good idea but it's only a drop in the bucket  especially when you consider the fact that President Obama, just asked Congress to increase the nations debt ceiling another one point two trillion dollars. Doesn't sound like any mayjor budget trimming is really going on to me.
  Several countries in Europe are going to have to operate on a leaner budget because their credit rating has been downgraded by Standard and Poors these countries include Portugal, Spain, Austria,Cyprus,Malta, Slovak Republic, Italy,  France, and Slovenia. Standard and Poors is threatening to down grade the US again unless some real government budget cuts are not put into action very soon we can look firward to another downgrade and that will make borrowing money much harder to do. Right now our nations economy is going through some real lean times and lately, the only thing getting thinner and leaner is my wallet. as alwats, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Has America, Ever, Really Said, Thank You, Enough?

  I found my self on You Tube last night and I was enjoying some clips from various news programs that were showing. Families with very happy faces  were meeting returning men and women who had come home from Iraq. I was filled with such joy as I watched small children hug their daddy some for the first time. I saw happy young women hug their returning servicemen. One soldier even got down on one knee and purposed to his girlfriend right there in the airport fresh off the plane after  coming home from Iraq. I really enjoyed seeing so many happy faces!
  Then I saw another clip but this one was so different a widow was being honored she had recently lost her husband in Iraq she had a five year old girl standing beside her. There  was to be no happy homecoming for them. While this brave widow was being honored at a dinner of sorts,  one of her friends asked her, What do you do when your little girl ask where daddy is? The widow answered I tell her  "God took daddy to Heaven,  and now he is watching over both of us.""I  told her, she  can talk to Daddy in her prayers." The widow says,  sometimes,  the little girl appears to be talking to herself,  but,  if she is asked,  who she is talking to she will say,  "I am talking to my daddy in Heaven because mommy says, he watches over both of us."  I will tell you right now,  I wiped more than one tear from my eye. Then,  I happened to think,  there are many men and women in America every day,  who put their lives on the line and very often they never receive even so much as a thank you from anyone. Each day in this country,  fireman, policeman security personal forest rangers highway patrolman, and Us border patrolman all go to work each day and there  is always a chance, they won't come back home at the end of the day. I want to thank all  the brave men and  women who serve in our military. I want to thank the families who know all to well the pain that comes when you have had to make the ultimate sacrifice for your country. I pray American troops won't have to go back into Iraq, I would hate to think our brave servicemen, and women who served there died in vain. I also want to says thanks to US border patrolman like Brian Terry,  who died because he dared to do his job! I want to thank brave park Rangers like Margaret Anderson,  who was killed in the line of duty working in Mount Rainier  National Park. I want to thank every fireman,  and every kind of policemen,  and women and all  who work in any type  of security,  that could place their life at risk. May God,  bless,  each  and everyone of  them and their families. I pray I will always remember and be thankful for the faithful  but often thankless job brave men and women such as these,  do everyday. I wonder, can we as   Americans,   ever really say thank you enough? as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nothing Is Right, If You Have No Rights!

  Ben Franklin once said, 'those who would trade freedom for security will soon find they have neither.' I believe he would still feel that way if  he knew about the National Defense Authorization Act. President Obama signed this bill on Christmas Eve. He says,  he signed it to help members of the military. Well he helped the military all right! He helped the Military strip Americans of their basic rights under The Bill of Rights. The National Defense Authorization Act basically says, our military can indefinitely detain and hold any US citizen they suspect of  being involved in terrorism against the United States. The bill also says US citizens can be held without counsel and the bill seems to suggest a US citizen can be held until the military determines if  that citizen is a security threat to the United States no matter how long that may take.
  This bill may sound like a good idea to some but consider this we have a legal practice in this country called  due process this basically means when an American citizen is taken in to custody they have the right to legal counsel they have the right to be informed of the charges that are being made against them. They have the right of a speedy trial by jury. under the National Defense Authorization Act it appears that all of a US citizens basic rights are indefinitely suspended until the military decides that the US citizen is not a terrorist plotting against the United States. This seems a bit strange I always thought that a person was deemed to be innocent in this country until proven guilty in a court of  law. I am generally, no fan  of the ACLU but they are very much against this law and  as much as I hate to say it I think they're right on this one. I don't agree with Ron Paul on many issues but he calls the National  Defense Authorization Act, 'A step into tyranny.' I think he is right. Americans need to decide just how much  freedom they are  willing to give up in the name of  security. The day may come when just like Ben Franklin warned, Americans find they  have neither! as always my friends these thoughts remain, just, some words,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lost In Wonderland.

  Like many of you as a small child, I remember watching Walt Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland. I enjoyed the film very much. I think however Jodi Kanter's book The Obamas' seems to suggest,  that the President and Mrs Obama,  may be spending too much time in Wonderland. The idea, of having a lavish Halloween party with movie director  Tim Burton, and movie stars like Johnny Depp,  dressed as the Mad Hatter. just seems to suggest that the  Obamas' are very much out of  touch with working class Americans. President Obama,  smiles so much I'm surprised he didn't go dressed as the Cheshire Cat!
  Jodi Kantons book goes on to say that the first lady, Michelle Obama,  didn't like former Chief of Staff,  Rahm Emanual,  very much and the book says, that on one occasion, former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs cussed her out. The first lady, Michelle Obama, has always had a flair for being difficult to get along with. former Press Secretary,  Robert Gibbs,  suggested on one occasion,  that perhaps it wouldn't be wise on her part to wear a 540 pair of  Lanvin sneakers,  to a food bank. I can understand that. How can you say you understand the condition of  the poor when your shoes cost more than anything they would ever wear? The truth is the President and Mrs Obama,  are very out of  touch with most of the hard working American people and just like their now famous Halloween party, many of  the financial decisions President Obama,  makes regarding the nation's economy are just plain tweedle dumb. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Divided Nation And Now, A Divided Party

  My father, once told me if you find your self in a verbal battle with some one remember this if you have to resort to sarcasm to verbally cut some one down to make yourself look good, that says a lot about the kind of person you really are and you end up looking really bad. I have to tell you, even though I admire many of Newt Gingrich's qualities and respect a lot of what Rick Perry says he believes, lately, I am some what disappointed in both of them.
  I can understand how  good men can disagree on an issue in politics but when Newt Gingrich says,  he's going to run a positive campaign and then does to Mitt Romney, the very same thing he says,  Mitt Romney,  is doing to him, I have to ask myself, how does verbally attacking Mitt Romney and distorting his record make  Newt Gingrich, look  better? When Rick Perry,  calls Mitt Romney, a capitalistic vulture how does that make him look better? The answer is simple, it doesn't it just makes both men look like sore losers! Rick Perry,  claims to be a man of deep Christian faith but he sure seems rather unkind to call a fellow Republican a capitalistic vulture. President  Ronald Reagan,  always said, 'Never speak ill, of another fellow Republican.' I wonder what he would say to his fellow Republicans now? When Newt Gingrich, or Rick Perry,  verbally attack Mitt Romney,  in this manner, they sound like the liberal Democrats and that is the last thing as a conservative Republican, I would ever want to sound like! We already have a deeply divided country we don't need a deeply divided Republican Party. I think the head of  the Republican National Committee, should tell these gentlemen to stick to the issues at hand and discuss, their political differences on real issues, the American people will decide who is the best qualified Republican to run against President Obama. Right now, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich just sound like children whining for attention and it's gonna take a lot more than that to beat President Obama. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Price Of Being The Terminator!

  What's all this commotion,  over Governor Mitt Romney,  saying,  that if  he has health,  or home,  or life or mortgage,  insurance with one company and he doesn't like the quality of service a particular insurance agent may or may not be giving him, then he,  like anyone else has the option of firing,  or switching from one agent to another. I sold insurance at one time, and believe me,  this type of thing happens all the time. W hen I was trying to sell my house I chose one realtor and they didn't work aggressively enough to sell my house so I fired one realtor by switching to another again, Americans do this all the time.
  When any one is hired to do a job, there  is a policy book that usually lays out what the company expects from  each employee and it usually spells out in specific detail,  the reasons an employee could be terminated. An employer is in business to make money if the employer feels that they have an an employee who is lazy or always late and generally unproductive and not really interested in doing a good job then the employer usually follows what the policy book  calls the steps or process of  termination. When the employer,  has followed the policy handbook step by step and given the employee every chance to change in an attempt to improve the situation then, as a last resort,  the employer according to the policy has every right to fire an unproductive employee. that's not personal that's just business! Governor Romney,  was just saying,  he enjoyed having the option to fire some one who was unproductive in any kind or type of business. A bank President, doesn't think  twice about firing a person he sees stealing money. a grocery store manager has no problem firing an employee who they catch stealing food  without paying for it that's called shop lifting that means, a person lifted it with  there hands off the shelf and did so with no intention,  of paying for it any any boss, or manager or CEO who would not fire an employee they knew to be stealing from the company  would and should be fired themselves! To me, that's just common sense.
  When some one comes in to and  take over an  unproductive struggling company,  it is their job to make the company productive and profitable and some times that means getting rid of unproductive employees some times their laid off, and sometimes they are fired. that's called managing a business.
  The liberal  Democrats,  know that this is the truth but as usual, they have no interest in the truth, and the only business they can manage is the business of distorting the truth and misleading the American people. The only thing President Obama, has ever ran  is this country's economy in to the ground and he hasn't helped businesses he has imposed so many restrictive regulations on businesses, it is a wonder our nations economy survives at all! Business CEOs'  fire people all the time. Donald Trump,  has made quite a name for himself for years now, firing people on his hit TV show The Apprentice. Speaking just for my self, and hopefully,  the majority of the American people, I can't wait for November when I get to go to my local Presidential voting  booth and do  my part to vote President Obama, out of office effectively telling him YOU"RE FIRED! as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Four More Years Of The Drama Of Obama?

  My father used to say a wise man changes his mind , but a fool never does. I find my self hoping that the majority of Americans will change their mind and choose not to elect President Obama for another four  years. Sinc Obama has been president our countries credit rating has been down graded and may be again. The housing market is still an economic disaster. Gas prices are climbing again and Iran is threatening to cut off our oil supply by blocking  the Strait of Hormuz, and the President,  has just cut our nations defense budget by some 450 billion dollars over the next ten years, and that doesent even count the automatic trigger budget cuts that will go into effect in 2013. Much of Europe,  is on the brink of economic colapse. Obama's health care if it is not over turned by the Supream Court,  will litterally destroy small businesses. Many businesses will not hire new workers untill they see what Obama care is going to do to their bottom line. Unemployment may or may not be getting better but with 13 million people still looking for work I have to wonder does America really want to roll the dice and take another gamble with President Obama for another  four years? The national debt,  is 16 trillion dollars now and in four s it could be well over twenty trillion and America, is already over 100 percent GDP. Again, I ask,  Do the American people really want to take another chance on President Obama for another four years?
  There is and old saying that says, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me! all I am left to conclude is simply this, if the Majority of the American people can be fooled by President Obama, again after witnessing first hand,  what he has done to the American economy over the last three years not to mention weakening America,  as far as our national security and military is concerned, then all I can say is I guess, the American people will have no right to complain because if  President Obama,  is reelected, the American people will get what they deserve because this time, they will have reelected President Obama,  with their eyes wide open! As always,  my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coming Up Short

  My wife came home last night and told me that her hours were going to be cut . I thought to my self well, that's sure a great way to start the new year! I was glad however that at least we didn't over spend for Christmas. I guess my life is going to be like a country song I heard some time ago the title was Too Much Month And Not Enough Money. Yes,  just like many Americana today,  my family will have to learn to live on less.  I suppose I could sell some things to make extra money or I could just cash advance the cash I need off of one of my handy dandy credit cards after all,  isn't that the way the government does it? The thing is when I use my credit card I just increase my debt and as we the people know all too well with credit cards,  payments must be made each month.The problem comes when one over extends one's self  on credit cards. the debt can become  so deep you may never get out! You  know,  kind of like our government which is now 16 trillion dollars in debt and the debt is still climbing. Unlike the government though I don't have my own money printer, and I don't have China's phone number and even if I did,  they probably wouldn't lend me any money  anyway. I'm sure,  I wouldn't like China's terms or conditions for a loan and I'm sure I couldn't pay their interest rate.
  So,  I guess my family and I just like most of the American people,  will just have to be financially responsible and  tighten our belts and learn to live on less or maybe even learn to live without some things,  Our grand parents and great grand parents did. I wonder when the government will learn how to do that? As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Need A New Car? Just Charge it!

  What's that? You say your thinking about buying a new car? Something really new and different? Well have I got a deal for you! Why don't you go and buy your self the new electric powered car fresh off the assembly line. The new Chevy Volt. This new and exciting car is sure to give your heart a jolt, Before you bolt out the door to buy one there are a few things you should know. They don;t go real fast or real far so don't plan any cross country trips. The Chevy Volt, will cost around Forty thousand dollars but the government will give you a seven thousand five hundred dollar tax credit which  you can use when you get your taxes done so this dream car can be all yours  for thirty two thousand five hundred dollars.
  Wait a minute,  there is something I for got to tell you. Chevy,  or GM,  has only produced around 8,000 of these cars and now it seems they need to recall all of them though they don't call it a recall.  They are just asking very nicely, for Chevy volt owners to bring their cars back because they need to be enhanced which is  code for repaired or fixed. These dream cars of the future just have one little problem. I'm sure it's nothing too serious, the Chevy Volt has a tendency to catch on fire. Personally, that makes me want to throw cold water on the whole idea. Well the idea of an electric car  hasn't caught fire with the public yet, but the car sure has!
  Look, I don't want to sound too negative about the idea of an electric car. I'm positive the day of the electric car will come. I always try to keep up on current events both AC and DC in fact,  a lot of folks may  get quiet a charge out of this whole idea. I mean,  I don't want to throw a wet blanket on the idea of an electric car especially this car. I mean,  I don't want to short circuit this idea. Maybe it's just me, but I find the idea of an electric car bursting into flames just because I dared to drive it positively shocking! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Is America Still The Greatest Nation On Earth?

  Not long ago, I overheard a father talking to his son. The son, asked the father this question.'Dad is America, still the greatest nation on Earth?' The father's reply made my blood almost run cold. The father thought a for a moment and then replied.'Son, I can not say, for sure anymore but, I know America used to be.' I thought for along time about what that father had said. I wondered why he answered his son's question with such doubt. Now, I think I may know the reason why the father had answered his question in that particular way.
  Consider this,  America is fifteen trillion dollars in debt and even now President Obama, is preparing to ask Congress to raise the nation's debt ceiling another one point six trillion dollars as soon as  Congress returns from their holiday break and it's a pretty sure bet the debt ceiling is going to be raised. America,  will then be sixteen point six trillion dollars in debt. America now has a debt to GDP  ratio  over 100 percent. America now borrows  forty one cents of every dollar to finance the country's budget. The President,  responds, to this budget crisis by cutting present military spending by 450 billion dollars over the next ten years. The President,  makes this decision in spite of the all too real threat from Iran who at this moment may be only months or weeks from completely developing a nuclear weapon. Korea, may also restart their nuclear development program. Syria, is in total cooperation with Iran, who knows what that country may do. America's oil supply has recently been threatened by Iran. Greece Italy, Spain England and Ireland are on the brink of total economic collapse. The United States,  credit rating has been downgraded and  there are  threats from the Moody's credit rating agency, to down grade the United States again. Manufacturing is way down and the US is forced to import more and more manufactured goods from other countries like China, Japan, and Germany. The nation's unemployment rate still stands at eight point five percent thirteen million people are still unemployed and another 170 thousand just stopped looking for work last month. The nation's Social Security and  Medicare programs are bankrupt and are probably being financed by borrowing from China. Obama care,  threatens to further strain the nation's economy beginning in 2014 unless it is struck down by the Supreme Court.Occupy protesters crowd the nations streets demanding America give them even more.I am totally convinced that President Obama is more concerned with his own reelection and looks to  the needs of this country only when he thinks it will benefit his chances for reelection. This is the primary reason he pulled most of the American troops out of Iraq even as the violence in that county is beginning to escalate.  Students in Japan and  China have continually academically out preformed  students  in the United States particularly in the areas of reading math and Science for a large number of years now. America's public schools are controlled by secular teachers who belong to the all too powerful Teacher's union, as a result many of the nations public schools are an academic mess! Perhaps  the worst of America's problems is the all too evident decline in the moral standards which once were  the very foundation of this country. Each day it seems America,  is becoming less and less of  a  nation under God, and more and more of a secular nation with no need for God.
  Look,  I love America,  and she is still a good country, but I wonder if she can ever truly be great again. I pray that America will return to the God that once guided her and made her great. When America decides to return to the moral principals she was founded upon then, and only then will  America,  be on the path  that will  once again make America, the greatest  nation on Earth. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can You Ever Really Trust A Politician?

  You know sometimes I am so tempted to say what's the use! As a citizen who really worries about America's future, I want to find a person who is truly conservative among the Republicans who has a real chance to beat President Obama,  because I don't like the economic path the country is following right now. As important as this concern may be I have a greater concern that troubles me even more. What good is it to vote a politician into office when you discover all too often,  they are just as underhanded as the person you just voted out of office?
  Consider this Newt Gingrich says, he wants to run a totally positive campaign. I think it is certainly underhanded to have your voting record distorted just to gain political advantage. At the same time  however,  just to have any chance to win the Republican nomination, Speaker Gingrich,  has almost no choice but to go negative against Mitt Romney.  Keep in mind,  whoever the Republican Presidential nominee turns out to be, he is going to need the political support of the very fellow candidates he is running against right now. thus when the race for the the Republican  nomination is over then they will all act like the are all the  best of  friends.
  Has winning in politics become so important that the method or tactics you use doesn't matter? Then,  if you decide that this is the case it is no longer a mater of who is a better person among the Republicans or the Democrats just who is most effective politician. One is left to wonder can any one be a good and  basically decent and moral person and a politician at the same time considering the nature of politics in America today? Sometimes, I think, it's not a matter of who is the best candidate between the two major parties, but rather, who is the lessor of two evils. Thus, I find I am still left to ask the question,  can you ever really trust a politician? as always,  my friends,  these thoughts remain,  just some words, to think on.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All In The Name Of Higher Learning?

  I first went to college over thirty years ago. During my college days I took many interesting classes I excelled  in most of my classes my major was History Education. I enjoy studying and researching  all types of history.I have to admit to you however, I am deeply concerned with what passes as an acceptable college class these days. I was watching the news recently when I heard that Dr Hannah Appel, a professor at Columbia University, will now teach a class and upper class men and graduate students will obtain college credit for attending and taking an active roll in the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The class, is offered by the Anthropology Department of Columbia University.The course is called, Occupy the Field Global Finance Inequality Social Movement.  Dr, Hannah Says, the purpose of the class is to have students take an active role in the Occupy Wall Street movement by attending protest  events and work on out of class projects developed in close conversation with the instructor. Dr Hannah,  has instructed the students not to break any laws while taking part in the protest.
  I have to ask myself just what are the students expected to learn from this course? How to sleep in a public Park? How to disrupt various banks and other various business institutions? How to be an over all  nuisance and a public menace to the  already over worked and under payed  city police department? Can you imagine what the homework would be like? Maybe  the students could go interrupt a state election primary. Columbia University has always been a little out there and by the way President Obama, obtained a degree in Political Science from Columbia University  in 1983. I'm sure the President will be all for this great learning experience. I suspect that the students who take this course, will learn just how unfair and how unequal our system of Capitalism is supposed to be, even though that system helped to make America, the most successful nation on earth. When I think about what is being taught in many of our colleges and universities, all I can say is I'm glad I was able to attend a private Christian University. as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Few Votes Can Make A Huge Difference.

Just like many of you,  I see the news each day. Lately, all you hear about is the big vote coming up in the state of  Iowa at the Iowa caucus. I realize,  you can quickly get tired of hearing about this vote especially considering we have a lot  of state primaries still to go through. Recently,  I heard some one say,' So what's the big deal about voting? What difference does it really make? Well, let's see if  we can take a look at some voting history in America and see if a few votes, or in one case just one  vote made any  real difference.
  In the1960 Presidential election John F Kennedy,  received  34,220,911 popular votes former Vice President Nixon,  received 34,108,157 popular votes the popular vote was 49.7 for Kennedy,  to 49.6 for former Vice President Nixon, . John F Kennedy,  became President in 1960 by a mere 112,827 votes that is less than one half of one percentage point.While it is true that Kennedy,  won the Electoral College vote 303 to 219, some have suggested that Nixon would have won the popular vote if just one person in each  voting prescient would have changed their vote  The 1960 Presidential election,  was one of the closest elections in American history in fact, to find the next closest Presidential election,  you would have to go back to the Presidential election of 1916. The Presidential election of 1960 clearly shows just what a major difference a few votes can make.
  On February 24, 1868 President Andrew Johnson,  was formerly impeached by the House of Representatives. but, on March 16, 1868 a straw poll was held in the Senate,  and thanks to a radical Republican named Edmund G Ross,  who vocally said,  President Johnson,  was not guilty of  the crime of  high crimes and misdemeanors President Andrew Johnson's impeachment trail came to an end,  by one vote on May 26, 1868 the Senate vote for President Johnson's removal from office was 35 to 19 thus by one vote the Senate fell short of the two thirds vote needed for President Johnson's  formal impeachment and removal from office.the Senate tried on two  occasions to get Senator Edmund G Ross to change his vote but he would not so,  President Andrew Johnson, avoided impeachment by a single vote sometimes even one vote can make a huge difference!
  As you can clearly see, a few votes, and sometimes just a single vote,  can really make a difference. Remember, many good men and women have fought and in many cases died to give you both the freedom and the right to vote, so when you get the chance go and vote you may be surprised at the difference just a few votes or even your one vote may make in American history. The only question then is, Will you vote? I hope you will vote,  and thus, dare to make a difference. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Freedom Comes With A Certain Amount Of Responsibility.

Well, here we are with a new year. Many of you, made resolutions. I too have made a resolution. I resolve to appreciate as well as realize, the responsibility that comes with our freedom here in America. I would submit to you however, that freedom has certain limitations. I am disabled, I am free to stay up as late as I want, I have no work schedule to keep. I don't have the right however to stay up late and make so much noise that my wife can't sleep. I must remember to limit some of my personal freedom so that my wife can sleep. She needs her rest because she has to go to work therefore, if I choose to stay up late, I must also realize the responsibility I have to my wife to be as quiet as possible.
  I have resolved to appreciate the freedom that comes from living in a free country even if I think our freedom here in America is often, abused. I will never understand why four teenagers in Charlotte North Carolina,  can burn the American flag in the name of freedom of expression,   while at the same time others who would fly the American flag to honor our troops who are fighting for us to preserve the freedom our flag stands  for are not permitted to do so. Right now there is a bill purposed by Indiana Senator, Vaneta Becker that would fine some one 25.00 if they sing our national anthem  in a mocking or disrespectful way. I think it has some merit we should respect our nations national anthem. I have to ask myself however,  what's wrong with this picture on one hand, you are told to sing our national anthem with respect yet, you are free to burn our American flag as long as you burn it away from anything that might be flammable like a tent  for example.
  I have to tell you, the thought that a person has the right to burn the American flag, and that they are free to do so,  as long as they are careful while they are doing it literally, makes my blood boil! When I think of the thousands of brave men and women who have fought and died for the freedom our flag represents and then some thoughtless careless person burns the American flag to make some kind of  worthless social statement it is all I can do to contain my anger and disgust! Something else I find particularity disturbing, Did you know that even in America, you can be an active member of the Communist Party if you so choose you can also,  join the Nazi Party if  you want to all in the name of  freedom, I would consider this an abuse of  freedom, and an act of treason but that's just me. How can we as Americans say we value our freedom, if we forget the price so many have paid to provide the freedom we enjoy here in America. This is why I resolve to to never forget the price of freedom as well as the responsibility I have as an American, to use it wisely. As always my friends, these words remain, just, some words, to think on.