Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Illegal By Any Other Name.

   I am constantly,  amazed at just how far the liberal media and the press is willing  to go just to be considered politically correct.It now seems that the Associated Press, has decided in there infinite wisdom, that the term illegal alien will no longer be used when describing America's uninvited guest. Apparently, those persons who are in this country without the benefit of proper documentation are now to be referred to as just that  persons,  without documentation. the Associated  Press, seems to think that calling someone an illegal alien is something of a personal insult because this particular term some how dehumanizes an individual. Tell that to the many Italian immigrants who arrived in this country in the early part of the twentieth century and were unable to secure proper documentation such persons were often called a WOP  the term WOP meant a person who was in this country WOP, with out papers that is to say they were residing in this county illegally because they were without the legal documentation which would allow them to be here. Therefore just as a point of reference I am not at all sure that the term undocumented resident is any less dehumanizing or insulting.
    I have considered this semantic dilemma and have concluded that there must be further changes made when describing persons who find themselves in illegal circumstances.Think about it if a person fails to make their mortgage payments particularly after three months the bank who is providing the mortgage loan has the right if they choose to do so, to begin foreclosure proceedings because a person who is attempts to reside in a house without bothering to make consistent monthly mortgage payments is a person who is living in a house illegally perhaps they should be called people living in a house without proper money denominations yeah, that sounds much less dehumanizing. The next time some one's drivers license is found to have expired the police should not charge  them with illegally operating a motor  vehicle in stead these persons should be refereed to as people with proper vehicle operating documentation yeah, that sounds a lot less dehumanizing.
   The point is simply this if you are from another country you can be called an alien and if you managed to sneak into this country without bothering to secure the proper documentation then you are what has been comely called up to now an illegal alien. I don't call that term dehumanizing I just call it an accurate description of someone who enjoys living in this country but is not willing to even attempt to go through the legal process to do so. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and she stated that she refuses to play vocabulary games and she  has no problem with the term illegal alien. I don't often agree with miss Napolitano, but I agree with her in this particular instance in other words, the act of being in this country with proper documentation is illegal by any other name. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Won't Join them!

    There is a popular phase that says,"If you can't beat them join them." I am afraid this phase in a sense express a new kind of political thinking in the Republican party lately.As a Reagan, conservative I am find it more and more difficult to find any real differences between the Republicans or the Democrats.The Republicans seem to think that since they have lost the last two elections they must become more like the Democrats but if they really do that why have a Republican Party in the first place?Conservative Republicans, in case one may have forgotten are supposed to stand for limited government, low taxes, a balanced budget approach to government spending, and above all, traditional societal values.I find however, that more and more, Republicans are acting more like liberal Democrats, Republicans,  now seem willing to accept the idea of gay marriage this concept,   hardly reflects  traditional family values.the very definition of a family is being called in to question in American society today. A family,  it seems can be defined as any two individuals who choose to live under the same roof. I suppose then,  a family,  can be a mother and father and child, a mother and child, a father and child,or a child with two mothers or two fathers. One then has to wonder if the Supreme Court,  chooses to recognize gay marriage,  can polygamy,  be far behind? After all,  in a man wants to have more than one wife shouldn't he be granted equal protection under the law?
    Republicans now seem willing to politically relax their position in the area of illegal immigration in deed many Republicans now favor what I would call at least a watered down version of amnesty for America's illegal guest.I realize Republicans, seek to gain political support especially among America's Latino population. I have to wonder though if nearly every illegal alien is going to be allowed to stay in this country and suffer no consequences for entering this country illegally,  why even have immigration laws in the first place? When Amnesty, is so freely given why should anyone wanting to come to this country bother to go through all endless forms and legal paperwork to  gain legal American citizenship? I am sure many,  who have gone through the legal process to achieve their American citizenship feel some what cheated when the consider there may may be  as many as eleven million illegal aliens living in this country at this moment who may never even have to go through the process of legal American citizenship and to my way of thinking this makes American citizenship seem rather cheap!
    All I know is if the only way the Republicans, can win the next election is to become a Democrat I may be forced to either not vote or become an independent. Let's face it, if your going to have a two party system there has to be differences between the two parties lately however I haven't seen that many differences. All I can say is,  when it comes to the liberal progressive democrats if the republicans can't beat them I won't be joining them! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

America's Economy, Can One Still Bank On It?

    I am originally from West Virginia, and yes, there certain locations there where the natural beauty one can definitely find there is so breath taking it is almost Heaven. Many folks, who live in the region of the Appalachian Mountains, are some what leery of outsiders, even to this day.There are still places you could go in West Virginia,where strangers are not welcome and if you  found yourself, on some one's property uninvited, and you weren't with some one well known in the given area, there's a real good chance you could be greeted at the door by someone with a shot gun and trust me they would know how to use it and they would not need any instructions from Vice President Joe Biden,  nor his permission before  they would use it either.A lot of folks,  who live in  the mountains of West Virginia, don't put a great deal of trust in banks, these folks, are often the ones who stuff their money in their mattress  and that is because, many of the older folk who lived through the Great Depression,  of the thirties remember what it was like to see people panic trying to get there money out of a bank before it went out of business such economic hysteria, is called a run on the bank.
    President Roosevelt, finally had to declare a bank holiday and all remaining banks closed for a time until the financial markets were stable enough for banks to reopen. By the time the banks reopened however many people had lost all of there money because far too many banks had failed at the same time, Therefore, President Roosevelt,  established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. in 1933  or the FDIC for short.. The purpose of the FDIC,  is to insure the money people have deposited in in a given bank including certificates of deposit and checking and savings accounts  and as a result, Americans, at least so far,  don't have to worry about a sudden financial panic that would trigger a run on the nations banks at lest that's how it's supposed to work anyway.
    Cyprus,is a little country, east of Greece and south of Turkey.Cyprus, now finds it's self in a bit of a financial pickle and it seems that the European Union and Russia, have the people of Cyprus over a bit of a financial barrel, Cyprus, is not sure it wants a bail out from the European Union, which is convenient because the European union, is not sure it wants to provide a bail out for Cyprus. Russia, has out a great deal of money in Cyprus banks, and they have offered to bail Cyprus,  out but it will cost them their country's rights to their natural gas reserves. Unlike the US, Cyprus, has no FDIC and they can't print their own money so they find them selves SOL that's stuck out of luck! The government in Cyprus,  now finds it's self forced to raid the savings accounts of the citizens of Cyprus. Depending on, how much one has in the bank the government in Cyprus, may take anywhere from six to ten percent of a citizens money based on a predetermined scale of wealth established by the government in Cyprus
    I don't know if anything economically speaking going on in Cyprus,  could ever happen here. America, does have the FDIC and the Ability to print money but I've got a king size mattress just in case.Call me crazy, but being from West Virginia, I can assure you that if the government thinks it will ever indiscriminately raid any one's bank account in West Virginia well let's just say the government,  will rediscover why Americans have the right to bear arms and I just bet a lot of folks all across this nation would react the same way. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Can The GOP Return To Greatness?

    After watching several clips in the media, regarding CPAC or the Conservative Political Action Conference, I have given what I saw in the media, a great deal of thought and I believe the Republican Party can return to greatness. The first thing the Republicans,  must realize is the rebuilding of the GOP, won't be quick, short, or easy however,  it can be done.One must realize however,  that it took in my opinion, about ten years to tear down the GOP it is therefore I believe unrealistic to think that the Republican Party can rebound over night it takes a little time to rebuild just about anything and this is particularly true in politics.
    If one is to rebuild, the GOP, then,  one must first determine, what brought the GOP  down in the first place. I believe there are three key reasons, the GOP has experienced some what of a political collapse. First, the GOP suffered major political damage due to forsaking,  the principals that built the  Republican Party in the first place. Those principals, are limited government, reasonable tax restraint and limited and  responsible spending. Let's face facts here,  the government waste money,  like Nancy Pelosi waste botox and if you have seen Nancy Pelosi's face lately,  you know that for Pelosi, botox, is a total waste. The government,  has too many departments and many of them overlap or duplicate services. I believe enough  government departments could be eliminated that the size of government could easily be reduced by twenty percent and much if not most of the country, would never miss it especially, sine most Americans aren't even aware of   the existence of many of these excessive government departments to begin with!
    Secondly, Republicans,  must reestablish  and practice the basic principal of tax restraint and responsible spending.I am and never will be a fan of Obama however he has a point when he says, President George Bush had the US involved in two wars that were not paid for by Congress, of course I'm referring to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes,  I know Bush, was trying to protect the American people especially after nine eleven from the weapons of mass destruction he believed to be in Iraq and I know he sought to stabilize  the government in Afghanistan because there are nuclear weapons there but the fact remains,  the US, should not get involved in wars without finding a way to finance them first.  One of the main reasons why Obama, has gotten away with adding six trillion dollars to the national debt is because he has always,  been able to say that Bush,  added four trillion to the national debt before Obama, added six trillion although, each time Obama, says that,  it reminds me of two children who just got caught doing the same thing one child says, "Well, he did it too! The other child says, "Well, he did it more than I did! The mother then says, "You both did it and you were both wrong!"If Republicans believe in limited spending, here's an idea limit government spending deal with entitlements don't continue to increase the debt ceiling with out budget cuts to off set the increase. America, must exercise financial discipline and learn to live with in her means, Many Americans do this all the time  but Washington, still has to learn how to do this I suppose.
    Finally, the Republicans must speak as ONE VOICE because with  the established Republicans and the Tea Party and the Libertarian branch of the of the Republican Party all talking at once even I am not real sure what any Republican is saying right now let alone what any one in the GOP really believes and stands for. To put it bluntly, all the republicans must stand together or the whole party will fall apart. Republicans, for Heaven's sake, say what you mean, mean what you say and above all practice, what you preach for this is the only way the Grand Old Party, will ever regain power and achieve  true greatness again. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Wimpy, Mentality.

    I'm sure many will remember that King Features, cartoon classic Popeye. Popeye, many may recall, had a lovable but lazy friend,  who was very allergic to work named Wimpy.I'm not sure but I think wimpy, was a liberal progressive Democrat.You see,  liberal progressive Democrats, like to have as many people as possible totally dependent on government assistance in one form or another  Wimpy, which sounds more like a description of Obama, than a cartoon character, was always ready to ask for a handout just like many,  in this country today. I totally realize their will always be those who truly can not work or may honestly, be between jobs and therefore, need food stamps and unemployment for a while until they can get back on their feet again. I am specifically referring to people who could work at a job that may be available to them  but since it's not the job they want or they feel the work is just too hard , it's much easier to stay on unemployment and just take the handout in the form of an unemployment check and food stamps rather than take a perhaps hard but honest job.These type of individuals, remind me of Wimpy, they will always tell you how hard there life is and how hard work is to find but the truth is,  there are many who really aren't looking too hard,  for any kind of work and they won't,  as long as their food stamps and unemployment,  holds out.Many, will remember that Wimpy, used to say,"I'll gladly, pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger, today."It may be just me, but am I the only one who noticed that some how, Tuesday, never came for Wimpy. As much as I may hate to say it, I know people, who could be working right now if, they were willing to take any job available but they won't do that since unemployment along with food stamps,  is so easy to get and thus, so easy to take.
    Obama, it seems,  as a lot in common with Popeye's old buddy Wimpy, however,  instead, of offering to gladly,  pay you  on Tuesday, for a hamburger today, Obama, says, this catch phase to the Republicans,as it relates to the federal budget, "I'll gladly, give you a reduction in government spending tomorrow for a tax increase today but Obama's tomorrow, as far as reducing government spending is concerned,  much like Wimpy's  Tuesday, some how, just never seems to come and although the name Wimpy, adequately, describes Obama's backbone,  as well as his economic policy in this country right now, I wouldn't hold my breath,  waiting for Obama, to make any serious attempts to make real and meaningful cuts in government spending. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Obama, The Ultimate Flimflam Man.

    It appears now that the media, is beginning to loose patience with President Obama. However, I'm not suggesting for a moment that the media has lost that lovin' feeling for Obama indeed, MS NBC anchor  Chris Matthews, continues to receive a thrill up his leg each time Obama, opens his mouth.It may be just me but the thought that anyone gets a thrill  up there leg when anyone speaks seems wrong on so many levels! Be that as it may, according National Journal reporter Ron Fournier, an anonymous source at the White House said that Obama"s  sudden willingness  to work with the Republicans, is just a joke and a show for the media.
    I'm reminded, of an old saying that dates back to the Trojan War. "Beware of Greeks,  bearing gifts. Obama, may not be Greek but no power on Earth, could persuade me to trust anything he does or says. When I think of Obama, I am reminded of  the story of the scorpion and the turtle. According to the story the scorpion ask the turtle for a ride on his back to get across the river. The turtle said, "No!"You will sting me." after much pleading from the scorpion and a solemn promise not to sting the turtle, the turtle finally agreed to give the scorpion a ride on his back so they both could cross the river, All went well until the scorpion and the turtle were about half way across the river.Suddenly,  without warning, the scorpion, stung the turtle and the turtle cried out and asked the scorpion, "Why did you sting me? Now, we will both drown! The scorpion said," I stung you because I am a scorpion and it is my nature to sting.
    Just as it is the scorpion's nature to sting Obama, is a devious  politician  and it is his nature to deceive , mislead, distort spin oh who am I kidding?It is Obama's nature to down right lie and this is one talent Obama has perfected down to an art.I would compare Obama,  to a lying serpent just like in the garden of Eden but calling Obama, a lying snake, is an insult to snakes! What Obama,  is , is a con artist the ultimate flimflam man and I personally, would put nothing past him in fact, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him and since I am handicapped, I could never throw him therefore, I will NEVER trust him. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ryan's Budget Is DOA.

    Much has been made about President Obama's sudden willingness to meet with House and Senate Republicans to discuss possible compromises as both sides try to deal with the affects of the sequester and at the same time present their version of a proposed balanced budget for the next ten years. Right away I find this process a bit Ironic since the Democrats,  have already had four years and they have yet to produce even one budget for one year even so, I am reminded of the first part of Isiah chapter one verse eighteen it begins with these words:" Come now let us reason together saith the Lord." I wonder? Why is it that  I think,  that even if God,  told Republicans and Democrats,  to meet and come reason together that both sides might meet but not much reasoning will actually be done? I mean after all, both sides have been so successful getting together in the past right? Excuse me, God, just reminded me I'm not supposed to lie. The truth is both the Republicans and the Democrats,  have totally different methods when it comes to balancing the federal budget and both sides will argue  for the best political advantage for their party. I will be surprised if anything fiscally responsible as far as dealing with the budget is concerned manages to get accomplished.I don't trust politicians  generally, because generally,  politicians, have never given me a reason to trust them but more than enough reasons not to!
    Congressman Ryan, has now put forth his plan to balance the budget in the next ten years.  While his plan has a lot of good ideas as far as dealing with entitlements is concerned, I think I can say, with the utmost confidence,  that  Ryan's plan to balance the budget is DOA that means dead on arrival as far as the Democrats,  are concerned. Ryan's plan, calls for the repeal of Obama care and considering all the dirty back room deals it took to get it to pass and the fact that this ludicrous legislation, survived a challenge from the Supreme Court Obama, will not let his signature  achievement be abolished What more probably happen is this Ryan's budget plan and Obama,  along with the rest of the Democrats,  will craft a  budget plan,  will be mixed together to form so kind of a so called compromise. I think I can say with total confidence that even if some kind of a compromise is reached after all the reasoning together is done the Republicans, will wind up with the raw end of any deal that is made One can be reasonably sure,  about that! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Forgotten.

    Just when one  thinks  Obama's  ram  page with the infamous sequester, can't get any worse, now it appears that young men and women in the military will lose the benefit of tuition assistance and with no support from the government many brave young men and women will find it much harder to complete their education as a result many will be forced to wait much longer be fore they can plan for future military advancement. I feel if there are any group of Americans who deserve a break and a little help with their future it should be our young men and women in the military.
    I am not surprised, that our nations military were targeted in this way by the sequester. I just think that this is just another example of how our brave men and women go where they are told to go and do what they are told to do and many come back from the battlefield either crippled for life or dead or so  psychologically  and emotionally mixed up many, often wished they had died I still remember a story one of my sister's boyfriends,  told me after he arrived home after being shot in Da Nang Vietnam. He said he was walking through an air port dressed in his military uniform  and was repeatedly  spat upon by several long haired hippies who wanted him to know how much they hated him for obeying his draft order and going to Vietnam in the first place. I find out some time later that this same young man committed suicide he shot himself one night because he was so depressed he left a note that read," If I live or if I die either way I am among the forgotten."
    I have not forgotten and I never will When I think of the illegal aliens  in  this country at this very moment who are receiving  welfare and free health care and in many  cases a free college education while brave American military men and women are being told they will no longer receive tuition assistance from the very government many of them are at this very moment fighting for it literally, makes me sick! President Obama, just like President Clinton, says he feels the American people's pain that has been brought on from the sequester. He should because just like President Clinton Obama is causing most of it. As always my friends these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

None Dare Call It Justice.

    Have you ever played the game called, what's wrong with this picture? Well, I suppose that is what I am doing as I consider the recent judicial actions of Attorney General Eric Holder. Here is a man, whose negligence,  lead to the death of border  patrol agent Brian Terry,  in Operation Fast and Furious. This same man, could offer nothing,  in the way of intelligence,  to help clear up what went wrong in Benghazi a tremendous tragedy, that cost the lives of four brave Americans, including a US Ambassador.If that wasn't bad enough this same man can't trust Americans,  to use their guns properly yet he and Obama, and CIA Director John Brennan, want the American people to trust them when the assure the American people that they know  what their doing using drones as they promise the American people,  they won't kill Americans, with out a trial the cornerstone of due process with said drones, , unless they have proof that said Americans, are indeed involved with terrorist and since no trial will now be required I guess the American people will be asked,  to take Obama's Brennan's and Holder's word for it when they say,  they have this said proof against said Americans This shouldn't  be too hard to do,  considering how open and honest and transparent Obama's administration has been so far, not to  mention the effective  way he has handled the  already mentioned challenges posed by operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi Right? Excuse me, while I gag now!
    Just one day after Senator Rand Paul,  ended his historic filibuster because he wanted Americans to realize how wrong it was to indiscriminately kill would be suspected American terrorist with a drone without a trial. Attorney General Eric Holder, demands that a well established terrorist zealot and  Osama bin La den's son in law for crying out loud, not be placed in Gitmo, as any other terrorist should be no, this pathetic thug,  is to receive a trial by jury, a right that is supposed to re reserved for Americans,  you know, people that were born Here?  What would  truly be pathetic would be if this terrorist, a poster child, for a real wast of life,  is able to acquire a  hot shot lawyer, who could find a way to get this disgrace of humanity acquitted of the charges against him due to some wired legal technicality after all,  stranger things have happened. Can you say, OJ Simpson or Casey Anthony?
    As I ponder all this legal wrangling, I find my self asking,What's wrong with this picture? What kind of perverted justice is this? Ah yes, and then i remember, what kind of justice this is this is the liberal progressive kind of justice and that more often than not, is no justice at all. One, may call this up coming trial assured or a kangaroo court or circus side show. One may call it whatever one wises but none, dare call it justice. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Can Everything Be Bought?

    There's an old saying that says everything has a price.Heaven knows, politicians, may not have a price necessarily but they can most definitely be bought. I have seen  video clips that show  Obama, saying that he owes a lot to the unions because their support helped get him elected Hollywood liberals,  certainly helped with huge contributions to Obama's reelection campaign.I suppose it could be said, in a sense Obama, has been bought and paid for by his campaign supporters and now he is expected to make sure that all of his political decisions reflect their views.
    I suppose everything in America, these days, has a price. Now it would seem, that US citizenship  has a price. American economist, Edward Lazear, has sent a new immigration proposal to the White House. Lazear suggest, that those who wish to obtain citizenship need only pay a mere 50000.00 dollars. If a person who desires US citizenship does not have 50000.00 dollars just laying around somewhere handy then an individual wishing to obtain US citizenship may borrow 50000.00 dollars from Uncle Sam and pay it back over time this would be similar one would suppose to a student loan or a home mortgage.
    Call me crazy, but if  one is an immigrant from Mexico, why would they want to borrow 50000.00 dollars from the US government to buy their citizenship over time when this same person can sneak across America;s all to open and inadequately protected boarders?  Even if they are caught, they may still be forgiven and protected under Obama's  Dream Act, and thus be able to live here for nothing! Even if this proposal could work, should it be done? I'm  sure many who may read these words, will remember the words of Patrick Henry, who said give me liberty or give me death. Now it seems one may not need to die for freedom and liberty one need only have enough money to buy it.
    Think about it, freedom is an idea that good men and women have fought and died for,  just as one could  not buy back a human life once it had  been given in the battle for American freedom, should  freedom and liberty be purchased for 50000.00 dollars? Well, that is cheaper I suppose than having to die for it. I suppose I just can't deal with the concept of buying US citizenship and American, freedom,  with mere money when their have been countless others who fought and died for freedom and thus it would seem to me that they paid the ultimate price. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

He Who Would Be God.

    I except to get criticized from time to time. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I certainly don't expect liberals to necessarily agree with me. What does surprise me however is that from time to time I am criticized and judged by some who are fellow conservatives and fellow Christians.It seems,  that some Christians think that the use of political satire is something a Christian should not do. All I can say is this,  I respect the  office that  a Congressman or Senator or A President,  may hold but doesn't mean that I necessarily respect the individuals who may occupy these positions. I use clever political commentary as a way to make my blog a bit more  humorous to   provoke thought. To my fellow Christians,  who find it necessary to judge me for this,  I would remind you of Matthew 7:1-2 it says the Following: " Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge it shall be measured to you again."I suppose not even every Christian conservative,  is going to necessarily agree with me and for those people I offer these words of Wisdom from Abraham Lincoln he said the following:" You can please some of the people some of the time all of  the people some of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time."
    Now to the matter at hand,  I will make a human judgement  now and tell you that as a person who believes in the constitution and the right of freedom of speech and the basic  right of due process for every American citizen, I find Attorney General Eric Holders response to Senator Rand Paul's question as to whether or not the President has the Constitutional authority to use drones on American citizens disturbing to say the least not that this is any thing new for me for I often find anything  Attorney General Holder,  thinks to be disturbing be cause I think he is mentally disturbed!
    The idea, that any American, suspected of being a terrorist   could be killed with a drone attack based on the decision of Obama,  alone and subsequently have said drone attack  carried out by soon to be  CIA Director John Brennan,  with no trial to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that one such American, is indeed a terrorist goes against every principal of freedom this country was built upon.When Obama, or any one person can decide who lives or dies by their  one decision alone then  that person be comes a law unto themselves and answers then to no one and thus such a person then becomes God.
    This is not to say that hundreds of Americans are killed legally without the benefit of a trial  in this country everyday Abortion has been legal in this country for forty years now. Obama care proposes to let a panel   of non elected  individuals decide if certain folks among America's senior citizen population should be allowed treatment if said treatment is deemed too expensive to keep them alive. Just this week a nurse was suspended because  she refused to perform CPR  on an elderly resident because she said it went against the facility's policy because the facility and the nurses there were not licensed  by the California Board of Registered Nursing to preform CPR.I understand not wanting to be sued but as a nurse it was her duty to try to save that elderly resident's life the Good Samaritan law would have given her enough protection to at least try to save her life.
    The last sign of moral decay in any society is the devaluation of human life. America, is truly in a state of moral decay. Someone has said in a free society the people ultimately receive the government they deserve because they voted for it. One may not like Obama, as a President but he was,  duly elected by the people and I fear if America,  does fall as a result of many of his irresponsible moral and economic policies it may just be because God has decided America, has received,  what she deserves as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Put Your Big Boy Pants On!

    My Daughter Cassandra, Is always telling her mother and I just how grown up she is. I will admit there are times when she astounds us with her endless imagination and creativity, There are also times,  when she finds it much more fun just to be a happy go lucky kid. Recently, Cassandra,  complained to her mother and ask her why she didn't remember to recharge her ipod before she went to bed. My wife then reminded Cassandra, that the ipod was hers and if she was old enough to use an ipod she was old enough to remember to recharge it.All children must learn responsibility or they will remain children.
    My father,  told me that the day he was old enough to to wear long pants was the same day he was old enough to go to the fields and work on the farm beside his two older brothers and his father. I was curious, so I asked him just how old that was and he said six.He said he had to grow up fast because crops didn't wait and they did not harvest themselves. My father said responsibility can never be learned to early but if not learned early enough it can be too late for some folks to learn!
    Speaking only for my self I've never really  cared much  for whiners, and speaking of whiners, Obama, continues to whine about those pesky Republicans, who just don't seem to want to get with the program and let Obama, and the rest of the do nothing Democrats, raise hard working Americans taxes. The President, is absolutely committed to picking American taxpayers pockets. The sequester, as it turns out, will not end life as we know it and Obama fears that if the American people figure that out,  they may ask for him to make more responsible budget cuts and  he certainly, couldn't have that!
    As committed as Obama, is to higher taxes, it would seem, that just about all he is committed to. The man and that description is  generous doesn't not seem able or willing to accept responsibility for anything. Think about, he didn't know about Fast and Furious,  he didn't know about Benghazi, he signed the heath care law that bears his name but he was not involved in the process of writing the bill and no one took the time to read the health care bill but every American tax payer,  is gonna be very involved in paying for it. Obama, blames the Republicans, for just just about any and everything he complains about how stubborn the Republicans,  are to work with. I would remind Obama,  that the Democrats, are the party that has a jackass,  for a symbol and he is living proof that is no accident!Obama, it seems prefers the notoriety that comes from being the President but not the responsibility that also comes with the office. It would likes all the perks of the presidency but not all the pressures of the presidency. It seems Obama, knows how to run a campaign and thus become President,  he just isn't up to the task of actually behaving like a president.Running one's mouth is one thing and Obama is certainly,  an expert at that.  Running a country well, that's something else and so far Obama, hasn't even obtained amateur status as it relates to being presidential and exercising real leadership.If Obama wants to be President, he needs to put his big boy pants on take the responsibility that comes with the job I like going to Disney Land, but the American people don't need a Micky Mouse President although Obama, does have the ears for that job if Mickey,  needs a break! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Liberals, Think Woodward Is Wayward.

    Much as been made over famed, investigative reporter and  Watergate whistle blower, Bob Woodward's recent comments regarding Obama and  the sequester. At this point I don't really  care,  who it was that first thought of the  idea of sequester. Gene Spering, had to right to send Woodward an email that at the very least implied a threat. If Gene Sperling,  wasn't attempting to threaten Woodward, why did he call him and give in a verbal tongue lashing over Woodward's article, that lasted a half hour in the first place?
    The White House says, that no threat was intended. I would never call Obama or anyone on the White House staff a liar necessarily, I believe both Obama, and the White House, are totally committed to their version of the truth. I have always thought that both Obama, and the staff at the White House,  should be committed to the nearest insane asylum available One thing about Obama and the White House though if one is not satisfied with their version of the truth on almost any subject one need not worry because they will have a new version  about every twenty minutes. One must understand, I have all the respect in the world for Obama and his diligent if not  delinquent staff, at the White House,  it's just well, there's not much respect in the world right now, I think it's part of the sequester!  Okay, So, I've had a little fun poking fun at Obama, and the rest of the liberals at the White House but one could hardly blame me because as a conservative,  it;s hard to have fun with a liberal because liberals always make American taxpayers pay for any fun they provide. I'd like to say, on behalf of hardworking tax paying Americans everywhere,  to both Obama and his White House staff, Thanks, FOR Nothing!!
   Look, the only point I am really trying to make is this Woodward, or any citizen in America, should be able to say or write anything they want to  with no fear that anyone, from the White House,  is going to contact them  and tell  them they will regret what they have said,  in the media or written in the press. When the day comes,  when one can be threatened either by implication or by literal force and basically,  be told what one can or can not say or what one can or cannot print and such actions are tolerated  in  a free society or in a free country  then this one thing is sure One no longer lives in a free society or a free country. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are Republicans, Ready To Rally Or Retreat?

    With the looming threat of the sequester, now just hours away one can only imagine what will be accomplished by a least minute meeting between Obama and Senators Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi Mitch McConnell and House Speaker, John Boehner.It is notable that it is President Obama, who has called for this meeting no doubt to make a last ditch effort to cut a deal with the Republicans in the House and the Senate. I would venture to say, that some kind of deal in the form of a compromise will indeed be offered by President Obama, on behalf of the rest of the Democrats. The question then becomes, should Senator McConnell and speaker Boehner take deal?
    It is always, a good idea, I suppose, to at least hear the deal that Obama, on behalf of the Democrats will offer to the Republicans.. Speaking as a conservative however, I would hope that both Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell,  would continue to reject any offer or deal  made by President Obama, that would include tax increases on the American people. Any reasonable and financially responsible person knows that that the  American people, don't need to be taxed more government needs to spend less. You will notice, that I said, any reasonable and financially responsible person already knows this basic truth and this is why I don't hold out much hope for any kind of a major budget reduction break through as a result of the coming meeting between Obama, Reid, Pelosi, McConnell and Boehner because lately, I haven't seen or heard of anyone in both parties of government that are reasonable or intelligent. I hate to break it down this way but Democrats are seldom reasonable and lately Republicans, have been anything but intelligent.    I will  respect Boehner and McConnell  much more if they choose to stand their ground and reject any deal offered by Obama,  Reid,  and Pelosi concerning the sequester that would involve further government taxes increases. I would hope,  that Boehner and McConnell absolutely insist,  on reasonable but realistic budget cuts. Yes, I know, that no matter what happens as a result of this pending meeting the Republicans,  will be blamed whatever the outcome  may be, that is I why I would tell both  Boehner and McConnell along with the rest of the Republicans if they are to be blamed for whatever they do, then for God's sake stand for something that will be worth taking the blame for say NO! to Obama,  as it pertains to the sequester if the he offers involves tax increases. Yes,  Republicans,  will be blamed and there is often a cost  when one chooses to stand but with that cost one can usually determine in this case what real men are made of and I must confess, I am left to wonder if there are any  real good men and women left in American government frankly,  I have my doubts. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

America's Forefathers, What Would They Think Now?

    Sometimes, I like to ponder, what America's forefathers, would think if they could come back and see what America, has become today. No doubt the founding fathers, would be impressed with the many technological advances America, has made over the last 237 years.I can imagine how impressed they would be with the telephone, the car, space travel, various home appliances not to mention,  the ability for nearly everyone in America, to be able to easily own any one of these devices.
    The founding fathers, would probably want to see many of America's colleges and universities. I think they would be amazed with how quickly knowledge  can be accessed and with the speed that knowledge can be shared around the globe in a matter of seconds through the use of satellites and computers. Indeed, I think America's forefather's, would be impressed with the many advancements America, has been able to make until they took a closer look at American society today and then realized how we now use these advancements. I t is true that technology, has made life in America,  much easier and technology in and of itself is neither good  or bad it it all depends on the way it is used. The same computer that can help a student with their home work is the same computer a hacker can use to raid some one's personal information.
    I wonder, what the founding fathers would think, if they could visit Washington, and see just what goes on inside the halls of government? Who knows maybe, they would say not much has changed as far as basic politics is concerned after all politics, has always been something of a dirty business. I think the founding fathers would be shocked however when they saw how many of our political leaders in government have no regard for the Constitution whatsoever Indeed many in government at best often abuse the Constitution and at worst often totally ignore it and unfortunately, the same can be said for the Bible.I think the founding fathers would be amazed, at how many churches in America, are now only empty religious buildings where people once went to church.
    Finally, I wonder what the founding fathers, would think after taking some time to look at the basic culture in America, today? What would they think if the saw much of the youth of America today? I'm afraid they might think that many in America, have become spoiled and indeed in many cases lazy.Many in America, now expect government to provide them with nearly everything in fact, what ever the government doesn't provide right now is probably only because some progressive liberal hasn't thought of it yet! Some times, I think the founding fathers would observe how selfish many Americans,  have become and remember to tremendous price they paid for American freedom and then ask themselves was it really worth it when they see how many in America, now take their freedom and all the blessings, that come with it for granted. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Is There Any Hope Left For America?

    Recently,  a friend and I were talking and my friend ask me, if I saw  any hope left for America. He wanted to know from  an economic and cultural basis if I thought America,  could make a course correction and return to sound economic and spiritual principals and in so doing became a great nation once again. After a long pause all I could tell him was that I supposed anything was possible but to be honest,  I no longer thought  that  America, will experience any kind of an economic or spiritual rebirth.
    Spiritually speaking, at present, many in America, seldom attend church anymore. Almost every week it seems,  that I hear about  a church somewhere  that decided to close due to poor attendance.Many of the remaining churches in America,  are not preaching what I call the gospel of the Bible. Many sermons,  that are preached in America's churches today are what I call warm and fuzzy sermons,  designed to make everybody  feel good but not designed to help  anyone see that they may be lost and in need of Jesus,  to be their savior as a result,  what one hears in many churches in America, today, is a social gospel this kind of gospel may care for a persons physical or emotional needs but this kind of gospel does nothing to save lost souls that need Christ. Many churches,  have a form of godliness but they deny the power there of and as a result I see no real hope of a spiritual  revival in America.
    America's culture, is almost totally secular now. I would venture to say,  more people in America,  know more about what's going on on their favorite TV reality show as opposed  to knowing anything going on in their churches or  in the government. Education,  in America, has become something of a pathetic joke and many of  America's history books are being rewritten removing anything pertaining to God,  or traditional values
    America,  is on the verge of a total economic collapse America,  has a nearly 17 trillion dollar debt and that doesn't count the 87 trillion dollars of debt in the form of unfunded liabilities including,  Social Security,  Social Security Disability, and Medicare. Medicare, is projected to  be out of money by 2024 Social Security, is projected to be out of money by 2037 and Social Security Disability  is projected to be out of money as early as 2016.I shared these projections with one of my neighbors and she said, " I don't care what America's problems are just as long as I get my check. "I have never seen a more selfish attitude and this philosophy has it were as almost completely pervaded every aspect of American life
    The few traditional Christian conservatives,  in this country who truly care about America's future are marginalized and in essence written off as out touch pathetic fools by much of the mainstream media.Lately, even many conservatives are compromising with progressive liberals so much sometimes it is nearly impossible to see any difference between the Republicans or the Democrats. Only A miracle from God, can save America, now but America,  doesn't seem to need God after all, government has become God,  in America, so why should God,  do anything to save America? Therefore, for me,  it's not a matter of if America, is going to fall it's just a matter of when. I'm sorry,  but as it stands now, I see no hope for America, and I think we are living in the very last days of of a dying nation. therefore,  enjoy your freedom and independence,  while you can because as I see it,  America's days as a free nation are indeed,  numbered. As always,  my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Obama, The Ultimate Scam Man.

    I am 52 and at this point in my life I thought I was pretty smart and had seen or heard about every kind of scan there ever could be  but yesterday, I found out I hadn't. Around five o'clock I received a phone call from someone in India, claiming to be from Microsoft. He asked,  if I was presently on my computer and I said yes. He then said that he was trying to install an update on my computer but was not able to do so because my computer was full of errors and warning and he needed my permission to access my computer because my Microsoft warranty had run out. I knew Microsoft,  had a head courts in India, I knew that computer technicians often need to get into computers to fix problems. I knew I didn't want my computer to crash so I gave the guy permission to look inside my computer. Once he was inside my computer,  he did indeed,  show me  many errors and warnings and I was filled with fear and dread  because I didn't want my computer to crash. I asked if he could fix the problem he said,  yes,  but I would have to put  300.00 dollars on a credit card and then he said he could fix the problem. I gave him my card number and then he said,  the transaction did not go through so I gave the information again and put another 300.00 on my credit card. to make a long story short I was the victim of a computer phone scam. After several frantic phone calls, I was finally able to straighten the whole mess out I canceled my credit card and the charges were taken off my card.I had my computer looked at by a true computer technician and after a long night of feeling totally stupid and embarrassed I collapsed into my recliner and finally got some much needed sleep.I will confess,  it's not much fun getting scammed and this is one lessen I will never forget.
    President Obama, is running a scam of sorts.He is an expert at running scams  the dreaded, sequester it seems, is his latest scam.The idea, that if the pending sequester goes into affect on the first of March that life as we know it will stop is indeed a foolish notion.I will confess however fear is a powerful weapon and just as I feared my computer would crash and that fear clouded my judgement and thus I let myself get scammed so too Obama,  is using fear to scare  the American people,  into forcing the Republicans,to work with him to avoid the consequences of the sequester. I hate to say it but many Americans, will far for Obama's scam.and as a result, I suspect at the very last possible moment some sort of deal will be worked out.How I wish just once  our conservative  political leaders, would stand up to Obama, and say that they were not going to fall for Obama's fear tactics. It is little wonder, that Rush Limbaugh, now finds himself ashamed at how easily many of the American people are fooled by Obama's hysterics.When comes to the problem of the nation's economy or rampant unemployment Obama, has never been a man will a plan but it seems to me he is always the man with a scam! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Obama, Left To Fester Over Sequester.

    There's an all to familiar saying that says, be careful what you wish for, you may just get it. I suspect that this is the way Obama, is feeling right about now.Obama, is running scared in a sense for the first time in his political career.Although he is running a round cherry picking the media he prefers to talk to make no mistake about it , he may say he is concerned about the layoffs and the severe military cuts that the sequester will no doubt cause but what he is really afraid of is the fact that if the Republicans, don't work with Obama and find a way to stop the pending sequester before March first. For the first time in Obama's political life he will be forced to accept responsibility for a political mess he chose to make.
    The sequester,  one will remember was a plan devised by the Senate Democrats,  to force the super six to make definite budget cuts in the fall of 2011. As it turns out, the super six,  composed of three top Republicans and three top Democrats,  were not so super and found themselves either unable or unwilling to come to an agreement on any serious cuts in the federal budget. Automatic cuts were then triggered to go into place at the beginning of 2013. Since the super six,  were unable to agree on acceptable budget cuts the sequester was designed to force cuts in federal spending. These proposed budget cuts were first triggered in late fall of 2011. No doubt Obama,  thought that since the Republicans, were  big supporters of the nation's military surely they would make some kind of deal with the Democrats before the end of 2012 and thus the automatic budget cuts that the sequester would impose would never come to pass indeed I recall Obama saying in the third of last years presidential debate that the sequester would not happen.
    What Obama, didn't count on was the idea that Speaker Of the House John Boehner, would throw the the proposed sequester right back in his face so to speak By telling Obama,  in essence you created this problem Mr President,  now you solve it It would seem that one can not help being left with the impression that Boehner,  is enjoying a since of revenge as he now realizes the political mess Obama,  now finds himself in a mess,  he made all by himself One can almost imagine that Boehner hopes the sequester goes into affect it's not as though Obama, would not deserve to have to answer to all of the members of the military for his pathetic arrogance. I recall not too long ago Obama, was more than willing to let the nation go over the fiscal cliff especially when he thought it would cripple the Republicans politically so one could hardly blame Boehner, if he wasn't  enjoying Obama's present predicament  at least a little. I do regret the jobs that will be lost if the sequester does go into effect and I hate to think of the nations military being reduced to levels not seen since before  World War Two but I have to admit I'm rather enjoying seeing Obama, left to fester the sequester after all this could be the first time since  Obama, became President that he will be forced  to take responsibility for a political fiasco, that was his idea. Think of it, Obama,  forced to take the blame for something, that would certainly be a new experience for him. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Obama, A Man Of Few Words, Yeah Right!

     President Obama, has often received praise from both sides of the political isle for his ability to give a great speech.  Speaking,  as a person who has written a few speeches, I have to admit he has a definite talent when it comes to public speaking. I still recall how his inspirational speeches  left people almost spellbound during his 2008 presidential campaign. Lately however,  I find my self wondering where all the magic went in Obama's speeches.
    Oh one need not worry, Obama, hasn't lost his ability to speak and he still loves to talk. I can honestly say, I have never known a president  in my life time who loved to talk more then Obama,  does. When one thinks about it, what can one say about Obama, that he hasn't already said about himself or wouldn't say about himself given any opportunity to do so. Harpo Marx, was truly a man of few words however, that is one phase that will never be used when describing Obama, a man of few positive  economic results yes, a man of few words?  never!
    Obama's political style as far as running the government is concerned reminds me of an old country song that said, if wishes were horses beggars could ride. When it comes to making speeches Obama, truly is a man in love with the sound of his own voice and it's a shame really because if words  were money Obama, would pay off the national debt with one speech but mere talk is indeed,  cheap and that's one word that will never be used when describing the nations over whelming 16 trillion dollar debt. When comes to constant talking, I find that Obama's many words much like his ego and  the nation's  debt  both,  are never ending and ever increasing in fact, the only thing that has managed to grow smaller since Obama, took office is the size of the  average American taxpayer's pay check.
    I have no doubt that Obama's speeches will long be remembered by history not because Obama, says anything that this particularly memorable but because Obama, hasn't said anything  original in the last four years.When one thinks about it a speech,  is pretty easy to remember especially if one has heard it literally dozens of times over the last for years and if one doesn't have Obama's one speech memorized by now don't worry, The American people, have another four years to hear the same speech over and over again and I should think  that almost anyone should have Obama's one speech memorized by then. Oh,  in case you have never heard the speech it goes like this. The nation's economy  is sill in a ditch that's why we need to tax the rich and just to prove how much I care I'll make sure they pay their fair share. I've had four years but the economy,  is still the same and though I know that that's a shame we all know the House Republicans are the ones to blame.Ah yes, history will say of Obama, never has one man's words done so little for so many! As always my friends, these thoughts  remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One Family At A Time.

    Recently,  some family, obligations made it necessary for me  to take a break from  almost every aspect of my day to day routine. As much as I enjoy writing this blog, I felt the need to take some time off. This was very good for me on a personal level because  I discovered something,  I have almost let my self forget nothing I have to do or nothing I may like to do even if  I think it is something important nothing I do is more important then making time to spend with my family. My daughter came to me recently and said she needed my help with her home work and it was an essay assignment.. My daughter asked me if I could help her with her essay. It seems, writing an essay, is not not something my daughter finds easy for her to do and since she knew I enjoyed writing and that  some have said I have a way with words she thought perhaps I might be able to help her. As usual however,  her request for my assistance came when I was up to my eyeballs with various things to do and so I found my self being rather insensitive to her needs and almost without giving it a second thought I said to my daughter, "Honey daddy, is so busy right now can't you write your own paper? She replied,, " Yes, daddy, but I'm not as good at it  as you are I don't have your gift.""You must learn how to write on your own after all nobody helps me write when I compose a new topic for my blog." I was feeling so confident at that moment I was teaching my daughter to be self reliant at least that's what I told my self then as only children can do my daughter asked  me a question that demonstrated a wisdom well beyond her years. She asked, "Daddy, why do you write your blog? I replied," Because I enjoy it and because it's important to try to encourage good patriotic Americans,  all over the country to wake up and not take the freedoms we have in America, for granted,I' m trying to write my blog to do what I can to help save America, because I'm afraid America, won't last much longer as a nation if good people don't wake up soon."My daughter then asked, Daddy, isn't America, a big country with  millions of families in it?" Yes, I suppose so." I said. My daughter then then said these words. Daddy,America, can only be saved one family at a time and it's up to every family in America, to do what they can to save America.I know you want to help them daddy, but right now I need help that only you can give so could you stop what your your doing long enough and help save me from turning in a poor essay?" " After all, daddy, I'm in this family and I'm part of America,  too so since America,  can only be saved one family at a time could you please just start by having time to save me?"
    My daughters words,  were sharper than any knife could have ever been and her words indeed went through me and I immediately stopped ever thing I had been doing and gave her every suggestion I could think of to help her write her essay,It wasn't long before she composed her rough draft and then we went over it together and I helped her reword  a phase here and there and so she had written a fine essay. My daughter was right America,  will only be saved one family at a time.If I am to show my daughter what the traditional values are that made America,  great I must be sure to demonstrate those traditional values to her not just in words but in deeds as well. If one wishes to be a great American one might start by being a good parent for by striving to be a good parent one can do their part help save America, one family at a time. As always, my friends these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Will Not Settle For Mediocrity.

    When I began writing this blog, I promised myself that there were two things I would never apologize for one was being a committed Christian and the other was being a committed American patriot.From time to time I have been accused of mixing politics and religion. I am more than aware that there are those who believe that politics and religion don't mix. I must respectfully disagree.There have been those who have asked me why must I be so out spoken about my Christianity and why must I insist that America, became that great nation that she is because she was built on a foundation of Christian principals I am often asked why can't I be more moderate in my views concerning Christianity and America, in general I can only answer in this way. First of all Christianity, is NOT  my religion. I do not live my Christian life by performing mere rituals nor do I follow Christ, out of established tradition. I follow the teaching of Christ because in those teachings I have found a life worth living. I would now pose this question to all who may read these words. What good is it to say one is a Christian, if those Christian beliefs do not affect the way one lives there life in all areas of everyday life? One may choose to be moderate in their temperament. One may choose to moderate in there attire, One may choose to do all thing in moderation and I suppose there is  nothing necessarily wrong with wanting to avid unnecessarily extremes in life, it is natural to want to live life with a sense of balance. Too often however, I think moderation can all to easily become mediocrity and as a Christian, I will not settle for mediocrity as I attempt to follow the teachings of Christ as I live my life from day to day.As an American, I will not settle for mediocrity in America's culture or in America's government nor will I settle for mediocrity by just rending lip service  to the historic fact that America, was established to be a Christian nation.
    Patrick Henry, did not mince words he stated quite clearly that America was established to be A Christian nation. He expressed this belief with the following words; "It can not be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionist, but by Christians not by religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here." It is no accident that good committed Christians,  make good citizens and thus a good country. Perhaps if America had more committed Christians, in government America,  would not be on the verge of a  total  economic and cultural  collapse.I dare say, few would argue that America,already has an over abundance of mediocre Christians and  politicians. I must confess I find it hard to trust anyone in government who content to say they are a moderate and use such a political view as an excuse to be a mediocre politician at best. To quote Mark Anthony, "Ambition, should be made of sterner stuff. Real leaders, are not made of mush. I can not govern the choices others will make. I can only say, that as proud as I am to be an American, my commitment to my country can not be greater than my commitment to Christ.. I can only say that I have decided, I will not settle for mediocrity in  either of those commitments. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, February 11, 2013

What Makes Freedom Worth Dying For?

    Recently, I heard a young man in my neighborhood say these words as he was talking to one of his friends I listened as  he said these words, "I just don't get it,  Why do people think freedom,  is so great? What's the big deal about freedom and what makes freedom worth going to war and fighting for? People get killed in wars. What makes freedom so worth dying for? I thought for a moment and my love of history brought back the noble words of Patrick Henry,who said,  "Give me liberty or give me death." As I pondered that young man's question I too wondered why the patriots of the American Revolution were so willing to die  for the cause  of freedom and after some careful thought, I believe I know the answer.
    The constitution guarantees all Americans,the right of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The concept of human  freedom is an immortal inspiration from God.The Bible says, in Genesis that God, made man in his own image. I thought about what that really means, it's simple really, God, gave man a free will.God gave man the very essence of himself. Remember,  before the fall of man in the garden  man was created by God and designed to live eternally. Man, chose to disobey God and as a result man's mortal body will experience physical death thus God, through  the death of his son Jesus Christ came to earth to die on the cross to pay the price for sin and take away the power of death Now all who receive  Christ, will live eternally in Heaven and those who don't will still live eternally in Hell separated  from God,  What has this lesson in Christian Theology, have to do with the concept of freedom as it relates to the American Revolution  you ask? I'll tell you.
    America, was built on Christian,  principals and freedom, as I said, is a concept conceived in the mind of God, Therefore, when God,  breathed  into man's nostrils the first breath of life man became an eternal living soul with a natural desire to be  free to exercise his free will.What patriots of the American Revolution like Patrick Henry, understood. was this,  the cause of freedom,  was was the very  essence of God himself. Therefore,  the concept of freedom was eternal. What Patrick Henry was really saying was this If a man can not live freely then  the true essence of all that an individual truly is is not really alive. Therefore Patrick Henry decided, if he could not live freely then he would die fighting for freedom since he knew that if he died fighting for the noble cause of American freedom he then would live freely forever in Heaven with God who is the author of freedom since the beginning of human existence. Americans, exercise there free will everyday. Think about it. Why does one choose to own a home instead of renting if owning the home is possible? The answer is simple ownership gives one the right to exercise ones freewill and do  with the home what ever one desires. Life without freedom,  is no life at all in fact,  in one since if one can not live free one is already dead. Freedom is a  concept,  inspired from the very essence of God.and since man,  was created in God's image, freedom is the very essence of man. The patriots of the American Revolution, knew this and that is why freedom, is worth dying for. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

God Can Great Things With A Willing Heart

    I often look back and reflect on my high school and college days. I wish I could say that I accomplished great things in high school or college. The truth is I was an average student. There was nothing that I did in either high school or college that gave me any notoriety The one talent, I had I suppose I hid for thirty years because I thought it was just to common and rather ordinary at best However I did manage to a receive a small award for something my  English teacher called creative writing. She was impressed with several speeches essays and poems that I had written in high school during my senior year. I however, was insecure and had no real confidence in myself our my abilities as a writer.I was a person with cerebral  palsy and as such, I had been told not too expect too much out of life I found my self wondering what will I ever do in my life that will really mean anything after all, who was I among the millions in this world and what difference could my life make. I was suffering from what one might call the five loves and two fishes complex. One will recall the story of the feeding of the five thousand in John 6:9 Andrew, the brother of Peter,  is talking to Jesus, and says the following; "There is a lad here with five barley loaves and two fishes but what are they among so many."Have you ever felt like a couple of barley loaves and two small fishes, and thought who or what am I among so many in this world?
    Notice however,  the small insignificant lunch,  was given to Jesus by a lad, with a with a loving heart willing to let Jesus, use his small lunch to do great things.Jesus indeed did do a great thing first he multiplied the lunch then he fed over five thousand people think of that that young lad helped Jesus,  feed five thousand people just because he was willing to say, I don't have much Lord,  but what I have I willing give to you. One can almost hear Jesus say, "Thank you dear child, just wait and see what God will do with you willing gift of faith!"You, may be like me and at times you may wonder Lord, what can I do but what Jesus will want to know is have you done what you could? Remember, no talent, or life for that matter is ever wasted if one willingly gives their live and talents to Jesus.
    The Bible says,  In  Mark 14'3-9 that a woman came to Jesus,  and broke a valuable  collection of oils and spices and perfumes over the head and feet of Jesus. Many who saw this humble and gentle act of  loving kindness thought among themselves how could this woman just waste such a valuable resource? Remember what I said though no gift given with a willing heart of love to Jesus is ever wasted. Jesus thanked her and told those who were gathered there to leave her alone because she was helping to prepare him for his burial and  he told her God would remember what she had done for him.What a blessing to think that God,  will remember the acts of kindness we do for others. Remember, One need not have a great gift for God,  to use them but one does need to have a heart that is willing to give to God what ever gift  or talent one may have. God can take the smallest gift given to him and multiply it and do great things with it. All he asked is for is a willing heart that is willing to do whatever we can. I in my own way give my gift writing to God and then compose these words with the hope and prayer that all who may read these words will be blessed. Remember, there is gift too small  when given with a willing heart that God, can not take and do great things. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

America, A Country In Crisis.

    As a proud American patriot and as a Christian,  who still believes in the Christian principals, this country was founded on I observe what is going on in America's government, culture and churches and I have come to the conclusion that America, is a country in crisis.America, now stands on the brink of total economic collapse.The dollar is weaker now than at any other time in America's history.As a person who has studied history I can tell you on average a civilization's currency usually last approximately, 200 years. Rome was one of the greatest civilizations in human history yet their gold currency, only lasted around 200 years or so.  America, has been in existence for nearly 237 years. As I look at the nation's economy I pause and wonder how long the dollar will continue to be used as America's currency the dollar, hasn't been on the gold standard since 1933.and with the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve is printing in an attempt to jump start America's economy one can only wonder what the dollar is actually worth.America's national debt, now stands at 16.5 trillion dollars.I heard  a man describe America's present debt with a very eye opening analogy it seems that if  each dollar of America's present 16.5 trillion dollar debt could converted to seconds it would take an astonishing 507, 000 years to pay off America's national debt. America,  also has an estimated 87 to 100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities and theses unfunded liabilities include Social Security,  Social Security Disability, and Medicare.The Congressional Budget Office now estimates that Social Security, will be exhausted by 2035. Social Security Disability, will be exhausted by 2016 and Medicare,  will be exhausted by 2024. I find it rather interesting that the government refers to these programs as unfunded liabilities since the government never fails to  uses their ability to lie about just how stable and well funded these government programs are.
    As bad as America's economy may be  America's culture,  is even worse much of America's movies and music portray a life selfish decadence unspeakable violence and filth. Much of the youth of America today learn far more from television then they ever bother to learn in school.Much of the youth of America, have no concept of respect, how can they? They have never been  taught what respect is.Teachers, stop on American flags,  and tell  their students that the American flag,  is just made of colorful cloth that doesn't really mean anything.The value of human life has been degraded as well, Americans,  morn for the innocent children who lost their lives at Newtown,  but fail to morn for the millions of babies whose lives are ended needlessly because of the legal practice of abortion. The concept of family and marriage has become something of a pathetic joke in American society since marriage can be defined as the union of two of just about anything including,  two men,  two women, men with more than one wife or in at one case I head about one woman married her pet dolphin.One can only wonder how far America;s morality will continue to decay
    Finally, I ask myself,  where are America's churches? Why aren't they speaking out? How can they speak out?  Many churches in America,  today are seldom full and those that many do attend seldom preach the gospel with the same conviction they once did. The only thing that can possibly save America,  now is a miracle from God. I hate to say it but America, really hasn't unacknowledged God for a long time now and therefore, I see no obligation on God's part to save America,  now.  All one can really hope is that the fervent prayers of a righteous few in America,  may hold back God's hand of judgement on America a little longer. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Drone Yes Gun No Go Figure.

    Okay, I hate to keep beating a dead horse but will someone please explain to me why it is okay for the American people to trust Obama and John Brennan, as far as using drones on American, citizens  is concerned but Obama,  wants to ban certain guns from law abiding Americans. What? He can't trust us,  yet we are supposed  to trust him? I don;t think so! A drone,  is just as deadly as a gun. Yet, Obama, wants us to trust him that he has the authority at his discretion alone to kill Americans,s he suspects to be terrorist in the name of the war on terror A war  that he has never really believed in until just recently and the the last time I checked Congress, hasn't officially,  declared war on any country.The only point I am really trying to make is this, America, is supposed to be a county with laws and amendments  that are spelled out in our Constitution. Obama, it seems only follows the Constitution,  when it fits in to his particular political purpose and lately, it seems that isn't too often.
    Think about it my fellow Americans, Obama, wants us to trust him with a drone and take his word, that he knows what he's doing,  If he decides to kill an American,  he suspects of being a terrorist he doesn't even have to produce said evidence nor see to it that the American,  he believes to be a terrorist has  the right of a trial by jury. Look, I'm no fan of a terrorist of any kind and if an American, is proven in a court of law to be a terrorist then they should be shot for treason.I  just find it ironic  that the President wants to ban certain guns in this country because he doesn't trust law abiding Americans to know how to be responsible with them yet the President,  wants the American people,  to trust him to be responsible with a weapon as powerful as a drone.What ever happened to the second, fourth, and fourteenth  amendments to the Constitution? I mean, do Americans, have the right to bear arms or don't they? Are all Americans to be treated equally or does Obama, have the last word on which Americans,  will be treated fairly, and which ones won't? The last time I checked, I woke up in America, this morning and that used to mean that all Americans,  were guaranteed certain rights because they were born here.It seems however, that at least for certain Americans, Obama has the right to determine if they have any rights at all.As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Due Process, Is The Cornerstone Of American, Freedom.

    Current counter terrorism advisor   and Deputy of National Security, John Brennan, now finds himself in the middle of a national controversy because of the of President's and the   the Justice Department's  view on the right of  due process for all Americans, even those that are suspected of being terrorist.It seems that the President believes he has the authority to authorize drone strikes on Americans,  he believes  to be terrorist. Apparently, the President,  feels, that if he has evidence that he believes proves that an American is a terrorist the American people should just take his word for it and let him go a head and order a drone strive on suspected American terrorist,  without due process of law. Basically this means an American suspected of being a terrorist can be killed by a drone strike ordered by the President without that American even having the right to a trial by a jury of his peers to see if there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that indeed proves that American,  is a guilty of being a terrorist.John Brennan,  would be the person in charge of conducting the drone strikes ordered by the President.The ACLU, has come out against this practice and even many of the president's strongest supporters including many Senate Democrats,  now find themselves at odds with the President.  I'll go on record and say that it is not often,  that I ever  agree with any of the Senate Democrats or the ACLU, for that matter but on this issue I think the Democrats and the ACLU who oppose the practice of drone strikes on suspected American,  terrorist without due process of law have a point.
    Those who feel that Americans,  who are suspected of being a terrorist no long have the right of due process may not realize it but by ascribing to this view.They are giving the government the right to conduct drone attacks on any American,  they deem as a potential terrorist threat without even having to take the suspected potential terrorist to federal court to prove it! The right of due process of law or to put it another way the right of a trial by jury, is the very cornerstone of American, democracy and freedom the right of due process of law is the very foundation of the Constitution. Without the right of due process there is no Constitution and with no  Constitution, one might just as well go live in Iran because it seems the Iranian government shares the same view on the right of do process for their citizens as Obama, does and believe me, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, doesn't have to prove the guilt or innocence of any citizen in Iran if he feels that someone is a treat to the Iranian government he may just have that citizen killed and save Iran the trouble and expense of a trail after all if the President Of Iran, decides someone should be executed I am sure no one in Iran will demand a trial to prove that a citizen in Iran is a threat  to the government I'm sure they are more than willing to take his word for it.
    I do not know at this point if John Brennan, will be confirmed by the Senate and become the Director of the CIA but I suspect in the end he probably will.There is one thing I do know however, the day an American, can by put to death, at the discretion of the President,  without the guaranteed right of due process of law is the day this isn't America, any more. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do Guns Cause More Problems Than They Solve?

    Those who read my blog, on a daily basis, will recall that yesterday,  I wrote a blog on gun control. I  said I too believed in gun control as long as gun control remains in the hands of the American people.I often ask those who read my blog to leave comments and tell me  what they think. One nice lady said,  that although she owned guns she wasn't sure that the government might not have a point because in her words guns cause more problems than they solve so maybe the government should decide who should have guns.I have no doubt,  that there are those in this country right now who feel the same as this  lady who expressed this type of thinking in a comment on my blog. I have to say though, I wonder just how far one would be willing to take this kind of thinking? Should we as Americans,  ban everything that could potentially cause problems or harm in American society? Really?  If every American, living in our society today followed this kind of thinking as they attempted to live there life One might wonder what would still be left in American society?
    I would like to have the government ban the building of fire places in homes fire is dangerous many acres of land and millions homes are destroyed and countless lives lost each year as a result of fire so to cut down on this potential hazard the government should not allow contractors to build fire places in any more homes. I think the government, should ban all planes commercial and private. Planes crash you know and thousands of people are killed every year because planes crash. I think the government should ban cars as well then there would be no more driving after all,  thousands of people get killed in car accidents every year from now on people will just have to ride a bike or walk everywhere. Public transportation should be banned as well people have been killed by buses and subway trains. Therefore the safest thing to do is just walk everywhere. Make sure your job doesn't require you to travel and  make sure your job is in walking distance. While, I'm at it I think the government should ban your freedom to take any medication on your own, Therefore,  from now one even if you want an aspirin a doctor or a nurse must be the one to give it to you after all people have been known  to misread prescriptions an an accidental over dose is always possible as a result. There fore,  the government should require that doctors or nurses be on call twenty four hours a day and personally give each dose of each medication that everyone in this country needs  to take   everyday.
    Okay, enough you say, this kind of thing is ridiculous I agree in fact living in a society like this would cause much more problems then it would ever solve. Look,  the bottom line is this if you want to live in a free society you have to take some risk nothing in life is totally without risk. Guns, have never been a problem in American society but the irresponsible use of guns by total idiots are a problem in any society. As a free society then, Americans, must ask themselves, are they really  ready to give up all their personal freedoms in the name of safety  and security are Americans truly content to let the government do all of there thinking for them? Well, not I, for I think therefore I am and when the day comes when I am not free to do that for myself that's a society I do not wish to live in I prefer death to government mind control. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Gun Control? Yes, But Done By The People.

    My daughter Cassandra, recently informed me that since the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, her school now conducts lock down drills. As I understand it,  the children practice where they are to go to hide in the event that some deranged individual somehow gets into the school with a gun.The School,  is in the process of installing security camera's everywhere. There are new parent policies as well if a parent arrives on the school grounds during a time of day when they aren't  expected to be there they must wait for security to let them in and they must prove who they are with proper identification and if they are unable to produce proper identification they are not admitted. As a parent,  I under stand these new polices and procedures but I confess I never thought the day would ever come in America, when children would have to practice lock down drills and memorize special places to hide in there own school in case they ever had to hide from an armed mad mad in an attempt to save their lives.This is certainly not the America, I grew up in.
    President Obama, now takes his argument for stricter gun control directly to the people and he began this campaign of sorts today, in Minneapolis Minnesota. The president will try to convince the American,  people in certain states to put pressure on their senators and congressmen to vote for tighter gun control legislation. The President, has made no secret of his desire to ban military style assault weapons.even though Vice President Biden, said recently that banning such weapons,  will do little to prevent tragedies like the one at Newtown.I do believe in gun control but that control should remain in the hands of the American people not in  the hands of the  government. What's really going on here is quite simple the government , in the name of gun control, is not  trying to control guns at all but the government,  is trying to control the American people who own them and the government's ultimate goal is to regulate every facet of American,  life for by doing this they in affect own the American people so much for personal freedom. The seeds of tyranny, are often planted in the soil of government control in the name security peace and safety.
    There is a familiar saying that says, forewarned, is forearmed. Remember,  government can only take the individual freedoms that we as the American people are willing to surrender to them.The second Amendment  grantees every law abiding American, the right to bear arms. and that is a right that no free American, should be willing to lay down their arms and surrender. As always, my friends, these words remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Strive, For Eternal Significance.

    Today all across the nation, friends and family alike,  will gather around the biggest TV they can find and root for their favorite football team to win the Superbowl. I have to confess however, that I couldn't even tell you what teams are playing in the Superbowl.There is no doubt, sports of all kinds,  can teach a lot of good values to the youth of America. The importance of setting and striving with all  careful diligence and patience to achieve a desired goal and then experiencing  the joy and confidence that comes with achieving that  goal is something everyone should experience not just in sports but in all areas of everyday life.
    As a  Christian, my desire,  is to set goals for myself that will have eternal significance. I know that the  days of my human existence are short in fact, compared to God's eternity human existence is but a  moment. Americans love sports and the apostle Paul,  was no stranger to athletic competition. Paul says, in First Corinthians, 9:25 that the crown or awards that Christians, should strive for should  be eternal or incorruptible and he draws a striking contrast between the goals of the   athletes of his day compared to what the goals of a Christian,  should be. Paul compares the human discipline of the athletes of his day to the reason for the need of  discipline in the life of a Christian. The passage reads as follows; "And every man that strives for the mastery, is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown but we an incorruptible."As a Christian, I strive to do the will of God,  in my life,  right now,  for me that means being a good husband to my wife, a good father to my daughter, and a good servant to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to that end,  I am to seek to use my life to bless the lives of others with the ultimate goal of bringing as many lost souls as I can to the truth of the gospel by being the best example I can be of a believer in both word and deed. It has been said, that the chief purpose of man, is to glorify God. As one who follows Christ, I pray my life will do just that.
    I am fifty two now and I know my days on earth in light of eternity are indeed short. The reason, I write this blog, is to bless the lives of all who may read it. I have the same goal Paul,  had and that was to know what  Paul, knew at the end of his life in Second Timothy, 4:7-8 the passage reads as follows;"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith. Henceforth, there is laid up for me, a crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge shall give me at that day but not to me only but to all who love his appearing." When the days of my all too  short life come to and end, I want to be able to have some incorruptible crowns to cast at the feet of Jesus, and then I pray he will say the words recorded in Matthew,25:21 to me they are as follows; " His lord said, unto him well done, thou good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter thou, into the joy of thy Lord." Now those are words of eternal significance and they will mean more to me as a Christian, then any trophy or award that I could ever win on earth. Strive then, my fellow believers in Christ, to live a life of eternal significance. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hagel, Looked Haggard And Hasn't Done His Homework.

    Remember,  that feeling of dread you always felt in school,  when you knew you hadn't done your homework? Remember how no matter how hard your prayed that the teacher wouldn't call on you some how the teacher always did,  over and over again almost as if the teacher knew you hadn't done your homework. Guess what? After about the first two questions the teacher did know you hadn't done your homework. The teacher kept calling on you to show you how bad it feels to be called on when you haven't studied  so you could be prepared.Hopefully then you promised yourself,  that you would do your homework from that day forward so that you would never have to feel that awkward and ill equipped, ever again!
    I almost felt sorry for Senator Chuck Hagel,  at his recent Secretary of Defense,  confirmation hearing,  I saw highlights of the hearings on Fox News, ans saw Hagel, get continually hammered over and over again by various Senators,  from both sides of the Isle and though I respect the fact that he is a three time Purple Heart recipient at his confirmation hearings though,  it seems he   received some purple bruises on his ego  to go with them.No matter how much I wanted to believe in Senator Hagel, to me,  he just appeared to be totally unprepared like a kid in school who just hadn't done his homework. I nearly fell out of my chair when he said , he considered Iran, to be a legitimate government.Then he said the President's  administration military position  on Iran, was containment and then after receiving a note from someone at the hearings he tried to clarify his answer by stating he meant to say the President's administration had no position on containment regarding Iran. Finally, Carl Levin,  Senior Senator from Michigan and Chairman of the Senate Committee of Armed services, tried to rescue Senator Hagel, by reminding him that the President's administration had a position on the   containment of Iran, he said simply,  "We are against it." Thus, placing Senator Hagel, in the position, of looking rather stupid.  I know on thing Senator Hagel, was certainly up against it he was lost, looking for answers and he was coming up short.
    My father, always said, a good man,, knows when to admit when he is wrong about something, but when Arizona Senator John McCain,  repeatedly asked Senator Hagel,to say wheather  he was wrong about the outcome on the serge in Iraq,  with a simple  yes or no answer,  Senator Hagel, refused to give him such an answer and this made the Senator,  seem too  proud to admit that he had been wrong about the outcome of the serge in Iraq. A simple, humble I was wrong would have really helped Senator Hagel right about then and this guy needs all the help he can get!I was left with the impression, that Senator Hagel is not prepared to Secretary of Defense. Surely,  the Senate,  would not confirm someone so scatterbrained then again, this is the Obama, administration we're talking about. Oh Yeah, Senator Hagel,  will get confirmed because frankly, he'll fit right in! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Looking For Honesty In Politics? Good Luck!

    I heard on the news lately, that several of the big unions in this country are suddenly upset with President Obama, because many who belong to a union are beginning to find out Obama care, will cost more than they bargained for.It seems one union member just found out he won't be able to keep his current health care plan even though Obama, told him if he liked his current health care plan he'd be able to keep it if he as a union member would just trust Obama,  and back Obama care,  and now that Obama care has become law and is about to go into affect  in 2014 now,  many union worked who believed in Obama,  and helped support Obama care,  are shocked that Obama, lied to them. I mean think about it, a politician that would lie to his supporters just to get something he wanted? Perhaps,  the real question is, are there any other kind of politicians?
    I am constantly amazed that there are still people in this country,  who expect politicians to tell them the truth. Someone  has said, trying to find an honest politician these days is about as hard as looking for a virgin a  brothel.George Washington, once said I can not tell a lie. Today, the only time a politician can not tell a lie, is if their lips can't move and then again, there's  always texting. I'm not suggesting for a moment that anyone tells the absolute truth all the time. I don't know a man alive who will answer this question honesty but try this one guys, "Honey,  does this dress make me look fat?"How bout this one? Honey,  do you think I spend too much money?"Here's a good one." Honey since we've been married, do you ever think of your old girlfriends?"Take it from me guys no matter what the truth may be if your married and you love your wife or at the very least if you value your life, the answer to these three questions, better be NO No and NEVER!!
    I find that most politicians don't really lie it's just that the truth that they tell has  a limited warranty and the warranty on a politicians truth usually last just long enough to get elected or get a spending bill passed of course you have to pass the bill before you can ever know what's really in it you know sort of like Obama, care Oh wait... that's exactly like Obama care! Obama care the affordable care act that more and more people are finding out that nobody can afford including a lot of the unions.I can't say I know many politicians committed to the truth. but I have seen a lot of politicians I thought should be committed  to the nearest mental hospital available The truth is these days, if a politician, tells the truth it was probably an accident! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.