Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Money Or Morality

  As I heard the primary results in Michigan and Arizona, I could not help but consider if America,  may be making a choice of money over morality. Here is what I mean. While I agree that any of the remaining Republican presidential nominees would be better than what America has now, and while I understand America, has many problems to solve, it seems to me that Americans  are  going to choose to put moral social issues on the back burner once again and concentrate on jobs and the over all economic recovery of this nation. Senator Rick Santorum, is concerned not only with America's struggling economy but also her moral foundation.As I see it all of America's present problems like the lack of jobs and a sluggish economy and over all global uncertainty as far as America's national security is concerned these problems are more less just symptoms of America's real problem. What is that you may ask? The answer is simple over the past sixty years or so the liberals in this county have reinterpreted  America's constitution. liberals have slowly over the past sixty years or so have redefined the phase separation of church and state to mean separation Of God from America's spiritual and social conscience.
  I took just a few moments last night to consider just how much the America,  I have known has changed in the last forty years. When I was in public  elementary school would you believe students were permitted to meet at the school flag pole for devotions and a time of prayer?You sure can't do that now! When I was growing up I knew everybody in my neighborhood and I could walk any where in my neighbor hood even if it was late on many a summer's night and I felt perfectly safe and many of my neighbors didn't even feel the need to lock their doors. I lock all my doors at night now though. Kids can't even go to school these days because if they do the run the risk of being abducted or shot! Have you really seen what's on television these days and the values that are being promoted over the pubic airwaves? I can assure you of this programs like Jersey Shore or Desperate House Wives are not contributing anything that will encourage a sense of general decency and morality in the minds of America's youth. Have you listened to America's pop music lately? Wow I heard a song just yesterday that talked about treating young women like prostitutes and killing cops. Wow! no music I ever listened to when I was Growing up encouraged any one to do that!
  The truth is a more conservative approach may help fix some of America's economic problems but that is really just a temporary band aid. What America really needs only God can do America needs a spiritual revolution and a moral rebirth. If God is to bless America, and restore her to true greatness there must be a change in the hearts of the American people. The people must decide to return to the moral principals that this country was built on. God has been patently waiting  for many years now America better make up her mind soon I know this much  God's patience is not with out limit and his spirit shall not always strive with the American people. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words,  to think on.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dying To Go To School

  No doubt,  by now  if your like me,  you have seen on the news the terrible school shooting in Chardon, Ohio. Since yesterday,  this tragedy,   has claimed yet another victim. I don't know about you but I hugged my little girl four times yesterday and told her I loved her. I was so thankful  that at least for now,  I was able to send her to a private Christian school. I know tragedies  like what happened at Chardon Ohio can happen even at a private Christian School .I guess I just feel a bit safer because I know everyone else who happens to go there. I found my self asking this question. How does this happen? What is going to have to be done to prevent such tragedies  like The shooting at Chardon, from happening again? Is every student who goes to school going to have to pass through a medal detector like you do when you go through security at an airport? Is every student going to have to be padded down and searched for weapons before they can come into a school building or even a school parking lot?
  One thing is clear,  something will have to be done. I know that some will bulk at the idea of being padded down and searched some will feel that is a violation of there civil liberties and the ACLU may have a field day if every student in America who attends any type of school has to be searched before they would be allowed to enter But, I would ask you what else can be done to prevent school shootings like the most recent one at Chardon Ohio? Parents should not feel like they are putting the children's life in danger just because they send them to school and not every parent can home school their children  so what is the solution to this situation? I will confess to you I don't know but I have a feeling that surveillance  cameras and armed guards may one day be very common when parents send there children to school. One thing I do know is this sending your children to school should not be a death sentence I pray a reasonable  solution to this problem can be found to  keep our students safe while they are in school  and soon. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pain At The Pump As Gas Prices Jump!

  My wife just got back from the gas station ouch! it has;t been too long since our last trip and the gas is ten cents more than it was just three days a go nationally,  gas is 3.69 cents a gallon and there are places where folks  are paying nearly five dollars a gallon and there is talk of six dollars a gallon by Labor Day. Hey let me ask you something which do you think will go higher the price of gas or President Obama's job disapproval rating? Oh well,  I guess every cloud has a silver  lining! Seriously though, have you ever wondered what would happen in this country if suddenly gas was too high electricity was too high heating oil was too high food cost were too high oh wait a minute they already are. Sometimes,  I wonder if America would be better off if we were forced to live like some Amish friends of mine. The Amish, grow there own food, ride horses or use a horse and buggy so there are no gas problems too worry about. The Amish use wood to heat there homes I must admit I love a good old wood stove or fire place Oil lamps furnish light. The Amish have their own doctors and home remedies. The Amish,  don't seem to need television or a telephone or even a computer. When I ask them if they wish they had these conveniences that most in America could not do without they simply say they have all they need and you don;t miss what you never had.. I think of this a lot like a blind person if the power goes out now who has the advantage? The blind have no need to have light to see for they have learned to see by using there other senses again one does not miss what one has never had.
  I am not suggesting that America needs to go back about a hundred and fifty years or so but if every thing in this county keeps going up who knows I mean if you can't pay for gas you will walk or ride a bike or even use horses right? Food is really getting high who knows people may soon have to grow their own I wonder how many folks in America besides the farmers would know how? All I am saying is this if America doesn't get her  economic act together and deal with her massive debt and if Those in the government don't learn to live with in America's means we may all be living like the Amish sooner than we may think! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Politicians With Integrity Are They Extinct?

  My daughter is writing an essay on integrity. I thought that was an interesting assignment so I took the chance to look up the definition for integrity what I found was quite interesting. Integrity is the quality of being honest. Another definition is having good moral principals. Another definition says, being  up right. The last definition I found for integrity said this, a state of being whole or undivided.
  As I looked at the definition of integrity I began to wonder if any politician in America today,  had integrity. I must confess to you I am still wondering. I often wonder if many in America today have integrity. You know there was a time in this country when you didn't have to have everything written down in a solid binding contract. There was a time in this country when a hand shake was all that was needed. I remember this about my father if he gave you his word it was as good as money in the bank and you could bank on it! These days as I consider politicians in America today I just don't no what to believe. I mean think about it! Right now,  we are in the primary season we have four GOP presidential candidates who have all to some extent distorted misled   and in some cases just plain lied about their opponents and then at the end of this malicious contest one of them will turn to the American people and ask them to trust him but if one politician will lie about another opponent just to win a primary there is nothing to indicate that he won't lie to the American people.
  I wonder if America,  has any integrity? Remember I said on definition of integrity carried with it the idea of being whole or undivided.I have to tell you if there was ever a time in history where a country was more morally,  spiritually,  socially,  and economically divided it is America,  today. What really troubles me is that many in America today,  have basically excepted this as normal. I talked to a person the other day who told me he expected all politicians to lie to him because that was the so called American way. I then told him not where I come from. You see where I come from I was taught that integrity was more than just a definition in a dictionary. I was taught that if  one was a person of integrity it was more than just doing the right thing or telling the truth. Where I come from if you say you have integrity it means you strive to do that which is right just because it is right not just for what you may or may not get out of it. Where I come from I was taught that a person who had true integrity would do the right thing even if it meant they might suffer some type of loss. I wonder how many politicians would do the right thing if they thought they could win an election more easily from doing the wrong thing? Integrity is more than what a person says or does it is in a very real sense who a person is. The people who knew my father and did business with him knew he could be trusted because his word was as good as his name. I strive to live in such a way that the same can be said of me. I don't know if America,  has any politicians with true intergrity or not. I do know this however,  if a person canot be true to themselves, they can not be true to any one. As always, my friends, these words remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

You Are Not Free To Be Stupid!

  There's a particular line from an old Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry move that I like to remember when I think about  personal responsibility. the line is said all through the movie and it goes  like something like this, "A mans' got to know his limitations." The same can be said for freedom. Freedom is only valuable if it comes with a certain amount of limitation and personal responsibility. Here is what I mean in America, a person has freedom of speech but that doesn't mean you are free to yell fire in a crowded theater using your freedom of speech under such a circumstance if there was no fire would be highly irresponsible because it would cause an unnecessary public panic.
  Congressman Ron Paul,  is a Libertarian, and I know he wants everyone to be free to live their own lives with no interference from the government. I realize there are times when government can be too intrusive my problem with Ron Paul and the Libertarian party in general is this they want too much freedom. Ron Paul,  wants to legalize many of the drugs that at least for now are illegal. We already have problems with underage drinking teens using fake identification to get alcohol if you legalize all drugs teens will have no problem using fake identification to get drugs as well. Some will point out that if  teens or kids even younger want drugs or alcohol they will always find a way to get them. I would ask you, do we really want to legalize all drugs and make it that much easier for drugs too fall into the wrong hands? Remember,  drugs and and alcohol affect good judgement. Do we in America,  want drugs so easy to get that anyone is free to abuse them? What happens if some ten year old kid obtains some kind of drug  and becomes so spaced out that they get a hold of a gun and shoot anybody the happen to find annoying? Speaking of guns,  why don't we make it so anybody  can get one? The only point I am really trying to make here is,  all real freedom comes with a certain amount of limitations and responsibilities.
  Some Libertarians,  want to legalize  prostitution I would ask them do they  really want to have prostitutes on every street corner  in America? Do we really want our young children exposed to this type of thing at such an early age? There are already people in this country who believe they should be free to have sex in public any time or any where they want. Do we really want citizens to have total freedom with no responsibility to use good judgement and decency in general? I heard about a group of folks in California who want the right to walk around nude all the time they say they find clothes to be too restrictive. Speaking just for myself,  I this would be a very  indecent proposal. I'm  all for getting down to the naked truth but that's more truth than I care too see or know about!  Here is an idea, why don't we do away with speed limits? We have cars that can go well over 120 miles an hour so why should we have speed limits or seat belts?
  America's founding fathers realized that freedom and personal liberty did not mean the abandonment of common sense and sound judgement. Freedom can only truly be of benefit to a society if it is kept in check and balanced with a certain amount of personal responsibility. Some, may not agree with my point of view but that's okay, it's a free country and you are free to have your own opinion. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Sorry President

  I have to tell you, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of President Obama. Every time I turn around it seems like he is apologizing to one country or another on behalf  of the United States. I understand that the Koran is a holy book to those who follow the teachings of Islam. I regret that the Koran was burned but,  you have to realize the United States did this because there was at least the possibility,  that sensitive military information was being passed written I suspect somewhere inside the pages of the Koran. You have to admit that would be a good place to hide secret military information.The military, burned the Koran in the interest of national security I can't blame them for that.President Obama's apology to Afghan  President Hamid Karzai  only serves to make the United States look like a weak and second  rate nation. I haven't heard an apology from the Afghan government for the two American soldiers killed as a result of this incident. I won't hold my breath waiting for it.. Come to think of it I don't recall an apology from any major Muslim group  for the terrorist  attack that took place on nine eleven and that was ten years ago and I'm still waiting.
  Look I'm just a patriot who loves this country. I know America, like any country has it's problems and from time to time any country can make a mistake. I just know that there are a lot of countries in this world today who owe an awful lot of thanks to the United States and I have yet to hear even a thank you from any of them. I think of Germany Or Japan after World War II the United States helped re build both of those countries even though we won the war. France would have been totally destroyed if the United States has not liberated Paris in World War II.the country of the Philippines would have been taken over by Japan if the United States,  had not freed them from hands of the Japanese in World War II. All I am saying is this the United States does a thousand things right everyday but you never hear about it but should the United States make any mistake no mater what the circumstances may be  you will never hear the end of it especially from the liberal media and the left leaning press.
  I would say this however Barack Obama,  certainly has made a career out of apologizing for this country.I never seen a President so ready and willing to bow down and at times almost craw on his hands and knees China, Iran and North  Korea,  must spend a lot of time laughing at the United States because  they certainly don't respect us. I am sorry, Barack Obama,  was elected as President. I will be even more sorry if he manages to get reelected. because I think he has been a very sorry President. if this assessment offends the liberals in this country all I have to say is sorry about that! As always my friends these thoughts remain , just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Convictions Of Convenience

  Last evening I was able to catch most of the Republican presidential debate. I would have to say for me there were no real surprises. Governor Romney,  appeared to be able to present himself as a solid presidential candidate.  The conventional wisdom seems to suggest that he will receive the nomination if only because he has enough financial support and enough organization to  out last  the other candidates. As I expected Governor Romney, launched an all out attach on Senator Santorum and he was aided in his attack by Congressmen Ron Paul. Speaker Newt Gingrich, was at his best and he presented himself in  his usual calm clear and concise manner.
  I must admit however I find my self a bit troubled when I consider the future of America. On one hand, Republicans say,  they want a true conservative and I think they do at least they want someone who is conservative in their politics. There is however,  a lingering attitude even among most conservative Republicans that I find very disturbing. I would express  to you that I have a certain respect for Senator Santorum because he is willing to admit that his faith that is to say,  what he believes will influence the way he will  govern should he become president. I don;t know what is so wrong with saying this. The way I see it if what a person believes doesn't not affect the way a person lives and the decisions they choose to make then why bother to have faith at all? If a person running for president tells you they will try to to be an honest person isn't that an expression of their faith? Do we really want a president whose faith will play no part in the way they will govern?
  I can assure you that President Obama's liberal beliefs have definitely influenced the way he has governed this nation up to now. He may not say this is an expression of his faith but it is. President Obama,  believes there should be no poor people in America so he seeks to remedy this problem through  political policies that encourage wealth redistribution and the result is class warfare. President Obama, believes that everyone should have free health care and seeks to impose this belief on everyone whether they want it or not. Yet Senator Santorum, says he personally believes that marriage is between a man and a woman and  that the traditional family is  the basic foundation of American society and he is criticized because liberals claim he  is seeking to impose his personal beliefs on  those who may not see things just the way he does. President Obama, does this all the time. I don't recall being asked if I wanted American taxpayers to bail out the banks  on Wall Street or the auto industry or the housing market but President Obama, believed that the American tax payer should do this so he imposed his beliefs on all of the American people whether we liked it or not. I summit to you that we already have enough politicians who have convictions of convenience. in other words we have plenty of politicians who  will tell you they believe whatever they think you want to hear as long as it is convenient and benefits them politically but should this belief prove to be unpopular and thus be come politically inconvenient they will then   change there belief to that which is more convenient and politically beneficial to them. This is my greatest concern with Governor Romney, I wonder if he will change his beliefs should they become politically inconvenient. I would hope that every American would want a President who will be consistent in the area of  what they say they believe, even if  those beliefs are at times politically inconvenient. as always, my friends, these words remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rough Road For Rick And Romney And Reason And Rebellion

  I will be watching tonight's GOP presidential debate very carefully. I think it will be interesting to see how Senator Rick Santorum, handles the pressure that comes with being the front runner. I think in one sense Senator Santorum, will be like Daniel in the lion's den. There is no question the moderators  on CNN will try to trap Senator Santorum. On one hand if  he appears too timid when he defends his religious belief's that may disappoint the conservative base of the Republican Party. On the other hand if he comes on too strong in the defense of his religious beliefs he runs the risk of being perceived as too judgemental and that will hurt his political chances with the independents.I think Senator Santorum, will have to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves.
  Governor Romney, has a real challenge he has to convince conservatives that he is in fact a true conservative. His history of past flip flopping makes conservatives very uneasy. His lack of conviction or at least his inability to speak in such a way that conservative voters feel he truly believes what he says has thus far made his road to the GOP presidential nomination anything but smooth. House Speaker Newt Gingrich,  will be faced with the task of trying to recapture the confidence of conservative voters. He needs to have the kind of success in this next debate that he had In South Carolina. Can lightening strike twice? One thing is sure Newt Gingrich , politically speaking at times seems like a cat with nine lives. Speaker Gingrich, can only hope he has another political life left. Congressmen Ron Paul, has the same challenge he has always had and that is to matter politically speaking and actually win a primary. I suspect congressmen Paul at the end of the primary process will use his delegates as a bargaining tool for his delegates  may just decide who the eventual presidential nominee will be especially if at the end of  this primary process should result in a brokered convention.
 Without question Governor Romney,  and Senator Santorum, will be the main contenders in the next debate and it will be some what ironic. One,  just hopes to been as a man who stands for something. the other just hopes to still be standing strong after what will surely be the toughest test of both his faith and political courage. Speaker Gingrich, as always, will the man of reason. Congressmen Paul, Will be the presidential candidate ready to rebel against what he sees as government tyranny. One thing is sure the next debate should be anything but boring. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A More Perfect Union.

  As I consider the many problems facing America today, I must tell you I can't remember another time in my life time when this nation was more divided. The ideological battle lines have never been so clearly drawn. As an individual who has spent a great deal of  my life studying  America's history I will tell you  that our country has not been so idealogically divided since the days of the Civil War. You may list and analyize America's many problems right now, You can talk about the nations  economic problems and there is no doubt things are tight right now. I find myself  having to choose between a gallon of gas or a gallon of  milk and sometimes since I have a growing daughter that's a tough choice. Most Americans,  are very aware of the nations debt but I don't know anyone who can do much about it.We have politicians in this country  right now who view the future of  this country only  through the lense of the next election. I don't think that is going too change in  fact,  I think politics in general really hasn't changed  much since the days of  the Roman Empire.
  As I continue to ponder possible solutions to Americas problems I have come to the realization that America,  is locked in a cultural war. The cultural war our nation finds it's self in is much more than Republicans verses Democrats or liberals verses conservatives. Many Americans,  may not know this and many Americans may have forgotton this but there was a time in this country when most Americans had a reasonable sense of what was right and what was wrong. The line between these bounderies  has  never beem more undefined. America's moral fabric at times seems riped or torn in so many places I don't even know where to begin. The attack on the family is more than evident. our society has completely redefined what a family is Divorce,  is at an all time high and many of Americans don't even bother to get married.. The very definition of marraige is constanly being redefined. I even saw a court case where a woman wanted to marry her favorite pet..The rise in the number of single parent housholds in America is staggering. The number of children born out of wed lock has nearly doubled in the last twenty years. America's schools have no discipline and our teachers teach our children a liberal progressive philosphy that has done nothing but contiue to add to the moral decay of America as a nation.
  I found myself  looking at the constitution last night and I then realized what the true solutins to America's social moral and economic problems  has always been. You have to remember the reason the constituton was written in the first place. Our constution was written,  to form a more perfect union not a perfect union human beings will never be perfect. but a more perfect union. I than asked myself a more perfect union of what? The answer slowly came into focus a more prfect union of  thoughts and ideas a more perfect union in the area of  law and goverment. The founding fathers however realized  that the most inportant union that needed to be made and constanly maintained was a more perfect union with God. I am reminded of this when I remember these words from Ben Franlin." If  a sparrow cannot fall with out his notice can a nation rise without his aid?" Yes, there a battle for the soul of America. Americans must seek once again to have a more perfect union with God in their own souls. America's greatest freedom is the right to excercise our God given free will. God,  will never impose his will on America,  but he will surely revitalize this nation if  the American  people,  will onnce again do what they did 236 years ago. What did they do? They humbled themselves,  and acknowledged their need to have God as the foundation of  this nation. Can America,  rise again? Yes,  if Americans, will fall to their knees and return to the God who built this nation in the first place..Americans,  have a choice to make  they can   return to a more perfect union to the godly principals that made this country great or  they can contiue on a path of   liberal progressive philosphies that will ultimately,  lead to our nations destruction. Americans, must make this choice soon.  God has been more than patient, but even  he will not wait forever and if  God,  turns his face away from this nation,  is there anything else that will truly matter? as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Last American President?

  Last evening I was helping my daughter with her homework. She had what I thought was a great deal to memorize. I marveled as she recited a rather long passage of scripture after only a few minutes of study. Her mind is so sharp and her memory is truly amazing. Suddenly my wife said." our daughter is so smart she may grow up and be president someday." My daughter,  then asked me," Do you think I could dad?"  I told her anything is possible in  America, if  you want it bad enough and your willing to work for it. My daughter,  soon headed for bed and I thought about what she had asked me and what I had told her.America, has always been a country of limitless opportunity When you think about it America,  has truly been blessed by the leadership of some truly great presidents George Washington, was the perfect choice to be  America's first president. He truly was the father of our country and he was a born leader.  He understood the importance of a limited government, Thomas Jefferson, is credited with drafting the Declaration of Independence.  James Madison, is often called the father of America's constitution. During the Civil War  President  Lincoln, helped hold our country together at a time when many thought the country would be riped a part.
  President Ronald Reagan's leadership literally revitalized America,  after some tough economic times in America,  in the mid seventies..Who will ever forget the steady and strong leadership of President George Bush, the morning of September 11, 2001? Yes,  In America,  anything is possible Hilary Clinton,  nearly became America's first woman president. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, came very close to being America's first vice president.something that was first attempted by Geraldine Ferraro, in 1984. President John F Kennedy's leadership saved America,  from the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.America,  has always been a nation where anything can happen and anything is possible and in 2009 Barach Obama, became America's first African American president. Regarless of what anyone may think of  his political policies his election was truly historic and would have been thought vertually impossible fourty five years ago during the politically turbulent perid of the nineteen sixties. America has indeed been a country endless dreams and possibilities.
  I find myself wondering however, if this will always be the case. in recent days America,  has been a nation in moral economic and even political decline especially in the area of true leadership. President Obama, seems content to economically strangle this country so much so that my daughter may not have the blessings and opertunities that I have had. America, was once both feared and respected by every mayjor nation around the world. These days, however America still has the greatest military the world and has a military might not seen since the days of the Roman Empire yet, President Obama, constantly apologizes for America,and his basic lack of  leadership has made America a laughing stock, even now countries like Iran and Egypt, Syria, and   Lybia,  all mock America,  as all these countries watch as America, bows down to China and begs China to carry America's economic debt.America was once a nation that not only believed in God but was a nation that was not ashamed to seek his wisdom and ask for his guidence. America,  in recent days seems content to give God only political lipservice while at the same time mocking God with the very policies that now put in to practice in this country. Some ecomomic experts and many give America,  less than twenty years to survive as acountry if America remains on her present path of moral ,political and Economic decay. I hope my daughter will always live in a country where she could one day become president if she wanted to. America as it stands now is a nation in decline in many ways only a shadow of her former self And Faith in God at times is nothing more than a meaningless political pladitude.I pray my daughter has the chance to be president one day if she wants to. I have a greater worry to consider however, I don't know how long America, will stand as a free and independant nation and I don't know who will be America's last president. I only know that if America, doesn't return to moral , political spiritual and economic sanity and soon, Americans may see the day when we elect our last president. As always, my friends, thwese thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Freedom Must Be Out Of Date.

  I heard on the news recently, the New York Times, seems to think that America's constitution is out of date. These so called enlightened words of wisdom were expressed by Supreme Court reporter and totally left leaning liberal, Adam Liptak. I am not surprised, that Mr. Liptak feels this way, he is merely falling into liberal lock step with the all too well know liberal Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Judge Ginsburg, said recently, that she would not look to the US Constitution, to establish a new form of government for Egypt. Judge Ginsburg recommended that perhaps South Africa's or perhaps Canada's constitution be used. I find Judge Ginsburg's words puzzling to say the least considering she took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Let's just say, I  don't think this was one of Judge Ginsburg's better moments.
  What I find most disturbing about most liberals is this, their  very line of  thinking is made possible by our constitution. Liberals love our constitution, as long as they are the ones in charge of  interpreting it. Many liberals fail to realize,  not every request for a government hand out is  a God given right nor is it free. Liberals want free health care for everyone believe me our nations economy will pay for that even now.  many small businesses are hesitant  to hire new employees because they don't know how the new health care law will affect their bottom line. I am not surprised, that many liberals find our nation's constitution out of date the basic freedoms out lined there were inspired by another book many liberals think has been out of date for years now maybe you've heard of it it's called the Bible. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jack Sprat Politics

  We hear a lot of  talk these days from a lot of different sources about the importance of every American taking better care of  themselves. I know my wife is always telling me to watch not only what but how much I eat. I tell her I always see everything I eat right up to the moment I put it in my mouth! Seriously though, I realize if  Americans,  would take better care of  themselves,  it would lower health care cost for everyone. I would however submit to you,  that individual health decisions are and should remain,  the free will choice of each and every American. I don't need anyone from the government telling me what I can and can't eat. many states are considering putting an extra tax on soft drinks and various junk food snacks. the only thing legislation like that accomplishes is taxing the patience of the American people. Most Americans,  are already over taxed and certainly don't want or need an additional tax on snacks even if  it is considered  junk food.
  I was watching the news this morning, I heard about a fast food place called Heart Attack Grill. this fast food place serves up triple  and quadruple bypass  burgers. Sure  enough,  a person was eating there and suffered a heart attack. the fast food place is now under attack and is being put under pressure from certain health advocacy groups to close. First of all, no one is making anyone go to this place to eat it is their choice and it always should be. I don't smoke I believe this habit to be bad for a persons health. I am not prepared however, to say smoking should be banned. Drinking can be bad for your liver if  you are a person,  who chooses to drink to the point that your liver shuts down well, all I can say is that was your choice you knew the risk.
  You know, the Obamas',   make quite a pair President Obama, wants to trim down all of the so called fat cats on Wall Street and Michelle Obama,  wants to trim the fat off of all Americans she considers to be over weight.. I sure wish our President,  could trim the fat of government waste out of the federal budget. The only thing getting thinner  at my house,  is my wallet. I know the President, sure loves to chew the fat with the American people especially, with an election right around the corner.I guess, that's to be expected after all he's an important man and his words carry a lot of weight. I wonder if  the President,  along with the House and Senate will ever change and do away with excessive government spending?  I guess you could say fat chance that's ever going to happen! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Friday, February 17, 2012

An Exceptional President?

  America, has often been called an exceptional country. I think that is a fair assessment. I think America, also has an exceptional President. Now I know, many will take exception to that assessment. Let me explain what I mean. Right now,  America, is nearly, sixteen trillion dollars in debt. President Obama, seems perfectly willing to accept America's debt.President Obama's latest budget proposal goes over America's total budget by one point six trillion dollars. This will be the fourth time the President has submitted a budget that exceeds America's gross national product my more than a trillion dollars.President Obama, already seeks to raise the nation's debt ceiling another trillion dollars now if  his budget should pass, that means in his first full four year term he will have increased America's national  debt by nearly five trillion dollars. President Obama can except this even if  most Americans can not.
  President Obama, has spent billions of  taxpayer dollars on various so called green government projects. I must admit they certainly cost a lot of  green!  Solar companies like Solyndra and Sun Power received billions of dollars in taxpayer government guaranteed loans I can guarantee you, the American taxpayers will never be reimbursed. President Obama, is more than willing to except this great loss of taxpayer dollars all in the name of  the ups and downs of  investing in America's energy future. I only hope America has a future!
  America is facing countless military challenges. Iran is just months away from developing nuclear  weapons, Korea, is determined to have them as well. The countries of  Egypt and Syria, are both politically unstable and Greece and eight other countries on on the verge of  global economic collapse. President Obama again, is perfectly willing to except this at least until after the next election. Today is the three year birthday of  President Obama's 987 billion dollar stimulus package. This may sound strange, but with 15 million Americans out of work and gas prices approaching nearly four dollars a gallon I don't think many Americans feel like having a party.President Obama,  is willing to except these situations after all things could be worse right? President Obama, certainly has been an exceptional leader. He seems that President Obama, can except just about anything accept responsibility for his part of the economic mess he has left many Americans in. I won't be voting for President Obama, when election day comes in November, and that goes without exception! As always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

When Will Americans, Heed The Warning?

  I often study famous civilizations. I have often wondered what causes a great civilizations decline and eventual downfall. Almost without exception, I have found two basic characteristics that seem to be evident just before the fall of any great nation or civilization. First, moral apathy or decay, and second an  abundance of comfort and affluence  which leads  to a complete dependence on state government.I recently came across this quote from President Dwight D Eisenhower, I believe his words of warning definitely apply to many in America today. President Eisenhower, said the following words of  warning, "Every step we take toward making the state the caretaker of our lives, by that much we move toward making the state our master."
  These words of warning, should be shouted on every rooftop. Americans, in many cases are quiet content to lay down their basic freedoms in exchange for comfort and self indulgence. I assure you however, this is a very false sense of security.Most civilizations,  reach a point, where they feel so great they stop being diligent and cautious, and slowly turn in to a nation or  civilization that becomes decadent and careless not long after this occurs a great nation or civilization collapses. Just like President Eisenhower, I fear that if  the American people do not not wake up from  their  slumber of  self indulgence and government dependence America as a nation may be only a few years from total collapse then the nation we have known and loved will be nothing more than a memory recorded in the pages of  history. As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have Americans Given Up On The American Dream?

  Last night I was watching the O'Reilly Factor on FOX. Mr O'Reilly, seem to suggest that many Americans,  had given up on working hard to achieve the American,  dream. He said many Americans,  had gotten used to the government taking came of them and that America was well on it"s way to becoming a society completely dependant on government entitlements. I hate to admit it but he could be right.Lets face it obtaining the American,  dream takes work and self discipline and the ability to take  on certain responsibilities. Many Americans,  I'm afraid,  have decided that's just too hard to do.Many Americans,  have no desire to work hard for anything, they would rather choose to let the government do every thing for them. I think many Americans,  have forgotten the price the founding fathers had to pay so that Americans,  today can have the opportunity at least to achieve the American,  dream.
  At one point,  during the darkest days of the American revolution Benjamin Franklin,  reminded his fellow Americans,  in the Continental Congress, that each person in each state must all work together if they were to win the fight for liberty, Franklin,  rose to his feet and said these words, "We must all hang together or assuredly we shall all hang separately." They did all work together and the result was a new nation with liberty and justice for all.
  I believe that once again Americans,  have a choice to make they can choose the easy road and stay on the path of complete government dependence, and America will be where Greece is now, or Americans,  can choose to work hard and hang together to build a strong nation with new economic freedom. One thing I do know is this if Americans,  choose the path of government dependence one day very soon economically speaking Americans,  will be in affect,  all hung together,  swinging by  the rope of our massive economic debt. I think the next election will certainly indicate the choice Americans will make. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Government, Should Use The Kiss Method.

  I try my best, not to over complicate life in general. When I find I have something to do or something to explain, I use what my dad used to call the kiss method. What is the kiss method you ask? K I S S stands for keep it simple stupid! I must confess to you, there are times our politicians in government need to learn this method. I don't know about you but, I always get a bit nervous when I hear a liberal politician, say this sentence. The solution to this problem, is very simple. I get nervous because I know,  that everything that comes after the word simple will be anything but simple. Here is what I mean, President Obama, said, the solution for health care was very simple and I have to say it sure was. First, a small group of left leaning liberal politicians, secretly conspired and and put together a very simple two thousand plus page bill that nobody read and even if  they would have  attempted to, ten lawyers would have to be hired to explain it  to the very people who were asked to vote on it.and  when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was asked to explain it she said  the health care bill, would have to be  passed first. Personally, I think she just said that because she hadn't  hired a lawyer to explain the health care bill  to her yet! The health care bill,  was crammed through both the House and Senate. Many of the Democrats who voted for the Health care bill chose not to run for reelection and many democrats who did run, were not reelected. Here is what is so ironic if mandated health care, was such a good idea, how come the details that the American people are slowly finding out makes just about everybody sick!
  When President Obama took office in 2008 he said the solution to the nation's debt was simple. I have to say it sure was,  the President,  simply,  increased the nation's debt by five trillion dollars over the last three years. The president said the key to energy Independence was simple. I must admit it sure was the President simply took billions of dollars in tax payer money and invested in Solar companies, like Solyndra, and Sun Power and simply,  watched as both companies went bankrupt! Now that's what I call simply brilliant! I sure am glad the solutions to all these problems, were simple. I would hate to think what would happen to the nations economy if  these problems were complicated! There are some folks in this country who say they have simply had enough of President Obama's simple solutions to our nations serious problems. Former Governor Mike Huckabee, has a new book out called A  Simple Government. I hear it's a great book. Maybe one day government can be a lot simpler. Right now however,  many times it seems all we have is a simple minded government! I have good news , I would say to the American people, if  you are tired of  President Obama's simple solutions to complicated problems, the solution to that problem is very simple, Simply, show up on election day and proceed to simply,  vote President Obama,  out of office. I think that would be simply marvelous! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Everlasting Retirement

  I was reading an old Mutt and Jeff comic strip and I must say,  it expressed the attitude of many in America today.  The comic strip,  shows Mutt and Jeff,  back to back on the ground leaning against a huge shade tree. Mutt,  begins the conversation and says, "You know Jeff, you ought to get a job." Jeff says,  "Why? Mutt says, "So you can make money." Jeff says, "Why?" Mutt says, "So you can save money." Jeff  says,  "Why?" Mutt says,"So you can be rich." Jeff says,"Why?" Mutt says,"So you can retire." Jeff  says, "Why?" Mutt  says, "So you can have a lot of free time and to what ever you want."At this point Jeff, turns to Mutt and says,""Wait a minute Mutt, that's what I"m doing right now!"
  I believe this is a large part of the problem we have in America today. Many out of work Americans, seem to be content to say to think to themselves, "What's the big hurry when it comes to looking for work?" Who can blame them for thinking this way? President Obama,  keeps extending unemployment benefits. Many Americans, have been out of work for nearly three years now. I know a man, who turned down a full time job cleaning a church because he told me he could stay home and make more money, on unemployment. I then realized in a whole new way what is going on in America. Here is what I mean, Let's say, your about to lose your house, no problem, President Obama, is forcing the banks into letting folks refinance there homes at much lower rates and often gives potential home buyers cash up front to help buyers get into a home. Your unemployed? no problem you can get food stamps plus your unemployment benefits. You may even be able to get section eight housing and if  you do you make payments according to your income and if your getting unemployment your payments may not be much at all. You say your sick? No problem, President Obama,  is making health care free to everyone. You want to go to school? No problem, you can borrow money from the government and with this new policy President Obama,  has concerning loan forgiveness, you won't have to worry about paying the money back.
  See what I mean? Why should Americans , get a job work hard save money so they can retire , to use their free time to do what ever they want since the government,  has made it so you can do all that right now! As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Time To Speak.

  The year is 1787 the place is Philadelphia. at the close of our nation's constitutional convention. a  Mrs. Powell of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin who had received  an honorary doctorate degree in law from Oxford University in 1762 the following question "Well doctor, what have we got? a republic or a monarchy? with no hesitation whatsoever  Franklin  responded,  "A  rebublic  if  you can keep it How do we keep it? Americans, keep our republic when we stand united and speak up for it. Here is what I mean. Not too long ago a friend said to me, "I never mix politics and religion." While I understood what he meant, what he did not realize was, there are times when they must be mixed. Last Sunday,  many Pastors, Bishops  and other Church leaders were asked to read a letter concerning the President's requirment that Catholic hospitals and other faith based organizations, be forced to provide various  types of contraception to the female emplyees who are employed there. Some pastors,  would not read the letter because they didn't want to mix politics  and religion.
  I would submitt to you that much of  America's departure from traditional Judeo Christian values is due largely to the basic silence of  many of the churches in America. Over the last forty years or so, America's churches have all too often, have  chosen to remain silent and instead chosen to quietly, go along with  our morally decaying society, in an effort to get along with the secularist in our society, and if America's chruches don't stand up and speak out soon, their ability to speak will be long gone! Churches in America must realize there is a time to speak. The churches in America must speak loud and let their voice be heard, before it is too late. I fear one day very soon the chruches ability to speak out about anything going on in Americaan society will be gone. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Winning The Battle, While losing The War.

  I heard a joke one time that kind of  reminds me of  the present political condition of  the Republican presidential candidates right now. The joke goes something like this,  four hunters and supposedly, expert animal trackers can upon some tracks in the woods each hunter wanted to prove how good they were at identifying animal tracks. One hunter said,  the animal tracks were bear tracks. The second hunter said no the animal tracks were definitely,  dear tracks. The third hunter argued,  that the animal tracks were rabbit tracks. The fourth hunter argued that the animal tracks were squirrel tracks. The sad part is, while all four hunters stood there arguing about what kind of  animal had made the tracks all four of them got run over by the train!
  Sometimes, I think the Republican presidential candidates,  are like those four hunters. They are so eager to win the Republican nomination,  that each of  them spend a great deal of time arguing about the tracks of each candidates past and each candidate is out to prove that the tracks of  their short comings is not as deep or defined as the other candidates. I am afraid that if  the four candidates spend all their time arguing about which one has the deepest tracks of character flaws and other personal negatives instead of  focusing on the real issues like the nations economy, national debt, national security the need to balance the nation's budget and a real need  for our nation to return to the traditional Judeo Christian values America, was founded upon, I think the train of  President Obama, will run over who ever the final GOP nominee may be. In the end, the final Republican presidential nominee may find they won the primary battle but they are now left in the political position of  being to weak to win the presidential election war in November. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Friday, February 10, 2012

President Obama Washes His Hands On Contraception.

  In an attempt to satisfy many Catholic,  leaders in the Catholic Church. President Obama, now offers pro life committed Catholics, a compromise of sorts. President Obama,  now proposes that Catholic,  hospitals and schools and other private Catholic,  charities and other non profit organizations will not be required to provide contraception directly to Catholic,  employees, Instead, President Obama,  will insist that individual health insurance companies provide totally free contraception options to any female,  who may be employed at a Catholic,  Hospital, school or Catholic,  charity. One has to wonder, if  the morning after pill is still offered at no cost, by health insurance companies, many leaders in the Catholic Church must be asking themselves,is this really a compromise at all? The fact, that Catholic,  leaders can say, that they aren't offering contraception directly to their female  Catholic,  employees I suppose says,  to the female  Catholic,  employees contraception options like the morning after pill may be offed to female Catholic employees, but the choice to use this type of  contraception I  suppose,  is left up to the individual conscience of  the female Catholic employee. However,  from many committed Catholics,  point of  view this approach is much like  Pontius Pilate,  washing his hands after sentencing Jesus Christ, to Crucifixion. When the Roman governor washed his hands he was saying in affect I am not guilty of shedding the blood of this innocent man. "I am only carrying  out the will of the Jewish people so this man's blood be on their hands."
  At this point, many Catholic,  leaders will have to ask themselves, does the fact, that they do not offer contraception options like the morning after pill directly, to their female Catholic  employees, relive them entirely of  their responsibility,  to protect potential unborn human  life? Since many committed Catholic,  Church leaders,  feel that the morning after pill is a form of  abortion because this pill  prevents the start of  a potential  human life, I would submit to you, that it does not. I believe,  many committed Catholic,  leaders must continue to speak out against this latest so called compromise because,  if  they don't they may find themselves,  seeking to wash their  hands of  the innocent blood of  the yet unborn. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today, Catholics Tomorrow, Everyone Else.

  Tell me something,  do these words sound familiar to you?"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise there of or a bridging the freedom of speech or of the press." Oh yeah! Now,  I remember, these words are the first amendment of the Constitution of the United states of America. Now the way I understand this amendment, a person is free to practice the faith of their  choice and speak freely about various doctrines and aspects of  their  particular faith without fear of intimidation from the government at least, that's what I thought it meant now, I'm not so sure.
  I heard on the news recently, that Senior Army official and Chief Army Chaplain,  Donald Rutherford, was told by certain White House officials,  not to read a letter to his congregation because the language of the letter was too strong and talked against the president's  new health care requirement that says all Catholic schools and hospitals must provide free contraception in their health insurance for all who are employed by them. The Catholic Church as long maintained that birth control goes directly against the principals and teachings of there faith. The government however seems unconcerned  with this fundamental conflict of the Catholic faith. Why am I not surprised?  At a meeting at the White House in November of 2011 President Obama promised Senior Roman Catholic leader,  Timothy Dolan, that he would not enact any health care policies that would be in conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church.. That promise is now broken. I guess,  President Obama's faith allows him to brake his promises for the sake of political expediency .Oh well, I suppose it's not the first time a politician broke a promise right?
 This attack on the the Catholic faith, has far reaching future implications. Where does government intrusion end? can someone infiltrate your church and at the behest of the government tell your preacher or pastor or minister what he or she can and can not preach? So much for the free exercise of religion, not to mention freedom of speech. All I can say is, if  most Americans,  find this attach on religious freedom disturbing, they better speak up now, The day may soon come when no one can speak at all. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

David Versus Goliath

  No matter how the Romney campaign may try to spin last night's caucuses  and primary results, last night was a big deal for Senator Rick Santorum. There is no doubt, that campaign support for Senator Santorum,  will definitely start pouring in. It's a pretty safe bet,  that the Romney, campaign,  will launch an all out political attack on Senator Rick Santorum, You can almost hear Speaker Newt Gingrich,  telling Senator Santorum,"Welcome to my world."
  Senator Santorum, will now find that he is a man caught in the cross heirs of the Ronney campaign. I can only imagine the huge amount of  money Governor Mitt Romney,  will spend to purchase negative adds against Senator Santorum. One wonders,   just how long Senator Santorum's campaign,  can resist the overwhelming temptation of  getting down into the political mud and running an equally negative campaign especially,  against Governor Romney, and Speaker Gingrich. The Speaker and Rick Santorum,  claim to be friends. As we all know however,  often in politics, there are no friends at least not   until the party nominee has been chosen. The candidates then,  all shake hands and wait for the next presidential campaign, to hate each other all over again!
  I do not know,  at this point, if  Senator Santorum, can mount an effective campaign against Governor Romney. One thing is certain, it won't be easy, I am sure,  Governor Romney,  will spend as much money as he deems necessary to destroy Senator Santorum's new found political momentum.I think it's goning to be a case of  David versus Goliath. I wouldn't necessarily count  Senator Rick Santorum,  out just yet. Governor Mitt Romney,  has just found out what can happen,  if  you underestimate,  your opponent. As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Send In A New Quarterback.

  I imagine by now just about everyone across America has seen and heard the controversy over the Chrysler Superbowl commercial. I have looked at the commercial a few times now. I believe Clint Eastwood, when he says he wasn't trying to be particularly political. I think Mr. Eastwood,  just wanted to encourage the continuing recovery of the auto industry in Detroit. Speaking just for myself I have heard  Mr. Eastwood in a number of interviews over the years and I always got the impression,  he was a proud American,  and very thankful for the success he has experienced in this county. I think all Mr. East wood,  was trying to say was, yes, America,  has taken some hard punches economically but,  America,  can take a punch but then she can come back and keep right on punching. Remember this was a Superbowl commercial. What Mr. Eastwood,  wanted to say to millions of Americans as well as all the other countries around the world was simply this if you think America is behind on the football scoreboard of economic growth take heart because,  it's only half time and America,  always comes back in the second half of  the economic football game,  so hang on folks cause,  America's just getting warmed up and you haven't seen anything yet!
  Some have suggested,  that the term half time is a subtle suggestion,  that the first  four years of  President Obama;s presidency are coming to a close so now,  it's his half time and now Americans,  must vote to put Our star quarterback President Obama, back in the American economic football  game so he can rally America's confidence in his ability to win the economic football game and lead America to the path of  economic victory. This is something, our present quarter back  Obama,  says, he will surely accomplish if team America, will just give him another four year term and send him in for  the second half of the economic foot ball game. I an sure there  are many liberal progressives who just can't wait to send quarterback  Obama,  in for the second half after all it is only half time right?
  I have to call America's economic football game as I see it, and I hope most of team America,  will see America's economic football game the way I do . I have to say,  I think quarterback  Obama, has fumbled the economic football too many times. All to often quarterback  Obama,  has chosen not to hold the line on budget spending, and really go for an economic touchdown. Instead quarterback  Obama, chooses to punt the football  that is America's economic future,  way down the field to team China. It seems, quarterback   Obama never achieves good economic field position. Although he has a great passing game none of  his receivers can catch the economic football so  quarterback  Obama, is content to punt and wait for a better time to score to make an economic touch down. Frankly, I think it's time team America, tells quarterback  Obama,  to hit the showers. I think team America needs a new quarter back a quarter back of starter quality I know I've certainly had enough of  the present  quarterback.Sometimes I don't think his head isn't  even in the game. I hope, team America, will put a new  quarterback in to the American economic football game. I think if team America, does put in a starting  quarterback in the American economic football  game then team America,  can look forward to a great economic come back in the second half of America's economic future. As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Things Are Worth More Than Money.

  Last night, I found myself up late and unable to sleep. I turned on the television to the History channel. I watched a show about  a family that ran a pawn shop. I must admit it was pretty interesting to see some of the items people would bring in to sell. I was particularly interested in the early American history items. I felt bad because,  I don't have a lot of rare or interesting items and I would love to have some thing valuable to keep and collect and pass along to future generations. Then something occurred to me that I hadn't thought of  before.There are some things in life, that are worth more than money and each  every American in this country right now  has something so valuable it is indeed,  worth more than money. What is this priceless possession that each American in this county has? The answer is your American citizenship.
  Now,  I realize to some,  their US citizenship may seem like no big deal. I have even heard some on the liberal left ask, "What's so great about being an American?"If  by some chance, you don't see the true value of your US citizenship consider this, each day our American boarder is on constant alert because each day citizens from other countries   try to slip pass boarder guards in an attempt to gain access in to this country. Almost every day on the Internet especially on the social net works people from all over the globe,  try to enter into  on line relationships in an attempt to find an avenue to get to America. Why? There are many reasons but perhaps two of the most important are freedom, and a chance for social and economic advancement. The truth is , what ever faults or imperfections America,  may have as a nation, America,  still represents the best chance for  economic opportunity and a better life  in this  world. When I think about the fact that I was fortunate enough to be born in America, I realize there is nothing I would trade in exchange for my US citizenship. You see, to me, having the privilege of  being a citizen of the United States of America,  is worth far more than money. as always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words,  to think on

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What You Heard Is Not What I Meant

  We hear a lot of politicians talking about misspeaking or being taken out of context. While I am sure this does happen and many times it happens on purpose to try and smear a political rival, I don't think it should happen every other day or in some cases every five minutes. There is an old tongue twister that reminds me of many,  if not most,  politicians. The tongue twister goes like this. I'm sure you think you heard what I said but I'm not sure you realize what you heard is not what I meant.
  Governor Mitt Romney, seems to have a persistent habit of misspeaking.His latest remarks about the plight of the very poor are a prime example. While I understand, that all of us are human,  and can make mistakes, I think that ninety eight percent of the time we say what we mean. The only real exception to this may be if something gets lost in translation. I heard a story about an indian who wanted to sell a horse. The indian,  knew the horse was almost  blind but he didn't know how to state this problem properly in English, so he told the cowboy,  he was trying  to sell the horse to in broken English "Him don't look good." The  cow boy,  thought the horse looked great so he bought the horse. The cowboy soon discovered  the horse was blind but,  the indian,  did not have to refund the money that the cowboy,  paid for the horse because a judge said the indian had told the truth as he knew it he said, the horse doesn't look good meaning the horse doesn't look at anything very well! The judge ruled that the real truth about the horse had been told but had been lost in translation and told the cowboy next time take another indian with you who speaks English to translate. I am reminded of a Russian student, who was trying to learn to speak English he had a crush on his English teacher, and wanted her to know that the cent of her perfume was wonderful and he wanted to smell the fragrance of her perfume forever so he thought in Russian," and handed his teacher a rose, and said,"Dear teacher, the rose will fade and die' but you dear teacher will smell forever! You know some how I don't think that's what he meant.
  Here is the point I am trying to make. Governor Romney,  can't afford the luxury, of misspeaking during a debate with President Obama. I am quite confident, that President  Obama, will take full political advantage of any verbal mistakes Governor Romney may make I don't know, but it seems to me, that if Governor Romney is the GOP  presidential nominee, he better choose his words carefully and keep his verbal guard up because President Obama, will be ready and waiting when the time comes for a one on one debate. "Loose lips sink ships." I think the same can be said for Mitt Romney's chance to be elected president unless he learns to say what he means the first time! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's Not A Sin, To Be Rich.

  We hear a lot of  talk in political circles these days,  about the rich. I can tell you rich,  will never be a word, that will describe me. I will confess however,  that I have often felt, just like Chaim Topol, who played the lead part of  Tevye, the poor Jewish milk man, in the classic film, Fiddler On The Roof. At one point in the film Tevye,  lifts his eyes toward Heaven,  and says the following,"It's not a sin to be poor but then again,  it's no great honor either." If  being rich is a disease then, may God strike me with it, and may I never recover."
  Yes, there have been certain times in my life, when I have wondered, what it would be like to buy anything you could possibly want or need and pay for it all,  in cold cash never having to worry even once,   if  you could really afford it or not. The truth is, it's not a sin to be wealthy, I don't begrudge, Governor Mitt Romney, his wealth
 I think, if  he has worked hard and honesty earned  the  money,  that  he has then I say,   more power to him. I realize, that any great society,  needs the influence, and the  contributions of  the rich. Think about it, the rich help  build new businesses by investing in them. Many hospitals, clinics, colleges Universities libraries, even some churches, and museums were all built thanks,  to the generosity of  the donations of  the richest among us. Many worthy causes and charities,  are able to do a lot of good  work for those who are in need because of generous contributions given by the wealthy. Do you really think our American society would be better off  without,  the donations,  investments,  and contributions made by the rich? A good friend of  mine once told me, that it is not a sin to have money, but, it can become a sin the moment money,  has you. What did this mean? The answer is simple. A person,  whose sole purpose in life is to acquire money just for the sake of  having money, will one day die and leave all their money here for some one else to spend. On the other hand,  if  a person,  lives their life to acquire money to use for the general good and benefit of others, will find even in death,  their selfless giving will live on
  I am sure, that the word rich, and my name will never be used in the same sentence. I do realize however, that my life,  as well as the lives,  many others in American society today,  have been made better through the generosity of  the rich. I may never be a rich man, in the literal sense of  the word. I find however, I am rich,  for I have,  the things in life,  that really matter, and money can not buy. I have the unwavering love of a wonderful wife and daughter, I have the love and respect of  a few, but priceless,  close  friends. You know,  maybe, I am rich,  after all,  for my life  continues,  to be enriched by them. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain,  just, some words, to think on.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Poor Don't Need A Pillow, They Need A Ladder.

  No doubt, Governor Mitt Romney, wishes he would have chosen his words a bit more carefully when referring to those who are among the poor in this country. Governor Romney, already has a perception problem  among the poor and lower middle class Americans. to many struggling Americans, Governor Romney,  appears to be a man, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
  While I think it is always good to have a safety net for those who are very poor, sometimes,  I think the government,  provides too many pillows for the poor. Sometimes,  government,  makes the deep hole of poverty so comfortable, many of  the poor are content to stay in the deep pit that is poverty. That is why I prefer former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich's approach to helping the poor. He wants to provide money for the poor, with the condition, that they either go to school, or go to some type of job training program. I think this approach, doesn't give the poor a pillow, or safety net only so that the poor become comfortable and content in their present poverty, but does provide a ladder so that the poor,  may climb  out of  the pit of  poverty. The poor will then have to remember, the government may provide a ladder, so that the poor have an opportunity to climb out of the pit of poverty, but the climbing, that is something the poor must do for themselves! The Bible says, the poor,  will always be with us, and I believe we should help them as much as we can. I believe the government,  should not only provide a  safety net or a pillow for the poor but the government,  needs to provide a ladder,  to help the poor climb out of the pit of  despair that is true poverty, and once the government provides the ladder, to help the poor, climb out of  the pit of poverty, it will then be the responsibility of  the poor to make the climb out of  the pit of  poverty, and then go onward and upward,  to a better life, and a real future. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's The Big Idea?

  Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, often receives more than a little criticism for having big ideas. I don't know if  he will be able to secure the Republican nomination for president or not but, I like a man who is not afraid to dream and have big ideas. I do not know if we will ever colonize the  moon or not, but I have learned not to say, that it will never happen. Men and women who dare to dream and have big ideas, are very necessary, if  man kind is going to continue to grow and prosper on the road of progress. I think before we as a society, pass judgement on so called dreamers, let's see what some of these dreamers of  big ideas, have done for mankind.
  There was a time when, the idea of a horseless or motorized carriage was considered nothing more than a crazy man;s dream in fact. people  often said,"They'll never replace the horse." I am happy to say, Henry Ford did not believe that, and in 1908, he  produced his first car called, the Model A Ford. I guess you could say, Ford had a better idea. I must say, I enjoy the ability to get in a car and go where ever I want, as long as I can pay for the gas! As I have studied various aspects of  history, I am reminded, that there were those, in this country who said," If God had wanted us to fly, we would have been born with wings after all, fight is for the birds." I sure am glad the Wright brothers, didn't listen to that advice. On December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk North Carolina, the first airplane flew. Wow! human aviation, now that was an idea a lot of folks thought, was really up in the air, and would never get off the ground! The year was 1876, the man, was Alexander Graham Bell. He was convinced, that there should be a device that would allow direct communication from one person in one city, to another person in another city. He first called his device the electrical speech machine, we now call it, the telephone, Today, we have phones small enough to fit in your pocket, and you can speak to people on the other side of the world if  you want to.The telephone, now that was an idea, that really let you reach out and touch some one. Albert Einstein's Theory of  Relativity, changed physics forever, and his equation E = Mc2 eventually led to the atomic bomb that President Truman used against Japan to end the fighting in World War II Now that was an idea, that really ended with a big bang!
  The truth is, I could go on and on talking about people in American history, that really had big ideas that literally, changed the world. Do I even need to mention television, or computers and the inner net? There is one big idea, I'm particularly thankful for, it seems in 1775 there was a small group of thirteen British colonies,  started listening to men like Thomas Paine and reading his pamphlet called Common Sense and other inspirational writings like John Locke's (1632, 1704) Two Treatises of Civil Government, first published in 1690. John Locke believed,   if a government became to oppressive, the citizens had a right, and a duty to revolt against  government tyranny. This idea that men could  live free apart from a monarchy almost split thirteen colonies apart. One idea was, that the colonies should stay loyal to the English monarchy. Those who felt this way were Tories, and those who wanted to revolt against King George III of England were called, Revolutionary Patriots. On July 4, 1776  56 men, signed a document we now, know as the Declaration of Independence. Though this declaration, caused the Revolutionary War, that lasted from 1776 to 1781 the end result was a new idea in government where the people could decide how the wanted to be represented. Thus A government based on the idea of democracy and representative government was established, and a new nation called, America, was born. Now, that's what I call, a really great idea!
  What advancements society will make tomorrow, I do not know. What I do know is when any society makes a new discovery on the road of progress, it usually starts with a dreamer, who has a really big idea. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

China's Company Store.

I just took a look at the Congressional  Budjet Office budget projections for 2012 once again,  America's national budget,  will be operating with a 1.1trillion dollar deficit. Here's more good news, the nations unemployment rate,  is projected,  to remain at 8.5 percent for all of 2012. The housing market crisis  is projected,  to remain a nightmare till at least 2018. Wow! happy days are definately here again! You know sometimes,  I really wonder how this country ever,  got a long without the annointed one, or as I like to call him, the annoying one. I am speaking of course of  President  Barack  Obama, and just think , America is just about to reach the 16 trillion dollar mark. Yes sir, America's economic recovery is certainly well on the way.
  When I consider the nations nearly 16 trillion dollar debt, I am reminded of and old 1955 song by Tennessee Ernie Ford called, Sixteen Tons. I would update, and rewrite the song to reflect the nation's debt. The new song would go like this We spent sixteen trillion and what did Americans get just three years older and deeper in  debt as an economic leader Obama's  got to go cause we owe our soul to China's company store. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.