Tuesday, March 19, 2013

America's Economy, Can One Still Bank On It?

    I am originally from West Virginia, and yes, there certain locations there where the natural beauty one can definitely find there is so breath taking it is almost Heaven. Many folks, who live in the region of the Appalachian Mountains, are some what leery of outsiders, even to this day.There are still places you could go in West Virginia,where strangers are not welcome and if you  found yourself, on some one's property uninvited, and you weren't with some one well known in the given area, there's a real good chance you could be greeted at the door by someone with a shot gun and trust me they would know how to use it and they would not need any instructions from Vice President Joe Biden,  nor his permission before  they would use it either.A lot of folks,  who live in  the mountains of West Virginia, don't put a great deal of trust in banks, these folks, are often the ones who stuff their money in their mattress  and that is because, many of the older folk who lived through the Great Depression,  of the thirties remember what it was like to see people panic trying to get there money out of a bank before it went out of business such economic hysteria, is called a run on the bank.
    President Roosevelt, finally had to declare a bank holiday and all remaining banks closed for a time until the financial markets were stable enough for banks to reopen. By the time the banks reopened however many people had lost all of there money because far too many banks had failed at the same time, Therefore, President Roosevelt,  established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. in 1933  or the FDIC for short.. The purpose of the FDIC,  is to insure the money people have deposited in in a given bank including certificates of deposit and checking and savings accounts  and as a result, Americans, at least so far,  don't have to worry about a sudden financial panic that would trigger a run on the nations banks at lest that's how it's supposed to work anyway.
    Cyprus,is a little country, east of Greece and south of Turkey.Cyprus, now finds it's self in a bit of a financial pickle and it seems that the European Union and Russia, have the people of Cyprus over a bit of a financial barrel, Cyprus, is not sure it wants a bail out from the European Union, which is convenient because the European union, is not sure it wants to provide a bail out for Cyprus. Russia, has out a great deal of money in Cyprus banks, and they have offered to bail Cyprus,  out but it will cost them their country's rights to their natural gas reserves. Unlike the US, Cyprus, has no FDIC and they can't print their own money so they find them selves SOL that's stuck out of luck! The government in Cyprus,  now finds it's self forced to raid the savings accounts of the citizens of Cyprus. Depending on, how much one has in the bank the government in Cyprus, may take anywhere from six to ten percent of a citizens money based on a predetermined scale of wealth established by the government in Cyprus
    I don't know if anything economically speaking going on in Cyprus,  could ever happen here. America, does have the FDIC and the Ability to print money but I've got a king size mattress just in case.Call me crazy, but being from West Virginia, I can assure you that if the government thinks it will ever indiscriminately raid any one's bank account in West Virginia well let's just say the government,  will rediscover why Americans have the right to bear arms and I just bet a lot of folks all across this nation would react the same way. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Can The GOP Return To Greatness?

    After watching several clips in the media, regarding CPAC or the Conservative Political Action Conference, I have given what I saw in the media, a great deal of thought and I believe the Republican Party can return to greatness. The first thing the Republicans,  must realize is the rebuilding of the GOP, won't be quick, short, or easy however,  it can be done.One must realize however,  that it took in my opinion, about ten years to tear down the GOP it is therefore I believe unrealistic to think that the Republican Party can rebound over night it takes a little time to rebuild just about anything and this is particularly true in politics.
    If one is to rebuild, the GOP, then,  one must first determine, what brought the GOP  down in the first place. I believe there are three key reasons, the GOP has experienced some what of a political collapse. First, the GOP suffered major political damage due to forsaking,  the principals that built the  Republican Party in the first place. Those principals, are limited government, reasonable tax restraint and limited and  responsible spending. Let's face facts here,  the government waste money,  like Nancy Pelosi waste botox and if you have seen Nancy Pelosi's face lately,  you know that for Pelosi, botox, is a total waste. The government,  has too many departments and many of them overlap or duplicate services. I believe enough  government departments could be eliminated that the size of government could easily be reduced by twenty percent and much if not most of the country, would never miss it especially, sine most Americans aren't even aware of   the existence of many of these excessive government departments to begin with!
    Secondly, Republicans,  must reestablish  and practice the basic principal of tax restraint and responsible spending.I am and never will be a fan of Obama however he has a point when he says, President George Bush had the US involved in two wars that were not paid for by Congress, of course I'm referring to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes,  I know Bush, was trying to protect the American people especially after nine eleven from the weapons of mass destruction he believed to be in Iraq and I know he sought to stabilize  the government in Afghanistan because there are nuclear weapons there but the fact remains,  the US, should not get involved in wars without finding a way to finance them first.  One of the main reasons why Obama, has gotten away with adding six trillion dollars to the national debt is because he has always,  been able to say that Bush,  added four trillion to the national debt before Obama, added six trillion although, each time Obama, says that,  it reminds me of two children who just got caught doing the same thing one child says, "Well, he did it too! The other child says, "Well, he did it more than I did! The mother then says, "You both did it and you were both wrong!"If Republicans believe in limited spending, here's an idea limit government spending deal with entitlements don't continue to increase the debt ceiling with out budget cuts to off set the increase. America, must exercise financial discipline and learn to live with in her means, Many Americans do this all the time  but Washington, still has to learn how to do this I suppose.
    Finally, the Republicans must speak as ONE VOICE because with  the established Republicans and the Tea Party and the Libertarian branch of the of the Republican Party all talking at once even I am not real sure what any Republican is saying right now let alone what any one in the GOP really believes and stands for. To put it bluntly, all the republicans must stand together or the whole party will fall apart. Republicans, for Heaven's sake, say what you mean, mean what you say and above all practice, what you preach for this is the only way the Grand Old Party, will ever regain power and achieve  true greatness again. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Wimpy, Mentality.

    I'm sure many will remember that King Features, cartoon classic Popeye. Popeye, many may recall, had a lovable but lazy friend,  who was very allergic to work named Wimpy.I'm not sure but I think wimpy, was a liberal progressive Democrat.You see,  liberal progressive Democrats, like to have as many people as possible totally dependent on government assistance in one form or another  Wimpy, which sounds more like a description of Obama, than a cartoon character, was always ready to ask for a handout just like many,  in this country today. I totally realize their will always be those who truly can not work or may honestly, be between jobs and therefore, need food stamps and unemployment for a while until they can get back on their feet again. I am specifically referring to people who could work at a job that may be available to them  but since it's not the job they want or they feel the work is just too hard , it's much easier to stay on unemployment and just take the handout in the form of an unemployment check and food stamps rather than take a perhaps hard but honest job.These type of individuals, remind me of Wimpy, they will always tell you how hard there life is and how hard work is to find but the truth is,  there are many who really aren't looking too hard,  for any kind of work and they won't,  as long as their food stamps and unemployment,  holds out.Many, will remember that Wimpy, used to say,"I'll gladly, pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger, today."It may be just me, but am I the only one who noticed that some how, Tuesday, never came for Wimpy. As much as I may hate to say it, I know people, who could be working right now if, they were willing to take any job available but they won't do that since unemployment along with food stamps,  is so easy to get and thus, so easy to take.
    Obama, it seems,  as a lot in common with Popeye's old buddy Wimpy, however,  instead, of offering to gladly,  pay you  on Tuesday, for a hamburger today, Obama, says, this catch phase to the Republicans,as it relates to the federal budget, "I'll gladly, give you a reduction in government spending tomorrow for a tax increase today but Obama's tomorrow, as far as reducing government spending is concerned,  much like Wimpy's  Tuesday, some how, just never seems to come and although the name Wimpy, adequately, describes Obama's backbone,  as well as his economic policy in this country right now, I wouldn't hold my breath,  waiting for Obama, to make any serious attempts to make real and meaningful cuts in government spending. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Obama, The Ultimate Flimflam Man.

    It appears now that the media, is beginning to loose patience with President Obama. However, I'm not suggesting for a moment that the media has lost that lovin' feeling for Obama indeed, MS NBC anchor  Chris Matthews, continues to receive a thrill up his leg each time Obama, opens his mouth.It may be just me but the thought that anyone gets a thrill  up there leg when anyone speaks seems wrong on so many levels! Be that as it may, according National Journal reporter Ron Fournier, an anonymous source at the White House said that Obama"s  sudden willingness  to work with the Republicans, is just a joke and a show for the media.
    I'm reminded, of an old saying that dates back to the Trojan War. "Beware of Greeks,  bearing gifts. Obama, may not be Greek but no power on Earth, could persuade me to trust anything he does or says. When I think of Obama, I am reminded of  the story of the scorpion and the turtle. According to the story the scorpion ask the turtle for a ride on his back to get across the river. The turtle said, "No!"You will sting me." after much pleading from the scorpion and a solemn promise not to sting the turtle, the turtle finally agreed to give the scorpion a ride on his back so they both could cross the river, All went well until the scorpion and the turtle were about half way across the river.Suddenly,  without warning, the scorpion, stung the turtle and the turtle cried out and asked the scorpion, "Why did you sting me? Now, we will both drown! The scorpion said," I stung you because I am a scorpion and it is my nature to sting.
    Just as it is the scorpion's nature to sting Obama, is a devious  politician  and it is his nature to deceive , mislead, distort spin oh who am I kidding?It is Obama's nature to down right lie and this is one talent Obama has perfected down to an art.I would compare Obama,  to a lying serpent just like in the garden of Eden but calling Obama, a lying snake, is an insult to snakes! What Obama,  is , is a con artist the ultimate flimflam man and I personally, would put nothing past him in fact, I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him and since I am handicapped, I could never throw him therefore, I will NEVER trust him. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ryan's Budget Is DOA.

    Much has been made about President Obama's sudden willingness to meet with House and Senate Republicans to discuss possible compromises as both sides try to deal with the affects of the sequester and at the same time present their version of a proposed balanced budget for the next ten years. Right away I find this process a bit Ironic since the Democrats,  have already had four years and they have yet to produce even one budget for one year even so, I am reminded of the first part of Isiah chapter one verse eighteen it begins with these words:" Come now let us reason together saith the Lord." I wonder? Why is it that  I think,  that even if God,  told Republicans and Democrats,  to meet and come reason together that both sides might meet but not much reasoning will actually be done? I mean after all, both sides have been so successful getting together in the past right? Excuse me, God, just reminded me I'm not supposed to lie. The truth is both the Republicans and the Democrats,  have totally different methods when it comes to balancing the federal budget and both sides will argue  for the best political advantage for their party. I will be surprised if anything fiscally responsible as far as dealing with the budget is concerned manages to get accomplished.I don't trust politicians  generally, because generally,  politicians, have never given me a reason to trust them but more than enough reasons not to!
    Congressman Ryan, has now put forth his plan to balance the budget in the next ten years.  While his plan has a lot of good ideas as far as dealing with entitlements is concerned, I think I can say, with the utmost confidence,  that  Ryan's plan to balance the budget is DOA that means dead on arrival as far as the Democrats,  are concerned. Ryan's plan, calls for the repeal of Obama care and considering all the dirty back room deals it took to get it to pass and the fact that this ludicrous legislation, survived a challenge from the Supreme Court Obama, will not let his signature  achievement be abolished What more probably happen is this Ryan's budget plan and Obama,  along with the rest of the Democrats,  will craft a  budget plan,  will be mixed together to form so kind of a so called compromise. I think I can say with total confidence that even if some kind of a compromise is reached after all the reasoning together is done the Republicans, will wind up with the raw end of any deal that is made One can be reasonably sure,  about that! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Forgotten.

    Just when one  thinks  Obama's  ram  page with the infamous sequester, can't get any worse, now it appears that young men and women in the military will lose the benefit of tuition assistance and with no support from the government many brave young men and women will find it much harder to complete their education as a result many will be forced to wait much longer be fore they can plan for future military advancement. I feel if there are any group of Americans who deserve a break and a little help with their future it should be our young men and women in the military.
    I am not surprised, that our nations military were targeted in this way by the sequester. I just think that this is just another example of how our brave men and women go where they are told to go and do what they are told to do and many come back from the battlefield either crippled for life or dead or so  psychologically  and emotionally mixed up many, often wished they had died I still remember a story one of my sister's boyfriends,  told me after he arrived home after being shot in Da Nang Vietnam. He said he was walking through an air port dressed in his military uniform  and was repeatedly  spat upon by several long haired hippies who wanted him to know how much they hated him for obeying his draft order and going to Vietnam in the first place. I find out some time later that this same young man committed suicide he shot himself one night because he was so depressed he left a note that read," If I live or if I die either way I am among the forgotten."
    I have not forgotten and I never will When I think of the illegal aliens  in  this country at this very moment who are receiving  welfare and free health care and in many  cases a free college education while brave American military men and women are being told they will no longer receive tuition assistance from the very government many of them are at this very moment fighting for it literally, makes me sick! President Obama, just like President Clinton, says he feels the American people's pain that has been brought on from the sequester. He should because just like President Clinton Obama is causing most of it. As always my friends these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

None Dare Call It Justice.

    Have you ever played the game called, what's wrong with this picture? Well, I suppose that is what I am doing as I consider the recent judicial actions of Attorney General Eric Holder. Here is a man, whose negligence,  lead to the death of border  patrol agent Brian Terry,  in Operation Fast and Furious. This same man, could offer nothing,  in the way of intelligence,  to help clear up what went wrong in Benghazi a tremendous tragedy, that cost the lives of four brave Americans, including a US Ambassador.If that wasn't bad enough this same man can't trust Americans,  to use their guns properly yet he and Obama, and CIA Director John Brennan, want the American people to trust them when the assure the American people that they know  what their doing using drones as they promise the American people,  they won't kill Americans, with out a trial the cornerstone of due process with said drones, , unless they have proof that said Americans, are indeed involved with terrorist and since no trial will now be required I guess the American people will be asked,  to take Obama's Brennan's and Holder's word for it when they say,  they have this said proof against said Americans This shouldn't  be too hard to do,  considering how open and honest and transparent Obama's administration has been so far, not to  mention the effective  way he has handled the  already mentioned challenges posed by operation Fast and Furious and Benghazi Right? Excuse me, while I gag now!
    Just one day after Senator Rand Paul,  ended his historic filibuster because he wanted Americans to realize how wrong it was to indiscriminately kill would be suspected American terrorist with a drone without a trial. Attorney General Eric Holder, demands that a well established terrorist zealot and  Osama bin La den's son in law for crying out loud, not be placed in Gitmo, as any other terrorist should be no, this pathetic thug,  is to receive a trial by jury, a right that is supposed to re reserved for Americans,  you know, people that were born Here?  What would  truly be pathetic would be if this terrorist, a poster child, for a real wast of life,  is able to acquire a  hot shot lawyer, who could find a way to get this disgrace of humanity acquitted of the charges against him due to some wired legal technicality after all,  stranger things have happened. Can you say, OJ Simpson or Casey Anthony?
    As I ponder all this legal wrangling, I find my self asking,What's wrong with this picture? What kind of perverted justice is this? Ah yes, and then i remember, what kind of justice this is this is the liberal progressive kind of justice and that more often than not, is no justice at all. One, may call this up coming trial assured or a kangaroo court or circus side show. One may call it whatever one wises but none, dare call it justice. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Can Everything Be Bought?

    There's an old saying that says everything has a price.Heaven knows, politicians, may not have a price necessarily but they can most definitely be bought. I have seen  video clips that show  Obama, saying that he owes a lot to the unions because their support helped get him elected Hollywood liberals,  certainly helped with huge contributions to Obama's reelection campaign.I suppose it could be said, in a sense Obama, has been bought and paid for by his campaign supporters and now he is expected to make sure that all of his political decisions reflect their views.
    I suppose everything in America, these days, has a price. Now it would seem, that US citizenship  has a price. American economist, Edward Lazear, has sent a new immigration proposal to the White House. Lazear suggest, that those who wish to obtain citizenship need only pay a mere 50000.00 dollars. If a person who desires US citizenship does not have 50000.00 dollars just laying around somewhere handy then an individual wishing to obtain US citizenship may borrow 50000.00 dollars from Uncle Sam and pay it back over time this would be similar one would suppose to a student loan or a home mortgage.
    Call me crazy, but if  one is an immigrant from Mexico, why would they want to borrow 50000.00 dollars from the US government to buy their citizenship over time when this same person can sneak across America;s all to open and inadequately protected boarders?  Even if they are caught, they may still be forgiven and protected under Obama's  Dream Act, and thus be able to live here for nothing! Even if this proposal could work, should it be done? I'm  sure many who may read these words, will remember the words of Patrick Henry, who said give me liberty or give me death. Now it seems one may not need to die for freedom and liberty one need only have enough money to buy it.
    Think about it, freedom is an idea that good men and women have fought and died for,  just as one could  not buy back a human life once it had  been given in the battle for American freedom, should  freedom and liberty be purchased for 50000.00 dollars? Well, that is cheaper I suppose than having to die for it. I suppose I just can't deal with the concept of buying US citizenship and American, freedom,  with mere money when their have been countless others who fought and died for freedom and thus it would seem to me that they paid the ultimate price. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

He Who Would Be God.

    I except to get criticized from time to time. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. I certainly don't expect liberals to necessarily agree with me. What does surprise me however is that from time to time I am criticized and judged by some who are fellow conservatives and fellow Christians.It seems,  that some Christians think that the use of political satire is something a Christian should not do. All I can say is this,  I respect the  office that  a Congressman or Senator or A President,  may hold but doesn't mean that I necessarily respect the individuals who may occupy these positions. I use clever political commentary as a way to make my blog a bit more  humorous to   provoke thought. To my fellow Christians,  who find it necessary to judge me for this,  I would remind you of Matthew 7:1-2 it says the Following: " Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgement ye judge it shall be measured to you again."I suppose not even every Christian conservative,  is going to necessarily agree with me and for those people I offer these words of Wisdom from Abraham Lincoln he said the following:" You can please some of the people some of the time all of  the people some of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time."
    Now to the matter at hand,  I will make a human judgement  now and tell you that as a person who believes in the constitution and the right of freedom of speech and the basic  right of due process for every American citizen, I find Attorney General Eric Holders response to Senator Rand Paul's question as to whether or not the President has the Constitutional authority to use drones on American citizens disturbing to say the least not that this is any thing new for me for I often find anything  Attorney General Holder,  thinks to be disturbing be cause I think he is mentally disturbed!
    The idea, that any American, suspected of being a terrorist   could be killed with a drone attack based on the decision of Obama,  alone and subsequently have said drone attack  carried out by soon to be  CIA Director John Brennan,  with no trial to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that one such American, is indeed a terrorist goes against every principal of freedom this country was built upon.When Obama, or any one person can decide who lives or dies by their  one decision alone then  that person be comes a law unto themselves and answers then to no one and thus such a person then becomes God.
    This is not to say that hundreds of Americans are killed legally without the benefit of a trial  in this country everyday Abortion has been legal in this country for forty years now. Obama care proposes to let a panel   of non elected  individuals decide if certain folks among America's senior citizen population should be allowed treatment if said treatment is deemed too expensive to keep them alive. Just this week a nurse was suspended because  she refused to perform CPR  on an elderly resident because she said it went against the facility's policy because the facility and the nurses there were not licensed  by the California Board of Registered Nursing to preform CPR.I understand not wanting to be sued but as a nurse it was her duty to try to save that elderly resident's life the Good Samaritan law would have given her enough protection to at least try to save her life.
    The last sign of moral decay in any society is the devaluation of human life. America, is truly in a state of moral decay. Someone has said in a free society the people ultimately receive the government they deserve because they voted for it. One may not like Obama, as a President but he was,  duly elected by the people and I fear if America,  does fall as a result of many of his irresponsible moral and economic policies it may just be because God has decided America, has received,  what she deserves as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Put Your Big Boy Pants On!

    My Daughter Cassandra, Is always telling her mother and I just how grown up she is. I will admit there are times when she astounds us with her endless imagination and creativity, There are also times,  when she finds it much more fun just to be a happy go lucky kid. Recently, Cassandra,  complained to her mother and ask her why she didn't remember to recharge her ipod before she went to bed. My wife then reminded Cassandra, that the ipod was hers and if she was old enough to use an ipod she was old enough to remember to recharge it.All children must learn responsibility or they will remain children.
    My father,  told me that the day he was old enough to to wear long pants was the same day he was old enough to go to the fields and work on the farm beside his two older brothers and his father. I was curious, so I asked him just how old that was and he said six.He said he had to grow up fast because crops didn't wait and they did not harvest themselves. My father said responsibility can never be learned to early but if not learned early enough it can be too late for some folks to learn!
    Speaking only for my self I've never really  cared much  for whiners, and speaking of whiners, Obama, continues to whine about those pesky Republicans, who just don't seem to want to get with the program and let Obama, and the rest of the do nothing Democrats, raise hard working Americans taxes. The President, is absolutely committed to picking American taxpayers pockets. The sequester, as it turns out, will not end life as we know it and Obama fears that if the American people figure that out,  they may ask for him to make more responsible budget cuts and  he certainly, couldn't have that!
    As committed as Obama, is to higher taxes, it would seem, that just about all he is committed to. The man and that description is  generous doesn't not seem able or willing to accept responsibility for anything. Think about, he didn't know about Fast and Furious,  he didn't know about Benghazi, he signed the heath care law that bears his name but he was not involved in the process of writing the bill and no one took the time to read the health care bill but every American tax payer,  is gonna be very involved in paying for it. Obama, blames the Republicans, for just just about any and everything he complains about how stubborn the Republicans,  are to work with. I would remind Obama,  that the Democrats, are the party that has a jackass,  for a symbol and he is living proof that is no accident!Obama, it seems prefers the notoriety that comes from being the President but not the responsibility that also comes with the office. It would likes all the perks of the presidency but not all the pressures of the presidency. It seems Obama, knows how to run a campaign and thus become President,  he just isn't up to the task of actually behaving like a president.Running one's mouth is one thing and Obama is certainly,  an expert at that.  Running a country well, that's something else and so far Obama, hasn't even obtained amateur status as it relates to being presidential and exercising real leadership.If Obama wants to be President, he needs to put his big boy pants on take the responsibility that comes with the job I like going to Disney Land, but the American people don't need a Micky Mouse President although Obama, does have the ears for that job if Mickey,  needs a break! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.