Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If Obama, Wins, Independence Ends!

  Some, of the political pundits on the news are suggesting that Obama, may experience a surge or a bit of a comeback of sorts in the polls because he can seen as  more presidential and as he tours states like New Jersey, and New York where the devastation left from Hurricane Sandy is more than evident. I realize the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy,  is immense and even with help from the government total recovery for the  states affected by this storm could take years. I understand then that our government must step in and help the people in these states get back on there feet again as soon as possible
  What troubles me however is this there are all ready so many people in this country will feel that government should do every thing for them. I recently talked to a person who lives in my neighbor hood who thought that her utilities should be paid by the government. The way  my neighbor  looked at it everyone should be warm in the winter and cool in the summer I suppose my neighbor thought this was a basic human right and therefore the government should pay every one's heating and cooling bills in the name of equal rights and fairness. Keep in mind my neighbor is not impoverished in any way. Their beef was if those who were considered low income could have their heat paid for by the American taxpayers why couldn't the government just pay every person;s utility  bills? I then ask them if they thought the government should give them money to buy a furnace in the winter time and an air conditioner in the summer time and not surprisingly again my neighbor thought this would be a good idea that is, until I reminded my civic mined neighbor that that kind of government assistance would require an increase in their taxes and then they said "Oh I hadn't considered that!"
  I think that is the basic problem in liberal thinking they are always good at identifying a need in society but they don't want to pay for it. My fear is quite frankly,  that many in America, have developed a sense of entitlement and are content to depend on the government for everything. America, became  the great nation she is because of her spirit of independence.Which is basically the belief that we as Americans, will gladly help anyone who needs help but the greatest thing one can do is teach someone how to help themselves.I have often heard it said that God helps them who help themselves. I fear however,  that in the minds of many in this country government,  is God, I am remind ed of Bart Simpson's prayer to God,  as he prayed  to God,  for his food he said, "God, I would thank you for this food but my dad has to work and pays for everything so God, thanks for nothing!" I am afraid that many in this country are saying to God,  mentally by their attitude the government gives me everything so God, thanks for nothing! I pray that this is not the case but I believe that when it comes to the next election if Obama, wins American independence ends! As always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In A Moment, Life, Can Be A Memory.

  Just like many other Americans,  today,  I am in shock and awe as I watch the news and begin to see the live camera shots as well as pictures of the incredible devastation left behind in the after math of Hurricane Sandy. Historians,  are already saying this massive out burst of nature is one for the record books in fact the last time America,  saw anything like this type of hurricane was in New York,  in 1824. Just do a bit of math and you'll find that was 188 years ago and the historians say,  this storm is far worse the anything America, has experienced to date. I have to tell you as I watch the news and see the seemingly endless miles of rampant destruction in the form  fires floods or frozen winter fury in state after state along the east coast I realize that it will take months maybe even years,  before states like New Jersey, New York, and West Virginia, will  fully recover.
  As I reflect on the overwhelming devastation of Hurricane Sandy, I am left with a lasting impression in my mind as I ponder  this sobering thought, even  America, the greatest and most technologically advanced nation the world has ever known  is still no match for the unyielding will of nature when she is released at full fury. I am then struck by the fact that in just a matter of a few hours and in some cases just a matter of moments for many across this nation life as they once knew it is just a fond memory. It would seem then,  that one out burst of nature has the ability at least for a period of time to set America, back over a hundred years and forces many in this age of computers, blackberries, ipads,  and cell phones practically back into  the stone or at the very least faced with living like the Amish. I would ask Americans,  this question  if America, cannot control  the fury of nature and it is God,  who controls nature are we so sure in this so called,  modern age that we no longer need God? I think not.
  I assure you,  thousands of families are seeking God's comfort right now and it's  up to Christians,  everywhere in these devastated areas to offer help and let God, work through them and offer comfort to those who need it right now. The Bible,  gives this admonition to Christians,  in times like this in Romans, 12;15 we are told to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. I imagine,  there are many in these devastated areas who are weeping right now and need someone to weep with them while at the same time offer whatever comfort they can. I cannot know the mind of God, and I will will not pretend to know his purpose at a time like this indeed,  some things,  are known only by God,  but I can suggest,  that perhaps God,  is trying to speak to Americans, to show them just how much they  still need him and one can only pray Americans,  are listening. As always, my friends. these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Monday, October 29, 2012

In The Interest Of Innocence.

  My daughter is ten years old and she is very intelligent. She is in the fifth grade at a wonderful Christian School. My wife and I have been very blessed our daughter has been tested from time to time and my wife and I have been told she is gifted. One minute she is playing with her Barbie doll and the next minute she is telling me that she deserves an allowance because she is a good house keeper and a very responsible daughter. Last night, I had  to force myself  to agree with her because it was very hard to take her  serious while she was telling me how mature and responsible she was with peanut butter stuck to the roof of her mouth and a milk mustache that covered  much of her face! I will admit my daughter,  is very intelligent. She is a straight A honor student and has maintained this particular status for five years in a row. As intelligent as my daughter is however, you may be surprised to learn she is also blissfully ignorant about some things and I have to say I don't mind. Would you believe me if I told you that until last year my daughter still believed in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny and still saved her baby teeth for the tooth fairy?That was last year though she is totally mature now that;s why she 's just got to have the latest Barbie doll just like the one her best friend at school has. I'm sure you mothers understand how important it is that every thing my daughter wears must be pink and it has to be the latest style just like what ever her friends at school are wearing and above all she could never wear the same out fit in twice in the same week heavens,  no parish the thought!
  I love the fact that although  my daughter,  is very mature in some ways she is also quite innocent in other ways. The only thing she knows about sex is that God, placed her in her mommy's tummy and she grew inside there until God helped mommy push her out.She is content for now with that much knowledge on how babies are born and until she inquires further that is all her mother and I feel she needs to know Some, I know will criticize me for wanting to hold on to my child's innocence as long as possible.I just think that society today places too much pressure on our children to grow up far too fast and very often they are not even really ready yet.
  This is one reason, I am so angry with the Obama Campaign. Last night I saw a campaign add  and in the add a young college aged girl talks about voting for the first time for Barack Obama, except she doesn't even mention this until much later in the add. When this add starts out this young girl says, "Your first time should be with some one you can trust someone who really understands women and what  their needs are." One certainly thinks she is describing her first sexual encounter not her first time voting for Obama! When I saw this add I was very glad my daughter was already safely tucked away in bed. I thought to myself,  is this where we have come to as a nation? I have to wonder is their anything society can teach our children without exposing them to some aspect of sex before they even want or need to know about it? I know society says, sex sells but I would ask you,  must sex sell everything in our society? I choose to preserve my child's innocence as long as I can. She will learn about certain realities of life soon enough. Sex,  may help sell just about every thing in our society but I won't let that secular philosophy tell  me I have to sell out my or my child's moral values.It is no accident that even Jesus says,  in the Bible in Mark 14-15 that those who would enter the kingdom of God,  must first have the innocence and believing faith of a little child. I can't say I'm in any real  hurry for my daughter to grow up and I guess you could say,  I shield her at times in the interest of innocence and I just bet,  I'm not the only parent who does this! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Is One Life Worth More Than Another?

  I will confess,  I am at a loss to understand how the liberals, in the Obama, campaign can use the threat of the loss of birth control and the so called right of women to have an unlimited number of abortions for almost any reason as a means to get Obama, reelected.. I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised though.These days it seems the worth of a human life is determined on a case by case basis. Obama care,  will end the life of the elderly if it is deemed  too costly to provide the needed medical care that would sustain their life.One minute liberals,  march in the street protesting the needless loss of life as thy did  when American forces,  were in Iraq, or they protest against the war in Afghanistan.  Members of PETA,  weep for the needless  slaughter of animals but the next minute these same liberals will march in the same streets for the right to kill babies through abortion.I would ask this question is one life worth more than another? Four brave Americans, including an American Ambassador, were needlessly killed in Benghazi,  and I don't hear any liberal democrats  weeping for them or their families.
  Some,  are very offended  when those who are pro life suggest that even a child conceived as a result of rape should have the right to be born and live. I realize this is a hard issue and I'll let God,  decide if a woman should abort a child conceived through rape. I can only say,  I have known two  persons born as a result of rape and both grew up to be productive members of society  One,  became a successful preacher and he is very pro life. I was born with Cerebral Palsy,  and I was three months  premature many thought my mother should have had an abortion and when I was born I fought for my life for five months and the doctors did not think I would survive but I did and I'm glad to be here.I would ask liberal women who always say a woman has the right to choose when it comes to abortion if you met me or one of my friends who were conceived as a result of rape would you be bold enough to suggest that we really didn't have a right to be in this world and say, it would have been all right with you under the circumstances if we would have been aborted? I don't have all the right answers in every situation and I freely admit that but I would ask again, is one life worth more than another?
Do women who say,  they believe in God,  really have the right to make a decision that only God,  has the right to make? Perhaps,  women who favor abortion have decided  they don't believe in God, or better yet perhaps, they would choose to be their own God,  unless their all atheist.I know abortion in some situations is a tough issue and I will let God,  sort out what is right or wrong in the case of rape incest or the life of the mother but as a Christian,  all I can do is seek the wisdom found in the Bible. Psalm 139:16 says the following;  "Thine eyes did see my substance, yet imperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there were none of them." As a  Christian,  I believe the Bible,  teaches that all life is precious because God,  is all life for mankind,  was made in the image of God.I do not have all the answers and God,  will be the final judge of mankind so I will leave that to him but I hope I have given anyone  who may read these words at least,  some thing to think about and as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Honesty, Is Still, The Best Policy.

  My mother used to tell me honesty, is the best policy. I must say I have found this to be very true. I tell my daughter to always tell my wife and I the truth. My daughter,  is ten and thus far as far as my wife and I know our daughter has never lied to us. She even tells us the truth even when she knows that her mother and I won't like the truth. Like all children, my daughter is not perfect but I am pleased to know at this point in her life she has learned to tell the truth and it's nice to know I can trust her. When you think about it, I ask you,  is there a greater compliment a parent could give to their child?
  Recently, I found my self in a challenging discussion with my uncle regarding always telling the truth. My uncle always plays devils advocate in these  type of discussions and sometimes, I wish he weren't so good at it because as a Christian , I confess I'm not too  interested in giving the devil any kind of an advocate! On a more serious note however, my uncle suggested that even for Christians, there  may be certain times when a Christian,  would choose to lie. He gave the example in the Bible,  where Rahab,  the harlot hid the two  spies from  Israel and  when the men of the city of Jericho, ask her if she knew where the spies were she told them that that knowledge was way over her head and it certainly was for she hid the spies from the children of Israel  right above her in  her roof Okay,  so I'm being a little facetious here, the truth is the Bible doesn't say what she told the men of the city of Jericho when they asked her about the spies but whatever  she told them they were  satisfied with her answer and she didn't give the spies away.and although the Bible,  does not specifically say it was right for Rahab,  to lie God,  does seem to bless Rahab,  for she is rescued by those same spies and later you see that  she is a direct descendant of  King David  and the Lord Jesus Christ.I will confess to you, I would lie to protect my wife or my daughter or the life of some one else I cared about. I don't know if it is ever right to lie but I would in these particular set of circumstances and I'll let God judge me  according to my motives when that time comes. I still believe one should always seek to tell the truth as much as possible and if Christians would but as much effort in following the teachings in the Bible that they know to be true instead of worrying about loopholes all the time I think Christians,  would find themselves much better off. I mean, face it unless your a spy working for the government or in the midst of a war how often is the average person going to be  faced with the situation where one has to lie in order to save a person's life? I would suggest to you, not too often.
  President Obama, seems to change his facts about the tragedy of Benghazi, almost on a moment by moment basis and he isn't lying to save lives he's lying to cover up the fact that because of his negligence in the area of national security an American Ambassador is dead as well as three other brave Americans and a grieving father is denied the answers and the true justice he and his son deserves. I would respect Obama, if he would just admit mistakes were made and express true regret because of those mistakes it appears however that Obama, has no concept of what honesty or truth really is. The only thing he is interested in is getting reelected no matter how many lies he has to tell to accomplish that task. I would ask those who would vote for Obama, if he is willing to lie to cover up cold blooded murder is there anything he wouldn't lie about? His policies have all been lies of one kind or another. His heath care is not affordable his stimulus did nothing for the unemployment in this nation.Although honesty, would be his best policy their is no honesty that can be found to date in any policy he has ever made. I must conclude then Obama, is a man I cannot trust and I hope most of the American people, feel the same way. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Presidential? Please!

  I am far from a perfect man and in case you don't believe me, just ask my wife and I'm sure she will  back me up when I say I am very far from perfect. I am a very simple man and I have more than my share of faults. I will confess that I am often impatient and if I am tired or under too much stress some times all it takes is just one more thing to go wrong and then my temper sometimes gets the better of me and in a moment of anger and frustration I have been known to say something as a Christian,  I should not say. I truly regret it when I slip and say something that as a Christian, I know I shouldn't but when it happens I apologize to my family right away and then I pray and ask God to help me be a better man and a better influence for my family and a better Christian influence,  for those I may come in contact with from day to day.I am so grateful that I can seek God's forgiveness. I assure you, first John 1:9 has been a great comfort to me through out my life as a Christian
  I realize no one is a perfect.but at the same time I also know that when a person is placed in a position of leadership and expected  to be a positive influence on those around  them I am amazed that there are those who have little regard for the trust that has been placed in them. President Obama, recently spoke with Rolling Stone Magazine. No doubt the president is trying to appeal to the 18 -24 voting  demographic and he is aware of course that many young people who are 18 -24 more than likely read Rolling Stone Magazine. The president wants to appear to be able to relate to the societal views of of the nations college students and  certainly the president wants to perceived as the cool president and one supposes the president thought a interview with Rolling Stone would help him do just that.
  Obama, stated in the interview that Governor Mitt Romney, was a B S er only he said the actual words.I am not trying to appear to be holier than thou here but I would have thought a man with Obama's educational background more  specifically,  a Columbia University graduate  and a Harvard law professor and a person known for his great ability to speak with great eloquence could have used his vast vocabulary to find more fitting words to express himself and since I am more than convinced that he could have,  I must conclude,  he chose not to because he thought it would appeal to the college crowd and he would appear to be cool  if he used the the crude language of the street to express himself. I for one,  was not impressed. I was disappointed in the president but it it wasn't the first time. I was always taught that it was a sign that a person was educated if they didn't have to resort to four letter words to express themselves. The Bible says in Matthew 12 ;34 "O generation of vipers, how can ye being evil speak good things?" " For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh." One wonders if the president has gone in for a heart check up lately? I wonder if he talks this way in front of his daughters? I know I try my best to never talk that way in front of my daughter. When a president,  uses this kind of language to denigrate an opponent he actually denigrates himself. This kind of language can be called many things crude  course or the words of choice for the uneducated but to call this kind of language presidential? PLEASE!! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Leftovers Ain't Gonna Get It!

  From time to time just like most of us my family and I have a real big meal and it turns out to be more than we can eat for one meal so it goes to the fridge and the next day we have leftovers. I don't mind left overs sometimes,  their even better the second time around. Some of my favorite left overs include pizza, meat loaf, chili, ham, and turkey.I certainly don't mind sitting down to enjoy these favorites a second time.
  There some leftovers however that no one should have to experience a second time particularly,   if they were a complete and utter disaster the first time. . That's right Americans, he's back! Just when you thought you couldn't stand another heaping helping of Obama's failed economic policies it seems he's warmed over another serving and he actually expects the American people not to notice. Right now in key battle ground states Obama,  is mailing what he calls his second term plan for the nation if by chance  he is granted a second term.The way I understand this it seems the Obama,  campaign was concerned that he really didn't have a so called plan with spelled out a list of things he hoped to accomplish in a second term. Some brilliant idiot on Obama's  campaign staff took about fifteen minutes because that's about the limit of their brilliance in a day and  decided he would take the talking points from Obama;s convention speech reword  it repackage it and call it Obama's new plan for American economic growth which he hopes to implement in a second term. 
  I warn the voters in the swing states however, what Obama,  calls a fresh and new plan for economic growth for the nation is just more of the same old  polices Americans,  were forced to swallow and suffer through  the first time things like more spending, taxes on the wealthy investing which means spending in alternative sources of energy,investment in education, more  government regulations on small business.These are more than the left overs of Obama's failed economic policies from his first for years. I didn't like the first serving and Obama care,  has certainly been hard enough for the American people to swallow! Obama's failed economic left overs should me thrown out and Obama,  needs to feed his nonsense  to some one who might believe it perhaps the anchors of MS NBC and Obama,  could start their own support group liberal loons anonymous Mitt Romney,  is just like Ford he has a better idea and the ideas he's cooked up are fresh and new including reduced taxes, strong military, less business regulation a revised tax systems and jobs for Americans,  because small businesses won't be afraid to hire new workers.Romney,  wants to rebuild Obama care into something every business can live with and that 's good because no one can live with it now.I encourage all Americans to vote for Romney, other wise all through Obama's second term every time he serves you more of his failed economic polices you'll be saying same stuff different  day! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama, Is Running For Cover!

  As the heat from the more that apparent cover up of Benghazi,grows even more intense Obama, and various departments in his administration are faced with more and more questions that they either cannot or will not answer. The recent discovery of emails seems to suggest that the White House,  was totally aware of the terrorist attack on Benghazi,  on nine eleven in real time.The question then becomes why did Obama feel the need to cover this tragic mess up? The answer seems clear he didn't want to admit that a terrorist attack had occurred on his watch with an election so close at hand.
  The polls, have tightened considerably in recent days and Obama, finds himself running for cover indeed this evening Obama will be a guest on the Tonight show having I suppose having a few laughs with his ole buddy Jay Leno. It's nice to know the president has time for Leno too bad after a month he still can't get to the bottom of Benghazi! I'm sure the president will give an optimal explanation on Leno and the American people will fully understand why a present who heads the largest military in the world has taken over thirty days to answer the lingering questions of Benghazi,  and retaliate appropriately.
  The truth is Obama can run but he can't hide. He can't hide  from his record, he can't hide from his foreign policy failures, and he can't hide the truth from the American people,  no matter how much members of his administration my try to cover for him.The election is close at hand. Romney, has nothing to hide and taken his stand.Barack Obama needs to understand. The American people want Mitt Romney to over see this land. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's Still The Economy Stupid!

  If you were watching TV last night and you happened  to catch the third and final presidential debate depending what candidate you supporting most likely determines the debate you saw because   each political side most likely saw the the kind of debate they wanted to see. Those who support Obama, will tell you that he was really on his game and to quote the late President Richard Nixon, really socked it to Mitt Romney. Those who support Mitt Romney,  will tell you that he was calm and self assured and content to let Obama whine like the spoiled mama's boy the lame stream media is more that content for Obama to be.While I will admit I would have preferred that Romney would have been a bit aggressive especially when discussing the the tragedy of Benghazi, I understand why Romney,  chose to stay above it all. Romney,  realized that if  he attacked Obama's foreign to aggressively he ran the risk of being called a warmonger and thus,  being compared to former president Bush,  who was always seen as an over zealous cowboy always looking for a fight. Romney, also had to remember that women are mothers after all and they are not necessarily eager to get another war stated either.
  All I can say is this if being condescending and disrespectful is what it takes for Obama, to appear aggressive to fire up his base then I suppose his democratic base of support is  very pleased with Obama's debate performance and no  doubt believes  Obama, won the debate. Speaking only for my self I thought Romney,  appeared, to be not only much more  more mature the Obama, has ever thought about being but also more presidential. Obama, acted like a child who just wanted to whine every time he didn't get under Romney's skin. Obama, did represent the liberal Democratic Party very well because he certainly acted like a jackass! What is true is that the nation's economy is still the the number one issue on the minds of most American;s. Former political strategist for President Clinton, James Carville,  said it best when he uttered the immortal words "It's the economy stupid and I would suggest to the liberal democrats it's still the economy stupid! While I cannot tell you who will win the election based  on the last debate, I can tell you the choice facing Americans, has never been more clear. Americans,  will choose what kind of America, they wish to live in One option gives Americans,  freedom to dream and pursue  happiness by what ever means they wish  with no over regulation by the government.The other option,  while attractive to many because of  the  promise of a uninterrupted flow of free stuff from the government but  one has to remember that this so called free money is financed by China, and is literally burying this nation in a 16 trillion dollar mountain of debt and that mount is about to crumble and thus bury this nation forever. Only the American people,  have the power to determine the nation's economic destiny.One can only pray the American people,  make the right choice. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney's Ready, Time For A knockout!

  I along with many other concerned Americans,  will be watching Mitt Romney as he squares off against Obama,  for the third and final presidential debate. Some,  have suggested that Obama,  should have a obvious advantage since the the topic for this last debate will be foreign policy. I'm not so sure that I agree with that assessment. Obama, has been an absolute failure in the area of foreign policy. While it is true he made the decision to have Osama bin laden,  killed how hard was it to get on the phone and tell the person in charge of the Navy Seals,  okay  guys,  do it! in truth Obama,  didn't even get his hands dirty.The president will point to the fact that he took the troops out of Iraq but that country is already starting to fall apart since the Us troops left. Obama, will boast that the war in Afghanistan is winding down and in deed  the troops are scheduled to leave in 2014 but the truth is Al- Qadea, is not on the run they haven't gone anywhere and in many places through out the middle east they are growing stronger and Romney, certainty out to be able to talk at length about the tragic foreign policy catastrophe that is Benghazi Libya.
  The fact is even if Romney never mentions Benghazi he sill as a variety of foreign policy failures to challenge Obama on. There are more than enough examples but I'll list but a few. First their is the treat of a nuclear Iran despite massive sanctions Iran is about  six months away from being able to have nuclear weapons. Israel, has been virtually abandoned by Obama, and may have to face Iran alone for Obama,  has made it clear prim minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that he can't count on any military support from the US.Egypt, is still a troubled nation and their new government hasn't even been fully formed yet. Syria, is certainly a mess the country's own people are being killed often by the direct order of Assad. Yemen, is always good for a terrorist or two indeed , Yemen is a key training place for Al-qadea terrorist and if that's not enough there's always Russia, and China to deal with.
  Romney, must use many of the  ample examples of Obama's foreign policy failures to demonstrate why the American people need a new president some one who can be a real Commander and Chief some one who won't be content to lead from behind but will lead! I believe if Romney can command the facts on foreign policy he can in affect score a political knock out and I think the time is right for Romney to do just that! As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Things We Do For Our Children.

  Do you ever have one of those days when you had a bout a half a dozen things you really to do but your children also have about a half a dozen things they want you to do with them? Well, I had one of those days recently, and I"ll give you two guesses what I ended of doing with my day You guessed it I pushed aside the plans I had made for that day and spent most of it playing computer games with my daughter. My daughter,  wanted to learn how to play Monopoly so I found  a free computer version of it and my daughter and I played computer Monopoly, for most of the day. I guess one could say I decided that nothing I had to do on that given day was more important then spending some quality time with mt daughter.
  As a parent,  as I think about it it is quite amazing what a thoughtful and  caring parent will gladly do for their children. If there is only one glass of chocolate milk left in the gallon jug I'll give you three guesses who gets it and the first two don't count. My daughter,  loves a certain kind of pizza and so my wife always buys it for her and when there is just one delicious slice of pizza left who do you think gets it? I'll give you a hint it's not me and it's sure isn't my wife that's right it's our precious daughter we both would do without what ever we wanted if it meant that our daughter,  could have what she wanted or needed. Why? The answer is quite simple  we love our daughter more than we love ourselves and any thoughtful and caring   parent would do the exact same thing because they  would feel the exact same way.
  I make a plea to parents everywhere to do something truly meaningful in the lives of children everywhere across this nation on election day please vote and when you do please, vote  for Mitt Romney. I assure parents everywhere across this nation that voting for Mitt Romney is one of the best things you could ever do for your children.I feel this way because I know that voting for Mitt Romney, will help give your children the one thing Obama never has and never will if you're wondering what that might be the answer is a future built on self reliance freedom, where the only limitations they will have when it comes to full filling their drams are the limitations they place on themselves not the limitations the government places on them! This is the kind of America, I want for my children the kind of America,  I grew up in.I hope that most Americans want this kind of America.  for their children too. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Drip Drip Drip Of Benghazi, Grows Louder And Deeper.

  I am not gifted with the ability to sew but even I know if you mend a piece of clothing when you  find a small whole in it it won't be nearly so hard to fix as it will if you ignore the whole because it is so small only to find in just a little while before you know that little whole is now not so little and will take many more stitches to fix or mend. Ben Franklin knew this over 236 years ago when he wrote this in his publication of Poor Richards Almanac "A stitch in time saves nine." I recently went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned and a routine x ray revealed a small whole in one of my teeth believe me I has the tooth filled right then and there. There are just some things in life you really ought to fix as soon as you can while it is a small or at least manageable problem. Don't you just hate the constant drip drip drip of a leaky faucet? I run for a wrench every time I hear one heaven knows you can't sleep with that  irritating sound in the house and some how when one is trying to sleep the sound of  the drip from a leaky faucet just seems to grow louder and louder.
  Obama, now has a problem like this on his hands his leaky faucet however is called Benghazi, and with each day that has passed since nine eleven the constant drip drip drip of Benghazi,  grows louder and deeper Why is this foreign policy catastrophe much harder for Obama,  to deal with now? The answer is simple you don't conduct what appears to date to be a 42 day cover up about what really happened and all the while facts have leaked out to the public that seem to suggest some one is lying. Americans,  now know that  the tragedy of  Benghazi,  was a full blown terrorist attack and not just a small unorganized mob protesting a video  on You Tube, mocking the Muslim prophet Muhammad. The fact is no matter what Obama,  does or no matter how he or his surrogates, try to spin the tragic foreign policy failure of Benghazi with  each day that passes the American public become more and more aware just how messed up this whole thing was. The American people now know that for several months including the day of his death American, Ambassador Stevens, was pleading for an increase in security  forces a request that was obviously ignored and ultimately led to Ambassador Stevens death along with three other brave Americans. This scandal has the potential to be even bigger than Water Gate and thus far Obama, is offering no real answers to the American people to explain to them how the greatest nation on earth with the  strongest military in the world could not sufficiently defend one small American embassy.
  This topic will most assuredly,  come up in the last debate and will most certainly illustrate Obama's more than obvious lack of military experience and his over all failure in the area of foreign policy. As the Commander and Chief of the nations armed fores a president's first priority is to keep our nation's people and those who represent our nation safe it now appears to the American people,  that Obama, failed to do that.  The constant drip of more and more facts that are revealed to the American  voters is definitely going to hurt Obama's reelection chances. Obama, should have been  open and honest with the American people on the night of nine eleven it might have been hard to admit we had been attacked by terrorist on that particular day this but  was never going to be easy for Obama,  but attempting to cover this tragic mess up now  threatens to destroy Obama,  politically. I am reminded of these poetic words, "Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive." As always, my friends, these thoughts  remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Americans, Stock in Romney, Is Rising.

  There is no question about now, Romney is gaining  a lead on Obama, There may be many reasons for this but I will offer a few. Obama, tried over the primary and summer season to paint Romney,  as an insensitive out of touch with the common person rich guy and since Romney, was a gentleman and therefore,  did not respond aggressively to fight against the negative adds Obama's negative campaign attacks were effective with the public that is until the first debate.
  Romney's performance in the fist debate was virtually flawless and Obama looked like a college student who tried to cram for an examine he hadn't studied  for  only to discover it could not be done. Romney,  was introduced to the public at large for the first time at the first debate. He had made a speech at the NRC  but much of the public seldom watch political conventions so the first debate gave the public their real look at Romney and he made the most of it. He came across as calm confident and very ready to be the nation's next president.
  Romney,  may not have won the second debate but he certainly held his own and the public now knows he is a real human being and more the able to relate to the needs and and economic conditions of those who have not been as financially fortunate as Romney. Thus, Obama, has a real problem on his hands Romney, once a political underdog is now even or leading in almost every national and battle ground state poll He is even leading in states where it was thought he had no chance to win Pennsylvania,  is a good example.Romney offers solutions to the nations economic woes and that's what voters  want right now that's a real hope for a real change. One might say that while Obama tried to focus the American people's attention on how many stocks or financial  funds Romney has hidden some where in off shore account Obama's problem is Americans are now putting stock in Romney,  and Obama's stock as far as his handling of the nations economy during his presidency is concerned is most certainly on the decline. As always, my friends these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

These Are The Ties That Bind.

  I keep hearing all this talk from the left regarding the so called war on women and frankly, I just don't get it. Women have made great strides since the fifties. Like that old cigarette commercial says from the seventies "You've come a long way baby! Speaking of babies, The Supreme Court,  has allowed so called liberated  women to kill their babies almost at will through abortion since 1973 no baby is going to stand in the way of the life you wish to lead no sir!
  I am perplexed,  women fought for the right to serve in the military just like men in the field of combat. Now to me that's a real war on women! Right now we have women senators,  women on the Supreme Court,we have had two women recently run for president and vice president and now Hilary Clinton,  moved right  on up to Secretary of State oh wait a minute,  doesn't she still serve under and answer to President Obama,  and he a man? That is if you can call  President Obama,  any kind of a man the words cry baby seem more appropriate here! Yes,  for all the progress women have made they still have to accept the fact that sometimes , they will be in situations that require that at least for a period time they may have to work at a place of employment that is owned  and operated  and basically run by a man but their chances for advancement are far better than say, forty years ago. Much,  has been made about Romney's comment that he had a binder full of qualified women for various positions in the companies he helped to run over the years. I think that's a good thing such a binder would not have even existed or have even been thought of forty years ago. Women, as you consider who to vote for in the next election remember Romney's  bind full of qualified women.  Men like Romney,  have helped women fill countless of binders all over this country and if women will help to elect Romney as the nation's next president I feel sure he will keep helping women have more and more chances for economic advancement. There is one thing in this country that is not very binding for anyone including women no matter how many binders he may fill with them. What might that be you ask? Obama's promises,Here are but a few. Obama promised unemployment would by at 5.4 by now it isn't it's at 7.8 and that is figure is fuzzy math at best.Obama promised to cut the nations debt in half instead he doubled it. Obama promised shovel ready jobs but the only thing he helped shovel is a load of  well,  let's just say,  broken promises. Women, I appeal to your reason and intelligence freedom and self reliance and hard word and sacrifice these are the ties that bind us all together as a nation. As always, my friends, and especially women, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney, Stands His Ground.

  I watched the second presidential debate last night between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. As I suspected by enlarge the main stream media proclaimed Obama, the winner of the second debate not that this pronouncement was in any way surprising considering the media fix was in before the second debate even began because Obama, has had most of the media in his pocket for some time now. The moderator Candy Crowley,  kissed Obama's  butt so many times it was pathetic.
  For the sake of argument, lets call last night's second debate a draw for a moment. I say this because I realize that those who support Obama, will say that he won the the debate and those that support Romany, will claim that he won the debate and only the results in the November he election will prove who actually won all the debates. The fact remains however,  that even if you call last night's debate a draw Obama, out right lied about Libya,  with an obvious assist from Candy Crowley. Miss Crowley,  later admitted Romney, had been correct when he said Obama,  didn't call the tragedy in Benghazi a terrorist attack until fourteen days after nine eleven but her after debate admission was like a back of the newspaper retraction there will be very few who will even know that she amended her statement. much to the relief and benefit of Obama.
  The truth is,  no matter who America,  decided  had won last night's debate Romney,  gave Americans,  a clear choice. Four more years of Obama, means more debt, more taxes less jobs more government less personal freedom more food stamps more poverty for the poor and entitlements that remain on the verge of pending collapse. Obama, has no solutions to fix these problems except to spend more money and attempt to pay for lavish spending through increased taxes on the wealthy and since that won't work one has to ask is  can middle class tax hikes be far behind? For all of the talking Obama,  certainly is  good at doing he cannot explain away his failed economic policies and his general lack of over all leadership in matters of foreign policy and over all national security. As I have said before I have no illusions, I know there as always been and there will always be a certain amount of people in this country who could care less what's really going on in the country or around the world for that matter just as long as their government check keeps coming in. Indeed all some people want is that Obama, free money that every American taxpayer has to pay for. What Romney is really offering America is a chance to assure those in America who truly need government assistance a plan to guarantee it will always be there. One thing is certain if America, chooses to continue the failed economic polices of Obama,  America's future will remain at best uncertain. I would ask this one question however, what happens when China, can no longer lend us  the money to pay on our debt? What happens when the money runs out? How many of the poor sick or elderly will we be able to help then? Romney offers the American people a plan to continue  to do just that One can only hope Americans, will vote wisely. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama, Romney, Round Two!

  Have you ever heard that old joke where you tell someone you know what the score to a certain game usually in sports is going to be before the game even starts? When you pose this challenge to your intended target of course they  again ask you the question and say, "You mean you can tell me the score of the game before it even starts?"You of course play along and say yes. When your target of this joke finally says okay your on and then ask you to tell them what the score will be even before the game starts the answer is of course zero to zero and if you were betting anything based on the out come of this joke you should when the bet!
  That is kind of the same way I feel about the second debate between President Obama, and Governor Romney.You don't really need to even watch the second debate if the  winner is all you really want to know. I can tell you that right now. The winner of the second debate will be President Obama. Just in case your wondering why or how  I know this the answer really is quite simple. Obama cannot do any worse than the first debate because all he really has to have is a pause at this second debate and that will be an automatic improvement for him.Obama's  brain, was missing in action during the first debate.I know, perhaps the president was preoccupied wondering what to by Mrs Obama for their twentieth wedding anniversary.I suspect that task was so munch more important to him. I mean who has time to worry about the little things like the debt,  unemployment,  tax reform, entitlement reform, energy independence education and if that's still not enough how bout the possibility of a nuclear Iran a war with Israel, not to mention Benghazi and four dead Americans one of which was a United states Ambassador and a person friend of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.Oh yeah,  the anniversary gift for the Mrs was way more important!
  I have no doubt Obama, will be more aggressive tonight  and I can assure you he will be much more aggravating. No matter what topic may be discussed, no matter what is said or done when the second debate concludes the spin doctors for both campaigns will try to say their side won the debate. Obama however has some added advantages regarding the out come. First, much  of the media and the press are already safely tucked in Obama's pocket and it's been that way since 2008 when ran for president , the first time. Secondly, Obama has every major voting minority all fighting for him this would include but in no way be limited to African Americans, Latin Americans, and that would include all those who are undocumented, a large portion of the women's vote because of the abortion and birth  control up roar not to mention all those who are receiving some type of government assistance who have a real desire to keep those checks coming without having to do any thing to earn them. Romney,  will go into this second debate and even if he does well the spin doctor deck will definitely be stacked against him.
  Therefore, the American people,  will have to listen to both sides and decide what direction they want this country to go in.personal freedom and free enterprise where the only limitations placed on a persons individual success are the ones they place on themselves or Government dependency and regulation and oppression which if left unchecked will destroy the moral and economic foundation of this country. I cannot tell you what choice the American people,  will make but I can tell you we will all know the day after November 6 I hope Americans make the right choice because it could be the last choice Americans are free to make.As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Biden, One Rude Crude Dude!

  There is a story told about Elvis Presley, and while I can't say if the story is true or not I love the lesson it teaches. The story goes that one day some smart  mouthed boys about  his age were giving Elvis,  a hard time because he was always so gentle around girls and very respectful to his mother and the elderly. I suppose the boys were jealous because of the fame that Elvis has acquired. One the boys yelled to Elvis and said,  "If  you keep treating  girls like that people will think your a mama's boy!"Elvis, is said to have replied, "Remember son, it is not sign of weakness to have manners after all the word man is in manners." I think this story makes a great point.
  Just like many of you I watched the debate between Vice President Biden, and Congressman Paul Ryan. I have to say, the debate was not Biden's best hour oh sure,  he was aggressive but he was also aggravating.I can't remember when  I saw some one so rude Joe Biden,  was a show off and even if he won the debate on substance and I'm not at all convinced he did that but even if he did he certainly lost on style.Joe Biden,  is sixty nine years old and he should be old enough to know better! I have to tell you though, my daughter at the tender age of ten has a very sweet and gentle spirit and has more style and grace then Joe Biden,  will ever have. Just the thought that a so called man like Joe Biden,  is one heartbeat away from the presidency just makes me want to vote for Romney,  even more.Paul Ryan, is kind courteous,and respectful of others.Some will see this as a sign of weakness I suppose but I think it's evidence of a true gentleman and a fine man. An a perception Joe Biden, totally gave up in an attempt to win then the debate but by making that choice in the minds of many, I'm sue he lost. As always, my friends these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Romney Must Not Rest On Yesterday's Accomplishments.

  Many,  conservatives all across America, right now are breathing a sigh of relief because Mitt Romney, proved he was successful in business for a reason. The reason is quite simple really, Romney,  has a brain and he knows how to use it. I too am very pleased that Romney did so well in the most recent debate no doubt it will help Romney,  in the polls especially in the swing states. I would offer Romney,  these words of caution Romney, must not rest on yesterday's accomplishments. There is a tendency to want to let up or relax  in a fight when one thinks they have an opponent where they want them Romney, must not relax he must remember that in the minds of many undecided voters  he is only as good as his performance in the next debate. Many, will be wondering if Romney, was just once lucky or can he really do it again. Romney has to show that his debate was not a fluke.
 Romney, needs to remember that Obama, will be ready this time. I have every confidence in Obama's ample ability to use every misleading dirty double dealing political trick in the book to beat Romney, and Obama, may even invent a few new ones. He  will have most of the media and the press in his corner and they may invent a few dirty tricks of there own. Obama,  will waste no time using the lower employment numbers for the month of September to his fullest political advantage. Romney, would do well to remind Americans, in the next debate that on month of the unemployment rate at 7.8%  does not make up for the past four years of 23 million Americans,  being out of work or underemployed. Romney, should also remind Americans, that the real unemployment rate is closer to 11.8%  and there are always those looming tax increases at the first of the year if congress, is unable to reach a suitable compromise to avoid the pending taxmageddon,  before January of 2013. Personally, I don't think that will a make for a great way to start the new year. Romney must fight hard every day from now until election day as if his political life depends on it because quite frankly, as long as Obama,  can rely on political dirty tricks and deception in much of the media, it does. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to  think on.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Man With Facts, Has Nothing To Fear.

  Well , what can I tell you? The news media is in cardiac arrest after last nights debate between President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.I happened to see Chis Matthews, on MS NBC and I thought the poor fellow was on the verge of collapse. To say I am pleased at Romney's debate performance last night is an incredible understatement.Romney did exactly what I thought he should do. He stayed calm and confident and stuck to the issues and backed up his  political positions and solutions with facts.
  Obama, has had very little experience dealing with facts and it was more than apparent in last nights debate. with Romney, I almost felt sorry for Obama. The only thing he proved in this first debate was just what a sorry president he has been over the last for years.No matter what topic was  discussed including the economy, the national debt, the military, Medicare, Social Security, middle  class taxes  education, energy independence or business regulations Romney answered every challenge by the moderator and Obama,  with solid facts and proceeded to systematically tear Obama a part. Obama looked like a man waiting too be executed and why not Romney,  basically killed Obama,  in this first debate. Romney,  proved once and for all a man who has the facts has nothing to fear. I feel, if Romney does what he did to Obama in last nights debate in their remaining two debates, Romney,  will be the next president. Let me sum up last night's debate this way Romney, came and saw, and kicked butt and took names. Way to go Mitt, way to GO FOR IT! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

No Time To Be Timid.

  Anyone,  who follows conservative politics at all will tell you that Mitt Romney's performance in tonight's debate will either make or break his presidential campaign. A stellar performance at the debate could send Romney to the White House, while a lack luster showing could not only end Romney's bid for the presidency but totally  end Romney's political career. With the political stakes so high I sure Romney, will be more than tempted to play it safe. His advisers, may tell Romney,  to be careful,  cautious, courteous and calculating as he chooses his words to defend his political positions throughout the debate. While I believe that would be the safe approach, I'm afraid it would also be quite boring and boring won't get Romney,  to the White House.
  I can only say, if I were advising Mitt Romney, I would tell him tonight's debate is no time to be timid. I believe Romney, must be clear, confident  centered and confrontational when necessary.I believe, these steps will help Romney win the debate provided Romney,  knows how to use them. A closer look at each of these steps will explain what I mean. Step one, Romney, must be clear his answers must be complete and his offered solutions for the nations problems must be concise yet be easy to understand because not everyone follows politics or is a policy wonk. Step two, Romney, must appear confident, without appearing cocky for while no one likes a know it all at the same time no one likes someone who seems to know nothing at all either. Romney,  must state his positions in such a way that the American people,  will know right  where he stands on every issue discus in the debate. Step three, Romney, must be well centered. He must stay focused on the issue at hand, in the debate. Obama, is a master of distraction under most circumstances such political tactics would foster a general feeling of mistrust among most of the American people but Obama is also a master of deception. Romney, must be ready for him. Finally, Romney, must be confrontational when when necessary. The media, and already decided the winner of the debate and the will spin every point they can to favor Obama. The polls show Romney, may be close in some areas, but he is still behind in key swing states and even some in his own party wonder if he can win. I have noticed however,  that some times a man who feels he has nothing to loose often fights more fiercely and with more heart. All I can say is,  I would rather Romney,  fight his heart out with no apologies or regrets at least then if he loses he looses with no excuses and Americans,  will almost respect a man who gave his all and did his very best. Therefore, my advice to Mitt Romney,  going in to the debate is simply this Mitt, GO For It!!! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Fight Is On!

  The coming presidential debate between Mitt Romney, and President Obama,  is perhaps the most important debate in all of American history if only because,  who ever wins the debate will most likely win the the next presidential election and that will determine if America,  is going to survive long enough to have any continued significant part in history.The debate, will no doubt be likened to a boxing match and if that's the case I'd have to give Obama the advantage. He has the media in his corner and you can bet he will be at the top of his game. I can also assure you if there is any way Obama can verbally hit Romney below the belt you can bet he won't hesitate to do it!
  Romney, is in for the roughest political fight of his life. One can only hope he knows it and has taken the time to train for this verbal challenge.Mitt Romney,  must be confident and I don't think it will be the number of verbal punches Romney lands as much as the affect of his verbal punches that will matter. Romney must rattle Obama, get him off his game. Obama, is very thin skinned and if Romney, can upset Obama, then Romney , can throw his most effective verbal punches. Romney needs to remember Obama, has no record to run on and he has almost single handily bankrupted the nation. Romney,  must offer voters solid solutions that they can understand I believe if he can do do this while keeping Obama,  off verbal balance I believe Romney, can set Obama, up for a verbal knockout. Romney,  will have plenty of verbal punches he can throw but he must do it with style and substance. Romney,  may throw the verbal punch about the eight percent unemployment rate but he must also offer his solutions to it. Romney,  must do more the point out Obama's presidential failures. Romney must punch and point out the nations problems and then counter punch with solid solutions.This debate must be more than just a zingers contest Romney, must remember he is fighting for the life of the nation.I believe if Romney, can offer solid solutions to major issues like the nations debt, high unemployment weakened military and questionable national security,  entitlement reform he has a real chance to verbally knock Obama,  out. I hope Romney,  is ready for this verbal fight for it no doubt will be the fight of Romney's political life. The stakes are indeed high and the fight is on! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just,  some words, to think on.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Words Chosen Carefully, Will Determine A Nation's Choice.

  As I consider the up coming debate between President Obama, and Mitt Romney, I take particular notice as I see how many in the media, are already trying to set the stage as it were for what may turn out to be the verbal battle of a life time a verbal battle that will by all accounts determine the destiny of America, as a nation. While I realize that both President Obama, and Mitt Romney,  will seek to present they best case they can as they both diligently endeavor to persuade  a majority from the democratic or the republican party to vote for them both knowing that the undecided or independent vote will determine which candidate will prevail.I feel it is important for all Americans, who will be watching Wednesday nights debate to consider one very important point of fact and that is simply, both candidates will no doubt present their arguments very well they both have a had a great deal of experience in the art of debate and although the media, will try to influence Americans,  opinion as far as who won the debate the truth is the whole debate will be a bout a choice which the American people,  will ultimately make that will in point of fact go a long away in determining America's economic future as a nation.Both candidates'  will no doubt choose their words carefully and the candidate who makes his case the clearest will make the choice much easier for Americans to make.
  The truth is however, after all the eloquent words of persuasion have been said , Americans,  will be left with one choice to make. Americans, can follow the the economic path Obama, believes in which involves, free stuff for everyone except  the wealthy who don't need it or Americans, can choose to follow the economic path Mitt Romney, believes in which involves taking personal responsibility for each persons economic destiny by accepting that fact that entitlement spending,  will have to be made more solvent and some necessary cuts in entitlement spending will have to be made if entitlement programs like Medicare and Social Security, are to survive for future generations of Americans.
  Both choices,  no matter which one the nation chooses will have lasting and profound consequences. Obama's economic path where all those in this land of plenty will be promised plenty by robbing those who have worked hard to earn plenty will no doubt have plenty of takers but his path will lead to the eventual economic death of this nation. Romney's economic path for the nation requires personal responsibility rational reasoning for without Romney's economic path of rational reason Americans may find they have a reason to ration the nations various commodities.Some economist,  are predicting six dollar gallons of milk as well as gasoline I would hate to have to choose between the two. However if Americans, choose Romney's economic path and choose  to use reason and responsibility in dealing with the many economic problems I believe Romney's path will lead to the economic rebirth of this nation. The fact remains however, after all is said and done the choice that will determine the destiny of this nation is left in hands of the American,  people and though I wonder even now what economic path Americans,  will choose in November,  I realize it is a choice only they can make. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.