Saturday, June 30, 2012

Farewell To America.

 I have often heard it said, politics will always be politics and that will never change. I have friends who say to me why worry about politics? There is nothing you can really do and politicians,  are only going to vote in a manner that best assures there chances for reelection. I will admit, I can understand why many would feel this way. I look around and see a Justice Department that has departed from anything that even resembles justice. One can only wonder if the Terry family, will ever really know what led to the death of their son, a man whose only crime was that he dared to do his duty and he was murdered for it and the government is now actively seeking to bury the truth about Fast and Furious,  with Brian Terry. I think of the Supreme Court, who I feel has made a supreme mistake in judgement. Obama's health care law will raise taxes, increase  the nations unemployment, raise health insurance premiums and punish any American by imposing a tax on them  if they decide not to purchase health care.One thing is certain, consevatives now realize they can't count on any particular outcome  when a case is heard by the Supreme Court. President Bush, selected  Cheif Justice John Roberts, to seve on the Supreme Court, because  he thought Judge Roberts,  would rule as a conservative, it seems however that Justice Roberts, is more concerned with how the Supreme Court,  is percieved by those in goverment I guess the will of the people is at best a secondary concern.
  Two hundred and thirty six years ago we started an American revolution because of unfair taxzation Americans,  did not want taxzation without representation. The American people,  will now have to begin another American,  revolution and it should begin in the voting booth this November. Americans,  must now make a choice,  if most Americans,  choose to reelect Obama, then this will mean they choose for things to stay as they are and Obama, will continue to rule as a king as it is now Obama,  only considers the Supreme Court,  or Congress,  only when they help to further his personal agenda or the American people, can choose to elect Mitt Romney,  and work to repeal Obama's healthcare law and restore freedom and personal liberty for the nation. I very fimly believe that if President Obama, is reelected the American people,  can bid  farewell to America because this nation will no longer be in practice at least the free republic we have known for the past 236 years. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Repeal Or Ruin.

  The Supreme Court,  as ruled on Obama's health care law. I must admit, there is often a feeling of despair that I feel as an American. I felt this same feeling in 1973 when the Supreme Court, made there ruling on Row v Wade and abortion became a legal procedure in this country. Some have expressed to me that since that ruling in 1973 America's fate was already sealed. I will confess, I do wonder if God,  has decided he is finished with America, as a nation and he has turned America over to her own devices. America, has had no need for God,  for some time now, so one wonders why should God,  bless America?
  Now, it seems the Supreme Court,  has spoken, but the American people,  haven't not yet, that's what an election is for and th American people are faced with a very clear choice President Obama,  and choose higher taxes that will come along with the health care law or elect Mitt Romney, and  work to keep consevatives, in the House and Senate and real Obama's health care law. The truth is, the American people, will have the final word on the economic path America,  will take repeal Obama's healthcare law or risk economic ruin for this nation. The only question now is, what choice will the American people make? As always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Country At A Crossroads.

  In the next few days, the nation's Supreme Court will make what is being called by many in the media a land mark decision. Some, have suggested that the out come on the Presidents health care law will be one of the most important decisions the Supreme Court has made since  Roe V Wade in 1973. There is no doubt that both political parties will try to spin what ever the final decision is on health care to their best political advantage. I sometimes  wonder if truth or right and wrong even matter any more since right or wrong is usually determined by which of the the nation's political parties has the greatest influence and truth is determined by that which is the most convenient at the moment. America,  is at a crossroads, if the Supreme Court decides that the President's health care law to be constitutional the government will gain an even tighter hold  on every Americans right to have individual freedom. America, is in danger of becoming like the nations of Europe. Socialism, has failed in Europe and it will fail here too. The Supreme Court will have the last word on government ran health care. America however is still at a crossroads and her final destiny will be determined by a judge much higher than any judge on the Supreme Court. America seems willing to embrace secularism and God,  seems to have no place in our nation's government in our nation's schools and even in many of our nation's churches. I pray God, has not already weighed America, in the balance for I am afraid America, will be found wanting but many have suggested the end of America as a nation has already been determined that they can already see the hand writing on the wall indeed some feel that America's best days as a nation, have already come and gone. Psalms 50 : 22 serves as a warning when a nation chooses to for get God,  the words of God's warning are chilling, they are as follows; "Now consider this, ye that forgot God. Lest I tear you in pieces and there be none to deliver." I pray America, will again choose to retain God in their knowledge because nothing can save America, if God decides her days as a nation are done.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Has America, Progressed beyond The Need For God?

  Someone has said,  that if God, seems far away, guess who moved. I know as a Christian, when I feel that the influence of God's presence  is not evident in my life more often than not it is I that have moved away from God, and not the other way around. I have noticed that many in America, today, particularly those who consider themselves liberal progressives seem to feel that the idea of God,  in a modern society is a bit out dated. I suppose those who view life from a liberal point of view feel that human reason has helped American society progress and so many modern and medical advancements have been made that America, as a nation is beyond the need for God. I have even heard many liberals say that the Bible,  as well as the nation's  constitution,  is out of date and the principals and values found in the Bible,  and the constitution,  do not reflect the modern world that men of reason live in today. Liberals seem to feel that the nation's founding fathers looked to the Bible and Christianity,  because they were naive and therefore misguided. I suppose most liberals,  would fall in line with the philosophy of Karl Marx, an atheists, who said that religion, was the opiate of the masses.I must say however,  I have never encountered an atheist in a fox hole and I noticed many in America,  found a great need for God's comfort and guidance following the tragedy of nine eleven. Many churches were full for about six months and then I guess human reason and liberal progressive thinking and modern order was restored and God,  was once again dismissed from public thought and  quietly tucked away  until such time as the American masses need him in American society again.
  I would remind the liberal progressives in this country that they may have changed their mind concerning the traditional Christian,  values that built this country but God,  has not changed his! The Bible says in Malachi 3:6 "For  I am the Lord, I change not."
  I recall my American History while America,  was still trying to shape a new government and thus form a more perfect union on July 28, 1787 at the constitutional convention in Philadelphia, Ben Franklin, quieted the delegates who had gathered there to ask if they might pray and ask God;s guidance as they  endeavoured to shape the new nation's government. Ben Franklin,  said the following words, " Gentleman, if a sparrow cannot fail without God's notice, is it probable an empire can rise without his aid?" Psalms 127:1 says, except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. I believe Franklin felt that if America was to be established and prosper as a nation it was going to require divine guidance from God. The  American people need to remember the God,  of our fathers. I am convinced God,  has been speaking to America for along time now. He speaks, through an economy that is at times mere moments from total national and global collapse. He speaks through the other nations, as I write these words, at this moment Iran Israel, Syria, Egypt Libya, Afghanistan Iraq not to mention North Korea, are all on the verge and almost eager to begin what would  most certainly be World War III. Europe including England, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Italy seems mere moments from a full economic meltdown. America, struggles under the weight of  a national debt of nearly 16 trillion dollars, the housing market is a mess,  personal wealth has declined. The nation is rocked by fires that even now are burning out of control and the hurricane season as just begun. government, seeks to take more and more of American liberty away, in favor of government rule.  Children, have no respect for their elders, and seem to cause more and more chaos in our public schools.Many Christians,  in our churches today,  have abandoned the preaching of the gospel and speak only of tolerance and self awareness. Yes, I believe God,  is speaking to America, the question is, Are  Americans, listening. I would remind the American people, if God, seems far away, guess who moved. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words,  to think on.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Keeping The Faith.

  I have often heard the phase keep the faith. Usually, when one says, keep the faith what they mean is keep believing in a cause or a goal to this phase is used to express an unwavering  determination to never give up believing that what ever is being  strived  for will be accomplished. These words are familiar to Christians as well. II Timothy 4:7 Paul says " I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course I have kept the faith." When Paul,  wrote these words he was in prison in Rome and he was waiting for the day of his execution that had been ordered by Cesar. As I pondered these words I wondered, what was the faith that Paul kept and eventually died for? The faith that Paul kept  was his belief that Jesus, was the Christ the Son of God, whose perfect life without sin made him the perfect sacrifice for the remission of sin and the redemption of man kind. Yes,  this is what Paul had experienced on the road to Damascus. This is what Paul,  believed and preached to others. Paul kept the faith and he and the others leaders in the early church spread the Gospel of Christ to all of the known world at that time.
  I then turned my thoughts to this nation, America, was founded on faith.The Bible,  was the first school book. I remember seeing these words said by a teacher to young children learning the alphabet "A is for Adam, by Adam's fall, we sinned all." the Ten Commandments,  still hang in our nation's Supreme Court, and are the foundation of our nations laws, I then wondered , has America, kept the faith?
  According to Bill O' Reilly,  on the FOX program the O' Reilly Factor 31 percent of the people who are under thirty are not even sure there is a God. This is not that surprising when one considers the fact that the liberal progressive movement in this country has been gaining strength in this country over the last forty years. Think about it, You can't pray in school you can't even mention God,  on school property. Many of today's children only hear God's name when it is taken in vain in many of the TV programs they watch or  in much of the music they listen to. out side of a cuss  word, many kids today don't know who God,  is or who Jesus Christ,  is and many of or nation's youth don't even care! I fear there has been a steady deterioration  of the faith in America, .and I have to say some of the fault lies with too many  Christians, in the name of tolerance have remained too silent for too long I hope and pray it's not too late to change this condition in our nation
  I found these words in a sermon describing how faith can fade from one generation to another over time and I must say they certainly apply to America today see if you agree. To our forefathers faith, was an experience. To our fathers faith, was an inheritance. To many of us today faith, is a convenience. To our children faith is a nuisance. I fear many have no faith in God  at all how can we expect the next generation to keep the faith when many of today's youth have no concept of what in God,  is? I pray Christians,  will speak up and let the light of the Gospel of Christ,  shine and Christians,  had better speak up  soon! I believe the future of America,  as a nation is at stake. You know many in this nation often sing or close a speech with God,  bless America, sometimes,  when I consider how much God has been either forgotten or ignored in this county today, I wonder why should he bless America? As always my friends these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, June 22, 2012

A House Of Cards.

  Wow! what a difference four years can make. Have you taken a good look at the Obama Presidency  recently? In 2008 Obama,  ran on  platform of hope and change and most of the media and the press just loved him, now four years later Obama's new platform  is I sure hope things will change and soon. No matter what subject you want to discuss regarding President Obama right now, it seems he has problems. First, there is the economy, America has been downgraded and now five major banks have been down graded as well good luck getting a loan for anything for a while. Secondly, the unions once firmly committed to Obama, are not so thrilled with him now Governor Scott Walkers triumph over the union funded recall attempt has made the state of Wisconsin, a possible loss for Obama,  in  November's up coming election. Thirdly,   The growing scandal regarding the truth about what really went on behind the scenes in operation Fast and Furious has the potential to destroy Attorney General Holder's political career and such a blow would most certainly be a major embarrassment for the Obama Presidency. Fourthly, Europe remains on the verge of economic free fall and the stock market remains a roller coaster of economic uncertainty. fifthly, the nation's unemployment rate remains unchanged and there are signs  that it may even be about to go up and that's the kind of change Obama doesn't need! A sixth, problem Obama, has is  his health care bill once considered to be the greatest accomplishment of his administration is now in danger of being thrown out by the Supreme Court. A seventh problem for the President is the steady decline in his personal likabiity even many in his own party don't want to be associated with him and some among the Deocrats are not even planning to attend the Democratic Covention. Problem number eight for Obama, is the trouble he has with national security leaks from the White House one wonders if any of our  nations allies will want to ever trust our government with  secrets regarding national security again. Problem number nine for Obama is  numerous green job failures Solendra, and the Chevy Volt come to mind regarding the Chevy Volt it seems the car provides just enough of an electric  charge to set the car on fire! Finally, there is problem number ten Obama's campaign is running short on money in the month of May,  he spent more money than he brought in . He must have got his campaign confused with the nation's national debt! Yes sir, it must be real fun to be the President right now!
  The Truth is,  Obama's policies regarding the nations economy have not worked and his policies have placed America's future as a nation on very shaky ground. The American people are now realizing that what the thought was a real chance for hope and change was nothing more then a house of cards built on false promises that had no real foundation. The President, decided to gamble with the American peoples money and now the American  people are about to call in the bet. The President, speaks of giving everyone a fair deal and then deals off the bottom of the deck by shoving his health care bill through Congress,  with out even asking the American people what they thought about it. The President,  considers Hollywood liberals and various minorities to be his reelection  ace in the hole so he supports gay marriage and implements  his new policy dealing with second generation undocumented immigrants by executive fiat with out even consulting  Congress. The President,  is not a king, but he certainly is being a royal pain to deal with. The President complains that Congress,  always stacks the deck against him but it's not as though he's ever going to give the Republicans a fair deal. The President, it seems is unable to play the cards right no President gets to choose the cards they are delt but a Great President will deal with it instead of looking like a Joker,  not playing with a full deck! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where Has All The Honor Gone?

  My daughter, is an honor student,The Christian school that I am blessed to be able to send her to, defines an honor student as  one who excels in all areas of academic learning as well as one who demonstrates a high quality of character in daily conduct. As important as performing well in academics may be, I think the second part of this particular definition is more important. Show me a child's grades and I'll show you what kind of student they are. Show me a students character by their daily conduct and I'll show you most likely, what kind of person they will become.
  Honor,  carries with it the idea,of  the desire and obligation to live by a certain set of principals and beliefs and demonstrate these principals and beliefs both in word and deed.Honor also carries with it the desire to treat  others fairly with dignity and respect. When others,  see that you treat them fairly with dignity and respect you will find that you are considered to be a person who conducts themselves with honor.Isn't that really what is meant by do unto others as you would have them do unto you and love thy neighbor as thy self is all about?
  I consider our President, he talks a lot about treating  everyone fairly, if he is truly believes in this basic principal then I wonder if he and Attorney General Holder, will demonstrate their belief in doing that which is fair by releasing the documents Congress, has been asking for now for the past eighteen months regarding operation Fast and Furious. Brian Terry,  died with honor in the performance of his duty. Now the question is will President Obama, and Attorney General Holder,  demonstrate that they too  are men of honor in the performance of their duties? The Terry family,  deserves nothing less than the governments full cooperation and the full disclosure of the truth regarding operation Fast and Furious. I have often heard Attorney General Holder and President Obama's words concerning operation Fast and Furious,  but it is there deeds that will tell me if they are men of honor. I along with the Terry Family, and the rest of the American,  people are waiting to know the answer to this question, As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Can Holder, Continue To Hold out?

  Someone, has said that an innocent man has nothing to hide, but a guilty man has no place to hide for the truth will find him. President Obama, would do well to consider these words of wisdom. I can't see how the President, can invoke executive privilege and not give the impression at least, that he and Attorney General Holder, are guilty of something.The President, by invoking the right of executive privilege leads Congress to conclude the President knew much more about operation Fast and Furious,  than he has been willing to say up to now.I find it so ironic, that Attorney General Holder, may now face a potential trial by Congress. Here is a man who is supposed to head the nation's Department of Justice, and considering the Attorney Generals' level of cooperation with Congress,  at this point, I am left to wonder if there is any form  of justice in that department! I am sure that the family of boarder patrol agent Brian Terry,  has been  pondering this question for the past eighteen months now. I think the American people should speak out and ask the President, and Attorney General Holder,where is the justice for Brian Terry's family and how long should they have to wait for it? With the use of executive privilege the President, appears to be trying to cover up the truth behind operation Fast and Furious. Perhaps the President,  prefers the truth to remain buried with Brian Terry.
  I haven't seen such a blatant attempt to cover up the truth since President Richard Nixon,  claimed executive privilege to avoid handing over his personal taped conversations regarding his involvement in the cover up concerning the Watergate scandal. President Nixon,  decided to resign rather than face impeachment as bad as that may have been for him at least no one was killed because of Watergate a claim Attorney Holder and President Obama,  can't make.I believe that if Attorney Holder and the Present,  are not made to answer for their actions in operation Fast and Furious then the White House and historians of justice will have to  issue an apology to President Nixon!
  Proverbs 28:13 says, "He that covers his sin, shall not prosper." I don't think anyone should be above the law. I don;t think any one's political career should prosper at the expense of an innocent man's death. The blood of boarder agent Brian Terry,  is calling out from the ground for justice and I hope the American people will stand with Congress and demand that Attorney General Holder and the President be required to give boarder agent Terry, the justice he deserves.As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reading And Writing And Child Abuse!

  Like any good parent, I love my daughter more than anything,  and would protect her with my life. I am blessed to be able to send my daughter to a Christian school. I know she is being taught all the proper subjects she needs to know and she is being taught good old fashioned traditional Christian values. There are other parents however,  who do not have the advantage of sending their children to a Christian school parents are then left to the mercy of the public school system. I will confess to you my heart goes out to parents  who have children in public schools. While I am quite sure there  are some good schools with in the public learning system it seems there are more and more that are not.
  I heard about one such school on the news recently. Ricardo Salines Elementary School in San Antonio Texas, has   two would be teachers on paid leave right now  because both of them dealt with a bullying situation by sitting a  six year old boy  in a chair and then ordering the other students to come up and hit the student who was accused of being a bully. In other words, the teachers ordered the bully, to be bullied by the other students! Some,  of the students did not want to hit the boy he was there friend but  the the teachers forced all the students to hit the boy who had been a bully saying this would teach the student a lesson.
  I have a lesson I would like to teach those teachers, where I come from if anyone puts a hand on my child they will deal with me and I would not rest until those teachers were fired! they have no business, being a round children and what they did was pure child abuse. I am glad the mother pressed charges thus forcing the school to take action, A spokesmen for the school said the main teacher would not return there but they felt the younger school teacher just needed to be reeducated on proper teaching procedures. I should say so! The other students in the class it seems had more sense than the teachers did! If this is is an example of the kind of public education children are receiving today I fear for the next generation. Americans must demand that parents be informed on  whats going on in the classrooms that our tax dollars pay for.and parents must make it their top priority to talk to their children and keep up on whats going om inside the class room, after all, parents, were the first teachers and they still should be ! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain just, some words, to think on.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'd Still Rather Live Here.

  Like a lot of people, I sometimes have one of those days where Murphy's law goes into full affect and when this happens it's usually expensive. I just found out I was going to have to pay more than a few  dollars to fix a problem with my plumbing and that took all of the emergency fund  my wife and I had been saving plus a bit more. I was feeling a bit discouraged and I said to my wife, so much for an easy life she reminded me, that God,  never promised me an easy life and I told her I knew that was surely true because we sure didn't have one!
  Even the Bible,  says, In Job 14: 1 man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. I was really feeling depressed and then I heard Vice President Biden,  tell a gathering of different  city mayors that China, had better buildings than America did! I thought Well Joe, if you love China,  more than the US,  by all means go live there. The Vice President,  has a well established reputation for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and he has spent most of his political life just trying to keep his foot out of his big mouth!I am so tired of the President and Vice President putting America,  down.I feel, if the Vice President,  wants to live in China,  maybe Obama, should make him an American,  ambassador to China. I'm sure, Vice President Biden would make a wonderful diplomat in China,  or any other place he may want to go. I'm sure the Chinese,  would benefit from Vice President Biden's years of refined diplomatic skill for about two minutes anyway.
  The truth is even on my worst day, I'd still rather live here in the good old USA then any other place on the face of the earth! America may have it's problems but no other nation in all of recorded human history has done  more for the other nations on this planet . I feel that if the the liberals in this county think America, is so bad perhaps they should go to live in Europe or how about Greece or Italy, or Spain? Oh wait,  those nations are about to have an economic melt down and they are seeking help from the terrible USA to help bail them out. Maybe, those who don't like living in this country would prefer living in Iran, or Egypt, Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan. Oh wait, all those nations are experiencing civil unrest  or all out war and the are begging the terrible USA to help them ease their war tensions. Perhaps,  those who are discontent with America's way of life, would prefer living in  North Korea, or Libya. Oh wait, both those nations are facing starvation and they are asking the terrible USA to send them among other things medicine and food I can see why many liberals would want to live some where else call me crazy but I'd still rather live in the good old USA! as always my friends, these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Faith Of Our Fathers, Is There Any Left?

  I lost my father to cancer three years ago. I wish I has listened to his advice on a great deal of things especially when I was a young man. I suppose every young man falls victim to the ignorance of youth coupled with the stubbornness of pride. I only wish now more than ever my dad could know how much I miss him and how much I learned from him. My mother,  gave my my character  and traditional Christian family values, my father molded those values and taught me what they meant and how to use them.My father,  taught me the importance of having a good name. He taught me me that a man's word is the most important thing to guard and maintain because when a man gives his word it should mean something and I learned that when you keep your word people soon learn very quickly,what kind of person you are and if they consider you worthy of their trust. My father,  used to say,that there is no substitute for character, you either have it or you don't.
  I pray every day that I may pass these same values on to my daughter. Someone  has said, that children get their first concept or impression of God,  from watching  their father, if this is true I must admit I feel the awesomeness of that responsibility and I shutter to think about the impression of God, my daughter may have from watching me. I'm afraid I am often all to human with human weaknesses  and I all to often fall far too  short from the perfect love and wisdom and patience of  God. I pray my daughter will learn to forgive me when I fall short of some of God's expectations the same way I learned to forgive my dad when he at times fell short of some of Gods expectations, the same way God forgives me even now when I at times fail in his expectations for me.
  I often wonder about this nations founding fathers and the faith of those fathers. Sometimes, I find my self wondering if they were alive today would they recognize America today,  and even more important, would they find any real faith left in this country? God,  has largely been pushed out of our government he has no place in our schools he certainly has no place in our courts. The Bible,  has all but been abandoned along with the constitution it seems that God,  plays no real roll in our nations cultural consciousness, even in many of America's churches I'm afraid often God is surprisingly absent. Christians,  everywhere must now stand and speak out and ask God, to help them reestablish and rebuild the faith of our fathers because if they don't in another generation I don't know if their will be any faith of our fathers left in this nation. I an not ashamed of the Gospel,of Christ, for it is the power of God, unto salvation. I am not ashamed of the Christian principals and values that established this great nation.I pray Christian fathers, everywhere will teach there families about the God, and the faith of our fathers for this is the only hope for our future generations and this will determine the fate of our nation. Consider this, a call to arms Christian fathers, arm yourself with the armor of God that is the shield of faith the sword of truth and the breastplate of righteousness. The battle is on Christian fathers, and it's time to stand and lead! As always, my friends, these thoughts, remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

His Royal Majesty, King Obama!

  With the President's latest political move he further seeks to divide this nation along political and ideological lines.The President, seeks to circumvent congressional authority by signing an executive order to cease deportation of illegal immigrants who are here because of illegal actions of their parents. Without  question, this is a cleaver political move on President Obama's part  designed to trap Mitt Romney,  on the issue of immigration reform. The liberals in this country no doubt view this latest policy from the Present as even more proof that Obama, has thus far has  been, and  continues to be a benevolent President.
  I would remind the President's loyal liberal followers that by bypassing Congress, and  choosing to impose his political will by issuing an executive order the President has in affect set himself up as a king therefore,  who needs congress,  when you have King Obama? This attitude from Obama, is not surprising and really, nothing new, after all, the President has already mocked the Supreme Count and has almost dared the Supreme Court to over turn his health care mandate. The President,  has said in the past that if  he  couldn't get a policy through Congress, then he would see what policy, could be accomplished without Congress. I would remind King Obama's loyal liberal subjects, that a king rules as he will and his will is law.Liberals for now,  see their would be king,as caring and a  very benevolent leader at least for them. I would remind liberals however, that their kind caring benevolent ruler today,  may be a terrible tyrant tomorrow.
  Almost 236 years ago now, thirteen British colonies decided they no longer wished to be subject to the whims of the will of a king and after a long hard fought American revolution a new free and independent nation was born. I believe it may be time for an ideological American revolution the success of such a revolution will be determined at the ballot box in November with the out come of the next election. Americans, will have to decide if the want to continue to live as a free and independent people or bow their knee and be subject to the will of King Obama. I hope most of the American people will make the right choice for I believe the future of this free nation now hangs in the balance and the American people must again decide what kind of America, they wish to live in. As Always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Whose Got Our Back?

  In the last few days I saw a new campaign add for President Obama. The add makes a point assuring Barack Obama, that his fellow liberal African Americans, have his back. I am sure the President finds some comfort in this sudden revelation but I am not sure this news was really anything new and not that surprising. Seriously, I think it was always a given that the President, could always count on receiving at least eighty five percent of the African American vote. I think their is a pretty good chance the President will have the support of all the various minorities.The President, needs to remember however, that even if he receives all the votes from every minority that will not guarantee him a second term in the White House to do that he's gonna need some votes from independents and even a few votes from those who are not considered a minority.The question then becomes, just whose got our back? I thought the President, was supposed to have every Americans back even if many of them didn't vote for him.
  The President, talks a great deal about moving the country forward but from what I've seen of the economy and the incredible rise in the national debt, it seems to me, that our nation is going BACKwards.The government, does a great job spending  the American people's hard earned greenBACKS.The government doesn't do such a good job giving BACK to the  American taxpayer, any of their taxpayer money when one of the governments green projects fail and goes bankrupt Solyndra,  comes to mind here. The Justice Department, is certainly good at carrying out government operations behind most of the American people's BACK. operation Fast and Furious,  certainly demonstrates just how good at it the government really is. I have noticed however the Justice Department, is not very fast at finding the truth  when it comes to this fiasco, many in our Congress, are furious.  Many leaders in our government are very proficient at cutting secret BACK room bills  and then just shoving  them down the American people's throats often without ever even  reading the bill to  have  any idea what's in the bill. It seems you have to pass the bill before any one can read it and know what's in it at least that's what Nancy Pelosi said before the government,  crammed the health care law down the throats of the American people.The Supreme Court is going to bring the matter Back up again. I hope the government has to Back up and start over on health care. Sometimes the government Just needs to Back off, and let the American decide what kind of health care they want. I have also noticed lately Obama, along with many of the leaders in his reelection campaign have found themselves needing to walk Back many of their recent statements regarding the lack of jobs in the private sector. I believe Obama, said the private sector was doing fine . I bet he wishes he could take those words BACK! Whatever the case may be when I consider the economic mess our county is in I do not feel like President Obama, has the nations Back. Hollywood, may give him a big pat on the BACK because they think he is such  a star but I hope that most of the American people will choose to vote for a new President,  and a new common sense direction for this country. I hope Obama,  has to pack and go Back to Hawaii, and this country can get Back to some kind of normal!. The capitalization of Back,  is intentional on my part to obtain a certain affect, so I won't Back track to fix the spelling! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No American Dream For Me.

  Remember that show on NBC in the nineties called Seinfeld? Remember the episode about the soup Nazi and how for any reason he might say at ant time to a customer, no soup for you? Well, that's kind  of the way I feel about my chance of achieving the American dream. I feel like life for whatever reason  or circumstance has said to me, no American dream for you! I am fifty two, and it takes everything  my wife and I can bring in just to get by and provide for our ten year old daughter. Children, it seems, have a new need to provide for almost every minute. My daughter needs braces for her teeth that cost about  5000.00 dollars and we are saving up for them. my house needs about 20,000.00 dollars in repairs but we tackle them one at a time as they money comes in. My family, could use  new car our car is ten years old but we can't afford any kind of car right now, so we will just have to get by with the car we have because we can't  make  new car payment right now, and at least our present car is paid for.
  What I have now realized is my family and I along with many others, will never have so much money that we can buy anything we may even need, without  always wondering if we can afford it or how we will make the monthly payments. I now realize that is how it is always going to be surviving yes, but really living, no. I live in the greatest nation on earth yet I still wonder if all my bills will get paid from month to month not complaining just realizing that's how it is and that's how it has always been, and most likely, that;s how it will always be.
  I then think of my daughter and wonder will she have a better life and have more than her mother than I did? I'm not so sure Americans, have lost 39 percent of their personal wealth and buying power over the last few years and we haven't seen buying power at this level  since over twenty years ago. This is due in large part to the weakness in the housing market and economist are now saying the housing market may have more bubbles still to burst before housing finally begins to recover. The nation debt, is nearly 16 trillion dollars and Obama, if reelected only wants to put America deeper in debt another four years with Obama, my see the national debt explode to 20 or 25 trillion dollars at the end of another Obama term. Europe it seems at times is mere seconds from total economic collapse. I've looked around new cars or new homes or new braces nothing in this present economy is very cheap or affordable for most Americans in fact, the only thing that is cheap is the talk Obama,  keeps doing when the hard working American people dare ask him what is he going to do to strengthen the American economy. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holder, Talks Fast, Congress, Is Furious, Chasing The Truth!

  As a result of the latest Senate Judiciary Committee hearing it now appears that Republican Texas  Senator John Cornyn, now joins the ever increasing choir demanding that Attorney General Eric Holder resign. One can hardly blame him, Attorney General Holder is talking fast congress is furious and frankly, tired of chasing the truth. Asking any politician to tell you the truth is a lot like the late Will Rogers, description of the weather in Oklahoma, he used to say," If you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, wait a minute it will change." Indeed, politicians and the truth are a lot like the weather in Oklahoma politicians change the truth and have a new version of the truth every minute. So, if you ask Attorney General Holder,  for the truth about what really happened with operation Fast and Furious, if you don't believe his first version of the so called truth wait a minute and I'm quite sure he'll produce another version of the truth for you.
  The idea, that Attorney General Holder,  will  tell the whole truth about Fast and Furious, or that the truth will ever  be known concerning who in the White House, is behind the numerous national security leaks by two of Eric Holders own Department of Justice attorneys, is a lot like hiring a fox to guard your hen house. I promise you the fox will have a fresh hen for supper! Asking the Justice Department to investigate it's self makes about as much sense as hiring Bernie Madoff to manage your retirement account! Just like Bernie made off with a ton of other peoples money if left unchecked by the  congress, and the American people Attorney General Holder and his fellow Justice department attorneys will make off with the real truth regarding what has been going on in the Justice department!
 Don't hold your breath if your waiting for Holder, to resign any time soon. I can assure you the first,  elected African American President, is not going to fire the first, as far as I know, the first African American Attorney General President Obama, won't do anything to embarrass his presidency.The only thing it seems anyone, knows for sure is congress,  is still furious and chasing after the truth, Eric Holder is holding out on telling the truth the Terry  family, may never know the full truth about operation Fast and Furious, and Brian Terry is still just as dead and may be forgotten, if this cover up attempt by Attorney General Holder and the Justice Department continues  to hide the real truth and that may be the saddest truth of all. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do I Still Live In America?

  As a very patriotic American, who loves this country. Lately, I find my self at times almost unable to recognize the country that I thought I knew so well. I'm confused and I'm just wondering,do I still live in America? Almost daily, in the news I learn of new policies that seem to make it almost a crime just to be patriotic. In a recent decision in Brooklyn, a principal named Greta Hawkins, decides five year olds can't sing Lee Greenwood's song God Bless The USA, but until  public pressure changed her mind, it was perfectly okay for five year olds' to sing a ballad by Justin Bieber, called  Baby. Bill Press, has the perfect right to mock our nation's national anthem on his liberal radio program, but people are threatened with going to jail if they dare fly an American flag from their window of their housing complex. Many liberals,  in this county seek to remove the phase under God from our nation's pledge of allegiance and the phase In God we trust from America's money. Displaying the ten commandments,  in in any public place is practically outlawed,  in this country now. Military Chaplins,  are told what they can and can't say in their remarks and seemingly have to get all of their sermons approved by their superiors before they can deliver them.. Saying Merry Christmas,  during the holidays is nearly, a capital offense.Our nation's veterans,  have to be careful where they place a cross to remember and honor others who have given their life in defense of this nation. Protesters, can march on Wall Street,  and many of them curse this country and our nation's system of capitalism, at the same time,  if you say, God bless you, under some circumstances, you could almost,  be charged with a hate crime for using hate speech.
  Your have to excuse me, I thought I still lived in America. I must say however, if I didn't know better I'd think I was in China, or North Korea, or Iran. I thought, if one lived in America, everyone had freedom of speech freedom of religion freedom of the press and the basic right to live in peace without having to live in fear of reprisals, from anyone especially,  the government. I must confess,  these days,  I don't recognize this country and thus, I'm not sure where I live. It's really very simple, any time  any one any where tells someone what they  can and cannot say or what they can and can not sing or what they can and cannot preach or what they can and cannot  think that's called government censorship and serves a type of government oppression because an individual is denied the basic right of freedom of thought and the right to express those thoughts. Americans,  must stand together and tell our leaders in government no person,  has the right to take away an Americans,  basic freedoms, and Americans,  need to remind their leaders in government we live in America, we live in a free country and we have now, for nearly 236 years and the American people must make it clear to our leaders in government that we expect them to keep it that way! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Kind Of Soda Jerk!

  I have to admit, I never thought I'd live to see the day come in America, when the government would seek to tax you and thus in effect punish you for drinking soda. Mayor Michael Bloomberg,  wants to out law sodas larger than sixteen ounces, and now their is a proposal being considered to impose a penny per ounce tax on all sodas. This means, if you buy a 16 ounce soda the government will tax you an additional 16 cents tax for that soda. If you want a penny for my thoughts on this soda tax idea I think it stinks!
  I thought this was America, we already left England,  after a revolution some 236 years ago because of unfair taxation on tea as I recall and now it looks like we may have a tax on soda. One is left to wonder, What's next? How about a tax on all junk food? I guess  then,  when you eat your chips every citizen will chip  in for the pleasure of eating  Lays or Pringles,  maybe even pizza after all,  isn't that considered to be junk food too? America's are going to have to stand up and speak out against this latest attack on personal freedom and individual responsibility.America,  after all, is supposed to be the land of the free. I am afraid while many in America, have been intellectually asleep enjoying a very false sense of security the government has slowly over time sought to virtually steal many of the basic freedoms we as Americans should still be able to enjoy This latest proposed tax on soda, is a prime example of just such an attack. Americans,  had better speak up now or this tax on soda will most likely come to pass. Personally, I think the person who fist purposed  a tax on soda, is a real soda jerk! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just,  some words, to think on.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Is There Anything Left For Parents To Do?

  I do not claim to be any kind of an export on marriage. I will say, that many young people living in today's society, should seek wise advice from parents or pastor's or others they trust and respect before they decide to embark on the continual learning journey that I have found marriage to be. To be sure, when one decides to marry is one of the most important decisions a person can make in their life time.While I am sure, that their is some wisdom and hopefully, some maturity that can develop if one waits until they have lived a few years past eighteen and learned a few things I don't think the government should be able to tell any adult, when they can get married.
  I recently,  saw a report on the news and apparently one Miss, Jennifer Nagy,  wrote an article in that institution of journalistic excellence, the Huffington Post, that she believes the Government should propose a law making it illegal for young people to marry if they are under they age of twenty five. I guess, if this law ever goes into effect you will be an out law,  if you have in laws,  before you twenty five and I think anyone who would propose such a law is is proposing a measure that would be against the constitution to try to enforce besides, doesn't government  already have enough to supposedly do? If government is going too make every decision for today's young people tell me who needs parents? What is left, for parents to do?  You remember them don't you? there  the folks who got married before this so called problem arrived on the cultural scene.
  My parents,  got married at twenty one after having known each other for only about two months and they remained married for sixty four years until my dad died three years ago.Let me ask you something? whatever happened to personal responsibility and individual freedom that our constitution is supposed to guarantee? The sad truth is this is just another situation where the government would put themselves in change of a person's basic right  to person happiness I guess, the government would now pursue a person's happiness for them. I for one say No thanks! I feel,  that if the government, can tell a person when they are old enough to say, "I do,"  there will be even a greater number of young people who will say,  "I don't!" Who can blame them? What's the point of turning eighteen? What, your old enough to drive to vote to go into the military but if your under twenty five you can't marry some one? No wonder so many college kids continue to live with there parents .I guess Miss Nagy, feels their just not ready to be an adult and live on there own and make there own decisions. I don;t know how others may feel, but I don't need the government, to be my parent! as always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

He Fought For Freedom, He Can't Use.

  I have to tell you, sometimes,  I just feel so embarrassed for all of America's brave veterans. While I feel sure that most Americans, who live in this country are thankful for the freedoms they have thanks to the selfless sacrifices of many brave men and women, many,  are forever wounded,  missing one or more limbs or psychologically,    scared for life, there are always those who are shallow and not thankful  and basically just don;t get it!
  I was watching the news recently, I heard about a fairly well known Hollywood movie producer Gerald Molen, who produced such films as Schindler's List, Twister,  and Jurassic Park He showed up to give a speech at Ronan High School,  in Montana. He was told by the principal, that concerned parents had called the school and no longer desired for him to speak there because his political views were too conservative. Mr. Molen, assured the principal his speech would be anything but political but the principal refused to let him speak despite the fact that he had driven ninety miles from his home and was a Marine Corps veteran. Here is a man, who fought for others so that they could exercise their right of freedom of speech yet he is now being told by a high school principal that he will not be allowed to exercise his freedom of speech that he fought to protect! I guess that's how the high school principal a liberal no doubt says, thank you to our brave veterans. The High school principal won't be the principal at Ronan High school next year and I couldn't be happier for the students there. I just hope that the new principal will be one that appreciates the sacrifices our brave veterans both men and women have made in order to give all Americans,s the freedoms the freedoms they have today. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Decision, That Will Determine America's Destiny.

  Last night I was watching the program On The Record with Greta Van Susteren on the FOX News channel. I must tell you , if what the Congressional Budget Office projects  is true regarding  the national debt and the nation's economy our government and the American people had better make some serious decisions as far as government spending is concerned and this must  be done soon! The thought that by 2025 this nation's GDP to debt ratio would be so great that it would take  all the the nation's GDP just cover the cost of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security and if you factor in the interest  payments there is no way the nation's economy can even hope to survive. I don't know where we got this Idea, that America, could just keep borrowing money and never have to worry about paying it back. The CBO projects that by 2030's and that estimation is generous, this nation will be so deep in debt that even their computers can't keep up or calculate the daily compounding interest that will accrue  on the nations debt. Look America, I hate to sound like Henny Penny, but this nation's economic sky is truly, about to fall and I am left to wonder is that's what it is going to take to make the American people wake up and see the economic devastation!
  I do see at least,  a small window of hope and opportunity Scott Walkers victory in the Wisconsin recall seems to indicate that maybe finally the American people have woke up and realize the seriousness, of the dire economic mess this nation is in now,  the question is what are the American,  people willing to do about it?  I think the next Presidential election will definitely indicate the answer to his question. I believe that if most Americans,  choose to reelect President Obama, then no economic progress will be made the debt will explode and America's economic destruction is indeed sealed. The nation's next election then, becomes a decision, that will determine America's destiny. American,s had better make the right choice because it may be the last choice the American people will be free to make. As always, my friends, these thoughts, remain, just, some words, to think on.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Will Always Sing, And Brag About The Flag!

  My father,  died three years ago. He loved this country and fought for her in World War II. Today, would have been his eighty seventh birthday. I still miss him. Yesterday, many in this country paused to remember the brave men who stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944. Later,  this month Americans,  will celebrate  flag day and fly old glory with dignity and pride and on July fourth this country will once again celebrate 236 years as a free and independent nation.
  I have to confess,  I'm more than slightly upset by some comments I heard on  the news,  from a so called radio left winged loony liberal,  named Bill Press. He seems to think it's his job to rate the patriotic value and worth of this nation's national anthem. Mr Press, and calling him mister is more respect than he deserves and far more respect then he gives this country or our flag, stated that he thought our nations national Anthem was stupid and wad too high and hard to sing and he mocked the anthem because of the line that is sung as follows "O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave he seems to think and that's being quite generous,  to call any thoughts he expresses as any form of thinking,that this patriotic classic masterpiece is some  how arrogant because the song seems to imply that this is the only country that has any  people who are brave. I would remind Mr Press,  that an awful lot of brave men and women have fought for the flag that anthem glorifies. The Idea,  that Mr Press, would be callus enough to call the Star Spangled Banner stupid would suggest that all those who have fought and died defending the American flag are stupid! I an sure Francis Scott Key, and I'm sure that's the only musical key Mr. Press,  will ever come close to hitting,  thought  his triumphant song about our nations flag was anything but stupid and would roll over in his grave to hear Bill Press treat  this nation's anthem with such disdain.
  This is a free country,  and I'm glad Mr. Press,  is free to speak his mind no matter how little it may be on the radio. I 'm just glad that when he comes on the radio patriotic Americans, everywhere are  free to turn him off! I love my country, I love my flag I love this nation's national anthem and Americans, have fought and died for the greatest country on earth and I do mean to brag! I hate to press the issue Bill,  but I must say, when it comes to making stupid statements about The Star Spangled Banner, your a natural! as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Courage Rewarded.

  Make no mistake,  last nights political victory in Wisconsin, where both Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca  Kleefisch, both survived a recall attempt that was first set in motion by organized  labor unions and fully supported by liberal Democrats,speaks volumes about Scott Walker's and Rebecca Kleefisch's personal courage. I promise you if the out come had favored the unions and the liberal Democrats, the Republican conservatives, would never hear the end of it! Any  political future that Scott Walker or Rebecca Kleefisch, may have had regarding any future office would have been destroyed because the Republicans would now consider them both political liabilities. Last nights GOP Victory however means that both Scott Walker's  and Rebecca Kleefisch's political future is considerably stronger in fact, I would say, that for both Walker  and Kleefisch, politically speaking, the sky is the limit! I would not be surprised if Scott Walker, decided to run for President,  some time in the future. He has certainly proved he can stand up to political opposition from the well organized unions and those liberal dastardly,  Democrats, not only can he stand,  but he's still standing,  and he certainly proved last night that he can definitely deliver!
  Scott Walker, and the political courage and true leadership that he has consistently demonstrated through out the gauntlet of the recall, reminds us all that  there is no substitute for victory and nothing is stronger the faith and courage and the will of the American people.As Governor Walker,  gave his victory speech last night,  I was impressed with his opening words as he gave credit and thanks for his victory by expressing his thanks for the grace of God. I must admit, I was impressed with the way he chose to win with grace and humility. I was impressed that he made a concerted effort to reach out to those who had opposed him. Governor Walker, echoed the wisdom of President Lincoln, who when he was asked why he always tried to make friends with his enemies simply said,"The best way to destroy an enemy is to make them a friend."
  Scott Walker,  now is  something of a political legend because he becomes the first Governor in the history of this nation to survive a hard fought recall fight from the organized labor unions and over zealous liberal Democrats. Scott Walker,  now becomes an everlasting portrait of courage and last night a majority of Wisconsin voters saw to it, the Scott Walker's and Rebecca Kleefisch's courage was indeed rewarded. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Responsible Government, On Trial.

  Well this is it the big day is here. The media has been focused for weeks now on Governor  Scott Walker,  to see he he will politically survive Wisconsin's mighty unions attempt to recall Governor  Walker and remove him from office. The polls indeed are close but most of the ones that I have seen give at least a slight lead to governor Walker. Union backed,  Tom Barrett, is facing Scott Walker now, for a second time no doubt hoping this time the final result will be different. I suppose the results will be known in just a few more hours. I noticed President Obama,  did not visit Tom Barrett's campaign. Many labor leaders,  feel that if Tom Barrett,  should loose Obama's absence could be one of the deciding factors
  I recently heard on the news, that while Obama, was in Minnesota at one of his various events he thoughtfully,  wrote an excuse from school slip for a young boy who had come to see him. I wonder who the President,  will get to write him an excuse from Wisconsin,  slip if Governor Walker,  should win the recall election in Wisconsin? Do you suppose the unions and their leaders will excuse him for being absent? Oh well, if Governor Walker,  should win the recall election I guess,  the unions and their leaders will just have to grin and Barrett! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words to think on..

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mayor Needs To Hold The Mayo!

  I love the fact that I live in America, and one of the freedoms I particularly enjoy is freedom of choice and the freedom and quite frankly,  the right to be personally responsible for the choices I am free to make. I don't need or want a nanny to make all of my healthy food or drink choices for me. I don't care if that's Michelle Obama, telling me not to eat at McDonald's or President Obama, telling this nation we must have his health care law because we must eat our peas and Nancy Pelosi,  thinks Americans, don't know what's good for them!
  Mayor Mike Bloomberg,   who I think at times, is a blooming idiot, has now taken it upon himself to tell the residents of New York,  what is good for them by purposing a law that would make it unlawful for them to purchase a soft drink at a fast food restaurant larger than 16 ounces. He has no problem pouring on the mayonnaise on his artery clogging BLT. I personally don't mind  if he enjoys BL T's although I prefer Miracle Whip, as long as he lets others enjoy what they like and in the size they like. As far as I'm concerned, if extra large sodas or hamburgers  and french fries are going to kill me, leave me alone and let me eat and enjoy my last meal, at least, I'll die happy! I think however, if Mayor Bloomberg, is going to preach to New Yorkers' about making healthy choices when comes to the size of their sodas, then Mayor Bloomberg, needs to hold the mayo, when it comes to his BLT! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Remember, The Words Of The Master.

  When your born with a handicap for some reason, some people assume that if your slow in the way you move in my case I walk slowly with bent legs with the aid of a cane that you must be intellectually slow as well. Personally speaking, I think that people who automatically make such an assumption based only  on how a person looks or moves or some other physical characteristic are they themselves intellectually challenged. I recently experienced this treatment again and though it hurt because I do grew weary at times from always having to prove that I have an intellectual right to exist I was particularly hurt because this person claims to be a fellow Christian.
  My first,  impulse was to stand up for my self and prove my intellect to this person but as I pondered doing just that I remembered the words of Jesus,  in John 15 : 20. He said  basically, that no servant is greater than his master and as the world hated him so they would hate those who follow him. I then realized that I had only had my ego bruised but Jesus, was beaten spat upon and crucified on a Roman cross for me to give his life for my salvation. I then remembered that it does not mater what some may think of me or how they may perceive me all that matters is what Jesus thinks of me and he died for me and if he love me enough to do that I know I can trust him to deal with the false perceptions of other people. All I ever need to do when I face situations like this one is simply, remember the words of the master. As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Affordable Health Care Act, Yeah, Right!

  As I watch the news each day I find the more I find out about the so called, Affordable Health Care Act, the more I see just how much many Americans, really can't afford it. Take for example the case of nineteen year old Clear Water Christian College student Curtis Johnson, who recently opened a letter  from the college only to find that the cost of his health care had more than doubled from 600.00 dollars a year to 1330.00 a year. for a college student, that's a lot of cheese and crackers brother! When Curtis Johnson,  ask the college why the cost of his health care had doubled he was  told by the college, it was because of the increased cost the college had  incurred due to the Affordable Health Care Act.I don't think this cost increase is going to bode well for Obama's reelection as far as receiving the college student vote is concerned.
  I find it rather ironic and yet strangely typical of the liberal Democrats, that they would craft a law, call it the  Affordable Health Care Act,  and  no average income person seems to be able to afford it. I remember former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, said that they would first, have to pass the health care law in order to know what was in it. Sometimes, I think some one should open her head in order to know what's in it like a brain for instance. As I see it,  for college students,  they can either go to college or stay healthy because as it stands right now, most college students,  can't afford to do both! As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Disappointment Is Indeed, A Part Of Life.

  Today,  for the first time my daughter,  did not make the all A's honor roll and though her school is rechecking her grades  just to be sure because she missed it by less than a point. I guess I have to accept that sometimes in life no matter how hard you try you sometimes come up a little short I guess,  there  is at least a possibility,  that my daughter is no longer a consistent straight  A student, at least she is still an honor student who usually makes all A's and besides she is still the best daughter in the world to me. I just bought my daughter a new Barbie tent set because she tried so hard.
  Someone has said, that how we deal with disappointment is at least as important as how we deal with success.Everyone it seems,  has no trouble  dealing with success. I saw in the news, The House failed to pass a bill that would ban abortions based solely on gender selection. I will admit I despise the practice of abortion but this is a new low even for liberal Democrats. I confess, I get  discouraged and I wonder if the law allowing abortion will ever be over turned and there are days when I wonder if the conservative voice in this country has lost it's influence. I then realize that is only true if I and the rest of the conservatives in America, choose to let that happen. There will always be times when we try and fail but that is still far better than not trying at all and so I continue to speak out for traditional conservative family values and I speak for the unborn since they can not speak for themselves and I renew my pledge to never give up the fight. as always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just, some words, to think on.