Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's Already Baked In The Cake

  My daughter is twelve years old now and in terms of her social and over all personality development I'd have to say at times she's still quite a puzzle to figure out. One minute, she's twelve talking about Sponge Bob and the next minute she's twelve, talking about growing up and learning to cook like her mother and trying desperately to impress her mom and I with her cooking and in particular her baking ability. Recently, she attempted to bake her first cake. I must say she did a pretty good job she was afraid, I might not want to eat it because she didn't know how to cut the cake just right and she wanted it to look and taste perfect. I assured my daughter not only would I eat the cake but I'd have seconds because I knew of a special ingredient she had with out knowing it already baked in the cake. When she asked me what that ingredient was  of course I told her it was love then she hugged me and I had seconds!
  As I watched the news recently, I noticed that some teachers in various elementary schools are now giving grades not only on reading, writhing, spelling, and math but also on a child's emotional and social development. It seems now teachers will access if  a child's personality for example to they have a good attitude/ Do they seem socially well adjusted? I confess I find these particular assessments done by the teachers a bit disturbing. These type of determinations  seem to measure certain aspects of a child's character and when it comes to building a child's character that's a job that I feel should primarily be left to a child's parents.
  Now I wish to make an analysis and for the sake of this analysis I will use cake as a particular example. Let's let a cake represent a child's potential and future character. Let's let the ingredients that go into a good cake represent good moral and social values. Finally, let's let parents represent the bakers of this cake used to represent a child's potential future character. Remember parents for the sake of this analysis and example you are the bakers of your child's potential and future character therefore, if as parents you want your child to be honest make sure as parents your children see you being honest. As we know children learn by example and that's how the ingredient of honesty get baked in the cake of your child's potential and future character.  As a parent I am learning that once in a while I must let my daughter try and fail. As a parent I must remember that the strong house that is success is built on the foundation of the lessons learned from failure. I know as a parent If I want my daughter to grow up with good well adjusted social and moral values I as a parent must take the time to instill those values in her character by letting her see these same values demonstrated daily in my life. I know that if I and parents in general take the time to instill good values in there children I won't have to worry so much about them as far as their character is concerned because I'll know it's already been baked in the cake! As always my friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

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