Sunday, February 22, 2015

Obama Has Nothing To Be Proud Of.

  Recently, my daughter was working on a composition for school. She was very diligent and stated on the assignment early. She was happy to have the composition all done and quickly went to save it in the documents area of our computer. Suddenly, in her haste she made some type of an computer mistake and as a result the computer was unable to save her composition in fact the screen went totally blank her composition was gone and that meant no matter how hard she had worked or how tired she was all she could do was start all over. She cried a few tears of frustration and then slowly began again. Believe it or not, the second time she wrote the composition she did an even better job then she had done with the first attempt and she latter decided that having to start over actually was a blessing in disguise because it helped write a composition that was something she could be proud of. I can assure you that she made sure she saved her composition correctly the second time.
  President Obama,it would seem, is far too arrogant to start over on anything! Obama care, is a prime example. Obama, along with the democratically controlled House and Senate in 2009  literally, crammed Obama care down the throats of the American people. Many if not most of the members of Congress, had not even taken the time to read the bill to know what the consequences would be for the American people once Obama care, became law.This law to date has had one problem after another even now thousands of Americans, are either having to refile their taxes or delay filing their taxes because they have to see if the insurance they signed up for is they right policy  they need to avoid paying tax penalties many Americans, have already been stuck having to pay excessive and unnecessary tax penalties because the Obama administration, failed to provide many of the American people the proper information needed for them too make the right choice in the first place.
  Obama's foreign policy to date, is a complete disaster. His lack of military experience combined with his stubborn refusal to listen to those that have military experience and wisdom have all but rendered him powerless and virtually meaningless in the eyes of other world leaders as a result our enemies don't fear or respect him and our allies don't trust him.Obama, could even now possibly change his many presidential failures if he could be humble enough to learn from his failures and simply start over. Obama however will never start over on any thing concerning his various policies because to do that he would have to admit he failed to do things right the first time and he hasn't the humility to do that.
  As a result of Obama's Obama's rampant inexperience, ignorance, arrogance and childish carelessness history, will record his legacy as follows: Obama, a president who tried to do everything but listened to no one and as a result did nothing right therefore, accomplished nothing that matters. The American people suffer even now all because Obama, lacks the humility to seek wise counsel and as sad and pathetic as that fact is it is also a fact that Obama is too steeped in his own ignorance and arrogance to ever change It's sad in away Obama, could have been a great president but he lacked the ability to humble himself admit his mistakes and start over. As a result of being too proud to change I believe history will record that basically president Obama, will have nothing to be proud of. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

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