Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reading, Writing, Math And Islam?

  My daughter, is really amazing! Her mind is just like a sponge.She can memorize almost anything in a very short period of time. I  hate to admit it but she is much smarter than I was at her age. She absolutely loves any aspect of math and she's a computer whiz. I on the other hand, find that I'm still trying to understand basic Algebra and my computer knowledge basically, consist of turning my computer on and off! My daughter does exceptionally well in school and I thank God for that.
  As I watch the news however, I see a disturbing trend developing in many of our our elementary, junior high and high schools. It seems, that along with reading, writing, and math many students are now required to learn the fundamental beliefs of the religion of Islam. That's right in many public schools learning about the Muslim faith, is not an optional choice students are free to make. Learning about the Islamic faith is now part of the learning curriculum in many elementary, junior high,and high schools all across our nation. While learning about the Muslim faith students are asked to memorize and recite Muslim prayers taken right from the Koran. I can't speak for everyone but I for one am totally against this new form of brain washing in many of our public schools. Where is the ACLU and other numerous liberal groups now? Why aren't they screaming about the separation of church and state as it relates to the teaching of religion in schools where the Muslim faith is concerned?
  Consider this right now in the public school system students can be and have been rep remanded just for saying God, bless America. Students are not permitted to pray in public  while on school grounds.Many schools now refuse to require any student to stand and say the pledge allegiance yet these same schools now require students to learn and recite Muslim prayers. Liberal educators will be quick to point out that they are merely encouraging religious and cultural diversify. I would argue however, that what they call religious and cultural diversity is more like religious and cultural perversity! Make no mistake what's going on here is liberal propaganda indoctrination.Even now you can see this type of thinking in the media when you hear Obama and other outspoken liberals say that much of the terrorism going on in the word right now can be directly blamed on the United States. Obama, has all but turned his back on our most influential and staunchest alley Israel but he seems more than willing to cozy up to Iran as he seeks to gain some kind of a political deal with Iran, to limit their development of nuclear weapons.
  Think about this recently, a seventh grader was ask to answer the following question on a test the question read, What group thinks helping the poor is a waste of money? The correct answer was conservatives. The liberal agenda is quite clear liberals despise the philosophy of American exceptionalism and Obama has even stated publicly that he believes America, is longer necessarily a Christian nation.It is no accident that there has been an ever increasing rise in the number of parents choosing to home school their children rather than let them be exposed to the liberal philosophies now taught in many if not most of our public schools.
  If God fearing Bible believing Christians want to have even a chance of taking this country back Christians, in our homes and churches have got to stand up speak out and demand a change from our leaders in government but before Christians can seek a change in government each of us myself included must ask God to make a change in all of us. As Christians we can not be afraid to live what we say we believe in fact, if one's Christian beliefs does not affect the way they behave in all aspects of basic daily life I would be left to wonder if they truly were a Christian and we already have enough who are Christians in name only! Christians everywhere I'm asking us all to wake up stand up, and up before it's too late. Remember what students learn in school today affects the society we all live in tomorrow. As always, my friends these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.

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