Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sometimes, A Hard Choice May Lead To No Choice!

  I love ice cream and my family does too. I love going to the Dairy Queen, for a chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard or maybe Baskin Robbins, for a taste of one of their famous thirty one flavors of ice cream.The problem is when one goes to a Baskin Robbins, when one has thirty one flavors of ice cream to choose from that presents an ice cream lover like me with some real hard choices to make. Deciding what flavors of ice cream one may wish to go in or on an ice cream cone is a wonderful problem to have and a delightful decision to make and it's great fun for my family.
  In the world of politics however especially, if one looks ahead to the 2016 presidential election. One's choices are many in the beginning but at the end of the primary season one is left with only two serious presidential candidates. One from the Republican Party and one from the Democratic Party. I confess, as I consider the 2016 presidential election if the choice comes down to Jeb Bush or Hilary Clinton, for the first time in my life as a voter I may choose not to vote! I know Jeb Bush, was a reasonable Governor in Florida and I know he has a desire to further the nation's need for greater education. Jeb Bush, however, is for Common Core Education and from what I've seen to this point there's nothing common about it and as an education method I find it to be rotten to the core! Where I come from two plus two is four and it's never anything else no matter how one may explain another answer. I find math to be hard enough as it is and thus far I see nothing in the application of Common Core that changes my opinion.
  I have the distinct impression that in many ways Jeb Bush, is a closet progressive that is about to bolt out of that  particular closet and  into the 2016 presidential race. Jeb Bush appears to favor at least some form of amnesty for illegal aliens and yes, I still call them that they were refereed as such for years until some vote needing progressive decided such a term was no longer politically correct. I know this much if America's borders remain as they are at present Americans, will continue to loose millions of jobs with the ever increasing potential to loose millions more. The Democrats, have made their political objective quite clear they want to flood the nation with illegal immigrants to turn a red state like Texas in to a blue state and that would be a sad state of confusion!
  As a Christian, I can't vote for Hilary Clinton she is pro abortion and that among a host of other things is reason enough for me to never vote for a liberal democrat. Jeb Bush, may claim to be a conservative but unless his political views on Common Core Education and amnesty for illegal immigrants changes abruptly, as a Christian, I can't vote for him in good conscience. One thing is sure if the 2016 presidential election comes down to a choice between Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush, I'm either going to have to make a third choice if possible or not vote and I think many Americans, will face this same problem. Sometimes, when it comes to politics when one faces a hard choice that may lead to no choice. I for one hope that is not a choice that millions of Americans, and I will have to make. As always, my friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

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