Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Day The Wolf Will Come Or The Sky Will Fall.

  My Daughter, has always loved to read. She along with no doubt countless others, as a young child has read the story of Chicken Little and the Aesop's fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf. For anyone who has heard of or read either of these two the lessons the are intended to teach are familiar and easy to understand. The Boy who Cried Wolf, is intended to teach one to be serious about a pending danger and not to call for help just to trouble others just to pull a joke or a thoughtless prank because those who call for help when they don't need it soon find if this is done too often help will not come when it truly needed and indeed in the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf the wolf did eventually come but no one came when the boy called because he had made too many pleas for help in jest that when he truly needed help no one believed him and in the original version of that fable or story the wolf devours the boy. The lesson the story of Chicken little teaches is don't rely on false information or don't believe everything you hear indeed in truth the sky cannot fall.
  When I consider these two stories and the lessons they teach, I find myself drawing an interesting comparison between these two stories the federal government. Right now The House is threatening not to fund Home Land Security because Obama they believe as I do,that  president Obama, has exceeded his authority regarding his executive order concerning illegal immigration. Many,  including myself remember the last government shutdown. Once again, the democrats, are saying that if the government should shut down the sky will be falling the over security of the country will be at risk. Most Americans, however , should no by now that this isn't the case. When the government has a so called shut down not a great deal actually shuts down in fact only about ten percent of the government actually stops functioning federal parks or monuments will close for a period of time but the rest of the government seems to go on as normal or at least as normal as the government has ever been! Indeed then, it is clear the sky is not falling. The problem is I fear that when one considers the real threats that ISIS or the nation's national debt truly pose.I fear that much of the American public will not take these threats seriously because our government as it were has cried wolf all too often when there was no real crisis.
  I believe if  our leaders in government along with many of the American people, don't wake up soon from the ignorance of their blissful sleep the wolf that is ISIS or the wolf of total economic collapse will be at America's door and such a day, is probably much closer then many in government would dare admit or that many in America could dare to realize. Some who may read these words may think That I am behaving as Henny Penny in the story of Chicken Little that is not my intention I seek only to warn all Americans to know the danger a real crisis that the looming threat of  ISIS or economic collapse would indeed pose. I feel Americans should encourage our leaders in government to act responsibly where the threat of ISIS is concerned and the nation's nation should be be a major concern to all all Americans if only because it is hard working tax paying Americans who are expected to pay it. I would like too believe that America will wake up but I do not see such an awakening at present. Americans must wake up and demand responsible leadership in government because if they don't one day the wolf will come or the sky will fall. As always, my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words, to think on.

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