Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Everyone Loves Freedom But Few Want To Pay The Price.

  Without question Americans, enjoy a level of freedom that many other countries have never known and can only dream about.America, may not be a perfect country but I can't think of another country I'd rather live in.One may argue that achieving the American dream, may be more difficult right now then it has been in days past but I would submit to anyone who may be feeling that way that America, for all her faults and imperfections, is still the land of unlimited opportunity and endless potential.
  As wonderful as living in America, is as I observe various trends in our day to day culture I confess, that I grew more and more concerned with much of the thinking in this country as far as our basic freedoms are concerned. For decades, Americans for one reason or another have developed what I fear is a very lax attitude when it comes to the freedoms that we all enjoy.There are I believe several reasons that have lead to this attitude. consider this Americans, have so much and as a result many fail to even take the time to be grateful.Think about the many things Americans, can have at their fingertips in an instant Americans, now have smart phones that can practically do almost anything for them with the simple touch of an app.I receive mail almost on a daily basis that assures me I could be approved for a loan over the phone in as little as twenty four hours. The point I wish to make is simply this not only have many Americans forgotten how to be grateful for all that they have but they have also forgotten about the virtue of patience.Americans, in many cases, it seems don't want to wait for anything and why should they? With all of America's technological advances their are very few things any one really has to wait for and as a result we want everything now with as little work and effort as possible. The government promises to provide those in need with everything instantly seemingly for free but there is no such thing as a free lunch someone always pays for it in the form of higher taxes and more and more government restrictions.It seems, that many in America, today have forgotten that there is a price to be paid in order to maintain the freedoms they so often take for granted
  Consider the growing threat of ISIS, though they are fighting primarily, in the Middle East at present I believe unless Americans, demand that our leaders in government get serious about destroying ISIS that given time they could threaten the United States. It as only been a mere fourteen years since nine eleven yet many in America, have all but forgotten the terrible shock and horror of that day. I believe if ISIS is to be destroyed at some point it will require boots on the ground. Make no mistake ISIS , is a growing cancer that if left unchecked will spread and eventually, threaten the security of the United States. Think about this when someone has been told they have cancer as I was just last year, no patient with any sense says to the doctor, "Can you wait until the cancer gets a little bigger before you operate to remove it?"When I found out I had cancer I wanted it gone as soon as possible. This is the same attitude Americans should take as they evaluate the ISIS threat.I believe Americans, are going to have to be sent in eventually to deal with ISIS yes, that means some brave Americans, may die but the price of freedom has never come cheap and in fact real freedom has never come to any nation or civilization without a price. I would rather brave Americans, be sent in to fight ISIS and destroy them rather than continue to see the beheading of innocent people many of whom have been innocent Americans. I'm afraid however it will take a direct terrorist attack with the magnitude and impact of another nine eleven or worse before Americans finally wake up to the danger that is ISIS. You see the problem is everybody loves freedom but few want to pay the price. As always, my friends these thoughts remain just some words, to think on.