Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How Many More Must Die?

  I wouldn't necessarily call myself a brave man. I have as many fears as anyone else. I confess I have always had a healthy fear of snakes.Generally, when it comes to snakes the deader they are the better I like them! If I come in contact with any snake I don't check to see what kind of snake it is before I kill it! I certainly have no interest in becoming friends with a snake. I don;t care if some people do have them as pets that's the type of pet I don't need!

If you ask me ISIS, is a snake! Obama says he's going to manage ISIS during his last two years in office. The truth is Obama has no real strategy to deal with ISIS. the air strikes he authorizes only slows down or contains or attempts control ISIS. Such attempts are better than nothing to be sure but I have to say the air strikes alone are not much better than nothing.
  With the recent execution of the Jordanian pilot ISIS has sunk to new disgusting low. Burning another Muslim alive as the whole world watches and all Obama has to offer at best is a tepid halfhearted, promise to double down on his supposed efforts to destroy ISIS. I and millions of Americans are left to wonder when is Obama going to get serious about destroying ISIS? Obama it seems, has an obvious birth defect the man was born without a spine without guts and some would argue without a brain! Obama can't even say the words Islamic extremist, Islamic terrorist, or Islamic Jihad! If Obama can't even speak these words I doubt if anything he has said or done to this point is making ISIS shake in their boots!
 Look, no reasonable person likes the idea of putting boots on the ground to fight ISIS and I'm not advocating the sudden deployment of 150 ground troops tomorrow but I am asking for enough boots to be on the ground to get the job done. ISIS has to know that the United States is not going to be content to play around with them. ISIS has made it very clear if anyone does not follow their version of the Muslim faith they will kill them and no age, gender, or nationality is exempt from their stated objective they have clearly shown they have no problem killing another Muslim if that Muslim's beliefs differ from their own.
  It is at this point I have to ask myself, how many more innocent people will have to die before Obama gets serious about destroying ISIS? Will it take the execution of another American before Obama sees the seriousness of the treat ISIS poses not only to the nations of the Middle East but to this nation? Liberals it seems, fail to grasp the basic concept that if ISIS ever gets a foot hold in this nation they will be among the first that ISIS has executed! Again, I am left to ask the question how many more people must die before Obama gets serious about destroying ISIS? ISIS, is a snake whose bite is deadly and the lives of millions are at risk. One does not play with a deadly snake rather, one kills such a snake before it even has a chance to strike. Obama has already given ISIS too many chances to strike. Yes, ISIS, is a snake that must be killed but how many more innocent people will die before Obama gets serious about killing the deadly snake that is ISIS? I am left to wait and wonder. As always mt friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

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