Monday, February 9, 2015

Is Obama, Committed? Yes, But To What Is The Question.

  As a Christian, I profess to be committed to following the teachings of  Jesus. I read my Bible and strive to live my life in such away to honor God and lead others to Christ. I confess, that I am far from perfect in this endeavor and often fail but one's Christian walk is a learning process and I am still learning. As a Husband, I am committed to being the best husband I can be for my wife. As a father, I am committed to being the best father I can be for my daughter.I am sure that any Christian, who may read these words would say they too strive to meet these type of commitments to the best of their human ability.
  President Obama, in recent days, has reiterated that he is committed to the degrading and destroying of ISIS. I confess, to this point, I have my doubts about his commitment to this objective. Oh yes, I believe that Obama seeks to contain or slow down ISIS but to this point I do not see a commitment from the president to do whatever may be necessarily to destroy ISIS as quickly as possible. The president, to my way of thinking seemingly, refuses to even acknowledge we are even at war with ISIS even though ISIS has made it clear that they are at war with any nation or any individual who does not believe as they do and as such would attempt to stand in there way toward total world domination. How things will turn out with ISIS at this point I don't believe anyone can say however, I do believe there are certain objectives where America is concerned to which Obama is totally committed.
  Almost from the very moment president Obama took office in 2009 I believe he has been totally committed to weakening both the military and political influence of the United States, around the world. Sadly, I believe in many ways he has succeeded. Obama, it seems, despises American exceptionalism even though he has personally benefited by it The very fact that Obama is the nation's first black president is evidence of the fact that America, is an exceptional country. Obama , has had no problem taking the profit from the sale of his numerous books. I also noticed he had no problem taking large donations from many businesses and large corporations while he was campaigning in 2008 and again in 2012 only to turn around and demonize those same businesses and corporations  with strangling regulations once his campaigning was over.I notice also that Obama has no problem attending fund raisers for the democrats when they need money from these so called evil corporations.
  Obama, made his objective quite clear in 2008 when he stated that his goal was fundamentally change  the United States and he has certainly accomplished that objective..America's influence and leadership has diminished to the point that our enemies don't fear us or respect us and our allies no longer trust us because they know they can't count on us to stand with them. The nations debt has increased to the point that the nation's gross national product is 103% in other words the country now spends more than it takes in in fact Obama, has spent more money than all the other presidents before him with the possible exception of George W Bush. Obama, shows no sign of stopping his spending madness and he has two years remaining in his administration. I have every confidence that the national debt will reach well over twenty three or twenty four trillion if not more before Obama, leaves office.Make no mistake, Obama;s objective has been and always will be to fundamentally weaken the United States and although he says his goal is to degrade and destroy ISIS He has slowly been degrading and destroying America. I pray America, can survive Obama's administration. One thing is clear if America, is to survive she must find true leadership among her leaders and she must find it soon! As always my friends, these thoughts remain, just some words to think on.

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