Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The GOP Better Have A Better Idea.

  The Ford Motor Company used to have a slogan when came to selling their cars that went something like this, If you want a better car visit a nearby Ford dealer because "Ford will have a better idea."I think the Republican Party in both the House and Senate had better adopt Ford's slogan. It isn't enough for the GOP to merely be against everything that the Democratic Party is for.The American people are already very aware that the GOP opposes most of the basic political positions that the democrats support.What I and the American people want to know is quite simply what is the GOP for? What are the GOP's alternative solutions for the the democratic polices that they are against?
  If the GOP is opposed to Obama care then what are they prepared to replace it with? If they do not want to replace Obama care then how dose the GOP propose to fix it to make it better? The same question can be asked with Obama's immigration policy. If the GOP opposes amnesty what solutions do they propose to solve the nation's growing illegal immigration problem? If the GOP wishes to over haul the tax code they need to express very clearly to the American people just how they intend to do it. I'm not suggesting for a moment that there are easy answers to these political policy problems but then again if these problem were easy anybody could do it and they would have been solved by now. What the GOP must do and very soon is come up with a solid easy to understand platform that addresses these policies by offering solid solutions. I am sure that solutions have been offered but the GOP needs to find a potential presidential candidate that can address these problems head on.The GOP must find a presidential candidate that can effectively communicate to the American people their solutions to the problems posed by the current positions held by the democrats on these policies but at the moment when it comes to GOP solutions to these policy problems all I hear are crickets!
  I don't pretend to have the answers for for immigration or Obama Care or the nation's tax code but then again, I didn't run for political office saying that I could find solutions for these problems so I'm not expected to have the answers for these problems but the GOP is expected to have the answers and they better formulate their answers in an easy to understand platform very soon if they hope to put a republican president in the White House in 2016. To put it very simply, as the 2016 presidential election approaches when it comes to Obama care the tax code or illegal immigration the GOP better have a better idea! As always my friends these thoughts remain just some words to think on.

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